Modern Psychology Doing its Part to Mass Produce Obedient Sheeple

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Dylan Charles, Editor
Waking Times

Has modern psychology has become the science of disempowerment?

You no longer have to be a bona fide psychiatrist to prescribe mood and mind-altering pharmaceuticals to patients young and old, as any general practitioner is now allowed to experiment on their patients in this regard. This helps to explain why some 78 million Americans are presently taking psychiatric pharmaceutical drugs, roughly 25% of the U.S. population. Which came first the diagnosis or the pill?

Psychology is the study of behavior and the mind, but the role it plays in mass producing obedient sheeple is increasingly apparent.

In 1961, well after the advent of lithium and thorazine, psychologist Stanley Milgram conducted what is now one of the world’s most famous psychological experiments. So critical it is supposed to be to our understanding of human nature that it is taught in nearly every psychology class.

The Miligram experiment, as it’s known, is hailed as a milestone in our understanding of how people’s ethics can drastically change when responsibility for their actions is deferred on to an authority figure, such as an ‘expert’ or a leader. Intrigued by the role of Nazi military personnel in concentration camps during WWII, Milgram wanted to know how much coercion people needed in order to willingly inflict harm on another person.

“He asked volunteers to deliver an electric shock to a stranger. Unbeknownst to the volunteers, there was no shock—and the people they were shocking were actors pretending to be terribly hurt, even feigning heart attacks. Milgram found that most people would keep delivering the shocks when ordered by a person in a lab coat, even when they believed that person was gravely injured. Only a tiny percentage of people refused.” [Source]

The suggested conclusion is that people are inherently unable to think for themselves when given a subordinate role in some authoritarian hierarchy, such as the role of the people in a state-controlled world.

The results have become accepted knowledge in our understanding of how ordinary people can inflict extraordinary harm on others, but discussion of this experiment rarely speaks to the fact that many people resisted the experiment, focusing instead on reinforcing the darker, more helpless side of human nature. Subsequent examination of the Milgram study, however, reveals a number of flaws both practical and ethical that pretty much discredit the entire experiment, yet this particular example is cited over and over again as fact about human nature, when it is anything but.

In my view, the dissenters are more worthy of publicity than the conformists. 

Building on the ideas set forth by Milgram, a recent study conducted at University College of London by neuroscientist Patrick Haggard and his colleagues was recently released and promoted with the headline ‘It’s Actually Easy to Force People to be Evil.

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This new approach to confirming the bias to follow orders looks at this aspect of behavior from the perspective of neuroscience, aiming to define the different physiological processes that occur, further distancing us from individuality, free will and human conscience.

“Milgram’s and other studies relied on dissembling and on explicit measures of agency, which are known to be biased by social norms.

“In two experiments, an experimenter ordered a volunteer to make a key-press action that caused either financial penalty or demonstrably painful electric shock to their co-participant, thereby increasing their own financial gain. Coercion increased the perceived interval between action and outcome, relative to a situation where participants freely chose to inflict the same harms. Interestingly, coercion also reduced the neural processing of the outcomes of one’s own action. Thus, people who obey orders may subjectively experience their actions as closer to passive movements than fully voluntary actions. Our results highlight the complex relation between the brain mechanisms that generate the subjective experience of voluntary actions and social constructs, such as responsibility.

“When we take action because we’ve been ordered to, we feel less in control of the outcome. We feel less responsible. The experience is so profoundly different that our brains actually process it differently.” [Source]

Thinking beyond the academic mumbo-jumbo, they’re taking the Milgram experiment to the next level, saying that the neurochemical processes of the brain naturally support obedience, thus scientifically removing personal sovereignty entirely from the equation.

Well-known British psychologist and author, Susan Blackmore, confirms this with her remarks on the role of human consciousness in memetics, the study of how people replicate behavior witnessed in others:

“Consciousness is an illusion constructed by the memes. Memetics appears to have a lot of implications that we humans are machines, which people have never liked. Of course we’re machines, we’re biological machines. But people don’t like that. Free will and consciousness is an illusion, and the self is a complex of memes. People don’t like that. My view is that if these things are true it doesn’t matter if we like them or not.” [Source]

All of this is an extreme reduction of human behavior, blatantly omitting the totality of contemporary social factors that cause people to be too afraid to act upon their own consciences. Mind control, social engineering, violence/entertainment programming, dusk-to-dawn fear-mongering, mass fluoridation, electromagnetic warfare, and on and on. None of these very real factors are noted as influencers.

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They’re attempting to socially normalize the message that we are human beings are not-free, that we are psychologically and biologically bound to do as we are programmed to do, giving us consent to consciously and unconsciously render ourselves obsolete and at the disposal of forces beyond our individual control.

They’re saying that we are indeed robots. 

I don’t like it, but according to Blackmore it doesn’t matter since I have no free will and my consciousness is just an illusion.

Now, back to pill-popping as the prescribed path to happiness. The American Psychiatric Association has written for itself a Bible of sorts, the DSM-5, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – 5th Edition. It spells out every officially recognized mental illnesses they’ve been able to come up with, and for each new edition released, new ‘disorders’ are added and codified, further restricting the acceptable range of human behavior.

This is the reason why it is socially acceptable for 25% of the population to be dependent on psychotropic medications. This is the science of mass producing obedient sheeple who will shun free-thinking, embrace group think and acquiesce to every evil of the state. This is the foundation of the Brave New World.

“One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them.” – Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

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Dylan Charles is a student and teacher of Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, a practitioner of Yoga and Taoist arts, and an activist and idealist passionately engaged in the struggle for a more sustainable and just world for future generations. He is the editor of, the proprietor of, a grateful father and a man who seeks to enlighten others with the power of inspiring information and action. He may be contacted at

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  • wakingtimes

    Your’e mistaken Bill Ross. We haven’t deleted any comments.

    • Bill Ross

      Apologies, must be Disqus going wonky. I endeavor to “add value” with my comments. Plus a some well earned paranoia from self-alleged “blessers of truth”

      There is a significant delay between “awaiting moderator approval”, the comment totally disappearing and, finally, appearing.

  • wakingtimes

    What Nazi b.s., ‘xyz?’

  • HarpDiem

    Who would believe psychologists anyway? There is nothing concrete to support any of their claims.

  • leevitowt

    And the pill-poppers graze on, unaware they are wearing a nose-bag.

  • Julian O’Neill

    Great article! Yes, I am on this. I am currently composing a blog about
    ‘stories’. I was inspired to after seeing an article (here?) about the
    father of the Scientology cult exposing his son, the leader of it, in
    his book, and how much the ultra control freak scientologists are now
    persecuting him. I actually started a thread about it at The Shroomery
    forums and guess what? the video was taken down by….? Most like some
    scientolgists. But it inspired me because seeing how relatively new
    Scientology is, it gives a great example of just how gullible people can
    be sucked into an insane story. I mean fo F’s sake, Ron L Hubbard was a
    known science fiction and fantasy author, and YET people still
    sacrifice their lives and money to his insane myth, AND will even sign
    ‘billion year’ contracts. This is SO insane it is fall-down funny, but
    also dead serious, because this sht destroys peoples lives.
    So yeah,
    stories/myths. And the myth they are pushing now is the myth we are
    robots with no consciousness or freewill, who can be made to do evil,
    and it makes us feel better to follow authority. It is the myth of the
    cult of Scientism. A VERY toxic myth.

    A timeline can be seen, eg
    Descartes claims animals are machines, as are physical bodies and the
    natural world, and then up pops the stiff Wilhelm Wundt and his
    ‘experimental psychology’ BS saying the same now about humans, that we
    are just electro-chemcial machines. So it is very easy them to see the
    historical roots of the ‘diagnosis’ for the doc ‘you have a chemical
    imbalance, and need these drugs’. AND it very suits a small elite who
    want slaves to feel like robots, and primed for when they begin offering
    ‘cool upgrades’ in the form of technological implants. The formula
    being ‘first de-grade (problem) and then promise upgrade (solution)! As
    article here recently said they are thinking of implanting babies as
    soon as they’re born!

    I don’t have to tell you just how insane
    they are, so it is good to know I am not one of the gullible, and that
    hopefully more and more people are waking up to this absurd story/toxic

    ps: psychedelics can magically dissolve all this toxic BS
    bodymindcontrol swiftly, and dramatically, and ecstatically, and that
    is one of the BIG reasons they are banned for the common people/slaves
    to pick and eat and cultivate freely! So the more and more of us who
    speak out against this major criminal abuse against our human freedom to
    do so the better.

  • Meter

    The human being IS very much like a biological robot, and it can be programmed fairly easily. What’s funny is how little you hear about hypnosis anymore. Hypnosis easily puts a willing human being into a very receptive state, where suggestions are believed, sometimes with miraculous effects. (Hypnosis can also be used therapeutically for deprogramming.) Human beings are belief machines: they basically believe whatever they are told by a particular trusted source and act it out, live it as reality.

    The question isn’t really whether human beings are robots, or vehicles of belief, but who is doing the programming? Who is trusted? As children, we are programmed by adults and by our culture. Almost all fears are learned, and these are used to control and exploit. Much of this is very subtle; very few people have unraveled their own programming, despite what they may believe. This system of control is also a part of a brutal controlling collective, or collective egoic consciousness. The outward manifestations of this control creates things like modern abuse psychiatry, tyrants and tyrannical governments, exploitative economic systems, eating/torturing of animals, military machinery, wars, propaganda, and all the other chains around humanity’s neck. At a deeper level, this ‘foreign installation’ in the mind is connected to other realms, where beings of another frequency domain feed on humans. They encourage humans to build real structures in our world which can create even greater exploitation and suffering. This is why humans are actively destroying their own planet, just like an alcoholic destroys his own body at the bidding of inner demons.

    Spiritual awakening is the process of reclaiming one’s human ape from this foreign installation. You start unraveling the programming through awareness, the light of your conscious presence being transformative at another level.

    Most people are indeed dangerous creatures, because they can be and often are controlled by the insane egoic collective, which includes the pain of thousands of years of horrific abuse. That’s who’s doing their programming, and thus they accept the outer programming which mirrors it (propaganda, psychology, etc). Their awareness of how they’re being used, and how they’re affecting others, is more limited than one might imagine. Often the picture people hold of themselves has little to do with what’s really going on inside them.

    When the master is away, thieves break in and steal.

    A human ape doesn’t have free will. It’s just an animal running its programs, its beliefs. Its thoughts are like a closed-loop dream. It is not free, it is an object, and that object can be manipulated. What is free is consciousness, life itself. There is only one consciousness. As a human ape becomes aware of (higher) consciousness and chooses to believe in it rather than the illusions around it, its attention shifts there, and thus higher consciousness becomes the new programmer. Thus the human being begins to act in ways that are harmonious with the larger system – they walk with ‘God’. This is the fully realized human.

    The reason humans are so insane is because they are in the birth channel, between the first movement of becoming self-aware, and the second movement of becoming all-aware. Thus they imagine themselves disconnected from everything, and this imagining invites the wrong programmers: predators. Human apes which don’t give themselves to higher consciousness and its purposes are eaten by the predator (you may recognize ancient religious doctrine in this). Their energy is consumed by another rather than being used by the ape to propel it higher. The way modern humans live is very much a factory farm designed to extract this energy, a farm they themselves were encouraged to build.

    The way Carlos Castaneda’s Don Juan puts it is that the predator which feeds on humanity installs its own mind – the mind of a predator – in humans. Throwing this predator out and replacing it with inspiration from higher consciousness is our housekeeping task. Then we get to experience the joy-in-the-physical for which the human being was intended. If we fail, the form is eventually consumed.

    This is why coddling the ego, as some authors here defend, is not wise. The ego is a brutal controlling entity and must be handled firmly. It’s very slippery and deceptive. Eventually, it must be confronted and disavowed. You must make a choice, and it’s often a difficult one. It’s also not just a single choice, but a progression which moves your life farther from normal human reality (you leave the farm, the matrix).

    The human ape can’t do it alone just by believing in its sovereignty or freedom or independence. It has to remember it’s NOT independent, in fact, but interdependent. It has to rejoin the genuine collective called Life. This is why it has such an affinity for the false collective, the artificial one called egoic consciousness. It misses being a part of something larger, it misses belonging. This is where an artificial, easily obtained substitute is offered as bait, which the ape takes rather than the longer road of genuine reunification.

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    By the time the 20th century started all up to date authoritarian control freaks saw nothing more than a dream come true tool for manipulating people in “psychology” and its application, “psychiatry”. Freud, Jung, all the behaviorists and the universities where this dubious “social science” flourished were only too eager to push this plague into service for governments, intelligence agencies, the military, marketing and the panoply of areas where people’s actions could and would be predicted and directed. We’ve been sold a nasty and defective bill of goods. Time to abandon its leaky ship and return to true spiritual solutions for human ailments.

  • AnotherLover

    All too true. A plethora of “we don’t have free will” articles are cropping up these days. It’s a poisonous and false assertion to make — it conceitfully answers a question we can’t logically answer — for the purposes of control.

  • RenegadeProphet

    The sheeple are about to be exterminated.
    The entire government are evil treasonous criminals. The day of the next false flag using the nuke they stole in 2007 and blamed on Iran, America will be destroyed by Russia, China and the SCO. This is the war of Armageddon and you can know it is now because of Planet X and the toxic chemtrails that hide it every day. Planet X will end the war when it rips the earth apart again but 90% of Americans will be dead already. All planned by your evil government.

    • wakingtimes

      All right, well, until all that goes down, RenegadeProphet, I hope you enjoy yourself a little in this insane 3D system.


  • BlackJack77

    Why are they doing this? To destroy individuality. Why? Here are the words of the de facto founder of modern psychiatry answering that question

    “To achieve One-World Government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, their loyalty to family traditions and national identification.”

    Brock Chisholm,Founding Director of the UN World Health Organization (the
    organization that defines and controls psychiatry world wide). February 1946,
    Psychiatry magazine.

    • wakingtimes

      Exactly, BlackJack77.

  • Another study to look at in this regard is Sandra Bem’s “The Banality of Evil”

    • wakingtimes

      Thanks for the tip, Andrew.


  • L Garou

    Worse than obedient sheep are all the moral cowards.

    • AnotherLover

      …who love the idea of the absence of free will. No free will = no responsibilities.

  • Rene’ Descartes


  • xyz

    1, 2, 3, the same old record, blame the Nazis….

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