Nurses, Physicians and Parents React to the Documentary VAXXED

Alex Pietrowski, Staff
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Perhaps the most controversial and most important documentary film to be released in many years, VAXXED: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, tells the true story of how corporate and private interests have influenced the medical establishment in regards to vaccines, and are forcing dangerous products and vaccine schedules onto America’s children. Not at all anti-vaccine, the film is clearly pro-good vaccine and pro-responsible vaccine schedules without the tainted decision-making process we presently have.

Directed by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, VAXXED received a tremendous amount of controversy when it was released due to the fact that Robert DeNiro, himself the father of a vaccine damaged child, opted to pull the film from the Tribeca film festival citing the film’s unlikelihood to contribute positively to the debate on vaccines. Since his decision, it has become clear that his move was one of the greatest public relations tricks of all time, as it successfully launched the film into the spotlight, causing a tidal wave of global interest.

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Since it’s release and the subsequent controversy, the film has been heralded by many who probably would have never taken the time to watch it if it weren’t for the controversy, and has helped to push this critical issue closer into the spotlight of mainstream awareness.

A recent viewing of the film in Atlanta,GA hosted by the VAXXED team invited members of the medical community, as well as parents, in order to capture their reactions to the film. You can see this for yourself below, but first have a look at some of the comments made by physicians, nurses and parents after a screening of VAXXED.

The following quotes were compiled by the folks at the website Vaccine Choice Prayer Community.

“I did not fully vaccinate my children because I strongly believed there was a link towards autism. Pretty much in the background, we don’t vaccinate our own children; but unfortunately, those in family medicine, pediatricians, it really affects their practice and their revenue. I took an oath to do no wrong, and that’s it.” – Dr. Joshua Morton I, MD, MBA

VAXXED Reactions 1

“I’m a women’s health physician. I take care of women and I deliver babies.  The best word to describe how I felt watching it is shattered. When you’re setting public policy and you have data that shows that there’s harm and you ignore that data for financial gain, that’s disturbing to me. Before I would tell them, hey you’re this stage, this is the recommended vaccines; you just need to go and do it. I don’t do that any more.” -Dr. Kathryn A. Hale, MD, MPH

VAXXED Reactions 2

“The movie, it was tremendous.  It was sad . . .  I do not have a child with autism, but I have a 34 year old who has schizophrenia. I’ve been in the nursing field working along side doctors for over 40 years . . . I been telling these people over here, get your child immunized. If they don’t, do you know the police will go to their house, Child Protective Services will go.  They would take their children away.  Because we’re thinking, I’m a nurse . . . If this had been told to us, do you think any nurse would have told us, I mean any nurse would have given a child, encouraged a parent to give a child a shot?  No.”

VAXXED Reactions 3

“My husband told me, you need to go a little more anonymous or they might ‘Wakefield’ you.  It’s real.” – Dr. X

VAXXED Reactions 4

“Vaxxed was incredible! As a holistic health practitioner who handles vaccine injury cases frequently, this film was heartbreaking. People need to realize the extent of the damage the vaccines are doing. There are different levels of damage. Some vaccines cause autism, some cause other autoimmune diseases, some cause long-term chronic illness. This film is the gateway for the world to see just how much of a health crisis they are causing.” –  S.J.

“I am a nurse.  I’ve been a nurse since 1973.  Nurses don’t know.  Doctors don’t know…. Nurses do not know and people trust nurses.  You trust us!” – R. D.

A comment by a mother on Facebook to the Vaccine Choice Prayer Community page…

“Before I get to my point with this post, there are 4 things you should know:

1. Both of my kids have been vaccinated on the recommended CDC schedule (They are 14 and 13 years of age.)

2. The ONLY reason I went to see the documentary VAXXED today was because I was intrigued that DeNiro and team received enough backlash to remove it from the Tribecca Film Festival

3. I went in to the documentary confident about CDC information on vaccines and assuming this was an anti-vaccination documentary.

4. Although I am not very vocal about it, I am have always been pro-vaccine during my years of parenthood.

I came out of the documentary VAXXED less than a couple of hours ago with my mind blown. First, the documentary is NOT anti-vaccine. The ever villianized Dr. Wakefield (and I seriously agreed with that assertion until a few hours ago) is NOT anti-vaccination as the government and media would have you believe. The documentary is PRO safe vaccines, PRO safe vaccine schedules, PRO information (REAL INFORMATION, NOT FALSIFIED INFORMATION), and PRO giving people the truth so they can make truly informed decisions. The CDC has duped millions of people in the name of money. Go watch this documentary. There are showings through tomorrow at the Angelika in Dallas. It is worth every second of your time and every dime of your money. Knowing when you are being manipulated and being able to say you were duped is the first step towards making more conscientious decisions. I feel like a fool and also a bit like a victim, and I am really sad that we put both of our kids at risk without properly educating ourselves (I mean, we really thought we were educating ourselves because you know, the good ol’ CDC wouldn’t lie, right?). I am still not anti-vaccine, but I am anti-BS. I will make much more informed choices regarding my children’s health. I have a lot of research in my future. If you need me, I’ll be busy reading for like ever.  Now, go buy your tickets!”

Watch the Atlanta premier video here:

ATL PREMIER from Francesca Alesse on Vimeo.

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Alex Pietrowski is an artist and writer concerned with preserving good health and the basic freedom to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. He is a staff writer for and Offgrid Outpost, a provider of storable food and emergency kits. Alex is an avid student of Yoga and life.

**Quotes were compiled by the Vaccine Choice Prayer Community.

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  • Becky Strohl

    I’m not anti-vaccine either but I’m so concerned that our babies and getting WAY TOO MANY before the age of 2. Many that could wait until they are older. We are over vaccinating our babies at the age where their immune systems are underdeveloped and not strong enough to tolerate the onslaught of so many different viruses and chemicals. Slow them down and get back to some kind of common sense here.

  • Melissa G

    It’s right in your face; they are makers of poison:

    pharmacy (n.) Look up pharmacy at

    late 14c., “a medicine,” from Old French farmacie “a purgative” (13c.), from Medieval Latin pharmacia, from Greek pharmakeia “use of drugs, medicines, potions, or spells; poisoning, witchcraft; remedy, cure,” from pharmakeus (fem. pharmakis) “preparer of drugs, poisoner, sorcerer” from pharmakon “drug, poison, philter, charm, spell, enchantment.” Meaning “use or administration of drugs” is attested from c. 1400; that of “place where drugs are prepared and dispensed” is first recorded 1833. The ph- was restored 16c. in French, 17c. in English (see ph).

  • In fairy stories or mythically encoded information, the innocence of youth would be sacrificed to appease some monster that had taken over a locality – not unlike a minotaur – seeming part human and part beast. The labyrinth of lies that SEEM to protect FROM the monster actually protects it from being seen as the hateful and life-denying force that it is, when we give it obeisance and allegiance, for it seems like power that works through hidden terror.
    The mind that forms against terror is designed to KEEP it hidden and yet perpetuates its patterning in the modes of defence employed. Though I refer to this in mythic terms it is the underlying foundational pattern of limited and fragmented consciousness that characterises a dissociative human psychopathology, operating in replacement of a truly Felt Conscious Experience, or presence of Life.
    Because the impulse to hide and protect a separative ‘mind’ is so deep-seated, communication cannot be regained for more than moments before the ‘survival’ mode interjects itself to subvert or disrupt communication – at any cost.
    That there is manipulative intent involved in maintaining reputations, status, funding, career and narrative control or ‘power’ is a collective of individual allegiances that are choices being renewed daily, moment by moment. Division and apportioning blame is a way to persist in labyrinthine fear and guilt-leveraging entanglements, instead of dealing with the underlying responsibility at cause.
    When the masks are stripped away, the core issues are revealed to be separation trauma that we hate to meet or feel or own up to our participation in – and so we do not move through such conditioning to a greater insight or healing but merely hide in ever more complex ways that present themselves as progress by means of a false accounting.
    Such insanity is consensual – but not freely so when the true nature of the choices being made is kept from awareness and discussion, and penalties of pain, loss and social invalidation are levied on those who move to open communication for a truly sane outcome.
    Loss of Consciousness on Earth is such that there is hardly enough awareness left to notice and recognize the fact. It is nearly all sacrificed to fragmenting and conflicted ‘defence’ against Sanity, for a lie is only given power when it is allowed to replace or substitute for true.
    The core qualification for recognizing falsehood is not dependent on complex initiatory expertise by which an elite class of people invalidate our true voice and our trust in our own listening. There are simplicities hidden by complex and clever obfuscations, loaded with guilting that are often compared to the Emperor’s new clothes – which is anoth reminder that a mythically encoded message can simply reach where verbal-mental ‘rationality’ cannot – because one has to have a shared receptivity in willingness to ‘get it’ – where the attempt to gain more personal control can only see and hear ‘better defences and weapons’ by which to persist in conflicted being – as if survival WITHIN conflict and by conflict is the ONLY ‘choice’ available. In other words, from such a lack of perspective, there is no choice but an illusion of choice – and power is the only ‘truth’.
    While we can experience life this way – we do so by sacrificing our true nature and freedom for a set of ideas that are emotionally charged to trigger our allegiance and self-limiting obedience. Choosing NOT to enact such a ‘consciousness’ inevitable meets both the joy of freedom and the ‘invalidations and blocks’ to embracing and sharing such freedom. In the former we can be seduced by form and lose the true context, and in the latter we can be trapped in form that is guilt and fear inducing – as reinforcement to a core sense of failure of love; or breakdown in Communication.
    Abiding in willingness for communication – or healing – rather than knee-jerk reaction to hide, fix or escape such a conflicted sense of self and life – is opening an innate capacity for receptivity to information that was disregarded by the ‘command and control’ mentality – but which is resonant and relevant to the need to know that has now replaced a false sense of controlling Life – for Presence is not coercive, and to re-learn what we originally and truly are is an unlearning of deep seated habits that served in their timing the goals we had then from our best understanding.
    How can evil come from a perfect love?
    By giving priority and preference to an imperfect love that has strings or demands attached. It is by recognizing and releasing the demand Life be our slave, that we are re-Minded and re-Member a balanced willingness in stead of persisting in hating and fighting our Life as we believe we have made our self to be – for such is relational breakdown and psychological ‘defence’.
    If true Consciousness is NOT your heart’s desire then of course you will persist in ‘escaping’ the Call of true Desire and all the ‘messy’ human involvement that is part of its coming through to Conscious fulfilment. And in doing so you will exemplify and reveal – for those who choose to embrace Life – the residual investments in hate, blame and loveless behaviour, that work in secret within us all until they are brought to light and undone in a deer honesty of being. False desires can attract real support. We need to awaken to feel the true of what we are thinking and feeling, by persisting in self-valuing Presence over the mind-in-presentation. One can only start from where one is – with what is here to feel and know. All other starting places are clever ways to falsely frame our experience in the lens of a ‘past’ or projected ‘past’ into future that is not true of us now.
    If I am moved to write this then at least one other is moved to read or receive it and I am grateful to you to share in this communication.

  • chris

    it is a tragedy to come to a livelong damage, because of being told of an ‘expired vaccine’!!!! Listening to a nurse is an attempt for a suicide, in my opinion. Listen to a doctor is almost the same and depends heavily on doctor’s education, financial interests and fairness towards patients.
    Aluminum, preservatives, heavy metals, NEVER EXPIRE!!!
    Just wish San Francisco had as many viewers as Atlanta!! Maybe Dr. Pan and his SB277 polarized parents brains too much already??

  • Little Bright Feather

    I’ve been standing against all vaccines since 1958 ! I’m a bio-chemic nutritionist for over 55 years. There is not one thing in ANY so-called “vaccine” that is safe and not one thing in them that is not a deadly poison to any living thing.

    “Vaccines” are the cover name given to these killers to make them SOUND beneficial and so the public would willingly line up AND PAY FOR them to be injected into their body, not ever thinking that even if they worked – which the do not – in nature no diseases attack the body in groups all at the same time , they only do it one at a time and then NATURALLY EXPOSED as it was meant to be – they get lifelong immunity as the beneficial result and a strong immune system – but man made so-called “vaccines” do not work that way. They are a full bodily assault ! They tear down the immune system and eventually after a few shots, destroy it.
    America is the most vaccinated country in the world = and the most UN-healthiest – AND THE MOST WEAKEST IN HEALTH AND LONGEST LINES AT THE DOCTORS OFFICE and at the pharmacy ! WE use more Big Pharma drugs then any land on Earth – and that is all by design. Get vaccines, you lose your health for life, and have a much shorter lifespan as well.– Again that is all by design. Vaccines , as its funder of them stated – is to LOWER THE POPULATION !
    In reality what “vaccines” are , are military bio-weapon experiments USING YOU AND YOUR BABIES AS THE LAB RATS !!
    They were never designed or intended to “prevent any illness” but instead to CAUSE THEM ! And they have, which is where the epidemics come from. If you get the flu shot, you will either be paralyzed, or get the flu, and most likely cancer within 3 years.And the so-called “flu” shot has killed many just this year alone both babies and seniors.
    But when you put the likes of this (below) directly injected into your blood stream (no disease enters the body this way) your body goes into shock – and when you see what is being injected into your baby or you, you will see why so many die -= everything in them is deadly poisons plus added actual cancer cells and disease and viruses – yes they add those to the deadly poison concoction !! Vaccines are part of the satanic death agenda after all , for population control, and as Bill Gates stated, they are for LOWERING the population ! Vaccines are satanic. Evil to the core ! Forbidden by God to allow those tings to be put into your body ! That is why it is a forced part of the OWG !
    “Vaccines” also have in them DISEASED animal DNA tissue and cells ! This is to change your human DNA (transhumanism project) into part animal – and this also makes you a cannibal because they also add human tissue and cell DNA from aborted babies ! If you have had your baby ‘vaccinated’ – -they now have other human DNA in them – parts of dead murdered babies. Think about that !
    Also all “VACCINES” GO DIRECTLY TO HE BRAIN OVER the BRAIN STEM WALL into the brain where they do great brain cell damage (autism or death) and this is also true for pets who are vaccinated. Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are directly linked to vaccines .!
    Now for the nice list of ingredience in all vaccines – sit down for this – it ain’t pretty !
    This is off of the govt ‘s web site yeas ago when they actually listed the ingredience. They cover it up more now.

    Take note that Doctors never let their own children get vaccinated ! I’ve never met one that does !

    Just Some of the poisons that are in Vaccines – yes there are many more things added – all viruses, bacterias, germs, diseases, heavy metal nanoparticles, Fluoride, animal DNA, etc. Aluminum (many kinds) that is death to the brain and central nervous system.

    Make a copy of this post because the govt does not want you to have this list !

    * aluminum hydroxide

    * aluminum phosphate

    * ammonium sulfate

    * amphotericin B

    * animal tissues: pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain,

    * dog kidney, monkey kidney, [Usually from diseased animals]

    * chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg

    * calf (bovine) serum

    * betapropiolactone

    * fetal bovine serum

    * formaldehyde (Embalming Fluid)

    * formalin ( Embalming Fluid)

    * gelatin

    * glycerol

    * human diploid cells (originating from human aborted fetal tissue)

    * hydrolized gelatin

    * mercury thimerosol (thimerosal, Merthiolate(r))

    * monosodium glutamate (MSG)

    * MF-59 is an oil-based adjuvant primarily composed of squalene, Tween 80 and Span85 (causes MS and other paralysis)

    * neomycin

    * neomycin sulfate

    * phenol red indicator

    * phenoxyethanol (antifreeze)

    * potassium diphosphate

    * potassium monophosphate

    * polymyxin B

    * polysorbate 20

    * polysorbate 80 – Polysorbate 80 (Tween80™):

    * porcine (pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of casein

    * residual MRC5 proteins

    * Pesticides

    * Resin

    * sorbitol

    * tri(n)butylphosphate,

    * VERO cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney cells, and

    * washed sheep red blood

    * Propylene Glycol (antifreeze)

    * Squalene

    * Adjuvants

    * Detergents

    * Fluoride

    * Live Tumor Cancer Cells

    THAT is a partial list of what you let the govt doctors inject into your baby and you ! Not one thing that can prevent any disease ! But it can kill you ! And ruin you for life.


    • thejungle137

      I SO totally agree with you! And I have always felt this way. Good rant. I’m keeping it in a file on anti-vaccine links that I save.

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