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Why Are Cell Phone Towers Going Up on Public Schools All over the Country?

School Cell TowerAaron Dykes and Melissa Melton, Truthstream
Waking Times

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” – Former CIA Director William Casey

This is a follow up to our last report based on a tip sent to us by a viewer who wanted to know how it was okay that the largest elementary school in Dallas put up a giant cell phone tower right on the basketball court next to the playground.

After we released the video, lots of people sent us tips from one side of the nation to the other.

These cell towers are being placed on school property — next to even preschool playgrounds and sometimes directly on the rooftops of the schools themselves — all over America.


With no long-term studies for safety, troubling health data pointing to everything from cancer to negative impacts on the immune system to impairing hormone function — why?

Why is there such a concerted, nationwide push to place these dangerous towers right next to our growing children in the very buildings they spend all their time in during the week?

Well…there is one theory…but you aren’t going to like it.

Cell Phone Towers are for Mind Control, 1of3 | 2of3 | 3of3

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  • Wolf

    Yet another example of how people are happy to expose “others” to untested, likely dangerous substances, em, particles etc. The ultimate result of worshipping money above all else. If you do not hold as sacred the rights of others your own rights will be infringed. That is justice.

  • Lee

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  • Lindsay

    We have one installed adjacent to an elementary school – within yards…..disguised as a conifer.

    I now also see ‘repeaters’ every few miles in our canyons. There is no safe place seems these days.


    Until people WAKE UP, this will continue.

  • Letta Mego

    Domination by an elite.
    The impact of technology … involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled and directed society. Such a society is dominated by an elite whose claim to political power rests on alleged superior scientific know-how…
    Unhindered by the restraint of traditional liberal values, this elite do not hesitate to achieve their political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior and keeping society under close surveillance and control. Under these circumstances the scientific and technological momentum of the country will not be reversed but actually feed on the situation it exploits.
    Emerging is a large dominant party, alongside the more narrowly focused and more intensely doctrinaire groupings on the right and left…this could accelerate the trend toward the technological managerialism.
    Rely on scientific growth to produce the means for dealing with and plan and exploit the existence of doctrinaire groups by using them as social barometers and as sources of novel ideas.
    Persisting social crisis, the emergence of a charismatic personality, and the exploitation of mass media to obtain public confidence is the stepping stone in the transformation of the United States into a highly controlled society.
    The inclination of the doctrinaire could lead them to justify more social control on the ground that it serves progress.. (like smart meters that simply provide minute by minute surveillance of activity in the homes and businesses of the public.
    altered.. with grammar errors and typos .. from
    Between Two Ages America’s Role in the Technetronic Era Zbigniew Brzezinski

  • Very important to include all microwave transmitting devices. The most dangerous being the Smart Meter and the Global Smart Meter Network. There is no turning off or escaping the ubiquitous blanketing of this harmful technology in our environments. Schools, home, workplaces are being radiated 24/7 without the ability for any citizen to defend themselves or their children.

    The government is at the root of this genocide, so what else is one to think but that it is intentional.

    The EMR noise and radiation pollution in our air is illegal and reducing the quality of our lives to a daily living torture chamber.

    Please sign our petition:

  • Dr. Elizabeth Martin

    It isn’t true that no long-term health studies have been done on health effets of cell phones, towers, WIFI, etc. Go to Dr. Barry Trower, who worked with microwave,etc. weaponry, starting in the 1950’s. When children use laptops, girls’ eggs (which are their lifetime supply) are genetically damaged. Just let that sink in – the ramifications for future generations is incalculable. Listen to Dr. Trower – he has numerous lectures on the tube. Then research “The Great Culling”, or Agenda 21, population control, etc. Your eyes will be opened. You will be enraged, and hopefully will use that energy to stand of for your children, and yourselves. Cheers!

  • Edward A

    This is a VERY Good Question and Only The Powers that Be, Namely Telecom / Spark and their Cohorts along with all the Other Communications companies know Why this is happening to Construct these Devices within School Grounds, I guess it is because they want to destroy Children’s Minds with all that radiation stuff that seems to be effecting all who come into contact with it. Ok. 🙁

  • marlene

    is there an organization we can join to protest this travesty and end it?

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