The Inspiring 14 Year-Old Prodigy Who Dreams in Computer Code

Vic Bishop, Staff Writer
Waking Times

“The capacity to learn is a gift; The ability to learn is a skill; The willingness to learn is a choice.”― Brian Herbert, House Harkonnen

Santiago Gonzalez has a unique mind and loves to program computers. At just 14-years-old he is already fluent in about a dozen different programming languages, and thousands of people have downloaded his 15 or so iPhone and iPad apps.

His daily routine is something most of us can find admirable. Typically getting up at 5:30am, he spends the first hour of his day programming at home, then, after preparing for school he heads off to the Colorado School of Mines, a research university devoted to applied science and engineering.

  • At 14 he’s already a junior at the university, having jumped from 6th grade to his freshman year in college, with plans to complete his graduate studies before his 19th birthday, then move on for a PhD at Stanford with future aspirations of working for Apple.

    Santiago’s parents have always known he was special, and he is, but what is most inspiring about this prodigy isn’t necessarily his accomplishments, it’s his attitude about learning which is evident in his acceleration in school, jumping from sixth grade to being a full-time college student.

    “I really enjoy learning, to me I find it as essential as eating. Either you die or you’re pretty miserable without learning.”Santiago Gonzalez

    In a sense, he is a young renaissance man, viewing code as a form of poetic artwork that allows him to express himself while creating things that make life easier for other people. A self-admitted nerd, in addition to programming he loves to crochet and feels that having a girlfriend would be a complete waste of time. As a research assistant at the university he is working to develop intelligent geo-systems which will improve the energy efficiency of large buildings, an endeavor that will no doubt have a positive impact on an energy needy world.

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    Does he really dream in computer code? Yes, he does. In his own words:

    “Sometimes when I go to sleep I’m stuck with annoying bug that I can’t fix, and in my dreams I see myself programming. And when I wake up I have figured out the solution.”Santiago Gonzalez

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