Open Source Plans for Modern Tesla Free Energy Generator Released to Public

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In a world of problems and solutions, few ideas spur both immediate hope and skepticism as the idea of free energy, and, on the brink of ecological disaster, nothing may be of greater importance to the human race.

The story of Nikola Tesla is a remarkable reminder of how our economic, political and media systems create our reality, because it shows how human ingenuity can be co-opted, shut-down, taken-over and hushed by powerful people with financial interests at stake. Fortunately, the legacy of Tesla lives on and people are now more interested than ever in his theories about cosmic energy and his patents for energy systems that could offer promise for liberating earth from dependence on fossil fuels.

Could it be that his vision has finally come to fruition and has been made available to the public, some 100 years after his patent for a fuel-less electricity generator?

“This new power for the driving of the world’s machinery will be derived from the energy which operates the universe, the cosmic energy, whose central source for the earth is the sun and which is everywhere present in unlimited quantities.” –Nikola Tesla

In March of 2014, a small group of independent engineers and developers released to the public open-source plans for a continuously running fuel-less electricity generator based on a patent by Nikola Tesla, and re-designed by inventor James Robitaille. Calling it the Quantum Energy Generator, or QEG, the portable device is supposedly capable of producing enough electricity to power a modern home, and is about the size and weight of a home gas generator.

“The Quantum Electric Generator system (QEG) is an adaptation of one of Nikola Tesla’s many patented electrical generator / dynamo / alternator designs. The particular patent referenced is No. 511,916, titled simply “Electric Generator”, and dated January 2, 1894 (see back of this manual). The adaptation is a conversion from a linear system, to a rotary system.

The QEG prototype is scaled to produce electrical power in the range of 10-15 kW (kilowatts) continuously, and can be set up to provide either 120 Volt or 230-240 Volt single phase output. We are also planning future designs to provide 3-phase power.” [Fix The World]

Developed by an organization known as the ‘Fix the World Council,’ and promoted by the lively Hopegirl, the prototype for the QEG was recently crowd-funded by over 600 independent contributors, and the plans for the QEG have been made available to the public for download here:

Download Plans for the Quantum Energy Generator here..

or Try this Link as well…

This means that the public now has access to the technical designs for this free-energy device, and if it works, and if it proves to be a viable option for creating electrical energy, then we may finally have the opportunity to bypass the energy monopoly and spread the technology of free energy to the world. In addition to downloading the publicly available open-source plans, people may also be able to purchase a pre-manufactured unit from an affiliated firm, so the race is now on for independent engineers and citizens to verify the efficacy of this declared revolution in energy.

“An effective way to understand the operating principal of the QEG is to think of it as a high-powered self-resonant oscillator (what they used to call a ‘multivibrator’), adapted to transform high-voltage pulses (15 to 25kV) into line voltage AC output, at current levels up to 120A.  In today’s alternative energy terminology, it would be a type of resonance machine.

The circuitry that develops high power in this device is really based on an existing but under-utilized power oscillator configuration, however, the ‘quantum’ part of the design has to do with how the generator is started. Conventional alternators (AC generators) usually have a device called an ‘exciter coil’. This coil is usually a smaller, separate rotor winding that provides an AC voltage that is rectified and used to power the generator’s field coil(s).

In the QEG, there is no internal, common exciter coil, and no rotor windings. In addition, to look at the circuit diagram, it is not apparent where the input power comes from to start resonance, and this is key; the QEG exciter coil is external to the generator, and the excitation signal is conducted through the quantum field (zero point) into the generator core, to start oscillation. Once the machine builds up to the resonant frequency, it powers itself (self running).”  –James M. Robitaille​


Given the decades long propaganda campaign against free-energy, it will no doubt take some convincing to first prove to the public that harnessing cosmic or zero-point energy is possible, and then it will surely face a mainstream media blackout as well as persecution from government and industry.

Never-the-less, this is an exciting announcement and we challenge our readers to get the word out to help prove if this design is in fact what it claims to be.

Please have a look at the plans for the QEG, and pass them along to anyone who may be able to assist in the effort to verify and proliferate this technology.

Here is a video demonstration and explanation of the Quantum Energy Generator…

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Terence Newton is a staff writer for, interested primarily with issues related to science, the human mind, and human consciousness.



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  • GEM = Free Energy = AC electricity multiplier

    I can seemingly get past the laws of thermodynamics, by being able to get more electrical energy out than I put in. This is done by converting to the physical abilities of using multiple sized pulleys + multiple # of mini-pulleys, to multiply your total # of rotations,,, thereby multiplying AC electricity, which is generated using rotations. There is no torque problem, as torque is only generated when you are generating power, which is voltage multiplied by current, and since we only need one spark of DC current, (practically zero) there is no power/torque being generated. The only thing being generated is massive amounts of voltage, which can be used as potential for doing work. Where WORK = Power multiplied by Time, or Voltage X Current X duration of Time. The greater # of AC generators that you have attached, the greater the amount of current + work that you have the ability to do.

    Just think about how simple this is, using only one single spark of DC electricity, you could get the DC motor to make one full rotation, with an attached 100cm circumference pulley. This large pulley will let you can receive 100cm of moving belt, which you could then run through 10 mini-pulleys having 1cm circumferences. These ten mini-pulleys would give you 10X100 rotations, and if you attached AC generators to each of these mini-pulleys, you would gain 1000 AC units of electricity. This is how you can use pulley technology to multiply 1000 cycles of AC electricity, all from one single spark of DC electricity. Yes, you can use pulleys to multiply AC electricity for free, instead of using oil to generate it. You are multiplying your rotations=AC electricity, by using the greater circumference pulleys, to multiply the amount of moving belt that you can gain with greater circumference, all while still using the single spark of DC electricity. This works because no matter how large the pulley is, it still only costs you one spark of DC current, to rotate it the once, the only difference is the amount of voltage that it takes to push over the larger pulley. By the way, guess what you are generating with all of those many rotations of your mini-pulleys,,, massive voltage, just what you need to keep this perpetual power supply running.

    This GEM =(Geometrical Electricity Multiplier) free energy Gift from God,(Ezek 1:16) idea is super simple, as you only use one spark of DC electricity to rotate a DC motor once, with a large 100cm circumference pulley attached. Then you run the 100cms of moving belt, which you gain from the circumference of this large pulley, pass through 10 mini-pulleys of 1cm circumference, each one having an AC generator attached. Thereby gaining 10X100=1000 units of AC electricity output,,, for only the one spark of DC electricity input. Of course you need a belt that is longer than 100cm, to let the belt also run past your 10 mini-pulleys. you need to have a full wave bridge rectifier,(4 diodes) to convert your AC output, into DC for powering your input drive motor. Now you have a self powered set of AC + DC generators.

    There is no torque problem, as these AC generators are only being used to wind up massive voltage, as you only need one single spark of DC current output, to put back into your DC drive motor + make this GEM mechanism self powering.

    One spark DC electricity INPUT, gives you 1000 cycles of AC electricity OUTPUT.

    To all Christians:
    Your Bro, joe

    PS: Someone has built 5 different versions of this technology, and has them running, but he is worried about his life + the lives of his family members, so he does not want his name published.

    He says that this technology works!!!
    + If you take a realistic look at this super simple technology, logic says that this MUST WORK.
    Only Satan + his followers, are whispering in your ear, this will never work. It only takes one unit of DC current, to rotate a large 100cm circumference

    This is a free energy Gift from the God of our Holy Bible, (Ezek 1:16) that could easily lead to anti-gravity + much more. (Ezekiel is describing what a UFO motor looks like) Satan + his group of evil followers do not want us to get our hands on this technology, especially the soon coming Tribulation Saints, who are the people who I ask for technology for in the first place. God tells us that we do not ask, so I asked for this technology way back in the early 2000’s, and soon after published this on the web in 2001 or 2. I did this to claim ownership, so that nobody else could patent it,,, as how could it be free energy, if you had to pay patent fees,,, lol.

    I happen to be disabled, and my hands shake too bad to build you a prototype of this tech running, but if anybody knows how I can get my hands on an electronics simulator, I would gladly build you a simulated one. Somehow, I do not think that the Big Guy upstairs would like me to gain one through illegally pocketing one off the internet.

  • wooddragon

    Hope Girl is one of the biggest fraudsters out there.

  • Mike S

    Yeah it would be really difficult to actually make a simple pdf available, it’s much easier to make a goofy 12 minute video that says almost nothing except that you are fund raising. And why the childish narrator voice? The only monumental thing here is the patience it takes to listen to this blather and not get the, er, free plans. Post the plans and stop beating us over the head with your money problems and religious beliefs.

    • onepocketHarold Shult

      Go to the Keshe foundation and see what they are doing. The plans to build a free energy device is explained on line this last week.

      • Mike S

        Do you have a url available by any chance?

        • onepocketHarold Shult

          Just type in,” what is the Keshe foundation”  in your browser and your computer should give you access to the options.  Unless you are using a commadore 64 you should have no problem.  No I am not linked in any way to the foundation.  I only learned of it on about the 8th of October.  I have waited and watched as he held the conference and did the demonstration on the internet on how to build and use the devices.  Seems pretty legit to me so far.  At least he did what he said he was going to do.

          • Mike S

            Don’t give them your money dude, this story plain doesn’t wash.

  • mysterylectricity

    I have to respect the GEQ team for openly publishing the results of their experiments, which show quite clearly that this devices consumes and utterly wastes energy. In fact it wastes far more energy than simply connecting an off-the-shelf high efficiency motor (~%98) to an off-the-shelf high efficiency generator (also ~%98 efficient). Whereas the off the shelf combo would be about %96 efficient, the QEG is about %50 efficient. Good going guys: you’ve turned the clock on motor-generator efficiency back about 125 years.

    That’s a huge amount of inefficiency. The QEG team will not get that back simply by tweaking their design. The 300-500+ watts they are losing is a significant amount of energy: far more than you would expect to loose to friction in bearings and other components. In fact it’s a bit hard to imagine where all that lost energy is going. The machine must get pretty hot to waste all that.

    Net energy produced by all Perpetual-Motion-And-Then-Some-Machines combined: 0 KWHrs. (Actually, it’s a negative number.)

    Net number of PMM’s to achieve unity: 0

    Money wasted by hobbyists on such endeavors: $ Millions

    Hours wasted by hobbyists on such endeavors: Millions

    Energy wasted by hobbyists to start their machines, only to be lost as friction/low value heat as the machines wind down: Thousands of KWHrs, at least.

    Money collected by snake-oil sales of books, plans, consultants fees etc. regarding same: $ Millions.

    People who have gotten rich playing on the hopes and ignorance of lay-people with regard to free energy: Many thousands.

    Net energy produced by Nikola Tesla: 0 KWHrs.

    Net $/Time/KWHrs wasted on PMM’s by anyone who truly understands the laws of thermodynamics: 0

    In fact, you don’t need to understand the laws of thermodynamics to know that a PMM is not possible. It’s usually intuitively obvious how and why they don’t work, and it becomes ever clearer the more you work with such devices that nature will always find a way to thwart you in the end.

    Or just look at is statistically. You merely have to recognize that fact that none have ever worked. You wouldn’t buy a lottery ticket for a lottery that had never paid out, over hundreds of years, would you? (PMM designs reach back to at least the 12th century.) Even if the prize money were in the trillions? At some point you’d have to suspect that the game was rigged. Indeed it is rigged. The Universe has the game rigged against PMM’s, and the “developers” of PMM’s rig the game to convince you otherwise.

    The only thing “perpetual” about these designs is that there’s a sucker born every minute. The search for a perpetual motion machine seems to be a self-perpetuating myth that will not die. This recurring theme is nothing but a Perpetual Money Maker for those who promote it.

    I believe Hope Girl has tossed out a figure of about $150,000 she’s taken in, with ongoing sales of books and donations. That’s a _lot_ of supplemental income.I’ve seen the plans, and contrary to HG’s claims they are neither sophisticated, difficult, or expensive to realize. There’s no excuse for not having a working prototype at this point, if the principles are sound. Being unsound, it’s never going to happen. She proves you don’t have to be a “greedy corporation” to make a quick, unethical buck.

    As for these “inventors” having to flee for their lives and disappear in the face of threats from corporations and governments, I suggest they would be far smarter to run and hide from the the people who’s money they wasted. If I had donated or sponsored a flim-flam organization for many years and thousands or millions of dollars (it has happened) I’d be pretty mad about it. I’d want to hunt them down and confront them, too.

    There’s always the question as to whether these “developers” are knowingly scamming ignorant people, or are in fact so ignorant and so egotistical as to actually believe they have a possibility of succeeding where all others before them have so utterly and conspicuously failed.

    I suppose it doesn’t matter. It’s up to the consumer/believer to educate him or herself, to study the tragic, fruitless history of perpetual motion, and to recognize that none of them have ever worked, and none ever will.

    In any case, so much attention has been paid to this topic, so much money and time wasted, so many “Great Minds of Science”, so many failures, any reasonable person has to stop and think: maybe there really _is_ something to this whole thermodynamics thing, which real scientists are using every day to improve efficiency of existing devices in theory and in practice.

    That having been said, I’d encourage QEG to push forward. They’ve taken an important step of meticulously measuring and demonstrating the extraordinary magnitude of their failure and putting the plans in the public domain, for anyone to duplicate. Perhaps this open approach will finally put to rest the idea that a PMM is possible, once and for all.

    But I doubt it.

  • John Wyse V

    I have returned to his life & I have been very disturbed because I have not been given a clear message by our creator as to why I was sent back. I come from a family of very inventive & creative folks My great great grand uncle changed the world when he discovered what he called mineral water in what is now the great state od Texas. The Spindle Top dome was the first & is sill the largest major oil field in this country. I have started asking friends relitives & partners how much they spent to make our World go round 1 time,

    • Thats all crap that pollutes and destroys our world..congratulations.

  • Anonymous

    Signed up for your blue prints for strings generator some time ago but we have not received the blue prints as of yet.

    Thinking there there was a reduced price for the blue prints at the time but by now seems you forgot to mail the blue prints to us are the got lost somehow.

    Would like to know what is the story.

    Bishop Crady

    • Pissed

      I bought these blue prints and attempted to find the parts they are darn imposible. And absolutely there is no way to build this for a around 100 dollars. SCAM!!!

      • onepocketHarold Shult

        Wrong site. Keshe foundation gives the plan to build and use the free energy device and you can do it for less than you think. It won’t weigh a hundred pounds and it won’t cost hardly anything to build. Check ’em out.

  • James Brickley

    Tesla was brilliant. But the only free energy that he found possible was to harness the power of the ionosphere. There is a natural charge between the earth and the ionosphere. It is not known if Tesla actually did it. He did manage to fry 3 of Westinghouses full size power generators at more than 25 miles away during an experiment. I think he did but then it scared the heck out of him because he envisioned weaponization of the idea. Imagine a directed mega-lightning bolt destroying an entire city. Also the energy fields run at 6-8hz which is what every creatures brain runs at. He once drove all the fish away during another experiment. I think he decided that man was not ready for the technology. Tesla also developed a death ray (particle beam weapon) but he split up the plans and gave a piece to each government.

    • Mike S

      People claim to have adverse reactions to wifi, how many orders of magnitude stronger was the energy he transmitted 25 miles?

  • Jim

    I’m an electrical engineer and It’s not that simple. Yes there are many ways to generate “electricity” but you have to have 3 major concerns to so-called; get off the grid. very simply put:
    1. You need to have enough load capacity. to power a small home, 100 amps @ 220 Volts,60 Hz. min. There’s in-rush current for appliances, AC, etc to consider.
    2. This voltage / current ratio,(Ohm’s law) has to be “stable” or you’ll fry all your devices.
    3. It has to be “cost effective” to build, to maintain, to run, and “long-term” efficiency.

    There’s been many attempts at this but none totally feasible, as yet?
    I’m open-minded and working on this also so when someone has the actual “working prototype” that meets these 3 things, please let me know?
    You can go solar, but initial costs, repairs, maint., replacement cost, etc. Again, not very feasible other than a help and back-up source if you have the money? crunch the numbers??

    So your best bet is to find the lowest energy costs and I’ve done that. I have “free energy” in an energy credit. Ask me how?

    • Jeff Zagorski

      Please explain further how you get “free energy” via an energy credit.

      Thank you

      Jeff Zagorski

      • onepocketHarold Shult

        Forget energy credits and go see the Keshe foundation sites blueprints for world peace program.

    • Antonio

      Jim I like your Logic a lot Have you had any success in building a prototype yet ? I would like to know how to get energy credits

    • onepocketHarold Shult

      My friend try the Keshe foundation site. He just released the plans and design to build a free energy device. The devices have already been developed and are being tested in all avenues world wide as we speak.

    • Mike S

      In total agreement with you… If these things worked people would set up a generator and have it power motors, televisions, high intensity lights, water pumps, etc. and let them run 24 hrs a day for years, on a live web feed, with all of the wiring easily visible. NOBODY has done this. The videos from these people with the ‘little girl’ voice and the ‘poor me’ whining about money and the religious blather – it’s painfully clear that they are charlatans, they are using Christianity to try to trick the gullible into trusting them, and they want money. They will never have a working device… NEVER.

  • Lou

    Is this a scam?

    Yes, I guess it is.

    • Anonymous

      yes; however, simply using powerful magnets on any motor (like an old dryer motor- any motor) reverses the motor to a generator… VERY little effort is needed to spin the magnetic/copper field to generate AC… The more power the motor uses equates to the power it provides. In other words, larger motors reversed using a strong magnetic field generates more energy…

      • onepocketHarold Shult

        Thank you for that. I’ll try to apply this.

    • RE Massey

      The question is: “Is this a scam?”

      Read the disclaimer. Here it is.

      “The materials contained on our site are provided for general information purposes only and do not claim to be or constitute legal or other professional advice and shall not be relied upon as such.

      We do not accept any responsibility for any loss which may arise from accessing or reliance on the information on this site and to the fullest extent permitted by the law, we exclude all liability for loss or damages direct or indirect arising from use of this site.

      Use common sense and judgment.”

      Now, plainly speaking, … this takes them folks off-the-hook for for the screwing they are going to give you.
      Too dang wordy though for a caveat emptor. But, you should see it coming after reading it. I’ll give them that.

      I think we should all see who can write them a more concise warning to them foolish enough to send them any money.
      The old-time radio station and cereal box top contests had to be, … 25 words or less.
      Who’s got fewer words to say: Send money stuoid.

      • flyingunderthewire

        ya, and for the longest time they didn’t even have a disclaimer, until recently after they must’ve read discussions about this being mentioned more recently by other people…

        near the beginning of their marketing campaign, they used a backdrop of innocent and very economically challenged local town people in morocco.
        while visiting there, they decided to tell the locals how they were there to fix their well. (FixTheWell or FTW, you decide)

        upon seeing heart touching images of what could have been anyones grandmother, as she was reaching out seeking help so she too could be able to have a working town well pump installed in order to make her and those around hers quality of lives even just a little better than it currently was, and still is.

        no well pump was installed, even after something like 200 grand cash was raised, still there is no working well.

        the money found its way mismanaged and spent on other things.

        tugging on the heartstrings of caring people because of a cleverly marketed scam, that nobody would have most likely been willing to invest towards had the presenters only been less deceptive about their claims of previously having reached overunity with their electrical contraption.

        people thought if the developers had a previously working electrical generator, that was supposed to be easily able to reach over 100% efficiency, then such things as a working water well should have been easily possible for the now on site developers.

        had it been true, and not ran as a circus act that relied on doing their best to silence any asked technical questions asked by open source
        followers who were promised the best intentions by the developer, only then it could be able to get their electrical contraptions ‘tuned correctly’ in order to become finally useful.
        the towns water well really should have been fixed, and fast.
        even if the qeg marketers had to set aside even a tiny slice of the 200 grand in order to make it so, before trying to let their long running scam fade away, because running such a scam would have a poor side effect to their own emotional well being, should a conscience be allowed to exist as it does with the general public.

        not much honor amongst thieves, though that has not stopped the qeg team from recently declairing to be ‘delegates’ for yet another different scam ran by some mr sino clown.

        as delegates for UN Swissindo, they feel it is just fine to continue to find even more decent and caring people that happen to be a little too trusting, to create fraud victims of them.

        the laws in morocco are presently not including extradition of criminals on the run who may be residing there.

        morocco authorities if uncorrupted and just seemingly too busy to handle this matter, also would like to see their most neediest of citizens able to have have access to clean running water.

      • onepocketHarold Shult

        If you want free energy and peace check out the Keshe fooundation.

        • Mike S

          You went to the trouble of posting this repeatedly but you didn’t even include a link? Are you a friend of theirs? Did they pay you to do this? Why do you want to drive traffic to their web site? And why couldn’t you be bothered to provide a link???

  • Hello everyone, This is Hope Girl and I’m the CEO of the Fix the World Organization and the Lead Project manager of the Opensourced QEG Project. This is our generator in the picture. Also, this article by Waking Times is OVER A YEAR OLD. I am more than happy to provide you with all the updated links here in this comment thread.

    This generator is an ongoing, global grassroots humanitarian project that was crowdfunded by 1,212 people all over the world in an effort to allow engineers to co-develop and co-create their own energy source together in a PATENT FREE open source manner. This project has been in co-development for twenty months and many new discoveries have been made along the way. Right now there are over 70 QEG’s being built in countries all over the world by independent volunteer engineers who are interested in learning about how this type of energy works.

    The QEG is a type of reluctance generator, which has been under-developed for quite some time and is just now coming back into the development stages… as are many other forms of energy production that were put on the shelf for political reasons such as World War 2. Reluctance generator motors are currently being utilized in major motor applications today. Companies such as HEVT are embracing this technology to position themselves in the renewable energy sector.


    We took all our research and put this into a detailed step by step instruction course, which was taught to many students all over the world and was then condensed into an eBook filled with hundreds of hours of effort to make it easier for the DIY engineer. You can read all about and purchase our book here:

    Also We have created several reports from the project showing measurements, finances, business models etc. They can all be found here:

    And we have a well written FAQ section found here:

    As a side note to all “Debunkers”, our family and VOLUNTEER organization has been heavily attacked by PAID employees of energy companies and corporations that wish to monopolize their methods of power production and profit generation. We have evidence leaked by Edward Snowden to prove this, and have constructed a full report to address this Here:

    This is a volunteer project that is in live public development we have exciting articles coming out all this month sharing stories of teams all over the world building their own QEG’s which is a direct result of our opensourcing this technology On March 25th 2014. Be sure to follow along on our blog:

    And if you have any questions or would like to contact us, please be sure to read the FAQ’s first, we are more than happy to hear from you! You can contact us here:
    Friend me on facebook here:

    Check out our Facebook page here:

    Or join our Facebook discussion group here:

    We look forward to hearing from you!
    -Hope Moore

    • So nice toe hear from you here, Hope Girl. Thanks for the update.


    • Ross Woodward

      So you still have not gotten any QEG to get overunity, after scamming $150,000 from the gullible! Now you want more money, yet you are still unable to show overunity!

    • flyingunderthewire

      hows life hidden somewhere in morocco?
      thats ok you don’t have to answer that ‘hope moore’, we were looking for the truth anyways.

  • Glenn

    No doublt Tesla was able to harness free resonant energy . But there seems to be a lot if misinformation and misinterpretation of his physics. Quite frankly the subject is attracting far too many scam artists who don’t know a Q frequency from a millivolt.The real machines get shut down by shady character’s who knock on people’s door’s and make veiled threats against the inventor or their families , this has no doubt happened with the water engine. Anything that looks like a plausible alternative to the 100 year money making petrol chem power giants is conveniently shelved.

  • Keith Taylor

    The plans ARE at this link:
    I’ve looked at them briefly and have seen diagrams, lists of materials, measurements etc., so that it seems perfectly legit. Whether it will work or not is a matter for conjecture until someone puts it all together and sees what it does.

    • Mike S

      From the pdf:

      “Where is the energy this device is using coming from ?
      The quantum field”

      In my experience the average person with no physics degree uses the word quantum with NO understanding whatsoever of quantum mechanics, and would be completely incapable of solving any kind of related math problem.

      “How long will the QEG run?
      Indefinitely (or until parts wear out) ”

      And they know this how??? Because they built one and it’s been running under a load for the last 15 years??? Or do they want us to pray with them and send money???

      “Does the QEG slow down when more of a load is added?
      No – it’s not that type of energy.”

      Hahaha, this is good. So we can add infinite load and it won’t even slow down. How convenient. So we can run the whole world on one generator. Tesla would be vomiting to hear you using his generator and associating it with your ridiculous claim. The person who wrote this doesn’t have the first clue about physics, has never taken a physics class, and couldn’t build one of these to save their life.

      “What form of energy does QEG use?
      Electromagnetic and atmospheric charge”

      Um, I thought you said it was quantum, whatever that means. Now it’s using electromagnetic and atmospheric energy. So if we put it inside a faraday cage does that inhibit it at all? And by atmospheric, do you mean static electricity?

      The people who wrote the pdf don’t even know enough physics to lie consistently. This is ridiculous.

  • ab

    well we know not to trust these people ever again.

  • kimoy

    if your on there shoes, you will do anything for humanity. not for Greed, the people make this kind of stuffs make u obsessive, i really like this kind of people making life much better and free, but some critics not. Im building generators to but need some advice. hope to see more to QEG more specific and outputs, hoping a lot from u guys, “More Power More Life” im welling to help for our children and for the future….


    • onepocketHarold Shult

      For more building plans go to Keshe foundation. See what is happening there.

  • Anonymous

    Hi guys
    Don’t be disheartened . I have really gone through the steps for this process and found some points you stumbled at and pondered to be wrong . Re
    10kv = 5amps at approx 22kv for the resonant pulse .
    Re cable size it may be that it might burn out but let’s find out by making it .
    Do not try to make this if you are not electrically and mechanically apt .. It does warn of this in the Dorset statement .
    Lastly don’t tell me where it fails before you build it . Do it and film the oscilloscope results so we can all see.
    It’s a big job and quite tedious and dangerous in spots so before you go in thinking you need much more info I say to you do your!! Research on parts you don’t understand and then be skeptic when you follow the instructions.
    The variac is the speed controller and is only used to get the resonance right with respect to dc motor speed and then the motor speed control card can be used to take over once adjusted.
    I hope this clarifies some spots of question for you.
    Again don’t make this if you aren’t very apt and focused on doing it to the specs.
    There are shortcuts but I am avoiding to many of these in my first run.
    Do it people.. Be wise though . Source your information we’ll . There are some great assistance articles on YouTube search ” Doc physics ” and resonance and frequency etc

    • So, did YOU do it? Does it WORK???
      Does actually ANYBODY have one working prototype?

      • derek

        No, no QEG has ever worked, nor can it. It is just a scam, so far hypegirl has raised $150,000+ and produced nothing! If the UK QEG was hours away from self running last year, why did they run away from it – and it is still not self running! The generator in the Tesla patent shows it running from a steam engine – Tesla never claimed it was free energy, that was just the liars at WITTS.

        • Thomas

          you never built an QEG have you.there are actually QEG’s that do work so please stop making false accusations about QEG’s that never work. I have 3 that work just fine

          • Mike S

            Prove it Thomas. Put up a video of yours working with all of the wires and voltmeters and ammeters in plain sight. No video = you are lying. It’s so easy to put up videos now days it’s completely ridiculous for you to make a claim without doing so. You are pulling energy out of what, free space between the atoms, because you have a generator? Really? Bullshit.

      • onepocketHarold Shult

        Keshe foundation has made and taught on line how to make free energy devices.

  • ACG
  • It is amazing to read the comments of the SIS (skeptic ignorant stubborn) here.
    Some seems to be payed to lurk the Internet just to post derogatorily comments all places the Energetic Revolution is emerging…
    Just learn this:

    Until the end of this year of 2014 the world will be informed about several technologies that tap the Zero Point Filed as demonstrated by the Casimir effect.

    And all those SIS (MF) will have to heat their nasty words…

    • Thomas TS

      Prove it!
      Until then stick learn to stay on topic. A virtue you stark believers need to practice.

    • onepocketHarold Shult

      The Keshe foundation proves you right my friend. He has given the world free energy and given the design on line at NO COST. As of the 16th of October he gave it to all the governments that would commit to world peace, as of the 26th of October he started giving instruction on line for how to build and use. Also an open forum on any discoveries is active.

    • onepocketHarold Shult

      My comment below was on the Moth of October 2015 was this information given on line.

  • bman

    I don’t think the “plans” give 1/100th of the amount of information that would be required to build such a device. And REALLY:
    – “… so the race is now on for independent engineers and citizens to verify the efficacy of this declared revolution in energy.” Shouldn’t verification have PRECEDED your declaration that you have created a Modern Tesla Free Energy Generator?????
    – “… we challenge our readers to get the word out to help prove if this design is in fact what it claims to be.” Wouldn’t responsible journalism have required reasonable CONFIRMATION BEFORE reporting???? If not, I flew to the moon and brought back a moon rock, and guess what … it really is made out of cream cheese! Would you like to write an article?
    – The video is COMPLETELY USELESS as well. Why is the “lab” cold? If this thing works, wouldn’t he be heating the lab with it??? DONATIONS???? … to finance some pie in the sky.
    If something real comes along I’ll be the first to order one. This isn’t it.

    • Mike S

      they’re scam artists, plain and simple.
      if I had a working prototype I’d make a video and have a visitors gallery like this:
      – bolt the motor and generator and load to a piece of plywood.
      – keep all of the wires in plain sight, completely isolated from any other wiring
      – keep all of the voltmeters and ammeters in plain sight
      – place the entire device in a faraday cage
      – let the device run a big load, like high intensity lights and a water pump, for years
      – let anyone and everyone come and look at it and verify that there are no hidden wires or drive motors or whatever
      They’ve supposedly had the plans for so long and yet not made a demo model? Really? But they whine about money, all the while telling us how inexpensive it is to build one. And their pdf is idiotic (see my comments where I make fun of it above). I bet none of them have ever taken a physics class.
      Send them money if you want to see your money disappear into the quantum ether. LOL

      • native respect

        your claim that they are a scam would hold more weight if they had charged for their plans. I downloaded their plans for free over a year ago and have not had time to work in it yet.
        i have seen many public views of their qeg system on video. We do have laws against fraud and hopegirl or her company has never been sued. unless you have documentation they are a fraud please share it otherwise what you say is slander.

  • Henry

    Since writing my previous comment, I’ve found a link to the plans, buried in an article I found after searching for “QEG”. Here’s the link:
    Looks interesting. When started, the only energy input is the mains power used to turn the electric motor which turns the generator’s armature. The armature is just a laminated iron core. No electrical power is present in the generator itself to cause anything to happen. It would seem it relies on some amount of magnetism left in the armature to cause anything to happen. Once it spins fast enough to match the resonance of the coils and capacitors in the resonance part of the generator circuit, it would hopefully induce power into the secondary output windings.
    The main diagram is also wrong in the sense that it shows a DC motor directly connected to the AC output of a variac, while in the text it mentions variously that there is a bridge rectifier in-between, or a bridge rectifier and some sort of motor control circuit board.
    The capabilities of the device are mentioned as being either 15kW or 10kW (so which is it) but whichever it is, the wire sizes for the output winding don’t seem capable of sustaining those kinds of current levels for long. (41A to 62A RMS per winding, depending on if its 10kW or 15kW.) For a single length, this current is not a problem, but when wound into a coil the heat is trapped and current must be reduced to prevent overheating and melting of the wire’s insulation. Typically a figure of 6 to 9 amps per square millimeter is used for transformer windings, which would limit the #10 wire used to between 32A and 47A.

    The “user manual” pdf contains a lot of photos of the parts as they’re constructed and assembled, and it shows someone went to a lot of trouble to make it all. But as to whether it actually works?…. Where is the description (in detail, phase by phase) of the theory of operation? Where are the oscillographs showing the volage and current signals at various parts of the circuit? Where are the oscillographs covering the period from when power is first applied to “start” the generator, through to the resonance-acquired state, and on into the self-powered state with a substantial load attached? Why is the spark gap tuned to 1.3MHz while the generator’s resonance winding is (presumably) tuned to 400Hz (same as output frequency).
    For an engineer who claims to want to be open and “gift” this technology to the world, he has certainly left a lot of essential details missing that I would love to see presented.

    • tinkerbell

      The QEG team have already proven themselves to be either incompetent or liars. They claimed initially to have have driven loads of 10KW (momentary) and 5KW (continuous). Then they reveal that they have been unable to produce a current of more than 5 amps, so they need to now increase the output voltage. Since their stated output voltage was 220v, this means that they cannot have been generating more than 1KW – never mind the 5KW-10KW they had claimed!!!

      I have seen many ‘new-age’ sites jump on this band-wagon, claiming that the QEG is a working over-unity device. Given the above FACTS, this is certainly not the case. It’s painful to see people who obviously don’t know a volt from an amp mindlessly promulgating wishful-thinking as fact.

      Unless the QEG team can pull something from the hat quickly, this will end up with all the credibility of the Dinar RV 😛

      • Henry

        I think it’s good that some people are at least trying to solve the free energy problem. I don’t have the money or the workshop facilities to be able to do the research and development myself, otherwise I’d have a crack at it too.
        But to release blueprints for an incomplete device, along with an entire ethics and distribution plan/philosophy is rather pre-mature and probably does more harm than good.
        I think it’s also silly to make a prototype for a 10kW system. Why not first make something cheaper and smaller (say 100W) to prove the concept and to build a knowledge-base which you can later use to scale up the concept to multi-kilowatt systems?
        I live in a motorhome, and for me a free-energy device capable of delivering just 100 Watts continuously would be enormously useful. That would translate into a battery charge current of about 7.25A, which is a total daily charge of 174Ahr, which is more than enough to cover my daily usage of about 40Ahr. I could do away with my solar panels then!

        Considering the physics and electrical engineering involved in the design of such technology, I think it’s safe to say that anyone who promotes the sale of free-energy blueprints with the idea that “anyone can build it” is a con artist. I’ve designed switched mode powersupplies, including designing the magnetic components (coils, transformers) for them, from the ground up, and it’s definitely not something where a “suck it and see” approach work. It requires a good understanding of the concepts and of the mathematics to work out such things as core size, gap size, wire size, number of turns, arrangement of layers, types of insulation required and where, heat produced, how to minimise unwanted stray effects such as leakage inductance, etc. The average Joe Blow could tinker an aweful lot and never hit upon the right combination of factors that produces a high-efficiency (or possibly over-unity) design.

        • But there was no ‘sale’ 5to this download, it was free and now it’s up to you or your electrician to see just how far you can go with it and if it becomes a dud then at least you will know it’s bogus instead of assuning it is. We’re Americans.. We should all take such chances and stop having others take them for us because if you want something done right then you gotta do it yourself and if you can’t do it THEN it can’t be done.I’ve got a son I’m sending through engineering school and soon I will tell you from hands on experience whether or not this rig works and end this back and forth speculation.

          • Mike S

            Except for the fact that a) it’s inexpensive, b) they can’t build one to get more donations, which they very very much want, and c) there is NO known science to support it. So you’re recommending that we give the benefit of the doubt to people who can’t even write a reasonable explanation of how it works and who have NEVER taken a physics class and spend our time and money on this? If it’s inexpensive and easy, why haven’t they had a model running for, oh, I don’t know, A FREAKING DECADE running lights and a water pump or something? They are charlatans, they want you to pray for them and then send money. That’s what makes their motor run, your money.

      • Garrett

        Don’t knock the RV diner, it’s keeping a roof over your head.

      • ACG

        Thank you so much! I am done posting pages about this scam all over the web. Just here to thank you.

        Let no man claim ignorance:

    • johmiller

      Here is the tell-tale fact of this scam. If you try to create more energy with a motor driving a magnet you can only realize what it takes to drive the device with a loss for magnetic pull, friction, and wiring or additional circuits. It’s a big fat lie to suggest that static energy derived from the earth’s field enters the circuit and takes over. If lightening could be harnessed and put into the grid people would have done it by now, the two types of current never mix, except to blow everyone’s transformer.

      • Mike S


  • Anonymous
  • Henry

    I downloaded the PDF but it contains no plans or blueprints for building a free energy device.
    Just went to one of the links given in the PDF where one is supposed to be able to download the blueprints, and did not find them there either. The page did have the following message:
    “Presently there are not any exotic free energy technologies that are ready to be purchased and implemented.”

    In the PDF, they repeatedly say how this QEG is based on prior Tesla art that is now in the public domain, and that they want to “give” this to humanity and that we should not become greedy for excessive profit if we decide to start making these things. And then it mentions that, in order to get the blueprints, one must agree to share part of the profits with the FTW crowd and also agree to “pay it forward” (to the FTW crowd of course, not to the rest of the world). But how can they insist that people give them money when what they offer is already public domain and already belongs to The People? That’s like finding a nice cherry tree on public land and then building a fence around it and charging the public money to cross the fence to help themselves to the cherries on the publicly-owned cherry tree!
    I suspect this is yet another scam or major disappointment. Like someone else pointed out: Where is the prototype that has powered a house for several months to prove that this thing actually exists and works?

  • [ Smiles ] I wouldn’t mind having a machine like that.

    • onepocketHarold Shult

      The Keshe foundation can show you how to build your own and it is easy.

  • Mike

    Here is the link for a document which includes the plans – the link in the article are the ‘guidelines’ only:

    • Anonymous

      Hi there
      I am onto certain parts of the qeg and the plans are simple . The hardest part of this I believe is getting the laminations done .
      I have saved a lot of cash by gaining 2100vac microwave capacitors 1 if I think they are. .
      I believe you need a smart fitter good in bearings and stuff and a good electrician to build this unit .
      They also mention sites to get parts..
      I did a costing of 4000 bux Australian to get it done cheaply but with all winding and laminations done .
      Ps try building it you just might get a surprise. The theory is very real

    • Yes it can! No it can’t! Yes it can!! No it can’t!! I can’t get the plans to show up! The plans show up! I also can’t get the plans to show up!! Well I got the plans to show up!! Where’s the plans? Here’s the plans! Obviously there’s a tug of war going on as one can see the plans while another can’t.. Personally not only did I see the plans, I downloaded the PDF and now it’s mine so here’s the rub with you ‘can’ts’.. Go to Adobe and update your PDF and then maybe you can say “I got the plans to show up!” then you can find something else that you can call a scam. Hey! the PDF is free, the information is free.. It may cost a couple hundred bucks for parts to get a 40 – 50kw generator that emits free energy to run your appliances and if it doesn’t? Well at least you gave it a good try and only lost a few bucks. I can’t say it will work because I just got it but I’m gonna give it a good American try, at least I didn’t have to pay $47.00 for the manual that real scammers are trying to collect.

      • onepocketHarold Shult

        Good attitude, my compliments. Good luck, and by the way check out the Keshe foundation.

      • Mike S

        I can’t get your video of a working model that’s been running for a year or a decade to show up. Oh, that’s because you can’t build one. Bob.

  • Bob

    Link does not work.

  • Bob

    QEG scam! LOL

  • Terry

    I’ll take two! One for the house and one for my new electric old VW!

    I’d love to show the power company how stupid their SmartMeter was!

    Now, if China can make them out of a little black box and sell them at Harbor Freight, we’re in business! China may need to make them deep, deep underground in a nuclear bomb-proof shelter though!

  • mothman777

    Yet another set of PLANS? The internet is full of secret patriot power plans for sale, that are just scams, and we are promised designs repeatedly that never materialize. Why don’t they sell actual working machines right now? I’d buy one, but they just can’t come up with the goods, so I hope this will be different, and not just another hoax or scam.

    Whatever happened to Dr Keshe? He sad he feared for his life, then said he was giving away all his ideas to be downloaded, yet both download links did not work. Was he just another scam? He was supposed to be releasing technologies to heal the whole planet this year, and I and many others had such hopes. Has anyone got his downloads and actually begun developing any of his technologies?

    The E-cat Cold Fusion generator by Rossi looks like it may be coming available now. Scientists will soon be able to see then if it is simply another scam, or if it is really genuine, if and when they get their hands on one.

    • onepocketHarold Shult

      I have been watching Dr. Keshe’s blueprints all week and I must say that you are wrong it would appear concerning him.

  • molecule

    Complete fraud.

    Very creepy … No information here at all. A complete fear driven, greed-driven fraud. What a waste of time. An insult to the open source energy movement.

    I have no doubt that Tesla’s patent will likely work, once tweaked and assembled. As always, the details require work. But these creeps are not sharing, not even Tesla’s patent from which they are working. They show no basic understanding of how open-source technology works.

    As usual, they as for money, because they have money to develop a Tesla device, create factories around the world, yet they don’t have money for their rent, or for a kerocene heater. They have money to build factories all around the world, yet they haven’t got the money to even photophop a prototype …

    Yet another total greed-driven fear-driven fraud by money-grubbing white people.

    • Henry

      Yeah, like someone’s skin colour has anything to do with their inclination to greed? Black people don’t rob banks or liquor stores? And neither do hispanics or asian people? Just the white folks, huh?

    • Henry

      BTW, Tesla’s patent is included in the PDF I linked to in my other comment further down this list of comments.

    • Mike S

      Did you read the patent? It doesn’t mention pulling energy out of the ether anywhere, it was made to be driven by a steam engine or whatever. Their gift to humanity is their knowledge, superior to Tesla’s, of QM, superior in fact to that of any scientist, living or past, oh, except they can’t make one work, and they can’t even write a decent pdf. A high school physics class would laugh them out of town if they read this pdf to them. Like the part where it says a load won’t slow down the generator, wow… a generator that can handle infinite load! These people are liars and they’re uneducated, not a pretty combination.

      • eagle keeper

        Reminds me of the traveling circus and the snake oil salesman selling a bottle of “Dr. Feel Good”. Nope, just another scam preying on peoples ignorance. A real shame none of it is true. Kind of like the guy that thinks God made a one ended stick. So if it were true, why not sell completed working examples to the public like any legit company would do. I mean does Harley Davidson or Cessna or Toyota want to sell you plans to “build” the products they sell to the public? Get real here, ok.

  • Randy

    I clicked on the links and didn’t find any usable plans at all, just Tesla’s original artwork for the device. No dimensions of the parts, no specs on the materials used, no quantities of the various materials that are needed to build the thing or even any tips or hints on how to make/assemble any of the parts once you have the required materials. So, I’m sitting back and waiting for some kind of definitive proof that the thing actually works as claimed and doesn’t cost more to make than it’s worth. Then when I have that, I will see about making my own device for testing purposes as I am a skilled machinist, welder, mechanic, designer, electrician among other things as well. I have an IQ of 149, so I am sure that I can get the job done and done right.


  • James

    Free Energy is a sound based. Tesla said that the Earth Rings like a Bell. In order to create free energy we need to think frequency and sound. In order to develop anti gravity technology we need to think of sound.
    Free Energy is already here it’s every where we just have to understand how to harness it for the world like they did say 200,000 thousand years ago. Even Pyramid of Giza is an amazing example of Sound and Energy.

    • onepocketHarold Shult

      Keshe is demonstrating the building of devices on line that are very easy to self construct and use.

  • Anonymous

    Link works fine here in Australia.

    • Anonymous

      Great the link works fine but does the generator? Looks like no one has even built a working example of one yet. Just another scam.

  • Jon Whitmore

    “Open Source Plans for Modern Tesla Free Energy Generator Released to Public”



    You LIE Terence Newton.

  • The so-called QEG has no relationship whatsoever to the Telsa Mechanical Oscillator ( TMO )falsely associated with it in the hokey pdf “plans”. The TMO is a linear system that simply quivers back-and forth to cut the lines of force. The QEG is a rotary system, and the “plans” are pathetic — inadequate, incomplete, with no performance data other than claims. You are being played, duped, & used to generate false hope.

    • LeRoy Pea

      Where do I send my money? Yup,yup.

  • Johnny

    Here is the pdf link you want

    It contains a parts list and spec.

  • Douglas Gray

    Can anyone point to a unit that has powered a home over a time period of a few days, weeks, or months? If not, then the above article has no real substance to it. If the plans are just now being posted, this means they have been in existence for some time, and so where is a prototype that has powered a given load, over a period of time? I’m not saying it’s impossible, but where is the prototype?

  • Frank

    Asking for money, zero plans here. If they just released it free, then there would be less worry for their families safety,,, duh. Keep being selfish, they will knock you off your opportunity to ever give it away.

    Hard to believe this got posted…

    • Anonymous

      The concern for their welfare is the information release mate. You truly are an idiot

  • John

    Link works, pdf shows text.

  • Defiant

    It takes a LOT more than SAYING this to make it true. ANOTHER claim of a free-energy machine…with the usual amount of proof (that’s ZERO proof, for those of you who haven’t been hearing this since 1980).

    It’s just like ANOTHER “real” bigfoot is always getting killed by some hunter and a DNA sample is off being tested…

    • Sarah

      Defiant: It looks like you are trying to discredit this information. How sad… I think it’s wonderful and I have waited so long for this to happen – despite working in both fossil and new energy products and therefore I stand to lose a lot.

      However the world has so much to gain and so I embrace the change and look forward to it!

      • Segundo asensio suarez

        LO MARAVILLOSO ES QUE FUNCIONASE DE VERDAD…se han visto tantos fraudes para sacar el dinero a la gente que es normal esas reaciones..

  • PierreOrdinaire

    Please look into all the QEG/HopeGirl Crowdfunding campaigns. That and the lack of results point to a scam.

  • chaz

    the link to the plans for the QEG leads to a blank page….

    • No, the link works and leads to the .pdf file with the plans.


      • Rico

        There are no plans in the pdf. Just a bunch of propaganda. I smell bull…

  • link is a lie
    • The link works fine for us. I’ll see if we can host the document for download here. Please check back later today.


      • Defiant

        It DOES open a PDF…which has a LOT of links but NO plans and no link to the plans…This is just BUNKUM

        • I agree

          no plans, lots of BS.

        • Pavlov’s Bitch

          There are certainly NO plans for anything ‘free’ for humanity by the scum in control of their sick system. Even death isn’t ‘free’.

          • slavoicus

            Right you are !

      • Segundo asensio suarez

        nada solo mas propaganda disfrazada…es que nadie en tantos paises y los que nos quieren convencer de ello, tienen ese aparato y lo han puesto a funcionar…por que no lo muestran con claridad,por que no lo esplican claramente…pues por que es otra estafa mas; me apuesto la cabeza que es una estafa

    • MongoTheMad

      This links to a pdf with no plans. Much talk about distribution and sharing of source files, but no plans in the pdf or any of the links in the pdf . Disappointing.

  • perpmoshun

    Watched the video. Didn’t see ANY sign of the machine or how it actually operates. Where’s the beef?

    • Callahan


      There is no QEM video to watch or is there any plans to build. Do not refer tot he patent. Patents do not provide the instructions for building devices. They only claim proof of its novel design.

      • Segundo asensio suarez

        es decir nada, solo propaganda para incautos me huele a otra estafa mas y de ser asi…deberian quemar a todos ellos.

  • dimitri


      GEM = God’s Electricity Multiplier
      This uses pulleys to multiply rotations
      + thereby multiply AC electricity

      it require one AC + one DC motor
      (of any voltage, as long as they are of equal voltage)
      one large + one small pulley
      (the greater the difference in size, the greater the multiplication)

      you put a very small amount of power into the DC drive motor
      then through the mechanical motions of these pulleys
      you are multiplying the # of rotations
      AC power is formed through rotations
      So, hence you are multiplying your electricity

      This truly does work

      It is only Satan + billions of evil spirits that make you doubt
      Trying to keep this ancient technology
      (Eze 1:16)=“wheel in the middle of a wheel”
      From saving lives with the money we save on fossil fuels

      • Please, tell everyone that you know, that free energy is super simple.
        . . . It is as simple as using a DC motor, to rotate a 100-cm circumference pulley only the once, which takes an extremely small amount of electricity. Then you attach this large pulley to a belt, strap, rope, or even a string in a pinch, which is connected to at least one 1-cm circomference mini-pulley, which has your output AC motor attached to it.
        . . . This one mini-pulley, or it could be tens or hundreds of them, rotates 100 times… for every single turn of your DC drive motor. Then all that you have to do is run the electricity output of your AC motor, or 10 motors, into a full wave bridge rectifier, with a capacitor connected, to give you a DC output, which you then use to power your DC drive motor.
        . . . So,,, you have now created your first self sustaining 100 power free energy generator.
        For more information on this subject,
        . . . as well as some graphics of how this works,,,
        Please view this web page:

        • jacko

          What a pompous ass.

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