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HAARP in Action and Its True Purpose

WIKI - HAARPChristina Sarich, Staff
Waking Times

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is not an imagined conspiracy theory. The resounding ‘sonic boom’ and strange flashing lights of a HAARP ‘experiment’ have been observed by countless citizens. So is it just a benign technology designed to enhance the ionosphere, as our government has claimed, or is it up to other abominable tasks?

We are told that HAARP’s powerful antennae are just creating ‘controlled local modifications of the ionosphere’, but there is surely more than that going on. The theories about what HAARP really does abound, and some will make you think long and hard before dismissing them, no matter how far out they seem.

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The facts are that the US military has spent billions on the project, and they constantly downplay its true power. We know for certain HAARP has the ability to do the following things:

1.  Create an effect in the atmosphere as dramatic as that of a thermonuclear bomb that can knock out all radio transmission and other frequencies over a million square miles.

2.  Replace the current method that military submarines communicate with one another, which can work in the deepest waters imaginable.

3.  Provide a better radar system than the current ‘over-the-horizon’ technology being utilized.

4.  Verify where oil, gas deposits, or mineral deposits are in any place on earth, and thereby determine the next ‘place of war’ or country to indebt to the current empire.

5.  Determine if other nations are keeping their promises to abide by the nuclear nonproliferation treaty (they probably aren’t just the same way we aren’t.)

6.  Detect ‘enemy’ planes or even UFOs.

HAARP’s Technology

HAARP was created with the help of physicist Bernard J. Eastlund, and his US patent from the 1980’s titled ‘Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth’s Atmosphere, Ionosphere, and/or Magnetosphere’ (US #4,686,605).  His patent, however, was based on the work of Nikola Tesla, who suggested that radio frequencies could transmit approximately one cubic watt per centimeter per second to anywhere in on the planet without wires. Power generated from the ground could be sent into the upper reaches of the earth’s atmosphere for miles away from the planet’s surface.

Conspiracy Theories

Some believe HAARP is simply a way of preventing earthquakes and other disastrous weather, but with the Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and worse storms to come, is it really possible HAARPP is simply a ‘bad’ weather preventative? If anything, the US government is playing with Tesla’s greatest work to cause innumerable floods, droughts, hurricanes, tsunamis, and tornados.

Others suppose that if the earth is pretty much trashed, and/or if portals or vortexes are created, then negative life-forms could come in and take it over more easily.

Still others believe it is a form of mind-control on a mass scale, also based on Nikola Tesla’s findings that human beings operate on an 8 ohm frequency.

What Happened to The Higher Vibrating Colors?

According to some conspirers, the true purpose of HAARP technologies is to block out certain frequencies of light that we normally observe in the full-spectrum illuminated skies — otherwise known as a rainbow. I myself have noticed two rainbows in the chemtrail-covered skies lately, and there is something wrong with them – they only have the lower three vibrations of light – red, orange, and yellow. While this could simply be the play of the sun in the sky as it sets, and Lord knows in Texas we observe some very interesting sunsets, it seems that the higher vibrational colors are indeed absent. Where are the beautiful blue, green, indigo and violet in my rainbows?

Some are claiming that by removing these color vibrations or frequencies, the government and whomever they are colluding with, are reducing the natural color vibrations that block negative energy or dark entities from playing on our planet.

Furthermore there are over 2700 satellites orbiting the planet right now, and with HAARP technology, according to an informant, these can be used to tune the ‘Alpha and Omega frequencies’ that reach the earth. In essence, this technology can add to the negative frequencies we are being exposed to, or enhance the positive ones.

Whether HAARP is a military candy store, or a cosmic pandora’s box will remain to be seen, but it certainly isn’t a pop-gun aimed in the skies, and certainly much more plausible, is our government’s intent to use it to control the masses somehow. The old tin foil hat jokes might just have been a sincere warning to us all.

About the Author

Christina Sarich is a musician, yogi, humanitarian and freelance writer who channels many hours of studying Lao TzuParamahansa YoganandaRob Brezny,  Miles Davis, and Tom Robbins into interesting tidbits to help you Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and See the Big Picture. Her blog is Yoga for the New World. Her latest book is Pharma Sutra: Healing the Body And Mind Through the Art of Yoga.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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  • disqus_C5zaNPWgT1

    “Cubic Watt” Was a direct quote from Tesla notes, from before the SI unit of Watts per Cubic Centimeter came into common usage. In context Tesla was expressing the concept of volumetric power or energy in practical application. Put in 150 Hp of energy here, receive 2 Hp of energy at the global antipode.

  • Aude Sapere

    Our rainbows here in south Italy still have all the colors. And we don’t have chemtrails.

  • Amy Watts

    Just ignore the (oh dear… how predictable – MALE) trolls and shills who like to make others’ lives a hellish existence…. we are used to that… brush them like gnats from your arm and move on. Great article.

    • Strum

      Firstly you have zero evidence upon which to base your assumption of my gender.
      How typical of a feminazi to want to make an issue of fact and accuracy into a gender issue, get over yourself and your victim complex please.

      How typical of a feminazi liberal to be more concerned with women’s feelings about things than minor issues like truth and reason and evidence.
      Don’t worry about the facts just be sure no minority’s feelings were hurt.

      You’re the troll here Amy

  • Strum

    I feel my intention has been misunderstood here.

    Here are a few points to ponder on.

    Criticism is essential in an open and informed debate, it’s how we learn and improve, without it there is no growth or progress. Mediocrity and ignorance are the end results of censorship of criticism.

    In this age of the internet there is no excuse for being ignorant and for not having at least a superficial understanding of a subject you might be interested in when the information you need is only a google search away.

    Flaky, vague, pseudo-scientific gobbledegook spouted by airy fairy new-agers with little to no technical or scientific training or critical thinking skills about subjects they haven’t got a clue about does nothing to advance understanding of the subject but only serves to both distract people, wasting their time and energy, and provide ammunition to the reactionary forces in the establishment media to claim the blogosphere is nothing but uninformed irrational noise.

    No doubt the vast majority of people are sincere in their intent, but without knowledge, reason and humility the best of intentions are oft to go astray. Don’t they say “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

    I make no claim to know what the true purpose of HAARP and other associated technology is. I’m sorry if I gave that impression in my first comment, I could have worded that bit better.

    It would seem, however, that there is more to it than the authorities in control of it are telling us. The intent to control the weather has been a goal of the US military for many years and there seems to be plenty of evidence to suggest that it is happening.

    If attempting to point out errors that clearly demonstrate the writer’s lack of knowledge of the subject material is “trolling” , whatever that is, then I guess I must be a troll, it’s so much easier to stick a label on things that cause you cognitive dissonance than to actually have to think about it and learn though isn’t it.

    MIT has many of it’s courses online for free at, instead of sitting a round in incense filled rooms chanting and spouting off about things you don’t know about, go and learn about them. all it takes is you.

    • Rabbitnexus

      I endorse every word. The subject is important and deserves treatment but it doesn’t need half baked theories and ill informed speculation when more is possible. If you want to teach, first learn.

  • LML

    This past Halloween I dressed as Janis Joplin and wore her traditional round, purple sun glasses. Guess what? When wearing purple glasses you can see the “True Blue” Sky. The purple filters out all the haze we live with due to the trails.

  • HAARP is part of a network of the ROCKERFELLERS and the ROTHSCHILD elite families whose sole purpose is to depopulate the planet by mass genocide so that they can more easily control the people left alive.


    Come on detractors, we all know what she was referring to even if she used the wrong electrical technology. The point is Tesla transmitted electrical power over vast distances sans power lines and even ran a car from NYC to Buffalo using electrical power with a small receiver in the car. The GOVERNMENT HAS ALL THIS TECHNOLOGY AND THE PSYCOPATHIC clique within is using it for destructive purposes. This is well documented with numerous govt. patents

  • Cory Hakola

    The 3 color rainbow is called a Sun Dog. Whenever you see a sundog, which is usually 1 on each side of the sun, means you should expect rain or snow in the next 24 hours.

  • DaveR

    Sha lost me at “8 ohm frequency.” I almost bailed at the “cubic watt”, but the stupid just got too thick at the “8 ohm frequency”…

  • Teraformer

    So what is the truth behind HAARP then?

    Haarp= ?
    Haarp+Chemtrails= ?
    Haarp+Chemtrails+Monsanto gmo= ?

    Things that goes together…in short this is all about depopulation by food suply and illnesses.

  • Julie

    Waking Times, the people who dissed this article only dissed it and did NOT give any credible feedback, We call those type TROLLS. Pay no attention. We are being murdered by our government …the slow kill is increasing because they can see people waking up ….FUKUSHIMA WAS A FALSE FLAG AND IT’S A GLOBAL DEPOPULATION PLAN AND TO ALSO CONTROL THE FOOD SUPPLY. Once you all trolls are culled or enslaved, then you’ll wish you had joined us. The money they pay you is FAKE and once they crash the dollar and introduce the NEW fiat, you’ll not survive anyways.

    • Thanks for the comment, but, in a real way they’re right about the technical treatment here. The thing is, though, ordinary people have a right to be concerned and informed about this, even without having the technical understanding of an electrical engineer. Criticism of our work is appreciated, as we learn along the way, so I can’t fault the readers for making negative comments, I can only use them as a challenge to improve out journalism.

      Is is bizarre to me, however, that we live in a time where the ‘media’ is obviously full of lies and obfuscations of the truth, therefore leaving a void where journalism is concerned. To fill that void, honest, hard-working people, such as us, are doing the best we can, and with tremendous success. It would be nice to have more understanding and support from the community, and it would be nice if concerned technical people would freely share their expertise as openly as some share their scorn, but I’m not complaining. Especially so when you consider that none of the commentors to this site are part of the world elite and therefore are in just as much danger as the rest of us.

      Thanks to all who’ve commented, sincerely.


      • Publeus

        That comment demonstrates your strong suit…..Well done…..

        I hope that you weren’t discouraged by my comment. I really was trying to help.

        “…we live in a time where the ‘media’ is obviously full of lies and obfuscations of the truth,…” is exactly the root of the problem. I think that most of us are sensible enough, but yet, in the Information Age, real Information is hard to come by. It’s an intentional program of misinformation, probably spearheaded by the organization that is famous for such tactics. They aren’t supposed to operate within the borders of the U.S., and yet they do, openly, now.

        ” It’s Depopulation !” speaks to our deepest fears. Imagine….we have so little trust in our leaders that many of us expect them to kill us. Such as the J.F.K. situation. To me, the real issue is that so many think that it’s possible for our services to have killed our own President, if not probable. What a situation to be in.

        All of the talk of nukes in Japan, Syria, Iraq, New York, … is starting to get on my nerves. It’s as if people want a nuke to go off somewhere, to justify the fear. At least I know that a detonation of that magnitude can’t be hidden. Rest assured, if one goes off, people will know. Our opponents will scream it from the rooftops, if not our allies. If you want to worry, worry about the space shuttle drone that stays up for a year or so. There’s a real futuristic terror to think about. Rods from God, and the like. Asteroid retrieval / bombardment ?

        Every quest begins with a question. Never stop seeking the truth. It’s better to be wrong most of the time, rather than never right.

        …and remember what you’re up against…

        …..Better the lie that exalts, rather than a thousand truths……

    • Rabbitnexus

      They didn’t merely diss the article you insufferable punk. They corrected some significant errors and called the result for what it appeared to be. Nothing any of the people concerned wrote suggested they would fall into the category you have presumed for them and you come across as a rather feeble minded reactionary.

  • bruno.barrere

    Yogananda visited Tesla….unfortunately the dream became a nightmare in the hands of psychopaths (haiti earthquake fukushima seism and more)

  • Tired of Conspiracy Lies

    Consipiracy bullshit.

    • So what is the truth behind HAARP then?


      • Publeus

        ” So what is the truth behind HAARP then? ”

        There lies the rub…..

        They are correct. The blatant misuse of specific terms destroys any credibility. I have no interest in conspiracy, but a mild interest in electronics. I tend to think that the simple answer is most likely.

        The ionosphere is a big ‘ mirror ‘ that reflects radio waves. Radio / microwaves are light (invisible, but same dynamics). Shine a source, and it will reflect around the world. Thus, Ham Radio operators talking with other countries. Modifying / energizing the ionosphere for communication / Radar makes sense, albeit in a very ‘ shake the world ‘ kind of way. The problem of resonance is well documented, and as I recall, the Earth resonates at around ten hertz, while the magnetosphere is around 7.8 hertz. To vibrate the magnetosphere / atmosphere / lithosphere at or around those frequencies for long enough could get exciting.

        As far as mind / brain control frequencies
        ( brain entrainment ), I have actually done work with that in the form of biofeedback technology. It quickly became apparent that everyone is a little different, although there are ranges, such as 7.5 hertz, 15, 30… Note that 60 hertz ( A.C. electricity ) is a harmonic. I find this to be quite interesting, although few others do. In essence, we are already bathed in a brainwave harmonic. I’ll defer speculation, as I am a proof positive person.

        In short, the range of discrete frequencies needed to even mildly influence / irritate even a small segment of society to various degrees is probably beyond the scope of technology. If there is a crowd, and you project a tone, everyone will react differently. Some might get agitated, while some will barely notice. Diversity is Humanity’s savior. One size fits almost no one. The average describes almost no one.

        If you want to find an example of real mind control, watch TV.

        Control the media, control the mind.

  • strum

    Your complete failure to understand the subject matter as demonstrated by your misuse, and obvious lack of understanding of, of the units of measurement you have referred to in this article does nothing to improve your credibility and leaves those skeptical of the “conspiracy theories” surrounding HAARP with ample justification to claim those seeking to make public the truth about HAARP are delusional, ignorant, uneducated and irrational.
    “cubic watt per centimeter” is not a measurement of power delivered by radio waves, the watt is a scalar measurement and has no volume.
    “8 ohm frequency” – what nonsense – the Ohm is the unit used to measure electrical resistance, Hertz is used to measure frequency, your use of this term demonstrates you know next to nothing about the subject you are talking about.
    Go back to school and learn some basic physics, it would be more use to the truth movement than this useless article that only provides ammunition to the pseudo-skeptics that seek to deny the existence of a hidden agenda for this technology.

    Get your facts straight before shooting your mouth off.

    • Malecon

      Absolutely correct. This lady has no idea, and should stick to material she may actually know something about.

      • So then, do you have some information about this that you can share?


        • Jozef

          Maybe it would be a better idea for authors writing these articles (from wakingtimes, or maybe some other) to peer review one another and do the proofreading.

          Unfortunately, ‘strum’ is right. It is small mistakes such as he pointed out that may discourage people seeking the truth and make skeptics more convinced that we are just “nuts”.

          On the other hand, no matter how hard you try to address more people with factual data, there are people who won’t change their mindset although the “unseen” and the conspiracy are right in front of their eyes.

      • Malecon

        What a silly pointless question. I’m simply agreeing with the comments made by Strum. As an electrical engineer, yes I do have a lot of information about this, and it doesn’t refer to ohms as a measure of frequency or a fatuous concept of “watts per cubic centimetre.”

        Your credibility is lost right there. Edit your information before you present it.

      • Firstly, I am married to an aerospace engineer, so I actually might have *some* clue of what I’m talking about – but that isn’t the point. I’m human and I could make a mistake – but telling me “not to shoot my mouth” off is disrespectful and rude. You are welcome to believe whatever you like. In fact, I hope you will research the subject more on your own and come to your own conclusions. Although I disagree with you – you are welcome to speak your truth as much as you like.

        Secondly, yes, there is a typo (oops I’m human again) and 8 ohm should say hz. It is actuallly 7.78 hzs (rounded to 8 in this article) to be exact – the Shumann resonance, and isochronic tone, which I have also studied extensively as a musician and yogi for over half my life. But again – do your own research and come to your own conclusions. If you know about resonance and what it can do to your body/mind – great. Enough said.

        Finally – here is a reference for the Telsa measurement of radio frequencies: It’s by Eric Dollard, pretty much a genius if you ask my personal opinion.

        Finally, HAARP technology was ripped off from Tesla by the government so you will never know what it can really do, because they won’t tell you. He even thought he was picking up ‘alien’ frequencies with his device, but was laughed at for telling the world this was so. (

        • BT

          People have become very rude over the years and it’s escalating. Perhaps it’s because they are so powerless against evil from government, big corporations, banks and etc. They satisfy their ego by abuse of others rather than working together to find a solution. Thus they add to evil and become part of it, while thinking themselves to be so superior, just as the elite have planned.

          Your article was good and a typo doesn’t diminish it. Ignore the rude ones and let them wallow in their self-importance. They will continue to sit in their comfortable armchairs and do absolutely nothing except complain. They see a typo as a critical error, while ignoring (doing nothing) the serious and intentional evil in today’s world. If only they had solutions to match their level of arrogance. Unfortunately they have nothing to offer. Nothing at all.

    • Perhaps you can offer a correction rather than just criticism.


      • Rabbitnexus

        Get a grip FFS. They just corrected you. The point that the need illustrated your lack of knowledge of the subject was fair enough criticism and the comments section to such an article isn’t the place to re-write it.

    • Rolf

      “cubic watt per centimeter” seemed strange to me. Googled that and found this site…–cubic-centimeter-per-second

    • Anonymous

      Finally… thank you for pointing out the obvious

  • james,o

    Why then has Russia accused us of destabilizing they’re weather ? Didn’t mention harrp but how else? They have one now also . Used to be a war to get money rolling, that’s getting too dangerous, How about chaos ? at home or wherever ,that generates cash flow!

  • Actually I think that HARP is the center of our Global Defense Network. You see that TV show, based on the movie Stargate, is actually based on a reality. We really did find stargates, and they can bring other world creatures here. Stargate even went to the extreme of putting out a few episodes showing a TV show that was based on their own actions, and the leaks in intelligence that created them.
    Making fun of a reality is a great way to cover it with smoke… Just theorizing, and joking at that.

  • AntiLieGuy

    HAARP does NOT cause earthquakes and anyone saying that is a government liar. Planet X causes earthquakes and is why the evil lizard bastards spray our skies globally every day for the past ten years. All your governments and media are pieces of treasonous lizard shit!

    • Maybe so, but, but are their pants on fire? Seriously, though, please tell us more about how Planet X is causing quakes. You’ve made this point a few times now, and I’m genuinely curious about this.


  • Marlene

    The bottom line is that it is our tax dollars paying not only for HAARP, but all other research, inventions and technology derived from it, including the NSA, which has not protected us as our government justifies it has. While it is great that our scientists work hand in glove with our government, our national pride of their achievements is fading. Our government is no longer open with us about what often is extremely costly new technology for which we foot the bill. While we realize that certain capabilities of new inventions, must for security reasons, remain classified, it is clear that today not only is much of our government’s actions hidden from us. but it has become secretive and overbearing when we dare question what they do with our money. This begs the question whether their secrecy hides from us what they know to be deadly WMD, not just for use against a common enemy, but even for use against us. To control us for what increasingly looks like a dark agenda serving only the so-called top echelons, globally.
    If today our government had administrated our country like clockwork, saw to it that our way of life was improving all the time — no shortages anywhere, all of us employed and our economy growing from strength to strength — from agriculture through to industry and everything in between and it was at peace with all countries globally, we would have had no problem with how and on what they spent our hard earned cash, as their care of us, would have shown an inclusive government, run by the people for the people.
    But no, our government has become useless, dishonest and shoddy and could not care less about us as its citizens. While our country is falling apart at the seams and is rocked by exposure of one corrupt government scandal followed by countless more, we no longer trust whom we’ve elected to govern on our behalf, who now control our judiciary and out media. Our government has become a greedy invasive and murderous marauder within our own borders. Our government is trashing our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and our Declaration of Independence. Our government has become our Number One Enemy.
    We need to kick them out, lock stock and barrel if we want to retrieve what’s left of our country’s reputation, currently almost tarnished beyond hope globally.
    The One Percent riding on our backs for decades, must be brought to book and punished before it is too late. The time is NOW!

  • Angels don’t play that HAARP! It seems that is does have a few purposes, the one they tell us, and the other side-effect purposes. None of them are good for us. They allow weather modification and may cause earthquakes too.

    • Anonymous

      HAARP shut down in march last year. Check it out.

      • Anonymous

        That’s what they tell you but it’s still in use!

        • Anonymous

          Actually, it is true. Anyone with an HF receiver and unidirectional antenna can monitor the 2 to 10MHz range and know that HAARP is not transmitting.

      • dimitri

        That’s what they say. Are we to believe this? More correct is to say that the contractor who ran the HAARP in Alaska is no longer there and nobody is running that facility at this time. Mind you, there are HAARP configurations elsewhere in the world. From what I have read they exist in China and Russia among other countries. Check it out.

        • Anonymous

          There is a HAARP installation in West Wales,UK

          • Anonymous

            There is only one HAARP and that is in Alaska. There are other ionospheric research facilities, but they are not HAARP.

      • Sorgfelt

        I thought that maybe all of those strange booms heard all over the country might have been due to HAARP, but they have continued in spite of HAARP being shut down temporarily.

        To the author: The phrase “8 ohm frequency” makes no sense. Maybe you mean “8 Herz”? And the page linked to says nothing in that regard.

      • Lynn Rose

        if they say so you just believe it? There are a few HAARP PROJECT places in the world, just check it out for the right information. They never shut down them. They are always there just waiting for the right moment to do another experiment. From weather modification provoking hurricane Katrina, Haiti Earthquake, Japan Earthquake and tsunami, Typhoon Haiyan Philippines, to MK ULTRA Project that projects low frequency waves by the military satellites that are in space and can create zombie people like or psychological disorders to provoke global destabilization to accomplish they AGENDA 21, the creation of the NEW WORLD ORDER in which we are living in since the 9/11. We are RULED by the JEWISH ZIONISTS that are descendants of the ancient Sumerian Aliens ANUNNAKI, that are working together with the reptilian species on this planet. Their PLAN is to reduce 80% of the humanity because they say it is better to control and in the end to take over the planet. We Humans are a parasite for them. BUT the Planet Earth is OURS so, its our job to get rid of them and get out Planet back. HOW? well you are intelligent enough to find the way. There are already some movements doing well where some people are working hard and trying to put things in order by declassifying secret files and informing what governments are doing to people. If you still are in doubt, check out for the right news in the right place. The global media is controlled by the Jewish-Zionist-Anunnaki-Reptilian Elite, so you have to find an alternative one to be really informed. I suggest you all to check out this link and watch the videos in there – or this one here –
        Please leave a coment, thanks.

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