Psychopaths in Charge – Maybe They’re Not Human

TheyLive1Julian Wash, Contributor
Waking Times

Dear Humans,

Today I would like to return to your awareness an aspect of the Human condition that condones violence under certain circumstances. To this end, we find ourselves going along with the most egregious of things, not least of which is war. Here we find not only a consensus of opinion— but an accepted truth. People kill people. That’s what we do. People have been killing each other over borders, religion, ideology, politics and resources as far back as history will take us. It’s a given that we will continue in this maniacal cycle of war, truce and temporary peace until our time on this planet is through. It’s our nature and so it is our course and therefore our destiny! —Or is it?

Of course most people are good-natured, loving and kind, but they are often unaware of some of the more sinister elements in our world. Does our slumber make us a threat to the survival of humanity? If so, can one surmise that our “enemy” might actually be the person we see every morning in the mirror? Are we complicit in some way by simply being oblivious? Is this what the others mean by “sheeple,” those who simply go along to get along and never ask probing questions?

We sit around the proverbial card table and we’re handed the rules. We don’t really question them. The rules are the rules and that’s that! And at the end of the night, should one run out of money because the others understood the rules better, then maybe a moment of truth will beckon. Perhaps one will decide it is best not to bother with the rules at all— and instead seek to unmask the rule maker.

War on Peace

We live in a culture of “political correctness” where people are likely to become more offended by an off-color remark or a waving middle finger than by war. Like with most templates of social order, political correctness is just another illusion, a construct we’ve bought into. It’s there to give the impression that society cares. Society does not care. We are told warm and fuzzy things to make us believe we live in a benevolent culture. We do not! We live in a war culture- we live in a prison culture and we live in a culture of denial. Don’t believe it? Like I said— denial!

At seventeen a child still needs a note from their mother to be excused from a day at school. Well that’s kind of innocent, warm and fuzzy. Six months later they just might shove a rifle into his arms, march him to the front lines and order him to kill. And when that particular son or daughter doesn’t return home, they say “freedom is not free” and that your child paid the ultimate price for the wonderful life we so enjoy today. The wonderful life minus this beautiful child, that is. Give me a break! I cannot stand the Orwellian double speak and propaganda, the hypocrisy that spews from the orifice of the rule maker.

In a war culture you go to “war” on everything. We have the so-called “war on terror” which theoretically cannot be beat. It is impossible to end a war with an “enemy” that is not defined by a border. And so this war will continue not only on foreign soils, but right here in the good ol’ land of the free. The latest buzz is all about domestic terrorism. See something, say something. Well I’m seeing something and I’m sure trying my best to say something.

We love that word war. We must! We have gone to war on drugs and on poverty, war on hunger and obesity. Of course let’s not forget those wars fought with battle armor and guns. We just want to do war on everything, don’t we? And it’s sort of strange, really—you see it’s not just a U.S. thing or a Russia thing. It’s not just the powder keg we call North Korea or the spiraling tension between Japan and China. We’re all into this war thing.

There are considerable agreements made behind the scenes. There’s complicity and cooperation on a level that is mind boggling to the newly awakened. Let face it, often there’s a lot of money to be made on both sides of the war equation. The opium trade in Afghanistan is just one example. Business has never been better or more lucrative since the U.S. loaned its assistance. War is good business for the handful that actually benefit from it. -But at what cost?

Psychopaths in Skin Suits

An online dictionary source defines psychopath as: “a person with a psychopathic personality, which manifests as amoral and antisocial behavior, lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships, extreme egocentricity, failure to learn from experience, etc. Also called sociopath, a person afflicted with a personality disorder characterized by a tendency to commit antisocial and sometimes violent acts and a failure to feel guilt for such acts.”

That pretty much sums up who’s running our world. Are they entirely Human? To be honest, I’m not so certain.

I have difficulty defining the Human species without considering our remarkable propensity to love and be loved. But there are those that do not love or care for others and one must wonder just what planet they’re from. Perhaps we can generalize and simply call some people psychopathic. They might as well be lizards in skin suits so far as I’m concerned. To call them Human seems a stretch indeed. But they walk the walk and talk the talk. We get tricked by these tricksters—they’re good at their game and they know it. They’ve had plenty of time to really get it all honed down good and tight.

The Rule Makers

Back in the 1960’s when the so-called counter culture or “hippie generation” emerged onto the scene, many began to question whether what they were told about the JFK and Dr. King assassinations was true. The Vietnam War only served to galvanize this awakening. Back in those days, news outside the mainstream channels came mainly through relatively obscure articles, books and by word-of-mouth. The energy of this movement was captured in a big way, however, through the music of that era. We don’t have Janis Joplin anymore, but we do have the internet, and this has greatly contributed to a mass awakening and the unstoppable momentum of the “truth movement.”

People who “run” the world do not necessarily have any allegiance to a particular country or party, yet they make decisions based on their one-world governmental view that affects you and me on a daily basis. Where do they get their power? -Well, ultimately their power comes from their ability to manage all of us.

And where are the clergy? Why have they not been calling for an end to all the rampant bloodshed in these trying times? That’s right- they’re not allowed to discuss politics. It violates their 501(c)(3) pact with the government. That’s another way of saying they’re taking “hush money.” Don’t talk about war and politics— and get a nice little break from the taxman. This gig is rigged! Say one thing and do another—that’s the name of the game. They’ll preach platitudes of love and peace but they’ll never preach the horrors of war and bring the message to the street.

Final Thought

In 1988, director John Carpenter released a film entitled, “They Live.” It follows a drifter referred to as “Nada,” who discovers that the so-called ruling classes were in fact malevolent entities masquerading as Human. They manipulate people into spending money, breeding and accepting the status quo through the constant bombardment of subliminal messages via mass media. Some might feel this was more of a documentary than a sci-fi thriller.

The film is famously remembered for its five-and-half minute alley fight between the actor that was able to “see” these entities (Roddy Piper) and the actor that would not see (Keith David) because he wasn’t willing to put on the special glasses that permitted this ability. Carpenter drags the brutal fight scene out for an almost comical duration. After watching the scene, I realized he was really trying to convey the frustration and difficulty involved in trying to wake up a fellow Human. Just put on the damn glasses and take a look! Nope— won’t do it!

A musician friend of mine whose band saw considerable success in the late 1960’s always ends his conversations by saying, “keep it real.” Keep it real! Well that’s what I try to do. But it just isn’t always that easy. There are unseen forces at work trying desperately to keep us apart and in the dark. The tension building in Russia is yet another chapter waiting to explode. It might even be the final one. Never has there been a more urgent time for the Human race to start behaving as “Humans” again. We need to pull the rubber masks off those who claim to be serving us and realize they would rather “serve us” with a sprig of parsley and mash potatoes on the side.

Are these people Human? Those who feed off of war and profit from death and destruction seem to fit rather nicely in that shape-shifting, lizard category I’d say. So who are they—what are they? That’s a question I continue to debate. On the plus side, this awakening movement keeps getting stronger by the day. I’m optimistic that despite some of the more grim forecasts out there, we still have a pretty decent chance of turning our situation around. It only takes a motivated, three percent of any population to effect major changes in policy and direction. I think we’re nearly there.

-Until next time

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  • G Dianne Taylor

    Then what is your point in making this statement? The article states “maybe they are not human” in the title and you come in with something about different brain wiring to seemingly support that supposition. If you are implying that they are not responsible for their actions or they should be held to some different standard, then you can keep that.

    • They are not curable. They cannot be rehabilitated. They are cold and calculating, manipulative pathological liars, lacking compassion and empathy. These are traits that set them apart from the rest of humanity. They do not respond to compassion, love, remorse.

  • G Dianne Taylor

    Why do you assume that psychopathic behavior disqualifies someone from being human? On the contrary, it is the most human behavior of all. The good, creative, loving behavior is moving towards the divine. We have the capacity for both, or all and everything in between, it is all a matter of what we choose.

    This is the same mentality that blames our bad behavior on the devil or something outside of ourselves. It always wants something or someone else to be responsible for our lives. No doubt, there are entities who personify the characteristics you describe, but that could be any one of us at any time.

    “Traditionally, Buddhism teaches the existence of the ten
    realms of being. At the top is Buddha and the scale descends as follows:
    Bodhisattva (an enlightened being destined to be a Buddha, but purposely
    remaining on earth to teach others), Pratyeka Buddha (a Buddha for himself),
    Sravka (direct disciple of Buddha), heavenly beings (superhuman [angels?]),
    human beings, Asura (fighting spirits), beasts, Preta (hungry ghosts), and depraved
    men (hellish beings).” –On Reincarnation by Takashi Tsuji

    • You misunderstand what a psychopath is. They are biologically/physiologically different from the rest of humanity. They have different brains which do not enable them to feel remorse or compassion.

      • G Dianne Taylor

        That doesn’t necessarily make them not human. Maybe you misunderstand what a human is. It is any God-being who has lowered his/her vibrations to the point that they are incarnating in this physical plane.

  • Filip Sandor

    So that’s the answer to the problem.. they are lizards? Wow. Thanks, Waking Times. The rest of the article was good, btw.

  • On Sept 27, 2013, Rowdy Roddy Piper tweeted, “They Live is a documentary”. (not fiction)

  • kononwa

    If anyone still finds this article after all this time, may I refer you to the bible of psychopathy (for those interested in understanding the condition), “Political Ponerology” by Andrew Lobaczewski, available on Amazon and Kindle for less than $10. An absolute must if you’ve ever wondered why, and pondered what to do.

    This nine-month-old article is, for me, quite synchronistic, as I’m now half-way through this extremely enlightening book. Things occur at the right time and in the right place, so I’m grateful for whatever force pointed me to this page.

    May you be enlightened and find the way to your own truth.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you so much, Kononwa!
      I will get the book and read it.
      I hadn’t heard of it yet, and deeply appreciate you for recommending it in your comment!
      I found the article thanks to Waking Times re-posting articles from the past in each e-mail after the list of new articles.
      Namaste’ ~~~ Suzanne

    • Roland Petit

      Political Ponerology by Andrew Lobaczewski should by mandatory reading to graduate from any credible institution of higher education. This will never happen because most institutions of higher education ARE RUN by PSYCHOPATHS. The psychopaths among us must by unveiled before we can progress from these lizards in human skin. The study of Ponerology is as important as reading, writing , and arithmetic, it’s a survival issue for the human race.

  • SK

    I came to this same conclusion (they must not be human) after so much frustration with considering what has been done to this country and the world in the past 200 years. To me, it seemed the only thing that made sense. Though others laugh at me and say humans can really be that malevolent, self-serving, greedy etc. I can’t fathom how or why humans would ruin the world and doom their own race/progeny…

  • Ian MacLeod

    You, I’m wondering if certain kinds of torture applied at certain times in the early life of a human being – I mean during times that the human creature is beginning a new level or type of development – so that those developments don’t happen, or are altered, maybe even in ways that are substantially equivalent to having portions of the brain physically removed… Perhaps that’s what happens. Of course nowadays it could be done physically – they could literally remove what called “the mammal brain” – the cerebral cortex – before it really becomes fully operative. I believe there’s one more layer between “the mammal brain” and “the reptile brain” though. Anyway, if the limbic system can be physically or behaviorally interrupted like this, you’d have a creature that was literally NOT HUMAN. Perhaps they might feel a mild affection, but I think it’s more likely that they’d feel safe around a certain person, as David Rockefeller seemed to around Arron Russo – until Russo “rebelled” by disagreeing with Rockefeller, which made him a threat that had to be removed. David even believed he was being generous beyond belief in offering Aaron “a special chip” instead of the usual kind. To Aaron, of course, it was AN INTOLERABLE INVASION OF HIS SELFDOM! It was also a totally incomprehensible refusal, even a betrayal, to “Rocky”. Here’s an interesting note: my computer thought that word should be “serfdom”, not “selfdom”. Yes, it’s a Microsoft OS. Is that a little bit of Bill Gates I see on my monitor screen..?

  • vincecent L.

    This movie is based on what is presently happening.Most people are not aware that this is actually happening the people in power are not humans they are reptilian. Trying to tell people this is very frustrating. People need to wake up and see what is going on and what is being done to us. If you read David Icke it will give you an idea of who controls the planet and has controlled it for quite some time now. I know this sounds very far fetched but it is not, it is the reality of what is actually happening.

  • Absolutely not, they are not humans. Our world governments are infiltrated by hostile, shape shifting entities which feed off negative energies. They have the ability not only to shape shift into various human configurations but to inverse slices of dimensional spaces in order to dislocate the the humans they are infiltrating. This is a difficult to understand 4th dimensional maneuver for most humans because i’ts not taught in any books or curriculum. The same entities responsible for spraying our skies with chemtrails poisoning our planet are the ones who infiltrated our governments at all level to deliberately provoke and force perpetual human suffering on our societies. We certainly can use those “glasses” to expose them ASAP.

  • The current deracination of culture, governance, and the economy all bring psychopathology out of the closet of psychology and into the light as a valid explanation for so many things going wrong that can easily be put right. But such an allusion, much more the evidence, calls into question the cherished ideals that support a republic and the claims of the Enlightenment. How can all men be equal when some are obviously evil? Equal JUST before the law you say? But our current dilemmas demonstrate conclusively that “Law” as a social facilitator has failed. Our society is dying, and laws are too often the subterfuge by which the psychopaths attain their goals – which is ultimately our death.
    Clearly, philosophically and metaphysically, we have failed to both understand human and spiritual nature.
    The best general books I have read on this subject are M. Scott Peck’s “people of the Lie” and “Ponerology” by Lobacewski. What is particularly daunting is that these studies seem to imply a genetic inheritance that insures human evil. And if that be the case, then Human Rights can no longer be considered a universal good.

    • Ian MacLeod

      “Equal” doesn’t mean “the same as”. One dollar may have the same value as one hundred pennies or a given amount of gold, but while they are all of equal value, they are NOT the same as each other. The “elites” are experts at interchangeable meanings, and then they’ll suddenly toss one in there that is NOT interchangeable at ALL… and usually almost no one notices. Go back through some of the things ‘ole Dubya said, especially anything off the cuff, though he didn’t read all that well either. “Elites” are classic examples of the “reptile brain” attempting to function as a whole mammalian brain – and they CAN’T. I’d LOVE to see what EEG and neurotransmitter readings would show in their brains in certain situations compared to “normal” human brains!

      Anyone who tries to be friends with an ‘elite’ is in deadly danger! The instant they disagree with their owner (which is how an ‘elite’ sees a relationship with “an ordinary human”) they become a potentially deadly threat and must be destroyed! Look at Aaron Russo’s “friendship” with David Rockefeller. David DID NOT UNDERSTAND why Aaron should be at all concerned with anyone who was not of his own family, or who wasn’t someone who “improve his circumstances” – “elite” speak for bringing him along, as they say, with the super-wealthy. When Aaron manifested a threatening behavior – i.e., not agreeing with David totally, and evincing no concern for “ordinary people” who must work for a living – he died of one of the “elite’s” favorite weapons: cancer. It hit and killed amazingly quickly, too.

      Zbigniew “Zbig” Brzezinski said in a speech once, “We now have the ability to create cancer, and we can cure cancer.” As I recall he licked his lips after that sentence, or he did some equivalent. He also repeated the sentence, as though he enjoyed the taste of such power! Reptiles are very basic creatures, as are creatures like Zbig, Kissinger and others. What to us would be a positive emotion appears to be, to them, something more concrete: a taste, a literally pleasurable feeling of some sort. A real reptile seems to feel only the basics, like fear, anger, perhaps hatred, physical contentedness (which is probably felt as not being under threat at the moment, or not being hungry – though hunger IS a threat: starvation). They have learned to amputate or redirect those feelings almost in infancy. The torture they are reported (by the very few who have gotten out, at least for a time) to apply as a training regimen to their young is designed to destroy the child’s ability to feel anything BUT those basic feelings. The mammalian brain is destroyed (perhaps literally) or conditioned to operate in parallel with the reptile brain. The only emotions are physical and/or violent.

      They are a terminal danger to us! They would literally destroy the carrying capacity of the rest of the planet to rid themselves of the dangerously unpredictable, incomprehensible human creatures that infest (their word) the Earth, serenely certain that they alone would survive no matter what. Why not? They have ALWAYS gotten what they wanted eventually. Why should destroying almost all of the planet be an exception?

  • Serf

    All reptilian’s are psychopaths but not all psychopaths are reptilian.

    The reptilian’s want Planet Earth for their kind and reptilian’s are creating alien/human hybrids to house evil reptilian consciousnesses in their new hybrid bodies. Reptilian’s are doing this because their old higher interdimensionsl dimensions no longer exist because the True Light (has corrected evil).

    More information can be found looking at the links below:

  • Nancy

    I think psychopaths suffer from a type of autism. Pathways from the amygdaloid to parts of the brain that deal with compassion and emphathy short circuit.

    • Ian MacLeod

      The “blood-line elites” are raised to be sociopaths using a lot of the techniques they passed on to MK Ultra for some of their assassin programs. The “elites” have been doing it to their own children for generations. I understand that a lot of them have personality split-off (multiple dissociative personality disorder) in which the primary personality is totally unaware of the Luciferian connection and activities, though in SOME the split-off (less complete than the Primary) is the one in charge most of the time. ALL OF THEM have been psychically mutilated. They’re also so inbred, at least some of them probably need a minder.

      In any society, for it to work, people make certain certain agreements between themselves, and when creatures like these come along they instantly see the weak spots and take advantage, invalidating the system for everyone else. And these are so entrenched, getting them out of the way and prying their hands away from the Power is almost impossible; it may BE impossible.


  • Gigas

    True power never allows itself to be seen or confronted.

    The faces of power you will see, are the distraction.

    There is an authority here that will take those who are willing, down a path of darkness to fame and fortunes. Surrender to that power and you become property used in all sorts of manners

  • Johnny de Vulcan

    It is said in very old books that the way to make them loose the human appearanc is by sound.*

  • Leigh boy

    They are certainly not part of Man kind.

  • billybob

    they arent human and the world hasnt figured it out yet that those who take power by force, lies, deceit are not human beings, rich powerful people have proven themselves unworthy of ruling the world, but then dumb sheep keep voting for them and supporting them.

  • Thank you for this article, very well done! I so agree. I’m writing a script and a book along these lines, works of researched science fiction, “Remnants.” (© April 3, 2011 and © Feb. 10, 2013) For more on that and other things, please visit my blog;

  • Sherry Sacred Sage

    Lovely truth Dillion I am very glad wakingtimes is here cause janis is gone and “they” had to shut her up she was uniting the people ….Peace to all Unity in Green healing light for Earth the precious…Amitabha

    • Sherry Sacred Sage

      sorry Julian I get you two mixed up you both write thoughtful articles grateful for you here now! Peace

  • Victor Gagnon

    A vey insightful piece. Great article.

  • Pavlov’sBitch

    Yes, get the reference to The Twilight Zone ‘How To Serve Humans’ – a kosher cookery book!

  • Pavlov’sBitch

    No. They are not human. Human = Humane Being. Psychopaths are retarded, lacking, missing, incomplete as if miscarried/aborted/rejected before being fully formed. It is not human to lack empathy: the emotional imagination to ‘feel’ what another feels or has felt/experienced and the common bond between all Creator’s (mother and father) children on Earth is empathic mutual exchange. Cut that out and what have we got? The Talmudists for whatever was behind that psycopathic tome of black mass fury is projected into endless wars, endless rape and endless murder for endless profits. Humans can hardly conceive the abyss occupying where the heart should be in these creatures but they ‘vote’ for them all the same every time they switch on the TV, Radio, DVD’s from Hollywood or whatever form of displacement offered substitutes for knowledge, wisdom, rebellion and FREEDOM from their cult.

    • gmo2ashes

      Bravo! Another brave soul willing risk it all to identify the psychopathic cult that programs mankind into accepting their depraved agenda and control over the world.

      Watch your back, brother.

  • We all seem to be asleep in this world. Timothy Leary’s quote “Think for yourself and question authority.” seems to be more important now than it was when he first said it. Sadly many of us are so deeply programmed to be submissive to authority that we never think twice. However, it seems people are becoming more aware so that is a good thing.
    Although humans are capable of great love I think they are just as capable of great evil. The terrible things we do to me are no less natural than the love and compassion we display. I think the evil parts of us are actually the more primitive parts. It is a rather optimistic view but I do believe we are evolving from hate and violence to love and peace. Perhaps they are both things that will coexist with us as long as we exist but I think we are moving towards a more peaceful world.

  • Alan Haslam

    I really envy opitimists, or people smoking hopium. Face the facts. There is hope only for the individual souls, not humanity as a whole. We are beyond the tipping point, socially, environmentally, and economically. Prepare your spirits.

    • ‘Smoking Hopium’… LOL!


    • Rabbitnexus


  • Great article! Psychopaths need orgone, although they probably wouldn’t like their positive energy charge xD

  • Charles

    Awesome in sight , the blind leading the blind, lets hope the mind based ego maniacs that think they run the world get what they deserve.
    As far as I can tell the goverment couldn’t run a pay toliet at the state fair !!!


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