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Cycles of Time: The Kali Yuga & Time as a Function of Consciousness

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The 4 Ages are:

1. The Satya or Krita Yuga, a Golden Age

2. The Treta Yuga, the Age of Ritual

3. Dvapara Yuga, the Age of Doubt: Man loses the sense of the Divine Reality of the world and grows away from natural law

4. The Kali Yuga, the Age of Conflict and confusion began in 3012 BC and will end with the nearly total devastation of the present humanity

When you study the Hindu theory of the Cycles of Time and the yugas, you will find a confusing divergence of opinion concerning the dates of their duration. Considering that we are now living in the Age of Confusion, the Kali Yuga, it is not surprising to find so much disagreement on these matters.

Writing is the symptom of a degenerative culture

What is more important to me than precise numbers is the fact that we are living in an era where there is almost no memory of the previous cycles of time. Most of us wrongly believe that civilization begins with written history, however writing is actually the symptom of a degenerative culture – because it is sound that communicates meaning, not the markings that seek to represent it.

Reach beyond the limited frequencies of this Veil of Illusion you have been confined within – all of your lives. The experience of expanding and projecting your thoughts, consciousness and imagination back into primordial time is in itself liberating, revealing and uplifting.

The realization that time is in fact a function of consciousness will alter your perception of reality. We all experience time relative to our own specific consciousness. You can verify this for yourself by simply reflecting on, for example, how time flies when you are happy – as opposed how time drags when you are depressed or bored.

Time does not exist outside the temporal illusory hologram.

All increments, meaning measurements of time and space, are relative to the consciousness of the perceiver and thus the product of variations in waveform frequencies, based on and the result of the specific degree of the illusion of Separation from Oneness. This is similar to the quantum physics theory, The Copenhagen interpretation, Part II: Reality is created by observation. Or you might say more accurately, reality is created by the consciousness of the observer.

In ‘While the Gods Play’, the French scholar Alain Danielou explains that the length of a moment is established by the rhythms of consciousness that perceive it:

“It is energy, by producing vibratory waves having direction and length, that will give birth to the rhythms whose perceptions will create the dimension of time, the measure of space, and at the same time the structures of matter. … For man, the perception of the dimension of time is determined by his vital rhythms, his heartbeat…”

The duration of each of the four yugas is relative to each other as 4:3:2:1. This implies that the Golden Age is the longest and our current Kali Age is the shortest. In a Twilight of the Kali Yuga, time actually continues to speed up and increases ever more so, as we reach the end. The cycles of time are rather like classical Indian Ragas that begin slowly, serene, increase in tempo and passion, and end in a frenzy of energy.

Alain Danielou’s dates differ from others. Danielou says that the Twilight of the Kali Yuga began in 1939 with the discovery of atomic fission. According to him, the final catastrophe will take place during this twilight and the last traces of this present mankind will have disappeared in 2442. This doesn’t necessarily imply that we have an extra 400 years to fool around in. God only knows what earth changes will be taking place on this planet during that time.

In Hindu metaphysics of time is cyclical and each period of manifestation is called a KALPA of Brahma, equivalent to 4.32 billion human year.

The KALPA is subdivided into 14 MANVANTARAS.

We are now in the seventh MANVANTARA of this KALPA.

Each MANVANTARA is divided into 71 MAHA-YUGAS of 4,320,000 years each.

We are in the 28th MAHA-YUGA of this MANVANTARA.

Each MAHA-YUGA is made up of four yugas

Each Yuga is preceded by a period of a dawn and followed by a period of twilight. [Linga Purana 1.4.3-6]

The KALI YUGA, the Age of Conflict & Confusion 

The Kali Yuga is the only yuga most of us are familiar with because we have been living all our lives within these dense frequencies. Our mind, the way we think, and thus our perception of ‘reality’ has literally been cooked by the vibratory frequencies of time within the Kali Yuga. We humans have been ‘cooked by time’ to the point that only the fives senses remain available to us to understand the world around us. The five senses are easily confused.

The five senses can indeed be programmed and tricked by tyrannical wizards who want to control our lives. Today’s monopoly media is very aware of how to entrain and manipulate the five senses. In our modern world most of the information received around the planet suits the agendas of the multinational corporations, who also happen to own the monopoly media.

The five senses are vulnerable to deceit and manipulation by any and all. In other cycles of time, information gathered solely by the five senses would have been highly suspect. The ancient Rishis, ‘SEERS’ – those who see – were trusted as the source of wisdom concerning mankind’s future and our interconnection with the Cosmos.

It is only the ‘SEER’ within you, the one who has quieted the mind and achieved a connection to the God-within, who can offer insight into the true nature of reality. Only an inner-knowingness can lead us out of our current predicament – out of our miasma of amnesia, the soup we are still ‘cooking’ in. Only by transcending differentiated perception, the illusory powers of the five senses, and an understanding of GUNAMAYA, will we human beings return to the Real.

There are numerous descriptions of the symptoms of the Kali Yuga in the ancient Sanskrit Puranic texts. Bear in mind that writing is itself a symptom of the Kali Yuga. These texts were composed and transmitted orally in the previous cycles of time and handed down through memory, based on verbatim repetition, from one generation to the next. It was only in 500 BC that the grammarian Panini codified the Sanskrit language and these memorized texts were put into the form of writing. Sanskrit’s arduous precision was intentionally designed to protect the ancient knowledge from the confusion ensuing in the Kali Yuga.

The symptom that completely convinced me that the Cycles of Time were true was this: “Ready cooked food will be on sale.” [LINGA Purana Ch. 40] The ancients foresaw ‘fast food’! They knew that pre-prepared food loses its nutritional value.

The Light is primarily unmanifest, hidden.

The Kali Yuga is the Age of Darkness. The Light is primarily unmanifest, meaning not completely gone, just veiled and hidden in the Kali – and the Darkside rules. You can lighten the world around you by realizing and Remembering the God-within you, and by letting that frequency flow out around you. Even if people don’t accept what you say, they will be uplifted by your silent consciousness.

However don’t expect them to love you or even like you. Their Kali Yuga egos are firmly enthroned and will feel unconsciously threatened by your presence. The small identity-self ego has no wish to give up its power and if the person is unwittingly hosting denizens of the Phantasmal Hierarchies – perhaps in the form of an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or tyrannical power – then these parasitical entities will attack you and do just about anything to get you away from their ‘food’ supply!

The Kali Yuga seems to actually reward the Darkside, those ruthless ratzoids that are weak and greedy, liars without any integrity, morals, or principles often succeed. While the maverick thinkers, who possess a quiet sense of honor, who feel compassion for others, and respect primordial truth, are quickly pushed aside and berated, often brutally and publicly, by the elite.

In today’s culture almost everything that is being held up to us as great, desirable, and worthy is a short-term fix and sadly – rubbish. All of the power and money in the world will not give you the Remembrance of Oneness. The fastest red-hot racecar available will not bring you to the destination of enlightenment and liberation – JIVAN MUKTI. The pleasures enjoyed with the most gorgeous super model, male or female, will soon become tiresome and a burden.

As Krishna says, both pleasure and pain reside in the objects of the senses:

“… the pleasures that spring from sense impressions are sources of unhappiness, because they have beginnings and ends.” – Bhagavad Gita V.23

Another strange phenomenon of the Kali Yuga is the externalization of faith to such an extreme that people became obsessed and crazed with their individual belief systems. For 1000s of years now human beings have, in the name of their various interpretations of God, inflicted endless stupid destructive wars on each other – mass murder, torture, theft, and slavery all in the name of God!

When you realize that God is within each and every man woman & child, the idea of forcing any religion upon another is the height of absurdity!

Corrupt priests have been the willing accomplices to such heinous conflicts. They often became the imaginative torturers of non-believers and even sold tickets-to-heaven in the form of ‘indulgences’ to the rich, to line their own pockets, and build enormous, however lovely, cathedrals and temples while many of the common people remained perpetually close to starvation.

The Age of Confusion is mobbed by – yes, confusion! Practically everything you have ever read is clouded over by the miasma of Kali Yuga fog. As the saying goes: History is written by the conquerors – while the loser’s side of the story is routinely forgotten.

When you think about it, throughout most of written history all the great works of Art are the symbols of propaganda bought and paid for by ruling tyrants and religions seeking to dominate the world’s populations. Just ask Leonardo da Vinci who worked for the likes of Cesare Borgia, or Michelangelo who labored under the iron hand of a Vatican priest. Today’s artists are often answerable to the power of big money from the multinational corporations that own our world.

Even the wonderful descriptions of enlightenment that give us all hope were not experienced in the density of time we currently are living in. With no disrespect intended, it occurs to one that Lao Tzu, Jesus, and Buddha did not have to fight off chemtrails, microwaves, endocrine disrupting chemicals, or childhood television programming!

These days, in the Twilight of the Kali Yuga, it’s the Razor’s Edge – every step of the way Home. 

Knowledge of our essential Oneness is hard to come by in the Kali Yuga. Beneath the curtain of multiplicity – there is only ONE! This means that behind the apparent diversity of billions of individuals living on planet Earth, they are all only One. All are the ONENESS.

For those of you who have remembered past lives, you may have noticed a striking perplexing similarity in the basic character of each life. There may be certain repeating flaws and compulsions, traits or qualities that you begin notice have shown up over and over in lifetime after lifetime. You may be a high priest in Atlantis, or a dancing slave girl in 8th century Kashmir – but there is a pattern that continues throughout all your lives. This is because the genes in your current physical body are the latest ‘product’ of a long line of many bodies, lineages. You have access to the memories contained within the DNA of the body you currently inhabit.

It is as if the Creator generates certain rays or waveforms, which contain qualities of expression that remain in the genes throughout the cycles of time. As time descends down through the yugas further and further into density and ‘apparent’ solidification, ever more variations of expression are created, such as habits, impulses, likes & dislikes, etc. etc.

But underneath all this temporal multiplicity is the Oneness that we all are: meaning you and me, factory workers in China and the farmers of rural India, the world leaders and corporate tyrants, the Aborigines in Australia and the Pigmy tribes in Africa. We are all ONENESS beneath the temporal illusory Curtain of Multiplicity. This knowledge of Oneness has been hidden from us in the Kali Yuga, but once you truly Realize the God-within, you will Become that which you always have been.

The floodgates of Knowledge and Love will open – and you will never be the same. You will never be able look at another human being without compassion and you will never again judge them – for you will KNOW that YOU ARE THEM! As you judge them, so you judge and condemn yourself. And it turns out that as harrowing, dreadful and boring as the Kali Yuga is – in fact it is the fast lane to God Realization. The intensity of the Kali Yuga pressures you to WAKE UP!

Time does not exist outside the temporal illusory holographic matrix. Thus the Four Cycles of Time are simultaneous as are all your so-called ‘past’ lives.

Acceptance of the theory of the Cycles of Time might lead you to a sort of complacent resignation. After all, if we are ineluctably snared in the frequencies of confusion – then why bother? Because what is really exciting about the Kali Yuga is the understanding that in fact it is the easiest cycle to Remember who you are. The end of the Kali Yuga is a particularly favorable period to pursue true knowledge.

“Some will attain wisdom in a short time, for the merits acquired in one year during the Treta Yuga can be obtained in one day in the age of Kali.” –  [Shiva Purana, A. Danielou]

45. Hence during the Kali longevity, strength, and features become less and less. Men attain perfection within a short time.

46-47. What is gained by the practice of dharma for a year in the Treta Yuga is attained by the practice of it for a month in the Dvapara Yuga. In Kali an intelligent devotee attains the same in a day by practicing Dharma strenuously. – [Linga Purana, Section1, Chapter 40]

It’s a Cosmic Bargain Sale of sorts!  Therefore, take up the challenge to Remember who you are! Do not give in! So, the Darkside is fulfilling its own kind of dharma, doing its job of spreading the hand of tyranny over the planet and poisoning everything in its wake. What will you do? In these moments of challenge, of sorrow and of awakening consciousness, how will you behave? Can you find courage within yourself and compassion for others? Can you master the divine detachment that comes from knowing that what is unfolding is the grand Cosmic Design. Can you remember that every one and everything is God, Oneness – and this ONE is you.

You are this world, and you are the Love that breathes this temporal illusory holographic matrix out into multiplicity and inhales it back into quiescence – and back out again, eon after eon after eon. World without end! This universe is here for us all to play in. Surely, when you look at your life or perhaps many lives, in spite of all the pain, you do recognize the grand beauty of Creation.

Thus the question is what will you do now in this intensified exciting moment? And are you ready to move on into one of the 1000s of other universes – some without polarities or form or even time – all waiting, inviting you to come to yet another magnificent adventure in consciousness.

Symptoms of the Kali Yuga

Writing itself is a symptom of the Kali Yuga. Human beings have been living on planet Earth for 100s of 1000s of years before we have any record of the written word. From the Sanskrit texts the Vishnu Purana and the Linga Purana:

Thieves will become kings, and kings will be the thieves.

Rulers will confiscate property and use it badly. They will cease to protect the people.

Base men who have gained a certain amount of learning (without having the virtues necessary for its use) will be esteemed as sages.

There will be many displaced persons, wandering from one country to another.

Predatory animals will be more violent.

Fetuses will be killed in the wombs of their mothers.

People will prefer to choose false ideas.

No one will be able to trust anyone else.

People will be envious.

There will be many children born whose life expectancy is no more than 16 years.

People suffering from hunger and fear will take refuge in underground shelters.

Young girls will do trade in their virginity.

The god of clouds will be inconsistent in the distribution of the rains.

Shopkeepers will run dishonest businesses.

There will be many beggars and unemployed people.

Everyone will use hard and vulgar language.

Men will devote themselves to earning money; the richest will hold power.

The state leaders will no longer protect the people but, through taxes, will appropriate all wealth.

Water will be lacking.

[And my favorite]: Pre-cooked food will be readily available!

The fact that our food supply contains very little nutrition and is full of toxins reveals a great deal to me about the frequencies of Time we live in.

(From the Sanskrit texts the Vishnu Purana and the Linga Purana; and also a remarkable book entitled, While the Gods Play: Shiva Oracles and Predictions on the Cycles of History & the Destiny of Mankind, by Alain Danielou; Inner Traditions International Ltd., paperback, 1985.)

About the Author

V. Susan Ferguson is the author of Inanna Returns, Inanna Hyper-Luminal; her own commentary on the Bhagavad Gita and the Shiva Sutras; and Colony Earth & the Rig Veda. Her website is Metaphysical Musing.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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    There once was, or is said
    (Within that strict restriction
    Born by some imagined time)
    A Krita Yuga, a Golden Age

    But time in time moved on
    Having nowhere else to go
    Puppets demanding rituals
    So birthed the Treta Yuga

    Empty rituals have their day
    Then lose direction, pass on
    Smothered in moss and ivy
    Dvapara Yuga, Age of Doubt

    Doubt, a castle built on sand
    Spews conflict and confusion
    Good job we now have words
    Record the current Kali Yuga

    Stop … step outside of time

    Abandon ancient scriptures
    Except the ones that declare
    There’s but a single moment
    And here it is once again …

  • SM

    “Perception of Time is relative to the speed of our metabolism”…

    We metabolise Time like we metabolise food.

    When we are young, our metabolism is racing, and time seems to go by very slowly. It seems to take forever just for the next weekend to pass, let alone the next year. This can be verified if you have ever had a near-miss with another car, and your heart raced till it almost jumped out of your chest. Did time seem to go in slow motion then? Most people will confirm that as true.
    Take that another level back, and we’re in the womb experiencing time at an even slower pace relative to the almost lightening speed of our metabolism in that growth point. Imagine the depth of the relative experiences at that stage! If time were perceived as constantly flowing so slowly, would we be more deeply immersed into the experience?
    Is that why relative life experiences in the womb are more profound than those that are not? I believe that’s the case.
    From the other end of the time equation…as we age, and metabolism slows down, time seems to speed up. Ask any elder person about it.
    Im only 53, but from where Im looking, it seems that time is humming along at quite a clip compared to 20 years ago.
    Ever meditated for a very long time, and experienced that time as the shortest time-frame ever?
    Have you heard of people having NDE’s, coming back and remarking on how their life flashed before their eyes as they past over?
    Could that be because their metabolism slowed all the way down to zero, and as that happened, life sped up so much in concert, that it created a back-flow in the totality of the previous life-stream itself?
    Ask a person who had an NDE…
    Time is a Moon thing ~ its all about taking something into ourselves (food, info, perceptions etc), and metabolising them, habitually.
    It all happens quite automatically, just like digesting anything… we dont even know we’re “doing it”, because we’ve been doing it so long its a by-product of memory, born of the past… perpetuating existence into Eternity.

  • gokmen

    It was a great poem Suzan.

    as this ‘time’ concept I see in comments of people and what I think we are experiencing..I want to say one thing: I feel ‘small’ and ‘vulnurable’ when I think about ‘little me’. I am enormous and invulnurable when I think about our solar system and earth. I am infinite when I think about oneness. time is like something I chose I think.

    • Hello gokmen! Yes, if you mean…

      The Silence in the Heart

      Thank you. Sincerely.
      And… great comment!

      gokmen: “as this ‘time’ concept I see in comments of people and what I think we are experiencing..I want to say one thing: I feel ‘small’ and ‘vulnurable’ when I think about ‘little me’. I am enormous and invulnurable when I think about our solar system and earth. I am infinite when I think about oneness. time is like something I chose I think.”

      • gokmen

        I thank you! What you wrote is beautiful beyond words

        Our hopes lie here.
        This silence that warms us
        Embraces us as the Ancient Womb,
        the Matrix, the Force.
        Dark is where the seed grows.

        • Thank you, gokmen!

          And my thanks to all who have commented.
          We are awakening.

          We meet in the Heart,

  • gokmen

    I mean
    *did you write

  • gokmen

    V. Susan Ferguson,
    did you wrote that poem ??

  • The Timing and Not The Time

    As if to confound and contradict those who are trying to own via the knowledge, what good will knowing all about God should one lack the means to be Of Divinity? In order to see, one does not need to be told how or what to see, one only needs to express the empowerment. Within Reality/Divinity, Truth precedes Love whereas within relativity/Humanity, Empowerment precedes Knowledge. We are not talking about the knowledge on how to make a brick, of course, we are talking about the transcendental.

    Another Simplicity which Eludes is that Truth is An Accumulation and lacks the ability to gift Its essence. For that task, Truth needs Love, Love being The Flow/Expression/Tao of Truth. As such, where there is Truth [He], Love [She] is always by His side, both being separate but never, ever, separated. It is like The Sun & Sunlight or a Word and Its Meaning. Afterall, when you are able to see The Sun, you will always be able to feel Its Empowerment. As for humans, oka The Dual Natured, Power should be as distanced from Knowledge as much as possible, something The Masterminders and their IQ/QI Frivolity & Nonsense are only too eagar to prove with our truth being lacking in love – as the religious and their ritualistic mumbo-jumbo are only too eagar to express. For us humans, love is the one who expects if not demanding too whereas Love, oka The Absolute Mother, is Unconditonality. Afterall, should Divinity exists and He, through She, is Omnipresent, Onmiscient and Omnipotent, and is Of Conditionality, humanity would not have existed nor allowed to exist.

    The knowledge which had existed before the advent of [Human] Thought is Exact/Real whereas the knowledge derived from Thought is Inexact/Relative. Or as euphemised by Science, The Empirical and that Of The Co-Efficiency. Exact Knowledge like Nuclear Fusion and The Periodic Table whereas human thinking could only muster Inexactness like “New Extensions” to The Periodicals via meddling or “To Give New Life” as in “Stem Cell Research”. As if.

    Regardless of the Yuga one may guess it to be, it is now Krita Yuga, The Age of Easy Enlightenment. Believe it, like it, realise it, or not, The Game had changed if only because there is not much time left for humans to realise The Divine in order to be the first to trigger the Arrival of [Final] Judgement otherwise, Malevolence, His Tentacles and Their Tag-Alongs will trigger Judgement’s Arrival first via bringing Humanity to the point that Divinity sees no point in continuing with The Play. This is because Devolution’s postion had always been untenable which is why He won’t mind taking All with Him. Without self realising how one is truly infrastructured and therefore be able to truly choose, blindness, oka gambling, is all there is.

    Within Krita Yuga, many ancient and deserving souls are being born to capitalise on their ability to be easily enlightened, thereby helping to trigger Judgement’s Arrival. Hence the population spurt whilst many less spiritually well-off are being denied their rebirth because there are not enough vacancies to meet the demand.

    Choice is only possible when one has true vision. Afterall, choosing means taking one’s fate onboard self which is why those who desire to be[come] pure are those who will be enlightened, be it directly or indirectly/serendipitously. As for those who merely believe in being chosen, they ought to ask the question, “What if Malevoence had chosen me?” Without one single exception, all have to face their true self before they are able to face The Divine.

    Divinity is not about book Knowledge or else all the Scholars & Academics [with their glitzy version of Beggary-Thievery] would have cornered the market to The Final Photoshoot. Not to mention the illiterate of which Mohammed was One, Mohammed being the same EXACT personality as Abraham and Moses. Avatars.

    In order to be able to judge self, when a human is gifted the realisation of self through The Awakening of The Kundalini, he is then able to sense absolutely, The 6th Sense [of Spiritual Benevolence] being Of Absoluteness whereas the 5 Fundamental Senses [of Materialism] are Of Malleability. Afterall, what is sweetness? This, then, is the means to ending The MO of Humanity, Gambling, oka Of Ownership Issue.

    Once the aspirant has chosen to become pure, oka being Of Self/Selflessness/Reality, he will be assisted by The Kundalini, oka The Mother Aspect or The Pure Desire of God, in the relinquishment of his desire for purity, oka being Of The Other/Selfishness/Relativity. This, then, is the means to tangibilisng The Divine for without being able to absolutely communicate with Divinity, Religion & Religiosity, oka The Mesmeric Tentacle of The Bookie, will be all there is. That of thinking and using Knowledge as the means to Empowerment which is not possible unless one is Truth. That where Catch-22 does not exist.

    For humans, we have to be Empowered first with Knowledge being merely there for The Bingo/Eureka-Moment Effect. To realise, oka to be thoughtlessly aware. This is because no human is born with Thought, which come in only 2 flavours, namely The Past and The Future, whereas The Present lacks Thought. Thoughtlessness was the so-called Secret of The Ages, which was why it was unattainable because every aspirant is trying own Divinity instead of merely becoming thoughtless. Even The Buddha had to relinquish His Thought, which was when He “rested” under the Banyan Tree before He was gifted God Realisation. As it stands, even when so related now and should the above be not some toothfairy tale, how does one becomes thoughtless? It is not possible, especially not after a lifetime of knowledging/thinking/trying-to-possess God, Knowledge being a word for trying to possess when its empowerment fails, a religion being the Knowledge which lacks attainment/realisation/empowerment.

  • My apology…
    There is no word as such for ‘religion’ in Sanskrit.
    It should read:

    SANATANA DHARMA is the Eternal LAW.

    Really there is no word in English for the word Dharma.
    Like so many other superb Sanskrit terms which can barely be expressed in English, a language of commerce. Endeavoring to put these subtle states of consciousness expressed in the ancient Sanskrit texts is arduous indeed, even for sages and scholars far wiser and brighter than me!

  • No diversity is the real truth.
    “All Such Theories are Mere Suppositions & Imaginary Concepts of Thinkers”
    Once you begin to consider the nature of your relationship to the universe and the origin of both, it is quite natural to want to systematize your findings to both share and clarify. Ever since we lost the memory of our absolute nature, we began this process.
    In the Hindu tradition this was done through the enlightened inner revelations of great seers, the Rishis and others. SAMKHYA is an amazing repository of such thoughts and has influenced almost every philosophical and metaphysical system in India’s great history.
    When you read these books you become aware that there are differences of opinion and arguments concerning the sequence and mechanics of Prakriti’s manifestation of the universe and her relationship to Purusha (the Soul). One venerable scholar even calls another a blockhead!
    While I was at first disturbed by these differences of opinion, I realized the truth from reading Abhinavagupta’s PARAMARTHASARA – a Sanskrit word which means the real truth!
    Abhinavagupta, the enlightened genius Shaivite, plainly states that all such theories are “mere suppositions and imaginary concepts of thinkers.”
    Why? Because – “No diversity is the real truth.”
    27. The Buddhist thinkers maintain that the constant flow of momentary consciousness is the only reality. The Vedic thinkers say that the single self, penetrating inside pervading, directing and governing all minds, is the ultimate reality.
    Some Upanishadic thinkers take the power of animation as the ultimate truth, while other such thinkers say that one universal ATMAN, shining as all phenomena, is the only reality. Some other thinkers take either the psycho-physical organism or the generalities or lastly the individual as the ultimate truth.
    But all such theories are merely dialectical speculations useful in discussions and debates. None among such entities has a real existence, as all these are mere suppositions and imaginary concepts of thinkers.
    28. In the same way that matters like piety and sin, heaven and hell, birth and death, pleasure and pain… and so on, do never exist in reality, but appear in the Self on account of delusion (MAYA).
    No diversity is the real truth. Its existence is simply apparent. It shines in the ATMAN as reflections shine in a mirror. All this appears to be a bonded being on account of the delusion caused by MAYA.
    *There is Oneness and (my term) non-Oneness or apparent multiplicity.
    *The domain of non-Oneness (PRAKRITI) is the ‘appearance’ of transitory multiplicity in the form of the temporal illusory hologram and its matrix (both produced by Prakriti’s GUNA-MAYA).
    *Therefore the mechanics of this multiplicity can be described in many diverse ways depending on the consciousness of the experiencer.
    Throughout the four Cycles of Time we all have recognizable differences in the way we perceive life. Our holograms are not identical, as I am sure you have noticed. Thus when any one of us goes traveling into the inner worlds of our Soul, we all come up with our own versions of how the universe is constructed and manifested. None of which are any more real than the temporal illusory hologram itself – and none of which is any more real than another. However some do have a higher consciousness and are more useful than others.
    Each is a product of the individual’s consciousness based on his or her state of balance among the three gunas. Prakriti’s GUNA-MAYA manifestations are all a part of the illusion of multiplicity – even when they are grand and enlightening illusory thoughts.
    If it is true, as Abhinavagupta says, that all such theories are “mere suppositions and imaginary concepts of thinkers” then why should you read these wonderfully arcane and often complex metaphysical systems that take great pains to delineate the mechanics of consciousness?
    The study of these metaphysical systems lifts your consciousness up into the higher frequencies out of the mundane and into the ‘sacred’.
    These seers are in the higher waveform frequencies that you want to be in. Immersing yourself in their consciousness through reading their thoughts will bring your consciousness closer to theirs.
    You will still have to ‘experience’ what you read. Just reading or hearing the truth is not enough. You must intuitively perceive, know, and feel these teachings in your soul. They must become a part of you deep inside. This is why so many diverse forms of spiritual practices have developed. These practices are an effort to allow you to make the knowledge a reality that has the power to release you from bondage of delusion.
    If you don’t understand the experiences your long hours of meditative practice are bringing you, then you will not be able to fully utilize their value. Without the knowledge of understanding, your hard earned inner revelations will wither on the vine and dissipate.
    You must have a users manual of some sort.
    Pick the one you resonate with.
    Hinduism is based on what it calls SANATANA DHARMA a Sanskrit term that means the eternal religion. This principle recognizes the truth that expressions of our relationship with our Creator and that which is sacred within each of us will evolve, change, and develop relative to each of the Four Cycles of Time, and the cycles within cycles of each age.
    As Krishna says in the Uddhava Gita:
    ‘In any one part, the other parts are present.’
    * Essence of the Exact Reality or
    PARAMARTHASARA of Abhinavagupta
    With English translation & notes by Dr. B.N. Pandit
    Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers; 1991, New Delhi

  • leftright

    I suggest you find a book named “The Holy Science” by swami Sri Yukteswar – it is by far the best description of the Yugas. We are actually in the second yuga – Dwapara Yuga. The end of the “descending” Kali Yuga was 499 AD – then the “ascending” Kali Yuga of 100 + 1000 + 100 – takes us to 1699 AD then the 200 years of “transition” from Kali to Dwapara Yuga.
    Dwapara Yuga represents the second stage of evolution – whereby we learn about the subtle electricities . .

    • Most Indian Sanskrit scholars do not agree with Sri Yukteswar – and neither do I. Yogananda (1893-1952) taught this backwards version of the Cycles of Time; he influenced many in the west through his famous book, Autobiography of a Yogi. But it does serve to demonstrate the raft of opinions. I prefer to go to the original texts and not to the interpretations of those who were born a 1000 years later.

      * WIKI: Yukteswar Giri (Bengali: ) (10 May 1855 – 9 March 1936) is the monastic name of Priyanath Karar (Bengali), the guru of Satyananda Giri and Paramahansa Yogananda. Yukteshwar was an educator, astronomer, a Jyotisha (Vedic astrologer), a yogi, and a believer in the Bhagavad Gita and the Bible. He was a disciple of Lahiri Mahasaya of Varanasi and a member of the Giri branch of the swami order. Yogananda considered Yukteswar as Jnanavatar, or “Incarnation of Wisdom”.


      “Inanna Returns” – excerpt page 212

      Gracie saw the familiar beautiful geometric forms in the Eye of her Mind. The colors were rich, and the sparkling forms moved in rapid succession as Melinar began to speak.

      “All the systems of philosophy and religion available in printed form are reflections of the Truth at various moments necessary to fulfill the needs of that time. It is not necessary to attach your consciousness to any of these systems, and the forms of religious expression that exist are still useful for many, but countless more forms were lost from the pre-historical period because nothing was written down.

      “Truth is truth in any present moment of existence, regardless of the form it manifests. The form is subject to the needs and capacity for reception of the existing race of beings as determined by the point of their evolution. Those thought formations/constructions which we build around us to protect us are often the very same forms which invite our demise. Prime Creator is ever in motion and changing.”

      Melinar’s brilliants were moving faster than Gracie’s human eyes could follow, but she understood that there was some ineluctable trap in the human need to stop change. Whatever was set into stone would inevitably be worn away. What we tried to hold onto would be lost. No one could stop the river.

  • zx83b

    This discussion on time, fascinating as always, V. Susan offers another provocative, lucid article on the subject.

    But I’m struggling to agree with some of the assumptions. The dissolution of the kali yuga feels far more imminent, as if we are on the very cusp of a great change FOR THE BETTER and things are moving fast.

    Susan said there is a wide degree of variance in the opinions of the scholars who have studied this. That they are all over the place when it comes to the WHEN this will all take place.

    Has anyone considered the possibility that they are ALL potentially correct?.

    For so long we have believed we are bound by time. We’ve observed how time is always used against us by our would be masters. They forced the hideous gregorian calendar on us to further skew our sense reality and bind our consciousness.

    But time is not immutable, it is elastic, it can be stretched and compressed, we all do this every day with our own perceptions.

    If I were to attempt to distillate all the thoughts and emotions that appear to affect time I would boil it down to the two most basic polar opposites:

    Love speeds time up, fear slows time down. We all know this, Stand in a long queue with excitement and anticipation enjoying good banter with friends and time flies, but stand in that same queue with dread and uncertainty with morose, hostile strangers and the time drag is awesome.

    It seems that the more keenly you sense time, the more strongly you are bound by it, and the unhappier you are.

    Remember school holidays? that sense of having an OCEAN of time stretching before you, so much that you can squander it without a care and the tremendous sense of freedom that went with that thought. Time is a thing of mind, the heart cares nothing for it.

    I dont believe the events necessary to herald the golden age are bound by time. I believe they are bound by sequence. A sequence of steps in fact.

    A step must be completed before another can be taken. The measure of time between taking one step and the next can be a second or an aeon, in terms of progression it becomes irrelevant to the final outcome.

    A simple novel demonstrates this concept, time is the blank page on which we can lay out our story, our story is a series of events that progress towards the conclusion, our consciousness tracks these events through time as we read.

    But we are not bound by time, we read quickly or slowly, we savour the words or rush headlong to the end we just have to know.

    And what happens if we stop reading for a period of time?, the next unread sentence awaits us with infinite patience until we are ready to resume the story. To that next sentence/step, time is of no importance.

    Consider for a moment, if sequence was the mechanism of change and progression through the yuga’s then suddenly the possibilities expand exponentially. With our consciousness no longer stuck in the linear rut of time we can create whatever we need, Miracles rubbing shoulders alongside the mundane. Extraordinary events become possible.

    And so the possibility of the golden age occurring tomorrow exists, if a given sequence of steps is fulfilled in a day then we could arrive in a day, collectively or individually. Or an aeon if we get distracted.

    I refuse to believe humans will INEVITABLY be wiped out or diminished. And I’m REALLY not prepared to accept another five hundred years or so of this mess.

    If you believe that the primary source of all things is benevolent, then the possibility exists for a much better outcome at the end of the kali yuga.

    My favourite garfield quote:

    “It’s AMAZING what you can achieve, if you dont know that you cant.”

    we should try not to allow ourselves to be too self limiting when thinking about this, isnt that the bad guy’s job? 🙂

    • Meter

      Nice observations.

      When we resist our experiences, time seems to ‘move’ more slowly. (We are sliding through ‘time’ more slowly, resistively.) This is why fear and boredom seem to drag on (boredom being the universe waiting for your next creation, or sometimes resistance to what is). When we accept experiences and allow them to impact us, engage them, time moves faster (we slide faster through ‘time’ – less resistance.) This is why love and happiness move right along (we move right along).

      Yet it’s also possible to linger in loving moments, slowing yourself down and relishing them. It’s sort of like eating your dessert really quickly because you love the taste, or eating it really slowly because you want to enjoy it for longer. Sexual analogies are also apt. Older people usually slow down, smell the roses, and this isn’t just due to physical frailty. It’s wisdom, a cherishing, sometimes found in the young as well (except many parents and teachers fear this and will push children to keep DOING – the last thing they want is an enlightened child to deal with 😉

      It’s also possible to accelerate through fear, by facing it directly rather than avoiding it. And boredom is often when someone thinks they are just an observer in their own life – they forget that they are the creator, and nothing happens if they don’t create it. Or sometimes it’s a refusal to look straight ahead, staring at the wall of the tunnel instead.

      I agree that progress is in steps – nicely said. Events will wait for you, stretch out. You can’t simply avoid life by waiting it out. “The soul does not keep time.”

      Yet I’ve also found that the river has a current. You don’t have to paddle all the way. Sometimes I find myself stuck. This can be a very dark space at times, like one is trapped. It can even lead to suicidal thoughts or other attempts at escape. It can seem very real, full of despair (later I will wonder why I took it so seriously, but when in it, it can be very encompassing). Almost always these spaces are repressed traumas looking for healing. I have found that if I can’t find the solution, I can just wait it out, be patient. A subtle river current will slowly take me out of it, even if I resolve nothing. But the caveat is that it will return. Eventually, it must be addressed. But you can wait for a better orbit.

      I don’t think the dissolution of humans at the end of the Kali Yuga need be thought of as a bad thing. We won’t be humans forever, nor would we want to be – it’s just a form on the way. And to everything there is a cycle. A young person runs from death, while an elderly person may welcome it, for example. The same may be true of species. But Susan can probably offer more insight about what they mean by the dissolution.

  • * The Silence in the Heart

    The Silence in the Heart is
    An unending Stillness
    Imbued with the Power of the All, the One.

    The Silence in the Heart waits
    for everyone
    weary of temporal illusions
    weary of win and loss
    empty victories, painful pleasures.

    Vast, dark, as the good earth
    we emerge from, beneath our feet
    The Silence in the Heart is
    Our source, sustenance.
    We cannot bear its absence for long.

    Our hopes lie here.
    This silence that warms us
    Embraces us as the Ancient Womb,
    the Matrix, the Force.
    Dark is where the seed grows.

    The Silence in our Hearts melts,
    fuses us, dissolves our skin,
    Reconnects – and reborn, renewed,
    we are better, metamorphosing,
    Forever blissful in the Calm.

  • Meter,
    Thank you again for your comments.

    Hinduism is a vast ocean of tolerance that allows everyone to approach the Oneness in his or her own way. There are so many schools that have evolved over the centuries. In my youth it was quite difficult to find translations of the Sanskrit texts, so I was over joyed when they became available – mostly from Exotic India Art online. I was fortunate in that I had the time and the inclination to study the Sanskrit texts – and eventually Sanskrit itself. Then I decided to share my research freely with everyone through my website.

    Of course, it is always best for the individual to read such books as the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads for themselves. They speak uniquely to each of us and can be read & reread over our lifetime. But at least the beginnings are there on my website for anyone who is curious, or serious about one of the greatest remaining sources of Wisdom Knowledge. The wisdom of India is eternal Wisdom – and therefore meant for all people. I am not a scholar and sincerely hope I have been able to communicate their subtle ideas in plain language.

    It was my own experience of remembering my multidimensional selves and [simultaneous] past lives that set me on the journey through the Sanskrit texts. That and of course a kind of sheer stubbornness most likely cultivated in my formative years in Texas. I appreciate you sharing your own experiences and adventures in consciousness. I find it reassuring to know that many are happily on their way Home, enjoying their own path to Enlightenment, perhaps quite privately. I myself am a bit of a hermit!

    I’m glad what I wrote inspired you. You have a gift for writing and communicating. Thank you for adding your lovely gentle consciousness to this thread.

    We meet in the Heart!

  • gokmen

    Hello. First, Thanks for the website, it’s been helping me a lot since I found it last year. Thanks for this great article also.

    Im not expert at subject and I am new in fact, but my opinion about so called ‘time’ is, its just an expression and I don’t think we have 400.000 plus years ahead until we go to next cycle.

    When you look all the expressions of this ‘darkness’ exists today; money for example, you have to ‘spend’ the ‘energy’ which is your energy that you had to go out and give some shitty job in order to ‘gain’ money. Or video games, you need ‘energy’ or ‘mana’ in order to express some actions. This is all reptillian mentality, its in our face and I hope I put this right (im Turkish so, I may fail to express).

    When I read the article I realized this so called ‘time’ concept which seems to be existing for us, is just an energy. And like we all see in daily life today, as this dark mentality expressing itself all around us, I came to conclusion: These forces who posessed our race, this planet, this ‘cycle’ has a limit. This is why they want to bring in the orwellian nightmare in order to control us becouse that will be the end, total control (they might dream)..upon our planet.

    They have so little left in terms of energy, they are careful and they have I might say ‘last shot’ in this. I hope that won’t be nuking entire planet but It looks that way right now.. they are desperate, they got no ‘energy’ left. One last shot maybe, thats all.

    In short I think we made it there, we just need to get our control back with not playing their game anymore, refusing to be part of this and thats it.

    I am doing a lot of translations lately, its illegal to publish anything beyond popular novel books here, they put you in jail for even translating. But im trying a lot. Becouse I know it, we made it there. Its the end. We Just gotta shake up the others around us so they can no more manipulate and fool around.
    Good day to you all

  • Victor Gagnon

    So “Meter” do you see how positive you effect people. I know that we do not affect all but we fall in love with those that we do affect in the way we think.
    Wow Meter you are the most amazing being I have ever encountered anywhere on this crazy technology called internet.. You are pure LOVE and I thank you for loving us all.
    You inspire me to be greater self. Love right back to you me!! One more being awakened one more step. Patience!! change is inevitable, change is who we are.

    • Meter

      Wow, thanks Victor.

      Cast a few seeds and move on – that is what I like to do here and there. Nice to see some sprouted.

      You’re a great meeting too – in fact in case you didn’t catch it, Julian thought you were me using a different name in the other thread, because we speak of love so similarly. That ‘one voice’. 😉

      Patience is indeed a vital part of love – well said. Though 426,900 years is pushing it. 😉

  • Meter


    I do find the perspective fascinating. I’m not sure I would have the patience to study all the details as you have, which is why I appreciate your taking the time to boil it down. I like hearing about it, and about others, such as Aboriginal dreamtime, etc. I love a good story (which is what I consider all knowledges). I find that simple explanations with minimal details serve me best, and my spiritual practice is very simple. I also find I retain and thus apply simple approaches – it’s hard to carry large understandings across awarenesses and dimensions – memory fragments. I don’t follow any dogma or use many disciplines. Love. It’s easy to remember.

    In general, the Hindu religion is too heavy for me in rules and definitions. I know how it gets this way, because at some levels of consciousness knowledge opens, and it’s so tempting to want to bring it into this world. Hence are large tomes written in the attempt. 🙂 Yet like you say, language has serious limitations. That’s why I enjoy occassional discussions as they come up. If I tried to write down everything I ‘know’, I’d never finish writing. (I don’t really know it, I access it on demand, and often forget it as quickly.) In some ways, I think the complex explanations and religions can misdirect, as people take them too literally.

    After much deliberate spiritual evolution in this lifetime, I have come to often experience myself as a hyperdimensional being. For example, in this life, I experience myself as all ages, from (pre-)birth on up, right now. My ten year old self is living his life right NOW, just as I am – we are one, and our choices affect each other. It’s all me – it’s simply a matter of changing perspective, sliding across time. Time is an experience we create by moving our awareness here then there. It has no reality. It’s all ‘space’, similar to how a movie is a collection of still frames. (That’s why if you exceed the speed of light, you move backward in time – you’re really just moving in space fast enough to bump into another frame of yourself physically.) So the me that’s writing to you is no more NOW than the other times of me – it’s just a meeting. I don’t experience myself as just living in 2013, nor do I experience 2013 as my primary now. I’m just here right now, my awareness is here at this moment, yet I am evolving across many times.

    I also experience that every moment or version of me, every age in this lifetime, has multiple versions, parallels. I have many times gone back and changed the past, healed it, which is more a matter of becoming aware of a more harmonious parallel and identifying with it. Yet you are left with multiple versions of the ‘past’. I remember the future in much the same way, and like the past, there is a spectrum of parallels to it – alternate outcomes if you like, though future memory is more etheric, spotty. (These parallels are indeed organized in cycles or revolutions, but I have never mapped them as the Hindus did – I just hop intuitively, and use a few bookmarks.) And it’s fairly easy to see which track I’m on, and thus the outcomes. Very little surprises me in terms of future – I see most of physical life coming long before it arrives, and I often adjust it to my liking. But sometimes I am still surprised, because life is very much alive, always changing! (There are higher dimensions that chime in.) My body has increasingly become involved in these shifts too – it’s not just mental.

    I also know that I am already dead, now. In a sense, I can have a seance with my dead self (selves), because like the others, it’s all NOW. I do so regularly. From this perspective, I look ‘back’ on the rest of my life as a memory of a life I lived – it’s all finished already from that perspective, and that is a startling experience. Makes me feel like a ghost haunting my own life. It almost always makes me weep – life is so precious and beautiful from the perspective of the dead. This certainly moves one beyond a fear of death to say the least.

    Beyond this incarnation, I have limited awareness of other lives and presences (not all physical), and interact with them, but its even harder to put that into words or frame it in linear thinking – it’s an experience beyond merely human. But the point is that I am witness to the fact that this is not just theoretical. We do reach levels of consciousness where we experience it! And it’s every bit as fantastic as it sounds, Back To The Future for real. This is why gurus sit and meditate all day – but really they’re ‘gone’, elsewhere. So even though my level of mastery is still developing, the results are very exciting, encouraging.

    A modern book you and others may find fascinating is Home With God by Neale Donald Walsch. It’s part of the Conversations With God series, which might be good to read for context – definitely worth reading. Home With God discusses what happens when humans die, and the whole death process. Yet it gets into a quantum physics view of reality, discusses how we re-enter timestreams, etc. Very far out stuff, but presented in a simple way, and I find it very true to my (still limited yet amazing) experiences. You may find it even more interesting with your knowledge of the Sanskrit texts.

    I also just saw the movie Mr. Nobody (2009). That’s quite a movie as it relates to this topic, if you can find a copy.

    Even writing all of that, I feel exhausted and like I didn’t do it justice, just silly words I should erase. Oh well – I’m sure you know how that feels. Overall, I try not to get too caught up in solving the mysteries while in this life, where awareness is so limited. This life has more experiential purposes, we don’t need to unravel all the mysteries of the universe, just enjoy it. Yet as a mystic, I am a connoisseur of the questions – they inspire growth.

    You must have said something right, because I launched into all of this text after reading your article. 😉 Thanks for the inspiration. And I liked the “Pre-cooked food will be readily available” too – remarkable!

    • Aude Sapere

      Sounds like “Slaughterhouse-Five” by Kurt Vonnegut, experiencing all ages of life at one time. Also “2001, A Space Oddessy”.

      • Aude Sapere

        Sorry, 2001:_A_Space_Odyssey

    • Ramanyana


      Thanks for the book rec.

      I feel akin to say a few words. I can have experiences daily when I can put myself into a state of harmony, or “Love”, as you might.

      Susan, Thank you very much for your insightful article. I love the idea that we “can” achieve vast amounts of knowledge in a very limited time, being a day, a meditative session, or what have you.

      Meter!! You are the man, I am intrigued that you can haunt yourself in such a way, your perspective in relation to time interests me. I am more of the ascetic who recently will take care of my earthbound responsibilities, i.e.-cleaning the house, tending the garden, keeping a clean, sacred space conducive of “higher” meditative states.

      Even the word higher, makes me think of our perspective and that there is something above or outside of us that is not fully realized.

      My ego can run amuck, as i have dutifully learned much about nutrition, dreams, yoga, massage, bodywork, health, exercise, longevity, but my meditation today was “focused” on oneness, as if what we are all writing, dreaming, singing, and dancing is a “thing”.

      Anyways, I thought I would share, and sincerely enjoy the fact that other people are at least dabbling with ideas that seem to be pointing towards a unification, whether it be extra-dimensionally (infinitely, if you ask me 😉 ), across lifetimes, or within the “matter” of self(as a scientific method has come to understand).

      Food for thought- If the earth had a screen behind it opposite to the sun, it would cast one, singular shadow. One can extrapolate that idea..

      “The earth is not seperate from the moon”. From this idea, I believe that a good step for us conscious beings to attempt every day is to connect to the earth first, or whatever you might feel comfortable connecting to, in body and awareness. From there, the possibilities are truly endless. 🙂 Namaste.

      Meter- I don’t like to see light as having a speed because what speed really means is space/time. I like your critique of all things beings space, first and foremost. ( I am a proponent of “infinite higher dimensional space”, meaning unlimited greater, smaller, and hidden with the musings of what we “know”.

      Thank you.

    • Eni

      Hi there, regarding to
      “That’s why I enjoy occassional discussions as they come up. If I tried to write down everything I ‘know’, I’d never finish writing. (I don’t really know it, I access it on demand, and often forget it as quickly.) In some ways, I think the complex explanations and religions can misdirect, as people take them too literally.”

      I been experiencing the same this last 2 years, its quite fun actually. Im also a practitioner of “asian” disciplines, i find the current system that the average joe is living quite boring. I do get pleasure but from learning new things everyday and unwrapping the mysteries of the universe, but im always aware i can be wrong. Yet im too lazy to write all that down, when i get in discussions with Equals, i get into a lot of really interesting deductions that i wouldn’t arrive myself. I get to better and more fun ones whenever i learn new things, but yeah i feel Im taping into other source of knowledge. In order to achieve that i need certain special state of consciousness similar to being “inspired”. Good to see more people around having the same glimpses. Yet im pretty sure there are higher states of consciousness and they are endless. So this is probably a temporal state, who knows what i will be in the future, that makes life quite exiting :). I don’t follow nobody and i don’t like being followed neither. Each person has their place to excel at and they should develop that. I cant wait till the world catch up so we can have a more decent environment to develop this skills, and real “knowledge”. For now i enjoy the daily discoveries, i can no longer make long term plans since i find really amazing stuffs in lapses of days or weeks that makes everything turn around. One thing is certain i want to be off-grid to be undisturbed to keep this path, and if i can keep on this path without the need of being off-grid, better then, we will transform this grid then to suit or propose. Its very true that in a day of kali yuga you can achieve the progress of many years of the other Yugas for sure.
      Oh this got longer that i intended, i let my self got carried, i guess is due to the lack of interesting people to talk to now a days :P, since we all spread across the world right now, soon we will be normal coins, the only path to freedom is real knowledge and practice of it, at least i enjoy the pursue of that since feels like a video-game, there is a turning point when you got that knowledge that you can develop your subtle bodies that you no longer need this “plane” to get information and there is where the confusion ends cause you will known cause you experience it. For now feels endless and i like it, its fun.
      Regars stranger.

  • I fully understand and realize that the authorities on the ancient Sanskrit texts do not agree that we are now in the Twilight of this Kali Yuga. The traditional and currently accepted timeline for the end of the Kali Yuga in India is that we have another 426,900 more years of the Kali Yuga. But consider that even India’s superb and brilliant Sanskrit scholars have also been living in the miasma of amnesia brought on as we have descended deeper and deeper into the current Kali Yuga.

    I have studied this for years and for those of you who are interested, here is the conclusion I have come to based on multiple sources:

    * Evidence that we are in The Twilight of the Kali Yuga

    • Meter

      > we have another 426,900 more years of the Kali Yuga

      *Meter checks his watch.* “Hmmm.”

  • Meter

    An interesting perspective. I find people have a poor appreciation for the largeness of what we call time. They talk about how the world is changing, how it is waking during this time and great things are happening. I think this is a foolish time-centric view, and people of all times believed such things. Our lives are the blink of an eye, even when measured only against the life of humanity, let alone the life of the planet, galaxy or universe. Very little is changing, least of all in man, certainly not from anything man is doing. Yet people don’t want to hear this because their whole identity is based in doing. They have to believe they are productive or they feel unworthy – the life of a slave, useless except for what it produces.

    We incarnate as microscopic creatures crawling around on a speck of dust circling a spark of light, living for a microscopic amount of ‘time’. Yet somehow we believe all we’re doing is so vitally important?

    I think most efforts to change oneself and change the world go to nothing. The true value of life is to experience it. It’s like going to a movie and trying to change the movie to be what you want, painting over the screen, rather than listening to what the movie is saying, allowing it to impact and affect you. Yet you are also creating the movie, you are its actor and director, but you can’t change it once it hits the screen. In a sense, everything we see is the past – light takes time to reach our eyes and is already something else by the time we see it.

    Time is an illusion, and thus choice is as well. That is to say all experience is illusion. The choices we worship are really not important at all from one perspective. They change nothing. All outcomes occur in the grand infinity – the great mishmash of all parallel universes. Any choice you make, you also make the opposite choices in another universe. The value of choice is in modulating your experience of NOW. Time and choice are tricks we play on ourselves to give us a certain perspective, a certain experience. They create the movie, but the movie isn’t real, and doesn’t matter, except for the meaning we give it. And even that meaning is fleeting.

    In truth, you can’t change anything through your choices – all outcomes exist and are just as real as the one you choose ‘this time’. What you’re really changing, or choosing, is your path ‘this time’ through hyperdimensional being – that is your only power in this universe. You can and do relive segments of your life, or entire lives many times (deja vu is a result of this – it’s very common to do so), making different choices, and thus having different experiences.

    Most suffering is created by the desire to change what is, rather than accepting and simply experiencing it. The desire to ‘change the world’ is the epitome of a person who has become locked in a raging ego. It can be very frustrating. Ironically, the most powerful way to change one’s experience is to surrender to it. Once it deeply impacts you, its purpose is fulfilled, and you move on. You create the next experience. By rejecting or resisting what is, you ensure its repetition. By believing yourself a victim, you forget you created it. By believing it to be real, you paralyze yourself with fear. We are infinite, eternal souls, and thus there is nothing to fear from a movie. Rather, movies are to be experienced and enjoyed – even the horror flicks. That’s why we create them.

    What should mostly be taken from this is that we as humans are infants just waking. Our way of viewing reality, which we consider so deep and concrete and important, we will one day see as a quaint and rather disturbing dream, a trial of the birthing process, if we care to remember it at all. What we have been is nothing, inconsequential, compared to what we are becoming.

    • Meter,
      Thank you!
      A few reflections on your insightful thoughtful reply:

      This “interesting perspective” as you say, has been known in the Sanskrit texts and traditional primordial metaphysics for thousands of years. Every Hindu knows and accepts the Cycles of Time, and is aware that we are now living in the Kali Yuga.

      Consider that we have gone through this “waking up” experience countless times.

      * “With the explanation of one Manvantara, all the Manvantaras have been undoubtedly explained.”
      – from the Linga Purana Section 1, Verse 95.
      This world is indeed without end in the sense that the Cycles of Time are eternally occurring. There are according to the Linga Purana, twenty-five possible differences (perhaps as fractals?), meaning variations within the Matrix.
      * “What happens in one set of four yugas is repeated in the other cycles of four Yugas in the same manner and at the same time as well as in the same order. The differences that occur from creation to creation are limited to twenty-five, neither more nor less. The Kalpas too have the same characteristics as the Yugas. The same characteristics mark all the Manvantaras also.”
      – from the Linga Purana Section 1, Verse 86-92
      Thus all the Cycles of Time are the same or at least so similar that the very real possibility exists that when you recall or access a ‘past life’ memory, it might be from this cycle of time or from one in another Manvantara. All the cycles are occurring simultaneously within the holographic matrix, like the classic metaphor of onionskins, as waveform frequencies one within another.  Time only exists as illusion and is relative to consciousness.
      We are currently in the 28th Maha-Yuga (made up of the four yugas) of this Manvantara, and we are now in the 7th Manvantara of the 14 Manvantaras make up a Kalpa, meaning one ‘Day of Brahma’. To me this means that I have already repeated, many times, experiences within this temporal illusory holographic matrix. If some things are familiar to you, apparently there is a preponderance of dang good reason.

      Did you ever have that feeling of déja-vu? You know, you are absolutely certain you have been here before or said this before. You feel you know someone well who you only just met. Could you imagine that if you have already been who you are now and played this small identity ego-self around 454 times, there is the real possibility for the memory of something you have already done 454 times to recur in your mind.

      This would explain why so many of us have a sense of what is coming. We have been here for the Dissolution of our World, the temporal illusion, 453 times already – the 454th is still in our future. I find this wisdom knowledge a rather striking, stunning, sobering.


      What you have said, “Yet you are also creating the movie, you are its actor and director, but you can’t change it once it hits the screen. In a sense, everything we see is the past – light takes time to reach our eyes and is already something else by the time we see it.” is quite true. The consuing new age idea that we create our own reality is a sad misunderstanding of the ancient Sanskrit teachings in SAMKHYA.

      So you have understood and have also said this truth in a easy to grok way. Thank you!

      We do create the temporal illusory holographic universe, however in the Kali Yuga most of us are completely unconscious without any wisdom or any memory of metaphysical truth, of Sanatana Dharma, the Eternal Law. So we keep bumping into the others’ unconscious projections, which these days are strongly being emitted by ‘darkside’ demonic forces. It is the job of the ‘darkside’ to bring on a Dissolution – and thus the Cycles can begin again. World without end. We will find ourselves, once again in yet another Satya Yuga.

      According to the ancient Sanskrit texts, only those who attain Liberation from the Illusion, MOKSHA and JIVAN MUKTI in Sanskrit, will make their way Home – and then who knows? Off to the next adventure.


      In Sanskrit the words for pleasure and pain are often written as one word: SUKHADUHKHA. Sukha being pleasure – and Duhkha meaning pain or suffering. Suffering is the inevitable result of all desire and the primary creative principle in this universe is Desire, or KAMA in Sanskrit. The One veils itself in multiplicity and plays within the temporal illusory ‘appearances’ of differentiated five-sense perception. Like hitting the proverbial brick wall, our suffering reminds us of the temporality of the hologram and pushes us to greater Wisdom, just as a mother calls her children Home.

      Veiled in appearances, we indulge.
      Five sense perceptions mislead us
      through the Labyrinth of Illusion.
      Released from the scars of delusion’s
      wounds tempting again, our own creation,
      we dance back & forth between the One
      and Multiplicity, from the Real into
      the Phantasmal, our Dreams return,
      our eyes dim.

      Our Home is a state of Consciousness.
      We meet in the Heart.

      • Gunnar Mayer

        How can I verify what is claimed in your story? Somebody might as well have made it all up. Millons of years is a long time.

        • Hello Gunna Mayer,
          Your question is quite natural and legitimate. We in the west have been conditioned to believe in “Progress” as a sort of religion. I too was brought up believing that technology and the consumption of it would make the world a better place. I struggled with this Cycles of Time concept for years. However consider that cycles are an accepted in market investment timing, for example Eliot Wave Theory. What finally changed my thinking forever was Rene Guenon’s book:

          * The Reign of Quantity
          Rene Guenon
          Originally published in French, 1945
          Sophia Perennis, 2001, Ghent, NY

          Here is some of what I learned…

          * The Illusion of Ordinary Life as the Degenerative Path to the Catastrophic / From an understanding of Rene Guenon’s ‘The Reign of Quantity’
          In modern times we have all accepted a reality based solely on and limited to the five senses. During the past 6,000 years, the period known as the Kali Yuga, our innate abilities to perceive the Invisible Realms have atrophied to the point that most humans are incapable of even a remote awareness of, much less the Joy of interacting with, that which we cannot see, hear, touch, etc.
          It is therefore understandable why most simply deny the very existence of such realities. They are not capable of perceiving them. The result of this disastrous defect of our comprehension has produced the ludicrous concept of ordinary life or real life, which in its absolute denial of anything beyond the five senses engulfs us all in total delusion.
          Tragically, anything that is perceived beyond the accepted norm is regarded as weird, strange & bizarre, and is consequently relegated to a sort of carnival-freak-show, yellow-journalism state of mind, which derides believers for indulging in childish entertainment and titillation.
          Such a deluded error is not only adolescent in its comprehension, but is also the densest of illusion because it ignores the underlying metaphysics that are the actual source of the external holographic matrix which we, in our limited state of consciousness, mistake for reality.
          This confused and confining insistence on ordinary life has become more severe as time has drawn us down into the final stages of this cycle of time. As the Veils of Illusion have solidified around us, human consciousness on this planet has successfully degenerated into the aggressively empty, heartless, consumer society we currently inhabit barely half-alive.
          The term ‘get real’ is symptomatic of the toxic soup our brains are submerged in. We are mired in an integrated perceptual structure, a gestalt, an invisible sea of delusion that so completely permeates our thinking and our consciousness that we do not even begin to realize how cut off we are from our true nature and the multitude of Myriad Worlds. Rene Guenon uses the term multiple states of being.
          We have become engulfed in ‘quantity’, in enumeration. We are devoted to measuring the endless surfaces of what we imagine to be solid matter. We have lost all connection to any truth beyond what we have come to accept as the human state. Frightened by what we consider non-human, or above human, supra-human, we term these experiences unreal and, to our great detriment, allow only what we judge to be real and sensible into our hologram.
          Thus we have fallen into density and allowed our consciousness to be programmed and brainwashed. Human consciousness has become limited to the point of extinction.
          The progressive degeneration of science and philosophy has brought us down to a common, as in mediocre, level of understanding of this world. In thus reducing everything to human terms, we have moved from rationalism to materialism. We are not merely human.
          We are the precious fragments of Isness projected into Time and Space through the data-collecting vehicle that can be described as human, but is not limited to that. This gestalt of ignorance of our true being has, as Guenon brilliantly says, penetrated and impregnated the whole nature of the individual. We are completely submerged in our ignorance.
          We have locked our consciousness in a very small, moldy, dark basement – a frequency prison created by us. This acceptance of quantifying surfaces as the be-all and end-all of knowledge has brought us to mechanism and materialism, and has given the priesthood of this absurdly limited so-called science an inordinate and totally undeserved control over our lives.
          We believe almost anything our blinded-by-science hierarchal PhD priesthood imposes upon us. Despite the fact that these factual scientific oh-so-holy proclamations change almost daily in a never-ending mega-ego battle for warlike intellectual dominance and desperation for funding, we hang on to every soap-opera word of the latest ivory tower edicts.
          Rene Guenon tells us that truth in modern times has been lost and replaced by utility and convenience. Science is no longer the pure search for truth, but the slave of commerce and industry. Science has become the servant of our consumer cravings and is dependent on producing profitable results for its survival.
          Rather that holding these minions of corporate industry in high esteem and allowing them to dictate the atmosphere of our very being, these unfortunates who have been blinded-by-science should be regarded as what they are – beings whose God-given ability to perceive what lies beyond the five senses has atrophied, become functionally extinguished, and is now dead & gone!
          Like stubborn children competing with each other for parental attention, these priests of science have become so blind that they are incapable of considering any idea outside of their own ego driven turf. They seem to have lost the ability to think in any other way.
          The measurement of that which can be registered by the five senses, in the guise of modern science, may indeed go on ad nauseum forever; but in doing so, leaves us all skating on the thin ice of a miasma of amnesia – and in no way reflects the totality of existence.
          The quantification of the material world without an understanding of the Invisible Realms that support it, which in fact are the actual Source of such apparent solidity, is the degenerative path to the catastrophic conclusion of this cycle of time, the Kali Yuga, our current Age of Conflict and Confusion.

    • Victor Gagnon

      Well you are simply brilliant but not from this planet! You are so loved.

      • Victor Gagnon,
        Thank you for your kind words.
        An off world perspective is natural to many.

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