How Far Into Darkness Will the World Fall?

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Humanity has come to significant point in its history. We are on the precipice of a serious economic disaster, a system-blowing transformation, or both. Even if a fiat-debt implosion occurred of an unprecedented magnitude, we do have the solutions and capacity to respond in a way that will minimize the impacts and transform our reality into something better. It will take some serious people power though, so, will we choose to act before this happens, or will we wait until the masses are subject to further suffering?

Not that this isn’t happening already. The middle class is eroding, millions can’t afford to feed themselves, many people are underemployed or working multiple part-time jobs and barely scraping through, and those subject to poverty, homelessness and other disadvantage is increasing.

Social unrest is manifesting as a result. More and more people are being inflicted with this pain which has propelled the wave of support for the far left US representative, Sanders, and the far right representative, Trump. On the other hand, Clinton is obviously a face of the status quo and that is clear as day for anyone who has any idea about how the corporate oligarchy works.

  • Yet the divide between the supporters of Trump and Sanders is frighteningly counter-productive; if they actually united and together stood against the crony capitalists, socialism for the rich policies, banksterism, the corporatocracy and a corrupted money supply, then instead of fruitlessly and senselessly fighting each other, the US and the world over would actually have a chance of transforming the system into one which has dealt with the core problems and is designed to meet the needs of our human family and our natural systems.

    As a united force, the people should have sorted out these blatant issues a long time ago. Because we are free to explore and play like never before, the masses have unfortunately become selfish, ignorant, inactive and downright lazy. This freedom is somewhat illusory though because it is within the context of ideological warfare, a corrupted money supply and increasingly overreaching government policy. In any case, when we compare our quality of life and opportunities in general to the history of what we call civilized society, we have it pretty good.

    That doesn’t mean it’s true freedom, though. That doesn’t mean we can’t do better too.

    Some people like to call our current state of human affairs, ‘free-range fascism.’ Given our enslavement to debt and the encroaching and unethical erosion of our natural sovereign rights, this is no doubt true.

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    The collective mindscape of humanity has also been shaped and deceived by many forces, such as the propaganda matrix-media, informational warfare, a divide and conquer strategy, materialistic ideology, consumerist distractions, feigned scarcity, political sell-outs, a ruling corporatocracy, a disconnection from nature, fear used as a weapon, worries of not fitting in and societal programming in general.

    The list goes on.

    Yet, we must once again acknowledge it is in the context of one of the greatest periods of freedom the people have ever experienced. That’s a good thing. But we also need to understand that we are subjects of a system that is specifically designed to be beneficial for the money makers, the oligarchs, the corporatocracy, and the political elite, whilst the rest of us are left in a constant battle with each other just to survive.

    It simply doesn’t need to be this way.

    Sure, we have come a long way and have made some amazing progress, however, if we so choose we could eliminate structural violence – such as poverty, homelessness and other socio-economic disadvantages – nearly overnight. That’s because they are direct products of a system that could be designed in more intelligent and ethical ways.

    Simply put, this current model, if not the sole cause, is at the least the primary amplifier of all this dysfunction, so if we change it so that governments (i.e. the people) are no longer enslaved to debt, then an honest money supply and debt-free money creation could actually be used to resolve the plethora of socioeconomic and environmental issues that we face today.

    In addition, all those insane profits generated from the banking and finance industry could be ethically invested in the right way.

    Yet we’re led to believe that this is the way that things have to be; we’ve been conditioned to accept that the way our economic structure is designed is out of necessity. But this simply isn’t true.

    Most people including politicians, bureaucrats, social commentators, journalists, spiritual leaders, celebrities, other famous personalities and laymen alike, don’t even know how the money supply works. For example, did you know that money is created out of nothing?

    That’s right, if you go to a bank, they just create it and then deposit it in your account. They don’t get it from their vault, they don’t borrow it from anywhere else, they just simply manifest it by entering it into their accounting sheets. Then as you pay it back with interest, they destroy the money they created but keep the interest for themselves.

    If this sounds insane, you’re right.

    We should be asking as a people: with all the ridiculous profits that are generated from the banking sector, why isn’t this mechanism publicly owned so that all that money can be invested into social programs, infrastructure, environmental protection, energy alternatives and other necessary social services? Why aren’t the governments of the world (i.e. the employees of the people) creating this money, instead of allowing private families and institutions to create it and then make a profit?

    Why aren’t we seriously, as a collective, taking responsibility for this role? Shouldn’t ‘money creation’ be used for the benefit of all of us and the environment, not just a small few?

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    Did you know it didn’t used to be like this? Did you know the banking dynasty have long attempted to control the creation of money and were ultimately successful when the ‘private’ Federal Reserve Bank was created in 1913? Did you know that JFK reversed this so the government could manage the creation of money, but when he was assassinated six months later the new President signed it back into law?

    Did you know that the Australian Commonwealth Bank used to be a publicly owned central bank which was the exact model that could pay off national debt, spur economic growth, fund huge infrastructure projects, finance ethical energy industry, resolve entrenched poverty and transition the economy into one of debt-free prosperity?

    This bank was managed by Denison Miller, who after a decade or so of creating money out of nothing for the benefit of the Australian people, including funding WWI requirements, allegedly died unexpectedly of ‘heart disease’ in 1923. Suspiciously, this bank was then assigned as an arm of the Bank of England (which was a privately owned and controlled central bank) with a ‘new’ committee selected to run the bank’s operations.

    The same pattern of the death of people who support a debt-free money supply, as well as the systemic destruction of publicly owned money creation, has appeared all over the world.

    Coincidence? You decide. What’s really important though is that we all understand how money is created, who truly benefits, why we have the system we have today and what alternatives there are.

    Can you now imagine a reality where central banking is owned and controlled for public benefit?

    Did you know there has been one running in North Dakota since 1919, which has proven conclusively to be more profitable and advantageous for its local economy than a privately owned system? Did you know that a public central bank could pay off the unbelievable mountains of government debt and take back the control the money supply by simply retiring the banking families and institutions who currently benefit from it?

    Did you know the impending global financial crisis of 2016-2017 can be avoided by the government issuing debt-free money to lower the private debt issue? This would be called a modern-debt jubilee, also known as quantitative easing (QE) for the people (instead of QE for a corrupt and destructive banking and finance sector). It could literally transition the world into an intelligent way to manage our monetary system.

    Furthermore, any insolvent institutions (because of their participation in an unethical and unchecked speculative casino), such as private banks and otherwise, could either be allowed to fail or even potentially nationalized, like has been done many times in the past. We have to remember, most of the world’s so-called money is just numbers on a screen; we can organize it however we like to rectify the imbalances and evolve the fiat system into one that actually works.

    For those who believe this approach is socialism, you’re wrong. It’s called intelligence.

    For those who believe it would cause hyperinflation, you’re wrong too. The ebb and flow of money en masse could be mathematically balanced.

    For those who believe that the only way to move forward is by replacing fiat money with a gold or precious metal standard, you’re also wrong. I do sympathize with you, however this new system is logically, mathematically and ethically justifiable, so I hope you can see that humanity’s future is more important than your personal investments in this market.

    For those who don’t trust governments to manage a nation’s money supply; well, that’s fair enough. The governments of the world have proven convincingly that they are incapable of being effective employees of the people, but it doesn’t need to continue this way.

    Instead, we need transparency and accountability of our governments like never before. The beautiful aspect of this approach though is that it has the potential to be managed independently of politics through a bitcoin like algorithm.

    In any case, this is the single most important area that we should all be focusing on, including the plethora of so-called charities, to rectify the injustices of our world. If we did, society would dramatically change the better in record time. It’s just so sad that we have been conditioned to think that the system has to be the way it is, because this is utterly and harmfully false.

    Moreover, the following interview with Ellen Brown, author of The Public Bank Solution: From Austerity to Prosperity, is a great place to learn more about the public banking solution. It could be applied not just to central banks, but the entire banking sector, too. Given their proven fraudulent, unethical and greedy nature, I don’t think we’d find too many opposed to this approach. For more information, please watch it, as well as share it; being educated about this is the first step of many to resolve so many of the unjust problems we are faced with.

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