What Happens When You Challenge Mainstream Ancient History?

graham-hancockAlex Pietrowski, Staff Writer
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Author Graham Hancock is again shunned by mainstream thinkers for his compelling ideas…

It’s interesting to watch what happens when an idea becomes so entrenched that people’s careers and fortunes become dependent on resisting change to it.

Researcher and author of some of the most exciting and credible alternative theories about our ancient origins, Graham Hancock, is well-accustomed to having his works censored and ridiculed by establishment intellectuals and celebrity materialists. In 2o13 his mind-opening and widely viewed TED presentation, The War on Consciousness, was  taken down by the editorial board of TED because they deemed his inspiring talk to be ‘unscientific.’ The resulting public relations nightmare for TED brought much needed attention to how an intellectual establishment can control the flow of ideas to a public hungrier than ever for new paradigms.

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Author and public speaker, Graham Hancock has been an eloquent, rational, but curious and bold voice in the debate about the ancient origins of humankind and the history of this amazing planet. His hugely popular books, Supernatural, and Fingerprints of the Gods are level-headed experiential critiques of the accepted mainstream explanations for many of history’s greatest anomalies and the nature of human consciousness. Yet some of the world’s most renowned scientists and intellectuals refuse to even listen to him.

Recently, Hancock was participating in a highly anticipated debate between himself and well-known Egyptologist Zahi Hawass, author of Discovering Tutankhamun: From Howard Carter to DNA. From facebook:

The Great Pyramids and the Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt, today, Tuesday 21 April 2015.

Tomorrow, Wednesday 22nd, I face Egyptologist Zahi Hawass on stage, in the first public debate of two radically different points of view about history. Is it possible there was a lost civilization that left its traces here in Egypt more than 12,000 years ago?

Just before the debate was set to begin, Hawass became outraged at Hancock because he noticed that Hancock’s presentation was going to feature information Hawass does not approve of. After a childish and outlandish verbal exchange, Hawass stormed out before the audience even had a chance to sit down, and agreed to only continue the debate if he did not have to listen to Graham Hancock’s presentation.

Following is a note from Graham Hancock’s facebook page about his most recent encounter with entrenched intellectual arrogance, followed by the video of the encounter. From Graham Hancock’s facebook Page:


If you value my work please share this 3 minute video as widely as possible. It was shot live on the spot on a cellphone and sound quality is poor but we have included subtitles: https://www.youtube.com/watch…

From the video description:

For more than a year the encounter that took place at the Mena House Hotel, Giza Egypt, on 22 April 2015 between famed Egyptologist Dr Zahi Hawass and controversial alternative historian Graham Hancock, had been billed as”the first open debate between the representatives of two completely different versions of history.” On the night of the event, however, as Graham Hancock was focussing his slides prior to giving his opening presentation, and before most of the audience had even entered the room, Dr Hawass saw that one slide contained a photograph of Hancock’s colleague Robert Bauval, originator of the Orion correlation theory with whom Dr Hawass has had disagreements for many years. Dr Hawass immediately became furiously angry and began to shout at Hancock and at Hancock’s wife Santha (Santha is wearing the white dress in the video). Hawass demanded that Hancock censor his talk to remove all references to Robert Bauval and the Orion correlation theory. When Hancock explained that the alternative view of history that he was on stage to represent could not exclude the Orion correlation and therefore could not exclude Robert Bauval, Dr Hawass, again shouting, marched out of the debating room. One member of the audience who was present managed to record part of Dr Hawass’s meltdown which is the subject of this video.

Meanwhile, as the audience began to arrive, frantic negotiations took place off stage between the conference organisers and Dr Hawass. Finally Dr Hawass agreed to return and give his talk and answer questions from the audience, but he refused absolutely to hear or see Hancock’s talk, or to engage in any debate with Hancock. Hancock therefore gave his talk to the audience without Dr Hawass present (Dr Hawass sat in a room outside the conference hall while Hancock spoke).

On the surface, this is just another example of how a person can be grown up and still behave like a child. After all, once opened minds close themselves, resisting change becomes as meaningful as seeking truth once did. Beyond that, this example demonstrates how ‘knowledge and truth’ are often more the products of conflicting interests and self-preserving egos than of genuine modes of inquiry.

Hancock is raising an important question here. If recent excavations in Turkey at Gobekli Tepe are dated back to 9600 BC, then how does that impact our understanding of the history of ancient Egypt? For seekers of truth this is simply connecting the dots, yet so many in the academic community resist inquiries like this.

Here is Graham Hancock explaining his questions and their significance in the Q&A section of the debate that almost never was:

The truth is that Graham Hancock, Zahi Hawass, nor anyone else knows the truth about our ancient past, which is why all sensible ideas should be heard and examined for their individual merit. Yet, censorship comes in many forms, including arrogance and hubris.

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  • I have had similar experiences with the mainline historical and scientific communities. They are vested in their disciplines and fear for their careers.

    They are also very specialized. So much so that they are unfamiliar even with advances in areas of study very near their own. Add to this new ideas with techniques new to them and you have a major disagreement.

    In the case of ancient Egypt, the “professional experts” will not even consider the findings of geologists.

    My own research dates ancient Egypt to the extreme past, at least 28 million years ago. Furthermore, there is scientific evidence to support my claims.

    In fact, my work dates intelligent non human civilization in Mexico to between 66 to 85 million years ago and intelligent civilization on Earth to over 425 million years.

    As a result, you can be certain that mainline academic researchers have been very “unkind in the extreme”. Then, again, just remember how North American geologists reacted to Alfred Wagoner’s ideas about “Continental Drift”. His ideas were not accepted until fifty-three tears after he published his book.

    We discuss our work on our blog: black2tell.wordpress.com.
    Mr. Black.

  • Koolz


    Have no idea! Obviously paid off scientists by the Jews who own Smithsonian , Discover channel, and others.

    No one in science can explain the King’s List. Kings that lived 10,000 years.

    Egypt still thinks man built the Giza pyramid with stone cutter tools.

    They also think the Giza Pyramid was part of Egypt.

    They don’t even realize time lines of History that existed 10,000 years ago.

    Egyptians and the Ancient Races had Blue eyes or green eys, blonde or red hair, and were tall.

    • Noname

      According to Bauval however they were black. Maybe this is the reason why Zahi Hawass got furious when Hancock insisted on mentioning Bauval ?

      • Dave StrongArm

        He left because many people, including Bauval (and many lesser scientists) have exposed haw-ass as a fraud. Hoplessly stuck to his emotional past, the way most all other religious individuals cling to their parents faith. Blind.

  • ilona

    Dear Farang

    I use to read daily the webside theresnothingnew org, as I think that this guy is the most best informed guy of ancient history. But I have to agree that also you have astonished knowledges and thank you so much to gave us some ideas. Do you have a webside???? Would really like to know more about ehat you have found out about ancient history. One thing we can say without any doubt: there is a group interested in rewriting history so that we dont know who we really are. Do you have any idea why human beeings have only 3% of their DNA activated? When we read the bible it says God made man like him….but this god switched off 97% after he cloned us. Who is HE?? Thanks so much and greetings from Austria, a female medical doctor

  • farang

    Maybe I need to be more specific: there was no “j” sound in ancient times…Arjuna was pronounced “Ar Yuna.” Arjuna is the Archer of Indo-Aryan mythology.

    Or/Ar “I”/J/Y” On/Un. There is no mistake, Arjuna is the character we call “”Orion.” Ra Huni.

    And “Indra” is Djer is the Comet Lovejoy IS The Emerald Buddha. “Phra In/Pharaoh In/Itti Djer. Located “close” to Orion’s belt…please go look at the images of Comet Lovejoy at Youtube.

    The pharaoh “Huni” was a Builder king. He built the “Meidum” pyramid. But there is no “pyramid” surviving…because it was not a “pyramid.”

    It was a SHIVA’S LINGUM…aka “Obelisk” to the oblivious Egyptologists.

    What was the city built for Shiva? It was the Vatika. Where is there an Egyptian “Obelisk” erected in Europe, carried there from Egypt?

    St. “Peter’s” square…in Rome…more specifically, the Vatican. Vatika.

    And who is “Peter?” He is Ptah. Butah…Buddha.

    What is the name of the mountain that Shiva lived on? Meru. What did ancient Egyptians call the “Great Pyramid?” Meru.

    There have been MANY PAST BUDDHAS my friends….and they ALL were former Kings of Egypt…..ALL OF THEM.

    So much hidden…so much to reveal.

    Last but not least: The “Narmer Palette.” My goodness, what gibberish Egyptologists have concocted as to the “history” it depicts…total garbage.

    THAT PALETTE DEPICTS A FAMOUS INDO-ARYAN MYTH. IT REVEALS WHO THE “mysterious Catfish King” of the “pre-dynastic age” really was: VISHNU, the CATFISH. Gooogle it, see how many “Catfish” images you can locate…then look on bottom of two Greek sailors swimming away in fear from a “symbol.” That SYMBOL IS THE SHAVISTA….the SYMBOL OF SHIVA. Go to Wikipedia: “Shiva” and click on “audio” of Shiva being pronounced: “Shu.”

    THAT is SHU, the Egyptian God. “Narmer” is Naram-Simha, half-man/half-lion avatar of VISHNU. See king “Narmer’s” lion tail???

    See the TEN EVIL KINGS HE BEHEADED??? Do you remember who the Ten Evil Kings are in your Tolkien trilogy??

    So much to reveal…so much.

    Did you know a REAL “Knight of the Roundtable” was recently discovered, his mummy found….in Abydos????

    THAT IS Woseribre Senebkay….woSERibre senebKAY….SIR KAY! Step-brother of KING ARTHUR. Oh yes, it really IS!

    And I can PROVE IT.

  • farang

    There is something that I would like to share with you, your readers, and Mr. Hancock: There was a pharaoh of Egypt called “Orion.” This I can prove.

    And he is closely associated with the dynasty that the “mainstream” archaeologists/Egyptologists assert built the Pyramids. This I can prove.

    But first…one must realize this: these are all myths. These are all real places, things and people. How can that be? Because like this article states: NO ONE knows for SURE what our ancient history was…No One.

    But we can make some very educated guesses. That will change, as more evidence is uncovered and discovered.

    Okay, so here is a “start”: Orion’s Belt is indeed the inspiration for the alignment of the three largest pyramids at Giza. Who is “Orion?”

    He is Huni. More specifically “Ra Huni.” “Ar Juna.” This is without doubt: Indo-Aryan mythology states that Arjuna’s wife is “Draupadi.” Huni’s wife is “Djedfatnebti.” Take the “neb” (Golden) out of her name, and it is Djetfati…Draupadi. But that is not all we have….oh no.

    Has everyone gone to Youtube, and seen the excellent photos of the comet “Lovejoy?” My goodness…I never have seen such a thing…it is Emerald Green. Go look! But look closely at where the photos show the comet located: passing the constellation of Orion, the Archer. How is this relevant?

    Because Arjuna and Indra are bff’s. And who is “Indra?” Well, according to the Thai version of the Ramayana, the “RamaKien”, he is Phra In. The “physician of Buddha.” And what is so special about Phra In? He has GREEN SKIN.

    Now…back to the pharaohs…who is “Indra?” He is pharaoh Djer. “Itti Djer.” And what do the “mainstream” Egyptologists tell us about Djer? That he wrote a medical treatise that the Greeks were still using 2000 years later. The Middle Kingdom dynasty of Egypt dug up Djer’s tomb, and used it for “resurrection god” ceremonies, according to U of Pennsylvania’s professor Donald O’Conner. He’s been digging at Abydos since the 60’s.

    Got that? A “resurrection” god. And what was Indra? Reincarnated a THOUSAND TIMES according to ancient Vedic/Hindu mythology. The “Chief Deity.” A “man that became a god.”

    The Hindus worship the Egyptian ancient kings as “gods.” THAT is a fact. Is there more? Oh yes, so much more…but I also will write a book about it sometime…you see…I know So Much More….

    Who was “Buddha” that “Indra” was “physician” to? Ever hear of the “Sleeping Buddha?”

    Go look at Sneferu……SLEEPING BUDDHA. is Sneferu associated with “Djer?” GO LOOK!

    Who is their Mother????

  • Bad-Clown
  • sunny733

    So true.

  • mikael

    TED is becomed an equally irrelevant club of drulers whom I have zero intresses in nor bothers to listen to.
    GH I know of from before and knows a bitt of his latest.

    This days is becomed a repeat of medival crusadrs against infidels, or people whom dont take their word for what they are, bollocs.
    Pure bollocs.

    And History, huh, when everybody watches History channels and crapp like that and this morons is what we encounter everywhere, and they stil live in Saddam Husseins nuklear missile world of zioNazis propaganda.
    BBC I havent watched nor takes seriously for a decade, because I know they lie about everything.
    And hide the rest behind sniweling drivell cults as TED.

    God how mutch shit one have wade thrue this days.


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