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Tesla’s Anti-Gravity Research in Use in Dozens of Secretive Military Projects

Antigravity Tesla UFOChristina Sarich, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Doctor Richard Boylan, and numerous others have already let the cat out of the bag when it comes to anti-gravity space flight, so why do Boeing and Lockheed, two of America’s largest military industrial contractors, and the recipient of trillions in tax payer ‘black budget’ dollars still hide that they are operating at least 12 anti-gravity aerospace platforms?

It seems that Boeing hides this advanced aerospace technology because it would prove what many free energy enthusiasts have said about Nikola Tesla – that he discovered anti-gravity, and learned how to utilize it as an abundant, if not free, energy sourceObjects can even be levitated easily with anti-gravity, and its numerous applications are just beginning to be understood by the public at large.

The late genius and inventor even explained the fact prior to his death. William R. Lynewrites in Occult Ether Physics (Creatopia Productions), that a lecture Tesla prepared for the Institute of Immigrant Welfare (May. 12, 1938), dealt with his Dynamic Theory of Gravity. Tesla said in his lecture that he had developed, “one of two far-reaching discoveries, which I worked out in all details in the years 1893 and 1894.” Indeed, Tesla held a patent in 1928, for a flying machine which resembled both a helicopter and an airplane and is thought to have run with the benefit of anti-gravity.

Boeing has loosely revealed that they have already developed this technology in a veiled admittance that “it is working on experimental anti-gravity projects that could overturn a century of conventional aerospace propulsion technology.” And Ben Rich, once the CEO of Lockheed Martin, admitted on his deathbed that “aliens were real,” and the “US military already travels to the stars, ”explaining where this technology could have been sourced, aside from terrestrial beings like Tesla.

This means that for more than 130 years we have been kept in the dark about a known free energy source so that the powers-that-be can profit from our ignorance. Every time you see a ‘rocket ship’ go up in space, it is essentially no different from the false flag attempts orchestrated by six media companies controlling the media to alter your perception of reality.

So Where Did All that Research Go?

Theodore C. Loder, PhD, posits in one paper that since the 1950’s (known to some as the brain drain era) almost all research into anti-gravity seems to have disappeared.

None other than Professor Hermann Oberth, considered by some to be one of the fathers of the space age (and who later worked in the US with Wernher von Braun, the Army Ballistic Missile Agency and NASA), stated the following in 1954:[3] “It is my thesis that flying saucers are real and that they are space ships from another solar system.”

Perhaps of more interest to our present discussion on the secrets Boeing and Lockheed have kept, Oberth states:

“They are flying by the means of artificial fields of gravity. . . . They produce high-tension electric charges in order to push the air out of their paths, so it does not start glowing, and strong magnetic fields to influence the ionized air at higher altitudes. First, this would explain their luminosity . . . Secondly, it would explain the noiselessness of UFO flight.”

Indeed, you can see the crumbs of government contractor’s special operatives at work when you look into the work of John Hutchison. He discovered, “highly-anomalous electromagnetic effect which causes the jellification of metals, spontaneous levitation of common substances, and other effects,” which echo Tesla’s findings. These strange effects were later dubbed the Hutchison effect.

As is usually the case when silencing the curious, a Vancouver businessman, George Hathaway heard of the Hutchison effect around 1980, and hired an engineer from Boeing Aerospace to work with the Canadian government to form a company that would promote technology developed from the effect. They called this company Pharos’ Technology. You likely haven’t heard of what they have created since then.

12 Special Aerospace Platforms Incorporating Anti-Gravity Technology

Dr. Boylan explains:

“At this time, I am aware of the existence of 12 kinds of special-technology advanced aerospace platforms [mil-speak for craft], all incorporating antigravity technology in some form. These 12 are: the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber, the F-22 Raptor advanced stealth fighter, and its successor, the F-35 Lightning II advanced stealth fighter; the Aurora, Lockheed-Martin’s X-33A, the Lockheed X-22A two-man antigravity disc fighter, Boeing and Airbus Industries’ Nautilus, the TR3-A Pumpkinseed , the TR3-B Triangle , Northrop’s “Great Pumpkin” disc, Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical’s XH-75D Shark antigravity helicopter, and the Northrop Quantum Teleportation Disc.”

Since at least 1956, the press has been trying to manage public awareness by staying hush-hush about anti-gravity research, or discounting those who attempted to show that it was real. However, a trade press magazine, the Aviation Report, made numerous references to anti-gravity projects, and listed many of the companies pursuing research into anti-gravity technologies. Quotes from the Aviation Report listed in the Aviation Studies (International) Ltd. report[8] are suggestive of what was truly going on at Boeing, Lockheed and other agencies despite what the public was being told.

What Anti-Gravity Means to the World at Large

Anti-gravity, first and foremost would make petrol-guzzling cars, crumbling electric grids, and other outdated and dirty fuels a total waste of time. Anti-gravity, as Nikola Tesla made clear, would make space flight to other heavenly bodies as simple as driving your car to a nearby city, today. It would also turn Einstein’s E=MC2 theory on its head, and it also suggests, as Tesla explained, that the ether is given to us to use responsibly by a life-giving creative force.

In short, everything we need is already out there, in abundant supply. We just need to tap into it and free these technologies from the grip of the military industrial complex.

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  • andrewhamsterdentist

    ! !

  • Robin Heiret

    It would also turn Einstein’s E=MC2 theory on its head… it doesn’t….learn some physics if you want to claim knowledge….this denigrates the entire article

  • Christopher O’Brien

    Sure, there is a likelihood that there has been some progress made in ‘anti-grav’ research, but I would suggest that you pick your experts and sources more carefully!
    Richard Boylan has zero credibility in the mind’s of most ufologists and aerospace experts. From the UFO Hall of Shame ( “Former California psychologist who had his state psychology license revoked over allegations of improper sexual interaction with female patients in his hot tub (hydro ‘therapy’?). Claims to have been the confidant of the late ‘government MJ-12 insider’ Michael Wolf (another proven fraud). Boylan now conveniently claims to have been gifted with a brand new and, no surprise, anonymous ‘inside source.’ Also rode the American Indian ‘Star People’ mythos for several years and claims to know of secret government/UFO testing spots in Nevada desert. Has engaged in countless character assassinations against UFO researchers who disagree with him. Is now planning to hold a summer camp for “star kids” – children who are alleged to have been genetically-altered by aliens (aka: money-in-my-pocket).” Go here for CA State Medical Board Transcript:

  • Marshall

    Allegedly ,as gravity enters the earth ,gravity with the same force leaves.If you can understand how to harness the exiting gravity,you can use it for a number of things.So,technically it’s not anti-gravity,but,actually just gravity going in a different direction. Check out the paragraph titled ” Tibetan secrets of levitation ” here:

  • queenvictrola

    OMG. The powers that were would totally lose control if I had my flying car. I WANT MY FLYING CAR!

  • BrianFraser

    Years ago, I did extensive studies in Quantum Mechanics and the nature of gravitation. I eventually realized that antigravity or “field propulsion” should be possible, maybe even easy, with the technology available back in the 1920s. But if that were the case, surely people, corporations, and governments would be building all sorts of weird flying machines. The skies should be filled with them, and we would be calling them UFOs. So where are they?

    I found several good books on the subject (such as “The UFO Evidence” by Richard Hall and “UFOs and Government” by Michael Swords, et al.). I took plenty of time to read up on the subject. I was just amazed at what I learned.

    Antigravity requires so-called “non-local” physics. The schools teach only “local physics”, except in the form of quantum mechanics, which has a limited (but important scope). Readers who are interested in heavy-duty technical details can read:

    “Advanced Stellar Propulsion Systems” (the full article is about 88 pages)

  • Keinstein

    I was just writing about anti-gravity yesterday, so it is there to explore right now. This thing is huge, and it has to be understood universally and within prison planet’s context.

    Our human perception is built on the squaring of the circle. We see lines and borders, while in truth, it’s circles. The universe only builds in circles, and each point in a circle represents every point, and each circle contains every circle. And circles go back to one, and the one circle goes back to a point – the I AM. This one point is all points – and no point. I AM NOT. So the world formula is: 0=1=2=3=4 ad inf.
    Where is my nobel prize?

    Our perception deceives us into seeing separation, and our whole mental world and logic and understanding of self is based on this deception. Hiding free energy from us becomes possible by hiding our true nature from us. The perception deception leads to the egoic worldview based on separation: you and me, yours and mine – and an objective real world out there.

    Based on this fraud, basically any fraud can be introduced as an either mystical or scientifically proven objective truth.

    The whole fraud around money and possession is based on this. The concept of debt (there are no negative numbers in the universe), the concept of guilt and karmic debt (prison system, Buddhist and Christian fear of punishment) – all this is part of the fraud.

    So if you want to tap into the free energy thingy, you have to tap into the universal perception of its circular makeup.

    The point/no-point duality of I AM and I AM NOT is crucial for the understanding of anti-gravity. Here, time and space and all of creation do not exist, and yet all is created from here, and all dissolves back into it.

    As everything created contains everything else, this prime dual point is also represented in everything. It is located in the chest region of humans – and tapping into it is called enlightenment. Within the eye, it is represented by the ‘blind spot’. Within a galaxy, it is the dark matter. It is within everything created, it is the essenceless essence of everything in existence.

    Tapping into it, your human mind starts to think in paradox. I am, and I am not. All is one. All is nothing. I am You. Outer is inner, within is outside.

    The concept of free energy being out there is a little misleading, because there is no out there. But there is no within either. These concepts belong to the squaring of the circle, just as the concept of me and you, or of me and the world, or of yesterday and tomorrow, or of here and there. These are all squaring principles hindering the tapping into our true nature and its laws.

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