Biologist Targeted for Exposing the Gender Bending Pesticide Poisoning America

Tyrone Hayes-1Christina Sarich, Staff
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Biologist, Tyrone Hayes is a soft-spoken professor at the University of California with a big message. One of the most commonly used pesticides in agriculture, atrazine, is responsible for feminizing amphibians, according to his research. More importantly, the chemical is effectively eliminating male chromosomes at an alarming rate, ate levels which are three times lower than what are currently appearing in our drinking water. It isn’t just lead and fluoride we need to be concerned about, but a known endocrine disruptor, created by Syngenta, that is utterly changing our gene pool.

Hayes has been fighting Syngenta, to report the harmful effects of Atrazine for decades now. His scientific papers describe how Atrazine demasculinizes male gonads producing testicular lesions associated with reduced germ cell numbers in teleost fish, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals, and induces partial and/or complete feminization in fish, amphibians, and reptiles. These effects are strong (statistically significant),consistent across vertebrate classes, and specific. Reductions in androgen levels and the induction of estrogen synthesis – demonstrated in fish, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals – represent plausible and coherent mechanisms that explain these effects.

Big Ag Targets a Truth Teller

Other scientists have since come forward to corroborate Hayes’ claims, but not until after Syngenta dumped a 102-page document  trying to discredit the scientist.

Atrazine is used on everything from corn fields (75 percent of them are sprayed with Atrazine in the US) to Christmas tree farms, and it is one of the most pervasive chemicals in agriculture. Syngenta actually asked Hayes to research the chemical, but after he found results which the manufacturer of atrazine didn’t expect, he was targeted in ways that, sadly, have become familiar to whistleblowers.

Lead, Fluoride, and Now Atrazine

In typical biowarfare-fashion, this chemical is being used everywhere, and while we fret about fluoride and lead, rightfully so, in our drinking water, an even more sinister chemical is being forced into our ground water, eventually seeping into municipal water supplies.

Atrazine affects men adversely, by literally shrinking their gonads, or causing them to effectively become women, but it also affects women, causing low estrogen levels and irregular menstruation. All in all, this chemical acts exactly as many other UN Agenda poisons do – from chemtrails to vaccines, BPAs which are known xenoestrogens, to pharmaceuticals, including birth control pills that pass unharmed through sewage systems into in our drinking water  – it makes fertility a genetic Russian roulette.

Are we to believe that a chemical that causes complete chemical castration in male African clawed frogs, isn’t eventually going to have similar effects on us? More than 80 million pounds of this stuff is used annually, but with all the false-flag attempts, and Flint, Michigan water crises, who can keep up with the numerous ways they are trying to cull the masses?

The population of the US is supposed to DROP 78.2% from 316+ million now to ONLY 69 million people in 2025 according to a government website, and many notorious —– have made statements admitting they want to lessen the earth’s population numbers.

Even the CDC in December 2014, offered the shocking comparison in population totals from 2007 to 2013, where they state “There were 3.93 million births in the United States in 2013, down less than 1% from 2012 and 9% from the 2007 high. The U.S. general fertility rate was at an all-time low in 2013.”

Is this the real reason Tyrone Hayes is being targeted?

He says we’re making ‘toxic babies’ due to the largest selling chemical poison from one of the largest chemical companies in the world. It’s banned in the EU, but still used copiously in the US, even re-registered by the Environmental Protection Agency in the very same year it was banned overseas. 0.1 parts per billion exposure to Atrazine is changing a frog’s sex. How many parts per billion will it take to turn off your reproductive ability?  Maybe its time to listen to Mr. Hayes.

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  • kimmmmm

    “The population of the US is supposed to DROP 78.2% from 316+ million now to ONLY 69 million
    people in 2025 according to a government website, and many notorious —–
    have made statements admitting they want to lessen the earth’s
    population numbers.”
    This was not a government website. It has links to government websites, but it is a .com.
    Forecasted population for 2025 was static. Looks like the information was copied from somewhere else. Altogether unreliable source reference.

  • Marie Beckett

    For some reason, I missed this. I wonder about this a lot. They are putting these chemicals in the food, in to childrens clothing as “flame retardents….and of course the one;s who have been experimented on like my friend. When you think about it, having a bunch of feminized men is just another form of disarmament……although multi reasons apply. They never do anything without having it assist on several different fronts. Again, genuinely two-spirit people are very rare and as in indigenous societies they embraced the TWO SPIRITS! They brought a very valuable perspective to the table and their sexual preference did not change, nor didthey come across as crazy. Their energy is different. For example Chaz Bono is authentically two-spirit, Bruce Jenner is not and my friend that went off the deep end was for sure experimented on. I am still trying to figure this out btw.

  • ang

    Crazy, so there might be only 69 million people in the USA, but they are all going to be very sick, and the whole place so damn polluted, what is the point of playing god?

  • Višnja Bobić

    Well said! Peace to you brother

  • Marie Beckett

    Now I understand what i have been seeing! When I was a pre-verbal toddler I saw Chastity Bono on T.V. and I saw what native Americans called and saw as two-spirit. I could feel her emotional pain in my body and could see that her soul was male but her body was female and it was causing so much difficulty with her. I was so happy when Chastity became Chaz and she became who he was supposed to be. However, I had a friend who I “saw” was “experimented” on. And at 50 he “flipped out” and said he was a woman. But what I saw was this auric distortion………..he was never the same. Then with Bruce Jenner….there is no two-spirit that resides in him…there is this, once again auric distortion….he was not “experimented” on in the same way that my friend was…..that is why he did not come across as psychologically “off”………….but Bruce has been used as a “high profile, normalcy mind program” for the masses……but he is not two-spirit, his condition was chemically induced without his knowledge. This is heart-breaking. That is why there was that bizarre photo of the Kardashian’s where Bruce was in a giant test tube. Does anyone remember that? That photo had what we call “Illuminati” all over it.

    • AnotherLover

      Thank you. The truth is plain to see, but often difficult to speak.

  • gnost11

    Thank you Tyrone, and to the news that exposes these truths to the world. Thank all the people of the world rising to the occasion. A beautiful symphony orchestra forms as enlightend people rise to take back our world and correct all these atrocities.

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky


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