NASA Openly Admits Alien Life Exists: Get Ready for Disclosure

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Most people ‘in the know’ realize that NASA is just part of the military industrial complex, but a recent open admission on mainstream news that “there are indications of alien life” is likely the beginning of a bid to get your undivided attention before full-forced disclosure ensues.

Most people already believe what NASA Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan states:

“I think we’re going to have strong indications of life beyond Earth within a decade . . .I think we’re going to have definitive evidence within 20-30 years.”

It isn’t going to take that long if we open our eyes.

Stofan goes on to say:

“We’re on the verge of things that people have wondered about for millennia. Within all of our lifetimes we’re going to understand that there is life on other bodies in the solar system. We’re going to understand the implications of that for life here on Earth.”

What we’re going to understand is that our ‘secret’ government has been hiding this fact for ages. In an effort to transition the US and other countries through its reach to a cabal-run oligarchy, our shadow government has been lying about off-planet corporate slavery rings, alien abductions, benevolent beings who can only do so much until our collective consciousness elevates, and much, much more.

William Cooper, among others, tried to disclose the true purpose of NASA, but he was exterminated. His death, among thousands of others, will not be in vain.

We will learn that aside from extraterrestrial beings visiting our planet and many different ET races tinkering with our DNA over millenia, there are ancient humanoid races that are more than 10 million years old.

We will learn that a recent computer hacking retrieved millions of government and corporate personnel records, some say as part of documentation for Nuremburg-like trials, will begin soon against those who have mind-controlled, enslaved and tortured us. Undeniable photos of UFOs were also unearthed.

We will also learn that chemtrails and GMOs were the LEAST of plans made for us ‘sheeple’ and ‘useless eaters’ by a Luciferian cabal, and that President Harry Truman signed a document with certain ETs that allowed the ‘elite’ to conduct highly technological experiments with intelligence gained from these ETs in exchange for looking the other way when certain humans were abducted for ET experiments.

We will learn that we are not helpless, as we have been programmed to believe. We are, in fact, a rare humanoid race that has an incredible range of emotion and creative power. We will learn that our minds and emotions can either fuel chaos on this planet, or restore it to its rightful place of peace and cooperation, of care for others at least as much as ourselves.

We will learn that our ascension into infinitely peaceful beings is indeed possible, and it has been described in countless books, many of which have been suppressed along with UFO information.

NASA is telling us now that the likelihood of alien life is a ruse. Be sure to remember those who have been executed to try to prove this information to us decades ago, and to use discernment when the truth is finally revealed.

Here’s the full disclosure by William Cooper:

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Christina Sarich is a musician, yogi, humanitarian and freelance writer who channels many hours of studying Lao Tzu, Paramahansa Yogananda, Rob Brezny, Miles Davis, and Tom Robbins into interesting tidbits to help you Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and *See the Big Picture*. Her blog is Yoga for the New World . Her latest book is Pharma Sutra: Healing The Body And Mind Through The Art Of Yoga. Please reprint this article with attribution bio and all links in tact.

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  • Edgar Devere

    my boss was requiring NY DOS-1735-a earlier today and saw a document management site that has a lot of sample forms . If you need NY DOS-1735-a as well , here’s a

  • dbech

    Oh please…. “off planet corporate slavery rings” ? I guess you just have to be wired a certain way for paranoia and conspiracy theories…Sheesh, no talking sense to this group.
    You guys are really “out there”.

  • Lsiramen Herry

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  • Amy Seilnum

    Ezekiel 1;12 – “And they went every one straight forward; whither the spirit wanted to go, they went” Clearly what Ezekiel saw he understood to be both spiritual and physical. There is a spiritual realm we can not see – 1 Kings 17;17-20 we have a literal soul of that realm inside of our blood. Some sort of particles of light. Most likely;
    Spiritual = equal to or greater than the speed of light.
    Physical = less than the speed of light.
    Physicality is the mere clothing of spirituality; Adam and Eve were created fully clothed.
    The fruit gave them more physical knowledge, but hindered their spiritual knowledge.
    The devil comes not but to steal (knowledge) kill (the body) destroy (the soul)
    Because we ate the fruit, we can not change our clothes.
    Our clothes now need clothes, because, that’s as far as we have chosen to see.
    Don’t you dare believe for one second that the devil is going to give back to us, the very thing he stole from us.

  • Amy Seilnum

    “Evolve or die” will be the saying of the anti-Christs day; just put an electronic tattoo on your right hand or forehead, and your connected to a computer, everything about you, supposedly your consciousness and all, recorded and monitored, and if your about to die, then all transferred into another body… a cyborg body… but please don’t fall for it, for it would be the mark of the beast, the ultimate form of the devils ancient lie;
    Genesis 3;4.

  • Amy Seilnum

    The devil is a liar, aliens are the devils lie. Rev 13;6 The truth is that the children of God will inherit all things and reign forever. Rev 2;26-28 Rev 21;7-8, Rev 22;3-5
    Not one word of Psalm 19 is mistaken or false in any way shape or form.
    The final anti-Christ will come claiming to be;
    1. The messiah the Jews have been waiting for.
    2. A humanoid alien from the supposed planet that “evolved” first.
    Please don’t fall for his lies.
    What will be taking place is Rev 13;6 and Daniel 2;43.
    Note Acts 23;8, the final anti-Christ comes to entertain those same misguided beliefs.

  • Jeff Kramer

    If one believes in the Big Bang theory, then one must recognize that age difference between that of the earth, the solar system and the universe, greatly differ in years, billions of years in fact. The earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old, the Milky way approximately 13.8 billion years and that is the only known, what lies beyond no on knows for sure. To assume given the age gap that technology is the same would be a mistake. Star Trek may be reality the further one goes toward the center. Our form of communication may be so obsolete to other life forms… Its is interesting to think of the possibilities, but not in my life time.

    • Steve Bakewell

      I’m pretty sure there are some technological roadblocks that can never been passed and even if they were we would’ve seen them by now.

  • Uselesseater

    They are just now figuring this out.. They should of gave me all that money .. Been seeing beam ships for years.. All they had to do was talk to BM..

  • chris r.

    “When we know for sure that our solar system is barren.” What kind of freaking nonsense. You mean, “when we know for sure NOTHING about our solar system because we haven’t been out there yet!!” wouold be a better thing to say. Hey, you been somewhere lately that nobody else has? I understand there isnt any proof, but that was a blind statement knowing that our solar system is barren. What? Nonsense. I also know for sure that there are no whales in the ocean because the cup I dipped in the water doesnt have any whales in it. Come on now. When we know for sure that our solar system is barren. We cant even get past Mars fool.

  • lel if NASA & Govt never wants us to knowabout the aliens then if a normal human if ever visits or encounter one of the alien should never say anything to the govt or NASA.
    payback biaatch!

  • Arnold Rimmer

    Look up this video “NASA admits orbs exist”. They already admitted there are strange spherical objects that they say they don’t understand or know what they are but that fly out in space and near the ground on Earth. I know this to be fact as I’ve been very close to the objects I call “animated spheres” before.

    When you see a strange craft or object, you’ll always be told, “Maybe it’s just a drone, or some military project.”, but floating balls of energy is an entirely different matter. These I saw looked like seven miniature suns (about three feet in diameter) floating in single file formation, at about 10 mph and only 60 ft up in the air, going straight North.

  • Disvox

    Everyone knows about the non-humans. I’ve been waiting to hear about it for 50 years. Get on with it.

  • Steven

    What a bunch of nonsense. And I believe in ET’s before the haters start flaming me.

  • fairportfan

    Actually, daVinci’s ornithopter could never fly.

    • lisofby

      that theory was proved incorrect in recent years. da vinci was brilliant. that’s why he was a vegetarian, like all the great philosophers and minds.

      • fairportfan

        Not as designed – power-to-weight ratio would be way too low.

        Can you provide a link? And one to support the assertion he was a vegetarian?

  • Tushar


  • Rath Bone

    I am sorry but this is just standard NASA operation of moving the goalposts ever further into the future.

    NASA is not going to disclose anything significant about their little national scam, the money is too good.

    Don’t look now, but we have made such progress that all our photos of the planets in our solar system look like they have been taken in the 19th century.

    We don’t want to make it appear like we don’t need many more billions to “further astronomical science”, now do we?

    • Greyman

      I really don’t understand people. Ufo reports dating back 100,000 years, till present day. Massive ancient air battles described in great detail. Holy books fuelling popular Christian, Jewish, belief’s that read like an alien encyclopedic time line. scientist’s, astronaut’s, pilots, ex-military, ex-navy, and thousand’s of civilian cases proven to have happened.

      All this, and a truck load more, and people still deny ufo existence. Its so in your face obvious, and 90% of people still deny alien’s are amoung us.
      I’ve lost all faith in humanity, and i’m ashamed to be part of it.

      • lisofby

        although i agree with much of what you wrote, try to understand that you are mistaking a group in one place, at one time for humanity. if you see a few vicious dogs, that doesn’t mean all dogs are vicious. you only know humans from earth, now. in the future, even they will be purified. meanwhile there are humans, in many places, and they are good, if you are, then realise, you are not alone.

      • Jimmy Hoffa

        yes but our science has no explaination. without explaination it is not happening. do you really want to go back to the days where priests read tea leaves and rule who is and isn’t a witch along with the burnings at the stake. that’s what happens as a result of relying. niether way is good but the current way is better. we cannot decipher that which we don’t have any hope of understanding. if we don’t collectively deny it, we will end up worshiping it and giving power back to the mystics. i don’t know about you but i don’t want those guys to ever be in power again. i know you’re probably going to have a million righteous rebuttals. if you go down that path in response, all you will have done is confirm that you didn’t really read, understand and think about what i’m saying.

    • Gordon

      Ellen Stofan states……..“I think we’re going to have strong indications of life beyond Earth within a decade . . .I think we’re going to have definitive evidence within 20-30 years.”

      Since when did someone thinking something become a definite statement that there is alien life out there? She was saying she thinks there will be a possibility.This article has totally misrepresented the words of this woman. I believe there is a possibility but I certainly do not believe that NASA are going to make any statement saying there definitely is. Dont be a moron and believe that article. Its all obviously rubbish if you read it properly.

      • Jeff Kramer

        Come now. A good conspiracy theorist would revel in this article. The coming of the second Great Depression grows near. It will be followed by a limited Third World War that will purge the globe of the undesirables and then the New World Order will take its place and the secrets of our technological advances will be revealed. (Its as good as the story)

  • samantha

    Dr Steven Greer disclosed the truth about alien existence in early 2000’s. Why would his disclosure to the public be any less authentic than NASA. Don’t wait for NASA]s truth, look up Dr Steven Greer and the disclosure project. His actions have forced governments to finally act. The information you get from NASA will be a water down manipulated version of the truth.

  • Bev

    I truly believe that aliens, are here, the government, don’t want to disclose it……Millions of people all over the world, saw UFO sightings, I know ancient aliens came and built Pyamids all over the world….People back in the day, didn’t have any heavy duty machinery to lift tons and tons of rock to make these pyramids….Even now men that have the machinery, can’t understand how they built all of them…..If people have an open mind, than they could see what’s going on…..I watch it on the History Channel, check it out, it’s amazing what you will see for yourself.Just like I did….Thank You….Bev

    • Whit

      You REALLY like comma’s.

      • deazul

        lol, nice apostrophe there, guy.

    • Russell Brown

      I truly believe that aliens, are here, the government,

      You are the victim of a CIA psyops.

  • xAnonymous

    More/ Find The.Luciferian.Doctrine.pdf

    • Anonymous

      It says the file is damaged..

  • A critical analysis of the ‘Ancient Alien’ theory…..

    Throughout recorded history, and in our ancient past there are witnessed, photographed, documented or bone fragment-fossil remains from at least 23 distinctly different hominid-hominin body types. There also exist thousands of drawings, paintings, cave art, artifacts, weavings, figurines, frescoes and pottery depicting so-called ‘astronaut’ images and some form of ‘saucer like’ or other aerial or ‘flying’ craft.

    Myths and legends abound from nearly all cultures around the world of ‘visitors’ that arrived ‘from the sky’ in some kind of aerial vehicle-craft, where they then proceeded to develop and teach agriculture, water management and other civilizing technologies to the locals, following which they abruptly departed in their ‘aerial’ vehicles, promising to return at some future or later date.

    In the 1950’s, Immanuel Velikovsky, Charles Hapgood, and others began to propose a chaotic, cataclysmic Earth, with short duration stable periods, followed by Near Extinction Level (ELE) catastrophic events which ‘wiped out’ or nearly destroyed the biological envelope of the earth. Shortly after that period, Zachariah Sitchin and Erich von Däniken grouped some of the various theories into an “Ancient Astronaut” theory.

    In the last several years, certain protagonists, and particularly Von Däniken’s hiresute assistant, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos have developed a collected hypothesis based on much of the above artifacts and associated myths and legends that meld the sightings, representations and artifacts depicting ‘crafts’ and ‘occupants’ into a polyglot ‘ANCIENT ALIEN’ theory. In addition, super-imposed over the Alien theory is an enormous umbrella ‘conspiracy theory’ that the Government “knows all about it, and is in fact “covering everything up.

    What makes the ‘Ancient Alien theory so scary, is that like any faith based ‘religion’, it is predicated on a stunning lack of evidence (hard artifacts) of either hominin or craft, let alone the first shred of proof of exactly where in the Galaxy, Universe or Multi-Verse these so-called ‘Aliens’ came from.

    Whatever, or whoever “They” are, like every other species on Earth, “They” are more likely rather than less likely to be part of the fabric of all carbon based life forms indigenous to this planet. It’s a little audacious, and not very scientific to single out one species and assign it a potential or possible non-terrestrial origin. Because, from what we know currently, the Starchild skull and the elongated skulls are more likely, rather than less likely to share some part of their DNA with other hominids and other carbon based life forms on the planet.

    That makes it very likely “They” are FROM this planet, and not from somewhere else out there in the Galaxy or Universe. Every single piece of information associated with “Their” various body types can be explained in terms of being an Original Terrestrial life form, easier than saying “They” are from somewhere ‘out there’. Please note that I never allude to the fact that ‘they’ might have gone out there somewhere, and then returned here to Earth (their home planet), or that some may still be “out there.” All those scenarios are possible, but not necessarily probable. Previous populations on this planet of all kinds of families of carbon based life forms have produced divergent and splendid panoply of variation in their family linage during particular short, shorter, and longer ‘Epochs’. (Or periods between ‘catastrophes’).

    The point was, and is….that some Earth based hominin group in one of the Epochs in the not so distant past had the capabilities of space travel. At least historical references seems to attest to that as a fact, as well as very clear reference to space travel in the Book of Enoch, The Sanskrit Epics, (Mahabharata and Ramayana) and the many other depictions of craft and occupants throughout history also attest to that fact. Because those ‘testaments’ exist, does not mean necessarily that either the craft or occupants are originally “FROM” out there somewhere else in the galaxy or universe. It was and is much more realistic to refer to unknown ‘Other Terrestrials’ as ‘Ancient Astronauts” than it is to call them “Aliens” or “Extraterrestrials.”
    “They” have significant DNA matches to other living organisms on Earth, which logically means “They” are more likely to be FROM here, than they are to be FROM somewhere ‘out there’. If there were a single piece of hard evidence of any kind, that could ONLY have come from some other environment than our Solar System and/or Earth, then I might listen to an argument that accounted for that particular piece of evidence, and then I would still argue that it is just as likely that the OT’s (Other Terres-trials) traveled OUT to that location, got the artifact and then returned.

    This Earth is just as likely to be their home base, with bases on the Moon, and Mars as any other scenario. The idea that ‘They’ had more time to evolve somewhere out there in space doesn’t meet the facts of our own growth as a civilization. Where is any proof of how long it takes a cultural group to attain space flight? We are the only example there is, (that we know about) and we went from burning people at the stake for their religious beliefs, to putting men on the Moon and then bringing them back safely is something around 250 years. It just didn’t take us very long to go from making fire with a couple of sticks to listening to Peter Jennings on the Evening News.

    Why any other Hominin group or culture couldn’t do it is just rhetoric. It is a proven fact that it can be done, (because WE have done it,) so it is more likely, rather than less likely that BECAUSE it has been done is our recent past it most certainly could have been done in some pre-cataclysmic ancient past.

    The deepest natural resource (oil exploration) core drills go down about 55,000 feet. They all demonstrate layers that have random and often alternate patterns of material. Sandstone for several feet, then slate, or limestone, then sandstone, then silicate, then sandstone, then limestone, etc. Most layers average about 14 foot deep, or geologically speaking, give, or take, about 7,000 years.

    One is nearly 250 foot deep (red sandstone) representing nearly 120,000 years, though many are 2-5 feet deep. For the global surface to change from limestone (ocean bottom) to sandstone (Land) requires a catastrophic event that often was probably very close to an extinction level event. A good example is the Mt. Tubo event about 74,000 years ago. Molecular Biologists agree that the Human Genome Pool was narrowed down to about 5,000 breeding pairs of Homo sapiens at that time. What that evidence suggests is that every hominin culture that has grown into a full civilization has done so in one of the periods between cataclysms. And like us, in a fairly short period of time.

    If one of those cultures obtained interstellar space flight, as we are on the edge of doing, putting contingents of the culture into space to avoid a coming catastrophic event is not only logical but almost certainly true. Once living off planet for any length of time, one to two thousand years, their morphology would change to something different (in a weightless environment), and if the catastrophic event changed the electrostatic field of earth enough that it caused super giant plant and land animals to go extinct, then the OT’s probably stayed out there (Moon, Mars or other space Base) for a very long time after the deluge.
    And they probably haven’t completely adjusted to the current electrostatic field density (the current construct of ‘gravity’) on this, their home planet.

    And last, the OT’s do in fact share some DNA with other carbon based life forms on Earth. We have good DNA samples from both the Starchild and the Elongated Skulls. They both share some common DNA with other hominids as well as most other life forms. Note I said some. I am not advocating they are any closer to ‘Human’ than they are to a sea cucumber. They share some of the same DNA. That is what makes them more likely, rather than less likely to be part of the biological fabric of this planet.

    Hominids are a very tiny percent of the carbon based life forms on earth. The OT’s (based on the Starchild and Paracas Skulls DNA) share a significant portion of their DNA with ALL other life forms on this planet, which means it is more likely, rather than less likely that ‘they’ are an intrinsic part of the fabric of that biology. It is much more ‘fantastical’ to postulate “They” came from somewhere far-far away to Earth just to find they are a near perfect match to terrestrial DNA, than it is to recognize “They” are much more likely to be an intrinsic part of the fabric of carbon based life forms of this planet, than any other postulate.

    To clarify my thoughts on the machine code nature of terrestrial DNA; There are two parts to DNA. One is what used to be termed ‘junk’ DNA which is understood as NOT having strings of ‘active’ or ‘functioning’ code, which now are understood as possibly being the ‘instruction set’, that when activated, defines the ‘blueprint design’ of the ‘replicate shell” or body, or chromosome structure and produces (outputs) the code as a physical form, The DNA of that body contains the ‘instructions’ to replicate itself in its original environment, and that is the DNA that we can copy, duplicate, ‘read’ and analyze. The DNA at that level is environmentally specific, and so would vary widely from one biological environment to another. (As it does here on Earth).

    The master instruction set (to build or blueprint the specific chromosomes design) would be universal, but the result would be specific to a particular environment. So, if that scenario is true, I see no logical reason to assume any replicant carbon based life form (body) from any other system in the Galaxy or Universe to have any similarities at all to those from our planet.

    Only by some astronomically rare set of circumstances would the two even be remotely related. The only scenario I could even imagine is if the x-planet was “exactly” like Earth in all aspects, meaning Lithosphere, Biosphere, Density, G force, etc. Any change in ‘G’ force, with a change in the chemistry would radically alter life forms in ways we can hardly imagine.

    There is a distinct relationship between all carbon based life form’s DNA on this planet, where the similarities in both design and structure as well as what appears to be identical strings of DNA suggest a direct link between humans, hominids, hominins and the entire panoply of flora and fauna, both past and present.

    We share somewhere around 97% of our DNA with Chimpanzees, 94% with great apes, and well over 50% with a sea cucumber. We share less with the DNA of the Starchild. But that is for another argument. Why ‘interventionists’ insist of calling hominins ‘extraterrestrial’ when every sighting every recorded shows creatures and their craft as being ‘here’ (on Earth, the Moon and probably Mars) That could, or might make them ‘Other Terrestrials’. They are here as evidenced by tens of thousands of eye witnesses, tens of thousands of photographs, drawings, depictions, representations of craft and occupants. The “Other Terrestrials” or “OT’s” have 5-6 generally different body or exoskeleton shapes and sizes, they travel in craft that have 3-4 general shapes, and exhibit 3-4 specific non-gravitational characteristics including various degrees of transparency, including instantaneous visibility and invisibility. Craft also travel at incredible speeds, make right angle or reverse direction hi speed turns and appear and disappear on radar and other tracking devices instantaneously.

    They reportedly have been observed in some limited form on or near the moon, but that fact does not make them any more ‘extraterrestrial’ than a moon rover, other than the significant similarities.

    To speculate on where “They” are from is as meaningless as attributing any “purpose or meaning” to their observed behavior. At best we can document and categorize what is observed. The preponderance of evidence will eventually lead to some general conclusions, the most obvious being that craft behavior suggests some form of anti-gravity control, likely to be artifacts of an electrostatic field ‘envelope’, (actually, Los Alamos NL Scientists know that to a degree of near certainty).

    The above demonstrates that observed phenomenon of “Other Terrestrials” are in fact elements of actual dimensional craft and occupants, that they have been here as long as recorded history exists, and likely far into the pre-historic past. That, however does NOT support that “They” are “Extraterrestrial” or from somewhere else in the galaxy or universe.

    Without speculation or guesswork, “They” are “Other” and/or possibly “Unknown” terrestrials. If “They” share DNA with ALL of Earth’s flora and fauna, then “They” ARE from here. This is the most logical conclusion, based on the known facts. And it is the fundamental reason I don’t think so called ‘Aliens’ ever existed ‘Out There’ somewhere else first.

    The odds are astronomical against a biological envelope existing out there on some other planet in this or some other Galaxy, that matches exactly our environment, and THEN that environment producing a near identical body replicant of an Earth Hominid with DNA that matches ours, at least close enough to hybridize both. It is completely outside my realm of reference to even contemplate.

    Not only do I not think it happened, I don’t even think it possible. That statement however, does NOT suggest that I do not think other Carbon Based Life Forms exist out there somewhere in the multiverse. It is highly probable and almost statistically certain that they do. Because life as we know it is based primarily on the number one and number three most prevalent atoms in the known Universe, which are Carbon and Oxygen. And those are, as any 6th Grade science student knows, the atoms that when combined, make up a molecule of Water. It follows that if Carbon Based Life Forms are made up primarily from Carbon and Oxygen (Water) and those are in the top three of the most prevalent atoms in the Universe, then it is almost a statistical certainty that those atoms have formed molecules of water throughout the universe in every imaginable or conceivable environment.

    If carbon based life forms are a statistical certainty based on their universal water based nature, that does NOT mean they necessarily are composed of DNA strings as the building blocks of their life form, nor does it mean they would necessarily have any resemblance in any way to carbon based life forms here on earth. That being said, NOTHING is impossible, but some things are closer to impossible than just being improbable. The concept of extraterrestrial hominins is about as impossible as anything that is simply improbable can be.

    • Henry

      Your reasoning about these hominid “aliens” having a terrestrial origin make a lot of sense.

      But any 6th grade science student ought to know that carbon and oxygen atoms combined does not result in a molecule of water but a molecule of carbon dioxide (CO2) or carbon monoxide (CO). Water is made of two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom (H2O)

    • Not only is your hypothesis too far fetched, and too long to read in a ‘discussion’, but it’s full of holes! You offer nothing we don’t already know – theories, possibilities, concepts…. come back when you have something new to offer.

    • Arnold Rimmer

      While you hypothesize though, some of us have had direct proof with our own eyes that this stuff exists. You’ll never get the answers until you go outside a lot and “get lucky” with a sighting of your own. When it happens, it’ll change you and you’ll try to reconcile what you see with what you’re told that aliens are just in movies and that a government wouldn’t cover something like that up. Well in that case, I would know about something the government doesn’t and I just see that as highly, highly unlikely.

      • Amy Seilnum

        Daniel 2;43 explains what is going on; demons (beings from the spiritual realm that have disobeyed and chosen to interact physically. Spiritual = equal to or greater than the speed of light. Physical = less than the speed of light) mating/mixing with humans, this time, in an effort to get the public to believe in aliens from outer-space..
        Revelation 13;6 specifically predicts such blaspheme.

        I hope the following math stays with you;
        Area 51…
        Matthew 24 has 51 verses.
        Matt 24;27(24+27=51) “As the lightning…:
        Luke 12;39(12+39 = 51) “if the goodman had known what hour..”
        Luke 17;34(17+34=51) “in that night.. one taken… one left…”
        1st Corinthians 15;51 to 58.
        Rev 2;13 to 3;22 let 2;13 be 2013 and count up till when Christ stops talking…. 2051.
        Leviticus 25;10 “ye shall hallow the fiftieth year”
        Jeremiah 51;51 “strangers are come into the holy places of the Lord”
        ….It is most likely… 2051 during which the abomination of desolation will be placed, inside the holy place (Matt 24;15) … standing where it ought not (Mark 13;14)

        The person in charge of the abomination will most likely be claiming to be 1. the messiah the Jews have been waiting for 2. a humanoid alien from the supposed planet that “evolved” first. Please don’t fall for his lies.

        The devil is a liar, aliens are the devils lie.
        The truth is that the children of God will inherit all things and reign forever. Rev 2;26-28, Rev 21;7-8. Rev 22;3-5

        • Arnold Rimmer

          Lol. You’re really reaching and hoping your beliefs aren’t in vain, apparently.

          There are hundreds of billions of stars in our galaxy alone. Alien life is a certainty, and a civilization with a thousand or more years start against ours would be available of amazing feats, such as inter-stellar travel. Why not throw out the primitive bunk ideas telling you everything that the bible and Christianity can’t answer are demons? How someone could be swayed to believe something so ludicrous like everything outside this planet being demons really makes me lose most of my faith in humanity. Use your brain and have some discernment.

          Religion is the “devil” and the liar. Religion is a tool used to coerce people into a docile, subservient state. I can’t wait till such nonsense is just a bad memory.

    • lisofby

      your article is very long, and a bit pompous, sorry. also i don’t see why you assume that the terrestrials or not, originated here (seems limited, and for some reason, it may please you, but that doesn’t make it true). and i don’t know why you made your last last premise. what if the universe is made of lots of worlds/ systems, that come into being because of a build up of energy, and then go out of existence, the same way, and it has nothing to do, necessarily with anything you think of as earth.

    • Steve

      So long… I gotta read all that?

    • tjm

      “”What makes the ‘Ancient Alien theory so scary, is that like any faith
      based ‘religion’, it is predicated on a stunning lack of evidence (hard
      artifacts) of either hominin or craft, let alone the first shred of
      proof of exactly where in the Galaxy, Universe or Multi-Verse these
      so-called ‘Aliens’ came from.””

      I love that you made this statement. While I do fall on the bandwagon of “believers” in the extra and interdimensional beings I do so on the “assumption” that its more tangible. When I think of ( and take this with a grain of salt ) that their a billions of people on this planet that think their is a place they go when they die good or bad based on “faith” that scares me. That they think that because of some code of ethics their faith has established scares me. Even more scary is that each faith thinks they are correct and the others are wrong.

      So lets define what faith is.

      Faith: Is the voluntary suspension of critical thinking. ( In other words ignoring logical thought processes based on evidence to come to a conclusion that neglects established facts. )

      Reading what you wrote “clicked” that part of my brain that gave me doubt to my previous assumptions. That being said who is suspending their critical thinking in this case? The people who are wrapping them selves in a warm blanket of faith in god who is watching them, protecting them and has a plan for them or those who are daring to expose their faith in abyss of the unknown, science and logic.

      I am having all kinds of thoughts as I write this post and thats the best part, you have provided a thought provoking argument. For that I commend you and hope you continue.

  • anders

    The working man’s Drake equation

    Let’s make a series of predictions that tell us how likely it is that aliens will soon walk among us (a sort of Drake equation-but more intuitive).
    Necessary conditions for ‘full disclosure’:
    1. Space-faring aliens exist in our galaxy
    2. …and it is possible for them to travel FTL
    3. ..and they have located our planet among many hundreds of billions of planets
    4. …and they want to visit
    5. …and they allow the US government to keep them hidden for ‘a century’ in exchange for…. …sexually molesting abductees (??!?)
    6. ..and this secrecy will change because of….. Dr Steven Greer/public pressure, or…

    If we assign the following probabilities to theabove:
    1. Exist -50%
    2. FTL – 5%
    3. Found us – 10%
    4. Want to visit – 5%
    5. US Gov controlled – 1%
    6. Change their minds – 10%
    ….then the probability of a UFO Disclosure scenario is 0.00001% (one hundred-thousandth of a percent)
    Even if each item had a 50% probability it would still only leave a 1.5% chance of Disclosure
    What would YOUR estimates (and Disclosure probability) be?

    • lisofby

      where do you get “exist” -50%? it isn’t boy/ girl. you have to think how many planets and systems that we know of, and how weird would it be if this is the only planet, and if there are sophisticated populations, which i’m sure there are, that they may want to see all the animals that are here, and plant species too. disclosure would be based on a need to know basis. and just look at the leap in technology in the last 50-100 years. we went from a feudal system that hard largely not changed for 1000s of years, and now you have an iPhone and jets, bombs, electronic everything…

  • abinico warez

    I would just like to point out the reality regarding alien technology. We would have absolutely no more success at imitating alien technology than Leonardo Da Vinci would have in recreating an F-16 fighter – hell, Da Vinci couldn’t have even recreated the Wright brothers first plane!

  • Herbert Dorsey

    Full disclosure is certainly on the way. The black projects will have light shown on them. The beginning of this disclosure is described in the book “Secret Science and the Secret Space program”:

    • abinico warez

      Don’t get all excited that NASA will march out a bunch of 4 foot, silver clad, black eyed aliens. The disclosure I can guarantee you will be alien microbes or possibly even simpler virus like structures.

      • lisofby

        or even less, water atoms.

  • hp

    They’ve also discovered “the missing link” between apes and human beings.

    It’s called man.

    • Anonymous

      somebody is a feminazi! go crawl up your own vagina and celebrate being a cunt

      • lisofby

        you sound like a psycho rapist from way back. hope you don’t believe in reincarnation. because we know what you will come back as.

  • Lars

    You start out the article quoting NASA that “there are indications of alien life” and suggest we should be ready for a full disclosure. You don’t reference that quote anywhere. SO WHERE IS IT? Then you DO quote Stofen who only says that we will probably have evidence in a decade or two. Then you end up saying that NASA is telling us NOW that the likelihood of alien life is a ruse.

    So which is it? You are either a very poor writer or you’re selling something. Click click click.

    • other101

      Just quit being selfish with the technologies that can help humans right here and right now.

      Currency and Profit is so outdated. Start dealing with the common folks and quit making back room deals with the ones that think they are leaders.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like the same story I’ve heard endless times before. I’m waiting for the placebos and other snake oil cures to pop up.

      • Anonymous

        fak of

  • Not An Idiot

    What a stupid article full of hearsay and fabrication. The author belongs in a looney bin. More infotainments for the idiots among us. These sort of articles are intended to distract, divide and deceive people. Read the other comments posted by followers of these lies and deceptions. More proof of nothing but imagination, fabrication and a desire to be noticed. There is not a shred of credible evidence supporting any of the allegations made.

    I knew Cooper by the way. He is not the man most of you claim he is (in death). Nor was he ‘exterminated’. Read some fucking history you fools.

    • Rob

      You knew cooper? How? Now the burden of proof is on you and it better be good

  • Wow, et may exist. How exciting! And all this time you.. nasa, and seti, astronomers and Govts have been telling us.. no such thing.

    Yet.. Millions have opened the Billy Meier site, and read The Pleiadian Mission by US psychologist Randolph Winters, based on the Meier’s 70+ years ongoing et contacts in Switzerland. Many here share common ancestry with this et race, descended from an ancient race from the Lyra Constellation, sun Vega. This group of et claim to be 2,500- 3,500 years ahead of us in tech, medicine and knowledge The Creational Laws. They have given us 1000s of pages of data!

    They live 500 light years distant in the Taurus Constellation, sun Taygeta, on 4 inhabited planets, in a slightly different ‘time’. They take 7 hours to get here in their own ships, but have a new ship on loan from friends in the Dal parallel Universe that gets here in a millionth of a second. That is the ‘Wedding Cake’ shaped Ship, as noted on close-up photos on still and cine film, (pre-photoshop). 100 of Meier’s close up film photos have been analysed by JPL and found to be genuine! The Dals also gave them the tech for their ‘big spacer’, 10 miles in diameter, fully self contained and with a crew of 144K.

    We als oleart that humankind in this Dern Universe has a history of nearly 100 billion years, in this Great Time, a Great Time being 311.04 trillion years.

    • Henry

      Yeah I read and it’s a bunch of idiotic horse poop.

      And a ship that needs a crew of 144,000? How many different directions does that ship need to fly at the same time? Have they never heard of automation? I suppose the 144,000 crew members consist mostly of switch jockeys in each section of the ship, keeping an eye on a thermometer and switching a heater on or off as needed to keep the temperature within +/- 5 degrees of the desired temperature.
      Here on earth we conquered that problem long ago when we invented the thermostat!
      And I suppose most of the rest of the crew are there to clean the 568,000 toilets for the travellers on board.
      Then of course there are the 5,000 captains in groups of 100, who captain the ship by committee to give 100 opinions as to what the next course of action should be. The Dals are obsessive-compulsive about redundancy, so they have made sure there are 50 such groups of 100 captains, with 1 group being active and the other 49 on standby. In case anything happens to disable group #1, then group #2 springs into action. If group #2 is brought down by a case of Malutsian diarrhea or Klapoistonic fish food poisoning, then there’s always group #3 to fall back on, and so forth, with 50 groups giving a 99.999999999% certainty that the ship will always have a committee of 100 captains to direct it. Non-active captains spend their time playing sudoku and inventing useless crap stories to feed unsuspecting civilisations in the ship’s wake.
      The 100 billion years figure was actually the point on the ship’s odometer when it was *supposed* to be returned to the dealer for its major maintenance inspection and service, while the 311.04 trillion years figure is the actual odometer reading since the last maintenance inspection. The massively overdue maintenance problem is because the Dals are actually descended from the Scots on Terra Sol 3 (aka Earth) who were always known to be extremely frugal on “unnecessary expenses” and felt that a couple of di-lithium crystals dissolved in a quart of goat’s milk mixed with baby oil could solve just about any engineering problem.

      I think that makes just about as much sense as the comment above.

  • Park

    Very interesting piece. You may like to read the “The UFO Smokescreen – Operation Clampdown” at the News Scouter:

  • Wabisabi

    What is the math that “intelligent” life or life more intelligent than our own exists elsewhere? Regardless of whatever number you choose to use, the odds that our planet is #1 is exactly the same as every other planet out there.

    • lisofby

      not wanting to be annoying, but the conditions on this planet vary greatly from say, antarctica, to indonesia. it is the same out there. some planets could have systems of life that do not require oxygen, that can take larger or smaller heat tolerances. they don’t have to be just like this one, unless the life forms are similar to the array here. we don’t know what chemical and mineral compositions are out there, and who or what gets along with it.the chances that we are number 1 are close to zero. this seems to be a remote area of the universe, and we earth beings seem to be alone here, except for a few stragglers maybe.

  • Emily Windsor-Cragg

    He has not stated what is true: We ALREADY HAVE PROOF.

    He’s not talking about Treaties the Government has signed.

    He’s not talking about Alien co-workers at underground facilities.

    He’s not talking about discoveries in space, what’s happening with respect to our now-solar-cluster configuration.

    He’s not correcting past errors in NASA public relations.

    Therefore, he has disclosed absolutely nothing, simply making another empty speculation, as Scientistic dogmatists always do, to evade talking about what is literally true.


    • Eratimus

      You can not say that something is TRUE with out real solid evidence. Secondly, what he is talking about are missions to specific objects in our solar system that with other analysis give strong evidense of possible life. This includes Europa, a moon of Jupiter covered in Ice with a liquid ocean beneath it where there are missions underway to explore for life. Also, the surface of Titan, biggest moon of Saturn is very similar to our primoridal earth where the amino acids formed the first life.

      He isnt talking about a TRUTH the government is hiding, and will eventually reveal. He is talking about future missions that could show other life. What he shouldnt be saying is that it is guaranteed, as in the big scheme of things, we DONT KNOW whether this life WILL be found. Just because we found liquid water on Mars, doesnt mean there was/is life…until we find the evidence for it.

  • Anonymous

    Um, life doesn’t necessarily mean intelligent life.

    • karl

      true! just look at all the non intellegent lifeforms on our own planet who are stupid enough to think man could be the most intelligent species out of over 400 billion stars and their respective planets.

  • karl

    governments lie, disclosure will be a reason to instill some more lies. who needs disclosure? we know what we know!

  • Mike

    This is a FAR cry from NASA openly admitting that alien life exists. People tend to twist words into what they want to say, instead of what the words REALLY say.

  • Smokey

    Of course there is life on other planets, but as for them being able to travel to our planet, that is up for debate

  • Sharon

    How many believe this? really? President Harry Truman signed documents allowing kidnapping, experimentation, and intergalactic slave trading? If you believe this you deserve to an intergalactic slave that endures medical experimentation…maybe they will figure out what is wrong with your brain cause it is malfunctioning.

    • Eudoxia

      Nobody who is capable of intelligent research and critical thinking needs to believe anything. Unfortunately we live in a society where these qualities are rare amongst the population where 90% willfully choose to sit in front of the TV to get their scheduled programming which is in actuality subliminal programing and mind control designed to keep the sheep in the pen.

      We have long gone past being a nescient society meaning in lieu of available information to a totally pig ignorant society of morons who sit in willful ignorance when plenty of information is freely available for those who chose to spend their time wisely and who do not suffer from intellectual and spiritual bankruptcy.

      Disclosure has in fact actually happened, it just didn’t make it into main stream media for a reason. To ensure we have a society of useless morons who believe any lie their felonous talking heads on TV report to them ad infinitim.

      All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
      Arthur Schopenhauer
      German philosopher (1788 – 1860)

      It has been for some years – self evident including UFOs being painted into Renaissance art. Paul Hellyer former Canadian Defence Minister has confirmed the Truman documents amongst other disclosures and that’s only two sources. Harry Truman was a blood thirsty psychopath having proven this by dropping two nuclear bombs on Japan.

      The greatest absurdity is also self evident. That people can BELIEVE a jealous angry God sitting in a cloud going about smiting people left, right and center for fucking murmering loves them and they will go to heaven if they BELIEVE in Jesus, but they debunk aliens and other intergalactic intelligent life. ROFLMAO RIGHT

      • Anonymous

        Research?…Open a history book. Harry Truman told Japan to cease attacks and pull back before the bombing. He also described the bombs capabilities. They chose not believe him. Their leaders were also warned by their own General about the attack on Pearl Harbor at the begining of the war he said ” we will be waking a sleeping giant”. Both warnings fell on deaf ears. I am no fan of the government….but it did end the war didn’t it. In addition, we didn’t start world war 2, we were pulled into it. Blood thirsty??….ask the men that died at Pearl Harbor who was blood thirsty.

        • rikthevic

          Which history book would that be? I suppose any sanctioned book by the victors?

      • lisofby

        could both such realities not exist? not a bearded jealous freak (sounding suspiciously like those who made him in their image), but the reality that god, all there is, is in fact intelligent? and that some of what there is, could be life which we don’t know, in all its forms, some of it alien to us, here? it would be hubris to assume we know what there is and isn’t, out there, just because we got a few little toys in our meccano set, which we probably got from aliens anyway.

  • freedomwriter

    In all the galaxies and the whole of the universe, you think we are the only intelligent species out there?!?!

  • Dr. Nebak

    Of course it is possible. I am living proof.

  • uhm i gave up on fine with death , i am what i am, peace and love homos! hahahaha i meant my fellow homosapians,aka monkey people, haahahaha,,,,be strong. Acceptance is a great weapon, you can transmute any energy with acceptance,,, understand? the universe is energy,frequency and vibration-Nikola tesla.

  • Malek

    Extratrestres? Ofcourse . Science ? Double Of coiurse !Science Fiction ?

    OK……………Psycho-Science ? Of course not Ok !

  • Tom

    Cool. Now let’s smoke another bowl.

  • Idiots… that’s all I got to say~

    • Brent Bryan

      Mathematics say’s there has to be other intelligent life in the universe. To think we are the only one’s is the epitome of deluded.

      • Anonymous

        No, mathematics says no such thing. Sigh…

        • captain Jack obvious

          Drake Equation team on a super computer says the answer is 1 which in binary means it is causality, not a probability.

  • Disclosure is real in the continuum. Delay now is not such from the cabal running the invisible regimes as the humans who have refused to wake from the superficial reality of their own abject materiality.

  • This much needed jolt to awakening from millennia of slumber is a reality in the continuum and can only be delayed in this timeline by the overwhelming inanity of humans who never spare a thought beyond their abject materialty.

  • There is nothing so bizarre but someone will believe it. Slave rings on the moon!! Oh come on.

    • Raven

      Yes indeed. Look how many gullible people believed a couple of amateur pilots flew two jumbo jets into skyscrapers and brought the most powerful nation on the planet to its knees.

      • Anonymous

        We were never on our knees over 9/11. The media over-hyped it, but I’m an American and they did not get me that day.

      • That is still much more likely than any alien activity on the Moon. In fact, that is what most likely happened. That’s the best documented and simplest explanation we have.

  • TBM

    You forgot to mention that William Cooper tell in 1992 that a false flag alien will come into the world to introduce the new world order. There are no aliens that was a term created by humans look it up.. Dont fall for the deception its a lie. These guys have tecnology 50 to 100 years ahead of our “suposed” fringe civil tecnology. Wake up dont fall on these tricks people..
    William Cooper Mystery Babylon Series Full –

    • wow i’ve considered this strain of thought in my lifetime…lol this article does seem like a militant order!!! omgeewizz. I can literally see fools scrambling around searching for new scare tactics while chopping away at their own royal finger nails , like we say in here in sa hulle se poep is koud!

    • I’m glad at least some people actually LISTEN to what Bill was saying.

      Bizarre, to claim him FOR the alien hoax.

  • lol

    Nobody said anything about INTELLIGENT life. Could be a simple bacteria on a rock somewhere. Jesus christ you people…

    • sbana

      Thank you!

  • Chas

    If you can possibly imagine it, it can possible happen!

  • Alma

    NASA is way behind the alien story. Many of us have known this for decades. I have had contact with them since childhood so to me this disclosure is nonsense. Of course there is life beyond planet Earth, to think otherwise is to believe the world is flat. Nonetheless, we humans tend to be selfish believing that we are the only intelligent life in the Universe. What a joke!

    • Rob


  • Allot will be dissolving in the near future, so much will be exposed most will not be able to comprehend it. But that’s they way of life. First fear and shock, followed by acceptance and understanding.

    • Rob

      …fear and shock, possibly accompanied by some suicides.

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