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The Matrix as Prakriti produces the hologram for the Oneness.
The external world of objects is ‘real’ enough to the five senses.
The five senses transmit signals/waveforms of sound, light, etc. to the brain, which acts as a receiver.
These signals carry the appearance of duality, differentiated multiplicity.
This ‘appearance’ of multiplicity is the job, the function of the five senses.
The five senses are the tools of the Matrix.
In Sanskrit the Matrix is termed Maya, meaning the power of creative illusion, or Matrika in Kashmir Shaivism.
She is the feminine polarity, the Yin side, and she produces the hologram for the Oneness as the Observer that dwells in the Heart.
This Heart is not the physical heart that pumps blood around your body; it is the seat of consciousness in your being.
The Observer within you remains connected to and united with the Oneness; it remains pure – untouched by any act good or evil.
The Observer is the ATMA/Soul or Spirit/Purusha.
Identify your consciousness with that Observer within you.
You are That. Tat Tvam Asi.
You have always been that. Remember.
Thus non-duality, meaning the Oneness, and duality, the appearance of multiplicity in the hologram, do exist simultaneously.
The hologram is temporal, fleeting – the Oneness is eternal.

The film ‘The Matrix‘ contained some fundamental truths that many around the planet instinctively responded to. The universe is indeed a temporal illusory holographic matrix made up of varying frequencies, waveforms pulsating at specific vibratory rates. Beneath the Veil, the ‘curtain of each atom’, there really is nothing out there but a vast ocean of etheric energy, the AKASHA, the silent unheard sound.

Everything you see or hear or touch is nothing more than electrical signals being transmitted by the five senses through this underlying etheric ocean to your brain. Each of these senses supports the others in the illusion generated by the amazing intensely creative power of MAYA and the GUNAS, Prakriti’s three modes. These signals are interpreted according to our programming from birth and our DNA.

The first ‘Matrix’ film revealed far too much truth. The computer related metaphors, so brilliantly accessed by the film’s writers, reached the normally impenetrable psyches of too many previously semi-somnolent humanoids. The first film conveys the solid gold truth that the matrix isn’t real. This is in complete alignment with timeless primordial metaphysical principles and the eternal truth that understands the real nature of this universe as a temporal illusory hologram.

In the Kali Yuga it is the ‘job’ of the Darkside Forces to continually confuse and numb the inhabitants of this our world. There is a War in the Heavens, and as above so below. The darkside entities are here in ever increasing numbers for the purpose of further deluding us into a complete and total ignorance of the Real. The frequency wave bands emitted from most forms of electrical-electronic appliances and machines excel at this capacity to confuse, delude, and stupefy. The Veil in these last days of the Kali Yuga has indeed become Borg-like.

In the early part of the Matrix film, there is a very grotesque image of Neo pulling slimy long tendril-suckers off of his body. This scene is so repulsive because it is true. I realize that this is not very pleasant information – but as long as we have no idea what is happening to us, how can we free ourselves? In varying degrees, all of us are ‘hosts’ to these feeder entities. This is why vampire novels are so weirdly popular – people actually have an unconscious sense of what is happening.

Through the lower frequencies of our anger, fear, and addictions, the darkside astral parasites have attached themselves to us. This is one reason why all spiritual paths emphasize purity of mind and body. Purity simply reduces the ability of the lower realms to connect with you and become attached to you. They cannot locate frequencies they do not resonate with. Know that the Laws of Magnetism dictate that like attracts like – and that location is in fact a function of consciousness. Purity through wisdom Knowledge and a focused consciousness will keep any unwanted influences out of the field of the subtle etheric body.

Everything you are addicted to has the potential to attach you to a level of these entities. EVERYTHING! I have seen this so often over the years with friends who lost themselves to drugs and alcohol. Some of these parasitical entities are not only highly persuasive, but also very unattractive.

A most ingenious and effective Borg-like waveform-prison is television. Unplug yours, throw them out of your house, give them away, or shoot at them like Elvis did. Not only does TV’s 24/7 programming transmitted around the planet urge you to become good little consumers, and doom you to the misery of unrealized unrealistic goals, both physical and material – but the box itself emits questionable frequencies that do nothing for your God-given ability to access the Myriad Worlds and Remember who you are.

Newspapers are the same, and the Internet news has become more confused and confusing with 100s of professional disinformation and propaganda wizards, sock-puppets who are handsomely paid to keep us in our miasma of amnesia. This Kali Yuga confusion holds us in a frequency of POWERLESSNESS. So until we actually become powerful in a real sense, as in our inner connection to the God-within – forget it! Unplug! Get the cooties off of you.

I can tell you what the news will be for the next few years. Lets get it over with once and for all: More heinous wars, more needless deaths, more incurable diseases, more mind-wrenching torture, more oinker-greed and boring tyranny. Nature’s earth will continue to be irreversibly poisoned and her creatures die. Got it? That’s it folks. Now you know everything. So forget it! Unplug!

Are you in love with love? Waiting for that perfect person to transport you into a higher reality and fix everything for you? As someone has aptly said, ‘Romance is candy for your brain’. It’s a bunch of lovely hormones designed to give you a momentary high and get you to procreate. It never lasts. Never! Forget it! Unplug.

If you have a deep love and friendship with someone who is as evolved as you are and you are certain you share a similar frequency – fine, wonderful. But when you bond with someone whose hologram is vibrating at a lower frequency than yours – and remember us humanz are very complex energy patterns full of surprises – then you take the chance of being drawn down into their reality. Casual sex is definitely not casual for anyone on the way Home – it’s an elevator going down. Is the temporary fix comfort zone worth it?

All addictions will hold you in the illusion of the polarity Matrix. Attached to each addiction is a direct sucker line to a group of scurrilous entities you would not want to go bowling with. This means ALL addictions, no exceptions. Compulsion is a symptom indicating astral parasites. Anytime you feel compelled to consume anything, you are feeding the astral-cooties who need your energy to survive and thrive because they cannot produce their own.

Cut them off, pull their plugs off of your body. Raise your frequency and watch them disappear. Addictions are entry points that leave you open for the astral parasites to make themselves at home. This is how so many beautiful souls from the 1960s, many of who were my dear friends and loved ones, were destroyed. I am the witness.

How about some pretty visions to make you think you are so ‘spiritual’? Want to channel one of the 1000s of aliens and astral entities out there? I can promise you, that’s a learning curve. Certainly not all of these entities are malevolent. They simply have their own point of view, their own agenda, and their own consciousness relative to their level of evolvement. They don’t necessarily know any more than you do.

How about having astral entities as your primary relationship? They can appear to you as anything they know you want, even angels, anything that’s already programmed into that very subtle brain of ours – anything. Someday when it is too late, they’ll show you what they really look like – but that would make you throw up now and then you might not want to feed them any more. Trust only the God-within you.

The vast array of chemicals in our food, air, and water quite literally confuses the endocrine system. EDCs, endocrine disrupting chemicals, mimic estrogen and god-only-knows what else to confuse your own natural hormones. These molecules are diabolical. Not only do they very likely contribute to obesity, cancer, sterility, and memory loss – they also shut down the Third Eye, the pineal gland. Our ability to ‘SEE’ the Invisible Realms is regulated by the pineal and pituitary glands. Because these man-made molecules send confusing signals to them, they can’t work properly. Do you think this is accidental?

I know this sounds scary, after all we can’t even see these things – what chance do we have? But remember, WE CREATED THEM! They are an integral part of the temporal illusory holographic matrix. As pieces of God, the Oneness, we created these astral darkside demonic entities to help hold together this polarity universe.

But when we created this universe — one of many — we weren’t completely stupid. We left something out of their hologram and thus they are weaker than we are. They don’t understand LOVE. They only grok power, control and manipulation. They have no feelings. And thus through the feelings of compassion, forgiveness, kindness, and love we can move right out of their range of frequencies, beyond the scope of their polarity matrix hologram, into the higher frequencies, beyond their prison – and the whole thing will collapse.

In the Twilight of the Kali Yuga, the world has become a LIE, an expression of the delusion, ignorance, and the amnesia, the Forgetting. Everything you see and hear in this illusory polarity matrix is a LIE! Because – and this is simple – the only Real is that EVERYTHING IS LOVE!

ALL polarity paradigms are temporal illusions designed by us with our invisible helpers in the astral, the forces of the ‘darkside’, to hold together the projected illusion of multiplicity, this temporal holographic matrix, so we can PLAY the game of NOT being GOD! And we are God! Everyone and everything – yes, even the darkside entities.

There are endless, unknown, incredible worlds of Beauty and Love and Light, and every adventure yet even unimagined, waiting for us.

The Matrix is NOT real! Unplug!

I can’t do this for you. No one can. Thank God! If they could, they would own you. Saving or being saved is a slave game – not a God game!

I can’t do this for you. I can plead and beg you to unplug, to throw out your TVs, to not read your daily dose of propaganda, to kick your addictions – to pull the feeder lines off of your beautiful bodies and out of your auric field.

I can tell you what waits for you. I can tell you of floating in golden light feeling more love than anyone could ever give you. I can describe my visions and feelings and take you to fly through the galaxies. But my experiences will NOT be yours. Why should they be? Why would the Creator ever want to repeat and duplicate Itself?

I can tell you that you are heading for a place where THERE ARE NO REFERENCE POINTS! A location within where you will have grown beyond both the demons and the angels — a place where you will have earned freedom, because you will have experienced every polarity paradigm in all the time-space matrices and you are ready to create your own.

I cannot do this for you. NO ONE CAN! You have to choose it for yourself. Only your own courage can loosen the slimy sucker-tendrils that imprison you and drain your life force. Only the God-within you can know the precise sublime moment when you are ready to emerge from the Matrix – grinning ear to ear as you REMEMBER who you are!

How many of us will escape? I don’t know. I know that underneath our silly small identity egos, there is only LOVE – and that as the Real behind the multiplicity, we all ARE each other. Therefore when any one of us wakes up, it makes it easier for the rest.  I know that if enough of us Remember, then the entire Illusion will collapse – because the darkside won’t have anything to feed on.

What will happen then? No one knows. No one wants to know, because then it wouldn’t be any fun. When you normally exist in Eternal Bliss, the exciting thing about a Free Will universe is that there are always at least 25 variations in the cycles of time and you don’t know exactly what will happen. It’s like meeting someone new or starting a new work of art – you embrace an entirely unknown realm of possibilities. You learn to improvise and create as you go along.

You and the God-within you, all of us will be generating a fresh reality for the Oneness to express in. We will all meet someday. We do realize by now that life on this planet is going to get much worse – the evidence is in. Don’t be afraid of Death – you are an eternal Being. Be aware of the seductive astral traps. Avoid all heavens and hells in the Phantasmal Hierarchies – they are illusions. No matter how seductive anyone or anything is, don’t listen! Go directly HOME to the God-within you.

When you see death, hunger, and sorrow try to know that each one of us chose this experience, even if we don’t now remember making that choice. Compassion is important and very distinct from anxiety, worry, fear and anger. These fear frequencies are all food for astral entities, the mind parasites. As they say at the zoo: Don’t feed the animals!

UNPLUG! The temporal holographic matrix is illusory!

I’m only beginning to lift the Veil. But from my heart, I hope one sweet day to see you all in the wild blue yonder of the immense immeasurable within.

The Only Refuge is a higher Consciousness. Your safety and ‘salvation’ can only be achieved by you, and through your own endeavors to create for yourself the consciousness of the Real, your Source, that eternal Oneness that we all are ‘beneath the curtain.’

About the Author

V. Susan Ferguson is the author of Inanna Returns, Inanna Hyper-Luminal; her own commentary on the Bhagavad Gita and the Shiva Sutras; and Colony Earth & the Rig Veda. Her website is Metaphysical Musing.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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  • Priyanka
  • Priyanka

    Quantum Physics has proved that the universe or multiplicity of selves is an illusion. Everything is consciousness, matter does not exist.
    Thanks for this awesome article.

  • gmo2ashes

    I prefer to think of “love” as having 2 distinct definitions.

    1) “Falling in love” is the energetic attraction between man & woman resulting in copulation, thus perpetuating the species. This love is quickly fleeting.

    2) “True love” is the will to extend one’s energy with the intention of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual development. It could also apply to any other entity.

    In other words, the innate spirituality of an acorn is to reach its natural goal of uninhibited growth to a fully-matured tree. If you love the acorn, you will provide everything it requires to reach this goal.

  • shawn

    Love all of your articles. You have a amazing way of bringing truth forth.

  • Excellent Article! We are truly on the same page! You eloquently expressed elements I’ve discussed on my blog which I’ve gathered from kabbalah and other sources which have whispered to my soul through the din of distraction. The only thing I disagree with is that completely unplugging from TV is the only way to undo its harmful aspects. TV, much like food, drink, or even intercourse, is a tool that can be be helpful or harmful depending on how its used. I would advise for those seeing higher vibrational resonance to avoid the news, “reality” programming that idolizes the materialistic, and to train the brain to not be fooled by propaganda and commercialism. Because on TV there also exists inspirational programming. One might catch “The Matrix” or “Star Trek” which you referenced throughout your article. Joseph Campbell’s “The Power of Myth” on PBS completely changed my outlook on life and mythology and inspired me tremendously. Even seemingly silly cartoons like “Adventure Time” and “South Park” create metaphorical and symbolic wisdom for those who can connect to it. There are also shows like “Lost,” “Awake,” “Touch,” and many more that contain hidden wisdom to help fulfill the soul. So please don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Much like Darth Vader, there is much good in television. You just have to know where to look. For more examples of how TV and movies can inspire, you might enjoy my blog (click my name above), specifically my articles “Scientific Proof We Live In A Simulation” and “The Invisible Thread.” Namaste

    • hazel

      Is this for real……

      “TV, much like food, drink, or even intercourse, is a tool that can be be helpful or harmful depending on how its used”…one might catch “The Matrix” or “Star Trek” which you referenced throughout your article”

      Do you have any idea why TV was freely switched to digital FOR ALL…

      Do you understand that it goes beyond the programs themselves….

      Do you realize what alpha waves are and how they work….

      TV is the most widely used tool to manipulate you while you slip into a passive state while watching a informative program WHILE ALSO NOT KNOWING WHAT IS SUBLIMINALLY ENTERING in your mind through subliminal programming & through the subtle realms….

  • Thank you all for your wonderful thoughtful comments!
    We meet in the Heart!

    And “d” …
    Yes, the LOVE that makes up the universe is not “merely emotion” as you so correctly point out. Hopefully I expressed this a bit in the paragraph:

    “Are you in love with love? Waiting for that perfect person to transport you into a higher reality and fix everything for you? As someone has aptly said, ‘Romance is candy for your brain’. It’s a bunch of lovely hormones designed to give you a momentary high and get you to procreate. It never lasts. Never! Forget it! Unplug.”

    However directing loving feelings to the Oneness, the God-within you can lead to unending wisdom. The Yoga of Devotion, or Bhakti Yoga is one approach that millions have enjoyed throughout the Cycles of Time. And this union [yoga means union] in Love with the One is said to be most effective in the Kali Yuga, where there is a miasma of great confusion, and “People will prefer to choose false ideas” and “Base men who have gained a certain amount of learning (without having the virtues necessary for its use) will be esteemed as sages.”

    Symptoms of the Kali Yuga

    • Jiva

      Yes, God is within us as the Paramatma (Supersoul), and we jivas (souls) are a tiny part and parcel of that God. However, until we understand that our highest aspirations as souls is to completely surrender to the Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna, and serve Him through Sri Radha, His most excellent devotee, then we are at a standstill, unable to make much progress.

      In contrast, when we souls ONLY look within ourselves and focus ONLY on the God within us, there is a dangerous tendency to start thinking that we are just as good as GOD, that we too are God. Under this type of illusion (maya),one can start thinking that “I” created all this material universe that I see, that “I” manifested all of the spiritual world, that “I” AM in complete control of ALL that exists. This false ego maniac thinking is in complete contrast to truth, love, godliness. It is actually demoniac mentality. Just as impersonal (mayavadi) or atheistic belief is under the influence of demoniac power.

      So how does a loving and sincere soul who see’s the God within carefully escape the potential trap of thinking that she is as great as God or even God Himself? One escapes that trap by not only looking within, but also seeking the guidance of a pure soul who has realized God Consciousness (Krsna Consciousness). Taking shelter of such a personality with sincerity will help awaken much deeper realizations of Truth, of God, and of one’s ultimate relationship to God (Krsna). God realization is not an individualistic pursuit after all. That is false ego, thinking that one alone can attain liberation, without the help of anyone, no matter how elevated they may be. The process to liberation, God consciousness is all about humility and surrendering to those who are already perfected, and taking shelter of them in order to make substantial advancement also. These perfected souls take birth in this earth to help us. Out of their immense mercy and out of duty to Godhead, they come here to help all those who are willing to seek advancement. They understand how difficult it is to go at it alone, actually it is impossible. So the best we imperfect souls can do is to pray for such a perfected soul, to a pure devotee of Lord Krsna, to enter our lives and guide us. And once this prayer is answered and a pure guru comes, and you go to him/her, the relationship that begins to develop will gradually manifest into one of heart melting joy. By following the instructions of your guru, of the holy scriptures, and by chanting, one begins to taste higher understanding and peace than previously imagined. One’s heart becomes gradually more pure and one’s consciousness gradually awakens out of maya. This process is not easy for the conditioned soul, but rest assured, one is not alone on the path. Guru and other perfected souls are there to assist you…and not just in this life time, but practically indefinitely!

  • d

    You are in line whit the ancien traditions that were thauth to me. You wonderfully tell what it is, especially when using sign and symbols like culturaln reference (Matrix mouvie, societal conditioning and more subtle and fledging senses from lower frequency realm).

    I might just add a comment about love, this greateast of all truth, the only real thing in fact. In all, it work according to principle and universal laws. (3=manifestation=one)

    It is important to teach that love is not mearly an emotion. If you could teach about this, I would be greatful.

  • This may be of interest…

    * Recording the Sanskrit choral piece for the film ‘Matrix Revolutions’


    On the Matrix Revolutions film, the final fight scene between Neo and Agent Smith is scored with a Germanic opera piece called Neodammerung except its not in German, its Sanskrit. And very philosophical Sanskrit too. All from the Upanishads.

    The Upanishads are corollary literature to the four Vedas and deal with helping the reader distinguish between matter and spirit, between the true self and the vehicle of the self – the body. Don Davis and his directors, Larry and Andy Machowski, felt that the ideas expressed in the Upanishads perfectly expressed the themes within the Matrix trilogy.

    Their first selection from the Upanishads was from the Brihad Aranyaka (1.3.28) and is a very common prayer uttered at religious ceremonies: “From delusion lead me to Truth, from darkness lead me to Light, from death lead me to Immortality”
    full article

    • Peachy

      Fabulous – thanks for sharing this. Very illuminating!

  • Wiki

    Deep thanks for this article. Precisely what I needed to read in this moment. Catalitic to what I have been experiencing in ever greater degrees for the last few weeks and months. A powerful medicine for which I thank the authour very much indeed. Now if you will just excuse me a moment whilst I … UNPLUG! 🙂

  • A Nonymous

    If you study the ancient Indian texts you will find that pretty much all souls have at one time or another lived in various hellish planets, planets with miseries much worse than what we can imagine, and certainly much worse than what we can see happening in this Kali Yuga (Present day). Souls transmigrate from species to species, experiencing all kinds of hard, painful lessons along the way, and souls also travel from planet to planet, sometimes experiencing extreme wealth, power, beauty, abundance, laughter, etc….and other times burning in fires for thousands of years. All these things the soul usually must go through before finally learning all of life’s lessons and fully surrendering to God, thereby attaining liberation.

    While I won’t outright say that ignorant people SHOULD continue living in their ignorance full of addictions, I must concede that these things must go on, and even get much worse for many….there’s no avoiding it. Only a fortunate few can escape this cycle of birth and death (samsara) at any given time, it is extremely rare for such a pure soul to “make it out.” The rest of us simply will go on learning the hard way, going through the ups and downs of life, in various species and in various types of planets until we are finally sooo exhausted and tired of fighting God that we one day fall to our knees and fully surrender. The upside to all this is that as we go from life to life to life, we can get closer to the ultimate goal by earning sukriti (favorable points), points that help us earn the mercy of God, and of pure souls.

  • Jon

    I reject your concept of Kali Yuga, no matter the famous Yogi or ancient texts that you cite. Further I reject your statement “We do realize by now that life on this planet is going to get much worse – the evidence is in.” You are simply regurgitating things you have read or been told and further perpetuating fear propaganda, which holds no power over me. I hold the truth of this statement in spite of your personal accomplishments, such as writing books or being published on this blog.

    You do say many meaningful and wonderful things, yet you remain incorrect because you are simply repeating everything you have read and seen before; this blog reads the same as countless others. Do you really have the experience you claim? I wonder.

    I am creating a new world right now as I type this, and it does not contain the death of the planet; my light is spreading rapidly. I see changes all around me. Do not listen to everything this author says, but instead learn for yourself. We will not and do not need to destroy the Earth, I will see to it myself.

    Start with yourself. Eliminate all negative thought. It is so incredibly easy once you get it. Each situation has numerous outcomes, both positive and negative, so why do you pine away praying with your thoughts and imagination for the BAD outcome? Why not simply imagine only the good possible outcomes. It is truly that simple. THAT is light. I promise you that you will begin to see changes all around you, in people you have long known. You can change anything.

    I am currently working on the planet itself and visualizing/praying on one of the positive outcomes, of which there are millions. Reject Kali Yuga. It is a trick.

    • Thanks for your response I am in the same state as you are connecting with higher energies our Sun for example and holding that Love energy within myself and spreading it as much as I can. It is not enough to visualize or know that there can be mulitple outcomes; the feeling of the outcome you wish – I desire is how we set the light into motion. Thus bringing about a shift that liberates the planet and us. Namaste

    • maglin5

      You are all mad. For generations your fore-fathers have accepted evil has so as to prosper materially, while ignoring the suffering they had inflicted on others. You are all tied to that evil of which none of you will escape.
      Stupid,lying dogma permeates all aspect of mankind presumed knowledge. How can you tell reality from the created matrix of which you all have benefited from?

    • d

      mephistopheles is not your name, but I know your up to just the same.


  • The Matrix & the Sanskrit Texts restates an old wisdom message contextually relevant in our present state of global affairs. Thank you for reminding us of this timeless wisdom and to unplug from the endless distractions and only be focused on our primary purpose and the wondrous opportunity being here in such interesting times.

  • dan

    It’s about believing. You go to a movie and you suspend belief, you know they are actors, everything’s fake, yet if the film is good you get drawn in. This is all an illusion, the senses lie, everything is a mental construct. As a prep for meditation, decide not to believe in the senses, disbelieve in the ego, the unreality of the body, the world around you, it’s all unreal. thoughts are images projected on consciousness, the only difference between thought and this world is duration and will. Believing in consciousness as the substratum of the objective world, as reality, is incredibly difficult, consciousness can only be inferred. But deciding that this is not real is much easier, and the indication that it’s working is the happiness and joy that you feel. Don’t just pay lip service to the notion of disbelieving, decide to stop believing.

  • Afshin Nejat

    Here we go again, some New Age Bunkam trying to pass of moral neutrality as a “higher state of spirituality”. The ‘inner self” is the “truer self” and it is “untouched by an any act of good or evil”, as if GOOD and EVIL were merely equivalent pseudophenomena, and that this is readily obvious to any “real” spiritual being.

    Nonsense. Good is Good, evil is evil. If you can’t get past this hurdle, consider yourself the latter, not the former.

  • hp

    Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 9.25


    “Those who worship the demigods will take birth among the demigods; those who worship the ancestors go to the ancestors; those who worship ghosts and spirits will take birth among such beings; and those who worship Me will live with Me.”

    Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 3.31 (partial purport)

    There are many philosophers who write comments on the Bhagavad-gītā but have no faith in Kṛṣṇa. They will never be liberated from the bondage of fruitive action. But an ordinary man with firm faith in the eternal injunctions of the Lord, even though unable to execute such orders, becomes liberated from the bondage of the law of karma.

  • For more information on unplugging yourself from the matrix using your pineal gland, check out our community resource for decalcifying, detoxing and activating your pineal gland:

    Love and blessings,
    Spiritual Scientist

    • Jim

      substances such as Psilocybin(O-Phosphoryl-4-hydroxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine) birth new Nucleotides(organic molecules that form the basic building blocks of nucleic acids, such as DNA and RNA) a proven scientific fact, i’d love to know your thoughts on this taboo?
      i do sometimes visit you!

    • morpheus

      deglutenate , deglutenate and then they can see, your approach is not holistic enough if decalcifying the eternal gland of just the brain is You stated goal, deglutenate or the mind will always be enslaved to the fear of being without our not too precious wheat.

  • Rob

    And,….i would also like to add to this very factual and informative post that at this moment in time it is our steadfast commitment to demonstrate integrity of truth, compassion, gratitude and unconditional love is the mission. This is our true power as these frequencies are the algorithms to the dark energy that will allow for the evolution of over all consciousness.

    The power that dwells within each one of us is unimaginable to the normal programed fear based ego. The dark side knows this truth very well, don’t offer them what they need and want.

    Be the change you wish to see first, and the changes will happen in kind. It cant happen any other way! Take personal responsibility for the reality you allow yourself to create here and now.

    Don’t allow the dark side to discourage you from being as powerful as you are as it is this knowing they fear most in the grand plan to enslave our soles. Fear is their only weapon, ‘be it a good one’ but this only serves to distract us from what we know is our true purpose at pivotal junction.

    Ask for assistance from the cosmic brothers and sisters of the light who are here to help us as they lurk in the shadows waiting for the correct moment to intervene here!

    Remember, We are not alone! 🙂

  • dimitri ledkovsky

    Nice read. Thank you.
    The built-in seductiveness of the Matrix is the bitchy part to get past. Once you do you’re liberated into that reference free place that has no name.

  • hazel

    The word GOD is programmed too (refer above )…maybe it is high time we stop using that word ‘GOD’…it gets confusing ….

    …it is the one word that suckers us back into the matrix every time articles like this are written.

    Mention of matrix, programme, this’n’ that…. all makes sense and then the word God is used to convey the message…as long as that word exists we are programmed subconciously to see a man above us in the sk(saturn)…no matter matter how beyond…GOD IS A PROGRAMMED WORD!

    • Anonymous

      Agreed…vast amounts of our language is programmed to keep us unwittingly in the matrix.
      The Murder ofReality by Pierre Sabak got me dowsing out the agenda behind many of the words we use. Talk about an eye opener!

    • Jon

      Perhaps for you, but it does not hold that meaning for me.

      • hazel

        I find that hard to believe, because the minute you where introduced to the word simply by ear….plus with explanation that is when the programme started….. We are all subjected to this word in different languages…

    • morpheus

      god is an ear of wheat and tastes like shit, poisons your gut and drives you slowly mad by making youn crave it.

      what is it that we all worship?

      wheat is that.

      wait¡ what? Wheat! yes fucking not tasty wheat.

      hiya neo do us a favour and wake up all your clones before they go full zombie.

  • Jim

    wise words.
    Laws of Magnetism dictate that like attracts like.
    That is true, but even Truer is the fact that it is the opposite poles which attract! They do love to Polarize us towards them? with their Devious Divisive tactics!

    • mxlngl

      Actually magnetism securez opposites attract.

  • solomon

    Sleepwalkers, one and all, to varying degree. Consensus ‘reality’ in the amnesiac zone. Some-One’s still paying attention.

    Thanks for the reminder … the ‘bell of truth’, sweetly rung.


    • Cassius

      The caste-system, ‘holy’ cows and beggars starving in the streets do little to encourage support in the ‘spiritual’ integrity of these ‘ancient’ texts. Additionally, all your “earned freedom” is solely freedom from God, and it will be spent ‘celebrating’ in Hell. Eternally.

      Good luck with that. You are welcome to it.

      • Anonymous

        @Cassius: Do you feel that you possess the requirements to work as a US Congressman? If not you’re not of Khsatriya caste, yet obviously these positions are occupied. Are the cattle mutilations that are increasingly occurring by the grey programmable life forms mutilating these the same ‘holy’ cows that you mention? Why bother to mutilate cows, what interest lies amongst the cattle? Those who live in fear will experience the hellish dimensions after bodily death, don’t believe it… spend a few days watching the near death experience interviews. Life in Kali yuga is one of ignorance and quarrel when the overall level of human intelligence is at it’s lowest and when someone uses their time for positive works such as spreading high philosophies by means of written publication is similar to nectar for the mind. You’ve shown very little integrity by advising on that which you are not learned. What have you done for humanity in your life?

    • morpheus

      and how is this so effective?
      how come it manifests in the world of the real so very well…
      gliadodorphine is how…theprotein known as gluten aka wheat barley rye…psychoactive and essentially poisonous grain.
      glutens components are deadly…the amylase is akin to a glucose sugar rush and instantly absorbed,
      the gliadodorphine released is an appetite stimulant that keeps you addicted and other opioid peptides send you slightly mad.

      stops you tasting the rest of the poisonous food.

      the evidence is clear, try and see if you can give it up?

      tasty? wheat? the cookies?

      free yourself

      • morpheus

        there is the door it is already open you simply must walk through it, scrawling exit the matrix as you go and wedging it wide open for the next gluesniffer..

        Wheat has now been genetically engineered to have 42 Chromosomes , the illnesses this and the 26 chromosome variety are causing are myriad but reliance on it as a foodstuff causes malnutrition…it is put in nearly all without thought of the consequences.

        we worship it, bathe in it and drink it down by the gallon but we have changed it and it is making it us sick.

        You are not dreaming all this can be verified and will soon be come apparent once you have freed your body from its sleepy addiction.

        mankind is asleep in his wheat field as great things are afoot across the solar system and cosmos.

        a great genetic experiment begun by the Egyptians adopted by nearly all mankind – driven insane by trying to live on a type of grass a cow with its four stomachs cannot digest, made stronger by genetic manipulation and stress with a protein chain so large it actually electrically stuns the villi of the human lower intestine to death.

        experimental conclusion?

        eat something else.

        not a splinter in your mind but a drug in your food.

        the aspartame, the fluoride ,the refined sugar, the instant coffee that cross reacts with your body to produce the same antigens all of a sudden I and you and many others can taste it.

        orndo you wish to end up brown bread?

        bogged down? bloated? blistered? breadheads one and all.

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