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2014 Alt-Media News “Truther” Honors Roll

Jamie Lee, Contributor
Waking Times

“It is not enough for journalists to see themselves as mere messengers without understanding the hidden agendas of the message and myths that surround it.”  – John Pilger

Old media was declared officially dead in 2014 as many more truth seekers surged to alternative news media sites, blogs and podcasts, no longer trusting Big Media and their whorporate presstitutes.

CNN fell below the top 20 in TV rankings with their average age viewership of 72 years old this year and the Big Three continue its long descent into irrelevancy.


Likewise, mainstream newspapers continue to raise costs, increase ads, reduce proprietary content and cut print size because fewer and fewer are willing to pay a buck, or double that on Sundays, to be propagandized, told partial truths, and being out right lied to.

Meanwhile Alt-news publishers charge little or nothing for their selfless service to humankind and the protection of our Mother Gaia while tirelessly disseminating, writing, researching and broadcasting news that you just won’t find elsewhere.

The Slaveocracy that continues to grow in this country, and globally, is no longer able to control the collective narrative. Though it cannot be viably be proven, this year Alt-Media was instrumental in beating back the war mongering hawks who were hell-bent on invading Syria as well as immediately and continually calling out the “Great Ebola Hoax”, that was quickly put to the b.s. test and proven to be a great hype for unknown reasons.

We also know that Alt-media is winning the war of people’s minds as attested to the “test” take down of alternative websites in California this Fall in possible preparation of a much bigger censorship effort in the near and distant future. (Source)

Though they are assuredly on lists and files of many government alphabet spook agencies, these brave men and women of Alt-media tirelessly dedicate themselves to promoting alternative narratives and truths for the benefit and the well-being of all.

They do this even though the pay is nothing or minimal, thankless, and mostly anonymous. They do it because they care deeply about the well-being of us all and truly wish a better world for our children.

They do it because no one else is doing it.

So here is my honor roll of those who have given so much and asked back so little.

Send them a bone, pass on their articles, podcast’s and videos of interest, and buy from their sites if you care enough to support this most important work.

A heartfelt and grateful thank you to you all.

May Peace prevail.



Dedicated In Memory to Truther Michael Hastings


Honorable Mention



Alt-Editorial Cartoons

Alt-Local/National/International TV


  • Breaking the Set with Abby Martin; This fearless truther lady brings it every weeknight with integrity, grit and hard truth’s that no one else dares to report on as well as bringing into the fold younger gen’s.
  • Max Keiser’s Financial Wars; Insider of Wall Street reports like no other.




The Hegelian Dialect “Truthie” Awards:

(those sites that provide limited hangout information, yet still some good alt-news)

Natural News;  Mike Adams claimed he was personally threatened after the false flag Boston Bombing as well as his recent calling for killing of scientists acting like Nazi’s. He has also questionable sales practices to sell products and inflate his website hits while refusing to seriously acknowledge Geo-engineering practices. (source); Add to the list of “untrusted” and honey-pot hangouts with the King of Conspiracy, Alex Jones, for his connections to military intelligence Stratfor and refusal to criticize the Zionists that have great leverage in running this country (source).

Democracy Now; Then we have the likes of Amy Goodman’s, “Democracy Now” with her inability to even discuss 9/11 or Geo-engineering or Vaccines as well as DN’s deep financial support from the Ford Foundation (source)

350.0rg; “Mr. Environment”, Bill McKibben’s, undisclosed Rockefeller money supported herding the environment movement into well coordinated problem/reaction/solution environment non-threat actions. (Source)


In Memorium of Truther’s who’ve been “Suicided”

Matt Simmons

Matt Simmons  1943 – 2010

Exposed corruption of BP, Corexit and Big Oil


David Kelly

David Kelly  1944 – 2003

Exposed lies of British Monarchy about Iraq WMDs



Bruce Edwards Irvin 1946 -2008

F.B.I patsy for U.S. based Anthrax Attacks



Gary Webb 1955 – 2004

Exposing CIA Drug Trafficking into U.S. Cities

Editor’s Note: If you know of someone that should be added to this list, please mention them in the comments section below.

About the Author

Jamie Lee is the author of Tabu Blog, and a strong advocate of personal liberty and freedom from overbearing government.

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  • don

    William cooper was murdered for his book behold a pale horse

  • Muppet

    Chris Spivey of the mighty blighty lol how could you not include him???? He has sussed out the Woolich hoax like a champion, he is a true truther! you wont be disappointed

  • Phil

    Jim Stone’s site is a must on my list.

  • It’s a little narrow, but the truth about what’s going on in higher education sure doesn’t make it to MSM much. So consider Confessions of a College Professor,

  • My Deep Apologies, IN5D. You should of been included and the correction has been made. Love your work.
    J. Lee

  • AfinityNetNews

    I for one am proud of our alternative media. It’s like the wild west in some ways. I find that exciting. Anybody with YT and a green screen can have at it. It’s all about speaking truth to global corrupt power. Anyone can now have a voice and shake their fist defiantly in the face of the criminal power structure.

    I get thrilled when I see the whore media continue to fail. Each year the alt-media grows and gains more credibility and viewership around the planet.

    The secret weapon that we have that the whore media will never have is the burning desire for …

    TRUTH ! No amount of their blood money can ever hide the truth for ever.

  • Anthony Wain
    Alan Watt

  • I’m insulted that Waking Times and In5D Alternative News aren’t on that list!!!

  • kris

    Incredible, how could you NOT mention VETERANS TODAY. They, in my opinion, are the No.1 most important site and organization on the planer right now, and likely the only organization that can save it.

    • Kris, we’ve added them to the list, thanks for bringing this to our attention, they certainly do belong.


  • Meter

    The source you quoted to bash NaturalNews is wacky – it very ignorantly bashed vegetarian and vegan diets, shamanism and a spiritual concept of Earth and nature, and spouted very weird (to me) ideas of government, etc. The site seems to have a vendetta against Mike Adams in particular, and seems religion-based. They convinced me of the opposite on most of their arguments.

    I have to admit I’ve had my doubts about Mike Adams, but overall I think he’s a fairly conservative type of person who is migrating away from an old lifestyle, and sharing his views. He also may be used as a disinfo agent, and his association with Alex Jones certainly speaks of that.

    Yet at least some of the info on the site is valuable – he certainly speaks against GMOs and vaccines, and promotes alternative cancer treatments, which has earned him ire from big pharma and corporations. And I don’t see anything wrong with him selling products, so long as he’s forthright about his association.

    Anyway that source you quoted was much more unreasonable than I’ve ever seen NaturalNews being. I think NN is worth checking out, just with a grain of salt on some things (particularly his promotion of animal products).

    And he just posted about geoengineering, including a link to as a source…

  • Meter

    Also, what I would like to see are search engines people use for looking up especially alternative topics and news. Any suggestions? Google, Reddit etc are clearly manipulated and directing attention where you-know-who wants it to go. And what alternative Reddits might be valuable (though I don’t trust Reddit in general)?

  • Meter

    Well said. However, the alt news still has a way to go in being original. Much of what is discussed is based on MSM and govt press releases, often whining and arguing about daily topics that are set by the establishment. I would like to see more leadership, and more introduction of topics. Otherwise attention is always being directed by the MSM, and the discourse is reactionary.

    Genuine investigative journalism is part of this, but of course that can get costly and deadly in the current world, which is run through corruption. If you can’t dig into it, at least say that honestly, and point to it. Maybe leave the article blank as a symbolic gesture.

    I think one of the most powerful things people can do is to start telling the truth, even when those truths are ridiculed. There is still too little of this, even in the alt news and comments.

    Even Waking Times should look for topics that they tend to avoid – there are many. They tend to repeat the same topics over and over while completely avoiding others, including ones that greatly impact the spiritual path (for example, sexuality is virtually a taboo topic on WT, despite it being a core human issue). If your aim is real growth and awakening, look at the things that are hard to look at, and difficult or contentious to discuss, rather than just taking the easy and popular route every time. That said, I think WT provides some excellent content.

  • Bad-Clown

    They is still swimmin’ in the shallow-end…

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