What If We Are The ‘Bad Guys?’

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“We were told to just shoot people, and the officers would take care of us.” – Iraqi War Vet

Abeer Qassim al-Janabi, was a 14-year-old girl who was gang-raped by U.S. Soldiers while they killed her family before ending her life. It was all pre-meditated, and they targeted her because there was only one male living in that house.

“During the time me and Barker were raping Abeer, I heard five or six gunshots that came from the bedroom,” Sgt. Paul Cortez admitted, “After Barker was done, Green came out of the bedroom and said that he had killed them all, that all of them were dead.”

“Green then placed himself between Abeer’s legs to rape her,” he added, “When Green was finished, he stood up and shot Abeer in the head two or three times.”

The entire crime took about five minutes and the girl knew her parents and sister had been shot while she was being raped.

However, this was clearly not an isolated incident as Kelly Doughetery, former director of Veterans Against the War, explained:

“The abuses committed in the occupations, far from being the result of a ‘few bad apples’ misbehaving, are the result of our government’s Middle East policy, which is crafted in the highest spheres of US power.”

Disclaimer of Cognitive Dissonance

Before reading any further, I would like to inform the reader that this article will likely provoke strong emotional reaction and some will find it offensive. In fact, I already am aware of many of the negative remarks that will arise, so I will just address them now.

I do not hate the troops and I do not hate people associated with the military. Quite the contrary, I feel badly for them because they are being brainwashed, manipulated, and used to fight bogus wars under the disguise of protecting our freedom; when in reality they are only fighting to secure financial interests for the elite and corporations. Then when they return with PTSD, injuries, mental health, addiction, unemployment, homelessness, anger, and violence, they VA does not provide the services they need. They are treated like pawns to profit those at top.

Not all the troops misbehave and you are focusing on the minority. This true, the majority of the troops are good people who follow orders. However, the orders that they are following are destructive and evil. Many of Hitler’s Gestapo were probably good people following orders, but they will always be viewed as evil by association.

How can you not support them, when they are protecting your freedom?

They do not protect my freedoms. All military interventions since World War II, have been solely to secure resources from third world nations to help profit American businesses. This is all done under disguises of threats – such as the Cold War with no clear enemy and the threat of Communism; the War on Drugs with no clear enemy; and the War on Terror.

READ: The 239 Year Timeline of America’s Involvement in Military Conflict

Death threats and Personal Attacks: I can handle personal attacks, as that just shows me that you have nothing to argue the statements of the article. However, death threats are always quite ironic. The death threats come from veterans or military supporters because they have so much love for their country. They tell me that they dedicated their lives to protecting my freedoms. First, see number three, you did not protect my freedoms. And second, if you care so much about my freedoms, you should be happy that I am exercising them. To threaten to end my life for stating my point of view is not protecting my freedom, that is actually imposing that I am not allowed these freedoms unless it follows a certain point of view.

Immediately after World War II, the United States has been intervening in countries as a means to making the world safe for American corporations; enhancing financial statements of defense contractors and members of congress; preventing the rise of any society that might serve as a successful example of an alternative to capitalism.

In 1953, the United States overthrew the Iran government after they tried to nationalize and profit off their own resources, oil. This led to oppression and torture of the Iran people, while foreign powers took over control of their oil.

Similarly in Guatemala, the democratically elected government was seeking to nationalize the United Fruit Company. The United States turned this into a death field under the disguise of Soviet threat, in reality had huge commercial interests in the United Fruit Company.

The same things happened if you were neutral in the Cold War, you would soon get paid a visit by the United States to provide you “Freedom.” It happened in Italy, Greece, Albania, Indonesia, and the list goes on. Of course the Korean War and Vietnam Wars in which our history books seem to miss. The “Secret Wars” in Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand during the Vietnam War.

In the Congo, their first democratically elected president called for economic liberation which was later deemed as communism. Eleven days later he was assassinated by the request of President Eisenhower. The area is one of the richest in the world with natural resources, but the people live in extreme poverty as there is constant genocide in the area as people work in the mines to sell diamonds and cobalt to Western powers.

This list goes on-and-on (Indonesia, Chile, Nicaragua, Libya, El Savlador, Haiti, Panama, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) with more than 70 different countries in which we have intervened with in the past seventy years. That is on average of one country per year we have invaded for nearly a century to support American interests, not protect my freedoms.

Supporting the Troops

“Why did you shoot me?” Asked a six-year-old child “That’s not fair. I’m just a girl. I do not do anything, I just had my doll in my hand. Why you shoot me?”

“I was just riding in my car with my family and I got injured so I had to have surgery,” said the child, “…because I got shot [by the] American people.”

She lived, but her family members are a couple of the 165,000 Iraqi civilians killed in the Iraq War since 2003. However, that number is quite low and only based on reported information.  However, household surveys are far more accurate and estimate between 400,000 and 650,000 deaths.

What exactly am I supposed to be supporting? That they are just doing their job?

“I guess while I was there, the general attitude was, A dead Iraqi is just another dead Iraqi,” said Spc. Jeff Englehart, 26, of Grand Junction, Colorado

“I remember one woman walking by,” said Jason Washburn, a corporal in the US Marines who served three tours in Iraq. He told the audience at the Winter Soldier hearings that took place March 13-16, 2008, in Silver Spring, Maryland, “She was carrying a huge bag, and she looked like she was heading toward us, so we lit her up with the Mark 19, which is an automatic grenade launcher, and when the dust settled, we realized that the bag was full of groceries. She had been trying to bring us food and we blew her to pieces.”

Supporters of the war in Iraq should do some outside research as to what is really happening without just blindly supporting the troops because they are American.  In 2007, WikiLeaks revealed footage of U.S. Soldiers killing 12 civilians and wounding two children.

Then Chris Kyle writes a book referring to the Iraqis as the ‘savages’? Before this fictional book is turned this into a propaganda film used to promote further killings.

This is what we are supporting when we say “We Support the Troops.” We are supporting systematic and barbaric killings of many innocent people, to provide for a war that benefits corporations and rich politicians. The Yellow Ribbon we proudly display to show our pride is the modern-day Swastika, showing our support for savagery.

There have been a few cases in which this makes mainstream media. In Afghanistan, an army squad commander led a “Kill Team” in which they killed civilians for sport and collected body parts as trophies. And in 2006, the Al Ishaqi massacre in Iraq included the killing of 11 innocent civilians including five children and four women.  The Pentagon portrays this as part of an operation directed at Al Qaeda.

However, so many more every-day occurrences never reached the headlines. A boy with both his arms lost, a dead baby on the pavement, or cars full of dead families that were trying to escape the war zone.

But what happens, when you are an eye-witness to these slayings and reveal the information to the American public? You get sent to prison.  Bradley Manning, released thousands of documents to WikiLeaks providing evidence of U.S. torture, abuse, and soldiers laughing as they killed civilians. Did the soldiers get punished? No, but Manning was sentenced to prison for 35 years for exposing the truth.

The Haditha killings in 2005, left 24 civilians dead – including women, elderly and children – who were shot multiple times from close range and were unarmed. The court case drug on for six years before six officers had charges dropped, another found not guilty, and the eighth was convicted of negligent dereliction of duty and sentenced to lowering his rank.

In a few interviews with Marines it was later said that so many civilians were found dead after being killed by unknown factions in the Iraq conflict that civilian deaths seemed routine, and one sergeant testified that he would order his men to shoot vehicles that failed to stop at military checkpoints even if it were possible that children could be in the car.

One of the wars most iconic photographs is that by Chris Hondros’s image of Samar Hassan, age 5, covered in blood screaming after just witnessing her parents being blown away by U.S.  Soldiers, as well as her 11-year-old brother severely injured. Her brother then went to the United States for treatment, and was later killed by insurgents in retaliation for going to the United States for treatment.

chris Hondros

Then there is three-year-old, Dalal, is sitting in her home with her family in late March of 2003. At three-years-old, we are still exploring the world and trying to figure out how things work. But, for Dalal, she would figure out more truth about how the world works at age three, than most Americans will learn in a lifetime. Her home was hit with a missile, which killed her brother and injured her mother. She also lost her right leg that day.

And Omar, age 7, was traveling to Bahgdad to visit relatives when they came upon confused U.S. troops who opened fire. Omar’s father was shot twice in the back trying to rescue his son. He got him out of the car, but could not rescue his wife – Omar’s mother – as she burnt to death.

“My whole family was devastated by what was happening,” said Omar’s father, “The most devastating was losing my wife.”

The United States refers to these losses of life as “collateral damage.”

An estimated four-percent of Iraq’s population has been killed due to the war since 1991 and that does not include the ongoing poverty, starvation, disease, cancer from depleted uranium and birth defects. That “collateral damages” sounds more like genocide.

Khalid Hamdan Abd lost two of his sons, three cousins, and has his infant daughter wounded with 17 pieces of micro-shrapnel in one eye and 11 pieces of micro-shrapnel in the other eye, and a detached retina. He was brought to America by a group called nomorevictims.com in which they helped provide surgery for his infant daughter to prevent her from going blind. He states:

“It is kind of scary to go back, because even if you are just driving your car peacefully in the street, you might be shot by the American troops for no reason.”

These stories don’t even begin to include the families being wiped away by drone strikes in Pakistan.  An estimated 200 children have been killed due to drone strikes in which one 16-year-old states, “we no longer like when skies are blue, because drones don’t fly in gray skies.”

President Obama refers to drone strikes as “targeted killing”; however, they have targeted 41 men, which has resulted in the deaths of 1,147 others.

Buried deep in the $800-billion defense budget, the Pentagon agreed to add in five million dollars to fund families killed by American airstrikes. I guess the next logical step, would be to admit to the ongoing war crimes committed daily in these wars.

Understanding Perspective

When two kids get into a playground argument and turn s into a fight, the teachers, principal, or other adults will pull them aside and ask each to tell their story. The two kids hear the other’s perspective and they can understand how the argument started and they teach the children how to resolve conflict in the future.

In political life, it doesn’t work like this.

Only the winner gets to tell their side of the story. In turn, they blame the other party for the troubles and turn themselves into the heroes. Anytime two cultures clash, this is the result. The winners write history.

As we go through school, they teach us that we have always been the good guys and everyone else was always bad. How is this possible? A country that has been at war in 223 out of their 240 years of existence and currently has more than 800 foreign military bases worldwide is not protecting their freedoms, they are invading and occupying others.

Read the stories above again and imagine if that was taking place in your home country. Would you be thankful that these troops are “bringing you freedom?” They don’t hate us for our freedom, they hate us for raping and killing their families.

About the Author

An avid historian, Irwin Ozborne (a pen-name) is a survivor of childhood abuse and torture over a period of 13 years, and a recovered alcoholic. As a mental health practitioner, today Irwin practices holistic care and incorporates eastern philosophy into his work with clients. He is available for speaking engagements as well, and can be contacted via email: takingmaskoff@yahoo.com. Please visit www.takingthemaskoff.com.

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This article (What If We Are The ‘Bad Guys?’) was originally created and published by Taking the Mask Off and is re-posted here with permission. 

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  • Look at the identities you accept – or project to others as part of your own.
    Framing identity in terms of good and bad is a ‘war on Self’ for what and who you are is not decided or determined by your narrative of identification – but of course this is who you have come to believe yourself to be as a result of denying what you hate or fear within yourself and of defending and asserting what you present as if it is the whole or true of you.

    A unipolar identity is not really open to relationship because it is only open to what agrees with it or extends what it already believes.

    The globalism of a unipolar consciousness operates not only denial of the freewilling life of others – but its own – because it is locked into ‘my way or no way’ in the power struggle to come out on top. There is never a time when acquired or asserted power is enough – because any imaginable scenario of threat magnifies out of any possible disagreement or difference. Any communication is ‘interpreted as power play’. Communication becomes impossible.

    The insanity of this identification has to be recognized in order to be released in our own mind. It takes one to know one and power-envy along with vengeance is pervasive in the hatred of feeling powerless under others – but power itself is rarely self-revealing in its own terms, seeking to hide within presentations and narratives of acceptability and justification – indeed in self righteousness. This is not a mind-set of whoever happens to be embodying it. It is a pervasive mentality that operates as the core self belief and identity of the human condition-ing thus far un-healed.

    A multi polar identity fundamentally accepts reality as a living communication in which identity arises as a gift of a shared purpose – for the dance within and between the polarities has a balance point in which one is true to oneself and through which can be truly in relation rather than seeking to resolve or work out internal contradictions in external terms.

    The ‘good cop/bad cop’ device is the terrorizing influence of rage, hate and lovelessness, switching to a presentation of kindness and sympathy by which to ‘escape’ or hold at bay the now hidden terror – which is embedded in such a pact to be called on if overstepping fear’s dictate.

    The experience of lovelessness in rage and hate is indeed hateful and greatly disturbing – so much that we do our utmost to eradicate, escape and excommunicate it from ourself in the fear and hatred and distrust of the Other… and we become ourselves a loveless, hateful agency of what we deny on surface – excepting when ‘justifiably provoked’.

    The true Nature of Consciousness is reap and sow – or indeed give and receive. What you put in is what you get out. In giving hate or lovelessness of indifference to the experience of unrecognized parts of our Self, we set up a comeback in which we do not recognize our part in. I am not saying we are now to blame for the evils of the world including our own sense of being violated – but that it is within the range of our innate capacity to recognize denied self within experiences that seem to deny us – and in the moment of recognition is a shift of perspective that has been called grace.

    I cannot change you or even persuade you of anything you are not already in the willingness to recognize as your own. I never have been able to exert power over you. But the complex play of fragmented and denied or split identity, sets up a disempowering belief in which others then seem more powerful as a result of a loss of power. Humanity has played this game to its conclusion – which is complete loss of power to the illusion of power. To the identifiction of power over Life or Existence.

    Now is a choice. Identifictions within meaningless struggle for a power that can never truly fulfil, or the embracing of Life – regardless the messy involvement of denial coming up into awareness as every kind of hated or feared or despised (judged against) aspects.

    Instead of branding ‘evil’ and living from self-justified hate – pause the judgement and listen or feel within for the Movement of your being – and you recognize the embrace of that which you can wholly embrace as having a core peace to it – which the desperate attempt to validate or enforce a partial sense over the whole or as the whole can never have – regardless the form it takes.

    Through your willingness, discern the willingness of others and grow in the trust of your own feeling being – so as to be feeling and thinking, receptive and embodying, as a balancing of a wholeness that you already are but have not allowed to embody through you – while you think you alone (in whatever aspect is currently active) are in charge.

    The need for enemy is the need for evil – over and against which to make an identity at odds with a wholeness. I am not saying there is not an evil arising from the denial and refusal of Life – but that its capacity to insinuate itself in your own thinking is deep set – and so you cannot trust your own thinking without pausing a moment or however long it takes – to feel the nature of where you are coming from and know that it is truly your heart’s acceptance and your mind’s purpose – as one.

    Making mistakes is not failure, guilt, sin and shame, but is feedback without which you would be unable to grow. Growing in the embrace of Life is natural to the release of hate – and self-hate is the deepest and most divisive. That is why evil intent nurtures and leverages or triggers this in you at every opportunity so as to get you to think you are one of the good guys, while running its agenda through your split mind.

    You are not one of the bad guys within any true recognition of Self no matter what roles have been enacted, but only the recognition brings that knowing. The forms of words can and are used to deceive – and so regardless of the words I have accepted to communicate – feel for your own discernment of what opens resonance and relevance to who you feel yourself to be at this timing of relationship and live from owning and knowing yourself integrally rather than as a ‘power struggle’ of authorities and contradictions.

    It was not wrong to seek to make a unity of chaos – but now it is not wrong to listen to and abide in the chaos for insight and communication that was lost in the act of trying to conform it to our ideas of what we – or anything – should be. There is a ripening for a fresh perspective. Revelation from what we have long judged against – because we are willing to listen with fresh curiosity. Indeed such is our need.

  • davecad

    after reading this article and then following the posts written after you all argue among each other over different things like religion and nationality among other things . all that needs to be put aside and we need to get together and put a stop to stories like these written above .

  • davecad

    the US military are our sons daughters fathers and mothers surely our families should do something to say to them no more we have had enough . every soldier must know who the real enemy is and it is not muslim terrorist but corporation terrorists that they should be protecting their families from .

    • MinistryofSilly Walks

      Create fear and hate among your people and they will give you the key to all the resources (read power and money).

  • Black Swan

    ” I believe if we had and would keep our dirty, bloody dollar soaked fingers out of the business of these nations so full of depressed and exploited people, they will arrive at a solution of their own… And if unfortunately their revolution must be of the violent type because the have’s refuse to share with the ‘have-nots” by any peaceful method, at least what they get will be their own, and not the American style, which they don’t want and above all don’t want crammed down their throats by Americans.” General David Sharpe Former U.S. Marine Commandant 1966

  • kashur

    Historical fact —- elaborate in detail.

  • Josh Smith

    This is a difficult article to read. Yet quite in line with many other Eye witness’s, researchers, reporters, soldiers, CIA & various others accounts that Ive read about or heard their testimony. I liked the disclaimer section and agree with its logic. I also do Not support our troops in a insidiously evil cause.The US military hasn’t ended a war since WW 2. We create false flag black ops, blame the opposition for it, and attack. Iraq is all about creating instability in this region in the interest of perpetuating conflicts, and then sending war profits back to US corporations and legislators that allow these atrocities.

  • Joel W

    Great article except a couple things. WWII was also us intervening in business that was not ours. It has now been proven that FDR (sell out traitor) knew well in advance of Pearl Harbor and ALLOWED it to happen. And how Germany was a threat to us has still never been satisfactorily explained to me. WWI we also had ZERO business being involved in. Even the so-called “Civil War” (more like the first war of US aggression) was not needed. The south left the union legally and formed their own nation, legally. Other than that, spot on.

  • WhiteEagle

    And the Peru ‘Coneheads’?

  • WhiteEagle

    My favorite…when I told a person I would not voite for (Jezebel) Hillery Clinton because of her criminal history… his response was “But I like her!”
    Really, personality rules over good judgement , honesty, and rule of law?
    Maybe they are putting more lithium into those Chemtrials than we realize.

  • Bill Ross

    Odd you should say that. If it has accomplished nothing else, the internet should have convinced you that you are NOT alone. KNOWING you are not alone is a source of courage, just one of the many “powers” of free flow of information.

    Another is that FINALLY, the lies and fake threats can be refuted faster that they can be created in the nether reaches, out of sight by the state.

    I KNOW, it is frustrating, but, BE A LEADER to these idiots. The global epiphany towards peace and mutual respect will be one heart and mind at a time.

  • WhiteEagle

    Well said.

  • Bride Bili

    Even if they were forced to go they should be in prison.

  • Bride Bili

    I loved your article, Irwin; but, you are naïve or wishfully thinking if you think it started in Iraq, the Middle East, or giving you the benefit of a doubt, considering that Americans don’t know history, Vietnam. But, thanks. You helped.

    16th Century A.D. – expanding Western nations fail to conquer China until Britain defeats China in 1842. “China was compelled to permit the ships of Western nations to navigate freely in her waters (you read that right, “her waters”), and even to demolish some of her coastal defenses. Western nations stationed troops at a number of points in China (today it reads: “around China”) on a permanent basis.”

    Yen Fu (1854-1921): “It seems to me that in three centuries of progress the peoples of the West have achieved four principles: to be selfish, to kill others, to have little integrity, and to feel little shame.”

    “The Russians have not asked the Chinese to discard their own culture and replace it with that of Russia. Instead, they have invited the Chinese to join with the Russian and other peoples in adopting what is claimed to be a new order of economic, social, and political justice, to be founded on the premise of complete equality among all nationalities and races (this is B.R.I.C.S. today, but not of Old Man Putin, it is Uncle “Jo” talking).”

    Sun Yat-sen (NOT Mao Tse-tung, I repeat, NOT Mao), toward the end of his career was deeply impressed by the fact that, among the Western powers, only Soviet (YES, you read that right: “Soviet”) Russia represented itself as being ready to co-operate with China on a basis of full equality. “In his immensely popular THREE PRINCIPALS OF THE PEOPLE, Sun said that Russia “aims to curb the strong, support the weak, and promote justice…It aims to destroy imperialism and capitalism throughout the world.” And the Chinese would take their stand, he promised, beside the Soviet Union, to “use the strength of our 400,000,000 to fight against injustice for all of mankind; this is our Heaven-appointed task.”

    “In the past, Western nations have repeatedly used force against China. At the cannon’s mouth China has been compelled to sign treaties, permit trade, and admit foreigners she did not want (C.i.A., A.I.D, Peace Corps, etc.) to her borders.”

    “Finally, the nations of the West have long regarded China with thinly veiled contempt…Occidentals, ignorant of China’s history, have dismissed her with the dictum that “the Chinese can’t fight.” That myth has been exploded on the battle fields of Korea.”

    CHINESE THOUGHT: FROM CONFUCIOUS TO MAO TSE-TUNG, H.G. Creel, 1953, The New American Library, Inc., Mentor Books: New York, New York, United States of America

    • Bride Bili

      Yen Fu nailed the “American Way.”

    • Bill Ross

      China boasts the longest lasting civilization on the planet. This achievement requires KNOWING a thing or two regarding peace. They did get sucked in by western bankster manipulation and funding of traitors regarding communism as did the Russians.

      Might I also suggest another very valuable contribution from the east:

      Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”

      We do and will need it, since, we have what they want, just cause for starting a war, from their perspective. “They”, being predators alleging “might is right”

      • Bride Bili

        Communism seems to be working for China. Because of several centuries failure of Democracy/Capitalism China seems to be on the right path. The Russians also seem to still embrace some features of Communism which support equality, justice, and protecting weaker nations. The bottom line may be that the joint economic scheme involving all nations for which Communists have always strived from the beginning seems to be coming to flower.

        • WhiteEagle

          That is pie in the sky thinking, Communism has NEVER lived up to what it promises, and instead massively oppresses its people.
          Russia is now doing well because it is under the leadership of a wise ruler who ‘practices what he preaches’, and that is family values and Christian (not pagan Roman Catholism) principles. The old ‘do unto others what you would have them do to you.’
          The only somewhat socialistic government I have seen that actually works was the one under Gadaffi, and that because he took the income that was coming in from an assit his country has , Oil, and distributed it to his people in the form of guareenting housing and education for all, zero percentage loans , free utilities, etc.
          Unfortunately, in America, when the politians try to do the same thing, it is by taxing to death its citizenry, and taking a big chunk out of the taxes to fund the middleman bureaucracy, and pay on interest on barrowed money. Not the same thing, and ultimately ensuring the fall of the country. There is not such thing as ‘free’ , as something or someone must be traded. Whether freedom, labor, or oil revenue. Communism traded with forced labor and men’s lives.

    • WhiteEagle

      The Soviets were oppressors of the Russian peoples, and likewise the Communist government of China a repressor of freedom of its own.
      The Soviet constitution , if you ever read it, sounds great, and magnificent. In practice though, it was just a piece of paper, completely ignored, human rights non existant, the STATE was all. Its still the same way with China under communism. Heck, for whatever reason they branded the Fulon Gong as an enemy and then use them as cattle to be harvested for their organs in hospitials set up for just that purpose.
      Communism is the most evil of the systems of government and the body count of their own peoples prove it.

  • Bill Ross

    Pay taxes, don’t oppose: be complicit in the crimes

    • Bride Bili

      I honour you Bill for fulfilling your duty as a human being.

  • Bill Ross

    It baffles my why posts that prove YOUR point are deleted. Is another POV which tolerates opinion, but not proven fact in control of this site?

    • Bill Ross

      Apparently, no posts have been deleted. Just a very long delay between post and appearing.

      • AnotherLover

        Any link will get you delayed big time here.

  • Gabriel

    Is not a question of what,is about how evil can be Jewnited States of Amerika.

  • JosephConrad


  • Muhammad Abbass

    Waking Times. I rely upon your good sense and desire for truth to permit my responses the light of day. I speak truthfully and moderately and don’t feel there should be any cause to withhold anything please. I am not proselyting, but correcting false beliefs when these interfere with the progress of humanity.

    • wakingtimes

      Yeah, go for it, Muhammed. There is a line, though, and if this gets out of hand, you all can expect comments to be put to rest. There are plenty of places on the WWW where you guys can flame each other in the worst of ways, but I don’t see any harm in sharing your perspective, Muhammed.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Yes the US Military are the bad guys, come on that’s been obvious for only ohhh about 100+ years. Nice job name dropping Hitler’s Gestapo, can’t have an article about evil without reductio ad hitlerum. Maybe one day you sheep will wake up and realize that Hitler and the Nazis were the good guys fighting against the (((Globalist))) bankers and world wide communism. I’m not holding out much hope though. It’s ironic, you claim the moniker of WakingTimes, yet you continue to demonize Hitler and the Nazis – you’re not “awake” at all. Just go back to sleep.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      You’re right, the USA is an evil entity totally under control of the same Rothschild Khazarian Mafia that it was when the RKM smashed Hitler’s Germany. The USA could only wish it were like Hitler’s Germany. Nothing so grand, it is more like the Soviet Union for the same reason. Communism was a Wall Street invention exported along with tribe members to Russia. Russia is breaking free of the same puppet masters which own the USA lock stock and barrel. “easily picked lock, tumbling stock and overpriced fragile barrel.”

    • Bride Bili

      The Most Right Honourable United States Continental Army did not exist in A.D. 1590 when the rape of China began. I too am sick and tired of Hitler and the Nazis. Let’s discuss the only Western nation, Russia, that has never and will never oppress the people of the world.

  • hvaiallverden

    What is stunning is how deep the denile goes in the average joesixpack, totall denile.
    Our problem right now is YOU, and nobody else, despite the druling drwell some is able to charf up about the Prophet and whom else, non violent terrorists as Jesus would be labeled to day.
    The real aburdety comes from the level of utter ignorance, judeo-chrsitians, are trully and thruoutly bonkers, take the “bible” and compare it to an old one, and the King Georgs Bible and read it, scmuks, and tell me where in it is there any use of the wods, “jew” or “israel”, do enlighten me, ugh….. christians.
    Its simply sint there.
    And what have happened since, scmuks, how come this scams are alowed to live, the entrie history of the people is an flatout lie.
    Nothing else than an fakeering of the Bible, period.

    Of course the Holloweed image of the USMarie heroic efforts on huamnity and causaltys is the norm, bu the truth is something entrily different, and is never ever broad casted by anyone, specally not in the west, children blown to smiherines and mutilated beyund recognition.
    An coward warfare and they whine about Taliban, and IED.
    When the whole vilage is laed to grawell every time someone shoots at your rats hiding behind lines of egagments and lets the airforce bomb anything that moves before you.
    Over and over agian, and belive me Yankee boy, your slaughter would be totall without the airsuport.

    You are our problem yankestans, nobody else.


    • DavidH


  • Vladimirijus

    Unfortunately, you are bad guys.

    You have ruined my country, did enormous humanitarian catastrophe, economic catastrophe and then brought in your banks and companies to keep us enslaved. Third world war seems inevitable now, because you all remain silent and fat, while you “support the troops” and “American dream” not knowing what is behind that.

    • davecad

      all of us like yourself just want peace on this planet and it is a disgrace what has happened in countries around the world . these evil people in power are out of control and if any decent person in the armed forces just said no more what could they do . if they did we would all be behind them and then maybe we could get rid of these evil corporations and the banking establishment .

      • MinistryofSilly Walks

        yep… it’s all about the money! 🙂

  • wally63

    We hung 11 Germans for war crimes … . But of course, a nation NEVER finds war criminals in it’s own midst.

    • WhiteEagle

      Horrably, we find that Ike was a war criminal too, just at the time it was not known that he had rounded up German POWs, put them in the emptied concentration / work camps and proceeded to starve them all to death. Iv’e now been wondering if all those pictures we had seen in the past of piled up starved dead bodies in the camps were not of the Jewish forced slave laborers but of the POWs. And all those who had fled the Communist Countries, being forcibly returned to Russia to their deaths. Even Chuck Yeager in his biography mentions how the orders came down at one point that would designate a particular area /acreage of German countryside to be wiped out, EVERYTHING living to killed, whether man or beast. This was supposed to ‘demoralize’ the enemy. As he put it, a war crime, pure and simple.
      What is it that leaders of countries all over the world don’t get? That killing and ‘demoralizing ‘ the innocent actually served to strengthen the resolve, determination and hate, of those who they are fighting, in truth becoming a truly EVIL opponent, before even that country being attacked puts out its own slanted propaganda.
      How many ‘Ann Franks’ died in Dresdon, the city of refuge, when the Allies chose to round up / lure in, and then firebomb all the civilians and refugees in that art city? A war crime, pure and simple, as it was with other cities of non military designation. Hitler himself, evil as he might have been, did not believe in making war on civilian populations and only bombed civilian targets after Great Britian did so as a matter of policy to Germany. Then theres…. the Jews declaring war on Germany back in 1933, and France attacked and invaded Germany to start with , not the other way around, as I had thought. Sadly , the truth has really been an eye opener indeed. War, is indeed a racket. And instead of rescuing people we have been oppressing them. Today ISIS had been thriving while our governments looked to oust Assad, there by enabling terrorists in that country , and as well even arming them, same folks we were fighting against in Afghanastan and Iraq….and just as illegally and groundlessly as they did with Libya,

      • Bill Ross

        Sucks to find out that you were paying for learning comic book fantasy while at skool studying economics, history, social “science” (sic) …

        They made a mistake in providing me the opportunity to become a scientist / engineer. They don’t dare miseducate us, else the physical products and infrastructure of civilization would come crashing down about their heads, as are the products of social “science”, of which economics is a subset.

      • wally63

        Yes, White Eagle, if I would have felt like it, I would have said about the same thing as you did. Good work. We must be studying/listening to the same material. Ha. The photographed “bodies” of Auschwitz were likely the bodies of the dead German Soldiers Ike starved to death. Old Blood and Guts Patton said after the war in Europe was done, “We fought the wrong enemy” and he wanted to keep going into Russia and finish them off (the Bolshevik Jews). He was also murdered because he was coming home to tell his fellow Americans the truth of what he saw over there. He knew – and special ops had him killed. Any of those folks who did die at the LABOR KAMPS died of starvation due to Ike’s orders to strafe anything that moved, that could carry food and medicine, like you said. War crimes out the kazoonie, indeed.

  • wakinglioness

    I could only read a few paragraphs. I believe that this purpose of these policies is create hatred of Americans so that no one will care when the genocide of Americans is in full force. Actually, I think the discredit campaign began with the bombing of Hiroshima which was all planned by German scientists operating in the United States. The USA took the blame. The genocide will soon be in full force.

    • Chuck Chuckson

      Einstein and Oppenheimer (proponents of the Manhattan Project) weren’t “German” in the ethnic sense. They were something else…

      • Muhammad Abbass

        Of course, they were Amish but that’s just a co-incidence. One of those strange unexplainable natural laws of the universe. Why it is always the Amish in control of the levers when there’s really so few of them and everyone hates on them all the time?

  • Rachel Thompson

    It’s worse than that. I often say we, meaning the USA, are the evil empire and that is true. The thing is, any and every empire can only become an empire via evil. With mass propaganda pumping out normality biases it is easy to see why and how so many are fooled into thinking we are the good guys when we are controlled by black Bart war profiteers. The masses are stupid so by extension we are all guilty–that’s where cognitive dissidence and willful ignorance comes in handy.

  • mdollman01

    Conflicts have always been about, ‘you have something I want.’ Dominick is a shill acting as nemesis.
    Service to self vs. Service to others. The lesson of life on this planet…

    • Dominick Perez

      No I’m not I’m just stating the historical facts that A. He was a pedophile and B. He was a bloodthirsty killer.

      • Muhammad Abbass

        No you are repeating perverse lies, facts are something which can be supported and there is no support for your assertion when it is examined by scholars. In doing so you denote yourself as the pervert by the well known medium of self projection.

        • Bill Ross

          god, allah, whoever bless Jung. Damn Pavlov.

  • MinistryofSilly Walks

    Delete “What if” and that question mark :p

    • isnamthere

      Exactly. There’s no “if” about it.

  • catalanismo is hatred

    Actually anglo saxons are the enemy of the human kind. UK have caused more genocide, plunder and wars that nobody before. Of Couse usa is its puppet

    • John_Smith001

      Just Anglo Saxons? Seems to be this sort of uglyness is common to all of humanity and as old as history itself, they just seem to be the best at it right now.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Anglo Saxons created the modern world and all the technology and high standards of living you take for granted. STOP using all of our Anglo Saxon inventions and technology if you think we are the enemy of the human race. You sir are an epic cuck.

      • catalanismo is hatred

        Actually the technology from Japan, Germany, Israel and many other countries is a lot superior than the tech from UK and USA =) I would do it very happy =)

      • catalanismo is hatred

        HAAHHAAHHA basically all the anglo saxon countries control the world thanks to wars, plunder, fiat monet but not because high quality products or tech =)

      • Muhammad Abbass

        Oh the irony! The West dragged itself out of the Dark ages, using the science, technology and civilisational model STOLEN from Islam at the height of it’s own golden age.


        • Bill Ross

          Yep, while the catholic church, in the name of god’s will was suppressing all innovation and dissenting opinion during the last inquisition and dark age (not this one), it was Islam that protected and nutured the flame of knowledge and freedom.

          THANK YOU and your infidel (sic) ancestors.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            Well I would have been among the Crusaders sad to say, as I’m celtic blood but yes so it was.

          • Bill Ross

            I’ve got Scottish “fire in the blood”

            Hah! I “get” why you call yourself Muhammad. Bring it on, same reason for my website name.

        • WhiteEagle

          Well, indeed, Islam has vied with the Roman Catholic Church in destruction of everything that doesn’t agree with the religious leader’s mindset of the times. Muslims were the last ones to burn the Great Library of Alexandria, before there was an earthquake that sank part of the city and finished off the Library (its underwater as well). Islamists have a great history of destruction, the latest (ignoring ISIS as even though Islam based, they can hardly be called Islamists any more than the Spanish inquisition could be called Christian). In truth, it was pagan Rome that destroyed and put a stop to most innovations and intellectual progress when they captured Greece. It was only after America was (re) discovered and the British Isles as well as Chirstian reformers everywhere rebelled against the Roman Catholic Empire that technology and science rebounded. And this AFTER the Moors were kicked out of Spain and elsewhere the Turks out of Europe.

        • Josh Smith

          Your arrogant society didn’t develop much as you did study the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians & Babylonians. You offered little to global culture, You more mimicked it. You stole a Religion (Jude-Chritsinan)and re-appropriated it to suite your own larcenous mind set. You and your kind are Thief’s and Liars, to say nothing of Originality. Where is your Allah as The west dominate your nations?

  • Observing All

    US troops are as stupid and evil as they come. If they were even smart enough to get a HS degree they would not be out murdering men, women, and children around the world for no reason.

    • Zaphod Braden


    • Kubrickian

      Scapegoating enlisted military is on the short end spectrum of the big picture.

      • John_Smith001

        Excellent point, most of these men might be living productive lives under better leadership.

        • Bill Ross

          Hah!, because of their skills, training and the epiphanies regarding what they hath wrought, they are now #1 on the domestic terrorist list, along with constitutionalists, survivalists, or ANYONE who is for peace and freedom “for ALL”

          • WhiteEagle

            You have a point there.

  • Muhammad Abbass

    Ameen. The realisation turned my life around over the course of a decade as I converted to become the thing we are trained to fear.

    • So CAL Snowman

      So any day you will be moving to a Moslem nation like Pakistan or Saudi Arabia correct?

      • Muhammad Abbass

        Why on earth would I do that dopey? For one thing saudi Arabia isn’t a Muslim nation, it is a Wahhabi one and Wahhabis are not Muslims. More than that, they hate Shias which I happen to be. EVEN more than that, I would be subject to arrest and imprisonment in Saudi Arabia (as I would be in Israel) for challenging their lies and evil regimes. I am declared as a “pursuer” by the Zionist state and a blasphemer by Saudis for calling them fakes…which is a literal truth and historical fact. Wahhabis are not Muslims. Among the many things you think you know but which are simply false.

        Pakistan is a great nation with tremendous possibilities and as their Washington/London owned corrupt regime is being replaced gradually as more honest and nationalistic forces are encroaching upon them, it’s future brightens daily. The Chinese are spending HUGE amounts on Pakistani infrastructure as we speak, a process which I was privileged to be on the ground and see begin, sharing a hotel with some of the Chinese premier’s delegation about a year ago and the difference in the business world there was obvious right away. I have a very wealthy brother in law in Pakistan and the rest of my wife’s family too you see as she is a Lahori girl. Among the many things you do not know is that usually denotes a well bred, well educated and cultured South Asian lady. That she most certainly is. We visit her country most years for a month or two. I import some parts for our product from Pakistan where they make great quality at a price to compete with the Chinese we’re struggling against (the same parts not made in Oz at all) and am in discussion with people about several new business ventures in Pakistan and related to it and Iran. These are the new economies you fool, where the wealth the Western ones have lost is headed to make itself a new home. Your nation will be providing cheap labour to the East in time and did you know that the latest thing is American brides? American women now ready to seek marriages to get to better places eh. How times change. When in Pakistan we have a driver and bodyguard who is retired military. In Pakistan we count retired generals, up and coming politicians and various other interesting people among our social circle there and I am looking forward to exploring more of the country over time. The Himalayas are a great draw for me and the mountains around them. Gradually we are building an alternate life for ourselves in Pakistan and we are also well known in a few other Middle Eastern countries and SE asian ones as well. Being a Muslim, as well as a rasonably well heeled Australian businessman does give me a lot of keys to doors which would remain closed to you that is for sure.

        The thing is, my country of Australia and it has been my country for more than six generations, is good to me on the whole and I love it and my fellow Australians as well. I am obviously completely at home among Westerners you nincompoop. Whilst we live in a Muslim dominated suburb of Perth and enjoy doing so, that is as much co-incidence as it is an indication of the rising numbers of us everywhere. Sorry to put it so sunshine, but like most Muslims living anywhere not Muslim, we are just going to go on with our lives, with quiet confidence we will be the majority everywhere as time progresses. The truth is a one way street and you cannot keep the truth of Islam hidden by false lies and propaganda forever.

  • Dominick Perez

    Oh well the spoils of war what can I say. I have no sympathy for Muslim savages I’d kill them all myself if I could. The world would be much better off.

    • Muhammad Abbass

      You are one of the enablers of these conflicts. Ignorant and easily manipulated with your cartoonish thinking and weak delusions. I became one of those “Muslim savages” and know the difference. ISIS are Takfiris and Takfiris like Wahhabis have nothing to do with Islam except as it’s nemesis. It wasn’t created in the West but it was revived, first before the twentieth century with the Western creation of the Wahhabis when they had been kicked out of Islam by all five schools of thought and an uglier revival now in the form of ISIS Takfiri savages. They are YOUR savages so long as you adhere to the nonsense propaganda about them fed to you by their true creators and masters.

      • Dominick Perez

        Your prophet was a murdering pedophile.

        • Muhammad Abbass

          No that is not what history records and nor is it the unemotional opinion of world’s historians but it is noted that you like to imagine so. I always assume such beliefs denote spomeone whose own outlook includes desires in that direction. It is actually people like you who have been among the Westerners who join those phonies of ISIS. They just love acting out all those hateful fantasies you’ve been projecting onto us but the problem is, 1.5 billion Muslims know better and Wahhabis/Takfiris as well as their Zionist allies are increasingly been seen for what they are. Realise it or not, choose it or not, you march with ISIS whilst I and the world’s true Muslims stand with Russia and true Christianity and are opposed to all of you demons, sinners and lost souls.

          • Dominick Perez

            I guess in your warped depraved mind it’s okay for a man in his 40s to marry a 9 year old girl… Sick F*ck

          • Muhammad Abbass

            Maybe you need to read before opening that mouth, since you begin with an empty head. Not only do I obviously not do so, I refute the false assertion that our Prophet did any such thing. The thing is you filthy creature, there is no evidence whatsoever to support the claim. The law even previous to Islam forbid a man to consumate a marriage with even a young wife if she had not passed puberty which was 16 and older at the time. What is sick is your determined need to believe this in the face of reasonable rebuttal. So given I make the case that Islam taught better morals than Western society employed regarding females and deny your sick little delusion, whilst you continue to assert against historical fact, religioous teaching and your own lack of scholarly knowledge that such a sick thing is so….who is the pervert here?

          • Dominick Perez

            There are also reports he had a love for sheep lol don’t get mad because you worship a maniac pedophile murderer

          • Muhammad Abbass

            No Dom, embarrassingly for you, that one is entirely your own invention and I refer to the previously established tendency you own to project your own fantasies onto what you hate. The pedophile is in your head Dom as is the zoophile. Indeed you are even branching out into your own specialty there because the Wahhabis who do hold most of the beliefs the Islamophobes like to project onto us, being as they were created by the West in the first place, yet even they don’t go there. I guess you have the sheep and goats all to yourself Dom.

            Actually Dom might I ask if you’re a Talmudist? I just remembered that pedophilia and zoophilia is taught in the Jewish Talmud. It is the only religion on earth which does so as a matter of fact. Shall we explore your religious beliefs using your own scriptures rather than just assertions it is so?

          • Dominick Perez

            No that’s a perverted Muslim thing lol I don’t know any non-Muslim married to an 8 year old girl… Or boy like the queers in Afghanistan and their little dancing boys.

          • Muhammad Abbass

            No Dom as I just stated, it is NOT a Muslim thing. Actually Muslim girls tend to marry later by several years than Western girls for your information. You just like to drool over the extreme exceptions I know. As a Westerner I’m very familiar with your type among us. The rate of pedophilia and sexual abuse of women is far higher in the West than most Islamic nations. Islam forbids it by numerous means and morality is much higher in Islamic socities than Western ones. Very few women or men are not virgins when they marry in the East and whilst people are people, the customs limit incest and pedophilia enormously by segregation of the genders into distinctly defined and self supporting elements of family and society. I should know since I am familiar in both cultures. Again you seek out extreme examples of sinners and try to project such filth onto all. By such standards Dom I must presume you are a drug dealing, child molesting cross dressing queer who is looking forward to being able to use the female toilets now. Are you a cross dressing queer Dom? You belong to the LGBT West so we must assume so. That logic Dom is yours and frankly jars with me as much as it does with you, but no less than the assertions thaqt the criminals and abusers of Islamic societies somehow represent the people of those societies. The USA is the prison capital and crime capitalk of the worldd and it enables and finances all the worst wickedness in the world. You are nobody to point the finger at anybody, you war mongering, resource thieving, cross dressing queer child molester. 🙂

          • Dominick Perez

            More lies from an apologist for a wacky, barbaric, disgusting “religion” thought up by some wacky nut who lived out in the desert for too long lol.

          • WhiteEagle

            I have a problem with Islam, it seems that Islamic society STILL thinks it is ok as a matter of policy to take and make slaves of those they fight, and that rape as a weapon is allright as well, as seen with the Sudan and Ethopia conflicts. There is a problem, with it seems the Roman Catholic Church following a close second, with the religious leaders taking little boys for bed mates. If a girl is raped, the religious leader gets off scott free, while the family may kill the unfortunate girl in a ‘mercy / honor killing.
            Then theres the bit about women being essentially designated to the roll of property of her husband. Takes 4 men to speak as witnesses to a woman being raped, and otherwise, she is to be stoned for being adulterous? How can there be four witness to a rape unless they happened to be standing around there watching her be raped and doing nothing to stop it? How Midevil, even the Jews aren’t stuck so much in the old ancient civilization antiquated laws of conduct that prescribe death or limbs being chopped off as the penalty for everything.
            I could go into a lot more about what is undesirable about islam and what I consider a murderous false prophet but it is degressing from the point of this article, and that indeed the US government has not been acting in the best interest of anyone other than its own greedy corporate owners, with a view on world conquest.

      • So CAL Snowman

        Yes, nothing says progress quite like dressing your women in bed sheets and worshipping a pedophile while practicing female genital mutilation and honor killings of your daughters for not entering into a family approved relationship.

        • WhiteEagle

          You left out the honor killings of family members that convert to other religions too.

        • kashur

          dressing women in bed sheets and worshiping a Pedophile. I think you got good knowledge of fantasies and fairy tales. keep it up.

    • Bill Ross

      Live by the sword, die by the sword. True for individuals and civilizations. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

      You don’t think there are REAL reasons why the US is a global pariah, the “great satan”?

      You don’t see that the fall is accelerating, by your own chosen manifest destiny (AKA: greed)? To the dustbin of history.

      Such stupidity can only come from the insane or a paid troll.

  • luckyintheorder


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