Ex-CIA Spy Foresees Open Source Economic and Social Revolution

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When Robert David Steele speaks, people listen. Especially those within the military and intelligence communities around the world. With his continued rhetoric on the open source everything manifesto as a way to positively transform this world for all, Mr. Steele has additionally begun discussing the world’s largest financial/gold cover-up story which has ties to JFK’s assassination and 9/11: That is, the global collateral accounts.

As a former CIA spy who has trained over 7,500 officers from over 66 countries, Robert Steele has over 18 years experience across the U.S. Intelligence community, and an additional 20 years experience in commercial intelligence and training. He is  also a former Marine and he is the co-founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence  Activity.

He has also written several books, which include, The Open Source Manifesto, and Intelligence For Earth: Clarity, Diversity, Integrity and Sustainability, among others.

In accord to open source everything, Robert’s motto is: The truth at any cost, lowers all other costs.

Essentially, when information, technology and resources are opened up as the commons to all, the true cost plummets and the well-being of our planet and all living beings here begin to thrive, as well as our social, political and financial systems.

In Robert’s own words, the open source revolution will transform our world for the better and for all.

“Sharing, not secrecy, is the means by which we realize such a lofty destiny as well as create infinite wealth. The wealth of networks, the wealth of knowledge, revolutionary wealth- all can create a nonzero, win-win Earth that works for 100% of humanity. This is the ‘utopia’ that Buckminster Fuller foresaw, now within our reach.” 

Similar models to Steele’s open source everything also include The  Venus Project: Beyond Politics, Poverty and War, which calls for a holistic approach to changing the systems on this planet in a way that utilizes technology and human ingenuity to provide a high standard of living for every person by opening the planet’s resources for the use of all–in a strategically sustainable and efficient manner.

Another model that is similar is Sustainable Human’s gift-based  community in which all who participate are volunteers and everything created is done to “spread knowledge, ideas and alternative ways of  living that enable humanity to live in harmony with the rest of life on Earth.”

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All of these models are wonderful and appropriate to envision, and what is certain is that most of the social systems we have in place currently, must go. Fundamental change is necessary.

“If a universe can be imagined, it exists.” – Professor M. R. Franks, Member, Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

In an interview with The Guardian, Robert David Steele was asked his opinion on the idea that the U.S. is on the verge of revolting against the elitist 1%:

“The preconditions for revolution exist in the UK, and most Western countries [including the U.S]. The number of active pre-conditions is quite stunning, from elite isolation to concentrated wealth to inadequate socialization and education, to concentrated land-holdings to loss of authority to repression of new technologies, especially in relation to energy, to the atrophy of the public sector and spread of corruption, to media dishonesty, to mass unemployment of young men and on and on and on.” 

What then needs to happen for this to begin? Steele says:

“Preconditions are not the same as precipitants. We are waiting for our Tunisian fruit seller. The public will endure great repression, especially when most media outlets and schools are actively aiding the repressive meme of ‘you are helpless, this is the order of things.’ When we have a scandal so powerful that it cannot be ignored by the average Briton or American, we will have a revolution that overturns the corrupt political systems in both countries, and perhaps puts many banks out of business. Vaclav Handel calls this ‘The Power of the Powerless.’ One spark, one massive fire.” 

Interestingly, this interview was  conducted almost exactly 2 years ago. Have we not seen the divide between the 99% and the 1% continue to grow in that time? Humanity will not remain quiet for much longer. We are  indeed close to some big and positive changes.

Perhaps this massive  scandal/event we are waiting for is the conclusion of the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, or maybe it is Britain’s vote to leave the EU, potentially triggering a cascade of revolts throughout Europe and then the world, or perhaps it will be a large enough group of people becoming aware of the global collateral accounts, the world’s largest  financial/gold cover-up which has relation to JFK’s death and the events of 9/11; a story which just three weeks ago Robert David Steele started to write about publicly:

“It never occurred to me that accidentally becoming the top Amazon reviewer for non-fiction, partially associated with my being the lead for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for 25 years across 66+ countries, would be vastly more important than everything I ever learned across multiple graduate degrees, as a former spy, and as co-founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA).

As I encounter disbelief about Neil Keenan and his role as the main juncture between the Dragon Society and the West as we move toward a global economic re-set, I have to remind myself that 80% of the public still thinks JFK was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald; J. Edgar Hoover was a moral man; the Israelis attacked the USS Liberty by accident, and 9/11 was carried out by a bunch of “rag heads” armed with box cutters. 

I must emphasize that it was not the books that underlay my absolute confidence in Neil Keenan and the Dragon Society and the broad outlines of the coming global re-set, but rather the people behind the books that I have taken the trouble to meet, sometimes under quasi-clandestine circumstances. Sterling and Peggy Seagrave — Peggy has passed — stand out. Their book, Gold Warriors–America’s Secret Recovery of Yamashita’s Gold, came with a CD containing 60,000 additional documents including maps and photographs. That led me to a quasi-clandestine meeting in France to interview them for the 2004 offering of my international conference — the transcript is online — and a deep continuing relationship of trust.”

The public endorsement of Neil Keenan and his team’s efforts to open the global collateral accounts from Robert David Steele is another clear indication that these accounts are indeed real and that those who are working with Neil Keenan (positive factions within The Pentagon and CIA, Russian Intelligence, presidents and prime ministers of multiple South American countries and several Asian countries, among many other political, financial and intelligence and military groups who are all quietly and sometimes openly working for humanity’s best interest) are legitimate.

The global collateral accounts have such a deep and complex history, which can be read in great detail here. In short, they are off-ledger accounts backed by gold, silver and many other assets which were originally intended for humanitarian projects. JFK signed what is known as the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement with President Sukarno of Indonesia, which was to use these accounts to issue a new US Treasury Note (backed by gold and silver) and end the Federal Reserve’s control over the global financial system.

Neil Keenan is now getting very close to opening these accounts for the intended purposes of transforming our world for the better through many humanitarian projects as well as the release of free energy technologies and an overhaul in the global financial system. Russia, China, Iran, Indonesia and almost the entire Eastern hemisphere is supporting this plan in one way or another.

Perhaps Robert David Steele’s ideas on an open source world will be part of the coming humanitarian projects.

As almost anyone can see when they look around either at their own lives or the world at large, everything is changing. Everything is in flux. Everything happens in cycles. The time for positive global change is now.

About the Author

Lance Schuttler graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Health Science and is Director of Creative Health Non-Profits for Personable Media. He is passionate about holistic and naturopathic medicine as well as helping to bring awareness to an efficient, sustainable and health-promoting transition that our world’s current socio-economic model is rapidly undergoing.

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  • BeUtahful

    would be nice, but will need the second coming of OUR King to enforce

  • Manna Made

    The fractionalization of super states is the objective of the U.N.. Just like the former U.S.S.R., the E.U., China, the United States are all being set-up to break apart into smaller independent nations which will be controlled through centralized trade deals with the U.N. being the gatekeeper. Letting the people think that they have won their independence from the tyrannical super state control.

    The BRICS nations will be sold as the savior of the world financial system. A new world currency will emerge. Each independent nation that will be apart of the new A.I.I.B. system will have their currency based upon the value of their precious metal holdings along with a valuation of their national resources. Unfortunately, most of the natural resources of the U.S. have been encumbered by selling the rights to China and Russia, the founding members of the new A.I.I.B. Asian version of the I.M.F., World Bank, International Bank of Settlements and SWIFT. Eventually the U.S. will brake apart and the states that reform as independent nations will be the issuers of their own currency, but how will they get a valuation on resources they no longer own?

    Britain was predestined to exit the E.U., they announced it last year when they joined the BRICS nations system, it was a forgone conclusion, yet it was sold as though the people did it.

    The Brexit is a salvo, the first domino to start the cascade effect followed by other E.U. members until the E.U. is no longer relevant. Texas will likely be the first state to succeed the Union of states. The real objective behind the succession movement is the collapsing of the super power U.S. Federal Government and when it happens, it will be sold as a victory won by the people, just like the Brexit.

    The only question that remains is the validity of the intentions that are helping this objective along. It is an opportunity of course, because the super states need to collapse, but how we restructure ourselves and what new authorities will be used to accomplish this is the real question. It will be during this transformation that we are the most vulnerable, like a snake shedding it’s skin,yet it’s during this change that will also afford us the best opportunity to accomplish the vision of this article. It’s definitely doable, but is that the real plan or is it the sales job, the carrot on the stick.

    See this article:

    Why the Globalists are Demolishing the EU & What Its Replacement Will Look Like
    (remove the space before the .com and paste into address bar.
    zengardner .com/globalists-demolishing-eu-replacement-will-look-like/

  • Gus Mueller

    Germany has quite a bit of gold. What else are you completely wrong about?

  • Gus Mueller

    No one who was actually in the CIA refers to himself as “a spy” so the question becomes “What is this fake’s game?”

  • Rachel Thompson

    some nice ideas but it will never work. The top sociopath rulers will game the system and corrupt it as they always do. Things will wax and wain but we are going straight to extinction on a rail and it won’t be stopped unless we get hit by a meteorite. There are all kinds of ways to fix the world but there will always be profiteers to twist every answer.

    • Dimitri Ledkovsky

      Yep! The 3 to 5% who are socio/psychopaths have to be intercepted and decommissioned if anything is to come of this utopia.

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