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Waking Up to Vladimir Putin’s Uncommon Common Sense

WIKI_Vladimir_Putin-1Balzac, Contributor
Waking Times

First and foremost we should be governed by common sense.
Vladimir Putin (Time Magazine, 2007)

President Vladimir Putin is audaciously attempting to remove the brush covering from atop the common sense rabbit hole, which is not only a truly rare and subversive act in the eyes of the Con, but a potentially great gift to humanity – if only humanity had the sensitivity to appreciate it.

Nonetheless, this will no doubt prove to be a thrilling ride for those willing to take up the challenge. Russians are fortunate to have such a sane leader, and the West would be wise to follow his lead, but what exactly does Mr. Putin mean by Common Sense?

Here’s a quick peek at a couple of dictionary definitions:

1)     Sound judgment not based on specialized knowledge; native good judgment.

2)     The basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge things.

The ability to soundly judge is important to understanding what common sense is all about, as is the fact that judgment is not an isolated act made according to individuated, specialized knowledge, but of something that is of a more general nature that is shared, common or native to the species as a whole.

To better understand how common sense operates as a cognitive process, Aristotle provides a clear and useful description:

The reason for having several senses is in fact that it increases the chances that we can distinguish and recognize things correctly.] Each sense is used to identify distinctions, such as sight identifying the difference between black and white, but, says Aristotle, all animals with perception must have “some one thing” which can distinguish black from sweet.] 

see section on “Aristotelian Common Sense”

This shared or common sense, as opposed to a two-step Stimulus-Response model, appears to operate, according to Aristotle’s description, as a three-step process:

A) Perception

B) Understanding (through comparative analysis)

C) Judgment

Why is something as fundamental and basic to humanity’s existence operating according to a three-step rather than two-step process?

If you look around the world today, everything is presented in opposing, pairs: A-B. Not A-B-C.

As such, critical A-B-C thinking, aka Common Sense is fundamental to the evolution of awareness, consciousness, cooperation and love which seems to occur with great frequency in nature, but not nearly as much in most human societies.

The Con understands this reality quite well, and they exploit it to their benefit. The Con does everything it can to lock humanity into a system characterized by dualism, stimulus-response programming, isolation, separation, competition, narcissism and egotism.

According to Aristotle’s logic, while each individual is inseparable from the whole, without common sense, i.e. a shared vision of the whole, perception of reality is too narrow, distorted and false.

Aristotle also said:

Common sense is where comparison happens, and this must occur by comparing impressions or symbols or markers of what the specialist senses have perceived. This is therefore also where consciousness originates, “for it makes us aware of having sensations at all”

see section on “Aristotelian Common Sense”

Aristotle emphasizes the act of comparison as critical to Understanding (Step B) the three-step A-B-C Common Sense-making process.

After perceiving an object, the perceiver compares and contrasts that object in relation to similar objects found within the perceiver’s experience. Finally, based on that understanding, the perceiver, in a creative act of synthesis, finds the true center or third way derived from the act of comparison and projects that decision out into the world.

In 2006, after carefully analyzing and deconstructing Vladimir Putin’s year 2000 Millennium Manifesto, author Gavin Slade from the Central European University in Budapest, an affiliate of The School of Russian and Asian Studies (SRAS), affirms the Russian leader’s propensity for utilizing in the political arena the type of Hegelian common sense widely discussed in this article:

In the 1990s Russia’s political discourse was framed in terms of good and evil. There was little compromise or synthesis.

The rejection of revolution and change shows that Putin is effectively trying to establish a discourse focused on unity and stability knowing that the binary oppositions of politics during the Yeltsin era had created a situation where the state was unable “to muster a critical mass of leaders who articulate[d] one or another political discourse that resonate[d] in political society.

Rare among today’s world leaders, Vladimir Putin appears to well understand the evolutionary necessity of this third way approach to governance based on common sense-derived synthesis, and leverages that knowledge to promote unity, social cohesion and commonality of purpose on a national and international scale.

Aristotle even goes as far as to say that common sense is where consciousness originates. So if a society is lacking in common sense, and there’s little to no conscience, morality, empathy, consciousness, creativity, taste, discernment or love, how does one propose to govern such a population? This no doubt created a quandary for the rulers of large populations in the past, and clearly still presents governance challenges today.

The system’s time-honored, traditional answer to the problem of populations lacking in common sense was to oppress them into submission, with increased submission leading to an ever more constrictive cycle of dominance, oppression and abuse. It’s not outrageous to consider both parties to be at fault for this social dynamic that still exists and thrives today.

The cognitive process of common sense is part of humanity’s spiritual endowment and is similar to the Greek idea of knowledge or nous, which is the divine spark or knowledge within that is shared or common to all.

While nous may be common to all, it seems at present to be buried deep within the human psyche, and as such, unfortunately, is largely inactive.

Humanity’s drive to separate, exceptionalize and specialize (such groveling at the feet of society’s beloved specialists), is but a tiny sliver of the whole spoon-fed matrix. These absurd, self-destructive values are automatically downloaded at face value and parroted aloud as that which everybody knows.

These automatic, pre-programmed responses demonstrate the process of individual and social decay which epitomizes dualistic A-B programming, and as such represents an evolutionary dead-end. And yet despite its flaws, this system, while abhorrent to many not only does have value in populations largely lacking in common sense, but also provides stark contrast to utopian social visions, as well as important motivation for those who wish to overcome its glaring inadequacies.

So cheer up, the news is not entirely bleak. To find oneself, one must first lose oneself, and so humanity has intentionally (if not consciously), led itself astray. The capacity for auto-correction is built into the natural system of the Earth and undoubtedly woven into the very fabric of cosmic existence itself. And yet in order to auto-correct, one must first dare to walk down dark paths leading to destinations unknown.

Compliance with Globalist diktat is ensured by the Con’s ability to provide endless streams of mindless distractions and short-term pleasures quick as you can afford them. And if you can’t afford them but still crave them, you get a gold star for being a motivated world citizen.

But try inducing people to step off that wheel, swallow the red pill and slide down the rabbit hole. Just see how that works out.

Of course this makes no sense. Why choose isolated, short-term pleasures over long-term ones? Freedom is sold cheap in exchange for a handful of trinkets and beads. But as the late great George Carlin once said: “nobody seems to notice; nobody seems to care.”

The average person, lacking common sense, is unable to step outside his bubble and recognize the divinely entangled oneness of reality.

How many times do you have to read in the alternative media about the daunting lack of empathy on the part of the Globalist controllers, and this is true, but how about the lack of empathy among the masses? Without common sense, there is no empathy, and the masses are sorely lacking in common sense.

The inability to put themselves in the shoes of others keeps the un-awoken strapped to the bed of their own egotistical, narcissism. Good luck getting through to them. They are simply incapable of being awakened in anything less than a repeatedly rough manner.

Russian history is chock-full of examples of these rough awakenings, and it therefore should not be so surprising that today’s Russian population is relatively more awake than those still snoozing in the pampered, declining West.

Perhaps this is why those cast in the role of Controllers – along with their robotic minions – are as nasty and brutish as they are, since it falls on them to rouse Joe Sixpack in the only way he seems to understand: by shoving his face deep down into the toilet bowl of an unexamined life. Spend enough time down there, and you may finally see that all your dreams of wealth, success and material gain have just been so much meaningless crap.

And so the seemingly endless stream of futile chatter in the alternative media referring to the slumbering masses and how if they just had the right information is, sorry to say, nothing but pure fantasy, wishful thinking and projection on the part of the awakened, common sense minority.

The Great Awakening that many feel today, and it is palpable, is not widespread; it’s actually emanating from a very small, scattered fraction of the global population. It’s just that this small but slowly growing group of A-B-C common sense types, specialists in their own right, have a tendency, despite their incessant utilization of the common sense process, largely due to a lifetime of incessant “all men are created equal” propaganda, to erroneously project their common sense values on to the masses, and as a result are time and time again disappointed when their best intentions to rouse the herd are not taken seriously. Boo-hoo.

If the world was in fact brimming over with common sense, which currently it is not, reality would appear quite different than it does. No, the prison planet has been specially designed to serve the masochistic masses precisely what they need in order to evolve. It wouldn’t actually be so bad if it weren’t so damn destructive. If anything, it’s not dull.

As it is presented today, the Con’s “reality” is designed to stroke the mass ego consciousness with just enough happy endings to keep the machine humming and its occasionally unruly parts alternately motivated, sedated and restrained. This seems to be an unfortunate yet necessary design for an emotionally immature, Id-raging majority.

On the other hand, within an awakened community, no matter how small, which is not characterized by delusion but common sense, the rules of the game could not be more different. Within such a community, you can always choose another path and consciously create what you want. Life there is no longer an either/or A-B equation. You can finally transcend childish dualism as you take a quantum leap into the common sense adult world of contemplation, awareness, empathy, consciousness, comparative analysis, and synthesis. In this vitally thrilling world, A + B = C.

The goal of discourse is to create the transcendental, a higher centre of meaning outside the plurality of visions and interpretations, ‘to arrest the flow of differences, to construct a centre. ‘Thus, ‘at the base of Putin’s policies and what we shall describe as his “third way” lies the idea of a grand transcendence of so many of the conflicts that had both shaped and torn Russia in the modern era.’ –

Mr. Putin has tirelessly and with increasing success preached his neo-Gnostic common sense gospel to a Russian population that has in the not-so-distant past become familiar on an unprecedented scale with such intense suffering and pain that an increasingly large portion of them now appear eager to listen to and act upon Putin’s challenge to reclaim their common heritage as intelligent, discerning and consciously evolving individuals in a country of rich heritage and national achievement. This development on a national scale is uncommon.

The economic prosperity that Putin’s leadership has helped generate, impressive as it is, pales in comparison to the raising of individual consciousness en masse in Russia, which is what can happen to a nation when real common sense is applied to governance. That requires rare leadership qualities on a level that few in other countries have experienced in a long while.

What many in the West often fail to comprehend (because they lack empathy) is that when you’re the leader of a 9 time zone wide, 17 million square kilometer (6.6 million sq mi) Eurasian land mass comprised of a wide range of European, Caucasian, Asian and Indigenous cultures, in order to successfully lead and inspire such a diverse group, you must possess a Yin Yang-balanced, personal and diplomatic Swiss Army-like skill-set.

This mixing of Western and Russian ideas is only a part of a blend of inter-discursive features adopted by Putin. It is in his co-optation of different discourses and ideas that Putin attempts to suture rifts in identity and win the war of position within discourse. It is, as some have said, a ‘third way.’

As an individual, Vladimir Putin displays many attributes of the modern Renaissance Man. He’s a vigorous yet contemplative gentleman of refinement and culture with an admiration for various art forms and a genuine appreciation for the diverse beauty and splendor of nature.

Although Mr. Putin enjoys hunting and fishing, it’s not part of some macho power trip to defeat and kill defenseless animals, but rather as a way for him to feel vitally connected to the natural world that we share with each other and are invited to explore if only we dare.

Here’s a striking passage from a May, 2011 Outdoor Life Magazine interview where Mr. Putin candidly describes his experience obtaining a whale biopsy:

OL: In August 2010, you helped scientists obtain skin samples from a whale off Russia’s Pacific Coast by darting one with a crossbow. I imagine that has to be one of the more incredible of your wildlife encounters.

VP: That was indeed an unforgettable experience, and I remember very well how impressed I was.

First, all that surrounded me—the low sky, the stormy sea and, of course, the whales—was magnificent. Besides, these elegant giants showed us a real performance, leaping out of the water in front of our boat.

Second, I was really thrilled. I do not want to offend your feelings as a hunter, but, by its intensity, its dynamics, that was a real hunt. But without killing the animal. And this was a special pleasure. This is not a melodramatic statement. That’s the way it really was.

We left not just to see the whales, but to take a biopsy—in other words, to dart one of the animals with a crossbow arrow, which can rip off a small part of whale skin necessary to make a special analysis. It was not that easy; three times I failed, and only the fourth attempt was successful. Of course, I could justify myself that the boat was tossing badly and that it was the first time for me to handle a crossbow, but the main reason I see was my anxiety, because participation in the scientific experiment is a very important undertaking.

OL: After you successfully darted a whale, a reporter asked you if it was dangerous. You replied that, “Living, in general, is dangerous.” Do you have any comment on that?

VP: I think what I meant by that is obvious. Despite all the achievements of civilization, the human being is still one of the most vulnerable creatures on earth. None of us is protected from crimes, epidemic outbreaks, natural and technogenic disasters. What I am saying is not a fatalistic view of the world, it is a realistic one.

Mr. Putin, with obvious empathy for the whale and a humble appreciation for the magnitude of the moment, describes in a nutshell the fragility of the human experience within a natural world that is both nurturing and fraught with risk. Unlike his ego-driven political counterparts who can never admit to any weakness, it’s a feather in his cap that he does not appear to be afraid to convey his fear and anxiety at being in the middle of what most would agree was an unsafe situation.

Mr. Putin seems to be implying that you might as well take risks because risk is inherent to life. To therefore feel some degree of anxiety when taking bold steps is natural, and nothing to be afraid of. Taking those bold steps is part of a personal and national awakening process.

Having repeatedly put his personal safety in jeopardy for the sake of the greater good, as demonstrated by his biopsy of whales, soaring with endangered cranes and tranquilizing tigers…




…it should come as no surprise when Mr. Putin applies a calculated risk approach to diplomacy, as demonstrated by his swift response to an extraordinary early August 2013 meeting with the head of Saudi intelligence, Prince Bandar, an event first reported in the UK Telegraph and widely acknowledged in the Russian press as well as a number of other sources.

This colorful September 30th, 2013 recapitulation of that same fateful meeting comes courtesy of an approving Pravda opinion column, “Come the Day, Come The Hour”:

Essentially, Bandar Bush went to Putin – purportedly with the full backing of the US, and offered to cut a secret deal to carve up the oil profits if Russia would back off on Syria and allow a regime change. Putin quietly and politely offered a nyet. He was not for sale and neither were his principles. Bandar went on to then threaten Russia by turning loose Chechen terrorists to cause havoc in the Winter Sochi Olympics. Saying that all terrorists groups are under their control and that they can turn them on or off as they like. Well, it appears that at this stage, the negotiations moved from being polite – Putin warned Bandar that if Syria is attacked, Russia would bomb Saudi Arabia. At last, someone with balls. This threat was communicated to senior members of the Armed Forces with instructions to prepare to strike Saudi Arabia. Obviously, this was leaked.

The now famous and universally acclaimed accord on chemical weapons aside, wouldn’t it be more than likely that President Putin’s declaration of intent to bomb Saudi Arabia if Syria was attacked is the real, under-reported reason why a near-certain U.S. strike on Syria was called off? Just a theory…

President Putin, a man of principle and a strong advocate of International Law, rejected out of hand Bandar’s pathetic bribe, since unlike many other politicians, he has principles, and can’t just be bought off.

Nonetheless, upon digesting Prince Bandar’s incredible admission of he and his country’s direct support for state-sponsored terrorism, despite his usual placid demeanor, President Putin’s jaw must have dropped when he received a not-so-thinly veiled threat of Olympic terrorist attack if cooperation on the Syria question was not forthcoming. President Putin rightly determined that this was not only a direct threat to Russia, but to the entire civilized world, and so he did what he had to do: stand up to the bully.

Only a leader so level-headed and eminently comfortable in his own skin could stare the impudent Saudi down and call his bluff in terms that were crystal clear and absolutely appropriate to the threat. Exercising his capacity for A-B-C common sense, Mr. Putin perceived, understood and decided what to do without hesitation.

When threatened with force, sometimes the only way to get the other party to take you seriously is to threaten them right back. That took guts and is deserving of recognition.

World War III was averted (for now), and Putin’s stock has deservedly risen to such a high level around the world that he was in serious contention for the Nobel Prize. The fact that he didn’t win is probably better PR than if he had won, since Obama won it for bailing out the bankers. Putin is probably ok then with an honorable mention.

When an individual like Vladimir Putin, who both at home and abroad is recognized as having an authentic character, repeatedly demonstrates sane, balanced actions, as he declares the rule of law and common sense governance as the goals of the nation and backs it up with corresponding actions, he naturally enjoys widespread support and trust.

Sadly, these common sense leadership qualities, which should be essential prerequisites for every political leader, are sorely lacking in the West, where there seems to be a permanent disconnect between common sense and politics.

Often unfairly lampooned in the press for his bare-chested macho man image, Mr. Putin also appears to genuinely be in touch with his feminine side.

As a Judo master, Putin is adept at using his opponents’ momentum against them, which can only be done by respecting the power of each “adversary,” as well as being sensitive to the flow of energy emanating from that person. A perfect example of a real world application of that principle is how President Putin “flipped” and redirected the Saudi Prince’s malevolent, threatening, violent energy right back at the Prince and synthesized the product of that energy for the purpose of creating peace.

Check out Putin’s judo moves here:

Sometimes Presidents really do need to act like car salesmen, but the car that Putin is selling is built to last and runs efficiently on common sense, common law (i.e. as long as you’re not hurting anyone, you’re acting within the law), and community. And that’s a vehicle more and more Russian citizens are being convinced by Putin to buy, since he drives one himself.

Putin’s manifesto is rich in inter-discursivity, appropriating elements from competing ideologies and rejecting binary oppositions in order to win the war of position within the discursive field thus creating ‘an all-national spiritual reference point that will help to consolidate society, thereby strengthening the state. This reference point, a new Russian idea, helps construct an image of the state as a nation of people represented by a spokesperson, the president.

Those of the awakened minority who are frustrated and at odds with Globalist domination strategies should find solace in the fact that the dream of a New World Order, of which much of the world is presently dreaming into reality, must according to its unnatural and unsustainable underlying principles, much like its Soviet system predecessor, inevitably collapse under the weight of its excessive absurdity.

And if you’re one of the small but proud members of the common sense minority community, if you haven’t already done so, please do yourselves a big favor and cease all efforts aimed at trying to wake up humanity, because it can’t be done. Instead, continue waking yourselves up.

Humanity can only wake itself up one individual at a time. The newly awakened, in their own time, will make connections with others without your incessant nudges. So try to let go. You’ll feel better if you do.

In stark contrast to the West’s current political downward slope, it’s fascinating to observe the progress of Vladimir Putin in his quest to help instill and nurture a return of common sense to the realm of politics. It makes one hopeful that new leadership possessing similar strength of character will follow President Putin’s lead.

Unlike Mr. Putin, we can’t all play the part of hero in this movie, although there’s no character too minor and no act too small.

Continue speaking your truth, get along with others, and have a good time. The rest will take care of itself.

That’s just plain old common sense.

And to close the show, Ladies and Gentlemen and Children of all ages, live from the internet, the one, the only…:

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  • Putin is one of the controllers puppets.
    He is the B to the A in the war they want to start to usher in a NWO( illuminati global govt) you see you can’t have a war without creating an enemy.
    For any in doubt of this Putin has recently said that to avoid the draft in Russia you can work for weapons manufacturers .
    He’s not a hero (he not speaking pure truth he is an illuminati player).

    Be the hero you want to see.
    Love peace and compassion.
    Remember they use divide and conquer, they know that the awakening movement is an uprising of humanity (social uprising) that they as controlling “elites” need to try to stop, it so they plan a War( chaos) is their plan to roll out a NWO.

    1) Please stop believing the illuminati’s ( lying & deceitful) corporate Media and their paid commentators. Putin is but a player in the NWO’s global domination game.
    Do you really think Mossad/zionists would allow him to say or do anything but what they want ?

  • Balzac

    My understanding of:

    “The rejection of revolution and change shows that Putin is effectively trying to establish a discourse focused on unity and stability,”

    is that Putin is rejecting not the idea of revolution in general, but more specifically the disastrous results of 70 long years of Bolshevik Revolution, followed by the empty promises of change experienced during the Yeltsin years, with the alternative being greater national cohesion and increased sovereignty based on unity and stability generated by the process of rediscovery of common, historically relevant national principles.

    I agree that one should not attempt to mythologize anyone, and that is not my purpose in giving Putin some well-deserved good press. I just happen to like what he’s been doing, and judging by the actions that I’ve seen, limited as that perspective might be, he strikes me as a qualitative improvement over other politicians of this era during a time when the geopolitical situation really seems to require substantive leadership.

    We shouldn’t discriminate against politicians just because they’re politicians and are required by their profession to craft an image that suits their political aims.

  • jo

    putin is the best leader i have witnessed in this life

  • Balzac

    Without really knowing the agenda of Pussy Riot and the Green Peace Volunteers, it’s difficult to say whether or not a mistake was made in having them jailed. In a world of false flags, PR stunts and espionage, I would hardly be surprised if these events were not engineered in order to generate negative international press for Putin.

    Worst case scenario, it was a mistake, but in light of all the demonstrably beneficial moves Putin has made in a variety of areas, I’m of the opinion that he can be allowed a mulligan now and again.

    • Hero? Really?

      “The rejection of revolution and change shows that Putin is effectively trying to establish a discourse focused on unity and stability.”

      Sorry but that quote you used just reeks of pure fallacy. Rejection of revolution and change does not foster unity and stability, it foments the opposite; change is inevitable, and revolution comes when the disfranchised get sick of the status quo. Compromise is what fosters unity and stability.

      The reality is many in Russian (much like here in America) have become cynical and skeptical of politics. In the last Russian election the people came out in droves demanding change – the majority (especially the younger generation) didn’t want Putin to rule for a third term, they felt he’d been there long enough. Putin’s very careful to control his image – much of what the public sees is arranged by him to make him appear a certain way, it’s image building propaganda, it’s not reality.

      This is not to say Putin hasn’t accomplished some good things for Russia, but there’s a growing disenchantment with the way things are – for one thing, the people want an overhaul of their political system. Were the Russian media not state owned and controlled (almost all are owned or have ties with the Kremlin), the world would be more aware of the opinions of the populace.

      It goes without saying Putin did the right thing with regards to Syria, but lets not forget there’s a team of people working with him so he didn’t exactly come up with that plan all by himself.

      Putin is first and foremost, an imperfect fallible mortal, as are the rest of us. But because he’s a leader/public figure, his actions merit more careful scrutiny than they otherwise would. What must be weighed are the totality of his actions, only then can a clear picture of what he’s really accomplished as a leader be objectively known and understood. Until then, let’s all do ourselves a favor and not mythologize our public figures?

  • Leon Trumpp

    Jailing Pussy Riot and Green Peace volunteers is NOT common sense !

    • I agree with you on this one, Leon.


  • lmao

    I think someone with common sense would understand that Putin is an actor just like all the other actors masquerading as “leaders”, and that he is just as lame as all the other actors pretending they have nuclear bombs and are at odds with each other. Much like Ron Paul, Putin must have done something really special to warrant the lead role of “hero” and was probably popping bottles of vodka all night when the script came in the mail, knowing he would be worshiped by the “awake” “common sense minority community”.

    On behalf of everyone with actual common sense I reject the dubious assertions of this article. Obviously it contains either the naive musings of a hopelessly misguided “awake” individual and/or is just another blatant complicit circus clown in the long line of alternative media BS trying to frame Putin as a hero.

    Either way, grow up.

    But of course, like all the other perps, you just can’t help but put the gem in there that tells the truth, but doesn’t give any of the proper context whatsoever. “Unlike Mr. Putin, we can’t all play the part of hero in this movie”

    Because that’s what it is, a movie. It’s all fake. Putin is an actor, but you wouldn’t get that impression from this snow job (speaking of CGI creations that don’t really exist, i.e. Snowdon, which was another small scene in this Putin psyop).

    And of course I love your little hey let’s all give up throw in at the end of the article: “please do yourselves a big favor and cease all efforts aimed at trying to wake up humanity, because it can’t be done”

    Well that’s it then I give up. I’ll just wake myself up, whatever that means, though I suppose such nebulous new age garbage is perfect for waking times.

    • Balzac

      lmao: I enjoyed reading your comments. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      On a certain level I agree with your idea that Putin, not unlike a theatrical actor, is currently playing the role of Champion of Sovereignty in contrast to the various Globalist Villains. All the world’s a stage…

      We ourselves are all characters in our own personal dramas that we create every minute of our lives, so we’re not immune from that same critique.

      But not everything is as neatly scripted as you may want to believe. In my opinion, we and the gods (who are all one with source) have set up this existential situation as a way for the divine to lose itself, play and explore in order to rediscover that divinity. To script everything too tightly would ruin the fun and be counterproductive to the act of self (divine) discovery.

      I enjoy writing about Putin because although he’s a politician, he’s an interesting one. And if he’s playing the part of the hero, whether he’s playing a hero or actually a hero is irrelevant. The fact is, and I think we can agree on this, is that he’s heroic!

      In my view, he’s a politician who happens to be heroic. No need to deny that fact. You admit as much, even if you see it as merely acting. Acting denotes action does it not…

      You might say, “that’s all very well, Balzac” but Putin’s apparent heroism is just a clever and insidious way for the System Administrators to set up Russia and humanity for something terrible.”

      Well, to that I’d have to say, I’m not sure, but I don’t think so. Why would the Con script something that works so much against their plans? What happened in Russia went completely against their usual modus operandi.

      Putin’s emergence seems to have thrown an unexpected monkey wrench into globalist world domination plans. During the Yeltsin years, Russia was so thoroughly fleeced that globalist-sponsored Oligarchs were drunk with power to the extent that they severely underestimated Putin’s ability to turn the tables on them.

      So it was excessive greed that did the Oligarchs in, which should give the world a glimmer of hope for the possibility of similarly excessive greed blinding the globalist oligarchs to solid strategy based on an agenda of common sense and national sovereignty by a similarly talented political animal such as Putin.

      And if you simply look at his track record in terms of what he’s actually been able to accomplish in Russia since 2000: namely removing one-by-one the Oligarchs from the Government, Energy and Media sectors, and essentially kicking the moneychangers out from the Russian Central Bank, actor or no actor, it’s an impressive resume that puts Putin in an elite class among current world political leaders.

      Although I think we can agree that Putin does not receive good press from the western MSM, I’m not sure where you’ve read such glowing views of Putin in the alternative press. I for one have not seen many. Any links?

      Although I don’t know Mr Putin personally, judging by the actions he’s taken that I’ve been able to sort through and compare to other political leaders, his actions indicate that he is a man of integrity, and I respect that. It’s not every day, if ever, that I come across politicians who I can confidently say that about.

      If you can name one current leader who has accomplished more than Putin in terms of increasing national sovereignty and improving overall quality of life, please tell me. I’m all ears.

    • BJ

      Glad to see someone gets it. This article is pretty much what the MSM media is pushing isn’t it?

  • JP

    Wonderful explanation of ‘common sense’ and why it is that most people do not have it. If common sense were like self-entitled politically correct opinions, the world would be awash in common sense.

  • This article was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to long.

  • pscave

    How much common sense does it take to make a law enforcing who you can love? Is it sensible to torment and criminalize people based on who they choose to love? I think you may be giving Putin too much un deserved credit.

    • andy

      Just because he doesn’t allow one law about gay marriage, doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve credit. If you didn’t get the gist of this story he has averted WORLD WAR 3 off his own back,
      If it wasn’t for him you would be worried about a thousand more important things like how do we get food and clean drinking water than I want to marry my gay lover.
      Another 1st world problem that doesn’t mean shit in the rest of the world.
      You people make me sick about the petty things you are worried about.
      look at the story for what it really is before judging
      anyone especially Putin, he has done more good for this world than any (actually ALL) recent American presidents!!

      • Balzac

        Andy: you definitely get my point about Putin’s role in averting WW III and markedly improving the lives overall of the majority of Russians following the stifling years of the Soviet Union and the criminality of the Yeltsin era as taking precedence over the relatively minor issue (comparatively) of Gay Rights.

        If there is to be an improvement in Gay Rights for gay Russians, than the best thing to do is exactly what Putin has been doing, which is improving overall human rights and quality of life for all Russians.

        Common sense then is understood as that which is shared or common to the nation, and that needs to take precedence over the demands of interest groups.

        Putin’s common sense Foreign and Domestic policies, which includes control over the nation’s currency, energy resources and media is viewed as a grave threat to Globalist hegemony. As a result, the Globalist-sponsored mainstream media feels it has no choice but to foment division in Russia and cast aspersions on Putin from afar by ratcheting up its attacks in the press on such hot-button, wedge issues like Gay Rights. Surely this represents an act of desperation and a sure sign that the Globalists have lost much of their power over Russia.

        My hope is that not allowing gay marriage and preventing the distribution of literature promoting gay lifestyle will not lead to increased discrimination against gay people in Russia, and not prevent them from being free to be who they are. That would be wrong, and I don’t believe that Putin intends for that to be the case. If the situation does start trending in that direction, then it’s my sincere hope that Mr Putin will find a way to make the situation more equitable. He needs to find the right balance, which he may not have quite struck as yet, between not discriminating against gay people, while at the same time preserving the rights for all Russians.

        Putin realizes all too well that he cannot allow himself and the nation to fall prey to the divisiveness of Western-sponsored identity politics, which only serves to fracture communities and limit the overall rights of the general population.

        • Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA

          Don’t forget we may not be getting the truth about ‘gay laws’ or issues, especially presented by the MSM. I admire Mr. Putin for his ability to see through hot button issues to find a solution that is right for the Russian people.

      • pscave

        Andy,sorry my comments sickened you, talk about worrying about petty things! People in glass houses…. should probably take a toke and calm down.

    • JP

      @pscave : You obviously have completely missed the point of this article because you have fallen for the dualistic propaganda that uses your feelings against you in order to control your mind. I would say ‘wake up’ but waking up is a personal process that a person begins in the own time and it never happens because one has been told to ‘wake up.’

      • pscave

        I beg to differ with you, I get it loud and clear. People accuse others of “falling” for something when they do not want to see the truth. As you say, people will wake up when they are ready, so I won’t bother to tell you to wake yourself up.

    • Eileen K.

      Does it make any sense to meddle in the internal affairs of another sovereign nation, such as Russia, for example? What Putin has done is in the interest of his own people, especially children, when enforcing a law against distributing gay literature to minors. Children and young teenagers are impressionable – and, thus, vulnerable – and need protection from any form of media that would be deemed harmful, such as pornography and/or gay propaganda.

      Russia is now a Christian nation once again, after 70 years of atheistic Communism; and, this is the choice of the vast majority of the Russian citizenry. It is utter hypocrisy to proclaim your right of choice; while, at the same time, to deny the same right to citizens in Russia.

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