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Is This Tesla Energy Generator a True Free Energy Device?

Nikola Tesla-1Terence Newton, Staff Writer
Waking Times

In April 2014 we reported on a seemingly exciting development in the pursuit of free energy. Making headlines around the world, an organization calling itself the Fix the World Organization, represented by ‘Hope Girl‘ publicly released open source plans for an free energy device called the Quantum Energy Generator, or QEG for short. Public interest in the device and in the plans was intense for a spell, and many people chimed in about the efficacy of such a device, with some showing tremendous optimism and others offering reasons why the device and the plans would simply not work as advertised.

“This new power for the driving of the world’s machinery will be derived from the energy which operates the universe, the cosmic energy, whose central source for the earth is the sun and which is everywhere present in unlimited quantities.”Nikola Tesla

The QEG is based on a patent of the famous Serbian-American scientist, inventor and engineer, Nikola Tesla, and was re-designed and modernized by inventor James M. Robitaille​. The following is a short description of the QEG by Fix the World:

“An average modern household requires 5-10KW of power to operate.

A conventional generator needs 15KW to produce 10KW of power.

To produce these 15KW of power we rely on gas, diesel, propane, coal or other products that can be metered creating profits for the oil industry.

130 years ago Nikola Tesla invented and patented an energy generator. This is a resonance machine that only needs 1KW of input power to produce 10KW of output power. His patents are now in the public domain.

The Fix the World Organization has reproduced Teslas design with a few modern twists to generate the same results. Our Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) provides 10KW of power output for less than 1KW input, which it supplies to itself.

We have freely given this technology to the people of the world. We’ve open sourced a full set of instructions, user manual, schematics and parts list for any engineer to follow and reproduce the same results.

How the QEG works:

First we use a starting power source, such as an outlet or a crank to power the 1 horsepower motor. This motor spins the rotor in the generator core. The unique oscillator circuitry configuration in the generator core causes resonance to occur. Once the core achieves this resonance it can produce up to 10KW of power, which can then be run through an inverter to power the motor that spins the rotor. You can then unplug the motor from the original power source and the generator will power itself.” [Source]

Shortly after the announcement and the release of the open source designs, the organization released a video, taken in Morocco, of a working QEG that was switched on in front of a room full of applauding, celebratory onlookers, apparently showing that the device worked as described. Since then there has been little new information about the QEG, and many people hopeful that this device is the real thing are still wondering if it actually works or not.

According to recent statements on the Hope Girl website, there are currently 60 QEG’s being built around the world, and after having experienced some set backs due to public negativity and betrayal, the organization is “finally getting some of the results we’ve been looking for!” Although, we don’t know exactly what this means.

Working free energy devices that are made available to anyone who has the gumption to build one would represent a major shift in the world of energy, and potentially the dawn of a new era for the planet. Historically, however, claims about working free energy devices have always seemed to come up short, and to date there is solid evidence that any such functioning device has been built.

So, is the Quantum Energy Generator the real thing?

Since the release of the plans for the QEG, and the video of the machine in Morocco, there has been almost no new details about the efficacy of this device. There are very few videos on the web of individual inventors constructing the device, and no one has yet to convince the world that the machine works as advertised. To the contrary, many independent inventors and scientific tinkerers have made various claims that the device is a hoax, and that the demonstrations videos we’ve seen so far are highly questionable and easy enough to fake.



Pointing out that it looks like the machine was actually plugged into A/C current during the Moroccan demo, some skeptics are saying the whole design is a fraud and the organization is merely trying to raise money by offering expensive buy-ins and consulting fees in order to help get the machine working for eager inventors.

Back in April, another group in Taiwan did release a short video of the device supposedly working, but once again, it is impossible to verify from watching the video alone, and therefore, the question still remains if this is a working model or not.

In conclusion, it would be a let down if this turned out to be another free energy hoax, but there just is not enough evidence yet to make a call either way, unless of course you have been able to construct this and have it working. If anyone can offer proof of this concept, either proving it works, or proving it does not, then it would be great to see.

After all, we do know that the world’s energy needs are being met in ways that are seriously contributing to our destruction, and any hope for a working free energy device should be thoroughly vetted.

If you have any additional insight or info on this device, please share in the comments section below.

About the Author

Terence Newton is a staff writer for, interested primarily with issues related to science, the human mind, and human consciousness.


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  • Scott Parsons

    Any actual perpetual motion type machine could at best achieve 100% efficiency and thus provide just enough energy to keep itself moving to provide just enough energy for that purpose which would of course mean somehow removing all sources of loss such as friction which isn’t possible. Anyone telling you they have a device that actually produces more than enough energy internally to keep itself running and providing excess for other devices is committing fraud.

  • Illuminati666

    Torelco, a Division of Hunterdon Transformer 55 Industrial Drive Alpha, NJ 08865 offers complete QEG stator and rotor and is bringing complete kit to market and if that won’t convince fossil fuelies that their old ways are numbered, get a money back guarantee on generator and fuelless engine from Creative Science, New Albany, IN 47151. Understand that nothin’ is free so there is an upfront investment for plans or complete kit but the ROI is so much better than what we consumers are paying for factory A/C utility generation and energy grid distribution; installation and maintenance. Get off the meter…get off the grid! End the ignorance and addiction to mass media and the twisted elitist’s agenda.

  • Jim Simon

    If this really worked, someone would be manufacturing complete units for sale, instead of plans….. Can you imagine buying plans from Tesla Motors to build one of their cars, it would take 30 years to manufacture or machine every part. Course I think the Chinese already ripped off Tesla Motors patents and have one that looks exactly like it…. I can’t believe the Chinese would steal someone’s patents…. Tesla was probably the greatest genius ever, too bad JP Morgan tore down his giant coil at Wardenclyffe when he found out Tesla was going to give away free power…..

    • JasonEnzoD

      Tesla patent does work, but only in the same way as a solar panel works. There is nothing “free”, and there is only a little bit of energy produced.

      • DrillBabyDrill

        The QEG has nothing to do with Telsa. The QEG is SCAM.

    • DrillBabyDrill

      Jim Simon – No, Telsa was only trying to transmit power for free. Telsa never t generated any power for free. That is a huge difference. We now transmit Free Radio Waves every day. So what?

      • Del Sharp

        Tesla tapped into the earth’s energy grid, and was going to transmit that energy, but Westinghouse lost interest when he couldn’t put a meter on it and charge people.

        • DrillBabyDrill

          Tesla never “tapped into the earth’s energy grid”. As if, there really was such a thing. Tesla was getting his AC Power from a common Hydro Electric plant . Just where do you get this nonsense? Oh, “you read it on the internet”.

  • victor miranda

    Hi, this is a real scamming commercial, made very technical to fool all those useful idiots who are in the market for cheaper energy.There is no proof, or detailed physical evidence of what had been written in this article. I had designed or invented a better device to generate up to 6 kilowatts of AC electricity, without using any fossil fuels, wind, sun, hydro or connection to any utility power line at all. Of course its only drawback is…IT IS NOT CHEAP, but reliable. Only useful idiots waste money buying your book. New York 07/25/2015.

  • Bill

    I am not familiar with the QEG device, but I can share an invention from 1896 that successfully used static electricity to generate the DC or AC electricity with the same amperage our electric motors use today. It is my theory that Tesla was aware of this device and that this was his secret to converting static electricity to the usable form of electricity we use today.

    The device harnessed static electricity provided by a hand-cranked static electric generator that functioned by using friction to collect static electricity. The static electric discharge (blue spark) was released in proximity to a stationary magnet and a stationary coil. The static electric discharge pulsed (warped) the magnet’s field out of shape during the moment the spark appeared, then snapped back into its natural shape when the spark dissappeared. Each spark caused the magnet’s field to move twice. The coil transduced electricity from the stationary magnet’s moving (warping) field.

    Why? A plasma burst (blue spark) has a short but intense magnetic field around it. When that spark is near a permanent magnet, the magnetic field around the spark warps the magnetic field around the magnet. A coil needs a moving magnetic field to transduce electricity. The coil doesn’t care if you physically move the magnet to get that movement in the field or if you merely pulse the magnet’s field with another magnetic field. Either way, the coil will transduce electricity.

    I believe Tesla understood this device. I believe he sought to replace the hand-cranked static electric generator with antennas that passively collect static electricity from the environment. I believe he planned to discharge the collected static electricity near a stationary magnet and coil in order to generate usable AC electricity, complete with amperage.

    So, to sum up, a stationary magnet can be pulsed (moved) using the byproduct of a static electric discharge, which is the short but intense magnetic field around the spark. This was the earliest MEG (motionless electric generator) I could find information about on the web. It was invented nearly 120 years ago. The physics behind it are sound. A static electric spark does indeed have a magnetic field around it—the higher the voltage the stronger the magnetic field around the spark. One magnetic field will indeed warp another magnetic field. If a magnet’s field is warped out of shape, then snaps back into its natural shape, a coil will indeed transduce electricity from the moving field.

    And there you have it. That’s my theory about Tesla’s secret to converting static electricity to usable AC or DC electricity.

    • DrillBabyDrill

      You obviously know nothing about the QEG. The QEG is scam, a fraud and hoax. But go ahead BUY THE PLANS and BUILD A GEG. You will eventually learn that the Laws of Physics are right and that the QEG is a scam.
      What you is posted is pure nonsense.

    • Del Sharp

      That may have been what Tesla used to power a Packard? around 1930’s.

  • Simeon

    I have become involved with FTW and their QEG project. I have not found any false claims or scams being perpetrated by them. They do sell a more detailed manual for building a QEG which is quite professionally put together and clearly took some time and effort to create. The money they ask for it is within reason for something that has a very limited potential market. They also offer a full video course which is more money but also still reasonable given what it takes to produce such things, the quality of the materials and the limited market for it. Theirvmembership is also quite reasonable and does not make any large claims or promises, only that you help support the effort to get more wirking QEGs on the planet. As for the QEG itself they clearly state there are three phases of getting one operable. The first stage involves establishing resonance in the core so it begins to generate power. It is an asymmetrical device so it relies on resonance. The video of the Morrocan build lighting up represented achieving the first stage, and that is significant as these require quite a lot to build. At the first stage level of operation you don’t have an overunity device. You do have a very efficient generator though which in and of itself well outperforms standard symmetrical generators commonly in use. The second stage involves tweaking the device to establish an overunity condition. The third stage requires further tweaking to increase overunity to it’s maximum potential so the device can be made to be self running. This is why the QEG in the Morroco video is still plugged in, it is only operating at stage one. Hopefully this will help more people understand that the QEG is a very efficient generator even if you fail to achieve overunity, and which has been made to be self running by a few who have built them. These folks tend to keep quiet about it because there are so many detractors that accuse them of all sorts of things if they step out to share their success publicly. The FTW membership helps these people communicate their success to those who are genuinely interested and will not cause them any grief. I belice when there are enough oeople with a QEG who have achieved the third stage of sel running that more public discussion will then emerge.

    • Thanks for the insight on this Simeon.


    • Thanks for the insight on this Simeon.


      • DrillBabyDrill

        Why are you promoting the LIES ?

  • The Quantum Energy Generator sounds like a very interesting device. In the meantime, we need to focus on what works know. LED lights have in fact been around for years, it is just with a decline in expenditure that people are now acquiring them a lot more. Each LED is comprised of a strong product called a semiconductor. When electrical energy is gone through the semiconductor, the atoms inside release energy through noticeable light.

    LEDs relatively clearly have a range of vital advantages in regards to rate and efficiency. They can be utilized in almost any lighting scenario, and must last for a lot longer than their fluorescent equivalents.

  • mothman777

    Allegedly Dave

    I am not ‘whining and debunking’ at all, as I do really believe that some genuine working devices had been made in the PAST by Tesla, but I am merely stating an obvious fact that for many years, unscrupulous people have been making a fortune, with one scammer alone bilking 100 million US dollars out of ‘patriots’ for unworkable ‘plans’ on how to construct these allegedly fully working energy devices.

    The devices whose plans were sold were falsely claimed to be for fully working devices already. So people could drop these never-ending ‘free energy device’ discovery articles and adverts until the day a working one actually turns up, AND REALLY DOES BECOME AVAILABLE AS A FULLY WORKING PHYSICAL DEVICE. The internet is simply saturated with such adverts for these plans. The vast majority of us are not nuclear physicists, please remember that, and we have a right not to be filled with false promises and claims that cannot be substantiated.

    Why do people have to continue to be scammed by unmanufacturable partial plans for unproven devices, when fully working already built devices would obviously sell like hot cakes anyway? Or, maybe, I just don’t get it, like Dr Evil says.

    Where are the promised devices from the people who recently demanded so much public attention, including Iranian scientist, Keshe who claimed his technology to have been responsible for downing a drone over Iran, and to have developed flying saucer technology and numerous other technologies for saving the entire planet, like Star Trek replicator type devices to produce unlimited amounts of metals, water, gems, and food, and to heal just about any disease?

    Where is he now? Oh, I remember, he ‘went into hiding’ because he was ‘scared for his life’ after very convenient and predictable ‘threats’, just like all the other scam sites say they are about to be similarly ‘threatened’, and he then put his ‘technology’ on the net to be downloaded for free, by anyone who wished for it, but the links did not work for anyone, including me, duh…. But he was sooo famous, for a while.

    Good luck with your research anyway, and I hope you achieve genuine success. The answer may be as simple as a more enlightened electorate voting to oust their present captors who somehow continue to successfully masquerade as ‘governments’, and electing better representatives, who will be genuinely willing to free the original Tesla technologies.

    I think most people are too tired after paying off their criminally overpriced mortgages, working several times too many hours, to have enough intellectual energy left to be able to manage to find the wherewithal to do that though, very sadly, and that is precisely the reason that they are kept working so hard, the real intended product of their excessive labour being a mentally, physically, and spiritually exhausted people who can do no more than numbly crawl back to work each day in their prison states.

    • I believe that, in respect to your question:

      Why do people have to continue to be scammed by non-manufacture-able partial plans for unproven devices, when fully working already built devices would obviously sell like hot cakes anyway?

      Simply because the remaining people that you don’t mention are the ones that are continuously buying all the guaranteed scam solutions that evidently are making some scammers a great deal of money and so, the scams and advertising continues.

    • DrillBabyDrill

      Because a high percentage of the general population is completely ignorant of STEM. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are like a magic tricks to them. Oooh, The QEG can light up a 100 Watt light bulb. Hey! That must be Free Energy. But yet, the motor running the QEG consume 700 Watts. DOOOOH!

  • You are looking at this the wrong way.
    It is not and has never been portrayed as a shrink wrapped, fully working device, available in the shops for Christmas but an ongoing open source development between several teams all over the world.

    I was involved in and worked with Jamie Robitaille on both the Morocco and the UK build of this device and have seen first hand the successes and the set-backs of this collaboration.

    As far as your statement that there has been no information since Morocco, that is not true. Hope Girl has posted many updates and technical and performance data releases, and I know that Jamie and some of the other teams around the world are tirelessly working long into the night to make this happen.

    On a personal note, while I understand your frustration and scepticism, as someone who has been working on free energy systems for the best part of a decade, I am getting a little tired of the sneering that passes as scepticism from the “impatient consumer” who will only stop whining about the suppression of free energy and all the hoaxters and charlatans when someone finally delivers a fully working and gift wrapped box that powers their house for them.

    This is no longer the time to be a ‘passive consumer’ waiting for someone else to bring this into reality, stop whining and debunking, grab some transistors, coils and magnets and join the effort.

    • DrillBabyDrill

      Allegedly Dave,
      And everything FTW has posted so far has been UNDER-UNITY. But now if PAY BIG $$$ you will send me the SUPER DUPER TOP SECRET TUNING Information?. REALLY ??? I am calling total B.S. on you, the entire FTW team and every QEG. It is your responsibility to show us an working Over-Unity Device. But you never have. You are a (bad) Carnival Act, nothing more.

  • Peter Richards

    Not that it is possibly any more obvious than can be, but “heelllloooo, McFly?” The Military-Petroleum-Banking-Complex will make sure that no over unity device is “proven” or salable to the public. They are too happy supplying severe under-unity “energy” that really costs $88 a gallon – when the cost of global military action, university research, and oil exploration (tax payer funded), satellite programs and the lives of our sons and daughters (as soldiers) are accounted for.

    Anyone here who posts as a “skeptic”, while promoting the current “under-unity” monopoly is clearly another, corrupt, Koch-bros-paid blogger who helps the entire military control over our daily lives.

    • DrillBabyDrill

      Peter Richard, You are Paranoid Delusional. There is nobody stopping you, me or FTW from building an Over-Unity Device. It is the Laws of Physics that state it will not work. That is why I will not building one. So, what is your EXCUSE for not building a working QEG? I do not see any Black Helicopters by house house! So get busy building. You need to stop the childish rhetoric. I think you have watched way too much X-Files.

  • dogg

    It would seem that since Tesla’s work and papers were confiscated by the government, I would think that all that they would have left in the public domain are things he experimented with, but found to be a failure or less than satisfactory. What say ye?

    • Sorgfelt

      I agree. Anything anyone has come up with that is of any value is immediately classified by the patent office and hidden from public view. Supposedly, after 50 years these things can be declassified, but not if they still hold valuable information. My take on this is that if anyone has any good ideas, do not try to patent them, but spread them around as much as possible while trying not to alert the authorities. My opinion is that the QED does not work, but I have not given up hope for something to work. I am fairly certain that the super secret cabal of the U.S. military has a working device.

      I got a degree in physics and dropped out of graduate school in favor of a good paying job working on computers after my dean got me an offer to do research for the military, and I realized that any useful thing I might come up with regarding physics would be classified and used for weapons, so I might as well quit physics and make an honest living, instead. Unfortunately, working on computers often leads to the same path, and it has been difficult to find work that suits my ethics.

      • johm

        a youtube site that should interest you robert murray smith. full of great demos all info for free

      • DrillBabyDrill

        You are a habitual liar regarding the Patent Office hiding anything.

    • DrillBabyDrill

      Are you insane?
      Telsa PATENTED most of his good stuff.

  • mothman777

    Tell you what, would you guys that put out these ‘designs’ build me a working model of one of these, that turns 1 kw into 10 kw output, using this natural cosmic energy that Tesla talked of, and I will pay you well for it, as long as you can prove it genuinely works?

    Write to me at Mothman777’s Blog if you can really do it.

    I am not interested in endless ‘Patriot Site’ $37 clickbank badly drawn sketches partly reproduced from public domain Nikola Tesla patent designs with no dimensions or any real instructions on how to actually make them included, as I have already bought that load of useless ‘information’ before, which seemed to have been deliberately made to confuse and fool people, and been refunded by clickbank after demonstrating how useless it actually was. I look forward to hearing from anyone who can really do this, seriously.

    • DrillBabyDrill

      You KNOW they will never show you ro anybody a working device. Because, the QEG is an EPIC FAILURE. The MONEY is in selling the plans to the ignorant. And this author of this article is an accomplice in this scam.

  • JayC

    This is an extremely labor-intensive device to replicate, and very expensive as well. Why go to all this trouble and not totally vet the results. Everyone cheers because two light bulbs illuminate. Wow. To demonstrate the (if there is) over-unity, use a bank of bulbs and gradually increase the loading on the QEG. Only then will you have any indication that there is indeed a COP of greater than 1 happening. For that reason, I don’t buy this ‘demonstration’.

    • DrillBabyDrill

      The QEG is a FRAUD !
      They make money selling “THE PLANS” !

  • Richard Peters

    As a former Investigative Journalist, I find that most Generator plans on the Internet are hoaxes (eg. Plans ended up being for a small airtight shed to generate methane for use in a small gasolene generator). Motors running on water have been invented over the years, only to be shut down by the petroleum industry and it is possible that perpetual electricity generators may have been invented. Researching Tesla’s original inventions appear to be the best option for the future of mankind but all Govr=ernments are totally opposed to the populance having ‘Free Energy’ (= Freedom). I beleive that a small Swiss community obtains atmospheric electricity from a system of long electrical wires; (also discovered by an Australian academic).

    • DrillBabyDrill

      All Free Energy Generator plans on the internet are hoaxes. No exceptions. You started off brilliantly and then you took a left turn into Science Fiction.

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