Steeped in the Matrix in the Shadow of Indifference

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Dear Humans,

Today I wish to return to your awareness an aspect of the Human condition that can transition the mind from vibrancy into a banal state of cognitive dissonance. Here we find the shadow of indifference and the trappings of complicity. But what is the path of the slow to awaken, and why should we care?

Their faculties are intact. They certainly seem normal to the casual observer. They may indeed be intelligent and engaging, but something is clearly missing. It’s troubling in a way. Rather frustrating as well. Most of all it is disappointing. The awakening movement has been consistently stymied by those who remain dispassionate about the sobering nature of our reality. These “perennial sleepers” seem to have neither a care nor concern.

In the following paragraphs I invite you to consider the economic principal known as the law of diminishing returns and how it might apply to this situation. At what point do we simply say “enough?” Is it noble to persist in our effort to waken those who prefer to live in the shadow, or are we the fools for trying?

So come saddle up with me and we’ll take a brief journey up a rocky and treacherous pass to a hilltop overlooking the matrix. Here we’ll see how the nets of illusion are held back and fastened to the ground. How easy so it seems— to just simply start cutting tent cords that hold the whole damn circus canopy in place. But those cords are bound not by rope or wire… but by belief— and there’s no knife, razor or ax that can cut through a line woven from the silk of the matrix.

Steeped in the Matrix

From the moment we’re born we are cradled in the matrix. Our loving parents and their parents were also made cozy and warm in this synthetic womb of deception. And so we “adopted” our way of life and defined it as normal. But there’s duplicity in our societal construct. On one side we see the wonderful ways it can be. We see people helping people and it’s a beautiful thing— certainly worthy of defending. But then there are the rogue undercurrents and their operatives that will hold our faces underwater so that we are grateful only for a breath. In this den, one may never know their true potential. The sorcerer rules in this darkness. We’ve already unknowingly relinquished our power through sophisticated methods of mind control, deception and manipulation. And since we ultimately brought it upon ourselves, practitioners of this black magic claim exoneration.

It starts, of course, with our own parents who were products of the matrix. They’ve been condition and groomed in a manner that runs in accordance with the construct. Before one is even old enough to attend school, they’re already versed on the rules and principles that will serve to bind and blind them. Structured education, religious camps, media, drugs and political ideologies will all contribute in fogging the mirror so that they may never see what they truly look like.

But for those who are experiencing an awakening, they’re able to see this construct. They have been called “light workers” among other things and they are indeed a unique group of people. They have been gifted with sight. You are likely one of them. The light worker numbers are growing at a staggering pace. They’re here at a critical juncture, to promote peace and awareness and to take part in the awakening process. Why should one have this sight over another is very difficult to say. It’s downright perplexing to me. But you’re here for a reason— that you can be sure of.

There are many paths that might have led you here. In some cases there were “gateway events” that triggered a response. The light worker was already attuned to a novel vibration. But then they saw things that were shocking to the conscious and they wondered why it had been hidden in the shadow of the matrix. The event is one thing. Hiding it was another. They knew something was terribly amiss and instead of simply letting it go, they continued to ponder for an explanation and researched till their eyes were raw, red and blurry. On their journey even more shocking truths would be unveiled. The strings of the matrix would become more and more apparent with every new discovery. But by far the most profound and dramatic aspect of the rise of the light worker is where they went to find truth.

After experiencing information overload via the internet, books and podcasts, they may have sought religious or spiritual guidance. The information was so troubling they needed someone they could talk to. At the very least they needed loving counsel. But nobody was there to hear their words and share in their pain. Family and friends turned their backs because they could not accept or relate to their views outside the matrix. The budding light worker could no longer trust anything the matrix offered, even if it was verifiably true.

All information coming from the matrix domain feels tainted in some way. The light worker washed themselves from this ubiquitous film and liberated their internal glow. The religious institutions were corrupted, so many resorted to reading the Bible on their own. Then they moved perhaps to other religious doctrines, the Koran or the teachings of Buddha. As a light worker they were no longer bound and felt free to explore any and all ideologies. They began to taste freedom— real freedom. For many, they would begin to seek answers through meditation and prayer. They began to reconnect with nature and attune to her rhythm. Most surprisingly perhaps, they were now attuned to what I like calling the Aether net. They could shift from their place of wonder and into a state of knowing. They would no longer seek CNN or FOX for validation.

This was an exhausting and concentrated effort that came in stages for most. First they were outraged by what they had discovered. Then they were angry and mortified. How could this be? How could society be stitched together with so many ills? But for the love of Humanity they sought answers. This was a heavy burden to carry. Their preoccupation with the horrors of the world would soon affect most every aspect of their life, from family relations to being able to concentrate at work. That’s what a “shift” really feels like. I know the readers of this website understand.

But now there’s the guy on the couch pushing the buttons on his remote as he attunes himself to the daily program of the matrix. Is he a bad guy for not wanting to listen? -Probably not. Are they dismissive because they really don’t want to know or is there something more sinister afoot? Is it because the message is coming from “you” and perhaps they don’t think so highly of you? -Just a thought. But it’s probably more fundamental than that. It’s been said rather eloquently, “it’s easy to fool someone, but it’s much harder to convince someone they’ve been fooled.” This bit of wisdom may put the best light on the problem.

Law of Diminishing Returns

Economic models are often quite effective in measuring the relative equity of a situation. According to at least one definition; “the law of diminishing returns is a classic economic concept that states that as more investment in an area is made, overall return on that investment increases at a declining rate. To continue making an investment after a certain point is to receive a decreasing return on that input.”

The dilemma I present to you is whether one should continue to apply the same effort on those that are no longer capable or willing to listen? Is there a point where we say fine—you go your way, I’ll go mine. Readers of my previous posts may know I’m no friend of those instruments that serve to divide us. But I’m beginning to wonder if that’s not inevitable. In actuality, this has already been happening.

Those who embrace spirituality understand rules of equity. One seeks balance and harmony in all things. Sometimes balance can’t be achieved and so we either change ourselves or change what’s around us. Either way it places a fork in the road. The intrepid light worker will continue on their journey and might only on occasion look back in the rearview mirror as they move onward. I’m quite sure this is beginning to manifest. It’s no longer, for instance, about pointing to a chemtrail and asking another if they see it. Well, they might “see” it but they don’t “get” it. They simply shrug their shoulders and walk away and look at you as if you’re some kind of nutter.

Well my brothers, go ahead and walk away. There is too much going on to continue trying to convince you of anything. Because you see it’s not just about the spraying of the atmosphere, the proliferation of GMO’s, toxic governments and corporations or false flag operations. It’s about so much more. And if you do not understand the basics by now, then you’re sure not going to get the higher level stuff. And so for those who keep shoving their TV remote controller up my nose hoping to shut me off, don’t worry cause I’m already gone. The road for me has divided.

Let ‘Em Sleep

That’s my resolve. There will be others that will not agree with this, and I want you to know you have my full respect and gratitude. For those who choose to remain in the trenches and endure the volley of fire will most certainly suffer as a result. But they are perhaps the quintessential light workers. As for me I’ve chosen to move on from those who will not listen. I have found the experience draining and toxic to my psyche. In other words, I’ve had enough!

And so I say, let ‘em sleep. Perhaps a dream will waken them, perhaps not. And even now should one shows signs of waking— is it too little too late? There’s a lot of catching up to do. Who’s going to hold their hand through it all? So what is their fate? Perhaps it’s their dilemma. Many of us are simply moving on—not because we wanted to, but because it is now our time.

Final Thought

There is so much more to this awakening process. Not only are we conditioned and groomed under the whip of mother matrix, but we’ve been chemically assaulted and altered along the way. Is it too late for those that have dropped their spiritual sword and armor? Did the fluoride finally calcify the last tiny recess of their pineal? Did the multiple flu vaccinations finally take their toll? How could they not see that which was so clearly in front of them? How?

And so there is a weight that needs to be lifted. The collective impact of the sleepers has been punishing. Do they not care about the horrors of war, the plight of the whistleblower or the breakaway reporter who was willing to risk their career, life and limb for breaking a critical story? The sleepers have been repeatedly shown data that should have compelled them to investigate matters further. Maybe they do care—but they’re not ready to face it.

I understand there are many truths that are not easy to swallow and impossible to digest, but what is the cost of ignorance? To Mr. Remote Control man, the dandelion growing through the cracks of the asphalt is just another weed. Monsanto makes a great product to take care of that. You see, you need to kill it from the root, they say. And that’s exactly what they would love to do with this awakening.

Anyway, I mentioned the trail would be rocky and treacherous at times and so my warning had some merit. Was the trip worthwhile? We’ve rode to a place where the sage is thick and sweet and where the wind whispers through the mesquite and ironwood. And here the setting Sun sets the western sky ablaze and somewhere in the twilight fade, a flicker and moment of truth comes forth. For those that can hear these gentle vibrations will always find their way back home. They are the seekers of truth.

-Until next time

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  • Shari

    I understand the frustration, and mostly agree. I think we have to keep ego minimal and not be slighted when others reject information. The best approach seems to be to drop seeds of info without actually leading them down the rabbit hole. Its a deep one.

    I do not know about others, but I look back and wonder if I did not have some advantages. Before I woke up, due to health issues, I quit drinking tap water, ate pure food, avoided pharmaceuticals, and had a parent who did not vaccinate me for most of my life. Perhaps we should have empathy for those who are physically compromised. Its like being angry at a person who cannot run, but they are under anesthetic. Yes, they agreed to the needle in the arm, but there was not full disclosure or consent to what was going to happen to them.

    Has anyone else noticed a correlation to a clean lifestyle and their awakening?

  • Shari

    I understand the frustration, and mostly agree. I think we have to keep ego minimal and not be slighted when others reject information. The best approach seems to be to drop seeds of info without actually leading them down the rabbit hole. Its a deep one.

    I do not know about others, but I look back and wonder if I did not have some advantages. Before I woke up, due to health issues, I quit drinking tap water, ate pure food, avoided pharmaceuticals, and had a parent who did not vaccinate me for most of my life. Perhaps we should have empathy for those who are psychically compromised. Its like being angry at a person who cannot run, but they are under anesthetic. Yes, they agreed to the needle in the arm, but their was not full disclosure or consent to what was going to happen to them.

    Has anyone else noticed a correlation to a clean lifestyle and their awakening?

  • Yes great article and well said Victor.

  • Victor Gagnon

    Great article! Interesting to say the least but I am no sure what the intent of the article was. Some may say obvious but I don’t. Brilliant if I think what I think your intention is. Of course the only way to look at things is in a deep, positive way. It works for me and that is all that matters.
    Wow! Till next time.

  • Are the people not awakening to the need to shut the war down and now? Of all the things that may harm us, can we not act to bring a halt to the oldest racket of them all, war?

    Only one group on our planet has the authority to issue our money. Can labor not act and STRIKE THEM OUT, to take hold of the authority to issue our money? Must we not STOP THE WAR and shut Auschwitz down?

    Must we not awaken to save ourselves from any more harm?

    In a world full of nuclear bombs, is there not some way to bring labor on board to take our purse away from the fist crowd?

  • hp

    “Now if 6 turned out to be 9,
    I don’t mind, I don’t mind”

  • From the Cree Tribe, wired with the Haplogroup X-2 DNA, in my 61st year, 1500 + sweat-lodge trips to the Eagle’s Domain (the great void where all potentiality resides). I’ve lived a wonderful exciting life (lucky in love) and have studied our native cultural wisdom and anybody else’s with any substance.
    This past year I was seriously injured falling a large Alder tree and came to a place in healing retrospection, asking myself what was my relationship with reality? I came away from that with the obvious, “I did not have a functioning relationship with Reality”.

    Every teacher from time immemorial was trying to teach us (without actually saying it of course) that as beings we possessed tremendous unused spirit consciousness resources, and in each their own way, attempted to share their insights on how to access and utilize these, to our benefit. The wisdom of the ages can all be distilled down to onboard brain chemical secretions, specifically the atrophied but golden pituitary and pineal (DMT) glands. The ancients left us the trancendental schematic, the Caduceus Symbol reminding us that the path to enlightenment, was and is brain glandular secretions. The ancient symbol is missunderstood and has been reduced to a shirt logo for ambulance drivers.

    Anyone who has lit a DMT pipe will tell you the brain is capable of processing 10,000 years of intense experiential data in only 10 fr*kin minutes. Unbelievable brain bandwidths are available to each and everyone of us. Our DNA designers did not leave us the owner’s manual and that has left us in this lobotomized brain state with atrophied pituitary and pineal (DMT) glands. Fortunately they can be quickly rejuvenated and brought back on line seriously kicking up the brain bandwidths. Personal Sovereignty is a real achievable possibility.

    The reality is we are living in an age of consciousness without a functioning relationship with reality. We need to get over the fact that from a cosmological perspective, we are an emerging civilization with a multiple history as a failed society in the process of blowing it again for the umpteen time.

    Of necessity, a functioning relationship with reality includes, Gnosticism, Alchemy, ET, Archons, Lockheed Martin Ben Rich’s alumni disclosure, knowledge of the advanced civilizations who built the precision stone megaliths (that we can not build today), being present to nature’s process of creating matter from information encoded energy, LENR, that consciousness and matter are quantumly coupled, rejuvenated pituitary and pineal (DMT) glands, the value of service, a loving family and the wilful intention to have a source connected relationship with reality.

    With these in place we have a chance to be in the cosmic game called life and without them we are basically hooped.


  • YouAndAyawoque

    Some words that I scribed recently.
    ‘Only She can shake the wake and make the fake return to grace.
    It takes time to amputate the hand that slights the eye of the hurricane.’
    Not all are meant to ‘awaken’ in this experience.
    It is all in balance.
    It will reset

  • HealthyEgo

    For those who have glimpses of awakening to those who are fully awakened or have reached various levels of enlightenment, our “job” is to continue what we do. By continually raising our vibrations, they will have positive effect on others who remain in the lower frequencies. The personal work we do in forgiving the illusions the parts of ourselves (the ego) has manifested as our reality allows for the clarity of actuality to be realized. Awareness of how impacted we are as part of the greater Collective of Humanity is essential in maintaining our devotion in being a “frequency holder.” This understanding leads to compassion (for ourselves and others) that is critical in assisting others in their own awakening process. In “leading by example,” we are beacons of light that will help humanity see through their own shadows into honoring who they truly are: love.

    • Anonymous


    • Well said. for me I continue to read and write but at a much less intense pace. I look forward to doing my bit by leading by example and I will continue to extrude positive energy out into the ethos / multivers; why because invariable thoughts will return and I cannot stand negativity.

  • dimitri

    “There comes a point when….” Funny how I have recently been feeling the very same disengagement described in this article. My resolution is to teach or lead by example and to keep my mouth shut as much as possible, which is just about all the time. Big egos are determined to move mountains. How ignorant! Mountains move themselves, but only when THEY are good and ready.

  • Archangel Michael

    Only Angels are awakening and there aren’t that many of us…human spirits can’t awaken cause they still have many more karmic lives to live. If you are awake then this is your last mortal life…all the Angels are back for this paradigm shift that is happening. It is the beginning of the Age of Angels.

    Even the Angels who have not yet awakened will awaken when they are supposed to awake…nothing you can do to change when it happens…but the information you have been giving them is part of their process.

    The rest of us who are not yet awake will awake momentarily because the demonic forces behind it all are going to be revealing themselves…you will know our time has come when their eyes begin glowing red.

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