6 States Where Fracking Earthquakes are a New Feature of Reality

Texas Frack FieldAlex Pietrowski, Staff Writer
Waking Times

The movement against hydraulic gas fracturing, or ‘fracking,’ is becoming mainstream as this toxic and rapidly expanding technique by the oil and gas industry affects more and more everyday people. Essentially, fracking is the process of forcefully injecting different blends of chemicals, fresh water, gasses, sands or other materials underground into geologic layers of rock or coal formations, which then causes the underground formations to fracture, crack or break up, resulting in the recoverable release of oil and gas.

The process has gained tremendous popularity in recent years because when coupled with other horizontal drilling techniques it has allowed access to tremendous deposits of oil and natural gas that were previously unavailable with other conventional extraction methods. Fracking has created a new energy ‘boom‘ here in the US, the UK, and in many other countries worldwide, although some analysts predict it won’t last long.

It may be profitable for some in the short term, but there are serious and growing concerns about the long-term affects this is having on the environment and on the health of communities near fracturing wells. The major, recognized adverse affects of fracking already include:

  • High Levels of Water Use
  • High Usage of Sand and Proppants
  • Use of Toxic Proprietary Chemical Fracking Fluids
  • Contamination of Surface Water and Soil
  • Contamination of Groundwater
  • Air Quality and Pollution
  • Disposal of Wastewater and Other Waste Chemicals
  • Release of Radioactive Materials From Underground

Although the oil and gas industry simply will not admit it, another shocking side effect of hydraulic gas fracturing is the creation of of earthquakes in areas where earthquakes had previously been rare or non-existent. In addiction to the anecdotal evidence of residents in highly fracked areas, The United States Geological Survey has also recently reported on the dramatic increase of earthquakes in just the Eastern United States, and has linked this rise to fracking:

“The number of earthquakes has increased dramatically over the past few years within the central and eastern United States. Nearly 450 earthquakes magnitude 3.0 and larger occurred in the four years from 2010-2013, over 100 per year on average, compared with an average rate of 20 earthquakes per year observed from 1970-2000.

USGS scientists have found that at some locations the increase in seismicity coincides with the injection of wastewater in deep disposal wells. Much of this wastewater is a byproduct of oil and gas production and is routinely disposed of by injection into wells specifically designed for this purpose.” [Source]

Calling this, ‘Induced Seismicity,’ geologists explain how the actual process of fracking may not be the direct source of the increased seismic activity, but rather the creation and usage of ‘disposal wells’ deep below the earth’s surface, where the toxic by-products of the practice are dumped, is what is causing these massive upticks in earthquakes. Either way, the dumping of fracking waste fluids in ‘disposal wells’ is an integral part of the overall process of most forms of hydraulic fracturing, and although the oil and gas industry use this semantic point to claim that fracking does not cause earthquakes, the new reality for many US States is that earthquakes are a new feature of the environment, and appear to be here to stay.

Earthquakes, either geologically attributed to fracking or circumstantially linked to fracking are being reported in at least the following 6 States already, and as this practice continues we are sure to see this list grow:

  1. Texas
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Arkansas
  4. Ohio
  5. Kansas
  6. Colorado

Fracking for the Future

As the industry accelerates fracking in the US and globally, the banking industry is also pushing fracking as a prime investment for savvy brokers and traders. This spells disaster for many communities and natural habitats as the environmental impacts continue to mount as well. Some proponents argue that using the method of gas injection instead of fracking fluids is a better approach, because it does not require the creation of ‘disposal wells’ yet this process has its unique associated environmental problems.

While it may bring short term profits to some, along with the arguable prospect of creating jobs and boosting the economy, the long-term effects to community, to society and to the environment far outweigh the perceived economic benefits. Additionally, much of the oil and gas captured by fracking operations in the US is sold and exported to international markets, meaning that this process doesn’t directly contribute to the alleviation of our energy needs at home, however, we certainly do get stuck with the high environmental costs.

The massive proliferation of fracking is meeting increasing opposition by many levels of society, and as time goes by and the number of fracking wells increases, it is certain that Americans en masses will come to regret allowing the government along with the oil and gas industry to do this.

About the Author

Alex Pietrowski is an artist and writer concerned with preserving good health and the basic freedom to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. He is a staff writer for WakingTimes.com and an avid student of Yoga and life.

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  • AntiLieGuy

    Also: Cornell University confirmed that the moons orbit is changing. What can cause that? Only one thing.

    All the outer planets are being perturbed. What can cause that? Only one thing.

    That thing is a large, incoming, planetary body. period.

    The Bible says there will be changes in the sun and the moon before that great and terrible day of the lord. That “day of the lord” is the war that will see amerikka annihilated by the SCO. I know the date of that too but Im not telling you.

    Why dont you tell em that Yellowstone Supervolcano is about to blow too. That is also being suppressed by the treasonous government. It will blow whne Nibiru swings around by us.

    Funny how EVERYTHING the evil treasonous government says is a LIE.

  • AntiLieGuy

    PS govt liars: I have another page with the only comment telling all about Planet X. Why dont you go find that one too. Hahaha.

    I used to maintain a list of youtube government liars. I even knew when they changed shifts and who was the next liar up. You can not fool me but that is not your intent, eh? You are only here to fool the stupid sheeple.

    When all is said and done, you will find that you are the stupid one and you will have to pay for your evil.

  • Ben

    The latest report, – dated today! NASA’s WISE Survey Finds Thousands of New Stars, But No ‘Planet X’

    See: http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/news.php?release=2014-075&utm_source=iContact&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=NASAJPL&utm_content=wise20140307

    • AntiLieGuy

      NASA are liars and anyone using anything they say is either very stupid or most likely a paid government liar.

      Look up sheeple at every sunrise and sunset. They are never ever clear and the red doesnt come from the sun.

      • Your mother told me

        So is NASA lying about the next 4 predicted Blood Moons? Which are in several conspiracy theory movies scattered across the Internet? Because if so, then your theory is false as well. You just continue to put your foot in yor mouth boyo this is hilarious. Write a novel about it, maybe you can relate to Red. Oh wait, he would probably stick his foot in your mouth, too.

      • Your mother told me

        AND YOU’VE NEVER CONSIDERED CO2 EMISSIONS? dude I’m getting annoyed by this, quit trying to provide misinformation to these people who may very well believe you, because people like me aren’t having it. If you drive a gas powered vehicle you are contributing to the hazy sunsets and sunrises… This is dumb. I’m done proving you’re an idiot.

        • AntiLieGuy

          Siiiighh….Another stupid, treasonous, evil govt liar.

          NASA lies about the cause of the blood moons. If the only thing that lights the moon up is our sun, then what is lighting it up red when the Earth completely blocks the light from our sun? Liars always have to bypass logic.

          This stpdmf has NOT proven shit. CO2 is a clear gas and doesnt cause haze but the tons of chemtrails do. I dont give a flying shit what you are having until youre having the Russian nukes, that is.

          So what then is causing “global warming” on every planet in our solar system and what is causing the moon’s and other planets’ orbits to be altered? Answer that you stpd mf govt liar! Hahahaha

  • AntiLieGuy

    When 300 million americans allow their government to dump tons of toxic chemicals into their sky every day for ten years and DO NOTHING, they are stupid and sick.

    When 300 million americans allow their food to be poisoned and DO NOTHING, they are stupid and sick.

    When 300 million americans allow their government to kill 3000 americans to start wars based on lies and DO NOTHING, theyre stupid and sick.

    When 300 million americans allow their government to get them all killed in WW3, they are sick and stupid.

    When 300 million americans dont even want to hear what is really going on around them and refuse to even see with their own eyes what is in the sky, and call me “crazy” theyre more than stupid and sick, they are deserving of what theyre gonna get.

    Those who be-LIE-ve the lies, deserve every bit of what theyre gonna get. I feel sorry ONLY for the children.

    • Your mother told me

      You aren’t doing anything either 🙂 okay I’m done proving you’re an idiot. Good luck in life with your beliefs, you won’t make it out alive with views like that. Provide fact not opinion.

  • Mitch

    AntiLieGuy & Defiant must be paid trolls for the big oil and gas industry.

    It sure is odd that the earthquakes occur exactly where the fracking is. Quakes never occurred there before the fracking. Somehow Planet X knows exactly where the fracking is – then causes earthquakes there! That darn Planet X! How did it get to be sooo smart?

    It must be so smart because it is in league with the Bible, the ancients, Cornell university [sic], Vladimir Putin, the entire SCO, Jacob, our perturbed planets, NASA, Noahs ark [sic], IRAS, Nikola Tesla, Roswell, Yellowstone, ET technology, evil liars, Shirley Temple and Donald Duck. Gee I hope I didn’t omit anybody!

    For over twenty years we have been told of the imminent arrival of Planet X. So now this massive planet is going to sneak up on us, – visible only at a solar eclipse. That darn sneaky Planet X! Too smart for us!

    We don’t need to prove anything about fracking. Corporations should be required to prove that their practices are safe, – before use. Instead, industry simply pays off politicians to look the other way.

    It hires trolls to wrongly shift the burden onto the public by making false claims that it is the public’s responsibility to prove that fracking is harmful. The public gets the expense while the frackers keep the profits. Privatize the profits and socialize the costs. That system is wrong. It is the reverse of what it should be. You should drink a nice cup of that “healthy” fracking fluid. As you collapse, we can all tell you to put a sock in it!

    • AntiLieGuy

      Now, THIS stpdmf above is a paid liar. He begins by accusing me of being paid govt liar. Ever notice how this evil government always accuses everybody else of doing exactly what theyre doing like saying Putin is breaking international law by protecting Crimea while the USA has started many wars based on lies to steal resources.

      Then he makes a ridiculous claim that everybody knows is impossible and proceeds to ridicule it. There have been earthquakes everywhere theyve not been before, or have they? Either way, they are increasing at an exponential rate. I doubt this stupid shill ecan even define exponential.

      Then he tries to distract everyone by putting all the terms I used together (too much info and the average sheeple will tune out) and adds a couple really stupid terms to make everybody think all the others are also stupid.

      There are names for all these disinformation techniques and they are easy to spot.

      He is right in that we have been told about Planet X for over 20 years….over 100 years, in fact. They found this planet the same way they found the other outer planets…perturbations of the orbits of the planets we know already. He forgets to mention that NASA launched a satellite specifically to look for it and they announced they found it. Then they lied.

      Planet X is not hiding. it is visible mostly in the daytime near the southern horizon, which has been solid white for the past ten years, even on supposedly clear days.

      I gleefully await the day that all these paid liars find themselves in the middle of Russian nuclear explosions and if not, I pray that Ill be here waiting when they emerge from their holes that WE paid for after shtf.

      If only my species werent so fkn stupid! Carlin was right, I also gave up on the human slave species, but at least I know by whom and why humans were made so stupid.

      • Mary

        Carlin was talking about you!

        You ramble from one disjointed theory to another. It would be funny as a parody. Sad though because you can’t see how demented it is and how it has filled you with hate. You “gleefully await the day” when other people find themselves in the middle of Russian nuclear explosions. This makes you gleeful?

        • AntiLieGuy

          STFU you stpdmf govt agent!

          • Really now, AntiLieGuy?

            Simmer down a bit, eh?


          • AntiLieGuy

            sorry, it was early and i had a hangover. People like that dont deserve any restraint. Life will never get better until all the stupid are all gone and we do away with governments and banks completely.

        • Your mother told me

          Take pictures and post them here. I have notification setup to all my comments. If you provide pics of Niburu I will believe you. Till then, you’re a moron.


          • AntiLieGuy

            Hey Stupid Govt Agent “Your mother told me”: Ive seen NASAs own SOHO pics of Nibiru. Heres a vid someone has of the SOHO pic of the winged disc that every ancient civilization tells us all about.

            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mm2kaCJvx6w with cheesy music.

            You evil treasonous govt agent, you KNOW that the chemtrails prevent anyone from seeing it. That is why the evil government instructed commercial flights to fly under the chemtrails a few years back.

            Another interesting note is the evil govt also stopped sharing atmospheric explosion data with scientists and classifies them.

            Wonder why there are so many more meteors hitting the atmosphere? its because Nibiru is bringing them from the Oort cloud.

            By the way, EVIL POS govt agent, you havent addressed any of my questions. I cant wait for the day liars like you find yourself in the russian nukes coming soon.

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      • Your mother told me

        PLANET X IS HOLLOW EARTH. Get real. Planet X is the supposed idea that Earth’s core is a second sun, and if you went through the bullsh*t school system and went through science you learn how hot Earth’s core burns, theoretically making it a mini “second sun.” Niburu isn’t a real planet, it’s the planet that inhabits our own. And right now it’s definitely bitch*ng about how we’re treating the surface.

  • Well first off, Defiant, you obviously have NO-CLUE
    what this fracking is all about, and what for!
    The game plan is to destroy our water and land so that multinational companies can CONTROL ALL life sustaining resources! So they can eventually CONTROL & Dictate ALL HUMANS ON THE PLANET!
    Solar has ALWAYS been the answer! The advanced technology is already here!
    So why don’t you get educated and put a sock in YOUR mouth! You are obviously uneducated and asleep!

  • Defiant

    LOL! First you have to prove that fracking causes the quakes. Oh! You can’t! In fact, you have NO IDEA what causes the quakes. We need the energy…so until you can offer something besides “the sky is falling”…just put a sock in it.

    • AntiLieGuy

      Large interplanetary bodies moving through our solar system causes earthquakes, deluges, and this time Yellowstone eruption. Also, Nikola Tesla gave us free energy in the 1900s and the government gained ET technology in the 1940s from Roswell. The gods, who control the planet will not allow their slaves to have such technology at present, not until after the mass depopulation of earth through war and planet x passage, if ever.

    • Interesting take, Defiant, especially in light of the US Geological Survey’s findings which are cited in the article. Doubly so considering the point made by the author that industry also uses this same semantic argument to d-link fracking to earthquakes… it’s the disposal wells, not the actual fracking. Or so they say.

      Anyhow, I wonder what your take on chemtrails is? All bologna, ‘sky is falling’ doomer porn as well? Just curious.



      • AntiLieGuy

        Pretty much any information about the chemtrails can be found here:

        Except the reason they have been sprayed every day globally for the past ten years. Notice how theyre getting worse every year and now theyre spraying dark blue chemtrails with the white ones.

        Theyre why no one can remember shit anymore while asthma, dementia, and high blood pressure are increasing at an alarming rate (also censored). The increase in these diseases are proportional to the amount of chemtrails being sprayed.

        • Your mother told me

          ‘Chemtrails’ are being sprayed with the idea that the suns rays can be deflected out the ionosphere thus rendering us from burning to a flat crisp piece of bacon. Have you ever studied science brother? Read a damn science book, the government makes it obvious to you yet you are blind to it.

        • Your mother told me

          Oh sure use disease to justify your declaration behind chemtrails. I don’t support chemtrails whatsoever but your argument is full of flaws. How about you start with the fundamentals before jumping to the conclusion to base your argument. Most chems they spray deflect sunlight, actual sunlight that we would be receiving this present day if it not for chemtrails. If you’re going to argue against chemtrails, forget diseases, because EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE COULD CAUSE ANY SORT OF DISEASE REGARDLESS OF CHEMTRAILS. Please quit making humanity look like such idiots, because some of us dig and dig until there is no more digging to do. Ever heard of hollow earth theory? Bet not. How about a second sun? Bet not. Dig, my friend, dig. It’s all you got.

          • AntiLieGuy

            This is you govt liar:


            You are a treasonous criminal and if i knew your name, id bring charges against you for treason.

            The chemtrail spraying is treason and genocide.

            What are yall so afraid of? Ill tell you: You stole taxpayer money since 1983 (when NASA announced they found Planet X) to build yourselves underground bunkers while you lie to us and plan for us to die in the biggest war in the history of this world. You SHOULD be very afraid government liar, for your masters have lied to you as well.

    • Anonymous

      well how do YOU know there are many reasons why fracking can cause earthquakes and we would be fine without fracking WE DONT NEED THE ENERGY you don’t know whats even going so YOU put a sock in it.

  • AnitLieGuy

    This article is ALL lies. the earthquakes are3 being caused by Planet X, which the completey treasonous goverments hide with the toxic chemtrails sprayed every day globally for the past ten years or more. ALL your governments and media are completely treasonous criminals. Armageddon is coming to America (the Mountains of Israel in Ezekiel) very soon.

    • Hi there, you’ve brought this up before, and each time I’ve asked you to point us in the direction of more information, but you have not. If you have some deeper insight into this, do tell already.


      • AntiLieGuy

        I have provided additional information the last time you requested it. I shouldve saved the link like I used to when I actually cared. Here is more information:

      • AntiLieGuy

        If you dont approve the reply with additional information, it would say a great deal about who controls your site. Im already suspicious as you have wrongfully indicated that I havent replied to your questions previously.

        • Too funny. Everybody is suspicious these days. If I miss a note or an email, or I’m slow to approve comments, or if someone doesn’t agree with something here, then of course, the first conclusion is that I’m under control by some other nefarious forces. Ha!

          I’ll take a look at the info, AntiLieGuy, so thanks for re-posting it.

          Although, I will go ahead and ask, do you think it is not possible for fracking to cause earthquakes? And also, how is it that you are so absolutely certain that the information you are getting on Planet X is legitimate?



          • AntiLieGuy

            I doubt that fracking would cause any significant earthquakes but it is probably possible. It is impossible, however, for fracking to cause the massive increase in seismic and volcanic activity that is occurring on all the planets in our solar system right now.

            I am certain of Planet X because , firstly, NASA told us in 1983 when they launched IRAS to specifically look for something they knew was there for a hundred years and they announced it. Then they lied and no one has heard much since but the governments of earth have been building underground bunkers like mad ever since, and the Doomsday seed vault. The governments wouldnt build that if there were no threat of “doomsday.”

            Also, every ancient civilization on Earth tells us all about it, its effects and when it will return….right now. It caused the sinking of Atlantis and the flood of Noah’s day. In fact, you could clearly see Noahs ark sitting in a crevice on Mt. Ararat in Google Maps before they censored it. Now there is a cloud over that mountain in every map program and you can no longer see the remains of civilizations underwater either, which is also censored.

          • AntiLieGuy

            Aslo and more importantly, I have seen the red glow coming from out of their toxic chemtrails way below the white light of our sun. There are two sources of light in our solar system now, our white hot sun that used to be yellow and the red glow of Nibiru. This will be easy to verify during an eclipse where the Earth blocks the light of our sun on the moon and so it only reflects the light of Nibiru and that is why it has been and will be blood red. The ancients tell us that it “cast a copper hue over the whole face of the Earth.” Also, a couple years ago, Cornell university confirmed that the orbit of our moon is being perturbed and is changing. All our planets are being perturbed.

          • AntiLieGuy

            Im suspicious of any news site because so many are operated by the evil liars, “controlled opposition” they call it. I have seen many many paid agents online who are paid with our tax money to lie. Theyre easy to spot. I have been threatened by them also. I rarely leave a comment anywhere anymore. The sheeple dont want to know the truth. They would rather be blissful and ignorant now and die in the war of Armageddon rather than face the truth.

            That war will happen the day of the next false flag to invade Iran using a nuke. The entire SCO, led by Vladimir Putin, will nuke us from sea to sea and invade with 200 million. Planet X will end this war and is how you know the war is now. America is unmistakably described in the Bible as the Mountains of Israel, the land one of the gods promised to Jacob back in the day.

          • Anonymous

            “They” are not even certain of Planet X. Fracking is causing pressure to be released beneath the North American plate causing it to “bend” hence New Madrid Seismic Zone which runs deep into the Gulf (have you researched the Gulf’s defunct volcano?) and up through Ohio, Michigan, the Great Lakes and on towards Niagra falls and up alongside Maine. Do your research as history concludes itself by fact, and not by media. The American people will believe anything. The research is out there based on what you learn throughout history, which history is deemed to repeat itself creating another Pangea effect. Fracking is simply speeding the process up not to mention tapping ancient oil reserves that allow the planet to revolve. So, again, fracking is natural to tectonic plate movement? I don’t think so. So Planet X’s existence makes it OK for BP and Deepwater Horizon as well as the Maconda to fracture salt domes in the gulf wreaking North American plates’ fractures? I don’t think so. And if Planet X exists I SEE YOU DOING A WHOLE LOT TO STOP IT.

            LAWYERED. Have a nice day.

          • Your mother told me

            By the way, AntiLieGuy you sound like good ole G. W. when you talk about not believing the “evil doers” and their “mind controlled websites” BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA grow up man…

          • Your mother told me

            That is being caused by the SUN AND ITS 11 YEAR POLAR CYCLE. The sun has been acting up and causing each planets’ abnormal activity because it has been in the midst of something we call in science A POLAR FLIP, disrupting something called MAGNETIC FIELDS. Jeez I feel like I’m teaching a 12th grader about science.

        • Your mother told me

          “They” are not even certain of Planet X. Fracking is causing pressure to be released beneath the North American plate causing it to “bend” hence New Madrid Seismic Zone which runs deep into the Gulf (have you researched the Gulf’s defunct volcano?) and up through Ohio, Michigan, the Great Lakes and on towards Niagra falls and up alongside Maine. Do your research as history concludes itself by fact, and not by media. The American people will believe anything. The research is out there based on what you learn throughout history, which history is deemed to repeat itself creating another Pangea effect. Fracking is simply speeding the process up not to mention tapping ancient oil reserves that allow the planet to revolve. So, again, fracking is natural to tectonic plate movement? I don’t think so. So Planet X’s existence makes it OK for BP and Deepwater Horizon as well as the Maconda to fracture salt domes in the gulf wreaking North American plates’ fractures? I don’t think so. And if Planet X exists I SEE YOU DOING A WHOLE LOT TO STOP IT.

          LAWYERED. Have a nice day.

          • AntiLieGuy

            The chemtrails are to “cool” the planet? Thats why they have sprayed them every day for the past ten years globally, even during record cold temperatures?

            government liars are stupid. it is because they are paid to lie and science doesnt support lies.

  • mr_bellows

    ….and when my water gets polluted by these short sighted greedy pukes who live down the street, i know exactly where to go to get ‘compensation’ for clean water that they destroyed…

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