5 Strategies for Keeping Your Sanity in This Insane World

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Some of us have achieved a balance of sorts in these dark times, and have grown to be able to view the world as it is, honestly acknowledging all of its suffering, yet somehow maintaining a healthy connection to happiness and inner peace. In part, that’s really what this website is about, developing the grace and strength to ride out that often times thin line between terror and joy in a world that held hostage by chaos, confusion, fear, destruction and madness.

The recent suicide of the renowned investigative reporter Michael C. Ruppert is a shocking reminder of just how thin that line can be at times. Michael Ruppert was a figure who, for decades, had tirelessly exposed the corruption in government, and the horrifying truths behind the environmental calamities we are facing. He was a person who helped to expose 9/11 truth, and someone who was compelled to gather a set of facts and not permit delusion color his interpretation of them. For this, he will be missed amongst the alternative media, and the fact that such a leader in the truth movement could crack under the pressure and take his own life is a reminder of just how devastating truth can be on the human psyche.

The earthly world is a cauldron for the soul, and the spiritual side of human kind is being sincerely put to the test these days. Some say these are the end times, others say this is the Kali Yuga, but, as people who feel concerned enough with truth and refuse to engage in denial, it is essential that we restructure and maintain our personal lives in such a way that inner peace is the norm, not the exception.

The last podcast that Michael Ruppert hosted, recorded just hours before he took his own life, can be listened to here. It is rather dark, in retrospect, as you can feel the despair in his words and in his voice. He says conceals his good-bye, offering his gratitude to many of the truth seekers that he had met on his path. He also speaks directly about how his life had absorbed so much ugly truth that he could no longer awaken each day without experiencing complete terror, and how he could no longer sit in public watching people go by without projecting onto them only all of the horrible things he had come to learn of the world.

He is not alone in his dark perceptions, and it is easy to forget how common it is for people to find themselves in similar frames of mind, filled with dread, doom, gloom, despair, sorrow, worry, fear, often just underneath a veil of feigned happiness.

For those out there who may be experiencing life in a similar manner these days, fully consumed with the bad news out there, seemingly completely disconnected from source, felling totally at the whims of dark and powerful forces, it is crucial to remember the value of life and the value of our precious personal time in this cauldron. As a practical matter of achieving this awareness, there are things that people can consider and focus on to alleviate the fear, anxiety, and concern of living in these interesting times.

1. Tune out, take a break – If things are seeming dark, unrelenting and hopeless, and all that you can see is the bad news happening in our world, take a break. Turn off the TV, the computer, stop talking about it all, and find something else entirely to occupy your attention, at least for a bit.

2. Re-connect with nature – Get outside, leave the city, take a vacation and visit some place beautiful. Mother nature, although she is under duress right now, still has plenty of beauty and joy to give, and there are many places still to get away and re-connect to the natural rhythms of the earth and the plant and animal kingdoms.

3. Re-build your routines – The mind is a creature of habit, and a persistent dark mood is as much a matter of habit as anything else. The mind can become addicted to negative thoughts and grim ideas, and what we think, we find, so when the mind is in a serious negative rut, one will attract news and sentiments that reflect and support this. Change your habits to give yourself some space to alter your routines. Take a break from hanging out with the same people, change your homepage on your internet browser, listen to new music, get up earlier than usual. Any way that you can shock the mind into having to adopt new patterns will help to overcome the despair and fear that our society encourages.

4. Practice inner peace – There are many tools one can quickly learn and play with in order to cultivate a sense of peace and overcome the darkness that can so easily overcome us. The best approach is to consider that each day is a new and unique opportunity to achieve peace, and as such, starting early with a practice before you do anything else has the power to affect your whole day. Give yourself at least a few minutes each morning to re-program your mind for inner peace. Find a simple meditation practice that you can do before you start your normal day, teach yourself how to express gratitude for life before you set off to your work, learn to give thanks for whatever you can think of, no matter how insignificant seeming. Doing this before setting about the business of this world will help you to attract an entirely different energy into your life.

5. Join a new positive group of people- The power of being around positive, honest, and hard-working people is unrivaled. In my case, joining a martial arts school completely healed me of the despair associated with constantly acknowledging the hard truths of our world. Yoga, meditation, or any other kind of interesting group of non-dramatic, positive, energetic people can help you to recalibrate your sense of well-being.

These are just a few things that came to mind when pondering the value of life, and the practice of life, after hearing the discouraging news about the fate of Michael Ruppert. Ideas have the power to change people’s lives, and these are just a few ideas I’m offering to the world with the hopes of helping someone to mitigate the pain and suffering of being in and of this insane, yet, breathtaking world.

I know there are many more things that can and should be added to this list, so, what do you recommend? Please leave your ideas in the comments section below.

About the Author

Dylan Charles is a student and teacher of Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, a practitioner of Yoga and Taoist esoteric arts, and an activist and idealist passionately engaged in the struggle for a more sustainable and just world for future generations. He is the editor of WakingTimes.com, the proprietor of OffgridOutpost.com, a grateful father and a man who seeks to enlighten others with the power of inspiring information and action. His remarkable journey of self-transformation is a testament to the power of the will and the persistence of the human spirit. He may be contacted at wakingtimes@gmail.com.

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  • Pavlov’sBitch

    One sure way to keep sane is to understand reality and the reality of ‘suicides’ are MURDER. Whether this be by the usual culprits pointing the gun or whether psychotronic weaponry and threats to loved ones actually do the ‘trick’ it’s all the same, isn’t it?

    So please, stick to reality and stay sane. Works for me.

  • This is the time of the Great Awakening, or Great Turning, as Joanna Macy calls it. It is a time to shed the skin of the snake that no longer serves us. It is entering the airy time of the Age of Aquarius and to those who let go of the shore and join others in the river it is a time of great purpose and need.

    Others will wish to hold onto the shore and not risk the false security they feel they know. Some will want to enter the river, yet not alone. Find them and hold there hand if they are near ready but do not lot them bring you down because they are not ready to swim.

    The work is a roller coaster. Putting yourself out there to awaken, alert and educate others, after first doing it yourself, is not for everyone. Subjecting yourself to scorn, ridicule and losing friends and family because you are no longer go with flow, is all part of it.

    Us, the new Bioneers, are here to wake up the snorin’. Once we’ve seen under the covers we can never again say we did not know, or more importantly, did not care. Ignorance is not bliss and those that choose to not see will take the plunge without knowledge of knowing where the ledge is.

    Getting back to nature, starting a garden, speaking out, turning off the TV, helping others, being selfless and giving, giving, giving, even when it hurts are keys I have found to know that I am on the right path.

    We are Spiritual Beings inside the dense physical realm of this existence but know there are angels here to help us should we just ask. It is always darkest before the dawn and we must hold dear the visions of a much better tomorrow with what we create today.

    In the 15th century, the great architects of the day brought plans to build the magnificent Gothic cathedrals we see in Europe today. The best stone masons knew when they began they would not see the completion of their work since it would take over 200 years to complete. However, they knew that the most important work that everything would be standing on from then on were the laying of the first cornerstones upon which everything else would be resting.

    This is our work today, as i see it. Do not wait for the echo of others to validate. Do the work that must be done to shine the light brighter so that others may see their path more clearly.

    This is what Michael Ruppert has done and I am greatly indebted to him and will carry on what he so courageously fought to bring light and love to the darkness.

    Namaste, and thanx Dylan.


  • charles

    Thank you for this article. I’ve held off commenting, as a person close to the verge of leaving, I didn’t know if my comments would be helpful. I know Michael knew tons more than I do about the state we’re actually in, and what’s coming, but I know enough to be miserable. It’s not always “despair” that takes people, there are other reasons. I respectfully disagree with a couple of the comments (not saying they’re wrong and I’m right) but I think often animals kill themselves, heck, extinct their species even, because of the condition of the world. Also, we don’t know what truly happens on the other side and have scant evidence to say that suicide is wrong. There are cultures that respect such exits (Samurai). Sometimes, especially when looking at the state of the Earth, the stench of being a human becomes unbearable, like if one realized one were a rabid animal. Who wouldn’t go then?

    Myself, I have had moments of magic, and almost felt the presence of a benevolent Creator, but most of my life has felt like being invited to a party where I am not allowed to touch anything, enjoy much, or often not even eat properly. I am reasonably good looking and talented and I know this because every once in awhile someone really sees it. But in my world, uglier, creepier, less talented and less intelligent people get everything going their way. I could contribute greatly but often, for no reason at all, am treated like an ugly, untalented creepy person who can’t get proper jobs and too often gets mistreated at them when I do. People could excuse it (and it IS just a sham excuse) by saying you “make your own reality” but that’s BS. Maybe people are picking up on my depression for knowing too much, but then why would they contribute deeper to those feelings? It’s because people are essentially apes who single out and pick on weaker ones. Folks easily project things onto others. We look around and though a few people near us might be nice, but people in general are @holes who destroy the Earth, profit from wars, and pass around hate, yet pretend they’re important enough to get enlightenment. It’s easy to believe the first glimpse of enlightenment is to get out of here. It’s probably no more than waking up from a bad dream.

  • Joe

    Ruppert forgot that when you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares into you.

  • francois

    i enjoyed this compassionate and timely article that acknowledges the collective despair while encouraging what is most important in the storm: the inner-dance with our self. And there is beauty and affirmation in witnessing the various levels of awareness flowing through those commenting.

    Without fanfare, spiritual guidance shifted me into (permanent) present-moment experience about 10-yrs back which opened many inner-doors that ultimately led to the direct-experience of what created me. i am silently mentored by the Beloved’s ‘breath’ which revealed itself to be supremely conscious. This breath-tutelage taught me (experientially) how to Welcome and Accept ALL fear-based consciousness (evil) that ultimately allowed it to release its role in illusion and return to its divine source- ready to serve love in a new way.

    i was taught that attempting to resist, deny or defeat Fear and its darkness would only strengthen its influence. As Mary Magdalene taught: “You cannot defeat the evil inclination but you can turn it into the service of what is good, and it will cease to be evil.” Welcoming and breathing fear into the body versus fighting or rejecting it, gives its consciousness introspection into its own nature. Fear-based consciousness cannot bite when it is receiving the nectar of Acceptance. It stops clawing and chewing to taste this never-before experience that often drops it to its knees crying. For the first time it looks around (in shock) and asks the one delivering it acceptance-breathing, “WTF am i?” And through the language of breath, i tell them they have been lost deep in service to what also created them- and that it’s time to come home. Have you ever ‘felt’ darkness sob..? Have you ever felt its gratitude for being found and rescued so that it can return to being perfect lifeforce? To do so is to discover that in the darkness lie our brothers and sisters lost in perpetual, agonizing torment who cannot see a way out through the self-hatred imposed upon them.

    Rumi says we are souls planted in darkened soil. For what purpose… if not to guide them (dark beings) out of their powerful illusion and teach them to reignite their light-consciousness? We souls are in deep undercover service in ‘their’ world… Have a look around.

    Each of us tuning-in ever deeper into our inner-natures while the storm rages (as Dylan and others have offered) is key to awakening in this convincing terror-scape; but more-importantly to our non-doctrinal, conscious relationship with what has created us. And those lost in the perpetuation of Fear and its destruction will be seen for who they are not. We are here to gather these lost, imprisoned souls who have always been family. Love’s Oneness is for ALL and will never leave anyone behind!

    So many perspectives offered- thought to throw this one into our pot. 🙂 Many blessings.

    • Victoria

      I very much appreciate this article by Dylan Charles and the suggestions he offers are simple and direct enough for any person to employ and very powerful to assist in changing one’s headspace, i.e., the thought patterns of confusion and despair. Thank you! I would include mantras as one of my powerful practices of transmuting dark energy into Light. Sanskrit, Tibetan or English–I use them all to create and sustain peaceful moments of knowing there is a supreme
      Source of positive love one can access in the blink of an eye. Sometimes when it becomes extremely rough I find that a drive into a higher altitude in the mountains can change everything.
      There is a magnificent yet horrible transition upon Earth.
      Gratitude is a magnificent energy shift.
      The breath practice mentioned by Francois is incredible and one like this called “Tonglen” I actually learned from a video by Pema Chodron, a Buddhist teacher. Also I thank you, Francois for your beautiful Reality–great writing and expression of what I believe is taking place as well upon our beautiful planet. Thanks again for the inspiration I constantly draw upon within Waking Times. Blessings of Love and the LIGHT will keep us all together–knowing the Source.

      • francois

        Thank you for your kind words, my lovely sister. i too am touched by the beauty in your sharing that reveals softness and wisdom flowing through your fabric- no doubt well-earned in this mutual ass-kicking we call life. 🙂

        Though it is the same Beloved Breath flowing through each of us, it is wise to remember that each of us is a unique note that cannot sound like any other- though combine our uniqueness and “wa-la,” we are a beautiful melody. Thus, dear Victoria, it is a pleasure to hear and sense the perfection in your journeying which affirms the One Source dancing through all our hearts.

        In the perception that has been delivered through this experience, ALL comments on this forum sing to my heart… because they radiate ‘truth’ for each in the moment- and reflect current levels of (perfect) journeying. Angry or joyful, positive or so-called negative, somewhere deeper it is ALL dressed gorgeously in its suit of Honesty.

        May i take the liberty of digressing to share a favorite rumi-dude wisdom?

        “There is no love greater than Love without an object
        For then you yourself become Love itself.”

        Many blessings to All beings sharing the cosmos!

        • Gloria

          Many blessings Francois for sharing that piece of Rumi wisdom.

          I might say “I am, therefore I love.”

          I am grateful for every blessed moment to love and experience love. It just is. In my own experience.

  • Meter

    You forgot the most important doing of all: non-doing.

    Westerners are particularly addicted to control. Controlling their environment, animals, their emotions and inner states, ‘their’ children, other people, other people’s activities, etc. You’ll notice that in nature animals mostly adapt to their environment, and where they cannot, they die quickly or relocate.

    The storms that are engulfing this world cannot be avoided, and many new age practices will be seen for what they are, merely distractions of the mind. You cannot avoid the world, because you are part of it, and the world is undergoing deep and powerful changes. These will find and overwhelm everyone eventually, just as a shamanic initiate is overwhelmed as part of initiation into another realm of being. There is no ‘holding on’ or ‘making it through’, not for long. There isn’t anything you can do against overwhelming forces – that’s what makes them overwhelming. Those who cling to the practices of control will be and are being ripped apart by their own clinging.

    Not-doing is a powerful non-practice. From inner surrender to what is, within and without, comes a kind of death, and a kind of rebirth. Ultimately, it is adaptation and change into new forms, forms which you simply cannot imagine from the other side of the veil. Suicide is a last mad attempt at control, for the mind to remain in control; it is not surrender. Thus it achieves little. You will return again to the same hell; you will recreate it again and again. Animals do not commit suicide. They go with the flow of life, which is to self-sustain, to grow.

    Not-doing is not about happiness necessarily, though it does bring a level of peace, even in the midst of chaos. One aspect of not-doing is the now – shrinking your temporal field of action out of the past and future, into this moment right now, where the true aliveness of life resides, but the human mind rarely visits. This eternal moment is usually peaceful, or can be if taken at face value. When there isn’t peace in the now, there is a powerful movement from within. Even then it is not suffering as humans know it. Human suffering is a chosen response, the wailing of a child.

    Eckhart Tolle in his book The Power Of Now is one of the most enlightened teachers of this state of being. And his other book A New Earth is prophetic.

    Allow, and let go of the need to control. This is how life responds to that which is overwhelming.

  • Christene

    Wow. I submitted a,what I thought, positive, hopeful, thoughtful, and inclusive comment on how I maintain peace, joy, and proactive love each day. Apparently it didn’t jibe with this site’s paradigm or agenda.

    Et tu Brutus?

    So be it. Keep watch for those “bogeymen.” I’m outta here. Peace.

  • Christene

    I simply keep in mind that the darkness is weak and fragile. When you are sitting in a dark room, you can be filled with fear at the slightest sounds. Darkness is the playground of fear, despair, anxiety and imagination run amok. But light a single candle and what happens? Comfort, peace, courage, hope come alive and in a moment the once overwhelming darkness suddenly flees.

    There is light in this world. I start my morning in prayer and and ask that I may join with countless others who are daily battling the darkness with their light. My light is filled with angels, Mother Mary, Jesus, Native American wisdom and the great teachers of peace, love and courage throughout history.

    Your light may be filled with different things. But it is all light. And the darkness doesn’t stand a chance!

  • dimitri

    Always check in with astrology. What are the planets up to? Alignments. Conjunctions. What’s up with Saturn. Mars. The Moon.
    Check on Solar activity. CMEs. Our star, the Sun, is the most under-appreciated part of our lives. Don’t take it for granted.
    Have a Regular Practice. If you’re bored with it, start another one. I was determined to do a Yogic headstand. I worked on it almost daily for three months and finally got it. And then moved on. (I still do it 2-3x/week.)
    Be private. Public self-exposure invites negative energies to feast on you.
    Michael Ruppert opened himself up way too much and became hyper vulnerable. Who knows? Maybe he was even running on an MKultra program designed to facilitate his own demise. From his last broadcast you can sense that he knew at least something about the end of the road for himself, that he was close to the angels.

    There’s a whole meme of suicide being heated up currently by the MSM. We’ve had suicide-bombers for a while now. “Crazies” on murderous shooting/knifing sprees are often also suicides. Army and Special Forces suicides are in the news daily. How much bigger can you make this meme than to dwell on “mass extinction” whenever things look grim? Stars of stage and screen are frequently on “suicide trips”. Extreme sports are suicidal. Transhumanism ultimately is suicide when the cyborgs take over. Scan the news and you will easily add to this list.

    Thanks D.T. for this article. There’s much more in it and to it than meets the eye. One road leads to the next.

  • patti hirschberg

    Really appreciate this unsentimental, respectful tribute to Michael Ruppert. You mentioned groups; there is a growing Facebook community growing in the aftermath of his suicide, (“community” being the operative word.) Environmental groups eg. “From Despair to Empowerment” and community based support groups are, i believe, essential to survival. Focussing on the cultivation of balance, equanimity, and compassion (of self) and comedy are helpful. I am sustained by reading the many inspirational stories about how people were touched by Michael; his life, and his death have given birth to a new awakening.

  • adrian

    Great positive piece by Dylan.It does seem like a test in the seemingly chaotic outer world to find peace within the Inner.But it does seem like we are being educated in the true darker workings of our modern world….I think this has to happen first because we do have to be aware of the workings of the dark before we can advance ourselves.
    It is easy to see how great people like Michael Ruppert would become so despaired,this is sad.We can not let it consume us but look upon it as lifting us out of Ignorance.
    Dylan’s 5 strategies are a big key for myself that I practice already,The Inner calmed can act as the’ring pass not’for all the negative crap surrounding us.
    Thank you Dylan Charles

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