13-Year-Old Invents Tesla Inspired Free Energy Device for Under $15

Tesla KidTerence Newton, Staff
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Inspired by the geniuses Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein, teenager Max Loughan loves to invent things, in fact, he says he has known his entire short life that his purpose was to change the world with his inventions. And he may just do it.

“As cheesy as this sounds, from day one, on this planet that I knew I was put here for a reason,” said Max. “And that reason is to invent, to bring the future.” [Source]

Wearing a lab coat while speaking in a televised interview with KTVN Channel 2 in Reno and Tahoe, Nevada, Max explains the free energy device that he made in his parents’ boiler room turned laboratory.

His invention looks somewhat reminiscent of Tesla coil, and operates on some of the same principles described by the electric visionary. The device is rather simple, harvesting electromagnetic energy from the atmosphere, then converting it to direct current which can be used to power electrical devices.

What’s even more incredible is that Max built his free energy device out of materials he purchased for less than $15. That’s right, for the price of an average lunch, it appears that anyone can have access to free energy.

“He created an electro magnetic harvester out of a coffee can, some wire, two coils, and a spoon.” [Source]

In a demonstration with KTVN, Max uses current created by the machine to power a strip of LED lights that he had wrapped around his twin brother, astonishing to both his own family and the visiting news crew.

The harvester conducts radio waves, thermal, and static energy, and turns it into electricity.

“This wire takes energy from the air.”

And the inside the coffee can,

“We turn it from AC to DC.” [Source]

Setting Free Energy Free

Max’s achievement is impressive, to say the least, and the fact that works of Nikola Tesla are now inspiring the next generation of inventors is quite inspiring, although one has to wonder why Tesla’s ideas have taken some 75 years to reach the mainstream.

The big message here again, though, is that free energy technologies are real, so why is the world still dependent on fossil fuels and extraction based methods of energy production that are destroying our planet? Why can’t we have clean running automobiles that are powered with ambient energy and produce zero emissions?

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The suppression of free energy devices and technology by the energy industry and by the government is an established fact of our world. Using many techniques and programs to suppress ideas and inventions like Max’s is finally coming to an end, however, in the information age. Now anyone can participate in the energy revolution.

“My true goal is to help. It is to invent a future where people can be happy, where they can be safe and sound.” – Max Loughan

Check out Max’s interview with KTVN here, and please share this inspiring story far and wide to help break the silence on the possibility of clean and free energy. Our future depends on it.

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  • Diego

    Although I agree with you that is always good to post sources… it took me less time to research Umberto Bartocci than to be bothered by someone not posting their source…


  • Chuckles

    Crystal radio. Look it up. This child has invented nothing.

  • He should go to kickstarter or indiegogo and go ahead and presell these
    in a nicer box and maybe tweaked a little bit here and there. I would
    buy one, or more … 😉

  • “invents” ? the device was invented a century ago. LOL

  • jimmyungreek

    The level of gullibility in these comments is staggering!

  • Jonathan Wagner

    Electromagnetic harvesters are not new and if they produce any kind of meaningful energy output it is leeched from existing power sources such as power lines. There isn’t that much latent electromagnetic energy in the air, that is wishful thinking. Unless the kind just figured out how to break the law of conservation of energy (he hasn’t), this is not as world changing as people are promoting. It is impressive that he is 13 and built this, but

  • Stuart Duke

    how can i build one and will it scale up? can i charge a telsa wall battery thingy with one of these?

  • Steve

    The two giant questions this reporter failed to find out. How many watts does this $15 device make? Can it scale to megawatt size? The reporter appears more interested in reporting that this was done by a kid than what it is.

    • Randy Brown

      I honestly think what this kid is doing is picking up the ambient rf in the air from our cell phones, wifi, radio, and tv broadcasts. I suspect he is full wave rectifying the signal and feeding it in to a capacitor which stores it and turns the voltage in to DC.

      • Chuckles

        Just radio towers. It produces in the milliwatts. It regains a minuscule fraction of what is lost during a radio broadcast. Look up “Crystal radio”.
        The kid has simply built something that’s been around for a hundred years, that boy scouts build for fun.

    • Chuckles

      It harvests in the milliwatts. It can be scaled up, but will produce rapidly diminishing returns because it actually draws power from what is wasted during a radio broadcast. It’s a crystal radio and it’s been around for a hundred years. Boy scouts build them for fun. They’re basically baking soda volcanoes. POWs in WWII have build them for a lot less than $15.
      The reporter is focused on the kid because he’s too scientifically illiterate to know what the kid’s actually made.

  • Viiit

    Article written by an ignorant journalist.
    There is no electromagnetic energy in the atmosphere. Atmosphere consists primarily of O2 and N2 with some Argon.
    But yes, there is some electromagnetic energy in the field. It primarily originates from the TV and radio stations, as well as from cell phone towers. So if the kid is close to one of these sources he could conceivably harvest (steal) enough energy to light up some LEDs.
    That’s good for the kid, but frankly embarrassing that so many people are fooled to think that there is such thing as “free energy”…

    • Randy Brown

      It is never a good idea to claim something to be impossible, like free energy, because we come to find that our understanding of physics is slightly wrong all of the time. It is entirely possible that there is a way to tap in to something we would classify as free energy. I am not saying what this kid is doing is harnessing free energy because I agree that this kid is picking up stray RF from all the sources you mentioned as I have already written a comment echoing the same sentiment.

      I am fairly certain all he is doing is feeding these signals into a bridge rectifier an then connecting the output to a capacitor to charge. It’s just a bad idea to claim anything is impossible… I have met brilliant physicists who let their biases blind them from a solution that was right in front of their face because they refused to believe the solution was possible.

      • Chuckles

        It’s a crystal radio. They’ve been around for a hundred years and boy scouts build them for fun.

  • Kenneth Heck

    The thing about harvesting electricity from the air (entirely possible) is that it unbalances the weather leading to bad storms. The best place for this invention is in the tropics where the sun, the source of the electricity, will easily replenish the harvested energy if not too much is taken.

    • Chuckles

      Dear lord. You’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you?

  • Germann Arlington

    Great idea if it works.

    The kid is bright, so why does not he post the way of making a device online so everybody can benefit – this was his intention, was not it?

    So far I can’t see anything to say that this device differs in any way from “crystal radio receiver”

    • Chuckles

      It’s a crystal radio. It’s not being published because the kid has invented nothing. He and his parents are fraudsters.
      The kid has built the equivalent of a baking soda volcano. Boy scouts have been building them since WWII, when POWs would construct them to get allied radio signals.

  • Steve Casselman

    No free energy. Stop saying that kind of thing. You can harvest energy but that energy started somewhere.

    • Viiit

      Finally, a lone voice of intelligence amid the idiots.

      • ReimuSama

        That’s not really a relevant argument, everybody knows that, the point is we don’t exhaust non renewable resources for power. This little device can multiply our current power efficiency just by obtaining power that radiates out of our existing power grid, the whole point of this device is to bring it up the planet and channel power from the sun and atmosphere to put it in simple words, atleast that’s what I’m pretty sure Tesla was after with his giant tower.

    • Enrique Scarpa

      very good point. congrats. I was researching to create something using a stirling engine and sunlight captured by a magnifying glass but I think that this idea is much better. I will start working on that tomorrow

  • Roger Dixon

    Research for yourself. Why do you expect others to do it for you?

  • Peter A. Kirby

    The geniuses at Lawrence Livermore Labs are busy spending billions of dollars on cold fusion while this kid demonstrates free energy for under $15. Is anybody else out there feeling like they have been cheated? This is the child that says that the emperor wears no clothes. #nakedemperor #freeenergy

    • Germann Arlington

      It looks very much like “crystal radio receiver”.
      Am I wrong?

    • Chuckles

      He’s made a crystal radio. It’s not free energy. It only regains a minuscule amount of the energy that is wasted during a radio frequency broadcast.

  • Marie Beckett

    The best way to protect this child is by getting this information out there…everywhere and FREE. And the parents must be educated on the techniques of the cabal. Say NO to any scholarship….he does not need one! He can teach himself ANYTHING and needs NO ONE to do it for him. Schools and universities are all control centers…..say NO to any government agency that wants to contact the family. Say NO to an invitation to the White House. Say No to ANY foundations unless the parents create one on their own. Get him on EVERY independent media outlet as fast as possible. Anyone have any more “protective” measures that i did not list?

  • BellsNwhistles

    Einstein wrote the forward in a book called “Man and his Gods” (H,Smith) He warns the people of a new religion called Nationalism. One time he is right!

  • Old Salt

    It doesn’t make the power companies money so it will be suppressed.

    • Chuckles

      If it’s supposed to have been suppressed, then why do boy scouts build them for fun? He’s made a crystal radio. They’ve been around since the invention of the radio broadcast tower. They operate on extremely basic physics principles. The kid’s either ignorant or a fraudster.

  • J James

    “so why is the world still dependent on fossil fuels and extraction
    based methods of energy production that are destroying our planet? Why
    can’t we have clean running automobiles that are powered with ambient
    energy and produce zero emissions?” Answer: Big Oil. And not simply due to greed – but because there is such a massive infrastructure of drilling, extracting, shipping, refining, storing and distributing worth perhaps trillions of dollars. To essentially “shelve” most all of this would be financially devastating and certainly not something even remotely on the radar.

    Instead, Big Oil wants to be controlling interests in any form of renewable energy. In their mind and in the larger economic models, nothing is free. So, they likely want to transition out of the relatively finite resource of oil and its derivatives, but they need to balance such transition with capitalizing on renewable sources of energy at the same time. And that is the key: time. Until there is a point where the costs to produce oil products is deemed an actual and overall loss, they can continue to squash all attempts to usurp their firm control over the global marketplaces of energy.

    Big Business rarely does what is beneficial for their customers or to the planet as a whole, but instead what is most beneficial to their stockholders. Period.

    • chris

      Giving society cheap, abundant energy … would be the equivalent
      of giving an idiot child a machine gun.
      – Paul Ehrlich, “An Ecologist’s
      Perspective on Nuclear Power”, May/June 1978 issue of
      Federation of American Scientists Public Issue Report

      • Marie Beckett

        Interesting quote and makes no sense to me unless you believe in a “ruling class”. So pray tell, explain why you added this as a comment?

        • straight shooter

          Because he’s a shill.

  • Richard Wahd

    I always thought Tesla was a band.. Their first album Mechanical Resonance is timeless – Little Suzie, Gettin’ Better, Modern Day Cowboy, Cummin’ atcha Live! Hey!! If I powered my home stereo with a Tesla invention – I could crank out Tesla’s songs off the grid! Whoah – what a kegger party that’s going to be! I wonder if subwoofers would need bigger coils?

    • Randy Brown

      I wish you luck in your fishing attempt.

  • xyz

    Just one thing to add: Einstein was no genius, but a fraud, a huge one. Dont worry, the truth will be known by all of us one day.

    • chris

      this is true,but Zionists own the media,and want a Jew as the ideal genius. So most people throw his name around as if he were something special.

      • Tesla’s parents were Serbian Hebrew decedents.

    • Mad Chad

      “Einstein” will one day be an insult, naming false genius. “Way to go, Einstein.”

    • Marie Beckett

      Yes, you are right on with that…..along with Darwin and many, many others! But this is the time of exposing the lies…….so good job.

    • Roger Dixon

      Einstein stole his ideas from Nicola Tesla. Marconi also stole his radio wave transmission ideas from Tesla.

      • jimmyungreek

        You’re truly out of your mind. Dream on.

    • Rim Rosana

      Yes it is weird he is inspired by Eisntein …because he was a true plagiarist!!! My source is the investigation made by Professor Umberto Bartocci….

  • Poster785329136

    The Kid is in extreme danger. Obama hates Tesla because was White created and Invented.

    • Alan Wayne

      I recall that lifetime when I was racist too!

    • straight shooter

      The kid is vulnerable, but not for the ignorant reason you state.

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    The Return of the Indigo Child Syndrome. (Weren’t we done with that self-inflating scam?)

  • Derek Lynas

    This is fantastic. This should be given as much exposure as possible before the ‘men in black’ come knocking on his door. I suppose some ‘expert’ ( oil company funded) will appear and say that it is ‘not a viable project’ or some such fantasy and pay the parents off with the offer of a government sponsored scholarship for him at the national weapons lab. All in the national interest of course.
    Let’s get the word out there before it happens

    • Chuckles

      Expert here. He built a crystal radio. They’ve been around since the invention of the radio wave, and are the equivalent of baking soda volcanoes. Boy scouts build them. So did POWs in WWII. They produce power in the milliwatts, if you’re lucky. Look them up.
      There’s no such thing as free energy. Crystal radios can only ever recover a minuscule amount of the energy which is wasted during a radio broadcast.

  • Ivan Kos

    What is a big deal ? Methernitha Testatika has operated in Switzerland for over 30 years…

    • AndyUK

      I bet the Swiss one cost more than 15 dollars…

      • Randy Brown

        Yeah you are right… the spoon is probably pure silver.

  • Little Bright Feather

    He had better keep his invention secret or the govt will do what they always do – steal the invention and kill the inventor and then makes sure the invention is tucked away so it never sees the light of day ! THAT is the real world we live in and why no new inventions have come to us in many years and why Tesla’s inventions were patented by DC and then THEY turned it into a killer weapon (HAARP) instead of the benefit for man as Tesla planned. DC turns every thing they grab into a killer weapon. DC is all about DEATH.
    Not once has any invention been used for its original purpose. Govt always steals all inventions, patents them so only they control it, and then turns it into a weapon.

    • Randy Brown

      Actually, the best thing to do is to mass distribute the plans via the internet. The issue is with our culture. We all want to try to get rich off of our ideas. If we really care about our world and want to try and save it then we should share information like this freely. If you try to be greedy with an invention like this, your invention will never see the light of day and you will be taking a dirt nap very very soon.

      • Marie Beckett

        You are so correct Randy. When I see these fresh souls come through like this……..I feel hope…..and it is important to not have him or his parents unknowingly repeat the mistakes of other souls that came here to help and were suckered in and used or destroyed by what we call government…..which is just the mask of the cabal.

      • Glenn Festog

        Back in the late ’70s, early ’80s, this guy invented a freon pump wheel to create power from temperature differential. I remember it because of an article in Popular Science Magazine in which he publicly gave his idea to the world. This was one of many such devices. So what did they do? Made freon illegal, that’s what. Based upon the concept that a heavier than air gas that breaks down into simple fertilizer in sunlight was “DESTROYING” the ozone. Their “proof”? They put freon in a box with ozone and it degraded. Now, for the less science minded, ozone is oxygen. O3. If you put any type of oxidizer in a box with ozone, it will degrade. Iron filings will degrade ozone, aircraft engines burning fuel way up there where the ozone layer is, rockets punching their way into space, a long list. But no, it was Dupont’s product that did it. Amazingly, right at the same time their patent ran out on freon, but their new patent on the highly poisonous replacement was already on hand.


        • Viiit

          Interesting report.
          It is funny how we get the “information” and never question it. We just assume it must be true.
          Indeed, how do I know if freon is harmful to the ozon layer?
          I have no idea!

      • Ashbro Whalen

        tell me if u find them aye>

        • Randy Brown

          ? find what?

          • Ashbro Whalen

            any plans that we can distribute.

          • Randy Brown

            The point of what I said is that no one has had the foresight to do so thus far because they are greedy. You will never find the plans but if someone discovers a technology and decides to setup a information blast on the net where they post the plans to every social media outlet and every independent media outlet on a publicly view able form where it is not moderated… you won’t have to look for it because it will be in your face… A person who realizes that his or her tech will be buried if they try to release it will have the intellect to know how to setup a scrip to blast that off to thousands of online media sources in a matter of seconds… What will follow is a main stream media campaign trying to declare the tech unsafe or a potential WMD… I am absolutely positive that will be the response in that case. At that point it will be to late and people will be able to make these devices on their own in their basements and substantial change will occur to the world at large.

          • Ashbro Whalen

            i hope so. il be willling to help with distribution manually though if they dont have a script

    • Marie Beckett

      I think you would really enjoy the book, ” The Most Dangerous Superstition” by Larkin Rose….if you have not already read it?

  • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

    Given what the feds did to Tesla, he’ll be taking a dirt nap soon….

    • Roger Dixon

      Yes, I’m afraid you’re on the right track.

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