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6 Classic Books That Undermine and Expose the Matrix of Control

Matrix Sytem FailureSigmund Fraud, Staff
Waking Times

One of the most telling ironies of modern life is that we hardly consider the similarities between the caged lives of the cattle, chicken and pigs we eat, and our own lives in the matrix, where a rat race of traps, mazes, corrals and fences keeps us from our true purpose. The plan to capture the conscious and subconscious minds of the masses, and mold them into robotic, obedient and impressionable commodities is nearly complete, and it is up to you to free your own mind and wake up before it is too late.

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds.” – Bob Marley

Escape is possible, but you must first confront the reality of the present situation to understand the possibilities for exit. Understanding the cage is the key to exiting the cage. For that end, here are 6 must-read books that will help you to sift through the programs, illusions and control mechanisms that are employed to steal your individuality and your future.

“Coexistence on this tightly knit earth should be viewed as an existence not only without wars… but also without [the government] telling us how to live, what to say, what to think, what to know, and what not to know.” ~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


Without strict institutional education there is no way that people can ever become functioning members of the matrix. Children must be indoctrinated, sent to corporate trainee boot camp, which is public school. How else can you turn a free spirit into a corporate worker bee, submissive to clocks, countless managers, monotony, uniformity and routine? The education system is designed to train us to devote our lives to the corporate model.

In The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, author Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, who served as the Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education, reveals the truth about how American social engineers have systematically gone about destroying the intellect of millions of American children for the purpose of transforming American culture according to the interests of statists and industrialists.

The book exposes how social engineers capitalize on deliberately created education “crises” to move their agenda forward, offering pre-planned radical political reforms that are sold to the public as a fix, while in fact the reforms only set the stage for the next crisis and next set of reforms. In the book, Iserbyt also documents the gradual transformation of our once academically successful education system into one devoted to training children to become compliant human resources to be used by government and industry as defacto robots and slaves.

The Shadows of PowerGovernment

Government creates and enforces laws, regulations and policies with the endgame of subjecting as many people as possible to their control system. It unfairly benefits those with power and wealth, and makes life difficult for the rest of us. This has always been, and always will be the case. In the pre-democratic era it was easier to recognize who had power, but the genius of massive democratic states are the layers upon layers of corporatocracy and special interests, which so brilliantly conceal the identities of those who really manage the massive apparatus of government. Some call it the Deep State.

In the book The Shadows of Power, author James Perloff exposes the hidden oligarchy of the United States by documenting the links between many of our nations most powerful people and the organizations and think-tanks that wield considerable influence on government. Perloff exposes how the US Council on Foreign Relations was started in 1921 as a front organization for J.P. Morgan and Company to help recruit loyal implants into important positions in government. This book introduces you to the behind the scenes world of how the US government’s elected and non-elected officials maintain severe conflicts of interest without being censured.


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Another controversial book that may change how you look at American and global politics is None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen. It details how the cabal of globalists has hijacked the US government through organizations such as the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group, and how these groups function under the guise of increased cooperation among nations, when in reality their founders seek to create a new world order under their rule while keeping the rest enslaved to the matrix.

Both of these books are already considered classics of American anti-statist literature and will open your eyes in big ways as to how the government has been engineered to work against us.


Patriotism is a completely artificial mechanism of social control. From infancy, people are taught to worship paraphernalia of the state, such as flags, voter ID cards, licenses and permits, etc, and to give deference to government officials, especially those in high offices like the revered President, the titular figure-head of a weaponized government.

Deadly Deceits

Ralph W. McGehee, a man who dedicated 25 years of his life to fighting the Cold War as part of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) explores this. In his book Deadly Deceits, McGehee reveals how he discovered that the CIA’s work was often based on deceit and wholesale manipulation of the truth. He discloses how the CIA collaborates with the Office of the US President to fabricate “facts” that support government and agency agendas and steer public opinion.

After reading this book, you might realize that what you identify as “democracy” and “freedom” is a direct product of behind-the-scenes efforts of CIA propaganda experts, a crafted illusion that gives government and the military industrial complex a blank check to forever wage the Orwellian Permanent War.


It’s easy to get caught up in the circus, lost in the meaninglessness and false reality of consumerism, but there is much more to our reality than we can typically perceive, and the spirit can be awakened in many ways other than mass-produced religion. An understanding of consciousness awakens a sense of wonder and imagination, which are the first qualities that are stamped out of children in grade school.

Ken WilberIn the book A Brief History of Everything, author and philosopher Ken Wilber pulls together a remarkable explanation of human consciousness by examining an impressive span of the world’s religions and spiritual movements, philosophical movements and scientific theory. It describes humanity’s spiritual evolution and our dominant conceptual concerns regarding spirituality: East and West, ancient and modern, individual and collective, physical and metaphysical.

His work examines the notions of self-impulsiveness, interconnection, spirituality and empathy showing how the major theories of biological, psychological, cognitive and spiritual development all connect and describe different forks of the same path, offering a map of consciousness that makes sense of the psyche’s role in crafting reality.


Money is the most brilliant accomplishment of the controllers. Billions of people spend most of their waking lives either acquiring it or spending it, without ever understanding where it comes from, where it goes, who makes it, and how much it costs. While others can literally create it with the push of a button. We grow up believing that we need money for every human activity, from eating and drinking, to clothing oneself, to making friends, etc. Building a world where people have no choice but to use privately owned money is the most sophisticated form of slavery yet devised.

Jekyll IslandIn the book The Creature from Jekyll Island, G. Edward Griffin reveals the secrets behind the grand illusion called money. This book will profoundly change your world view as it exposes the most blatant scam of all history: the Federal Reserve and its system of fiat currency. It also covers how money influences wars, boom-bust cycles, inflation, depression, and prosperity. This one is a must read for everyone, and how our money was designed behind closed doors by some of the richest people in the world.

“No one is more of a slave than he who thinks himself free without being so.” ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Emancipation from mental slavery is possible, and books are one of the keys. When the mind develops a pure awareness of what is, it calls the body and spirit into action, freeing us from the matrix.

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  • Hugo Spinoso

    it seems first its incidental, then its expected since all they do is target what citizens already believe otherwise it wouldnt work, then they try it and finally its on pourpuse, but only if certain conditions are met.

  • abinico

    Eat your GMO gruel and shut up.

  • Miko J

    as these 5 things have all been corrupted in this world , there is also little or no chance of escaping the consequences of lack of any of these thing , education , government , money etc , at least not in North america , just try to get rid of your gov , or do not get an education , or live with out money , all of this was put into place 100s of years ago and the poor either went along or paid the price for not

  • JD Painter

    Universal Mind Rules Read Think And Grow Rich Neapolitan Hill

  • BDBinc

    What is the question?

    • Miko J

      lol touche , you nailed that one ,
      this was hilarious to read ,

      and yes a few of those books in the article look interesting , but I dare say you seem smart enough to already know most of what is written in them 🙂

  • James Lee

    “Rulers of Evil”. Tauper Saussy. Exposing the true rulers of the world, The Society of Jesuits, the most powerful men in the world where the Superior General, currently one Black Pope, Nicolas Adolfo, rules over the Freemasons, Illuminati, White Pope, Presidents, Prime Ministers, etc. A must read.

    “Wall Street and FDR, Bolshevik Revolution and Hitler” trilogy by Antony Sutton. A must read to understand how every war since 1900 was engineered by the bankers under control of the Freemasons and Khazarian Jews who were/are under control of the Black Pope Superior General. Sutton was a Fellow at Hoover Institute at Stanford until he wrote this trilogy.

    Descent Into Slavery by Des Griffin. Excellent overview of revisionist history of WW I and II, how and why.

    “Hellstorm” by Thomas Goodrich. Think Germany was bad during WWII, read this recent book about how mainly the U.S. allowed over 1.5 million defeated Germans to starve to death after the war ended in 1945. Truman simply changed the definition of POW to DEF (Detained Enemy Forces) to avoid the Geneva Convention and to not have to supply rations from the Int’l Red Cross.

    “Operation Keelhaul” by Julius Epstein. Read about how the U.S. and Britain agreed to let “Uncle Joe” Stalin murder over 5 million Ukranians, White Russians and others who fled Russia at the beginning of WWII to Germany. When the war ended the U.S. rounded them up by beatings, if necessary and placed them in sealed rail cars back to Stalin’s lands.

    “The hidden world part 1” by Baselmans, John. Excellent overview of Secret Societies and the likes of Tavistock Institute, Trilateral Commission, CFR, Royal Institute, Committee of 300, Council of 13, etc.

    “Behind the Green Mask” by Rosa Koire. Agenda 21 defined, explained and exposed for the elite agenda to depopulate over 3/4’s of the Earth’s population and move all into stack n’ pack cities.

    “Going Dark” Guy McPherson. Former U of Arizona professor tells deep, dark truths about the real time reporting of the 6th Great Extinction event going on presently on Earth. must read.

  • BDBinc

    Books are not the key to mental freedom (or freedom from the egomind as a master).
    In fact the more you think you know becomes a hindrance.

    • EmmettGrogan

      Only to ignorant people who want to remain in denial. I’ve read voraciously for 55 yrs and have a large storehouse of knowledge on many topics, which has been extremely useful to me. If you’re against reading, why are you here reading this and making useless comments??

      • BDBinc

        And to make my point you did not understand what you were reading. I did not say I was against reading.
        It became an opportunity for you to be identified with, ignorant and aggressive about the “mental freedom” you just do not get from books.
        I said books are not the key to mental freedom.
        An addiction to collecting knowledge can be a ego builder. The idea “I have a large storehouse of knowledge of many topics, I know” creates an identity. This kind of thinking does not let you experience “mental freedom”( or mastery of the mind).
        its great that “mental freedom” does not require a large storehouse of book knowledge.

        • Miko J

          very well said , shocking to me why some people let their egos run their mouths

      • Miko J

        what I dont understand is why you let the ego that is refered to , quite accurately in BDBinc next reply to you , get the better of you and have a verbal tantrum ??? If you had anything close to mental freedom you would and no reason to attempt to separate yourself ( by referring to people who do not read as you do as desiring to be ignorant and in denial ) , brag about your accomplishments..( voracious reader ) and also question why a person takes time to share their own personal view ….. and also judging that view … I bet you did not even realize that your comment was so loaded with negativity ,
        I have only 1 question for you , are you a narcissist?

    • JPVan

      So your struggle continues.

      • BDBinc

        Does it?

        • JPVan

          Obviously. One doesn’t have to accept your opening premise to be free from your oneupmanship. In your quest for mental freedom, you’ll remain frustrated unless you can learn to entertain two competing thoughts at one time without becoming defensive, insecure, and insulting.

          That’s the view from here, but “all I know is that I know nothing.” Socrates said that and I read it in a book somewhere.

          • BDBinc

            “to be free from your oneupmanship” & ” insecure, insulting” well all I can do is say to that is you seem to be projecting .
            I did not say anything about frustration, I do not feel frustrated, do you?
            I did not say I was on a quest for “mental freedom” either.

            I spoke about (becoming addicted to) book knowledge and how it just does not translate to “mental freedom” .

            If you grant knowing about the Crown, Vatican and Washington higher knowledge than to know you are you are lost . Knowledge in this world is relative, knowledge of the Self is absolute.

            There have been illiterate “masters/teachers” very wise and in peace.

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