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Dollar Collapse? World Bank Whistleblower Predicts Global Currency

gold-barsGregg Prescott, M.S., In5D Guest
Waking Times

According to World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes, the US dollar is set to crash and will be replaced with a new, interest free, gold-backed currency.

Hudes is a lawyer that worked in the World Bank legal department and has been recently reinstated by the 188 Ministers of Finance on the Board of Governors on the World Bank

In an interivew with Russia Today, Hudes stated, “there is 170,500 metric tons of gold deposited in a vault in the Bank of Hawaii, 130,500 metric tons in AMEX Hong Kong plus 150,000 metric tons in Development Bank of Singapore, for a total of 451,000 metric tons. There is an additional amount exceeding 100,000 metric tons in other American banks”.

In 1950, Ferdinand Marcos kept this gold in a secret trust fund for 50 years “so all the claims on the world’s wealth would be subject to the statute of limitations, which basically says that if somebody claims that they own something, but they haven’t been able to gain control of it for 50 years, then they’ve lost their claim. The purpose was so that all of the assets that were put in trust for humanity when the 50 year period ended, would be available for humanity without any competing claims. That 50 year period ended in 2005.”

The authorized signatory for the trust fund is Wolfgang Struck.

Hudes stated, “Considering that the paper currencies are in a precarious situation, we need to step up our game and to move quickly to bring the gold out of the trust fund for the benefit for the benefit of humanity before the collapse of the paper currencies.”

What is the hold up?

According to Hudes, the mainstream media has been bought up by the banks, which is delaying the movement forward of information outside of the alternative news media. Outside of the alternative news, people can use social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook to get the word out. “More people are learning about the fact that the banks are trying to prevent people from getting the wealth that  they’re entitled to.”

Despite being reinstated, Hudes admitted that she is not able to go into the World Bank buildings because “the banking cartel has hired… owns a security firm which refuses to let me in, although I did manage to get into a meeting on the 10th of October (2014), which is when I met with three delegations… the Swiss, the Russian and the German delegations and we discussed about how we were going to get the banks to follow the banking laws.”

“Numerous coalitions have formed, such as the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and the Group of 77 (which is actually 130 developing countries) to help releases these gold funds to humanity.”

In the United States, those citizens and local governments that understand that the banking cartel has done something called “state capture” to which Hudes says, “They managed to bribe and corrupt enough officials, that these officials would just, instead of doing their public duty, would serve the interests of the banking cartel.”

In the United States, Hudes has been working with “The County Executives of America” and stated that they “have accepted the share of the United States gold in this ‘Global Debt Facility’ on behalf of the citizens of the United States and we are now trying to replace the paper currencies that are issued by the Federal Reserve.” Hudes added that the new currency should be issued by the Treasury, not the Fed, and stated there will not be any interest (debt) on the new currency. In other words, charging interest will no longer be tolerated in ANY country once these funds are released.

“When Ferdinand Marcos put the gold in the Global Debt Facility, he arranged for institutions that would be there to ensure that the gold would benefit humanity when it came out and one of those institutions is the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.”

Hudes stated that most of this gold is located in the Philippines and the US Military is guarding that area. Wolfgang Struck stated that some military helicopters were flying gold out of that area, so Hudes filed a claim with the Inspector General in Okinawa stating that the gold was insured by Lloyd’s of London and the Lincoln Insurance Company. The terms of Hudes’ claim included that “any gold that is stolen will be put back and that anybody that ordered the transport of that gold is going to be held accountable as well.”

What are the challenges?

Hudes stated there are several main challenges to overcome before the new currency is issued:

1. To quickly replace the currencies
2. The banks have bought up the main stream media and are misinforming the people regarding this situation

Hudes stated the Federal Reserve Notes “are going to crash and it’s not going to be possible to do anything systematically after that happens.”

The U.S. military would be affected as well. “If the paper currency crashes, there’s no way to pay for the military.”

Hudes’ email from Wolfgang Struck

On November 3rd, 2014, Hudes received an email from Wolfgang Struck stating:

“This is interesting news in the sense that Karen Hudes is heading the demolition team that will replace the fractional reserve currencies, before their imminent collapse, in a peaceful transition through monetary agreements that the world does not know.  It hurts to repeat the last sentence that follows: We will be watching with heightened interests as we do not have the slightest idea how that would be accomplished.”

Hudes wrote back stating that “the world does know about the monetary agreements” adding that those in power are still buying into the false reality portrayed by the mainstream media.

The new currency

According to Hudes, the new currency will be like this:

“The gold will be pressed very thin and put between a plastic envelope which will act just like paper currency, except that the value of the gold will be equal to the stated value of the currency.” Regarding the price of gold, it will be calculated by “using historical baskets of good and services and also the major currencies at the time so that we will have an absolute equivalent in our currency of the true value of whatever it is that the currency is being used for. We’ll also have local currencies and we will no longer be controlled by our currencies or pay interests on country debt in a scam.”

“It’s a race. If we do not replace this fake, fractional paper currency with value, we’re going to go into another dark age. We’ve got a coalition that understands this very well and that coalition is much stronger than the banking cartel.”

In5D Addendum:  One must ask if Federal Reserve’s 100 year charter ended, then why are they still allowed to continue doing business as “normal”?

I asked the above question on Karen’s YouTube channel and she responded, “Because their charter was for unlimited duration.”

In further research, I found that in the McFadden Act of 1927, Congress rechartered the Federal Reserve Banks into perpetuity, and so there is currently no “expiration date” or repeal date for the Federal Reserve.

Another question that arises is why did the World Bank reinstitute Hudes after all of the turmoil she’s caused for them?

Also, with the rash of bankster suicides, why is she allowed to speak out and what is the overall agenda?

I messaged Karen on Facebook and asked her these questions. This was her response:

“Because the World Bank was dominated by the banking cartel, and the countries took back control. I am protected by the US military, who know I am cleaning the traitors from their ranks. The overall agenda is to avoid the bankster-caused WWIII.”

For those with their ears to the ground, you already know about current systems where we can all live in abundance and prosperity without the need for money, including the Ubuntu system and the Venus Project. What Hudes is proposing would simply be a short-term transition until all forms of money are eliminated because as long as there is money, we’re ALL financial slaves to a broken system.

About the Author

Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D and BodyMindSoulSpirit.  He hosts a weekly spiritual show on In5D Radio and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents. Gregg is currently working in collaboration with Michelle Walling, CHLC, in opening a holistic walk-in clinic called Alternative Holistic Healthcare (AHH) in Sarasota, FL with subsequent subsidiaries around the world based upon this model.

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  • g

    According to Hudes, the new currency will be like this:

    “The gold will be pressed very thin and put between a plastic envelope which will act just like paper currency, except that the value of the gold will be equal to the stated value of the currency.” Regarding the price of gold, it will be calculated by “using historical baskets of good and services and also the major currencies at the time so that we will have an absolute equivalent in our currency of the true value of whatever it is that the currency is being used for. We’ll also have local currencies and we will no longer be controlled by our currencies or pay interests on country debt in a scam.”

    The most retarded shit i’ve read today

  • Daniel

    She’s a Trojan horse.. Ushering in a global currency. Any global curreny is the precurser to global governance (new world order).
    Doesn’t matter if its gold backed or not..


  • Don’t worry be happy

    This is true but nothing to be fearful about. The Federal Reserve Bank is a PRIVATE OWNED COMPANY it has NEVER been part of our Government. The collapse of the dollar will bring in the N.E.S.A.R.A. Act which was scheduled to go into affect on 9/11. N.E.S.A.R.A. will be implemented to help us with the transition.

    For more information on NESARA read

    For a free copy of 3 books that will explain how the Federal Reserve came into being go here –

  • Please choose, Preventing or Recovering.

    Snowball of global crisis is already rolling
    The current world financial growing thin,
    Strong will survive, although shortly ..
    Weak directly crushed without a chance to scream
    Conflict, chaos, clashes occur everywhere

    And in the end the financial world runs out,
    screaming for help was too late …
    only regret is left.

    And when everything had happened,
    The Real Owner and The Only One Owner of
    Global Collateral Accounts, GCA 103.357.777 (nobody can hack this account)
    White Spiritual Boy & Spiritual Wonder Boy
    appeared to recover it.

    — White Eagle —

    We’re Not Much Talk, But Lots of Evidence.

  • xAnonymous


    Thank you for your work.

    I would be very thankful/ if you put:mention on your website book The.Luciferian.Doctrine.


  • Someone

    Bitcoin should be our global currency

  • Tim

    No disrespect but Hudes is a quack. WTF is she talking about? She has lost it. Ferdinand Marcos is going to save humanity by giving us all gold? Btw, the United States stole the gold in the Philippines after WWII. Now, maybe they couldn’t find it all and Marcos still had some of it. But, why would a pathological predator like Marcos bail out humanity? The entire logic of Hudes is laughable.

  • Hard Assets

    To understand the coming RV in 2015 add this site to your fav’s:

  • Jesus’ Student

    Invest in Vietnamese Dongs or Iraq Dinars

  • Publius

    Is this the same gold stash that George H.W. Bush supposedly made off with a major pile of it. This would explain how he bought 73,000. Hector Acre’s of land in Paraguay. Thats allot of land and I believe it butts right up to an decommissioned U.S. air base they called South-Com.

  • Nath

    Anything that has to do with U.S arm forces is a lie…research it and you’ll sleep soundly. I don’t believe a world she said. I watched her for the last 4 years. Aliens are more believable…

    • Faye Hall

      I like your comment! And I really want to sleep soundly instead of worrying all the time about the fake news.

  • womble

    Agree with you Meter, you can never trust the poker game when it’s always fixed.

  • Kent

    Hudes says “there is 170,500 metric tons of gold deposited in a vault in the Bank of Hawaii, 130,500 metric tons in AMEX Hong Kong plus 150,000 metric tons in Development Bank of Singapore, for a total of 451,000 metric tons. There is an additional amount exceeding 100,000 metric tons in other American banks”.

    Is she a full dollar I wonder? I mean the total above-ground gold in the world is only a fraction of what she claims are gold hidden in US banks and a Singapore bank. Where did all this gold come?

    • David Bruce

      The gold came from Asia, China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia. It was looted by the Japanese from these countries between 1935 and 1945. 500,000 metric tonnes were buried or hidden in Catholic monasteries, churches and properties in the Philippines. 49,000 metric tonnes were repatriated to the Vatican (their 10%), via Australia and the Perth Mint. The gold was recast and certified by Johnson Mathey between 1975 and 1985. There is so much more to tell…

      • Rivenburg

        David, anything you know about the Japanese, massive amounts of platinum and Nan Madol?
        is this part of the Philippines stash?

  • Mick McNulty

    The global currency alluded to will likely be gold which is already being acquired by Russia, China and India to get behind their currency. People will remember for hundreds of years and possibly thousands the belligerence of America because its currency gave them far too much clout, and I doubt one currency will reign again because one nation could gain control over its production, distribution and exchange. That’s the last thing anybody wants.

  • mikael

    I agree, when its tooo good to be true, it probably is to good to be true.
    Rule nr. 1

    All thoe one can agree upon the premisses delivered, and this should be considered for just that, a message is delivered, no matter how true this is, I am afraid its not going to be implemented, because the general heap, dont give a f…. nor cares, they have their income, fortune and livelihood, why should they do anything with it, of course, status quo is the prefered path.

    I am tired of this sematic games, fill the void with rubbel, and as long as the MSM is lying all the time, forgett it.

    In my land, our biggest bank rised their bottom line intress(dont know the exact english word for it right now), with 1% point, and nobody reaced, all thoe it was plain robbery, nobody reaced, kosts my land billions, and stil not a sound.
    And the Banks sayed it did it because their board menth the surpluss was to litle.
    But to complain about young people on wellfare, children with damages from birth to incest, ruine some children for thei entire life, THEY are the one they hate moust, the MSM had hatecapagnes, the politicians had hate capagnes, and in the end, it was about few thousands in a population of 5 millions.
    But dont write the word Negro, then hell will brake loose, but to hammer children that is damaged before, white of course, the hole shebang had no mercy, the children where criminals, laisy, and so on, just rotten scum acording to them all, incl the MSM.

    And it this envirioment we talk about Financses, huh, where freaks rule the world, beliving we all are idiots equally to them selfs.

    There is NOTHING so far that gives this kinds of issues any credibility, regading the monetary poicys, nada.
    Sorry to crash the party, but, no, humans will not learn anything untill their own bedside is burning, not a second before.


  • No way any interest-free currency comes into being “secretly.”

    The whole game is about maintaining the status quo — the rich eat the poor through compound interest.

    You work while they eat won’t end with a whimper.

    The so-called economy has reached bankruptcy. There is not enough money in circulation to service the debt. They have kept the game alive by printing the money they needed, but even that only prolongs the agony.

    The woman is a fool or a tool.

  • Gold Bug

    Considering that the total above ground gold amounts to roughly 170,000 tons, these claims are totally bogus. This person claims that a few banks hold about 3 times more than the world total. No need to dig any deeper than that. The rest of the claims are probably as fictional as this one.

    Buy gold to diversify your portfolio; dont fall for the wild, unsubstantiated claism of people who abuse the trust or gullibility of gold bugs and gold investors.

  • Alma Glz

    I think this lady is putting her life on the line. The RV has been announced for sometime now at it will come to fruition despite your doubts. There are many people like her who are working to make this possible so do not dispair. It will come. Of course you cannot find her. She was kicked out for being a whistleblower so please tell me how is it that you expect to find her in a directory of sorts?

  • Jerry

    This none sense is in a similar context / line of BS as Bull-sh-t Ben Ful-of sh-t ford and his savior White dragons!!! Wake up!!! What happened to the TRILLION Dollar lawsuit? We are ALL waiting!!!

  • Agree with Meter and Wolf. Well done Meter.

  • Suzanne

    Searching the World Bank’s website for her, she is not serving on the board and she is not listed as she says she is.
    Hudes displays a range of behaviors indicative of heavy programming. She does tell some truth, but it is couched in some heavy bull-crap.
    She is a stooge, and likely a red-herring for the NWO.
    She has apparently been playing games with the Indonesian and Philippine mobs.
    She isn’t going to get control of the global collateral accounts.

    • We’re inclined to agree with you on this one, Suzanne.


  • Meter

    You cannot predict a manipulated system, unless you know the plans of the manipulators. All these predictions of crashes rarely pan out because at the last minute a huge amount of money is injected somewhere to alter the system. The main system will crash when those who own it allow it to crash, or when even their resources are overwhelmed (eg by earth changes or non-compliance). It is time to awaken to how most human systems are corrupt and are systems of mass deception. If you make your left hand fight your right hand, is there really a conflict? Is the outcome of the fight predictable, or merely chosen?

    Here’s a prediction: I predict that when humans honestly choose to be fair, they will develop a fully transparent and accountable system, run justly, which allows fairness to be realized. The technologies already exist now to do so. Like most problems, this is not a technological problem, it is a spiritual problem. There is little will for fairness.

    As for gold, massive thefts of gold have occurred, to put it mildly; whole vaults have been emptied. Much gold which exists on paper isn’t in the vaults. Most gold is in the hands of those who control the system. Giving “humanity” a few billion dollars worth of gold still leaves the old system in control. Gold can never be used to produce a just system, as most of it is already owned.

    Technologies like Bitcoin, yet with more transparency, have more promise. If there was a genuine will to do so, it would be easy. What is more important is the shared intention to share fairly and functionally, and to be open and transparent in everything.

    Most humans are simply not at that level of intention. They do not choose fairness, they choose (and fight/kill for) advantage. They do not choose to end the exploitation of themselves or of others (which is the same thing). Rather, they choose to exploit everything they can, ‘getting while the getting is good’ (if you can call unconsciousness ‘choice’ at all). So long as this is the level of awareness in operation, the result will reflect this – clever, devious, mind-controlled apes gone wild and insane.

    Can whistleblowers be trusted? Examine their evidence, but remember that most of these people have histories of working against humanity. How can you know if they’re really converted, or if they are merely being used to deceive? To put it simply, this article sounds like it was written by a three-letter agency, leading people into nonsense and futile action. Yet there are many people rethinking money in much more interesting ways, and that’s valuable.

    The solution to the money problem, where money is used to exploit people and the planet, is for people to share and do what is most needed, regardless of any promised reward, for the good of all. It won’t be possible to exploit such people. And many people already live this way, but the planet is still full of people who are not operating at this level, including the people in control of the military/industrial/banking apparatus. Exploitation has reached such a profound and insane level that the very ecosystem which supports life on this planet is threatened. As that unfolds, the result will not be welcome by most humans. The planet is quietly saying, “Change or be changed.” If you think the life energy that is ‘Earth’ is suicidal like humans, devoid of a will to live, and that it doesn’t respond powerfully to continue its own life, that it’s just a dumb animal, then you underestimate nature. Anyone who knows nature can tell you that underestimating it is deadly. Even humans, once they awaken to their situation, are going to show remarkable forces of change, being part of nature, and desperately reaching for life to continue. Most humans are still asleep – they have not been awakened, in part because the initial changes are being hidden, particularly via weather modification (which impacts everything in human world). Lulled to sleep under aerosol skies. Deadly.

    If you want to be part of the solution, start removing Federal Reserve Notes and other pieces of paper from your decision-making process, from what you share and what you do. This is called fearlessness and reclaiming one’s will. If you cannot do this and allow it to affect your life circumstances in real ways, then all of this discussion of money changes is hot air.

    • Meter your reply was better than the article. You should write for TheWakingTimes

      • Meter

        Thanks Wolf. Sitting in the back shooting spitballs has been working well, but I’ll certainly consider an article if a topic lights up. I like working from questions and discussions, adding some productive commentary, or at least taking my truth for a walk.

        Waking Times brings up a good variety of subjects, and reading the comments is eye-opening as well. It’s good to see there are people waking up, because you’d never know it based on some media sources.

        I’m not familiar with Gregg Prescott’s work, but at the very least, he seems to have bought into some disinfo here. They float these occasionally – “a rogue band of US military generals is going to arrest Obama and right the world, steal the gold and make UFOs believed! Things are happening. All we need to do is keep waiting for them to fix the problem. Keep hoping and begging the leaders.” What became of such dramas in the past? Nada. I’ve seen the pattern many times now.

        They learned long ago to control opposition with plentiful BS. But that’s not to say that insiders can’t rock the boat – rock on. Do it for the team.

        As with the USSR, the empire will collapse from within when it loses the support of its people. Nobody saw the collapse of the USSR coming – it was a global surprise.

        • Wallis

          Agree with what you say Meter but you are wrong about the collapse of the USSR and Eastern Block. It was known in multiple countries, years in advance that the collapse was coming. The “elite” in the Communist systems were informed and given instructions on how they need to prepare for the transition (joint stock companies, banks creation/ share ownership). This becomes more evident when you look at who remained in effective power throughout E Europe and why people are so disenchanted today, as nothing changed in terms of control. It goes with your correct theme that collapse comes when it is planned and allowed. That is how today’s situation must be viewed. When the alternative kernel has been set up, for a new world order, it will be time to collapse the old and move humanity to the next step (for better or worse).

          • Meter

            Indeed, I shouldn’t have said nobody foresaw it, but it definitely wasn’t envisioned by most. In my view, it was also the result of genuine shifts in ‘people power’, which is not nothing. No one controls everything. Those in control responded, perhaps years in advance, but weren’t necessarily in full control. At least that’s my read on it. The people of Russia changed, chose to change.

            No matter how outwardly strong a government may appear, once it genuinely loses support of its people, it will fall. This is why such extreme efforts are made to deceive public opinion. Governments which appear to lack support, but which remain, do in fact have people support – it’s just denied by the people. For example, in the US the government is supported because people are afraid, they want to be safe and thus support it, even if they don’t like it. They still believe it’s serving their interests.

            Ironically, the fall of the USSR seems to have pushed the US into full fascism mode, so in a sense that event is still playing out.

            It’s also valuable to see how even the actions of ‘evil’ (selfish control, etc.), ultimately play into the hands of Life. God is holding all the aces.

            For example, the ‘elites’ may create national IDs and cashless currency, but these may ultimately turn against them, promoting openness and transparency, their worst nightmare. Life is full of twists, and it would be a mistake to imagine that everything is controlled by limited, selfish people. Life is truly a self-creative process. Look how feverishly ‘they’ work to hold control to see the evidence of this.

            Thanks for the thoughts on this.

    • Harry

      I enjoyed your reply Meter; Not least for the reason that I agree that this whistleblowing excercise is a scam. So well said.

      As for Geo Engineering and its consequences, deady is an entirely apt label for that mad endeavor. One consequence of which is immediately obvious: That the chemical elements are causing the breakdown of the H2O2 in our atmosphere so that the rain is simply H2O, lacking the free oxygen radical that exists in nature normally. This will … indeed must be incrementally pushing our biosphere toward the Anaerobic, as existed in times past, during the age of the great dinosaurs. This will be further aggravated by the insane levels of deforestation we are witness to, as well as the new and innovative corporate method of disposing of toxic waste (including nuclear) called fracking. Humanity really needs to pay attention.

      • Meter

        Thanks Harry. Interesting on the oxygen radicals – the trees are definitely dying. And we thought acid rain was bad.

        One interesting thing about this particular conspiracy is that you can walk out your door and look up to see and track it! It’s not just indirect information on a website. It’s frighteningly real, at least to those of us who remember what a blue sky once looked like. You can see the planes, see (and taste) the aerosols, see the weird precip and clouds that form, etc. Some days are just aerosol days now – don’t even try to be outdoors, it’s ugly.

        Obviously some people deny it, seemingly blind, but for anyone with honest curiosity, it can be a breakthrough conspiracy due to its direct effect on the eyes and throat. Who is that pilot up there? What is he thinking? This I know isn’t just the internet.

        I might believe they knew better than us and it was all for the best, but the toxicity and carelessness toward life is a giveaway signature – it’s deadly madness.

        This channel has some very interesting reports, btw

      • Rain Water is NOT H2O
        Water is the only Element. It is Element W.
        All the rest of the ‘elements’ are Stabilized Magnetic Reasonant Field Patterns.
        Along with a total overhaul of money, so to does our entire Theory of Lies about the atomic structure needs upgrading.
        The Electric Sun upgrades the old fusion theory and is an integral part of the ‘electric atom’ whereby everything is a Magnetic Field Pattern. Field Science. Unified Field Equation, Everything is connected to everything.
        Control the money and you control development.
        Control the Science and you control all of human endeavor.
        For more see joecellwaterscience

    • Anonymous

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