Quantum Physics Has Confirmed It – The Universe is Comprised of Information: Here’s What it Means

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As quantum physics can now confirm, the universe we live in is not made up of solid objects but of energy and information. This discovery holds vast implications for understanding the nature of our world and in understanding the true source of vibrant health. It also means that it is possible to encapsulate all the concepts discussed in the world of holistic natural health into a single unified theory.

Universal law: The true source of health or disease

Since we reside in the universe, it is dictated that we are subject to universal and natural laws. That being said, in an information universe made up of energy, health or disease can only come from one place. That place is from information. The concept goes like this: When the cells in our bodies are aligned with pure, healthy sources of information, we are healthy. Likewise when we are exposed to distorted information fields, we can experience ill-health if we don’t remove the source of the distorted information.

Sources of healthy information fields and distorted information fields

So what are some examples of pure information fields and distorted information fields, you ask? Well, some examples of pure information is eating pure, natural, uncooked organic food and pure filtered water. Putting that type of fuel into our bodies injects pure energy spin and leads to vibrant health. Some examples of distorted information are junk food and the electro-magnetic fields generated by wireless networks and cell phone towers. Junk food laced with GMOs has a negative information energy spin which will eventually cause ill-health if we continue to consume it, while EMF radiation is a source of negative and distorted information which disrupts the body’s energy field and which over time will rob us of vibrant health if the source of the distorted energy is not removed. Pathogens are another source of distorted, disharmonious information. If harmful bacteria or a virus becomes lodged in our system, it creates distortion in the normal operations of our bodies and will cause ill-health.

Encapsulating all health-related information into a single concept

As you can probably tell by now, this information has fundamental implications in the arena of natural health. What it means is that essentially, all information, articles and suggestions we read about natural health are directing us to fill our lives and bodies with clean, health sources of information while avoiding and reducing sources of distorted information. This is the unified key to the source of all health and healing as well as the source of all ill-health and disease. If we use our logic and intuition, it becomes relatively easy to deduce whether a food, energy field or environment is filled with pure spin energy or distorted energy. Then we can consciously make the choice whether or not to interact with said information source. This enables us to powerfully take control of our health destinies and, by extension, our lives; something that all health-conscious individuals are directly or indirectly seeking.

About the Author

Zach C. Miller was raised from an early age to believe in the power and value of healthy-conscious living. He later found in himself a talent for writing, and it only made sense to put two & two together! He has written and published articles about health & wellness and other topics on ehow.com and here on NaturalNews. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science.

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  • Mímisbrunnr

    Paul Tarsuss, the first half of your post is good information… but the belief in the historical Jesus as the real Son of “God” is an unfruitful, dated approach that we’re just not ready to put a finger on. I know, it’s miserable, but we don’t have to be. He was a sage, a recluse, very much unaware of the exact nature of approaching ideologies and the resulting state of the Devil as we see it now. But, he accepted his destiny. Now, the Christian texts and the teachings that Jesus tried to prove came thousands of years before him with Buddha, the Taoists masters and even older beings. If you want to get into the mind of Christ… maybe you’re ought to try experiencing psilocybin or DMT, or at least do some obligatory research on them. Prophesy… is an experience, it’s a human realm, Jesus Christ experienced it in his mind, whether we needed to see him as the true Son of God or not… we don’t need to right now, we need to see ourselves as our own Messiahs – it takes sacrifice, not just prayer or humility.

  • danny

    This is a load of bullshit – I used to follow david icke vehemently, yes the illuminatí are real but icke is NOT against them, he is a high level Freemason. The crap about vibrations and one mind is all satanism taught in the cult of the illuminati. There are no reptilian aliens, this is a huge deception. The snake in eden – Satan. Reptilian possession is demonic posesión and yes the catholic church abuse the teachings of our God and our Messiah but the original teaching was not to do that, it was the truth. Saul of tarsus whowrote 66.6% of the new testament (when including acts which Luke wrote for him) was the lawless one, the false prophet of the beast who founded Christianity via the pagan catholic church a few centuries later.

    • Steve

      You are right , and I believe Ike is a new age light worker.The New Age light workers are in the same boat as the Illuminati.You have the black and the white aspect of the occult , just like you have a political and religious aspect , or a material agenda , and a spiritual agenda.Satan is dualistic by nature and he governs both systems.He creates the chaos to bring about the Luciferian order.This political beast system that is in control now is about to be wounded , and the religous aspect is about to take over ; and this is what DAVID IKE is all about ; the new age cosmic consicousness.He is a LUCIFERIAN.

      • Mímisbrunnr

        All these ideologies that still exist, do we have to apply them to the vast majority of spiritual thinkers here…? We all know society is an order of creation. It’s one particular system within an order. It is vastly contained in the human collective imagination of every organized life, cell, soul and any other constant in this universe – whatever you may call it. We are a part of this destabilization – the Gaian mind, in which our case, exists as one consciousness system within the creation of soul of systems – other creatures replicated through the DNA do the same and we might merge with other species in the future – or at least, survive. This is perceived by us only in the slightest imaginable phenomenon of collective sense. This “god particle” which is virtually found when every mind/fore, whether within the animal or a particles touches the universal, ultimate perception of DAO, simply THE cycle of life. It’s not slowing down because it’s the universal Tao. We do not know if this is the ultimate Tao of all cycles and systems in which they perceive themselves as true, but we only have to realize that each human being has to exist in an order of creation that is aware of it’s present karma – such evaluations have to be made with care and love. There is an universal karma for all creation in life. All life – with the Big Bang and it’s elements begin as a mathematical force which is an agreement that all light constantly travels through all order of creation of consciousness, which is an infinite vibration of all energy system combined to produce a moment after moment of sustained energy, which serves as opposition to chaos and promotes “Spirit”. This force is very easy recognizable to the Devil – to all of us, because all creatures are fallen Angels opposing the beauty of constant bifurcation of time by God. We seek time as our only retaliation for all of the competing ideas and spirits, which are our delusions, hallucinations of constant, replicating chaos magnitudes beyond the creation of our own cycle. All of these delusions have opposing systems and forces, and our only karma is the human trauma that we cause. Greed and nobility are some of the worst we have.
        All consciousness is reincarnation, in that wea re not even aware what is a reincarnation, it would seem a miracle, but it certainly is one, not the same miracle each time – simply the beginning of a new one an end of another, all sympathy experienced in this drama of life is the same. Some experience has to be relied upon and other accepted as a habitual state of order.
        We need to accept that in each individual creature consists of an abiding, fractal force that is possibly all creation only understood by the fleeting moments of imagination. Every thought process and every flow of order in creation contains a number of bifurcations vibrating in spacetime. The continuum is a constant speeding up.

        • john smith

          “of it’s present karma – with the Big Bang and it’s elements”
          —- ….. your religious discourse and its syntax/grammar shows a deep level of ignorance. Please, review the use of “its” versus “it’s”.

      • Mímisbrunnr

        Anybody confused about the idea of God and seeking reals answers about spirit should, or rather NEEDS to look into the tryptamine hallucinogen – called DMT; simply for for the sake of maintaining the possibility of experiencing an infinite order, or set of cycles of creation through this particular vibration of our imagination. It is the Fruit, the Stone, the Alien within us. Everything we experiences is also the perception of future events through the Third Eye. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil is real – the enduring War on Drugs is just another enduring evil that we have created to maintain our paranoia.

  • Larion

    A clear perspective sees the universe as the all encompassing will and mandate of the creator orchestrated for us to be perceived as a physical reality, yet under essential examination it is demonstrably force fields manifesting to their particular programed algorithms. In other words, its the music of the spheres. Enjoy the orchestra, the scenery, and Yahweh, the conductor.

  • MR

    Yahshua, Jesus Christ, said: “My people are killed for a lack of knowledge.”


  • Nothing in our universe is as simple as it appears. Nothing. So, man’s logic tends to break down where he continually fails to rise to the occasion of being even a remotely relative observer. (hint: pretty much everywhere)

    Magnetics researcher, Howard Johnson, is quoted to have said:

    “I don’t know how the electrons got started spinning, and I don’t know how to stop them, do you?”

    Perpetual motion is everywhere and mankind lacks even a crude understanding of how ‘relative’ that motion is, much less it’s origin. Take for example, the flagellar motor. Arguably the most efficient electric motor known, it was discovered to be the inboard electric motor inside the bodies of certain bacteria. The flagellar motor is complete with sensors, switches, stator, rotor, bushings, drive shaft, universal joint, propeller….etc.


    Examine the pictures closely….How does one honestly ascribe such an engineering feat as a self replicating electric motor, so small that 8 million of them would fit end to end in the thickness of the root of an average human hair, to blind, dumb, chance? Man is so clumsy in comparison….actually, there is really NO comparison. Which means that if one is of the atheistic stripe, one is left to face the stark “apparent” reality that the very “pinnacle” of evolution, ‘mankind’, is rather infinitely LESS than the sum of his parts!

    Many a sciential geek extraordinaire would jump for joy if he could make a two piece macro object with moving part in a common 3d printer! (myself included)

    Take the lowly human red blood cell for instance. Do not the ‘hallowed’ halls of higher learning teach that homo erectus is the first walk upright? Yet we see that the insides of our trillions of cells is each like a harmonious city, replete with high tech gadgetry….sky scrapers, rapidly self assembling/dis-assembling highways, timely trash collectors, gears, cogs, levers, ….and BIPEDAL organisms walking upright on those magic highways, hauling giant bags of cargo to and fro.

    No….’evolution’….mindless, blinded, nothingness did not assemble such fine Masterwork.

    That the brain of mankind is ‘wired’ into space time, and capable of seeing future events innately, has been proven statistically in the lab, and categorically in the observations of many among the world’s populations at large.

    Why does the human pineal gland contain photo receptor cells similar to retinal cells, even a rudimentary lens? A ‘third eye’? Why put flouride in water to be ingested, if it’s just for teeth and labelled NOT for ingestion? It is known to ‘calcify’ the pineal gland….our ‘WiFi’ connection to a reality much greater than our own. Who would want to sabotage man’s link to the higher realm?

    Taken on the whole, (sad, tiny pun) our ‘reality’ our ‘universe’ owes it’s existence, it’s combined energy, to something much more advanced. Some One….and that some One, is about to ‘bring to ruin, those ruining the earth’.

    Ask yourself, which is more important at this, the most critical juncture in human history? Pondering the infinite? or Pondering whether or not we should have a place in it and what is required for ‘perpetuation that truly matters’?

    Ponder the following truths: It is written that God made Eve by causing Adam to sleep and then taking a rib while he slept. Many a “high mind” has ridiculed this “primitive myth” over the ages. Yet what is occurring today? Do not surgeons remove up to six ribs at a time from some one that ‘they’ cause to fall asleep? And why do they do this? For bone marrow transplants and genetic research. Why ribs? Because they are the only bones in the human body that grow back every time they are carefully removed! The one that invented us knows a thing or two about cloning, I’d say. Do you, dear reader, find it a bit hypocritical to laugh at the story of our Inventor performing surgery to obtain copious DNA material for the purpose of making Adam a mate, when ‘scientists’ of today are playing like infants at doing the same? Again, our view of reality is rather like a child’s view of the world from inside it’s mother’s womb.

    Please consider the following:

    It is revealed at Revelation 13:18 in God’s Word :

    “Here is WISDOM. Let him that hath UNDERSTANDING count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”

    I have capitalized the words, wisdom and understanding, so that the reader may observe that Christ is here revealing a clue to the identity and mark of the ‘beast’. If one looks back to the books of Kings and Chronicles, one finds the man of whom Christ is speaking. What man is recorded in both books to have exacted gold tributes of 666 talents? What man was gifted with wisdom and understanding above every other of his day? What man fell away from worshiping the One True God, following after the false gods of his many wives?

    Surely by now, the reader can discern what man! Solomon! The man that took the ‘star of chemosh’ as his own personal seal, afterward to be known as the ‘seal of solomon! Later, to be referred to, (as a cover up) as the “star of david”. The HEXagram has no historical link to David of the Bible. It IS however, linked with the fallen solomon. And what organizations today USE the six pointed star?

    The ‘free’masons are founded upon the fallen solomon and have revered him highly throughout their organization….and ‘who’ else shares this symbol, steeped in demonic ritual? One cannot now look at C-span without seeing the six pointed star on the national seal, and a HEXagram between each and every member of congress. Soldiers are now asking why it is that each officer sword of all branches of the military have the HEXagram on the hilt of every blade. The HEXagram is a geometric reference to the number 666. The cwhoreporation, Digimarc, for instance, (designer of driver’s licenses and ID’s for various U.S. states) has an interesting logo…. look at the colored spoked wheels inside the circle. Notice (at the link below) the color key on the outside edge? Using those colors, one may find 3 six spoked ‘stars’ superimposed upon one another. 6-6-6…..and on forms of citizen identification no less!


    Take a dollar bill from one’s back pocket and see that the HEXagram mark of the beast is emblazoned above the eagle, which is their way of indicating that ‘they’ rule ‘over’ america. But why believe me? See for yourselves:


    Google – six pointed star mark

    Google – 666 talents of gold

    Google – D.C. Jerusalem masonic shrine

    Google – Shriner lucifer

    Google – lucifer telescope

    Youtube – walmart guard towers. They have made their deal with the devil, so to speak and are considered, “too big to fail”. Their workers already wear the six pointed ‘star’ on the foreheads. (of their hats anyway) Can the reader now see that, after all the smaller retail food outlets have diminished or dried up and blown away, that only the largest retail giant in the land will have food rations? That is why they have the guard towers? And what is their “mark”? The same as the mark of the beast! It’s not hard to see food lines and many minions, having signed their lives away, lining up with their ‘marks’ handy, in order to obtain rations.

    Google – Walmart six pointed logo

    Google – soldiers ask why six pointed star now on all officer swords

    Google – talmud truths

    The hour is late, the harvest is great and the workers are few…. See the signs He has promised us…


    The story “Huge Media Blackout regarding earth and moon orbital changes” used to be hosted at Beforeitsnews.com but the story was deleted several times. This information is of vital importance to all who wish to make informed decisions regarding the lives of their loved ones and themselves. Many were warned, yet because of the “HUGE MEDIA BLACKOUT” when the great flooding on the missouri river took place in 2011 as a direct result of the markedly increased solar radiation now hitting the northern latitudes in spring and summer months, not many took heed to the warnings. And who knew beforehand??? I attended the army core of engineers meeting after the disaster and addressed the Truth. The cowards sat silent and guilty, and there is no way they couldn’t have known well before hand as I and many others knew and tried to warn others. Study and see that Luke 21:25-28 is in fulfillment at this time. And see that when God says that the heavenly bodies will shake, and there will be signs in sun, moon and stars, while the nations will be in anguish over the great agitation of the oceans…..He Means It. Isaiah 24:20, He means it. Revelation 16:8, He means it!


    Christ also means it as He reassures us, “When you see the beginning of these things, STAND UP and LIFT UP your heads, for your redemption draws near”. TOO many are instead doing just the opposite, sitting down and hanging their heads! IF ONE IS AFRAID of what is coming upon the world, it is only because, deep down, you believe YOU HAVE IT COMING to you!

    DO YOU? Kneel and repent of sin, live STRONG in HIS WORD, His SON, Jesus Christ, and be forgiven, and you will instead find GREAT REASON to stand and raise your heads, even your voices, to God and to your fellow man.


    He forgave Kirk Martin, He can forgive you too….Try Him. Soon.
    For those who truly seek to know God’s ways, If He exists, where is his signature on Creation….I tell you the time is short, the harvest is great, and the workers are few. See:






    God’s Word told the end from the beginning, and SO MANY are missing out on account of ignorance, prejudice, intellectual cowardice, etc…!

    Don’t be among them.

    Blessings friends, in Jesus Christ!

    And remember, the hour is late, and It is HIGH TIME to STAND UP and LIFT UP your heads, (and your voices too!) for your redemption draws near!

    • danny

      Saul of tarsus was the Antichrist.

      He invented Christianity.

      The followers of the messiah were Jews. They kept the law as yehusha taught.

      All the signs given by yehusha were fulfilled by Paul
      Look into what I wrote abd you will see. Even 666 has relevance to Paul.

    • john smith

      owes it’s existence, it’s combined energy….. Man! Can you please learn your grammar? its versus it’s……… you seem to make semse, but then your ignorance shows in your religious framework and in your syntax/grammar. You lose credibility.

  • Rich

    “Everything is a holographic energy form variation manifestation, within consciousness, by which energy assumes the holographic form variation and manifests as a holographic reflection reality relative to the information which is  in use to focus with.”

    „Man sieht nur, was man weiß.“ – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


    “One only sees, what one knows.”

    The beliefs aka the English language which is information, has many black and white concepts.

    ‘high/low’, ‘profit/loss’, ‘rich/poor’, ‘begin/end’, ‘sick/healthy’ etc.. If one knows these concepts, one will (co-)create a holographic reality with these concepts and experience this holographic reality.

    Of course if one is ignorant of these concepts, it is impossible to focus with these concepts and thus also fail to (co-)create and experience a holographic reality accordingly. Ignorance is bliss.

  • Norma

    Since this is so, then we can change everything by Will and Intent.
    With our Thoughts.

    But this is Old Knowledge, the Ancients knew this, the Old Europeans /Celts / Druids, and Ancient Egyptians, too, it’s just being given a new name, and new term words.

    The older generations of the West, esp. in the U.S. used to pray over their food, you can imagine this changed the vibrations of the substance.

    ANd the Old Tribal Peoples in North AMerica, used to dance and chant around their crops, the new corn, they would set aside a small portion of the plantings to the EDarth, the animals, gthe insects…they may not have been bothered by them as much as we are today, so we have to use so much insecticide.

    Therefore, if we do the same, things will change. This knowledge has been INTENTIONAL suppressed from us, and Humanity has been taught to deny and mock it, for no other reason, than to control us, the true Natives of this Earth.

    If we dance and chant, our Thoughts, our Energy would change things in this Existence. Iraq would be cleaned of dp. OUr bodies would be healed. Fukushima would be dissipated. The Gulf of Mexico would be cleaned, and the Wildlife return.

    In speaking of Nature, we forget, we are PART of Nature.
    In Speaking of the Universe, we forget that Earth is part of the Universe.

    • Anonymous

      I agree,with intent we can create magic…

    • tribeseeker

      …and in speaking about our thoughts, we forget about our feelings. If we use the body as a metaphor, our thoughts would be our head and our feelings would be our neck. What we will face is determined by our feelings, not our thoughts. What we can’t face will be determined by our feelings. Our internalized shame will always prevent us from facing that which we can’t face within ourselves.

    • I agree. This knowledge has been discovered in the East more than 5, 000 years ago but in a language, sanskrit, monopoly of the few. In a way, the west is now presenting to us what most cultures were aware of many years ago. The communication channels have eliminated all boundaries and sharing of such knowledge become possible. If all of us took individual responsibility we can shape the way we want things to be.

    • John

      Have you read “The Intention Experiment” by Lynne Mctaggert? She also has two other books called “The Field” & “The Bond”.

  • billy bob

    living unconsciously creates sickness and disease, the majority of the world lives unconsciously, the majority of sickness and disease is self created, most don’t know how they got sick, so they are helpless to reverse the process, most have all the answers, few actually have a desire to learn, most are not teachable, only the few step out of the dream.

    • Norma

      So true.

      • muuuhdiiiiiiiik

        my dick

    • Anonymous

      You speak the truth.

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