Consciousness is the Technology That Will Stop the War Machine

war machine

Christina Sarich, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Afghanistan. Iraq. Lebanon. Now Syria. Why does the US corporate government seem hell-bent on controlling this part of the world? The answers that first come to mind are the obvious ones: it would obviously be hegemony over oil, which finances cabal cartels and illegal drug trafficking. These in turn finance more wars and false flag events like an endless feedback loop of terror, meant to impress fear upon our unwitting minds. There are other insidious truths beneath the surface though, and once revealed, these shed light on the US mafia’s obsession with this particular patch of the planet.

The Federal Reserve’s Connection to the Never-ending War in the Middle East

Foremost, we must rhetorically ask: Are the true intentions of the US corporate government every really known? ISIS generates up to $1 billion annually from Afghan heroin. That’s just the traceable money. Then, there’s the Rothschild Khazarian mafia, including the Bush and Clinton clans, who help to perpetuate the 1913 buy-out of our country by a few select families through the creation of the Unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act. Under this act, a bank, which creates money out of thin air on computer screens, can then lend money to other countries at ridiculous rates of interest, committing the worst version of usury. If they can’t pay it back, government goons make them slaves. If a country should resist repayment, they simply kill their people.

Usury to Pay the War Machine

There are many abominations caused by usury, in and of itself. Notwithstanding, we buy poisoned GM food and water to try to cut cost, to pay the User; we have monetized basic human needs while absolutely pissing on the planet, also to pay the User; or we work harder and harder to pay off debts that simply grow ever larger, to pay the User –  but I digress.

Should you think this Afghan/Iraqi/Syrian/Lebanon obsession is simply about oil and controlling the latest evil dictator, I offer this bit of information. We, as in our military acting on behalf of the US mafia, stole several billion dollars from the Iraqi people when we first occupied Iraq. The reparations that were promised to this war-torn country were never given. (If you want to see just how badly the US mafia pillaged Iraq, watch this video.)

We didn’t just steal their money and their oil, we killed our own people and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi people as well in the process. Who profited from this massacre? The banking families did. They always finance both sides of the war. This is evidenced in the military contracts given out to Halliburton (more specifically, its spin-off KBR) and Raytheon, like a dentist giving out lollipops to children. Military contractors made a tidy $138 billion profit from the war (before the latest attempts to put US soldiers there yet again.) Contractors also made millions from ‘rebuilding’ the country. A report on military contractors tasked with rebuilding the country after we ruined it, highlights massive-sale waste and incompetency.

When these mafia banking families found oil, they made an extreme effort to activate relationships in the Middle East, that then the U.S. government followed. For example, in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, they gained access to oil money, and then recycled it into Latin American debt and other forms of lending throughout the globe. This led the U.S. government. Our foreign policy was dictated by the Mafioso.

These Mafioso are controlled by powers that are likely not even from this planet.

Iraq’s oil is now disappearing into Turkey via ISIS. Supposedly, a captured Islamic State militant told Sputnik news, a Russian news outlet, that Turkey is involved in illegal oil deals with the Jihadist group up to the hilt.

Is it truly a surprise that U.S. Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, admitted earlier this year that there would be U.S. boots on the ground in Iraq in order to “help defeat the Islamic State group, which has strongholds in the north of the country and in neighboring Syria?”

War for Our Consciousness

This is not a war just about oil. It is a war about money and power. More than that, it is a war for our consciousness. What if there was a technology that could render Mind Kontrol, pedophilia rings, and other tools used by the dark side, null and void?

Sure, it is all about oil, drugs and money, but it could also be a war about something even more valuable. In order to understand what else is at stake, we have to go back a few several thousand years. We have to go pre-9/11 to even get to a modicum of the truth about why we keep invading Iraq, Syria and the surrounding areas.

Beyond the Oil Trillions is an Ark

Supposedly the Ark of the Covenant, also known by Christians as ‘Noah’s Ark’ and by mystics as a non-earthly technology device that allows for inter-dimensional travel by opening a wormhole, specifically by raising the consciousness of the person who sits upon it, was once held in Ethiopia. A few years ago the Ethiopian Orthodox Church said that the Ark was stolen. It is said to have been relocated to Iraq. 2,500 tablets corroborating stories around the Ark’s existence were also found there. Of course, there are many tales of where the Ark may have been relocated, including one suggesting Vladimir Putin has taken it into space, or to Antarctica, all of which should be taken with a grain of salt.

However, the true power of the Ark of the Covenant, which is likely just a form of technology used by advanced civilizations to travel unhindered through space/time, is also a likely key to revealing how our own civilization can unchain itself from the shackles of the cabal.

William Henry who has studied ancient mystic Christian art as it specifically relates to the Ark of the Covenant, tells us:

“But when you go over to Christian art, yeah, you will see a cloud. You will see him [Jesus] standing on a cloud, like the Buddhist cloud-riders, for example, but more often than not, there’s a precedence for his ascension taking place in a blue sphere, where he is even portrayed as a blue being. And then he is ascending into the stars through this blue sphere, or returning to Earth in this blue sphere. It’s clearly some kind of a transportation vehicle.”

Henry explains that Jesus is depicted seated upon a small box, or stool, which is thought to be the Ark, or a wormhole accessed by a transcendent consciousness. It was also depicted in ancient Egyptian art at the Temple of Hathor at Dendera and the Temple of Horus.

Worm-Hole Ascension

Henry also explains that we all have the inherent ability to activate our own ‘worm-hole,’or light body, which would allow us complete dominion over ourselves, but in a different, non-earthly form than that which we currently experience. Even without an Ark, we can, by elevating our consciousness, activate the same technology that the cabal so perniciously covets. If we were all to experience a connection to a higher, more pure realm where a more perfect version of ourselves dwelt, we would no longer war, famine and perish.

Through simple practices like meditation, eating cleanly, acting kindly, and having concern for others over ourselves, we can attain the same radiant body, termed by the Christian gnostics, or rainbow body, as named by the Tibetan Buddhists. Any technology which would allow people to travel astrally, or access other timelines, would obviously be worth trillions, and more to a devil-worshiping cabal, but here’s the secret: the Ark represents a technology you can develop within yourself without any external accouterments.

I am not saying that grace is not involved. I am also not saying that other, more ascended beings, won’t help us once we are on a clear path to obtaining this light, or ‘radiant’ body, but we cannot be distracted by Iraq. By Syria. Turkey, either. Don’t be conned by yet another war in the Middle East (or anywhere else), or by trying to figure out why that war could really be raging. All you have to do is set yourself free. Like a butterfly leaving its chrysalis, fly high. This is the transfiguration. It’s our time.

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Christina Sarich is a staff writer for Waking Times. She is a writer, musician, yogi, and humanitarian with an expansive repertoire. Her thousands of articles can be found all over the Internet, and her insights also appear in magazines as diverse as Weston A. Price, NexusAtlantis Rising, and the Cuyamungue Institute, among others. She was recently a featured author in the Journal, “Wise Traditions in Food, Farming, and Healing Arts,” and her commentary on healing, ascension, and human potential inform a large body of the alternative news lexicon. She has been invited to appear on numerous radio shows, including Health Conspiracy Radio, Dr. Gregory Smith’s Show, and dozens more. The second edition of her book, Pharma Sutra, will be released soon.

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  • JC Ballenger

    ISIS is a lie created by the elite and the ruling class in order to perpetuate war.

  • wlb42

    Hey, Christina Sarich…… Great informative article,…. I agree with your comments and YES, my opinion is that you and I…..and many others are part of this grass-roots movement and supporters that are trying to awaken the masses to a NEW Constitutional Freedom Paradigm. I believe we are ALL trying to get this country back to our moral and Spiritual values of “fair play” and “common decency” with a NEW awakening of the power of our own co-creative collective consciousness. I also believe we all know that it will take a complete shake-up of our representative government of ALL political parties, government controlling agencies, banking, stock and commodities markets, in concert with the large corporations, that control our current “status quo” paradigm. In the last 103 years since the establishment of the Federal Reserve System in 1913, and with ALL of the market manipulations, power, control and money….our Country is “tanking”. So I say this:

    Many of us in the past, have only been listening to the world government controlled mainstream media and TV, where it is obvious that truthful information is being withheld from the dumbed down masses in secrecy, using in this country, like a fiction TV series called X-Files, to orchestrate a partial disclosure, in order to control and maintain the deliberate “staus quo” paradigm, by the controlling dark cabal and world ruling elite.

    What we haven’t been told, as it relates to our REAL world history, is that of the Moon, Mars, and the well known historical landings on the Moon and Mars by the breakaway German secret society in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s and the subsequent secret landings and colonization of both the Moon & Mars by the Secret Earth Alliance. The world masses are being controlled with untrue assumptions, misinformation and disinformation, and our world goverments will not even address the most important truths. For example here is the subject about UFOs & ETs that no one will tell you about, even the X-Files {fiction TV Series), in additon to colonization of both the Moon, Mars and beyond our Solar System, and the question is why:

    What almost everybody agrees on (upwards of 80%) that UFOs & ETs are real and likely exist. However the full disclosure of the facts, are not known; that there have been Earth Humans on the Moon and Mars for several decades, starting with that knowledge by Presidents Truman & Eisenhower, and currently in 2016 we operate the LOC (Lunar Operations Command) base on the dark side of the moon, and the other base also on the unseen side of the moon, we call the Dark Fleet base which with a very strong telescope you can see large space crafts coming and going from the Dark Fleet base if you look near the 10 o’clock position as you are facing the lighted side facing the Earth, because this base, is just around the dark side at that position…..

    Has any of our elected officials, even ONE, told us the truth about UFOs, ETs, the Secret Earth Alliance, Secret Space Program, the Navy run Solar Warden, the LOC (Lunar Operation Command) on the Moon, the Military Industrial Complex called the ICC(Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate) on Mars using Humans under slave conditions of manufacturing and mining, including the asteroid belts, for the last 60 to 70 years, and YES, the demonic controlling elite with the dark cabal calling the shots, behind the scenes of our world governments and what they control?

    They control our money supply, most of the food we eat, much of the water we drink, the types of fuel we burn, the way diseases get treated, our entertainment, our religions, our governments, our education systems, our space technologies, the stock markets, the media, and even the air we breathe. No one on the planet escapes their clutches. So what is all of this secrecy about, you might ask? Most people would call it the love of money & power.

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely, as the saying goes.

    For example, millions of us are now aware and awake to the very advanced technologies we already have, and have had for decades, and the Secret NRO manned Space Stations that are over 50 years ahead in advanced technology over the current archaic ISS (International Space Station) we are now talking about abandoning soon.

    There is quite a lot of classified technologies that are in use in these “Programs” that are being suppressed and could completely change the nature and quality of life of every human being here on Earth. The “Free Energy” technologies would end the need of the “Current Oil/Petro Energy Companies”, The “Frequency and Light Healing” technologies would end the “Current Pharmaceutical Corporations”, the “Neurological Interface” technologies would end the need for “Large Education Institutions” and the “Food Replication” technologies and “Environmental Purification and Restoration” technologies would end poverty, starvation and begin to reverse the damage humanity has done to the Earth virtually over night.

    Here is some places to go to research the information I posted above, for those of you who want to research this further, but do not know where to start:

    Just search using google, yahoo or search engine of your choice, the names of Mr. Corey Goode, Dr.Steven Greer, Dr. Michael E Salla, or David Wilcock, William Tompkins, Andrew D. Basiago, Alfred Lambremont Webre, or Ms.Laura Eisenhower(great granddaughter of President IKE Eisenhower) just to name a few, who have either walked on the Moon and Mars, or have the proof of this information

    Now you know,…. check out any of this information to make up your own mind using your Spiritual free will and discernment. It is well known that many secrets were agreed upon by Truman & Eisenhower, up to the present President, and promised never to be exposed to the public… we know why, look at the mess and trillions of dollars it all has caused by keeping it secret from us, and withholding all of the advanced technology that would help us world citizens to solve ALL of our problems: …..Pass this on, after you do your own research……Thanks, my friends, you deserved the right to know the truth, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

    FAIR USE NOTICE: This information/disclosure is for research and educational purposes only with the purpose of promoting environmental, human rights, social, economic and scientific awareness. Any information and/or videos which are, or contain copyrighted material which use in accordance with US Copyright Law 17 U.S.C. Section 107 “Fair Use” is allowed for the purposes of criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, and or research and is not an infringement of copyright.

  • Black Swan

    War is a psychopathic projection of mass murder. ” Strike against war and military conscription, for without you no battles can be fought! Strike against manufacturing shrapnel and gas bombs and all other tools of murder! Strike against prepardness that means death and misery to millions of human beings! Be not dumb, obedient slaves in an army of destruction! Be heroes in an army of construction.” Helen Keller 1940

  • Marie Beckett

    Christina, this article was utterly fascinating! Thanks for writing it. It validates many things for me. I believe from all my research that there are several arks…..the people that guard them don’t live very long.
    So much of what is written in these ancient texts ( which I am SURE have been altered and/or planted are very vague in many respects………and the “elite”, “deep state” slime are VERY specific in what they do………what times they do them, what coordinates they do them on, etc, etc. I believe this is a hacked reality and there is a specific code if you will that needs to be shut off. I think there are very specific and very precise things/inner technologies that when performed/practiced can do this. But I feel the blanket, “we are all one, think happy thoughts stuff is not quite it. Still working all this out of course. But loved how specific and forthright Preston James was.

  • The balance of all your parts is the rejection, invalidation and denial of none of them – and so freely from the zero point consciousness embody the balance rather than the warring of Spirit-mind, Body-form, Feeling-will and Heart-denial.
    Living a true willingness for the embrace of Life in the truly felt joy of being rather than reactive triggers of fear masking in forms of coercion. is opening to being aligned and transformed and reintegrated to a wholeness that is more than the sum or defined balance of parts. That is to say we do not seek balance within our own definitions but as the will and feeling of the whole – of all concerned.
    Technology is not activated or potent in and of itself – for it extends consciousness as the purpose to which it is employed. The MerKaBa is extremely dangerous to the intent to coerce or control – for such purpose IS fear compounded in guilt and hidden beneath masks of ‘righteousness’. So don’t push or force but let or allow what is true of you to rise and move through you by attending to the points of noticing where your conditioning replaces a joy or freedom of being with compulsion or demand of a coercive sense of sacrifice, denial, or illegitimate limitation and loss. The feelings and sensation and thoughts are NOT automatically defined by meanings that are true of you – but by fears that such is true and yet unfaceable or overwhelming. Every true extension of presence grows the capacity to abide in and through the conditioning that is triggered when our conditional love is not met with acceptance. For the extension of true presence that is not a set of conditions so much as a vibrational discernment – we need the other as our self. There is no peace in a self that is predicated over and against the other. To recognize self in all is to allow the movement of the balanced will of all to be embodied right where you thought you existed as a power in and of yourself – by which to validate such a self. T’aint so! But the release of what is not true of you is not the hatred, denial and pushing onto other and world – but an acceptance of simple truth as true – and because it is true – not because you are going to atone or validate or become yourself as a result of saving others. That part is unselfconscious and automatic where love is unconditionally received – and any moment is an opportunity for such undoing of a deeply embedded self-hatred – regardless how adept the ability to present in the world as righteous or sussed. If anything can trigger you to loveless act then hatred has a hiding place. Instead of using this to feed guilt, use it to awaken curiosity and desire to uncover the truth that heals.
    Not feeding guilt allows guilt feelings to surface and be undone to a true recognition of innate worth – but we cannot give this to ourself – excepting to extend it without any strings attached.
    Use the world to illuminate and identify where you are coming from – and choose anew where to come from. You cannot ‘answer’ or resolve your un-owned conflicts in terms of external – but as you accept healing – you must look out with new eyes – even if the mind cannot understand – indeed don’t invite it to force understanding or you still believe it can give you something your wholeness of being lacks. Everything finds right timing when there is no insistence to fit it to old thinking.
    Consciousness is an innate ‘technology’ of extension and expression – so look to what you are choosing to accept as your focus and thus extend as your value or desire – for whatever you accept, goes forth to multiply – but the multiplying of fear or lack is not aware of its reflected gift. If you cant get you mind out of the way then align it with your joy so as to harmonize it – and also show up all the self-sabotaging scripts that illuminate more about the mind than what you took as you.
    I write because it a way of extending an appreciation in gratitude. It’s a dance and not a formula – from my willingness to yours.

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