The Shady Past of The Rockefeller Family & Its Haunting Effect on the World

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Perhaps you have heard of the Rockefellers, and the often romantic tale told of the riches that accompany their mark on Americana. John Davidson Rockefeller, (1839-1937) the patriarch of the family, was the first billionaire in the United States. Often we are told he lived the American dream, pulling himself up by his boot straps and working tirelessly to build his family’s wealth. The truth that has come out over the years, however, is that Rockefeller was a Nazi sympathizer and fascist wealth gatherer who used others for his own whims.

Rockefeller amassed his wealth almost entirely with a global strong hold on oil production – a habit common to companies that rape foreign soil and instigate war, and are still practicing today. He also dabbled in steel, railroads and banking, establishing monopolies in the industries he pursued. His grandfather was a snake-oil salesman who sold ‘cancer’ cures to the public, mostly women, as he traveled across the United States, calling himself, ‘the celebrated Dr. Livingston.’ There’s nothing like good press and propaganda to make a decent living. The same man was also indicted for rape, but never formally charged.

The Rockefeller duplicity of character and complete disregard for public health have carried into almost every aspect of modern corporatism. We no longer make laws based on the well being of the public at large. Corporations are allowed to dump toxins like oil into oceans, and are free to grow and market GM foods when they are proven to cause cancer, stop organ functioning and cause infertility. Banking systems, via the Federal Reserve, and other fluffy brokerage houses are given carte blanch to rape us, by gambling away our money, sucking down an ever-expanding barrel of cash through tax dollars, and shoving huge debts off onto the people of multiple countries. We are also sold ‘cancer’ cures in the form of chemo and radiation when they are being proven to cause death in many cases while definitely supporting a booming industry monopolized by a small handful of pharmaceutical companies.

We’ve been sold snake oil, in the very least, and it appears more likely that we are part of a greater plan, which the Nazis first introduced pre-WWII, and which the Rockefellers sympathized withEugenics, or population cleansing and control are happening whether you want to use that specific terminology or not.

In the 1900s, a group of Californians exported the idea of Eugenics, to Nazi Germany. It became the third state to instate laws that supported cleansing for a ‘master race.’ Ultimately, in California, and other states, eugenics practitioners coercively sterilized some 60,000 Americans, barred the marriage of thousands, forcibly segregated thousands in “colonies,” and persecuted untold numbers in ways we are just learning about. (

With chemtrails, antibiotic-induced super bugs, hormone laden farm animals, super weeds and people like Dr. Oz saying that ‘organic food is elitist’ in a recent Time magazine article, it starts to make you wonder.

Joseph Pulitzer is digging deeper into the Rockefeller past and if nothing else, it points to our ‘roots’ in corporate wealth in ways that many of us have never imagined were possible. The legacy of the Rockefeller family has impacted our country but also the global culture in very real ways.

America is based on lies and usury at best, and pure evil at worst when you consider the mindset of those who would sterilize unsuspecting women. So what can we do to take back our country? Corporate capitalism and ‘inverted totalitarianism’ obviously haven’t worked. Are there better ways for people to survive in today’s toxic world?

Gift economies have been suggested, with a radical belief that the more you give, the more you get. This type of economy would also drive people to give form their true passions, instead of being motivated purely by greed. Others have suggested returning to a simpler way of life, choosing to purchase fewer things, and invest more in people and experiences. Ultimately it will have to be a system of governance that honors both the individual and the whole, with a truly integrated benevolence that honors both. Communism only honors the grand ideas of an ‘all-seeing’ or ‘all-knowing’ leader, subsuming the individual completely into complete oblivion. Capitalism is all self-centered. A new world will have to look hard and cold at our past mistakes, and take into account the needs of both the microcosmic part and the macrocosmic whole.

If you have suggestions on how to organize society to avoid the greed that has currently compromised the entire global parade, please suggest them below.

About the Author

Christina Sarich is a musician, yogi, humanitarian and freelance writer who channels many hours of studying Lao TzuParamahansa YoganandaRob Brezny,  Miles Davis, and Tom Robbins into interesting tidbits to help you Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and See the Big Picture. Her blog is Yoga for the New World. Her latest book is Pharma Sutra: Healing the Body And Mind Through the Art of Yoga.

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  • elektrow

    The mechanism matrix on our planet is established and co-ordinated from above. Space owns a planet and us in absolute degree. Experiment with matrix – rather approaches to the logic end. The human civilisation is not only 1-3 % of superelite which ten thousand years uses criminal methods of preservation of the power. The world order in my opinion will be changed also from above, and changes accrue in a geometrical progression. Space engineers will not admit an agony of the power passing in the next Armageddon with loss of the unique nature of our planet. Let’s have patience and we will observe an event.


    invest local, spend local, support local, get involved local, become self sustainable as a community, educate local. The barriers will be huge because everyone thinks a globalised world is a safe and secure world. The western world is a stage boding for your will and support and anything else is extremism. Not only that but people want to be accepted by who they believe are the most popular, just like a school yard. It’s a world based on fear and consequently a very unhealthy one. It will destroy itself you don’t need to change it. It’s survival of the fittest just like they preach, but I don’t believe they are the fittest.

    • Anonymous

      Great comment.

  • noname

    I think John Cook’s first comment up there is wonderful. He omits another free energy source, called HHO. The Geet water-fuelled engine, as well as Stan Meyers (who the gov. gave a DOE contract to, day before he croaked of suspected poisoning), use simple water to fuel lots of electricity, practically free of charge. Rockefeller’s standard oil has been covering it up and yes the net is excellent for exposing all the hoaxes and coverups we have had this century.
    I am surprised nobody here mentions Royal Raymond Rife. In CA 1939, this saint found the cure to ALL diseases. The worst terminal case he cured in 8 weeks, the rest about 4 weeks, using sound frequency radio waves. Rockefeller “Institute”, along with Al Capone’s lawyer, made hell for him, burned down his lab, and his notes of 10 years. He remade those notes, and even some of his original equipment has been found by a group of doctors who took some years of digging, and found all the info about his cure in archives. This video used to be on zerozerotwo dot org, is now in 9 parts on youtube. We need to read it. Rockefeller zonked this man and has hid the cure to ALL DISEASES on America and the globe, since 1939, to milk us dry and leave us sick.

    THAT discovery, is tops to know, about the Rockefeller quack family.
    Also, a new 9/11 witness on youtube named Mianamey, pinned 9/11 onto the Rockefeller family by her experience meeting one of the (still-alive) hijackers, in NYC at the WTC, which Bush ignored. All should read about it, and her amazing experience with the creeps of the Rockefeller clan.

  • rudi

    unfortunate those on top of the Waterfall often exploit the ones below – instead of helping them to succeed.

    They do that out of fear if those below would rise it would jeopardize their own status.

    The Rockefeller s are only one of them there are many others too.

  • Pearl

    Me think,

    First, we must become aware, conscious, connected with Source within, think and act from this level of consciousness, and clean up our own mess in our subconscious minds (which create the outer mess) and in our life. So it all starts with us, the individual. We heal ourselves. Wounded human bio-computers manifest and attract predators.

    Second, we take actions to create a better life for ourselves. When we no longer have undeserving thoughts, poverty beliefs and other self sabotaging kinks, we can create a life that we are passionate about, add value to others and create abundance for ourselves. No need government for support. We need them, we cannot get rid of them.

    Third, now that the individuals are happy, productive, can provide for themselves, attract good into their lives, then these same people can unplug from the matrix by buying what they need from producers that are not connected with the matrix (organic farmers, natural healers, natural energy providers, etc.). So each person can choose to stop playing with the matrix by playing with conscious creators.

    Then, when enough people does that, the matrix will receive no juice and wither on their own. No customers, no money, no followers, no victims, no attention.

    We can blame all these Elites for our problems but that changes nothing and put ourselves in the victim mode. Or we can recognize that our power is within, that no one can control us without our conscious and subconscious consents, clean up our own acts, esp. belief systems, unplug, attract & manifest a world that reflect our real brilliance.

    There are still too many people pointing fingers at the Elite, we need more people who believe that they are Creators, and choose to work on themselves to re-create and manifest a better future. We cannot change the Elites but we can build a world that we prefer. Take the responsibility for this mess of a creation, transform and change our self(s), and create a better world for all within.

    The Elites are not powerful, the matrix is an extremely intelligent piece of software created by Source to reflect our minds in this experiment of expansion away from Source. We have gone as far away from Source as possible and this experiment is coming to a close before we self destruct. Because of our thoughts, we are playing at the low vibratory level of the matrix (the dark stuff). If we wish to have a nicer manifestation (in our life or world stage), all we have to do is raise OUR frequencies so the matrix can reflect our higher vibratory thoughts and give us a Higher level of the game (the matrix is software, it has no choice but to obide by the rules within its own programming). The only reasons it can manipulate and control us thus far is because Source allows it. It is no longer the case (experiment ends) but we must participate to raise our vibrations (thoughts, emotions, etc.) to GOTO THE NEXT LEVEL OF GAME. Some of these Elites are artificial intelligence (software), not even conscious. We are consciousness energy and when we connect to that within, we attract a whole new stage, charactors and events in our lives and the world stage will reflect that.

    In summary, if we wish to attract and manifest a world with no Elites manipulation and control, we must heal ourselves, raise our vibrational levels above this Matrix Game level 1, jump to Game level 2, and the Matrix will manifest new charactors, events, situations both in our personal life and the world stage to reflect our higher frequencies. Until then, complain and bitch all we want, nothing changes. Consciousness created thoughts and actions based on that are what will build the world we all desire.

    Me think.

    • Bil Janski

      Archi’s Acres.

    • Beautiful response, Pearl!

  • wheelersmind

    Sorry about the CMT typing at the end.

  • wheelersmind

    I believe the problem is this assumption that we need to suckle from opulent leaders to maintain a civilized society. In leadership classes it was necessary to study and discuss “successful” leaders such as Hitler, Manson, and Jim Jones. I came to the realization that these leaders were actually weak little souls elevated only by the followers. Without followers these men were powerless.
    If we buy into the assumption that we NEED leadership, then we must accept that we are mostly destined to be FOLLOWERS! Politicians keep referring to themselves as leaders. They are supposed to be REPRESENTATIVES, which implies that they should FOLLOW their constituents wishes.
    We don’t need leaders, we need to be taught personal accountability. Those that have it should stop hording and amassing obscene amounts of wealth. I DO NOT WANT government redistribution. Pay folks at the bottom a little more, they have more money to buy more shit from the other rich people and everyone wins! When you get to a couple million or whatever, get the hell outtta the way, retire, go spend money and have fun. Guide someone else into whatever got you rich and make them promise to go enjoy themselves in a couple years! ONLY individuals have any true lasting power. You know who you are (probabaly not reading this rticle or this post though LOL)

  • Karen

    Zeitgeist and the Venus Project- its good stuff .
    Google “zeitgeist “

  • Michael Hutson

    I’m a fan of a Flat Tax. We all pay a tax to a shared infrastructure that is used freely and pay more or work harder for the individual excesses away from the shared infrastructure.

  • Seer

    There will be no government. All your ‘but what abouts’ come from current perceptions and voided personal responsibilities. Life will replace death and the true order of everyone following their own heart will finally prevail. You own nothing, it was always theft. Get over it!

  • the whole idea of a government has been tainted.

    – we have been forced to believe that we elect these people into power. we have no idea what goes on. we are fed lies.

    we need to accept that the idea of a government died when obama was elected. he has inspired us to change.

    a simple solution.
    we select citizens at random. anyone from a grade 6 student to 89 year old granny get the chance to not govern or rule, but solve a submitted issue.

    a diverse randomly selected pannel solve the problem using this method ~

    i do art

    i- intention
    d- desired
    o- outcome

    a- agenda
    r- roles , rules, responsibility. eg. what you do.
    t- timeline.

    • wheelersmind

      Plato’s “Philosopher King” inspired a similar idea for me. I envision a jury selection type process that considers education and experience in filling public admin needs. Everyone would have a random chance to fulfill public duty. I really think the old magic eight ball could make better decisions than our current “leaders” (see my coming rant).

    • Diaz

      The only thing that irks me about your post is that the idea of a Govt in this country did NOT die when BO was elected.

      It died when the citizens of this country allowed what happened in 1913 to happen.

  • Richard

    Everything the Rockefellers et al have gotten away with is the result of the public being gullible and too lazy to think for themselves. What if all of the abuses of the 20th century were put in play to cause a great ‘Awakening’ of human kind.

    • wheelersmind


    • Ty Richard.!. If one knows about karma or what we sew,we reap, then it makes sense…humanity has for far too long used their energies for harmful purposes. What has happened over the centuries, including the 20th, may be “abuses” as ya say, and is now come full circle at our doorsteps. But we are becoming aware and awakened…at least many of us are. Great post…

  • I don’t want to agree with John Cook. Although what he says about cold fusion is, I hope on the ball!
    I hated capitalism before I could spell it. As a merchant seaman I saw first hand what capitalism and so called free market economy was doing to the planet and it’s people. But hating the powers that were, didn’t do me any good nor the proverbial them, any harm. Thankfully I can now thank the bankers and their slavery system. Which makes me feel a lot better. For the first time in the history of the human race, we have a monetary system, accepted around the world, that is based on numbers. 1 to 9 with a zero. Lots of zero’s!
    We don’t have to dig them up, pollute the oceans, cut down the trees or enslave the people. So thank you to the bankers! Now before we let them destroy it, which they will try to do, we must step up and claim it. And with it, our freedom. It is We the people that build the factories, plant the food and bare the children. It is therefore common sense that the numbers be based on us. When they are, we will pay the debt. All of it. Every last penny. with our numbers! Nobody loses, everybody wins. There are much smarter people out there than me, who have already devised systems with which to distribute these numbers. I have always believed that when everyone in our world is, by birth right, entitled to a certain standard of living, indexed to the cost of living, There will be no need for crime or war, or government for that matter.
    We don’t need another revolution, we have been going round in circles long enough! We need to evolve. Build upon what we have. The monetary system is not wrong, It’s just in the hands of the wrong people. We can claim the numbers and with them our freedom, without guns or hate or violence. I truly believe we can do this. And do it now. Thank you for your time. PS Check out

  • xyz

    Rockfellers are scum but this is just another useless, paranoid article

    • Diaz

      You are part of the problems plaguing humanity at this point.
      Because you IMMEDIATELY dismiss what is being thrown in you damn face , as ‘useless’.

      “Yep..just let it go…it’s not THAT important right now….we’ll wait to see what happens next.”

      THAT is EXACTLY why we are where we are.

  • What on Earth will the Jews do in such a wonderful trusting World – and with the free clean energy John describes ?

    They will have to jettison those rabid rabbis of theirs and rejoin mankind as one of us.

    I just hope it is not too late.

  • This article does not actually tell us much about the Rockerfellers!

    How disappointing. But never mind them – they are not very nice people so let us just be done with them and their ways.

    What does make sense to me as an economic system is a social credit system.

    I think this is what Gaddaffi was doing.

    First of all, obviously, private for profit banks are not to be allowed to print or create on computers the money – of any country. Money must be created by the Government of the People, spent into the economy and regulated only by the government of the country and no one else.

    Each person must be given as a right when reaching the age of 18, enough money to live on in a civilised way. He or she must have enough to pay for accommodation, food, clothing and schooling.

    The whole month’s income must be spent each month. No one should be allowed to save any of that months’s allowance.

    I believe that such a system would, by allowing everyone in society a decent standard of living and sense of security, would also allow people to be relaxed enough to want to do something interesting and useful with their time.

    That would be real freedom and could only unleash the creativity of mankind.

    There might be no crime at all in such a system! No one would need to steal or harm another. And anyone who was so foolish would be dealt with by a community much more relaxed and compassionate simply because they did not feel tense and frightened all the time.

    It is so simple. I cannot see any reason at all not to adopt it.

    • Linda

      Your thoughts for the future are exactly the way I envision it. Common sense and simplicity are all it would take to turn this world right side up from it’s current position of upside down. Thank you for taking the time to share.

      • Diaz

        Yes..but you won’t be able to implement any of that, without some kind of physical force.

        Hopefully, the lethality will be minimal. And that’s the best you can hope for at this point…either way it goes.

    • Pearl

      Sounds like the old Cuba, communist regime. Your basic needs are taken care of, and you work at the profession you like. Still dependent on the government for basic needs. We need them, we cannot unplug from them. We can manifest all that we need anyway, we are Creators, we build Worlds!

  • John Cook

    There is no way we can transition to a new way of living gently.
    It is going to get very ugly and many people will die.
    But this is necessary – the old paradyms must be obliterated to make space for the new.
    The way the world works simply cannot be fixed incrementally – patching is not an option – it has to go, lock stock and barrel.
    We are fully poised on the brink of such a collapse – look around and see, virtually every system or organisation dying in its own way. From the church to the economy, from the media to medical industry, everything is turning out to be based on lies.
    The Internet is outing all the conspiracies. All at once. It’s a rough ride for those locked in to the old world view.
    But, on the other hand.
    One of the things being outed is how “they” have been suppressing “free energy” devices for a hundred years or so. The Internet has also stopped that – you just can’t suppress information like they used to be able to.
    Right now one such energy source is very close to commercialisation, called LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction) or “Cold Fusion”. Many people are working on various reactor arrangements and chemicals. The science is not fully understood and there is much room of improvements especially in the regulation of the output.
    One system being developed by a Mr Rossi runs on nano sized partials of Nickle in a pressure vessel with high pressure Hydrogen. It appears that somehow heating the Nickle plus Hydrogen transmutes the Nickle into Copper plus energy. A reactor that can put out up to ten kilowatts of heat is about the size of a shot glass. The energy output is limited by the Nickle powder melting. A teaspoon of Nickle powder is enough to run a ten kilowatt unit for six months.
    This is the best possible news for humanity. If you follow through the implications of essentially free, portable, small scale energy source with zero environmental impact they end up in a paradise society We can clean up the planet and things will be so cheap that even the poorest person will have more than enough.

    So, ironically, while we face a nightmare social and economic collapse and maybe nuclear war on the other side the society we rebuild can be clean and abundant.

    • Anonymous

      I REALLY wish people would stop with “many people will die, this is necessary” shit! It’s a cop-out excuse that will see many die while others watch and do nothing, claiming it’s inevitable! You cannot find solutions to a problem with such a defeatist attitude! You cannot, for instance heal someone or find a cure if you expect they’re going to die anyways, because you’ve already given up in your mind and by doing that the drive to find solutions is shut down!

      The ones who find solutions are the ones NOT willing to just “accept the inevitable”. Many people stand by the wayside and watch, some refuse to do so and so, throughout history, have been the ones to have found ways around problems. Please, people… don’t be so defeatist in your thinking. If you are willing to even consider a change in the way we live (which others in a more defeatist position firmly believe will never happen and that nothing will change) then you must be willing to MAKE it happen, and that means you have to do things outside what you are used to thinking. People do not HAVE to die, the only way we can have a positive society is if we do NOT just let people die, but fight to the last to make sure people live, rather than watching them die and saving our own asses.

      Such defeatism will ony fail us in the end, in terms of positivity. If we want a positive society, we must be positive ourselves… it is more than just feeling good, it is positive actions which support life and creativity. Defeatism is negative, it cuts off creativity which then means we don’t adapt or find solutions to problems.

      • christine

        Here, here…..Please remember Your greatest strength is LOVE,
        sometimes not immediately visible in results…..yet powerful beyond measure in creating change which is harmonic and balanced.

        • polonius

          So you think we can LOVE these monsters, our masters, into submission?

      • Praxis

        Being realistic isn’t defeatism. I suggest everyone here to read Guastv’s “The Crowd” to get an idea of what happens to crowds during periods of rapid change. Crowds are incredibly stupid no matter their composition. That alone is a monumental issue which shouldn’t be denied.

        The most devastating circumstance possible anywhere is wide scale hunger. Rationality leaves the stage even at the individual level.

        While I absolutely hope, believe in and work toward an orderly, peaceful transition or renaissance raising all boats to new heights and throw off the shroud of ignorance and oppression; I also stay ever vigilant and aware of the pulse of the crowd because things can turn very ugly and destructive, very, very quickly. I watch food supply, trends and prices like a hawk. Nearing 50 million people in the US on food stamps, which really means 1/6th of Americans can’t adequately feed themselves, is very, very concerning.

        • Quite true, Praxis. Thanks for the thoughtful comment.

      • I understand what you’re saying about the people who claim that many will die. I, nor does anyone else know the future outcome…but we can, and should, embrace positive thinking and place our hearts, our consciousness on Love…the most powerful force in the universe. Essentially, I am with ya…my question is~why do people fear death.?. If they know of their immortality~I realize in western cultures that death is not seen as the natural flow of things~it’s not seen as a part of the great circle of life. Thanks for your post. Excellent read.

        • Diaz

          Either they die, or you die. It’s that simple.
          And TPTB are killing people with the poisoning of our food supply, water supply, and the very air we breathe.

          If you don’t think you’re gonna have to fight VEHEMENTLY, and lethally at times, to make THAT change, you are WAY to asleep to asses the situation realistically. Therefore, you are going to be part of the problem, and will be shown, by ALL sides, your pitiful negligence. A sleeping sheep.

          I don’t want it to happen that way, as well as alot of others. I wish for it to be done as peacefully as possible.
          But these f’ers aren’t going to go down without a fight…using YOUR children…because your children are just as brainwashed to do just that.

          Tell me this…if protests and saying please to these degenerates hasn’t worked in decades. What good is protesting and saying please for another day?
          What’s the next stop?

          For example..
          If someone is threatening your child’s life with what you KNOW is going to be lethal, and you say ‘please’re going to kill him/her’, and the perp holding them has NO reaction other than going on with what he/she is doing…what is the next move?
          Either you stop them with whatever force necessary, including lethal means…or they continue doing what they are doing, and in fact, get worse because YOU did nothing to stop it before it got to a critical point.

          WE ARE AT THE CRITICAL POINT. If you can’t see that, you may as well sit down and STFU, because you are nothing but a liability to humanity at this point.

          I will NOT let humanity go down like that. Alot of others feel similar. Even if that means I’ll have to die for it.

          Alot of people WILL die.
          It’s unfortunate, but it’s truth. NOOBNE wants it that way..that’s why SHTF hasn’t started yet.
          The reasons are thrown in your face every day from TPTB.

          The truth only angers those that are liars, and those that lay with liars.

          Another year of peaceful protests and saying please will result in the deaths of alot of people that didn’t have to die.
          It will also be the point in which there is almost NO reversing or changing the BS going on.

          Hell, it will take..right NOW…it will take at LEAST two decades to clean the air and water and get our food supply unpoisoned..along with the land needed to grow more.
          And that’s only if we get it to STOP immediately.

          Another year or so? You’ll already be dead. I’m not going to be the one saying “We asked you to stop. Why didn’t you?”

          The answer will be…”Because you didn’t try to stop it.”.

    • christine

      Please remember Your greatest strength is LOVE,
      sometimes not immediately visible in results…..yet powerful beyond measure in creating change which is harmonic and balanced.

      • Yeah, right…then you wake up. Wake up.

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