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Australia First to Receive Electricity Using Zero-emission Wave Energy Generators


Vic Bishop, Staff
Waking Times

Wave energy technology has finally proved its feasibility to provide renewable, clean energy on a mass scale.

The Perth Wave Energy Project has demonstrated that the CETO 5 wave energy generators, developed by Carnegie Wave Energy Limited, are capable of using the movement of the ocean to provide electricity to a naval base near Garden Island in Western Australia. The site is the first commercial ocean wave energy installation. It has channeled zero-emissions energy from three CETO 5 units into a functioning power grid for 14000 cumulative hours.

Below is a short video that explains the process of how the fully-submerged CETO 5 system, made up of a 240kW bouy tethered to a water pump, converts the movements of the ocean into a stream of high-powered water, which is then is used to create hydroelecticity and power a reverse-osmosis desalination plant.

Carnegie Wave Energy claims the generator system has minimal impact on marine life, does not produce pollution, can be deployed in a variety of depths and sea floor conditions, and is unaffected by storms. With the commercial viability of the CETO system now established, the idea of a technology that produces both clean energy and clean water has many energy experts excited.

Wave-powered generation could hold the key to the viability of renewable energy because it was predictable and could run all day, every day. This is one of the great success stories in innovation in renewable energy. ~ Ian Macfarlane, Federal Energy Minister in Australia [1]

The Perth Wave Energy Project is the world’s first grid-connected commercial scale demonstration of Carnegie’s CETO technology. This is an important step towards unlocking the vast potential of wave energy in Australia and internationally. ~ Australian Renewable Energy Agency [2]

Carnegie has secured an additional $20 million in financing to pursue improvements in the next-generation CETO 6. The company and its supporters now face the challenge of increasing the scale of wave energy projects while decreasing the cost of installations.

CETO’s modular design allows for customizable scalability, and its being entirely submerged renders the equipment less susceptible to damage from storms and air erosion.

The great thing about it is we know it works. The challenge from here on is really about scale and cost. ~ Michael Ottaviano, Carnegie Wave Energy CEO [3]

Below is an image that shows the timeline of the CETO technology.


Click for larger image. Source:


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  • mike peine

    What Concept ? sorry Tesla was over rated & attributed many inventions he did not invent 1st . Pixii invented AC & Tesla’s “free energy device” would have put high emf’s around the earth that would have killed all life on the planet . He wrote of this effecting himself . the usa & uk are suppressing over 5,000 energy inventions .

  • mike peine

    this technology was 1st patented in 1799 producing compressed air that powers any fuel engine without pollution . Today hydraulics . Worth over ^$5TRILLION a YEAR ! while self paying in 1 year …

  • mike peine

    This technology can power 10,000 times all the worlds energy needs without pollution & self pay in 1 year & was 1st patented in 1799 using 1775 Girandoni compressed air GUN technology . Today over 5,000 energy inventions are still being suppressed to promote OIL by the 1% company MONOPOLY store system . Last year Oyster by Aquamarine Power failed ? & The Terminator was taken over by the military & several others were SABOTAGED . WE MUST SHARE THIS TECHNOLOGY WITH THE WORLD !

  • samuelstorns

    I am sure taking salt out of the ocean will not harm that ecosystem at all….

  • Axe Man

    I bet I’m much freer than you are, no job, no debt, get paid to do something I love doing that does good for the world. I’m no slave.

    I bet you are though.

  • Axe Man

    I’m all in favour of renewables actually, but CO2 has nothing to do with the reasons.

  • Axe Man

    Are you a vegetarian by chance? from your nonsensical ranting here I suspect your cognitive function might be impared by lack of essential nutrients.

  • Axe Man

    Idiot CO2 is life, the planet is not warming. It would be a good thing if it was. man couldn’t cause it anyway. CO2 cannot and does not cause warming. Wake up, you are being brain washed into willingly surrendering your freedom to a global corporate oligarchy.

  • Michael Scott Carpenter

    I found this interesting….I always imagined the generator inside the pod when I thought of this. High pressure water.

    • mike peine

      want to learn more ? this technology was 1st patented in 1799 using 1775 Girandoni compressed air GUN technology

  • UncleB

    Who buried Tesla’s genius? Who Dumbed Down American curriculum, who is responsible for the homogenization of minds through the ‘Melting Pot Theory” how propagandized are Western Minds? Why do up to 90 countries no refuse monsanto GMO’s but America does not? how different their approach to science compared to the Americans? Is China’s intelligentsia Pool far better educated, and so much larger than theatr of America? What are the long term consequences of this?How many really useful discoveries have been buried by Corporate interests? Google Who Stole The Electric Car and see one good example?

  • NormVan

    Its great to see they have it working. There is also potential in harnessing the extreme tides Australia has in various places.

    • UncleB

      Renewable energy the perpetual eternal riches of a nation . . .

  • Pete

    Somebody told me some time ago that water IS, oil IS, energy IS. So by the time they (whomever they are) have created this monstrosity that claims to be renewable clean energy, the design and the building and the people involved to do this has already exceeded the energy that this “thing” will ever be able to produce in it’s lifespan. Have you seen those windmill farms around the globe?, well the same argument applies. Have fun trying.

    • UncleB

      References Please! You make claims that I would like to explore but you leave me Googling but finding far too much information on the topic, some pro, some against some reputable some not? You seem strong in your convictions, so please reference the reputable articles that support it. Denmark in fact is a net electricity exporter to Europe and are fully self sufficient with Wind Power alone? Did they just bullshit this? Can you reference such an article? I would love to read it.

      • Pete

        I did somehow think that it is clear in what I am saying. Energy IS! It can not be changed in any way shape or form! If you don’t understand that and you can not comprehend the economic implications of that statement you should abstain from replying. Europe for one is far from being self sufficient in the creation of power. The Denmark “Export” term is totally out of context as the European grid for more than 50 years has been on a country share basis. What I mean by this is, for example, Holland, if it was to run low on power gets it’s power from Germany. In the event of an over production of power in Holland at any given time it will be fed into the German grid and so on. Furthermore looking at the long list of questions on Disqus I have to have my doubts about UncleB. Trolls are everywhere. Discussion closed.

  • Axe Man

    And like all the other proven renewable tech, it won’t be implemented in any sort of scale that will make any difference. Any benefits will accrue to the same transnational corporations that own everything already. Besides now we know global warming is bullshit why the need for renewables anyway, there is plenty of oil and gas.

    Click bait bullshit

    • Pravda01

      You are wrong! China and India and some European countries are moving forward with renewable energy – and yes there are water based storages in the mountains, huge enormous battery farms and hydrogen storages. Look at Iceland.

      The only country which doesn’t much is USA, which is sadly contributed to the existence of Wall Street and its stupid maximize profit by hardly any investment schema.

      The American electric grid is from Edison’s time.

      • Axe Man

        I hope so but I doubt it, and regardless of whether it’s implemented or not the benefits will accrue to the .001%

        • mike peine

          the savings in pollution alone make it worth it . The Terminator taken over by the military last year , converts 99% of wave energy into electricity & the HVDC energy grid will transport it around the earth without any loss of energy . this technology pays for itself in 1 year .

          • Axe Man

            Did you read my original point?

      • madnessofcrowds

        China is currently building 1000 coal fired power stations and India is developing over 500. Their investment in ‘renewables’ is merely to placate the Western MMGW alarmists, for diplomatic reasons,

        • UncleB

          Doesn’t quite explain away the Three Gorges Dam, the Maglev electric trains the electric bullet trains and the sale of electric buses even the U.S.A.

          • mike peine

            want to learn more about free energy ?

          • Emily Schneider-Waterberg

            Yes please!!!! Free energy vs Carnegie technology

        • mike peine

          want to learn more ?

      • mike peine

        Want to learn more ? Like The HVDC energy grid .

    • NormVan

      The climate is always changing, the problem is the atmosphere is only 6 miles deep and we are replacing the oxygen with carbon monoxide and creating a poisoned planet.

      • madnessofcrowds

        You are very confused. Do some basic science. Carbon MONoxide is rarely produced in any power station. CO2 is the main product of combustion but it remains a ‘rare’ gas, less than 400 parts per million of the atmosphere. That means that 999,600 parts of the atmosphere are NOT CO2. But ALL plants, trees, crops depend on this rare CO2 to create sugars and hence grow. CO2 keeps the entire planet fed. It is a positive BENIFIT.

        • NormVan

          Don’t call me confused you know-all. It’s very simple. It’s about a thin layer of air/oxygen around this planet and it need protection from all sorts of pollution.
          It’s got nothing to do with carbon dioxide that’s for the bankers tax. The climate has been changing for millions of years and will continue to do so.

          • Dude…

            Are you really trying to imply that man made climate change does not exist? There are thousands of studies that show a massive increase in overall temperature in the past 50 years at a rate that has never been seen on Earth. Almost 98% of scientists agree man made climate change is real. The only discrepancy is because some scientists have declined to answer.

          • UncleB

            valid references to back your arguments make them airtight!

          • UncleB

            Northern Clatherites melting, methane released is serious?

        • UncleB

          At last! a public struggling with the facts rather than accepting the popular Party Line from the propagandists! Get the scientific “Low Down” on CO2 in the atmosphere, and look for valid credible references in the articles you find! Accept articles referenced to or by Large Universities of renown, American, Canadian Chinese,Russian European ones for example. look for english translations of articles from other countries!

          • mike peine

            want to learn the truth about free energy ?

      • mike peine

        Atomic test have blown holes into outer space . want to learn more ?

    • mike peine

      ever hear of POLLUTION ?

      • Axe Man

        Yeah mostly it’s in peoples minds.

        Looks like you have lots of it in yours

  • BDBinc

    The Rockefellers retaining an energy monopoly.
    When you hear of “Carnegie Foundation” think Rockefeller. For many years the five Carnegie foundations have been mere appendages of the Rockefeller octopus.

    We still have suppressed technology and the development and release of only NWO approved clumsy archaic designs.
    Commercial projects for( control and)the continued profitability of the corporations.

    When the New World Order says minimal sacrifice of marine life I am already disliking the new Rockefeller /Carnegie “green marine kill commercial project”.

    • I agree with you BDBinc, Am I hearing this maybe a repeat of the 1989-90 Petrochemical debarkle? As I understand we are managed and controlled by 5 multinationals who continuously supply us with an abundance of comfort goods, entertainment, poor education etc, allowing us to become “boiled frogs” bliss-ed out by a variety of ways to keep us falsely believing every thing will remain that way and be devoid of responsibility. The pleasure – pain principle, such a simple yet profound way to control the masses. In today”s world it appears that people are beginning to wake up, the global reactions appear around the world on a daily basis, albeit via the news, we see the plebs uprising as the awareness between the “haves” and “havenot’s” intensifies as the gang like mindset of the “havenot’s” confronts the openly and arrogant mindset of the “haves”. I believe if we can take out the stories running us and step back and take another look at what is also behind every human alive. The one common denominator. No-one will lift a finger if it is not high on their value system. Fundamentally I perceive every life form searches for pain over pleasure.

      • mike peine

        would you like to learn more ?

    • mike peine

      Would you like to learn more ?

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