Chemtrail and Geoengineering Programs Confirmed in Testimony at UN

UN Geoengineering ChemtrailsChristina Sarich, Staff
Waking Times

The grand experiment to alter weather for the benefit of the agricultural industry and the military industrial complex can be ignored no longer. After watching the following video, any sane person will have proof that chemtrails not only exist, but that they are being used to manipulate weather, and for motivations likely of which the general public is not told.

Rosalind Peterson, President of the Agriculture Defense Coalition addresses the United Nations about geoengineering, chemtrails and weather modification. As a people, we have been used as testing agents while being lied to – told that we were simply being doused with water vapor while hundreds of thousands of people have suffered from a plethora of health issues ranging from neurological failure to reproductive issues and hormonal imbalances, along with many more. THIS is undeniable evidence that chemtrails are covering our skies every day, and these chemtrails are NOT water vapor, otherwise known as contrails. They are full of pharmaceuticals, barium, nano-aluminum-coated fiberglass [known as CHAFF], radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, desiccated blood, mold spores, and more.

Peterson says that the skies we are seeing everyday are “not normal cloud cover – these are man made.” She also describes more than 50 different chemtrail programs operating across the United States carried out by private companies and government agencies. Her main complaint to the UN is that these programs affect agriculture, without any public oversight, stating that “you are going to start reducing crop production because of the impairment of the process of photosynthesis,” but the implications of her statements reach much further than just how one industry is affected by chemtrail spraying.

Those who have researched chemtrail or weather modification programs available through public record can see what we are told these programs are used for – from creating drought, to ‘protecting’ the planet from climate change, but there are deeper lies associated with chemtrail spraying available for those to unearth who are willing to dig deeper.

Chemtrails are likely causing Parkinsons’ disease, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, headaches, respiratory ailments, reproductive failure, liver failure, and a host of other diseases. Since we have an openly admitted agenda by the UN to limit the growth of our population, what else are they doing besides affecting climate change with chemtrails? The same as usual – increasing morbidity for what the elite call the ‘useless eaters’ of the planet. Watch and learn. Then pass on what you know. The awakening may not be televised, but its happening before your eyes.

About the Author

Christina Sarich is a staff writer for Waking Times. She is a writer, musician, yogi, and humanitarian with an expansive repertoire. Her thousands of articles can be found all over the Internet, and her insights also appear in magazines as diverse as Weston A. Price, NexusAtlantis Rising, and the Cuyamungue Institute, among others. She was recently a featured author in the Journal, “Wise Traditions in Food, Farming, and Healing Arts,” and her commentary on healing, ascension, and human potential inform a large body of the alternative news lexicon. She has been invited to appear on numerous radio shows, including Health Conspiracy Radio, Dr. Gregory Smith’s Show, and dozens more. The second edition of her book, Pharma Sutra, will be released soon.

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  • Al Kene

    “Rosalind Peterson addresses the United Nations on September 3-5, 2007 in New York at the 60TH Annual DPI/NGO Conference on Climate Change.”
    How is this news, Christina?

  • 1555

    Wow, the trolls are at this one quickly – many !
    There is a proof about the difference between a chemtrail, and a simple contrail.
    Just watch them ! In Europe there were NO chemtrails in East European countries. As soon as they entered EU they got their dose of them.

  • Defiant

    Sarich is ANOTHER author who has no idea what the word “proof” means…I can go the UN and address North America’s Sasquatch problem–complete with photos of broken branches and piles of dung..but that’s not “proof” that I’m correct.

  • InvisibleHandInMyPants

    Horseshit. This is a wasted click. Peterson is a conspiracy quack. So what if she spoke to some obscure UN panel. The “testimony”, which consists to garbage science, proves absolutely nothing. Period.

    • Defiant


    • blue579

      Geoengineering and weather modification as a long running series of military operations has been fully admitted and known since the 40s. How contained are these programs and covert for reasons of “national security”? Extensive visual documentation of altered airplane exhaust patterns is abundantly found on the net. If these patterns are easily explainable by a new fuel, for example, then why doesn’t the Establishment put the rumor and fears to rest with a simple and transparent explanation?

  • WhiteEagle

    It’s not ‘useless eaters’ anymore, but ‘useless breathers’. Nevermind C02 and Carbonin gereral are the necessary building blocks for plant life and that it thrives in higher CO2 concentrations, removing said neutrients from the atmosphere.

  • so what can we do about it?

    • 1555

      The people learning about what those depressing streaks all over our skies, in various patterns, over and over …spewing Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere ,while we are told the painting of the skies is to prevent global warming…Hm, does your car use more fuel that a jet, flying horizon to horizon, for hours ?
      We see them over our skies, and they are not airlines…We asked the local authorities , and were told “these are the military – training”.
      10 hours per day, up to 7 of them at the same time – over a populated area. Hm, how is that helping global warming.

  • Blacktiger

    So when can we expect the weather channel and Main Stream Media weather persons to begin telling the truth about the weather and why it is what it is?

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