Vacuum Energy: Proof of Free Energy in the Space All Around Us

Vacuum Energy 2Brandon West, Contributor
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Everything in the entire universe, everything that you and I perceive to be solid matter, is actually not matter at all. All the space around us is pure energy which we will call vacuum energy. Not only that, but this vacuum energy is infinitely dense.

The reality that you and I have been led to believe in is a lie. The only truly dense thing in this universe is the apparent empty space all around us, and whenever we see objects, hold them, touch them, or otherwise … that is most likely due to a gradient within the infinite density of the vacuum energy which gives off a little oscillation of energy slow enough for our senses to perceive it.

Here is the proof.

Infinite Vacuum Energy in Quantum Physics

This is not a fringe theory. This is fundamental to the accepted physics paradigms of quantum theory which deal specifically with the level of the universe where all things are energy, or at least where they oscillate between energy and form. As quoted in one of the most fundamental physics textbooks, Gravitation, by three of the most highly influential physicists of the 20th Century, Charles Misner, Kip Thorne, and John Archibald Wheeler:

“…present day quantum field theory “gets rid by a renormalization process” of an energy density in the vacuum that would formerly be infinite if not removed by this renormalization.” (Gravitation, p.426)

In other words, they accept that the vacuum structure – allegedly empty space – is infinitely dense, but instead of dealing with infinity directly they attempt to renormalize this value. On the one hand it is logical to attempt to renormalize infinity, because after all, it is easier to plug a definite number into an equation than it is to use infinity. But on the other hand, in the world outside of mathematics, to not accept the infinite density of vacuum energy is to avoid a truthful perceptual experience and understanding of reality. On the topic of renormalization, Nassim Haramein can add to this conversation:

“To understand this [the infinite energy density of the vacuum] better, physicists applied a principle of “renormalisation”, using a fundamental constant to cut off the number and get a finite idea of how dense the vacuum energy must be, with all its vibrations. The cut-off value used was the Planck’s distance or length, named after the great physicist Max Planck, who is considered to be the founder of quantum theory. This value is thought to be the smallest vibration possible.” (To Infinity and Beyond: Transcending Our Limitations by Nassim Haramein)

The irony of the situation is that when they tried to renormalize the “energy density in the vacuum that would formerly be infinite” they came up with a value that was not much better. Using the Planck’s distance they decided to calculate the vacuum energy density by counting the number of Planck’s distances they could fit into a centimeter cube of space by stacking them like subatomic bricks, fitting as many as possible into that area.

Then they calculated the total amount of energy that was available in that space by multiplying the energy of a single Planck’s distance with the total number of Planck’s distances they packed into that centimeter cubed of space so that they could have a definite value for the density of vacuum energy (and remember, all of this is being done in order to get a value that wasn’t infinite).

The resulting “renormalized” value that they got for the vacuum energy density was 10^93 grams per centimeter cube of space. That is 10 with 93 zeroes after it, an enormous number. But to put the true enormity of this number in perspective, if the entire known universe was compacted into a centimeter cube of space, it would only reach a density of 10^55 grams/centimeter cubed! In other words, the renormalized density for vacuum energy exceeds the mass of the entire known universe … compacted into a centimeter cubed of space (from Crossing The Event Horizon).

Nassim continues:

“The vacuum energy density, or what can be called a Planck’s density, was in the order of 10^93 grams per cubic centimeter of space and was quickly dubbed ‘the worst prediction physics has ever made’ or ‘the vacuum catastrophe’.” (To Infinity and Beyond by Nassim Haramein)

The Casimir Effect

The existence of vacuum energy has also been verified by the Casimir Effect. In 1948, Dutch physicist Hendrik Casimir devised a test that would either prove or disprove the existence of vacuum energy.

He theorized that if you could put two extremely thin metal plates together at an absurdly small distance from one another (we are taking about a distance of mere microns apart), then if there was vacuum energy you would create an imbalance within vacuum energy (or ‘an imbalance in the quantum fluctuations‘ as vacuum energy is more technically called) that would exert a force on the plates.

By putting these metal plates so close together you would have isolated all but the smallest wavelengths within the vacuum thus creating pressure on the outside of the plates which would have pushed them together, proving the existence of vacuum energy.

In 1948 when Hendrik Casimir came up with this idea the technology was not around to test his theory. But a few decades later scientists where able to carry out this experiment and prove conclusively that Hendrik Casimir was correct, and that there is an energy density to the vacuum. Since then this experiment has been validated many times by many scientists, and it has become known as ‘The Casimir Effect’. This is conclusive and undeniable proof of the existence of vacuum energy which is free energy.

(For more information on the Casimir Effect and on Free Energy check out this great article: Multiple Scientists Confirm the Existence of Free Energy)

Conclusion – Moving Forwards

We are swimming within an infinitely dense sea of energy. It has been proven not only that everything is energy, but also that each and every centimeter cube of space contains infinite energy. If we used our resources as individual nations and as a planet searching for ways to tap into this energy, instead of suppressing new research that has already done so, then in a few short years we could be powering our planet with free vacuum energy extracted directly from the structure of space-time.

No more oil. No more pollution. No more wars over energy. No more needing to work to heat our homes. We could all quite our jobs and have unlimited free time to pursue our passions and contribute our knowledge and creativity to society. We would have time to build gardens that maintain themselves, and collectively produce natural food to feed our planet while we spend our days in nature, following our passions, and doing what we love to do.

By tapping into vacuum energy with our technology and with perception, we can change the world.

Spread the word.

About the Author

West is the creator of Project Global Awakening. A website dedicated to the research of a variety of scientific and spiritual disciplines, and applying that knowledge to help you live an inspired life and change the world. Follow Project Global Awakening on Facebook, and Twitter.

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  • Anonymous

    ther is an energy, but ther is no such thing as vacuum..we cannot reach the moon or even the mars if inbetween is vacuum..

  • IGOR

    Density of vacuum Energy could we so calculated: E/V = CCCC / (8pi G rr), where C – speed of the light, pi = 3.14, G – constant of gravity, r – a minimal possible Radius of Black Hole. Wenn r = radius of electron, then E/V ist circa 10(72) J/m³. Wenn r = Planck dimension, then E/V ist circa 10(112)J/m³. For comparision, an Explosion of SupernovaStar gives an energie 10(53) – 10(54) J.

    By the way, could I publice here an Article on vacuum energy, dark energy, gravity and antigravity?

  • James

    Hi there Brandon
    really enjoyed this article. reposted on my facebook as suggested and am now being told by a mate that the theory is cherry picking quantum mechanics, and is flawed essentially because zero point does not equal infinity. Has he missed the point himself? A reasoned response from anyone clued up enough to understand either way would be helpful.

  • ms

    The author can’t begin to understand the physics of what he’s talking about. He’s obviously trying to gain notoriety by making feel-good claims he can’t begin to prove mathematically or demonstrate physically. Think about what he’s selling you. Ask him to build a machine to prove what he’s claiming and he will plead ignorance. I think we’ll find that, in his own opinion, he’s not too ignorant to write the article, just too ignorant to be able to back it up. Read a few books about physics written by physicists who are on the cutting edge, then judge for yourself whether he has any credibility.

  • Simon

    No offence, but I think you are all stoned.

    • ms

      lol, maybe Pipe Dream Times would be more appropriate, not that I have anything against opium, just sayin’.

  • Rob Parker

    …yes, great article– but an enormous, and maybe insurmountable obstacle to our ‘wide eyed’ altruism is the Petrochemical Industry, who will resist this agenda by any and all means necessary, and with trillions of dollars in resources at their disposal to maintain the status quo– how do we solve this problem, or do we just wait until the oil runs out and earth is uninhabitably polluted?

  • Raff

    Is there any place on the Web where I can see those devices successfully tapping into the vacuum energy, check out schematics, calculations or whatever, or are these just empty claims?

    • ms

      IF You find one and build it and it works please post it here, lol.

  • Hypertiger

    Not infinite…The Universe is a finite and fragile lie…Powered by infinite an indestructible Truth.

    Truth doe not exist in the Universe…only the effect.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, infinite. Doesn’t matter if the universe is finite, because within any volume of space, there are an infinite amount of energetic virtual particles coming in and out of existence. So yes, it IS infinite. Stop being so philosophical, philosophy isn’t compatible with science.

  • yeah right

    what a load of garbage

    • Rob Parker

      …we’re sorry you don’t understand yet– see the link below for a lecture by physicist Nassim Haramein on the Holographic universe:

      • Steven Irizarry

        nassim doesnt understand physics

  • Brownian motion, not unlike the Casmir effect, both give some ideas that there is something happening around us that is not perceptible ordinarily to our senses.

    If the astronomers are correct, what are we to think of the fact that our planet is in motion at 559.4 miles per second? That is our combined Planetary, Solar and Galactic systems motion. Should this high speed motion not provide us with opportunities to produce energy from velocity? Sure it should, but what about Newton and his 3 dimensions of space time that allow no more energy out of a system than goes in?

    How about replacing Newton with the hyper-dimensional model of physics?

    August Mobius created the mathematical basis for the 4th dimension in 1827, and Theodore Kaluza created the 5th in 1921. Kaluza-Klein made their theory of the 4th and 5th dimensions, “plane of the dimension,” as the place where free energy could be found, public in 1938.

    Quantum entanglement was put forward in 1935 as a mechanism that might explain Brownian motion, that was first observed and noted in 1827. Particles of slight mass were being bumped around by some energy force that was not understood.

    The extra-dimensional aspect is one of four elements of free energy that provide a theoretical basis for developing velocity power sources.

    Here’s a link that gives some theory of operation of velocity amplifiers and how to connect the power of the Universe to drive the wheel-works of our homes and industry:

    • Steve

      The idea of Kaluza-Klein was to have a unification of Gravity with electromagnetism. What you actually are studying is a tensor product of 2 metrical systems that are on It’s own used for describing gravity (4 dimensional general relativity) and electromagnetism (1 dimensional theory, or in terms of 1 generator forms in the Lie-algebra u(1,C)).

      The result would be a 5 dimensional metric tensor product, with some mixed parts in the tensor that was not so easily explainable on experimental level.

      Also people need to realize that in theoretical physics they heavily make use of big degrees of freedom, everywhere where you can couple some kind of dynamics with it. And mostly these degrees of freedom are called dimensions. But these are not always dimensions as in spacial dimensions. There are more different classes of degrees of freedom…. Anyway for instance when you look at the e8 lie-algebra there are 248 degrees of freedom (dimensions, roots, generators).

    • ms

      Great, build a generator that runs on Brownian motion, if you can.

  • Binary mechanics provides the best description of vacuum presently available in the scientific literature.

  • Natasha

    I have to give a plug to Dr. Ernest L. Norman who said back more than 60 years ago that space is infinitely filled with energy. He also foretold string theory and infinite multiple dimensions. This scientifically explained more than 60 years ago in recorded lectures transcribed and made available in book format called, “The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation” by Ernest L. Norman.

    • That actually sounds fairly interesting Natasha. Thank you for the tip and I will look into his work.

  • But ‘nobody’ knows how to harvest this unlimited free space energy. Quantum theory does not tell you how to do this, neither does General Relativity theory. The Casimir effect is incredibly small, so how to upscale this effect? Just a few hints:

    1) Maxwell/Lorentz theory is wrong: it violates Newton’s third principle of forces (the action-reaction force principle)
    2) GR is wrong (and SR), since light speed DOES vary in time and space
    3) QM is wrong, since a particle wave also has intrinsic potential energy, not just intrinsic kinetic energy (see Werner Hofer’s QM review).

    So what do these three hints tell you? Probably nothing. You are still sleeping.

    PS don’t bother to follow the link to “Tesla’s secret” or to what “Power companies hate” on this page. These are links to fake devices of hoaxers. Or you can check it out if you want, and loose some money.

    • Ron Dang

      Koen, amigo:

      Lucid points you make, every one. Additionally, though I have not actually reviewed the materials, I find counter-productive and disempowering to the greater good the non-sequitor of crass commercialism in capitalizing upon the general ignorance of the masses on a relatively obscure topic as unfortunately exists ‘free energy.’

      An obviously selfish, aberrant trajectory proves the sale of ‘free energy’, which itself should deign to learn a thing or two from the Open Source movement. To clarify a common misinterpretation: Open Source does not equate to freeware nor shareware nor paidware. Let the RedHat model prevail: information should be free and available to all without cost. Expertise in terms of support in depolyment or maintenance are billable, more respectably, in my honest opinion.

      In response to your first two sentences, I might suggest reviewing the U.S. patents granted to Nikola Tesla in 1900 and 1901 relevant to ‘radiant energy’. The schematics remain utterly simplistic yet effective — reflective of the true genius of a man more deserving of veneration for his technical acumen and benefit to our species as a whole than most any other I might mention. Your knowledge exceeds the common man’s and my own regarding modern physics and science. Therefore I remain curious as to what might your better-informed response be to these:

      I consider these merely a starting point, and indicate my belief that several improvements upon this simplistic design — namely the addition of diodes to force the flow of electric charge potential from both the ground and the aerial into the capacitor. Additionally, the incorporation of an electret ( think magnet but instead of magnetic field, electric current this gives off ) in the aerial perhaps improves and alters the inherent design and function.


      Ron Dang.

      …I’d rather be Ron Dang than Dang Wrong…

      • … but sometimes it’s perfectly OK the Dang Wrong.


  • Mr Truth

    You need to realize something about nature … sure the good and honest people around the world would use this new energy for positive use, then you have the evil people that will have a new source of super energy for negative purposes that can hurt or ruin the earth and mankind .. so what is best, you just have to hope the positive effect quickly manifests and we can control the evil people and/or use the energy to form new habitats on other planets, universes … or where ever.

    • I completely understand where you are coming from. It is true that infinite free energy could potentially pose a threat if in the wrong hands … but there is also a built in universal failsafe, if you will.

      The only way that it is possible to tap into the vacuum energy is to understand the universe, and the only way to understand the universe is to understand ourselves spiritually, or if you prefer, to understand the true nature of our consciousness.

      Thus free energy can only come about through a raise in the level of human awareness.

      We will tap into the vacuum structure with our technology once a critical mass of humanity can tap into the vacuum structure with their biological technology and with their consciousness.

      Moreover, we will only be free to leave this world and populate the universe once we can live in harmony and peace on Earth. We can do it. I don’t believe there is good and evil, just truth and ignorance of the truth.

      Thanks for the comment Mr. Truth! And thank you everyone as well. I enjoy your opinions and perspectives.

      • Thank you, Brandon. I didn’t see it at first, but clearly spiritual self-reflection is the key to harnessing unlimited energy from the universe. Spiritual self-reflection must be what powers perpetual motion machines, huh? Thank you for explaining so simply that human awareness must reach a critical mass, those words make it sound so sciency.

      • Thank you, Brandon. I didn’t see it at first, but clearly spiritual self-reflection is the key to harnessing unlimited energy from the universe. Spiritual self-reflection must be what powers perpetual motion machines, huh? Thank you for explaining so simply that human awareness must reach a critical mass, those words make it sound so sciency.

      • ms

        “The only way that it is possible to tap into the vacuum energy is to understand the universe, and the only way to understand the universe is to understand ourselves spiritually, or if you prefer, to understand the true nature of our consciousness.”

        So spiritually developed people never make mistakes, give in to temptation, or are subverted by lower forces? This is what you’re selling? This is disingenuous at best, a child can see through your arguments. It’s just a matter of time before people who read your work figure out what you’re about.

        • Anonymous

          He may be a bit confused by saying you HAVE to be spiritually awake, but it is not wise to deny or to accept the unknown, it is possible that spiritualty is a key to realizing, but this is science…

      • Anonymous

        Unfortunately Mr. Truth, the masses do not have any interest in understanding what or why their lights come on… Remember that the demonizing of intellectualism in this nation defeats the concept behind most explanation, except for the most watered down of forms. So the knowledge of this technology besides being entirely separated from the spiritual construct you describe, would only be in the hands of an educated few. So while it would be amazing (seriously spectacular) to have free energy, the ones who create the infrastructure and maintain the facilities would make absolutely certain that they stand to profit, and the social consciousness would remain relatively unaffected.

      • Brad Walgrave

        Was Hitler killing the Jewish evil? or just ignorance of the truth?

  • Pragmatic

    Half interesting until you brought Nassim Haramein in to the story.

    This is nothing but new age regurg of what has been known for decades
    in the actual world of physics.

    Tapping in to the energy of the “vacuum” is the whole problem, which
    has yet to be done in any practical manner.

    • ms

      It might be just a smidgen more complicated than the author implies.

  • abinico warez

    Unless you can send me a box so I can unplug from the grid, all this babble is just nonsense.

    • ms


  • Toni

    Nassim Haramein is brilliant! Also check out Thomas Campbell “My Big Toe (theory of everything) also a physicist who explains in detail our “virtual” reality which arises from consciousness itself. He explains that quantum mechanics applies at the “macro” as well as the “micro” level.
    Thrive movement is awesome. Documentary is excellent.

    • Thanks Toni!

    • And I also agree with you. Thrive is a great documentary. And Nassim does have some pretty fascinating information.

  • Defiant

    Yeah…awesome article! You always know there’s some legit info on the way when the article starts with “This is not a fringe theory.”

    And, as usual, even though all this truth is “proven,” we’re still using fossil fuel. I KNOW! I KNOW! We’ve already invented ways to tap into this wonderful free power…but the government keeps stopping us…even though they can’t get organized enough to pass a budget; they KNOW when ANYONE has built a free energy machine and NEVER botch the supression mission…right? I mean, half of the military operations they try are disasters…but they NEVER let a free energy machine slip by!

    Or, this just DOES NOT WORK.

  • I believe “empty space” contains the lines of energy that connect every particle to every other particle in the universe. This is the quantum field that manifests what we call reality from the programs of our most common daydreams: the original, primal language. For more, read “How We Create Reality” at

  • dimitri

    Little bundles of atoms and molecules calling themselves humanoids on an oval shaped thing they call planet earth spend an overwhelming amount of their energy overcoming their infinite fear of the chance that their coherence is utterly finite and thus meaningless. One of their quainter practices they call theoretical physics. For those of them not in the know of that speciality it is sometimes recognized as mental masturbation, closely related to rubbing sticks to generate heat and fire.

  • Cassi

    sounds like HEAVEN On Earth!

    • ms

      That’s precisely what he’s selling, now ask him to deliver proof.

  • Great article.

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