Vladimir Putin – Agent of the Awakening?

Putin Matrix-4Zen Gardner, Guest
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Well, well, well, aren’t we seeing a massive turnaround of late. Putin was so sharp, calm and truthful at the UN and other recent speeches and interviews compared to the same old Amerikan false bravado diatribe it was like having a clean shower after swimming through a cesspool.

And the whole free world feels the same.

What I admire about him is his cool demeanor and very artful tact in how he approaches massively sensitive subjects. He has to cloak it in “diplomati-speak” of course to reach the type of audience within those bound up layers of communication, but he does it masterfully. You don’t sense the BS factor and full on propagandized deception you get from the Obamaramadingdong script reading puppet.

I know the  whirled stage is just that, but nothing’s written in stone and there are always “free floating radicals”. Whatever engineered plans are afoot, there’s always plenty of room for error in their programming – as well as their assumption that the rest of the world will automatically buy into it as they imperiously assume.

It reminds me of the Donald Trump phenomenon. At first people thought he’d fizzle and pop and we’d be back to the same old cardboard corporate cut out options in the US theater of absurdity . But now he’s got so much traction, again due to his fresh honesty vs the bullshit factor of mainstream sewage, that the big boys are trying desperately to co-opt the wild Trump card, controlled opposition being their tactic of choice as we know. Now you can watch them scramble to contribute to his popularity – but rest assured they’re busy trying to bore their evil, poisonous beaks into their new would-be host if they can.

The Worm Has Turned

I’m not under any illusion that most of what we are witnessing on a daily basis isn’t massively manipulated. However, humanity is awakening and we cannot limit it in any way, shape or form in how it manifests. The “powers that shouldn’t be” have been imploding for some time while stepping up this almost comical show of force in all forms.

The following presentations are extremely powerful if you listen closely to the tone, clarity and sense of moral authority very rarely seen on the world stage.

The game has shifted, the worm has turned.

The first video is previous to the recent UN speech, which follows, but I found it profoundly honest and truthful, as well as tactful and giving room for those he’s addressing to come to an understanding of the error of their ways. It so elevated my understanding of how blatantly obvious the western axis of evil has become in the eyes of so many, yet they too lack the clarion call to point out the emperor has no clothes. – and all his puppet soldiers are simply paid-for mercenaries.

Now Putin’s powerful recent presentation at the UN:

Finally, a brilliant analysis of the overall situation and American psychopathy.

Our Power to Co-create Reality

This is a major shift I think we can take great encouragement in. As we know, it takes a type of critical mass to move society to look honestly at what is going on and adopt a new paradigm on a major scale. When a major world figures calls out this courageously the abject wrongness of the reality that the masses are being told is necessary and it must adhere to, and in such calm yet bold and action-reinforced clarity, it speaks volumes and sends a very strong signal.

Waking up, at all levels, usually involves startling revelations of truth, very often ones already right in front of our faces, yet we were virtually hypnotized to not understand but rather accept as our inevitable fate in some form.

This man, however you may perceive this whole world stage, is causing just that type of mass awakening. And acting on it. Even now they’ve warned Americans to get out of Syria as they launch very real retaliations on this hoard of western hired mercenaries threatening the dear people of Syria and the entire region.

No doubt the rabid west and Israel and their proxy states will step up their desperate, hysterical and genocidal attacks to confuse the issue, and try to provoke a greater confrontation. As their dying beast writhes in the throes of exposure to the light of truth and public awareness, the forces of darkness will make their move.

It’s inevitable to some extent, sorry to say. They’re psychopaths.

Let’s hope the global awakening can stir the world to take appropriate action in every form possible to stay the situation and bypass this pre-planned insanity potentially leading to a major confrontation, the WW3 scenario that is apparently in their agenda.

It seems earth’s inhabitants are being given a chance to help avoid this.

It’s Up To Each of Us

But never let your guard down. We know who and what are waiting in the wings to fill any and every vacuum created by engineered or unplanned changes. That’s their M.O.

However, an awakened populace will not go back to sleep. Remember, anything and everything is possible. These recent major turns of events may just cause such an uprising in consciousness at very high levels as well as throughout society that could cause a major shift to happen.

It’s up to us. Blindly following the trend du jour is what has led to humanity’s captivity. Let’s all lead by living our lives in full on awareness, in loving intention with steeled determination, and getting the truth out there.

Much love, Zen

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  • BDBinc

    Or the media staged illusion of a struggle.
    The IMF, FED and BIS support the BRICs & ADB .its just another financial vehicle, for fraud money creation.
    Putin is the banking Cabal’s puppet in their game.

  • dan

    All of our global leaders sing the same tune. They have many writers and think tank organizations to brainwash the masses. They want you to think Putin is some great upstanding guy, but this is just part of their script. The end game is Americas merger with Russia and communists rule the day.

    • BDBinc

      Yes you are rights.People naively think Putin is different and disinfo agents spin him as a savior archetype.
      The endgame a centralized global govt not communism/Marxism/environmentalism/pseudo greenism BUT their brand of totalitarian tyranny, the creed of Zionism.

  • Pravda01

    ISIS is a terrorist instrument of US/UK and the settler operation called Israel.

  • Carroll Price

    “When the student is ready, the Master will appear” anonymous

  • sk1951

    Putin for POTUS.

  • How old are you, and where are you from?

    • Tom

      Readers here should know exactly who this woman is because her husband is one of the parasites making his living off US taxpayers to fight Israel’s wars, bankrupting us and destroying our nation’s reputation in the world. Please, please, please wake up, Debra. Here is Debra’s Disqus profile:

      “Married to a former Soldier, (30 years in the Army,) who now works for the State Department in Iraq. My children have served, my parents and grandparents have served, from WWI to the present conflict, and I am dedicated to those who preserve our liberties. I live on a beautiful little ranch near Houston where I write, paint, garden, and take pictures. I also have as one of my greatest passions serving the military and their families who have given so much over the last twelve years. God bless America!”

  • I am certain that those who live in Ukraine would disagree with you… Your logic is so severely flawed… in fact there is no logic in this article. I am not sure why this site allowed you a platform…

    • Pravda01

      The US led thugs/Nazis of Kiev bombing there own citizens!

      LeCompte what?

  • Alicia Croft

    He is everything a leader should be, He has true Integrity, honesty, strength and and an uncompromising stance for peace. These qualities elicit attack in others far too often. I take my hat off to him

    • BDBinc

      You don’t even know him you only know his PR and what the corporate media told you.

      • Pravda01

        Putin has a real education and speaks three languages! Obama? Bush? — hahaha…

        • BDBinc

          Does that mean Putin’s joint escalation of bombing Syria with Obama Washington is any different for the people of Syria and Palestinian refugees fleeing the chaos.

      • Pop_Korn

        The corporate propaganda media tells us that he is an evil devil creature…. the opposite of the statesman he truly is.

        • BDBinc

          No they don’t they show him looking cool in sunglasses , chivalry towards a cold Chinese woman, shirtless riding horses. Putin’s and his PR is exactly what the people think about the corrupt usa govt and he is “against Obama” much like the majority of the usa population.
          Ask the People of Russia if the Oligarchy system of mafia like Statism in Russia is really any better than mafia like political tyranny of the usa ?

      • Pop_Korn

        You only know and mouth what the corporate media has told you.

        • BDBinc

          But as you can see what I said is against the mouth of media,the media stooges and its reheating the cold war frenzy ,the idiocy playing Putin against the usa. To make people forget that the ww3 is being escalated by the oligarchy.

  • Mark Petrovich

    The article is a total bullshit, if not provocative.

    • Dimitri Ledkovsky

      Zen’s BS Meter is temporarily kaput.

  • Sonoran Sam

    You admire his cool demeanor and his very artful tact in how he approaches massively sensitive subjects? Putin has had countless journalists and opposition leaders murdered and imprisoned. Russia is and has been near economic collapse for the past 30 years. Why do you think so many Russian scientists, engineers, doctors, etc. have migrated to the West? Nothing like getting into a war to lift the spirits of a failing country to assert pride. As for leadership, sounds like you are without your own self-confidence, spirit, vision, and humanity and believe someone else is going to give it to you – You are being played like a broken fiddle – boo-whoo, the world is so unfair. Be your own greatness, find your own way, light the lantern within yourself.

    • sk1951

      That never happens in the USA… 9/11

    • Malthus

      Good. Hope he does some more.

    • Pravda01

      …bull! You are talking about US and its allies like Saudi Arabia etc.. Mr. Putin in fact gives real interviews – not the staged dictatorship like US press conferences.

      …as American I would not accuse other of being murderers – you Americans are the exceptional murderers of the 20/21 century – you have passed Hitler and Stalin. How dare you! If you and your like had guts you would hang yourself in Nuremberg.

  • BDBinc

    Putin is a NWO tool. Ignorant that he has carried out a joint bombing mission with Washington (communicating where he is bombing 1 hr ahead), he has escalated the tension in the area, millions of Palestinians and other refugee have fled Syria. Civilian casualties and destruction has increased yet the media( and disinfo sites) say his bombing of Syria is a “victory”. As though the disinfo agents like Zen Gardener can re define war , the banksters Chaos war is not seen for what it is.
    Putin is no hero.
    If you are played by duality a “good vs evil” paradigm makes ww3 bombing and escalation “good”, you know you are not awake.

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