Defense Contractors Tell Investors World War III is Great for Business

Pacific Nuclear BombIsaac Davis, Staff Writer
Waking Times

They see it as a ‘historic opportunity.’

The mainstream media has been working overtime to position Putin’s Russia as our newest and most pressing international threat, and now even the most absurd events in media are linked to Russian interference. The reason why media is working so hard to create the impression that Russia is actively conspiring against is because conflict with the former Soviet Union is good for business.

If you had any remaining doubts that the world is being forced into perpetual military conflict so that a morally corrupt world elite can garner huge profits, then consider recent comments by members of the military industrial complex about the benefits of escalating tensions between Russia and the west.

Former Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, Richard Cody retired as four-star army general and is now Senior Vice President of L-3 Communications, the seventh largest defense contractor in America, as noted by Business Insider. In 2015, L-3 was awarded 7,622 government contracts for an obligated amount of some $5 billion putting them in a key position to influence government and take advantage of any escalation of global military conflict.

Following the end of the Cold War, Cody said, peace had “pretty much broken out all over the world,” with Russia in decline and NATO nations celebrating. “The Wall came down,” he said, and “all defense budgets went south.”

Now, Cody argued, Russia “is resurgent” around the world, putting pressure on U.S. allies. “Nations that belong to NATO are supposed to spend 2 percent of their GDP on defense,” he said, according to a transcript of his remarks. “We know that uptick is coming and so we postured ourselves for it.” – The Intercept

The Aerospace Industries Association, a trade organization representing arms manufacturers, recently published an article calling for increased military expenditures to better manage an upsurge in threats, of which, in addition to ISIS, Russia was listed.

“With respect to national security, we must respond to the rise of ISIS terrorism, Russian aggression on NATO’s doorstep, provocative moves by Iran and North Korea and an increasingly powerful China. ” [Source]

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Additionally, positioning Russia as a ‘saber-rattling’ threat to world peace, William Hartung, director of the Arms & Security Project at the Center for International Policy notes, in plain language, that the perceived Russian threat is good for business.

“Russian saber-rattling has additional benefits for weapons makers because it has become a standard part of the argument for higher Pentagon spending — even though the Pentagon already has more than enough money to address any actual threat to the United States.” [Source]

Pointing out that Russia is now at odds with Ukraine and is controlling Crimea, Defense One is promoting the need for NATO to increase military spending as a defensive strategy for deterring the threat of direct conflict with Russia. Citing increases in the need for a broad range of military technologies and capabilities including aircraft, drones and tanks, the article concludes with a quote from the SAAB Group’s head of their UK division.

“It’s not just the U.S. Everyone is talking full-spectrum” war.Claes-Peter Cederl, Head of Country Unit UK for the SAAB Group

Historical Warnings About the Military Industrial Complex

We’ve known for more than a century that war is rarely necessary for our physical survival, the survival of our way of life, or even for our ‘freedoms,’ having first been warned by Major General Smedley Butler in his prophetic exposé, War is a Racket.

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Historian Anthony Sutton, author of Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, wrote in great length of the financial history of World Wars I and II, documenting how economic forces conspired across national borders and between opposing coalitions to make finances and war materials readily available for the build up and execution of these global disasters. Hundreds of millions of people died as a result of these two wars, yet the companies and financial institutions that made it all possible have lived on, growing and diversifying over time.

Furthermore, even former U.S. Presidents have warned us of the dangers of allowing a military industrial complex to get too close to the governing bodies of our democracy. In his departure speech from office in 1961, President Dwight D. Eisenhower left us with this startling explanation.

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  • TheZzzz1

    The US: A Dead Nation Walking — Paul Craig Roberts
    Can Americans Overthrow The Evil That Rules Them? — Paul Craig Roberts
    For you Mr Putin: “There’s a method to their madness. There really is not much method to yours. It’s because you’re operating from a place of ignorance, and until you change that, you’re going to be bumbling around, bumping into each other, saying and doing the wrong things, not understanding the nature of your enemy… and if you don’t understand the nature of your enemy and the weapons they use, you cannot fight that enemy! You cannot fight the battle. You should not even be on the battle field.” ~ William Cooper, Lansing Michigan Lecture, 1996

  • Ian

    The Military Industrial Complex should be
    destroyed and these merchants of death should be rounded up and thrown in
    prison. How are we ever going to have a
    world of piece when we all insane and wicked evil people make weapons, everyone
    should make sure they have no investments in these companies and if they do
    take them out. This world is ruled by insane soulless monsters and we have
    allowed them to run amuck, to say that war is good for business is sick, but sadly it
    is true lives, and loved ones destroyed, in the name of profit, overpopulation helps
    fuel wars because when there is not enough food to go around, someone somewhere
    triggers off a war or releases a virus. There must be a better way where
    humanity can be responsible for how many children they have. I say if you have
    more than two children you should be made to pay higher taxes or be sterilized.
    Humanity needs to be responsible for their actions otherwise you become the
    fodder of those who must pull the strings.
    When they get together around their tables and discuss world affairs wars
    are on the agenda because if you wipe out millions of people and destroy cities
    etc., it makes way for the economy to repair and grow again. This is a game
    they play and we are their fodder to be killed if necessary. One begins to wonder where is this so called God
    ?????????????? How could evil be allowed to continue The world and this round
    of existence for humanity is coming to an end very soon, weather salvation
    comes or the world will just be thrown back to cave man status to start all
    over again, history keeps repeating itself time and time again much of which
    has been kept out of humanities hands.
    We have a choice wake up and stop this madness or allow them to take us
    into War World 3

  • HaywoodZarathustra

    Ol’ Ike should’ve done more while he had the power to, and he didn’t. Ease on out of the seat of power and remind you what he didn’t do anything about. No better than any of them.

  • Darkwing

    No matter who the frell get into the WH, we will have WW 3, live with it sheeple

    • blue579

      Instead of waiting for the next shoe to drop, we should reject the fear mongering and begin empowering ourselves by walking away from their control systems as best we can…and we know which ones they are.

      For example, no matter how convenient a smart phone and a cashless society may be, it isn’t worth the bondage of electronic straight jackets that can lock us out of society with the tapping of a few keys. It’s a big global tide, my friends, be wary.

      • wayne


  • junktex
  • junktex

    In Murrka,it’s all about money(mammon)

  • Zaphod Braden

    TAKE their profits and hang any that object.
    Ever since 9/11 the Military/BANKER/Industrial Complex has done everything it could to provoke and create MORE terrorists —- WAR PROFITEERS have to have a war going for SELF- ENRICHMENT “The US didn’t create the Concept for War, correct. The US turned War into a Business Model, that’s the Problem. It’s killing people for Profit. So if your a Corporation creating Tanks and Guns for War, how do increase growth and profits. There’s only only way, and Peace is the Enemy. Without the US War Model, there would be NO Jihadi’s quite Litterally.
    It is the US that creates, Trains, Funds and Supports Terrorist Groups.

    • junktex

      We’ve been neoconned

      • anna miller

        And neo-liberalized, 2 sides of the same coin.

        • junktex

          Very true.Wolfowitzed and Hillaryed

  • Cranford Ducain

    And what about after a war? If, or when, millions of consumers are killed off, who will be there to continue to purchase the goods and services, except those used by a few armies, to keep the money rolling in to the investors. It would seem wiser to me for investors plan for a long term return of billions rather than a short term gain of millions.

  • Mick McNulty

    With their latest missiles Russia and China should target the homes, offices and hangouts of individual elites; their yachts, clubs, penthouse suites, second homes etc. Make sure they and theirs are amongst the first casualties of the wars they seem to like. After 20% are targeted, lots of dead, they’d sue for peace and be reluctant to start another war.

    • blue579

      The plutocrats of Russia and China are very busy cracking down on even the mildest dissent. China incarcerating human rights lawyers and labor advocates. Russia sending people who share articles on social media critical of the govt to Siberia and long sentences in labor camps. They are also adopting the same panopticon Orwellian systems to biometrically track their citizens 24/7 in real time and are even further ahead than the west in this paradigm, especially China. I doubt Chinese and Russian elites will target western elites when their trillions in personal wealth is intertwined in the same global economic system and central banks.

  • Hilary Kitching

    This is a well-timed article, and I wish that its warnings were heeded by the masses. We all know why John Lennon got murdered:

  • gmatch

    That what Christians do, first the don’t allow birth control or abortion but it is O.K. to mass murder people.

    • wayne

      What would (or did) Jesus do ?
      To follow someone you must go where they went and not go where they didn’t go either.
      Unfortunately many religious people aren’t very good at tracking.

  • wayne

    War is pure hell………to some, and ……..pure profit to others.
    Fortunately the Universe INSISTS (by the law of reciprocity) that what goes out must come back in kind like a boomerang to the sender.
    For some, who having great might, have thrown this boomerang very far and therefor it takes a little longer to return, but…………………….IT WILL RETURN, as justice cannot be robbed nor cheated by time, circumstance nor privilege.
    Justice may often time be overheard whispering; “I’ll wipe that greedy little smile off your arrogant face you smug b#s*+$%.”

    Great article!

    • Lindzi Graham

      I really really hope so, it seems Hillary is beginning to get hers, but not much sign of the rest yet. I still have hope, there have been so many crimes, so much nasty horrid crime, when the boomerang does come back I hope it decapitates Rolf Harris first thing

      • wayne

        An admirable, justifiable hope for Rolf and Hillary you have, but hope has really nothing to do with it, as Universal Laws are immutable. The Cosmos is one of order, not of chaos, as it must be, as all truth lives eternal but lies have a shelf life and an expiry date.
        Justice reaches all, so be cautious what you wish for others, as every thought is a boomerang.
        The sad irony of whats happening the world over (especially in the U.S.) is what we are witnessing is simply boomerangs are busily returning.
        Hitler wasn’t a great humanitarian as history records, but all he did that was vile, corrupt, evil, and unspeakable, he did with help. Not just by those immediate select few who were part of the Nazi club and shared his vision, aspirations and followed his orders collecting paychecks, but MORE so by the profiteers living abroad and silent masses who by selling weapons, food, technology, and supplies and profiting, or by silent non resistful compliance and preferring to simply look the other way and pretend. Without (any) of this cooperation Hitler would never have been able to do what Hitler did. All ingredients must come together or the outcome is not as planned.
        Invading other sovereign countries for their oil, their land, strategic military positioning or terrorism justifications has it’s immutable price according to cosmic law, that of reciprocity. Whether you are one of those warmongers beating the drums, or one of the other 300 million silent citizens looking away hoping and pretending, it matters not whether you are an accomplice or the one with your hand on the boomerangs trigger, justice will return individually and collectively as a nation. Whatever carnage, suffering, loss and inconvenience Iraq and Afghanistan experienced, so must in kind that return to sender, unfortunately but certainly.
        This is what is meant by “THE FUTILITY OF WAR”.

        Thanks for sharing your comment, and may God bless and have mercy on you and yours.

  • blue579

    In the same speech Eisenhower warned of the MIC, he also warned the public about the rise of a technocratic elite…essentially identical to Brzezinski’s “technotronic era” and much earlier in history the elite dream of a totalitarian “scientific society”. And now we are on the brink of an Orwellian system of 24/7 monitoring and tracking.

    WW3 is already here, it’s final war for our minds. The plutocrats of Russia, Iran, the wealthy middle east nations, China, and many others, are already ensnaring their populations in the same dystopia emerging in the west.

    • Syllamo

      They won’t need “our minds” if they can shock and awe us into submission.

      • blue579

        Shock and awe on a certain level, yes, though not enough to undermine their own infrastructure and control mechanisms…which is exactly what a major world war would do (in contrast to far flung proxy conflicts mirroring 1984’s faux ‘rival’ superstates, nemeses one minute, allies the next).

        There are a lot of fear memes coalescing on the fast run up to a Big Brother authoritarian system of global governance: Ebola and Zika, financial collapse, ISIS and other engineered terrorism, climate catastrophe, scarcity, and a heavily pumped WW3 scenario in some media sectors, esp. alternative, despite the fact all nations are in a state of deep capture by the same cabal of powers that shouldn’t be.

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