Going Through Some Changes, Are You?

Zen Gardner, Guest
Waking Times

Whatever you do, don’t fight them. Even the seeming dark experiences. The learning curve has taken a mighty leap forward for all who are willing to listen, and follow on. Our most precious lessons come from examining the seemingly dark places with open hearts.

That’s where the gems are buried.

In order for any of us to move forward in this transitional shift into higher levels of conscious awareness we must have a full knowledge of ourselves as well as our surroundings. Only in self healing, actualization, and deep, sincere grounding can we be fitted for the challenges ahead.

And this takes courage. The courage of our convictions and willingness to venture into the unknown. At any cost.

Into the Unknown

Having explored all known avenues only to find we’re not yet fully empowered nor tooled to do the job that appears to be at hand to realistically change the course of this planet’s apparent destiny, we must take this as a confirming signal to move into unknown realms. The ones unknown to each of us individually, as well as collectively.

  • So much has been pioneered by brave, realized souls who’ve manifested on earth through the ages. Much of the teachings they left behind appears vague, cryptic, and even inconclusive to those first coming upon them.

    Such is the nature of our layered realities.

    Much like prospectors or alchemists looking for treasure, each of us seeks personal fulfillment and answers to heart-held questions we’re born with. As we progress, often learning by trial and error, we’re led into new realms of thought and most notably personal experience. This shared conscious growth is often painful but always exhilarating as we venture into to what is yet unexplored territory.

    Heart KnowledgeLearning to Know..and Trust

    Heart knowledge, also known in somewhat vague, minimizing and enigmatic nomenclature as intuition, is our true language and reliable resource. The mind only analyzes and processes in its very limited framework.

    Such is the nature of our restricted understanding of the spiritual realm, as this heart knowledge is invariably defined from the mental realm with all of its ingrained handicaps and limitations. That so-called science relies on what they call verifiable, quantifiable evidence to prove something is a testament to the extent of collective man’s chosen ignorance in its lust for control and “self” preservation.

    How can society ever evolve past its current self-defeating loop of shallow base-sensory limitation when only allowing evidence that concurs its own system? Again, insanity taking on profound manifestations in plain sight, yet few pay attention to these glaring limitations.

    In order to break this self-reinforcing cycle we must reach deeper, outside of this planar view of reality. We must seek, sense, find and explore the realms beyond this limited physical sensory mechanism. Unfortunately anything experienced outside this physical realm is usually cloaked in some sort of religious practice, belief system or seemingly dark esoteric gobblydygook.  A whole other subject in itself, but hijack these other realms they do.

    We See Better in the Dark than We Do in the Light

    As what’s left of the disintegrating global structure descends into various levels of chaos before our eyes, another world is clearly emerging. As if from a parallel dimension or timeline, another creative and earth-connected form is manifesting at an exponential, albeit somewhat obscure, rate.

    Burgeoning out of awakening hearts this new world is both within this old dying structure and without it simultaneously. Like the process of cell division as we watch an amoeba or organic cell divide and separate into individual organisms, humanity is coming apart from within itself.

    One heart at a time, which in turn catalyses the collective process, and vice versa.

    It’s during these times that we must move into extra-sensory reliance and learn to listen and respond to our newly re-empowered heart knowledge, as well as innate spiritual radar. While our 5 sense mechanisms say one thing, our hearts may be giving us a completely different message.

    When the lights of this shallow perception are out, our hearts grow soundly strong in perceptive comparison. That’s why we see more clearly in the dark. There’s nothing to fear in their manipulation of our superfluous reality when we’re connected to source in such a profound and meaningful manner.

    Strange, You Say?

    Does this all sound vague and spacey? Not if you’re listening closely.

    An unusual thing is enveloping our understanding as it morphs our literal paradigm of understanding. It’s not easy to judge since we’re the subjects of this emergence, but there is a place in each of us to take refuge and gain profound insight, as well as centered grounding.

    It’s a very strange time energetically, and what things seem to be are rarely, if ever, what they are. Then mix constant shifting on every level and the awakening energetic vibrations as well as  apparent desperation at times on the part of the control hierarchy, and it makes for a very fluid dynamic indeed.

    We are in the midst of this shifting shift, yet if we each look inside and even around us, we are still centered. The key is to draw close to the centering source.

    Zen Gardner - You Are the AwakeningWhat Change May Come

    All of the recent geopolitical as well as social changes speak to me the same; the futility of fighting “them” on their level and on their own playing ground, yet all still inside the same glass container box. No matter what people try to “change” within the system they’re still in the box. So if it appears we’ve made some major strides or victories, all the better for them perhaps, providing a much needed release value for pent up frustrations, as well as a phony sense of security and empowerment.

    Healthy skepticism is always in order in a whirled of illusions. This applies to any and every “news” item thrown into our faces, mainstream or otherwise.

    Our way out and what will bring the dissolution of the control system is our personal spiritual and vibrational transformation, moving into the unknown for the tools and spiritual technologies that disempower and dissolve the ability of the hyperdimensional source of all this to control us any longer. This may be hard for some to swallow, but if we don’t identity the true source of this parasitic invasion we’re shooting blanks at a false target – and all by design.

    My advice according to my current understanding is to stay grounded and centered and beware of what you put your energy into. This includes seemingly alternative information which is not just becoming overwhelming in volume and magnitude, but increasingly fear-based, polluted and downright distractive and toxic.

    Let’s spend our time finding each other and co-creating the true reality – not reinforcing the false one by being lured into contacts and contests with it.

    A Conscious Response

    Awareness of what’s truly going on is essential, but then we need to move in response to what we’re shown; not just on this surface playing field and all its games and the constant subterfuge around us, but the avenue of personal development that needs to be pursued to see the deeper truths that lie beyond those first layers. From deep within we will gain a much more true perspective, sense of empowerment and real freedom, and not only stop contributing to this manipulative energetic system in ways we didn’t realize, but manifest the capabilities to neutralize those influences, which are far deeper and hidden beyond this veil we call reality.

    That’s my take, right now anyway. I still think participation in other stages of standing up to all this insanity is good. It’s part of the process. It wakes people up, draws them together with others, and new truths flood in as we take one step of activation at a time. But we need to move on from those primary lessons, which are inevitable!

    The big question remains – what are we doing with what we’ve learned? If the playing field is rigged, why are we putting so much energy and attention on it? Where should our energy be concentrated for the best possible outcome?

    One thing for sure, when we’re not willing to let go and stand back from our current paradigm and re-evaluate at any given time with no attachment…something’s amiss. This is a profound truth for any of us at any and every level.

    There’s a place for everything and that we’re each on our own learning curve is one way to view it. For starters. For sure though, this is the life of higher learning and a wonderful opportunity for all, despite the external stark realities that accost us continually.

    Profound truths await us at every turn. Disengaging from clever futile endeavors proposed on every level – mental, physical and spiritual – leads the way as we let go into greater truth and understanding….

    To be continued…

    Much love always, Zen

    This article (Going Through Some Changes, Are You?) was originally created and published by Zen Gardner and is re-posted here with permission. 

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