15 Common Sense Reasons to Free Yourself from Politics

I Voted Stickers-1Isaac Davis, Staff
Waking Times

“Our continued participation in this circus performance we call politics feeds the illusion of its legitimacy.”

When even the highest agencies of the law cannot prosecute the political elite for their crimes, and when no mainstream media organization is willing to press for truth on obvious election fraud, it’s naive to expect the political system to improve just because we got involved and casted a vote for the least terrible of two shady candidates.

The rule of law in America is now effectively dead, and its time to hunker down and prepare for the worst, while doing everything possible to create a better society within our own communities, cities, states and world at large. Change happens on the ground level, and while getting worked up about American elections is a popular thing to do, it doesn’t really do much to free us from tyranny or a slave mentality.

It’s time to break free from the programming that tells us voting is our only opportunity to make a difference, because there are a million other things any of us can do to improve this place. Politics is distracting us, it’s fooling us, and it’s sucking our revolutionary and evolutionary potential into a vacuum of deceit, dirt, broken promises and lies.

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“Is it conceivable that our electoral system is cleverly designed to exhaust our positive, community-minded energies and to pacify our inherent human will to live the prosperous and peaceful lives we deserve? Could it be that the resources and energy we have applied to this social mechanism have been squandered in one of the greatest opportunity costs of all time?

When looking at politics as a drain on society, its easy to see how we’re wasting our greatest potential for societal progress in an endless game of ego satiation and public parade. Furthermore, it appears that the lost opportunity costs of our political efforts have been quite vast, and have had many detrimental effects to our collective psyche and identity.” –Dylan Charles

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As motivation for walking off the playing field, consider these 15 statements of truth about what election season really means in America now, and why you should free yourself from politics.

  1. Politics devours time, energy and resources that could be spent elsewhere.
  2. Politics creates widespread division amongst the populace by providing us with few choices and then positioning those choices as mutually exclusive enemies.
  3. Politics nullifies the value of society’s potentially most effective members by forcing passionate, community-oriented individuals into a rigid arena that demands conformity and ultimately defers to entrenched power cliques.
  4. Politics falsely empowers the thoughtless by providing an arena for people to believe they are positively impacting the world by simply pressing a button or checking a box when told to do so.
  5. Politics erodes our natural idealism by fragmenting our grandest ideas for our future into single-issue chunks that make little sense when taken out of context. Then by ranking and marginalizing them in accordance with various political agendas, then, again, by prioritizing them against conflicting entrenched interests.
  6. Politics gives us false impressions about what it means to be civilized. For example, it is not civilized to allow ourselves to be enslaved with unbearable debts, endless wars and unacceptable restrictions to our personal liberty.
  7. Politics prohibits us from ever reaching our highest societal potential. Because politics never concludes it is always dramatic and we learn to adjust our lives according to its highs and lows, thus our psychological development is trapped by the imposition of these never-ending patterns.
  8. Politics protects society’s most heinous criminals by providing them the infrastructure, security apparatus, public platform, time and resources to obfuscate truth and protect themselves from meaningful prosecution. Election cycles, hearings, recalls, investigative committees and impeachments are an insult to justice when the accused are part of the government.
  9. Politics demands that we become dishonest in order to gain advantage.
  10. Politics consumes an absurd amount of financial and material resources.
  11. Politics creates and exacerbates massive public cognitive dissonance between the prosperous and peaceful world we know we should have and the world that a corrupt political class can actually create for us. By repeatedly failing to deliver on its promises, the political system becomes so unbelievable that we have no choice but to believe it.
  12. Politics severely limits society’s possibilities for meaningful and timely solutions to our most pressing problems by subjecting every opportunity for progress to the scrutiny, whim, and interests of largely corrupted and under-informed political bodies.
  13. Politics insults our intelligence with its embarrassing pomp, flashiness, hubris, blatant rigging, hokey formatting, omissions, dumbing down and oversimplification of important complex issues.
  14. Politics selfishly frames issues in terms of their impact upon people and fiat economics, largely disregarding our unmistakable dependence on the natural world for the gift we call life.
  15. Politics exhausts our spiritual energy by claiming the authoritative role in our lives and diminishing our intuitive capacities and will to search for spiritual truth.

As the choices that we are given in elections continue to deteriorate, we’re expected to give more of our selves and our souls to a rigged game that only eats resources rather than applying them to solving our problems. The only way win a rigged game is to not play. Walk off the field and go do your thing.

Take a look at this presentation by Stefan Molyneaux for some excellent thought exercises on how you can break the lock on your mind and free yourself from politics:

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  • Margaret Treis

    Amen to that.

    • Doc

      Go to North Korea Margaret Treis.

  • Richard Wahd

    Can we just take a hiatus, a 4 year hiatus with NO PRESIDENT? I really feel we need to be “single” for a while and find ourselves. No president, VP, Secretary of this & that. Attorney General, Surgeon General, etc… The money spent on their botox and teeth whitening could afford MAG-LEV commuter trains and rebuild old bridges.

  • If every person became involved and voted at every level of government, then our government would reflect the people we are. So as we throw out God, our nation became a representation of a Satanic world. So…
    Our nation’s major problem is that too many have been conditioned to buy into (and sell their souls to) “Satan’s American Dream” of wealth, power, fame, luxurious living and instant gratification of every lust, passion and desire. They are willing to do this at the expense of their character, family, loyalty, others, patriotism, and Biblical tenets and beliefs.
    John Jay, America’s first Supreme Court Justice said, … “We perceive that a great breach has been made in the moral and physical systems by the introduction of moral and physical evil.?” (read Satan’s American Dream again) “This breach should be closed and order restored. For this purpose, only one adequate plan has ever appeared in the world, and that is the Christian dispensation.

  • Is it not revealing how the way something is defined sets off such polarity of dissension?
    Don’t react to some else’s framing as if it is true. Listen in – and if need be listen in some more – until you are in fact reading what is there and responding to what is actually presented rather than being taken in.
    Freedom is a basis from which to engage in creative relationship – not a personal accomplishment to get from something or someone else or have as a result of rejecting or withholding relationship.
    Fixation in a problem defined sense of self is not engaging in politics – but more of an addiction or fascination with the negative. However – what you meet or become aware of – is part of you to feel and find your relationship with.
    Is genuine communication a political act? Or is spin, persuasion, deceit and coercion the only way to get our freedom/justice/better world?
    I suggest we need a real life as a basis from which to then communicate to the same in others – even if they don’t seem to be having one – especially if they don’t seem to be having one!

  • Jeorg Adams

    I stopped believing in the voting system back when Gore won the vote but the electorate decided the populace was wrong. As long as there is an electoral college there is no such thing as a free election. I Know my vote means NOTHING. At one point after my decision I decided to go on-line and check some things. I went directly to my voting record without any need for a PW or authentication. AND the record showed that I had voted when I had not. The system is corrupt on so many levels it boggles the mind. No security. No privacy. I can only conclude that the votes are manufactured to please whoever is in power. I do not want to waste my time on a stupid game. Until the system receives a complete overhaul with continually updated cyber security I am NOT interested. If you try to change this system you will be attacked and every effort will be made to destroy your life.

  • Kevin Johnson

    The surrender has already occurred simply by acquiescing to the powers that be and ‘willing’ accept what has been dished out to us. Whatever the solution, there will be no solution until ‘everyone’ (a majority) comes together and agrees on what the solution is and needs to be.

    • Warning Signs

      The solution is peaceful NON-COMPLIANCE of the population on every level. We don’t want to play with the bad guys any longer. Do not validate them or their perceived authority. The only authority that man has over another man is that which is surrendered by the weaker. They have PROVEN themselves to be IRRELEVANT. Treat them as such.

      • Margaret Treis

        When this country en masse (((((EVERYONE)))) refuses to pay taxes and refuses to vote, refusing to put ANYONE in office, the psychopaths will have no options. Unfortunately few have the courage to do so, and even fewer have the understanding that it needs to be done. The analogy Stephen uses about us being livestock is true. We’re just as ignorant and docile as a whole. I will feel some change in that belief when I start hearing waaaay more about refusing to give the bastards what THEY need from US….power and money….. But we keep giving it to them in every election and every April 15th.

        • Doc

          Post an image of a letter informing the govermemt or your government representatives that you are refusing to pay taxes, since you boast “Unfortunately few have the courage to do so,” I’m fact next time you are in Wall Mart why not refuse payment for goods? I hope your local government does not bother to fix your roads, pick up your garbage, and assidously installs the Michigan water experiment. Liberty…. Free….I have escaped my suburban yoke….

          • Margaret Treis

            Pay attention and quit following me around with your trolling. Yeah, because, liberated one…..You missed the operant words “en masse ((((EVERYONE)))”. This has to be a movement that Americans engage in as one, as a whole. To quote Ben Franklin….

            “We must indeed all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

            It’s not about slapping your dick on the table, braggart, and there’s more to it than the suburban yoke.

          • Doc

            Pay attention, you mouthie bluster who as an individual can not act on your own merits. Yet, complain, complain, complain. ‘It’s not about slapping your dick on’ in that case sew shut your mouth and vagina. The world would be better off without deformed children due to incest, another generation of Repub KKK Fascists. “It’s not about slapping your dick on” my, my, a bitch unhinged pointing out your white trash DNA living in a 4×4 trailer. Coward !!!!

          • Doc

            “It’s not about slapping your dick on the table, braggart, and there’s more to it than the suburban yoke.”

            Pay attention. Another vagina mouthing bluster who can not follow her own advice. Coward!!!! “It’s not about slapping your dick on the table, ” in that case, sew shut your mouth and vagina. The world would be better off witout children from incest, relieved of a new generation of Repub KKK Fascists. You have shown in words that you are another unhinged white trash bitch living in the squaler of a 4×4 trailer. Need a needle and rope?

          • Doc

            “It’s not about slapping your dick on the table, braggart, and there’s more to it than the suburban yoke.”

            Pay attention, you are another walking -v blustering advice that you don’t take. Coward!!!!! Sew shut your mouth and -v relieving the world of white trash children of incest ever becoming Repub KKK Fascists living in a 4×4 trailer.

          • Margaret Treis

            Go away. I won’t answer this stupidity further. All you offer is obnoxious, decomposing BAIT to an argument. I’m done. You can carry on if you want to and I know you will need the last word. So, everybody, let’s see what further stink doc can come up with. It won’t be important. It won’t be intelligent. But we have free speech. Sorta.

          • Doc

            Wake up!!!!! on Waking Times. What are your academic credentials, – a diploma from kindergarten. After 128 years:

            In a statement posted to its Facebook page on Thursday, the Harvard Republican Club called the Republican nominee a “threat to the survival of the Republic” who “simply does not possess the temperament and character necessary to lead the United States through an increasingly perilous world.”
            The some 800-word critique continued, “His authoritarian tendencies and flirtations with fascism are unparalleled in the history of our democracy. He hopes to divide us by race, by class, and by religion, instilling enough fear and anxiety to propel himself to the White House.

            The club, founded in 1888, calls itself “the oldest College Republican organization in the nation.” A poll administered this week found that 80 percent of its members said they would not support Trump, with 10 percent saying they would and another 10 percent remaining undecided, according to the Harvard Crimson.

          • Doc

            I have you on a leash. How does it feel?

          • Doc

            When was it last that you had “It’s not about slapping your dick?” unless you are transgengered.

  • revzef

    When a voting system is corrupt how is it possible to uncorrupt it by voting.
    Thanks, Isaac, for this insightful and accurate assessment of our political system.
    As I read the 15, I noticed that they could all by applied as well to war and also religion.

  • DavidMacko

    Your comments about the corruption of the old establishment parties are correct. Your solution is not, as other commentators have already noted. Vote for an alternate party, preferably Libertarians. The alternative is to become a slave.

    • Warning Signs

      Dave, if you are making the comment “The alternative is to become a slave,” YOU are the problem. You were BORN a slave into this corrupt system and you exist today as a SLAVE. You may want to learn about TRUE history, not the CR AP they teach in schools. Due to your “Slave” comment, you should start by researching why you have a birth certificate in the first place and you will see the foolishness of your comment. YOU ARE NOTHING BUT COLLATERAL TO THE GOVERNMENT PIGS.

      You know what? I need to stop here. It is not my calling to inform the indoctrinated sheeple. I refuse to waste my time any longer. CARRY ON!

    • OldeSoul

      You’re already a slave, David, because you are programmed to choose to be ruled by psychopaths and criminals and think that’s freedom.

      • DavidMacko

        I do not choose to be ruled by any of those bastards. If I had a viable alternative I would take it immediately after responding to your comment.

        • OldeSoul

          Well congratulations then. Simply stating you are sovereign and no longer agree to be ruled means you are free. Really and truly. Welcome to New Earth.

  • Antonietta Francini


    please do not talk about what you have not experienced… I DID!

    • Margaret Treis

      Indifference of the population has led to many miseries over history. It stems from people dealing with their own lives and having no inclination to get involved in their own governance. In the past it came from the brutal oppression of kings and dictators. These days in this country, both of those things are educated into us by an educational system that promotes being obedient cogs in the wheel with the ultimate output a job in the same system that oppresses us, and a stacked-against-us economic system that gives little time to do anything else.

      We’re encouraged to see a stark, boring, difficult life ahead. What kind of life could we have if we didn’t “have to” spend all our resources on war, the comfort of the rich, and pursuits and employment that never satisfy or develop us?? What if we challenged the system from the roots up rather than sigh and shrug and keep the shoulder to the wheel of what is actually slavery without visible bars?

      How about this? An educational system that helps us create enriching work, know how we got where we are with our politics and domination by the rich and powerful AND HOW TO DO SOMETHING ELSE. (demolish the central banking system, get rid of unconstitutional income taxes that only pay for war-profiteers while our infrastructure falls apart, provide for the people’s needs not the rich, etc.) What if we became involved in our communities with daily work that we love that also provides us a very prosperous life? What if we had time to travel and enjoy many leisure opportunities? This is all possible when we stop being dominated by those who wish us no good and who spend all the money and resources on themselves, because we let them.

      • Doc

        Are you bored in your 4×4 trailer? Well work for once!

  • Antonietta Francini


    • Warning Signs

      This country is too far gone at the federal level and most state levels. It will be the responsibility of each individual to make his way through this INSANE world and not comply with their statutes.

      Just imagine if 300 million people stood up and ACTED on their thoughts, I’m sick of being a SLAVE and I’m not going to take it anymore. NON-COMPLIANCE. Ignore them. Do not give them authority over you. As you can see, NO ONE HAS AUTHORITY OVER THEM AND THEY DO AS THEY PLEASE, ALWAYS.

  • FightingFascism

    I can sympathize but, when you skip voting it is not rebellion, it is surrender. We need more activism, not less, IMHO.

    • Warning Signs

      Voting in this system is INSANITY. Definition of INSANITY – You keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results. As you are experiencing, it doesn’t work. Voting gives you the ILLUSION of choice.

      Riddle me this Batman. Why would a truly FREE man vote for someone to rule over them? You better think long and hard about that one. CAUSE YOU AREN’T FREE!

      Their brain washing of you is complete. They can now move on to their next victim…which will be in the first grade this year. And the indoctrination continues.

      • Margaret Treis

        If a few don’t vote they will just give the offices to the puppet who gets the most votes, even if that is only 2 votes. If NO ONE voted in any election, they would be stuck and we would get to see what else they have up their sleeve to keep power. And then in that case, we would have to show them what’s up ours.

        • Doc

          You are the quintessential puppet.

          • Margaret Treis

            And you are a troll idiot. Buzz off until you have something intelligent to say rather than what you think are “gotchas.” You really don’t want to play that game with me.

          • Doc

            Bzzzzzzzz. Bzzzzzxzz…An unhinged menopausal -V

    • OldeSoul

      No, it’s not surrender, it’s action. Declaring yourself sovereign, refusing to be led by psychopaths and criminals, is a personal statement that you refuse to be ruled. You do it for you and it’s liberating to the soul. There is also the fact that when you vote, you are held personally responsible for whatever actions the person you voted for takes. Wrap your mind around that good and tight.

      • If every person voted at every level of elections and became involved, then government would reflect the masses who voted. The problem is too many have been conditioned to buy into (and sell their souls to) “Satan’s American Dream” of wealth, power, fame, luxurious living and instant gratification of every lust, passion and desire. They are willing to do this at the expense of their character, family, loyalty, others, patriotism, and Biblical tenets and beliefs.
        John Jay, America’s first Supreme Court Justice said, … “We perceive that a great breach has been made in the moral and physical systems by the introduction of moral and physical evil.?” (read Satan’s American Dream again) “This breach should be closed and order restored. For this purpose, only one adequate plan has ever appeared in the world, and that is the Christian dispensation.

        • OldeSoul

          “If every person voted…. then government would reflect the masses who voted.”

          No, it would not. You cannot fix a problem by using the problem as a solution. As a species we are destined to self-rule. That will come about when we return to a state of telepathic knowing, where lies cannot be told and secrets cannot be kept. This ability was taken away from us by genetic manipulation thousands of years ago, long before our corrupted history tells us we had a history. This ability is returning to many people now, and once everyone has it back, we will longer need leaders. Meanwhile, the system is well on its way to falling into a morass of deceit, bribery and corruption. Our role is to stand back, stay out of harms way, and watch it implode.

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