Vaccines, Mercury & Dirty Money – A Message From Robert Kennedy Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
, Guest
Waking Times

[Editors note: This column by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was rejected for publication by major newspapers. Mr. Kennedy published it in USA Today as a paid advertisement. Re-printed here in full.]

I am pro-vaccine. I had all of my six children vaccinated. I believe that vaccines save millions of lives. So let me explain why I edited the book “Thimerosal: Let The Science Speak,” which exposes the dangerous – and wholly unnecessary – use of the mercury-based preservative thimerosal in vaccines being given to millions of children and pregnant women here and around the world.

Vaccines are big business. Pharma is a trillion-dollar industry with vaccines accounting for $25 billion in annual sales. CDC’s decision to add a vaccine to the schedule can guarantee its manufacturer millions of customers and billions in revenue with minimal advertising or marketing costs and complete immunity from lawsuits. High stakes and the seamless marriage between Big Pharma and government agencies have spawned an opaque and crooked regulatory system. Merck, one of America’s leading vaccine outfits, is currently under investigation for deceiving FDA regulators about the effectiveness of its MMR vaccine. Two whistleblowers say Merck ginned up sham studies to maintain Merck’s MMR monopoly.

Big money has fueled the exponential expansion of CDC’s vaccine schedule since 1988, when Congress’ grant of immunity from lawsuits suddenly transformed vaccines into pay dirt. CDC recommended five pediatric vaccines when I was a boy in 1954. Today’s children cannot attend school without at least 56 doses of 14 vaccines by the time they’re 18.

An insatiable pharmaceutical industry has 271 new vaccines under development in CDC’s bureaucratic pipeline in hopes of boosting vaccine revenues to $100 billion by 2025. The industry’s principle spokesperson, Dr. Paul Offit, says that he believes children can take as many as 10,000 vaccines.

Public health may not be the sole driver of CDC decisions to mandate new vaccines. Four scathing federal studies, including two by Congress, one by the U.S. Senate, and one by the HHS Inspector General, paint CDC as a cesspool of corruption, mismanagement and dysfunction with alarming conflicts of interest suborning its research, regulatory and policymaking functions. CDC rules allow vaccine industry profiteers like Dr. Offit to serve on advisory boards that add new vaccines to the schedule. In a typical example, Offit in 1999 sat on the CDC’s vaccine advisory committee and voted to add the rotavirus vaccine to CDC’s schedule, paving the way for him to make a fortune on his own rotavirus vaccine. Offit and his business partners sold the royalties to his rotavirus vaccine patent to Merck in 2006 for $182 million. Offit told Newsweek, “It was like winning the lottery!”

A 2009 HHS Inspector General’s report found that the CDC certified financial disclosure forms with at least one omission for 97 percent of committee members – and most forms had more than one type of omission. The same report stated that as many as 64 percent of committee members had potential conflicts of interest that CDC did not identify or resolve before certifying their forms. In addition to lucrative business partnerships with Merck, Offit holds a $1.5 million research chair, funded by Merck, at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia. From this industry sinecure, he broadcasts vaccine industry propaganda and annually publishes books urging unlimited vaccinations and vilifying safe-vaccine advocates.

The corruption has also poisoned CDC’s immunization safety office, the research arm that tests vaccines for safety and efficacy. In August 2014, 17-year CDC veteran Dr. William Thompson, who is author of the principal study cited by CDC to exculpate mercury-preserved vaccines from the autism link, invoked whistleblower protection, and turned extensive agency files over to Congress. Thompson, who is still employed at CDC, says that for the past decade his superiors have pressured him and his fellow scientists to lie and manipulate data about the safety of the mercury-based preservative thimerosal to conceal its causative link to a suite of brain injuries, including autism.

Thimerosal is 50 percent ethylmercury, which is far more toxic and persistent in the brain than the highly regulated methylmercury in fish. Hundreds of peer-reviewed studies by leading government and university scientists show that thimerosal is a devastating brain poison linked to neurological disorders now epidemic in American children. My book, “Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak,” is a summary of these studies, which CDC and its credulous journalists swear don’t exist. Although Thompson’s CDC and vaccine industry colleagues have created nine patently fraudulent and thoroughly discredited epidemiological studies to defend thimerosal, no published study shows thimerosal to be safe.

The common canard that U.S. autism rates rose after drug makers removed most thimerosal from pediatric vaccines in 2003 is wrong. That same year, CDC added flu shots containing massive doses of thimerosal to the pediatric schedule. As a result, children today can get nearly as much mercury exposure as children did from all pediatric vaccines combined in the decade prior to 2003. Worse, thimerosal, for the first time, is being given to pregnant women in flu shots. Furthermore, CDC’s current autism numbers are for children born in 2002, when kids were still getting thimerosal in their pediatric vaccines. The best science suggests that thimerosal’s complete removal from vaccines is likely to prompt a significant decline in autism. For example, a 2013 CDC study in JAMA Pediatrics shows a 33 percent drop in autism spectrum disorder in Denmark following the 1992 removal of thimerosal from Danish vaccines. That paper is among 37 peer-reviewed studies linking thimerosal to the autism epidemic.

Thimerosal has precipitated a journalistic as well as a public health crisis. Big Pharma pumps over $3.5 billion annually into TV, newspapers and other advertising, targeting news departments, which have become vehicles for pharmaceutical sales and propaganda platforms for the industry. Television and print outlets feature spokespeople like Dr. Offit – without identifying their industry ties – while censoring criticisms of vaccine safety and excluding the voices of informed vaccine safety advocates. Busy journalists parrot the deceptive talking points dispensed by government and pharma officials rather than reading the science themselves. Unable to argue the science, they bully, pillory and demonize vaccine safety advocates as “anti-vax,” “anti-science” and far worse. The unwillingness of the press to scrutinize CDC has emboldened both industry and agency to follow the lowest paths of easy profit and bureaucratic preservation.

The measles scare was classic disaster capitalism, with media outlets dutifully stoking public hysteria on editorial pages and throughout the 24-hour broadcast cycle. With Dr. Offit leading the charge, CDC, drug makers and industry-funded front groups parlayed a garden variety annual measles outbreak into a national tidal wave of state legislation to ban religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions. The national media frenzy over 159 measles cases left little room for attention to the the autism cataclysm which has debilitated 1 million American children since the pandemic began in 1989, with 27,000 new cases annually. CDC refuses to call autism an “epidemic.” In defiance of hard science, and common sense, CDC and Offit have launched a denial campaign to gull reporters into believing the autism plague is an illusion created by better diagnosis.

Big Pharma is among the nation’s largest political donors, giving $31 million last year to national political candidates. It spends more on political lobbying than any other industry, $3 billion from 1998 to 2014 – double the amount spent by oil and gas and four times as much as defense and aerospace lobbyists. By February, state legislators in 36 states were pushing through over 100 new laws to end philosophical and religious vaccine exemptions. Many of those state lawmakers are also on the industry payroll. You can see how much money bill sponsors from your state took from Big Pharma on http://www.

Normally plaintiffs’ tort lawyers would provide a powerful check and balance to keep vaccines safe and effective and regulators and policymakers honest. But Pharma’s dirty money has bought the industry immunity from lawsuits for vaccine injury no matter how dangerous the product. An obliging Congress disposed of the Seventh Amendment right to jury trial, making it impossible for vaccine-injured plaintiffs to sue pharmaceutical companies for selling unsafe vaccines. That’s right! No class actions. No discovery. No depositions and little financial incentive for the industry to make vaccines safer.

Vaccine industry money has neutralized virtually all of the checks and balances that once stood between a rapacious pharmaceutical industry and our children. With the research, regulatory and policymaking agencies captured, the courts closed to the public, the lawyers disarmed, the politicians on retainer and the media subverted, there is no one left to stand between a greedy industry and vulnerable children, except parents. Now Big Pharma’s game plan is to remove parental informed consent rights from that equation and force vaccine-hesitant parents to inject their children with potentially risky vaccines the Supreme Court has called “unavoidably unsafe.”

Ending exemptions is premature until we have a functioning regulatory agency and a transparent process. The best way to insure full vaccine coverage is for the vaccine program to win back public trust by ending its corrupt financial ties with a profit-making industry.

To educate yourselves about CDC corruption and the truth about vaccine science, I hope you will read “Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak” and download the important movie “Trace Amounts” and insist your legislators watch it before voting on any of these bills.

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  • Jill

    Bravo, Robert Kennedy Jr.! The only thing I disagree with is the final statement about removing exemptions being premature until we have a functional regulatory agency and transparent process. Removing exemptions will never be appropriate, though we desperately need a functional regulatory agency and transparent process all the same. In a free society, Informed Consent exists. Period. Without (conscientious, philosophical, and religious) exemptions, there is no Informed Consent. “Consent” carries with it the complete freedom to refuse. Otherwise it’s coercion.

  • Pharmer

    Vaccines are dangerous and DO NOT WORK!!! Polio and smallpox epidemics occured where the most people were vaccinated. “”

  • janet

    I have a daughter who was one to have adverse effect from the MMR vaccine. I am a mom, not a scientist. I can not say if it was caused by mercury or the live vaccine itself. All I know is that she lost 90% of the platelets in her blood. This was at a time when she was learning to walk.. so bumps and falls became life threatening events because of internal bleeding. The pediatrician said it was not a rare occurrence and that if she did not recuperate on her own there were medications to help rebuild the platelets. It was terrifying for us both! She had to endure repeated pin pricks and blood tests and a mother who limited her every move towards independent mobility.
    The good result of a bad situation is that not only she did heal herself without medication being necessary but she actually has more than average platelet count now and heals from injury at a very fast rate.
    Like I said; I am a mom; not a scientist… but I cant help but wonder if all of this current world INSANITY is leading us into the new paradigm.. renewed platelet count for planet Earth and a faster healing rate. I don’t know. It’s just a thought.
    On the one hand this type of information makes me either weep or rage.. on the other hand I just wait and watch it play out as I feel fairly helpless to do anything about it except to hit ‘share’.

  • Marigold

    On the topic of vaccines and the state of the health of the nation in relation to kidneys you guys could do much worse than listen to John Bergman:

    This is the last generation!

  • Marigold

    Ha, Ha, very well put Raven. Like yourself a healthy dose of scepticism always keeps things real; based of course on experience and fact. Talking of controlled opposition; David Icke(a freemason) once admitted that he would not allow his children to be vaccinated. Why!

    Consider this information in an interesting post to a group of very well informed researchers:


    “Dear all,

    Before I begin, it’s hard to know exactly what the motives are, but it seems entirely possible that more anti vaccine doctors have disappeared or shown up dead up dead. Judge for yourselves!

    Meanwhile an anonymous correspondent wrote in the 14th July issue that “Immuno Biotech’s stated opinion that they believed that autism was caused by the MMR and other vaccines was based on a retracted paper published over 15 years ago by an author who has had his medical licence revoked as a result of this fraudulent research”

    To say that this is the basis of Immuno Biotech’s opinion is simply untrue. Half of the world, including Glaxo Smithkline, not to mention the recently departed Dr Bradstreet, has been saying that vaccines contribute to or cause autism and other conditions. Reportedly the MMR contains the live rubella virus, which was declared a cause of autism in 2002

    according to this, Glaxo Smithkline’s own report shows on page 626 that the infanrix hexa vaccine (most usually given to infants ) has caused autism and numerous other conditions

    and Merck, according to the first of the links in this email, (although I’ve not found the relevant quotes) also say that vaccinations are a cuase of autism.

    Courts in Italy and the USA have compensated families of autistic children having found that their autism was caused by vaccine

    and you can find much more through links on the site below and elsewhere. So to suggest that Immuno Biotech’s opinion is based on the claims of a retracted paper is a very strange allegation to have made. Almost certainly the correspondent is referring to the work of Dr Andrew Wakefield, and to say that it was retracted and his license was revoked and this research was fraudulent is far from the entire truth. Things have moved on since then.

    thanks M”

    Just to add, the mentality of some of those who rule over us belongs in the category of psychopathic, yet, whilst this is the case it is also the case that the dumb ‘sheeple’ for the past 100 yrs(at least) have not been awake to this at all. We can have all the so called conscious awakenings in the world, but it’s not enough if the shallow and popularity seeking numbskulls can’t get swallow their hurt and pride when they are confronted with a truth.

    I’m sorry, but the elites will win, are winning and will achieve their goals because we are too busy grazing on that fresh grass to hear the cattle truck pulling up to take us away.
    Survival means making sacrifices and it means getting real. Something I don’t see much from the commentators in here who think that being full of love and light will save them, i’m sorry it won’t, there’s not much time left.

    • Sarah

      Hi Marigold, I think you will find that David Icke is no more a Freemason than my cat! He is against the ‘elite’ and has been for over 25 years. I’ve followed him extensively since around 1997. Have you read any of his books?

      • Marigold

        I am British and I know very well what David Icke is up to. This is not an off-the-cuff remark. Ask him why he won’t talk publicly about Dr Judy Wood’s irrefutable 9/11 evidence! He won’t because this is not part of the agenda; to distract and time waste until the next DEW event.

    • Artemisia

      Marigold, I thought I was alone on this planet of compulsive and compulsory “positivity.” Everything you say makes so much sense (I’m not up to scratch with regard to David Icke though).
      Cognitive dissonance and cowardice is what’s holding the world back from standing up to the handful of those that rule.

  • Raven

    There are some glaring problems with this essay that cause me to believe Mr. Kennedy, as unfortunate heir in a family of doom, is playing the role of controlled opposition. MSM would not publish it for free, but they would as a paid advertisement, so only the wealthy are allowed to speak? It’s interesting that both he and Jim Carrey, two famous voices we are “allowed” to hear, both claim they believe in the efficacy of vaccines while claiming it’s just the mercury at issue, ergo, once that is easily remedied, vaccinate away. Mr. Kennedy claims that all his six children were vaccinated, so one would assume there are different vaccines for the elite versus the Rest of Us.

    • Sarah

      Hi Raven, I tend to have the same sense of cynicism as you with regard to Mr Kennedy. However, I rather think that if he said he was against vaccines per se, he would be ridiculed and persecuted to the point of 100% exclusion from any type of publicity. At least with him he is bringing the subject to some form of public ‘debate’. I do agree with you that I would like to investigate whether or not the ‘elite’ get any vaccinations at all and if they do, what is in them.

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