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The Beloved Orangutan is Being Wiped Out by Corporate Greed

orangutan (1)Vic Bishop, Staff Writer
Waking Times

A public statement to the world by International Animal Rescue (IAR) issues the warning that unless effective action is taking to protect their natural habitats, orangutans face worldwide extinction within ten years. Recently, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) officially listed the Bornean orangutan as a critically endangered species as a result of the devastation of Indonesian rainforests, of which a staggering 25% have been leveled in recent decades.

“In just 25 years, more than a quarter of Indonesia’s forests – 76 million acres, an area almost the size of Germany – have disappeared.” [Source]

As we speak, there is an ongoing eco-apocalypse occurring in Indonesia that has received little to no attention from the media. In addition to out of control fires among peat beds in many of the islands of Indonesia, deforestation, primarily for the production of consumer grade palm oil, is swiftly wiping out the habitats of the Bornean orangutan.

Chief executive of IAR, Alan Knight, predicts that we will see the permanent loss of several species of orangutans within the next decade unless serious efforts are made to address the fires and consumer-driven deforestation in this region. He speculates that the fires, which are often claimed to be naturally occurring, provide the perfect cover for companies wishing to expand palm oil production and to clear vast swaths of rainforest without seeking legal approval.

“The fires produce quite a good excuse … all of a sudden this area they wanted to produce palm oil on, it’s useful for nothing [after being burned], so they end up planting palm oil on it.” – Alan Knight, chief executive of the charity, International Animal Rescue (IAR)

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The principle antagonists in the destruction of orangutan natural habitats are the companies who have come to depend on cheap palm oil to produce a broad array of consumer products from biodiesel fuel to hair and beauty-care products like shampoo and toothpaste to food products such as pizza crusts, frying oil, snack foods and noodles. Some of the most influential culprits include the corporate giants Pepsico, Johnson & Johnson and Colgate-Palmolive, who have been accused of doing little to change their destructive practices.

Orangutans and many other wild animals are being driven from the forest in heart-wrenching scenes that go unnoticed in Western media.

“Tragically, the fires are devastating Indonesian Borneo and places like Gunung Palung National Park, home to some of the largest populations of orangutans on the planet. Several organizations are working tirelessly to evacuate trapped animals, but the toll on wildlife in Indonesia is already staggering. Some estimate that as many as 20,000 orangutans may be wiped out.” – Alex Pietrowski, Waking Times


Orangutans in the haze shrouding the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation camp on Oct. 5. (Photo: Antara Foto/Reuters)

Final Thoughts

It is difficult to politicize an issue like this when even a precursory look at the devastation being brought unto the world’s rainforests reveals the shocking truth that habitats for the orangutan and many other of nature’s most exotic and noble animals is increasing year over year. While the most powerful nations concern themselves with entertainment, politics and ever-increasing economic growth, we are swiftly losing the most important treasures of our mother planet.

“If the current destruction of the rainforest continues, then I have absolutely no hope that any orangutans will remain in the wild.” -Alan Knight, chief executive of the charity, International Animal Rescue (IAR)

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Vic Bishop is a staff writer for and Survival Tips blog. He is an observer of people, animals, nature, and he loves to ponder the connection and relationship between them all. A believer in always striving to becoming self-sufficient and free from the matrix, please track him down on Facebook.

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  • Who Cares

    We are now so close to peak carrying capacity for humanity on Earth that a single global catastrophe such as a nuclear war could destroy civilization, not all mankind, but civilization, which could result in the deaths of billions (literally) of humans.
    I believe it has happened before, and probably more than once. There are signs all over the world that people lived many thousands of years before us who knew things we with all our science and technology still haven’t relearned today. And it would be disingenuous to think they disappeared because they chose to do so (even though that’s not completely out of the question.)
    The problem is that despite the fact that we can see it coming, there’s little chance we’ll be able to do anything to avoid it. The current determination of some to compress all of humanity into a homogeneous mass is a guarantee that we’ll all fail together except possibly the now evolving super elite who are covertly creating systems to insure their own personal survival.
    I do believe however that we are a creation of a higher intelligence, and whoever that is may well be watching our progress/regress and could conceivably stop us before we initiate such a destructive act. But barring that I see no hope we can continue more than a few decades, if even that much.

  • Paschn

    I enjoy/love animals as much as the next fellow, but perhaps we should concentrate more on the human beings being driven to extinction by corporate greed/D.C.’s whore-mongering?


      One doesn’t exclude the other. Save the environment and all the other species that have as much right to exist as we do and you’ll automatically be helping humans.

      • Paschn

        Ahh, I see. Then we should concentrate on saving whales, spotted owls and rain forests first then Humans will benefit somewhere down the line? Why not remove those who seem dead set on destroying it all and let children/women/men and the weak benefit first, free from hunger, oppression, disease? Then those people will, I am certain help animals benefit somewhere down the line? I can keep my sanity much longer if I quiet the fears of humans first, then do what’s necessary for the bleating lambs afterwards. I can see we agree in principle, there’s just a reversed sense of “priority”.

        • Frank Aguilera

          Greetings Paschn

          I enjoyed reading your train of thought.

          Awareness can increase compassion when the human experience is void of scrambled sense. How does our common sense suddenly become replaced by cyber sense? Maybe, just maybe our human experience has become detached and we have become self-intoxicated without realizing we are driving ourselves off course again. Similarly, would a mother purposely deny her
          child a common sense and compassionate environment? Would a mother interpret her instinct to sacrifice as lacking purpose?

          Observing the plight of other animals triggers many to compassion. The many enlist others. But, the proof is inside the pudding. How we treat each other is reflected and pronounced within the human experience when other animals reap the wrath. For example, observe how colonial powers viewed nations already settled in what is now called the Americas. Try not to ignore how their destinies have continued to somehow remain stagnant and backward (no technological gadgets or dreams of living in a world like the Jetsons).

          A manifest destiny causes growth because of like-minded and a common experience that bonds individuals. It becomes an unhealthy challenge while producing mental turmoil to many when the human experience is purposely derailed. Greed, false history
          and common deceit gets buried and experienced as memory. A powerful bond of awareness generates a powerful purpose. There is purpose when the strong help the weak, when the wise help the un-wise or even when man learns to walk comfortably on grass as well as ice. When compassion fuels purpose the human experience will produce greater works.

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