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Cuba Developed a $1 Lung Cancer Vaccine but We Can’t Have It

Cuban CigarLeif Davenport, Staff
Waking Times

Most people would be quite surprised to learn that there is a vaccine for lung cancer, one which has been proven effective in over 25 years of intense research and several years of clinical use. So why is most of the world only learning about it now? The answer is complicated by back-room dealings in the dark recesses of government, and by the unhealthy influence that pharmaceutical companies have on the availability of life-saving medications.

Cuba has faced many public health issues over the last few decades, one of the gravest being related the country’s most famous export, tobacco. A rise in cases of lung cancer prompted this small nation to develop a drug called CimaVax EGF, which is now one of the most effective medications in existence to treat lung cancer.

The Lung Cancer Treatment That Actually Works

The vaccine works by limiting a patient’s ability to produce a hormone called EGF. This hormone has been shown to play a pivotal role in cell division and the growth of malignant cells. As cancer is the result of cells dividing again and again to create tumours, the vaccine reduces this growth by halting EGF production, thereby stopping the tumor’s growth.

CimaVax EGF has been proven to work in at least two clinical trials in Cuba, and the results have shown that the vaccine improves survival rates in those who are suffering from the later, usually terminal, stages of lung cancer. It has been hypothesized that survival rates may increase further still if the vaccine is administered during earlier stages of the disease’s progression. It does not work in the same way most people think vaccines work, and is not preventative, but once a patient has lung cancer the drug turns a death sentence into a manageable chronic condition.

Furthermore, reported side-effects of the vaccine are mild, but nothing like painful and debilitating conventional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation, which can kill the patient. Incredibly, the vaccine only costs $1 to produce, and Cuba has made it available for free to patients since 2011, despite the fact that the island nation is a much poorer country than the U.S. and the affluent West.

So, what’s the big issue, then, and why is this treatment not available elsewhere?

Profit and Medicine: A Terminal Combination

Recently, U.S. and Cuban relations have thawed somewhat and diplomatic avenues have been opened up between the two countries for the first time since the 1960’s. As part of this positive development, Cuba has offered the lung cancer vaccine to the U.S., and researchers at the Roswell Park Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy Program have now started their own trials of the drug, yet it is finding fierce competition in the US marketplace.

The problem comes with the existence of two other potential drugs, BLP 25 and GVAX, which are both being developed as potential lung cancer treatments by the private companies, Ono Pharmaceutical and Aduro Biotech, respectively. Both medications have been in the research and trial phase since the 1990’s and have most likely accumulated hundreds of millions of dollars in development costs. The prospect of being undermined by a low-cost alternative generally doesn’t sit well with pharmaceutical manufacturers.

More importantly, pharmaceutical companies are now doing everything they can to increase drug pricesexponentially, it seems. The public was recently outraged when an ex-hedge fund manager bought the rights to the AIDS treatment drug, Daraprim, and raised the price from $13 to over $700 a dose.

And what is the number one reason given by drug companies for price increases? – Clinical trials and research, of course.

CimaVax EGF has been available for just $1 per treatment, but now, as larger pharmaceutical companies get their hands on the drug for research, it is being pushed into clinical purgatory. It may become available after it has been artificially kept from the public for years, but, it will certainly then be released at an extortionate price so that pharmaceutical companies can make as large a profit as possible.

No End to the Epidemic

There has been growing focus on the stranglehold pharmaceutical companies have on new treatments seeing the light of day. It’s analogous to what the oil companies do – buy up new technologies and then bury them until the largest profit can be had.

In the U.S. alone, over 200,000 people are diagnosed each year, with 150,000 sufferers dying annually from lung cancer, so it would seem like common sense for modern medicine to throw everything at it. We can only hope that as more people become more educated on the deceitful practices of big-pharma and continue to pressure them to change their practices.

About the Author

Leif Davenport is an activist and writer from Scotland, as well as a staff writer for Waking Times

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    Thanks, Ted. His craveninity is unbounded.

  • Dr. Dean Fiddle

    He is craven

  • Here is a-tempt to spread sickness?
    There are sane meanings shared in this conversation.
    All sickness is some form of hate – buried deeply in subtle disguise or surfacing in forms where it can be released and healed.
    Why do I reply to this and not the others? …Because it signifies choosing sickness rather than waking to the need and call for healing.
    Or why else the absurd name-calling? What is the purpose served in being used as the interjection of taunting bait?

  • realteruchan

    If it ever becomes available in the west, the price will be such that you’re better off getting on a plane…

  • This is why the USA is truly the “Great Satan” as the Muslims state. The country is disgusting and make me ashamed to be an American.

    Why don’t I leave? Too late, I left long ago and will never enter the USA again under and circumstance.

    • Don’t confuse a sickness of mind with who you are – or who anyone truly is.
      Be an ambassador of Humanity who can witness to an integrity of an expression that is not ‘Satanic’. A guilt-directed and fear-driven mind can operated through any form – and will take every side of every conflict – or set them off in others by guile of third party interjections and snares.
      Name calling in hate is dangerous, because it sets the mind and presumes righteousness within, by contrasting an evil without. Blindness then works a guilt agenda unknowing. That might be seen as a Luciferian agenda – for it works not to lock itself in form at cost of Soul, but to negate the very movement, vitality and vibration of Life in destruction and indeed oblivion. Many confuse oblivion with a fulfilment of getting RID of hated movement, but true balance in Life embraces and integrates within one’s own current experience. So THAT you feel as you do is true of you but those feelings don’t have to have access all areas to react out from an old imprint that separates from and then seeks control over.
      Maybe a bit ‘deep’ but so is pain and the causes of an inner conflictedness that is too easily scapegoated onto external situations.
      I feel to read you as having chosen to live in integrity rather than be part of dis-integrating. Every step helps – but it’s a way of life – a fundamental awakening and re-orientation. Keep singing your heart!

      • Another nut case heard from.

        • So you’ve essentially brought what you ‘got away from’ with you then? Exceptionalism and arrogance.
          You can do better than that.

          • That’s your biased, ignorant opinion. Talk about arrogance, you are the poster child for it.

            I am better than that. Too bad you’re too stupid to understand it.

          • Sarcasm is the sincerest form of flattery 😉
            Enjoy Waking Times

          • That was not sarcasm, it was a statement of observable facts. Too bad you’re too stupid to understand that, either.

          • Bald

    • BigSoph

      I am guessing by your spotty grammar (Engrish) that you are not an American at all but someone posting to show that Americans hate America too

      Try again, Mohammed/Ivan/Wong.Whatever your real name is

      • What spotty grammar? FYI, turd brain, I have been a professional writer for decades. I am guessing by your arrogant and unsupported criticism you think I am as dumb as you are and will accept what you say because that’s easier than thinking. I know it works for you but not for people with an IQ larger than their shoe size.

        As always with morons, you make unwarranted assumptions to satisfy your ignorant beliefs.

        I am an American and a veteran. I live in Brazil because I married a Brazilian woman. If I had not met Dora, I would have moved somewhere else anyway. Perhaps Holland where I had lived and worked before.

        There is nothing on this earth that can induce me to return to the former “land of the free” for any reason.

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          Professional cut and paster more like.

          • Now it’s “Dr” Dean? Bullshit. I’m calling you out. Prove anything you have ever posted is true. You hide behind more lies than anyone I have ever seen.

            Everyone, that $500 offer is real. Unlike this stain upon humanity, I am not afraid to prove who and where I am.

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          • Dr. Dean Fiddle

            The price is dropping, Jimbo. Are you low on cash? Have your nurse’s fees have increased? There are agencies that help aged folk.

        • Dr. Dean Fiddle


        • BigSoph

          This is why the USA is truly the “Great Satan” as the Muslims state. The country is disgusting and make[S] me ashamed to be an American.

          Why don’t I leave? Too late, I left long ago and will never enter the USA again under and[ANY] circumstance.

          My corrections to your perfect writer’s grammar are in [brackets]. I won’t even get into the horrific punctuation in your supercilious and vulgar response, except…

          As to your reference to ‘turd brain’, I can only say your eloquence and wit has cut me to the quick. I stand chastised and remorseful that my casting of aspersions on your precious integrity has ever been questioned. I apologize most sincerely, you are truly the better man.

        • Reading this jeed me up

        • Dr. Dean Fiddle


        • Dr. Dean Fiddle


  • vesey

    then the wonderful communist paradise should send out the mailing address of where to get the drug on the internet so that people worldwide that need it can have it. For free. Otherwise this article is so full of holes it’s ridiculous…….think people before you start running around like chickens with your head cut off………

  • Glenn Festog

    First: Vaccines work against germs or virus s (it is said), the above effects hormone production in the body. I believe this is part of “broadening” the term “vaccine” to include drugs that actually work; giving pro-vaccers “proof” to point to to further obfuscate the issue. “Well the lung cancer vaccine works; what’s your problem, you Luddite……”

  • xyz234

    So travel to Cuba if you need the vaccine. Go via Canada, the corrupt US govt need never know.

  • Three_60

    Aspartame: Approved
    Sodium Nitrate: Approved
    Glyphosate: Approved
    Endocrine Disruption: Approved
    Proven Cancer Vaccine: Not Approved.
    Ask your Rep. why. Make them say it.

  • Alabama Mothman

    My mom’s brother died of lung cancer. The US is nothing but a corrupt h3ll hole.

    • tonylocke

      I hope you follow suit, really soon.

  • overit

    Cuba would have been far better off just to announce it globally,
    and then sell it from cuba and make money for Cuba.
    as it is once it goes to uSSA it as stated will vanish
    or be so priced few can afford it.
    apart from the pharmas the medical mobster in chemo surgery n rad therapies would lose bucks
    cant have that!
    people have to suffer n die for them to make money..its how it all works
    the patient?
    ha theyre not important

  • Kubrickian

    Incredible article and the reason Cuba is over the top isolated from the rest of the world. In the name of JFK? Probably the last thing he would’ve ever wanted for a mountainous island a stones throw away from Florida. A state that rivals it’s size.

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