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Connecting the Dots in the Mysterious Deaths of 11 Holistic Doctors

Erin ElizabethVic Bishop, Staff
Waking Times

Investigating the deaths of at least 11 holistic doctors in North America who’ve died under mysterious conditions in the last 90 days, Luke Rudkoski of We Are Change speaks with Erin Elizabeth of Health Nut News. She originally broke this story and has been the lead researcher involved in connecting the dots in these cases.

Several of the doctors have obviously been murdered, several deaths have been declared ‘suicide,’ one was bludgeoned to death with a hammer, and others have died unexpectedly of other causes, leading both friends and family to suspect foul play. The official investigations all raise more questions than provide answers. If natural holistic doctors are indeed under attack by the medical and political establishment, why are so many incidents happening so fast?

The families, friends and loved ones of these 11 doctors are looking for answers and are suspicious of the official reports. The common thread in these cases is that these doctors had all been healing patients with knowledge and techniques that are not part of the mainstream medical establishment’s approved procedures.

Is someone trying to frighten holistic doctors away from conducting their practices? We don’t yet know for sure, but take a look at this critical interview and let us know what you think.

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  • Zul

    A true loss and a fairly accurate general depiction of our times that, unfortunately, many will not be able to comprehend.

  • Cure for All Disease

    I have been threatened too and I was told “It is written.” At first I thought this was a biblical meaning such as one cannot live by bread alone, but then with further study I realized they have a book with names on it that must go. A series of threats came over a period of two months and each one got worse. Then all of a sudden I had a complete rupture in my knee and unable to walk. Was this a coincidence or some sort of evil they are using. I was asked how much I needed to close. While at times I wondered if this was voo doo or some evil person wanting my business, I began to see that this was too serious to mess with. In the end I got suicidal. It was not normal and I realized this was a black magic ploy they are using and most likely with some of the other doctors. While I am not sure why I was a target, I am the only one with a cancer protocol using black seed oil. I closed down my stores and removed my protocol from cancer tutor. Maybe because I was willing to comply my life was saved. I was told I could take private orders and sell honey too. I was told my two main stores had to go. So today I officially closed them permanently. I am writing my story so others can see this is not a US problem, as I live in Jordan but I am an American. I believe they are using Jinn, a common tactic with the Mosad in Israel and I believe that many deaths could be prevented..

  • Rodney Johnson

    There all apart of using a drug that treated altruism in children that cured them after they got it from vaccinations when they locked down the company that made the drug and where the drug was shipped to they killed off the dr’s using it.

    • bonnielou

      Autism, not altruism! The drug is called Gc-MAF.

      • Rodney Johnson

        Yes that is the component the stealth bomber drug they don’t want people to know about as to why they killed off the holistic Dr’s


    Its obviously conspiracy and murder. 11 doctors? Come on. Do you need a picture drawn for you? Who benefits from their deaths?

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