Parallel Realities and Timelines: Entertaining a Wild Possibility

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The idea of parallel universes is certainly not something new. It has been entertained in popular media since the existence of universes existing simultaneously has been theorised in Quantum Physics. Many Sci-fi novels and T.V series scripts have been written based on the idea.

The basic assumption behind the notion is that there are possibly an infinite number of other universes besides our own which vary either in minor details or else entirely indistinguishable such as for example having completely different basic laws and constants of physics. Of course the most interesting possibility is the scenario of those parallel universes which might most closely resemble our own albeit with different personal and collective historic timelines.

The Notion of the Multiverse

The concept has been hypothesised in various disciplines including theoretical Physics, Cosmology, Astronomy and transpersonal Psychology. Within these disciplines the idea of parallel Universes is referred to as the Multiverse theory and some prominent proponents or supporters of the theory are Stephen Hawking, Max Tegmark, Brian Greene and Michio Kaku, among others.

There are also different assumptions to the Multiverse theory. One interpretation is that there is an infinite number of Universes that obey the same physical laws but have different configurations. Some would be closely similar to ours but with a different unfolding of historic events as mentioned above. Another interpretation is that some of the Universes would experience a ‘spontaneous symmetry breaking’ and result in different physical constants.

In quantum mechanics, there is also the so-called ‘Many-worlds interpretation’ which holds that certain observations cannot be predicted absolutely because there is a range of possible observations with a different probability and each of these observations corresponds to a different Universe.

Infinite Possibilities & Popping the Questions

The idea invites the imagination to explore numerous possibilities and questions. Imagine a parallel universe in which you have followed a different timeline and were presented with different possibilities and life choices. In that universe you do not have the limiting beliefs, fears and constraints you have in this one. You have reached your fullest potential and became a self-actualised person with enormous material and spiritual wealth. If you could open a door in the multiverse and meet your doppleganger in the other universe what could you learn from him or her? What are the possibilities?

This is a hypothetical scenario but certainly one that should be considered more thoroughly. For starters I do strongly believe that our consciousness is a multidimensional phenomenon, simultaneously co-existing in different dimensional strata beyond our third dimensional reality. Information from higher dimensions sometimes seeps through our ‘3D filters’ in ecstatic experiences, epiphanies, deep meditation or through the use of psychedelics. Now the question is whether it is also possible for our consciousness to cross over to parallel realities and alternative timelines in which our other selves are carrying out all possible pasts, presents and futures.

‘Quantum Jumping’ to Parallel Realities?

Every choice we make throughout our life collapses potential outcomes – future possibilities – into one which from our point of view we perceive as our ‘real timeline’. Now some people theorise that those potential outcomes, the other possibilities that didn’t collapse in our timeline, are happening in parallel universes by our parallel selves. In higher dimensions it could be very possible that our consciousness is experiencing all these timelines at once since even at the fifth dimension time is no longer unidirectional but can be traversed backward or forward in the same way we move through space in our third dimensional reality. With this possibility in mind, the part of our consciousness experiencing this dimension could also be accessing information from a parallel timeline at a higher dimension – another you in another timeline who made different choices than your current self. Or more directly it could be literally shifting from one reality to another but the change is so small that it is unnoticeable.

Interestingly there are people like Burt Goldman, who took this possibility quite seriously in their life’s work. Goldman in fact created a widely known product called ‘Quantum Jumping’. The idea behind it is to show others what he says he has been doing for many years – mainly allowing his consciousness to meet his other selves in parallel timelines and realities to acquire different insights, perspectives and musings. According to Goldman, you can for example intend to meet that version of yourself in a parallel reality that is more creative and artistic or entrepreneurial. He believes that by following certain visualisation techniques while you enter a certain level of consciousness, you can sync and communicate with any of the infinite versions of You and bringing over those unexplored possibilities and talents into your current timeline.

Sounds mind boggling and crazy but after having initially discarded the idea, I have lately revisited it from a fresh new perspective and it started making a lot more sense. I strongly believe it is very possible – the only question is how to do it consistently and this is what Goldman is claiming to be able to show. I will be looking into this idea more deeply. You can also check it out yourselves here.

The Multiverse is your New Playground

I have found that a deeper awareness and sensitivity towards reality and the nature of Self makes one appreciate how the idea of reality shifts is not only a possibility but a constant in our lives. We have just been unaware of its occurrence. Talking to many people who are more or less on the path of spiritual awakening, I have noticed how one very common thing among them is that the concept of reality is no longer solid and limited but very malleable. The greater our awareness, the more we move away from preconceived notions of our reality especially socially constructed beliefs and norms. Even Science has been questioning the nature of reality since its early days and now with increasing insights into particle physics, Cosmology and Quantum mechanics, the idea of a one fixed reality seems to start becoming untenable and unlikely.

The growth in human knowledge seems to be taking us unequivocally towards this direction – to discover or rather re-discover something that has been eluding us all the time: There are alternative parallel realities to the one we perceive as being solidly ours. Perhaps we might have also been accessing these realities unknowingly in our dreams, deja-vu’s, moments of clarity and internal shifts and all those experiences the mind is so trained at forgetting or dismissing as being imaginary or unreal. I believe that there is a lot to learn and discover about parallel realities. The Universe is our playground – even better: the Multiverse is our playground.

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Gilbert has been writing about personal growth topics for a number of years on his blog Soul Hiker and on various other media. He is passionate about researching, writing, practising and teaching people how to achieve positive life transformations and unleash the limitless potential of their mind. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and his blog Soulhiker and more importantly you can take his course at Udemy here.

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  • mikael

    I cant imagine what makes people “belive” this shit about many realitys of yous, where the path have taken another direction than in this one.
    THAT is pure hoggwash, period.

    There is ONLY ONE you, consists of two things, call it whatever you want, duality or non locality, an Organic entety and an Inorganic entety aka an energetic force.
    This entety, unlike the organic one is capable to tune into an greater reality, the other side, witch isnt an fabrication of mind, the Lucid dreaming stage is all mental, ballanced bewteen the sides, but is in our head.
    Thats it.

    The other side.
    Like ludic dreaming (ld) you start up as an entety without any organic coumpound in it at all, thats why you cant see your self in dreams, you can feel, smell, and so on, even sex, but you arent Solid.
    That is something else, and my jurney to the other side was purly energetic, and where the laws, that manifestes it self in this side, dont aply to you on the other side, unless you have trained your self up to act in dreams in an awaken setting aka fully consiuous.
    i could flung you into the other side and I could even explain the POWER of words, and the ability to act like Gods, and I also know you wouldnt be able to do jackshit, other than just hang there where ever you may be flunged into.
    I have hung beside a planet in outer space, and thats when I learned the truth about size, hehe, a planet is f…. bigg.
    And so on.
    Not solid, but pure energy.
    To be solid, requires some other technics, witch is just about your ability to “move/use” the energetic entety, this one is mind sentered, and is cotnrolled entrly by You.
    To those that knows, I stopped at the 4 gate, and I did this because of knowing, and not beliving.

    Do you understand this, there is no more yous, nor more of this realms(earths) but we arent alone, we persive an feild created by not us alone but everything in the webb of life, a collective consciousness created reality.

    Do you wana talk to an totaly different entety than us humans, its within our reatch, the issue is fear.
    it may take a wahile, but silence your inner dialoge, try to be focused, closed eyes, and await, untill you are flowing like in metitation. Then comes the hard part, try to say something, preferable an question like Hello.
    Verbalise it to a sound, but this sound must be inside your meditative state wothout saying it out loud. the trick is to say it within, intend the words untill you hear your self say it.
    Try Hello.
    Its difficould, not to comunicate, but to maintain and to reatch the sate once you have gotten there, because it all rests upon your ability to silence your innere diraloge, and then controll it as sayed above, with intent.
    Its not a joke, this are as real as you and me.


    • Anonymous

      mikael, Prove it. Or go back to sleep.

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