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The Evidence That Consciousness Creates Reality: Welcome To The Matrix

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Does consciousness create the material world? Before we answer this question, it’s important to first go into what the material world is actually composed of at a fundamental level. “Reality” is not simply made of tiny physical pieces, like a bunch of marbles or tiny little bowling balls. Molecules are made out of atoms, and atoms are made out of subatomic particles such as protons and electrons which are 99.99999% empty space and electrical spin. These are then made out of quarks, which then are a part of a Superstring field which consists of vibrating strings that give rise to fundamental particles based on the nature of their vibration.

We interact with a world of physical objects, but this is only due to the way our brains translate sensory data. At the smallest and most fundamental scales of nature, the idea of “physical reality” is non-existent. From the Nobel Prize winning father of quantum mechanics, Neils Bohr, “Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real. If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you yet, you don’t understand it well enough.” When you touch your hands together, it is really just empty space touching more empty space, with the slightest ingredient of energetic spin of these minuscule particles. The constituents of matter have absolutely no physical structure.

This is important to understand, because if we think of the world of quantum physics as being a world of bowling balls and and marbles, then the idea of consciousness creating reality doesn’t really make sense. But understanding that reality is a cosmic concoction of non-localized energy and empty space, it becomes clear that our thoughts and the signals they register in the brain also have these same properties at their smallest level. Our thoughts are also an activity of the universe, and all activities take place within the same quantum realm prior to manifesting in physical reality.

Consciousness is one of the hard problems in science. There is no way to explain how something as material as chemical and physical processes can give rise to something as immaterial as experience. There is no reason why subjective experience exists at all, or how sentience evolved. Nature would operate just as well without subjectivity, and when we actually try to scientifically investigate the origin and physics of consciousness, we get hints that maybe consciousness and reality are not as separate as material science would have us think.

Here are some principles in quantum mechanics, taken from the book “The Self-Aware Universe” written by former professor of theoretical physics for 30 years at the University of Oregon, Dr. Amit Gozwami:

1) Wave-Function

A quantum object (such as an electron) can be at more than one place at the same time. It can be measured as a wave smeared out in space, and can be located at several different points across this wave. This is called the wave property.

2) Discontinuity

A quantum object ceases to exist here and simultaneously appears in existence over there without have EVER traveled the intervening space. This is known as the quantum jump. It essentially teleports.

3) Action-At-A-Distance

A manifestation of one quantum object, cause by our observations, simultaneously influences its correlated twin object, no matter how far apart they are. Fire an electron and a proton off of an atom. Whatever happens to the electron, the exact same or exact opposite will happen to the proton. This is called quantum-action-at-a-distance. Einstein called this “spooky” action at a distance.

4) The Observer Effect

A quantum object cannot be said to manifest in ordinary space-time reality until we observe it as a particle. The quantum object exists indefinitely as a non-local wave until it is being observed directly. Consciousness literally collapses the wave-function of a particle.

This last point is interesting, because it implies that without a conscious observer present to collapse this wave, it would remain physically un-manifested in a state of potentiality. Observation not only disturbs what has to be measured, it produces the effect. This was verified in what is known as the double-slit experiment, where the presence of a conscious observer changed the behaviour of an electron from a wave state to a particle state.  This is known as the “observer effect” and completely shakes what we assume to be true about the physical world. Here is an easy to understand cartoon rendition of the experiment:

The findings of this experiment were published in the peer-reviewed journal Nature, in which the scientists summarized saying “The introduction of a which-path (welcher Weg) detector for determining the actual path taken by the particle inevitably involved coupling the particle to a measuring environment, which in turn results in de-phasing (suppression of interference).” That’s quite a mouthful, but it basically means that the measurement system used to detect the activity of the particle effected the behaviour of that particle.

As scientist Dr. Dean Radin said in a paper replicating the double-slit experiment, “We compel the electron to assume a definite position. We ourselves produce the results of the measurement.” Now, a common response to this is “It’s not us who is measuring the electron, it’s the machine that is doing the observation.” A machine is simply an extension of our consciousness. This is like saying “It’s not me who is observing the boat way across the lake, it is the binoculars”. The machine does not itself observe anything any more than a computer that interprets sound waves can “listen” to a song.

This has led some scientists to speculate that without consciousness, the universe would exist indeterminately as a sea of quantum potentiality. In other words, physical reality cannot first exist without subjectivity. Without consciousness, there is no physical matter. This is known as the Participatory Anthropic Principle, and was first proposed by physicist Dr. John Wheeler. Essentially, any possible universe that we can imagine that does not have conscious observers in it can be ruled out immediately. Consciousness is therefore the ground of being and must have existed prior to the physical universe. Consciousness literally creates the physical world.

These findings provide huge implications regarding how we can understand our interconnectedness with the external world. “We create our reality” is used to refer to the fact that our thoughts create the perspective we have of the world, but we now have a more concrete and literal understanding of this phrase. We actually give rise to the physical universe with our subjectivity.

“I  regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” – Max Planck, Nobel Prize winning originator of quantum theory, as quoted in The Observer (25 January 1931)

Quantum physics and consciousness:

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  • Can you imagine that when we get back to the source, we become by this our god (ie the consciousness of One), but thanks to this expansion of the universe (ie, our living experiences that) we will be at the same time as the second god, too, perfect, newly created consciousness. Then God will look out not with two, but four eyes on yor all newly created worlds. And also (and especially), He gained a new, peer friend.
    I can quite well imagine in theory, a new view of these two Giants:
    I can see how they look out newly with their those of them four slots in two plates as separate entities, immersed in the water (as in the living plasma). Can you imagine the extent and quality of such interference?
    We will explore this one until the end of all ages!
    Spectacular thought!

  • Dokážete si představit, že až se vrátíme zpět ke zdroji,staneme se tím svým bohem (tedy vědomím jednoho), ale díky rozpínání vesmíru (t.j. našim prožitým zkušenostem) budeme současně i druhým bohem , dokonalým , nově vzniklým vědomím. Na všechny nově vzniklé světy se pak bude bůh dívat ne dvěma, ale 4 očima. A také (a to zejména), získal nového, sobě rovného přítele.
    Dokáži si zcela dobře teoreticky představit, nový pohled těchto dvou velikánů : Vidím , jak se dívají nově už těmi svými čtyřmi štěrbinami, ve dvou deskách jako samostatných entitách, ponořených do vody (jako do živého plazmatu). Dokážete si představit rozsah a kvalitu těchto interferencí ?
    To budeme zkoumat až do konce všech věků !
    Velkolepé pomyšlení !

  • Excellent presentation. I am reminded of reading SETH (Jane Roberts) on The Nature Of Personal Reality and Seth Speaks – wherein he explains the simultaneous nature of existence with all probabilities and spectrum of events occurring/accesible at the same time. Weirdness squared!


    • Friend in Oz

      Kent – that sounds really interesting – is ‘The Nature Of Personal Reality and Seth Speaks’ the title of a book, or a chapter in one etc? I’d like to track it down and read it carefully.

      Thanks for your post.

      A friend in Oz.

    • Friend in Oz

      OK – it looks like the titles of 2 different Seth books (one of which I have).

  • Yes! Observation is manifestation. To learn how to easily apply this knowledge to your life, please, read “How We Create Reality” at

  • Gaspar Pagan says:
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    October 14, 2014 at 9:04 am
    These are memories of the section of the book THE BRIDAL CHAMBER Amazon
    has based teachings of Jesus about his brother Felipe. By this time 400 years before the atomic theory was known in awareness and add to their functions.

    The reorganization of the universe
    The reorganization of the universe manifested in magnetic fields, the distances of each stellar body is determined by the attraction and repulsion of the other bodies present in a given area of the cosmic spectrum. The motion and rest of these is determined by the magnetism exerted each other, this force determines the distance to each other are kept by the curvature which manifests in physical laws. With the sun in the field of astrophysics that has graduated levels of transmission to different bodies, the same creative impulse of forces required by the mutual attraction with its variations can increase or decrease or detectable force spectroscopy to the planets and bodies. The way this study, the quantum laws show that besides the astros function as heat, your physical body is affected by black holes. These suffer a more pronounced distortion in the curvature of the spectrum to that strength to fade away or expire in the same energy capo. Other stars or celestial bodies are enhanced solar energy at different distances make the rotation deviated arches attraction to the sun, causing shock waves to their bodies.
    physical body exists in the same stage where each electron or particle occupy a field within the material forming each body obeys the same physical laws.
    Circular motion that keeps each at a reciprocal distance maintains a frequency of attraction to your energy needs to keep their creative systems. The attraction towards the sun is in many ways a variety of radiation with each quality and quality demanding energy attraction. THE sun is a provider of frequencies creation.
    Interaction of any physical body that depends on solar radiation no matter the intensity or the vagueness of that force is part of a conglomerate of energy that support solar stability from the energy spectrum .
    The seas on earth metals, magma, volcanoes etc., are examples of how astrophysics explains the function of the sun’s rays on earth as an example.
    Sodium and potassium that generated the first life form on earth did it for accumulation in area lakes and saltwater seas. At first the water may be sweet, radiation of these elements present in the sun, concentrated in the waters forming the salt water. In the beginning it was a interact where the accumulation of elements in this orbit where land is held as an example was created. Once life containing 67% salt bodies created in the same need to maintain the same frequency of a creative principle of the glands in the bodies said. Displaying all kingdoms and created things that suck sunlight to maintain its requirements of the law of existence in an orbit like Earth. Millions of polarities sun sucking a capacity of different power frequency in the sun create an amalgam of forces of attraction to other orbits where its energy is a necessity to the ability of the sun itself emerge to meet their states to be part of creation. Although it seems silly is a primary function of the sun and the extent that their forces are required to maintain the building in progress, their magnetic fields can not be at rest but a constant eruption of energy fields to maintain the cosmic balance of what manifests. A balance that is not currently regulated by the sun but the energy out of it depends on your presence and substance to maintain energy fields operating at interstellar distances. For humans only see a miasma of these functions is difficult to visualize this phenomenon. If our body maintain a 67% salt in the body that salt in principle emerged and accumulated in our environment, lakes and seas, as sodium and potassium react with carbon and other elements that gave rise to life. It has been scientifically proven to be a sodium potassium pump which gave rise to the transmembrane gave birth to our thalamus gland. Evolutionary processes have their origin in these physical reactions.
    At first the privileged minds 400 years ac atomic enacted laws principles.
    An example is what I describe here. It was a philosophical way to stop instance of the observed phenomena.
    obstructions powers in an era of domination of the clergy got in trouble the advancement and freedom of scientific minds.
    Galileo case.
    ‘s inventions Galileo Newton and Einstein
    Copernicus The earth revolves around the sun.

    Galileo contradicts Bible passages and exposed to trial, accused of heresy.
    Galileo 1515 is presented in Rome to present the theory that the earth revolves around the sun
    1563 Galileo was prosecuted for heresy.
    Threat of torture and 8 years in house arrest
    Isaac Newton in physics.

    The Kybalion
    not let the flame die
    Philosophy tight
    Land of Isis, the mystery schools.
    ‘s Master Teacher Hermes (Tod) Egyptian
    Clean the mind of disputes of theology.
    ‘s soul be swept accepted concepts for millennia, join the offspring of the light of creation, to take action with created matter, inner maturity looking closer to the light.
    Hermetic Principle
    mentalism- The mind and the imagination The universe is Mind, the universe is transmutation things vibrations demonstration grading scales.
    Vibration- the universal mind contains all that is manifest, power, energy and matter
    correspondence- As above, so below the complement of the energies to flow.
    Nothing rests, nothing is at rest, motion and rest. The transition state between emptiness and containment, where one party reposes another lie travels to mingle with her ​​and begins a cosmic dance mix vibrations, two polarities (The cause) to express a third (effect)
    Polarity Everything is dual, opposites are identical, everyone has its pair of opposites. Ends meet. There are two sides to everything. All accessories are opposite ends of the same thing. Application of polarity. This condition prevails before the trinity, the emanation of the thing that reflects the composite energy and skills to build something before themselves known, record the consciousness of things.
    Pace-The measurement of flow movement and efflux, action and reaction, forward and backward (ability to understand) Undermining the effect to control energy, the pendulum stand. Poise and firmness. Using them as the acquisition of internal expertise.
    Cause and effect everything happens according to the law. Every effect has a cause, make train the mind to master the causes and effects.
    generous Everything has its kind The generation sexes and all creation has its contrary female and male-High and low, light and darkness, life with death, sweet and salty, high and low and all accumulated in the consciousness of the dimensions.
    Mental Transmutation
    Mental Transmutation Mental Alchemy and physically, change, transform mental condition.
    substance-essence, the elements that are made ​​real by the substance. Mental states, the law of rhythm and change. Disturbances Power imagination, seeking rest center for inner harmony.
    Mer- Ka Bacon LA- search of that lost energy of human expression that lies beyond the pure knowledge, consent. The intonation with the magnetic forces, the flow that has changes staged in the planetary system, where everything must be kept in harmony. Our Planet and other realms do automatically created for his condition, the man has no such authority.
    See the position of the Pharaohs of Egypt carved in stone in these practices so that humanity’s successors have a lesson how to overcome the human condition. Mankind has been guided into a funnel inside a dark tunnel of darkness, methods of awakening are contained in the ancient wisdom known only to the initiated that should make it known to the less fortunate. A wisdom engraved on the stone hard to destroy. A powerful reason come true for those builders temples, they recorded eternal truths for humanity, his secret advances to make it not easy to destroy them and reach to the present, were recorded inside the tombs.
    wisdom was and is a threat to his enemies and vested interests universally. Loss of alignment with these energies, causes degradation of human matter and consciousness of this.
    ‘s content-everything-where everything is the primordial essence, from which all proceeds, without end.
    penetrate the mysteries of the there
    ‘s actually existential
    What is the all time infinite and eternal. It is continuous and infinite in all parts continuously without separation, infinite, has no time or space, no power to change it or affect it, it can be enlarged or reduced. Without beginning or end of the correspondence is everything no matter the orbit in which it manifests itself.
    energy is the manifestation of all segments.
    Life and Mind gradation of existence, consciousness of assessment, so far we are that consciousness.
    ‘s mental universe the whole is spirit essence that brings all parts of the Trinity is the soul personality.
    : The substance of the soul’s unconsciousness unawareness alienation from reality.
    quarry Imagination is creation.
    The steps to realize, is how to make the universal creation in real things.
    Gender is the way things manifest. The whole is Trinite in His manifestation.
    The insulation of the creative force that emanated from the beginning, I was trapped in a cabin which was closed to the influence of material forces. The thalamus (Pineal) is formed from the first Transmembrane creation, I am wrapped in an insulated structure a neural center that interacts with the other glands generated in the brain, where development.
    Whence emerged this intelligent need with the function of providing to know the structure of the universe in a conscious mind. The spark of self-generate activity center that gave rise to humans, at a stage where he emerged as a first Trans-membrane in salt water.
    traveling from some external source of superior or external source of vibrations and energy waves. Projected into matter, that energy that the human mind seeks to unravel their origin and qualities, which keeps us busy in search your home. For the ancient thinkers and analysts of the qualities of being and matter was a challenge to the attributes of the creation. The functions are studied according to their internal manifestations and the results of the observations of the phenomena observed or perceived.
    ‘s created by the metaphysical and mystical systems have bases in introspection, the powers of insight in addition to the observation of phenomena occurred. The association of the emotional effects and fluctuating energies and feelings that Vivian observed in different states.

  • Estas son memorias de la seccion de el libro LA CAMARA NUPCIAL Amazon
    Tiene base en unas enseñanzas de Jesus a su hermano Felipe. Para esa epoca y 400 años antes la teoria de atomica ya era conocida, en adicione a la conciencia y sus funciones.

    La reorganización del universo
    La reorganización del universo se manifestó en campos magnéticos, las distancias de cada cuerpo estelar la determina la atracción y repulsión de los demás cuerpos presentes en un área determinada del espectro cósmico. El movimiento y el reposo de estos está determinado por el magnetismo que ejercen unos y otros, esta fuerza determina la distancia a que se mantienen unos de otros por la curvatura que se manifiesta en las leyes físicas . Siendo el sol el campo en la astrofísica que ha graduado los niveles de transmisión a diferentes cuerpos, este mismo impulso creador de fuerzas exigidas por la atracción mutua con sus variaciones permite el incremento o disminución de una espectroscopia o fuerza detectable hacia los planetas y cuerpos. De la forma en que esta estudiado, las leyes cuánticas demuestran que además de la función como astro de calor, su cuerpo físico se ve afectado por los agujeros negros. Estos sufren una deformación más pronunciada en la curvatura de su espectro, hasta que se desvanezca esa fuerza al alejarse o caducar en su mismo capo de energía. Los demás astros o cuerpos celestes que se potencian de la energía solar a diferentes distancias hacen que la rotación desvié los arcos de atracción hacia el sol, causando ondas expansivas hacia sus cuerpos.
    En nuestro cuerpo físico existe el mismo escenario donde cada electrón o partícula que ocupe un campo dentro de la materia que forma cada cuerpo, obedece a las mismas leyes físicas.
    El movimiento circular que mantiene cada uno a una distancia reciproca mantiene una frecuencia de atracción hacia sus necesidades de energía para mantener sus sistemas creativos. La atracción hacia el sol es en muchos aspectos una variada gama de radiación con cada una de ellas exigiendo una calidad y cualidad de energía en atracción. EL sol es un simple proveedor de frecuencias de creación.
    La interacción de cualquier cuerpo físico que dependa de una radiación solar no importa la intensidad o la vaguedad de esa fuerza es parte de un conglomerado de energías que sustentan la estabilidad solar desde su espectro de energía.
    Los mares en la tierra, los metales, el magma, los volcanes etc., son ejemplos de la forma en que la astrofísica explica la función de los rayos solares en la tierra como un ejemplo.
    El sodio y el potasio que genero la primeras forma de vida en la tierra lo hizo por su acumulación en área de lagos y mares de agua salada. En un principio el agua pudo ser dulce, la radiación de estos elementos presentes en el sol, se concentraron en las aguas formando el agua salada. En su principio fue un interactuar de donde se creó la acumulación de elementos en esta orbita donde se mantiene la tierra como ejemplo. Una vez se manifestó la vida conteniendo un 67 % de sal en los cuerpos creados esa misma necesidad de mantener la misma frecuencia de un principio creador de las glándulas en los cuerpos. Viendo todos los reinos y cosas creadas que succionan la luz solar para mantener sus condiciones de la ley de existencia en una órbita como la tierra. Millones de polaridades que succionan del sol una capacidad de frecuencia de energía diferente crean en el sol una amalgama de fuerzas de atracción hacia otras orbitas donde su energía es una necesidad a la capacidad que emerge del mismo sol para cumplir con sus estados de ser parte de la creación. Aunque parezca tonto es una función primordial del sol y a la magnitud que sus fuerzas son exigidas para mantener la creación en progreso, sus campos magnético no podrán estar en reposo sino en una erupción constante de campos de energía para mantener un equilibrio en la parte cósmica de lo que se manifiesta. Un equilibrio que no está regulado de momento por el sol, sino de la energía fuera de él que depende de su presencia y sustancia para mantener campos de energía funcionando a distancias interestelares. Para el ser humano que solo ve un miasma de esas funciones se le hace difícil visualizar ese fenómeno. Si en nuestro cuerpo mantenemos un 67 % de sal en el cuerpo esa sal en su principio surgió y se acumuló en nuestros entorno, lagos y mares, como sodio y potasio reaccionando con el carbono y demás elementos que dieron origen a la vida. Se ha demostrado científicamente que es una bomba de sodio y potasio la que dio origen a la transmembrana que dio origen a nuestra glándula tálamo. Los procesos evolutivos tienen su origen en estas reacciones físicas.
    En principio las mentes privilegiadas 400 años ac promulgaban los principios de leyes atómicas.
    Un ejemplo es lo que describo aquí. Fue una forma filosófica de dejar instancia de los fenómenos observados.
    Las obstrucciones de los poderes en una época de dominación del clero puso en aprietos el adelanto y la libertad de las mentes científicas.
    Caso Galileo
    Los inventos de Galileo Newton y Einstein
    El telescopio
    Copérnico La tierra gira alrededor del sol.

    Galileo contradice pasajes de la biblia y se expone a un juicio, acusado de herejía.
    1515 Galileo se presenta en Roma a presentar la teoría de que la tierra gira alrededor del Sol
    1563 Se enjuicia a galileo por herejía.
    La amenaza de tortura y 8 años en arresto domiciliario
    Isaac Newton en la Física.

    El Kybalion
    No dejes que se extinga la llama
    Filosofía hermética
    La tierra de Isis, las escuelas de los misterios.‎
    El Maestro de maestro Hermes (Tod) Egipcio‎
    Limpiar la mente de las controversias de la teología.‎
    Deshollinar el alma de los conceptos aceptado por milenios, unir la descendencia de la luz de la creación, al entrar en acción con la materia creada, la madurez interior ‎buscando acercarse a la luz.‎
    Principio hermético
    Mentalismo- La mente y la imaginación- El universo es Mente, el universo es transmutación a cosas de ‎vibraciones en escalas de manifestación por gradación. ‎
    Vibración- la mente universal, contiene todo lo que se manifiesta, poder, materia y energía
    Correspondencia- Como es arriba es abajo- el complemento de las energías al fluir. ‎
    Nada descansa, nada está en reposo, movimiento y reposo. El estado de transición entre el vacío y la ‎contención, donde una parte reposa mientas otra viaja a mezclarse con ella y empieza una danza ‎cósmica la mezcla de vibraciones, de dos polaridades (La causa) para manifestar una tercera (El efecto) ‎
    Polaridad- Todo es dual, los opuestos son idénticos, todos tienen su par de opuestos. Los extremos se ‎encuentran. Hay dos lados para todo. Todos los extremos opuestos son complementos de la misma ‎cosa. Aplicación de la polaridad. Esta condición impera antes de la trinidad, la emanación de la cosa que ‎refleja el compuesto de la energía y sus capacidades de construir algo antes de darse a conocer, grabar la conciencia de las cosas. ‎
    Ritmo- La medida del movimiento un flujo y un eflujo, acción y reacción, avance y retroceso (capacidad ‎de entendimiento) Neutralización al efecto para controlar las energías, reposar el péndulo. Aplomo y ‎Firmeza. Como Usarlos en la adquisición de maestría interna. ‎
    Causa y efecto todo sucede de acuerdo con la ley. Todo efecto tiene causa, lograr capacitar la mente ‎para dominar las causas y los efectos.‎
    Género- Todo tiene su género- Los sexos- generación y creación toda tiene su contrario- Hembra y ‎macho- Alto y bajo, luz y oscuridad, la vida con la muerte, dulce y salado, alto y bajo y todas las ‎dimensiones acumuladas en la conciencia del ser.‎
    Transmutación Mental
    Alquimia Mental y física- Transmutación mental, cambiar, transformar la condición mental.‎
    Sustancia- la esencia, los elementos que se hacen reales por la sustancia. Los estados mentales, la ley ‎del ritmo y el cambio. Las perturbaciones de la energía de imaginación, buscar el centro de reposo para ‎la armonía interior. ‎
    Mer- Ka Ba- LA- Búsqueda de esa energía perdida de la expresión humana que subyace más allá del ‎conocimiento puro, consiente. La entonación con las fuerzas magnéticas, ese fluir que tiene cambios ‎por etapas en el sistema planetario, donde todo debe mantenerse en armonía. Nuestro Planeta y los ‎otros reinos creados lo hacen automáticamente, por su condición, el ser humano no tiene esa facultad.
    Ver la posición de los faraones de Egipto en estas prácticas grabadas en piedra para que los sucesores ‎de la humanidad tengan una lección de cómo superar su condición humana. La humanidad ha sido ‎guiada hacia un embudo un tenebroso túnel de oscuridad interior, los métodos para despertar están contenidos en la ‎sabiduría antigua, solo conocida por los iniciados que deben ponerla en conocimiento de los menos ‎afortunados. Una sabiduría grabada en la piedra difícil de destruir. Una razón poderosa hecha realidad por esos constructores de templos, en ellos grabaron verdades eternas para la humanidad, ‎de sus adelantos secretos para que no fuera fácil destruirlos y llegaran a la actualidad, fueron grabados dentro de las tumbas.
    La sabiduría era y es una amenaza para sus enemigos y los intereses creados a nivel universal. La pérdida de alineación con estas energías, causa la degradación de la materia humana y la conciencia ‎de esta.‎
    El todo- donde está todo contenido- la esencia primordial, de donde todo procede, sin tener fin.‎
    Penetrar los misterios de lo que existe ‎
    La realidad existencial- ‎
    Lo que es el todo infinito- tiempo y eterno. Es continuo e infinito en todas partes continuo sin ‎separación, infinito, no posee tiempo ni espacio, sin un poder que lo cambie o lo afecte, no ‎puede ser agrandado o reducido. Sin principio ni fin es correspondencia del todo no importa en la órbita en que se manifiesta.
    Energía es la manifestación de segmentos del ‎todo.‎
    Vida y mente gradación de existencia, conciencia de apreciación, hasta ahora somos esa conciencia.‎
    El universo mental, el todo es espíritu- La esencia que junta las partes del todo es la trinidad del alma ‎personalidad.‎
    La sustancia del alma- La inconciencia el no darse cuenta la enajenación de la realidad.‎
    La imaginación es la cantera de la creación.‎
    Las etapas de darse cuenta, es la forma de realizar la creación universal en cosas reales.‎
    El género es la forma en que las cosas se manifiestan. El todo es trino en su manifestación.‎
    La aislación de la fuerza creadora que emano dese el principio, quedo atrapada dentro de un habitáculo que se cerró a la influencia de las fuerzas materiales. El tálamo (Pineal) se formó a partir de la primera Transmembrana de creación, quedo envuelto en una estructura aislada, donde desarrollo un centro neuronal que interactúa con las demás glándulas generadas en el cerebro.
    De donde emergió esta necesidad inteligente con la función de dar a conocer la estructura del universo en una mente consiente. El despertar el autogenerarse de ese centro de actividad dio origen al ser humano, en una etapa donde surgió como una primera Trans- membrana, en el agua salada.
    De alguna fuente externa viajando de superior o del exterior fuente de vibraciones y ondas de energía. Se proyectó hacia la materia, esa energía que la mente humana busca desentrañar su origen y cualidades, que nos mantiene ocupados en buscar su origen. Para los antiguos pensadores y analistas de las cualidades del ser y la materia era un reto dar con los atributos de la creación. Las funciones se estudiaban de acuerdo a sus manifestaciones internas y los resultados de las observaciones hechas de los fenómenos observados o percibidos.
    Los sistemas creados por los metafísicos y místicos tenían las bases en una introspección, las facultades de percepción interna en adición de la observación de los fenómenos ocurridos. La asociación de los efectos emocionales y la fluctuación de energías y las sensaciones que se Vivian en los diferentes estados observados.

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    Spelling error – second para “In quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you yet”. Should be “If quantum mechanics..”

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      a person who is excessively concerned with minor details and rules or with displaying academic learning.

      synonyms: dogmatist, purist, literalist, formalist, doctrinaire, perfectionist, raging douche-bag…

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