When the Dollar Dies…

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How close are we to the collapse of the dollar and complete debt forgiveness?

U.S. citizens will be the last to know that the dollar is worthless. Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and right on schedule, we saw the collapse of hundreds of banks.  Pluto stays in Capricorn until 2023 and we will continue to see the collapse of government, money and religion… right on schedule.

In the meanwhile, China is buying up the world’s gold reserve as they are vying to become the international currency for trade, replacing the fiat dollar which is backed by nothing and is essentially a worthless piece of paper.

In the following video, Jim Self explains how the collapse of the dollar is inevitable. China is in the process of creating a new currency back by gold as they continue buying the world’s gold reserves.

It is important to understand that the death of the dollar is inevitable and it NEEDS to die in order for an asset backed currency to replace it.  When this happens, there will likely be a complete forgiveness of all debt when the currency resets.

In a recent article on goldseek.com, the following statement was made:

The biggest shock waves will come from the currency reset followed by the introduction of the Gold Trade Settlement. The return of the Gold Standard is near, but it will arrive on the trade vehicles, not the FOREX currency or SWIFT bank platforms. It will feature the Gold Trade Note, used as letter of credit.

According to Kate of Gaia, the Federal Reserve officially lost their charter on December 23, 2013 and because of that, ALL currency has been deemed completely worthless. Kate stated, “Every fiat currency on this planet is effectively worthless.”

Go to the 56:20 of this video:

Greed and corruption in the name of profit has led to the poisoning of our water, air and food supplies. In a world that does not rely on economic slavery, it is unlikely that any of these systems would be contaminated in the name of eugenics.

As many of us know, the prices of gold and silver have been artificially manipulated by the Federal Reserve, who continues to pump worthless fiat currency into the stock market to create a false sense of security to various shareholders.

In essence, the dollar is already dead.  It officially died when the United States went off the gold and silver standard.  When a currency has no backing by silver, gold or any other precious asset, it is only worth the perceived value that is printed on it.  For example, it costs about as much to print a $1 bill as it does to print a $100 bill.  Why does one piece of paper have so much more perceived value when it’s not backed by silver or gold?

According to some estimates, only 8% of the world’s currency is actual cash.  The rest is composed of electronic funds.  If you were to take out a housing loan, there is no actual exchange of cash as numbers are simply generated through a computer, including the fictitious interest rate you are charged.  We have been assimilated into a society where we use debit cards for everything from purchasing gas to paying all of our bills.

The “official” announcement of the death of the dollar is fast approaching, yet those who live in the United States will be the last to know as the corporate elite will try to maintain this facade for as long as possible.  We have already seen a number of countries switch from the US Petro Dollar to other gold backed currencies as the US dollar is gasping its last breath.

Those who have been saving physical gold and silver will likely see an extraordinary return on their investments as silver is expected to rise to $700 or more per ounce while gold could eclipse $30,000 per ounce.

While complete debt forgiveness would be beneficial for many people, it would still mean that we will continue living as economic slaves as long as money exists.

Jacque Fresco’s Venus Project shows us how we can all live in abundance without the need for money.

In the video below, Michael Tellinger shows how the Ubuntu community can exist where all community members only need to work 3 hours per week while spending the rest of their time on whatever they would like to persue.

As you can see, there are alternatives to the current economic slavery paradigm that exists, but in order for these to come to fruition, the dollar needs to die.

Those who rely on materialism and economic status will take it the hardest as their paradigm is rocked, but for those who have been living in poverty or barely surviving as middle class citizens, this will be a blessing.

In time, we will transition into a society that no longer needs money or economic subservience.  Think of it this way:  If a UFO were to land in your driveway, there are 2 things the extraterrestrial would not have: A bible and money.  Why?  Because they have moved beyond the need for either as they progressed into Type 1 civilizations and beyond.

For many unawakened people, this will be a “shocker” but for those who have been paying close attention, the New Earth will begin in a relatively short period of time.

In the end, we will look back at these days of economic slavery and will laugh at how ridiculous we were to fall for such a ploy.  Our great grandchildren will ask, “Why did you need money?”

In the meanwhile, the road might get a little bumpy but in the end, everyone wins… except the banksters.

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  • megs

    Someone please explain to me the statement that ‘gold could be worth $30,000 an ounce.’
    How could a dead currency’s value be placed on gold? What am I missing here?

  • Anon

    The World is Waking Up to the New World Order

  • Eric Swan

    As for a medium of exchange I’m leaning towards 9mm and 12 gauge ammo. Why you might ask would an otherwise bleeding heart liberal be so thugishly inclined? Simple: That is what the DHS is doing!

    • nofear

      I love the concept of ubuntu.

      I’m not totally opposed to money, if it carries no interest/usury with it. It is the compounding of interest and making those interest payments that go sailing out of communities/nations and into the pockets of private banksters who created the money, literally out of thin air, and at absolutely no cost.

      The 4o hour working week was fought for and won many years ago, yet today many of us work harder and longer and now have a lower standard of living than 60 years ago. Why are we so dumb to believe that this is a good thing? We are going backwards as a society, not forwards. Clearly this system is not currently working for us.

      Robotics will end the current system anyway. The jobs are not there now, and robotics will only increase this problem.

      Sweden is considering paying everyone a weekly wage..job or no job.

      Clearly the current system is an epic fail. We have the opportunity and the need for radical change.

      Ubuntu is one option. The current system is no longer an option .

      I think mankind has to wake up to the blatant fact that we are slaves. too many of us are spending way too much time working for the banksters and thus being distracted from what real life should be about.

      There has to be a better way. The current system does not work in our best interests.

  • Ray

    Having read numerous articles posted at WakingTimes, it is very apparent that there are still many who are still asleep. Very disturbing in this article is the emphasis being given at the end in regards to setting up these socialist and moneyless societies and passing them off as some kind of utopia.

    One can make the arguement that money is all about materialism and greed and how everybody needs to just get their food/clothes and not worry about anything else. However, you can give a man whatever he needs to keep him fed/clothed, but there is still one thing that he will always hunger for and a moneyless commune can never provide that: FREEDOM.

    It is thru money that somebody has the power to build up the energy of wealth and that is a strong potential for the freedom to use that wealth as he chooses. As long as he does not misuse that wealth for negative purposes, money can be a very resourceful tool for the obtaining and the exchange of wealth that is generated thru our work and services. It is like a harvester mouse that saves up a pile seeds for use later on instead of being given a few seeds that feed it for the day. Money is also a learning tool for responsibility in regards to finacial management and saving: Abuse it, and you loose it.

    Because the power and creation of money is in the hands of a greedy and corrupt few, it is only natural that many wish to ease the pain that this has caused and they think just getting rid of money is the solution. In its place, they think that creating these socialist communes that are absent of money and focusing on giving you your needs is the only answer. If you are truly awake you will recognize that this idea is really the end game that the Cabal has planned for us all along. In the end game the state will be communistic and provide for you. All your power to gain for yourself will be controlled or taken away from you. Or else you will be shamned into feeling guilty if you desire to provide for yourself or seek to elevate yourself differently from others.

    Many of these social communes will fail because people will want the freedom to earn and save for themselves and trade that energy according to their own will. Money is really just a symbolic exchange of energy between people who agree upon it, nothing more. Money, for those who agree to use it, needs to be paid attention too and managed responsibly.

    Merely working to get your needs of food and clothing is not enough, humans have much more potential to be doers and creators for the reality they want. Many will not want a commune to give them just a daily dose of bread and then force people to go back to work in the gardens.

    And if this socialist lifestyle really is the way ET worlds are set up, that paints a very bleak picture for what is in store for those who want to explore the galaxy. It is almost frightening to think of a galactic version of the Soviet Union.

    Oh, and about the ETs not having bibles, some ETs clearly have read it. In one case, I remember having read about an abductee being showed some glass like material, that the ET said was gold. When the abductee said gold is not transparent, the ET replied: “There is a gold that you can see thru, it is in your bible.” The ET is reffering to the monoatomic gold that makes the city in the Book of Revelation. My own experinces with an ET channler, only confirm that many ETs are familiar with Biblical lore and even cite biblical verses. According to the channel I am familiar with, a reference is made to 1 Kings 11:11: “The power of the king will be given to his servant.” He went on to say such symbolism will start to manifest into reality in the years following 2012.

    Let us take a lesson from this and take back our power instead of giving it over to somebody else, be it the bankers or some oppressive, social commune. Like Dorthy and crew walking the gold brick road, it is really themselves that have the power to give themselves what they truly want.

  • Mr Breeze

    Money is a means to store your produced labor. You “trade” your labor for whatever your needs and wants are. Therefore, Money can be anything that exchanges labor.

  • Rog

    This notion of “no money” shows a complete disregard for human nature. We are productive because we enjoy the reward that comes when we produce something useful. Without a monetary reward I guarantee we would be living in squalor in a few short years. Look at what welfare does to most people living on it-they are couch potatoes contributing nothing.
    Rather than bemoan our penchant for reward why not take money creation out of the hands of the criminal banksters and put it to work for humanity. The use of and creation of money flows naturally from the voluntary interaction among humans. Any other notion is absurd.

    • vicky

      the point is, any one who feels that for him to be motivated to work he need to be rewarded, then such a person has not fully understand the value of the humanity that must exist in the new world we are talking about.Sir, if you believe in the possibility of a heaven on earth then there can’t be money involve. The psychical fall of mankind lead to the initial criminal fraudulent claim of ownerships of productive land mass that is meant for everybody;a land mass with all it abundant resources! the subsequent land grabs by the most powerful would have definitely left little OR NOTHING for the more pure people at that time. This is what would have given rise to trade by batter. If one big guy have cherries and another had apples gotten from their illegal land possession (that was free for all initially), they can then trade in “their” “goods”. Weak ones would now be forced to worship this criminals as overlords so as to have something to survive on. Then, gradually, the evil spreads and eventually becomes institutionalized. Laziness, therefore cannot and would not be tolerated in the much awaited utopia if mankind had learnt it lesson. Such lazy ones would be as outcast from the society; for it would be quickly seen for the evil that it is to the whole. they would be excommunicated so as not to poison the whole new thriving paradise. I’ll tell you sir, mankind would have learnt how to behave; they would guard their new paradise with all vigilance. Nobody would want to have this darkness rearing it head once again!

  • IFL

    The assertion that money is not useful reflects a severe lack of understanding. Money facilitates easy trade. People can live without money, but are restricted to barter – a horribly inefficient and inconvenient method of transacting.

    Countless experiments in man sharing resources without ownership have resulted in epic disasters, resulting in the death of tens of millions and even cannibalism. Obviously, forgoing ownership of personal property is not the answer. Once people can own property, they will want to trade what they have for what they do not.

    Money is a medium by which trade can be made quick, easy, and convenient.

    The author needs to brush up on their history, economics, and praxeology studies.

  • Rabbitnexus

    What he said.

  • WE don’t need money but why your website is littered with ads.

    • Jim

      Ha! So true.

    • Pdaddy


    • dimitri

      The web master doesn’t get to pick and choose the ads that appear. They are chosen by data centers and they target YOU and whatever your Internet profile tells them about you. I loathe them as much as anybody. But, at this juncture, that’s one of the only ways to labor over a web site and get some money for it.

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