Consciousness: The Bridge Between Science and Religion

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Science and religion often seem poles apart–and in many ways they are. But I believe the two can, and will eventually, be united, and their meeting point will be human consciousness.

That we are conscious beings is the most obvious fact of our existence. Indeed, all we ever know are the thoughts, images, and feelings arising in our consciousness. Yet as far as Western science is concerned, there is nothing more difficult to explain. Why should the complex processing of information in the brain lead to an inner personal experience? Why doesn’t it all go on in the dark, without any awareness? Why do we have any inner life at all?

This paradox–the undeniable existence of human consciousness, set against the absence of any satisfactory scientific account for it–suggests that there may be something amiss with the current scientific worldview. Most scientists assume that consciousness emerges in some way or other from insentient matter. But if this assumption is getting us nowhere, perhaps we should consider an alternative worldview–one found in many metaphysical and spiritual traditions. There, consciousness is held to be an essential component of the cosmos, as fundamental as space, time and matter.

Interestingly, expanding the scientific model to include consciousness in this way does not threaten any of the conclusions of modern science. Mathematics remains the same, as do physics, biology, chemistry, and all our other discoveries about the material world. What changes is our understanding of ourselves. If consciousness is indeed fundamental, then the teachings of the great sages and mystics begin to make new sense.

Those who have penetrated to the core of their minds have frequently discovered a profound connection with the ground of all being. The sense of being an individual self–that feeling of I-ness that we all know so well but find so hard to define–turns out to be not so unique after all. The light of consciousness that shines in me, is the same light that shines in you–the same light shining through a myriad of minds.

Some have expressed this inner union in the statement “I am God.” To traditional religion, this rings of blasphemy. How can any lowly human being claim that he or she is God, the almighty, supreme being? To modern science, such statements are nothing more than self-delusion. Physicists have looked out into deep space to the edges of the universe, back into “deep time” to the beginning of creation, and down into “deep structure” to the fundamental constituents of matter. In each case they find no evidence for God; nor any need for God. The Universe seems to work perfectly well without any divine assistance.

But when mystics speak of the divine, they are not speaking of some supernatural, supreme being who rules the workings of the universe; they are talking of the world within. If we want to find God, we need to look into the realm of “deep mind”–a realm that science has yet to explore.

When it does, it may find it has embarked upon a course that will ultimately lead it to embrace spirit and–dare we say it–God. To the scientific establishment, rooted in a material worldview, this is anathema. But so was the notion of the solar system four centuries ago.

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  • Modern physics, in the hands of Albert Einstein, has turned almost into mysticism.

    Nobody has noted the fact, because mystics don’t understand modern physics and the physicists do not care about the mystics.

    The mystics have always experienced that they are one, but nobody has listened to them.

    Perhaps man was not mature enough to understand the depth of their declaration.

    The mystics have simply expressed the oneness of all.

    Physicists go into detail.

    Albert Einstein, especially, was the first scientist to come to the conclusion that time is the fourth dimension of matter.

    Matter has three dimensions, the fourth dimension is invisible and that is time, but it is not separate from matter.

    Modern physics has declared – without declaring the death of matter – that there is no matter at all.

    With the disappearance of matter and with the death of God, only one energy remains in the whole cosmos.

    Now time and space cannot be two.

    They have to be expressions of one energy.


    But the mind can succeed only as far as science is concerned, it cannot succeed in religious consciousness.

    One has to understand that the methodology that works for the outer cannot work for the inner.

    Simply because the inner is the opposite dimension, the same methods will not be applicable.

    You will have to find new methodology for the inner.

    And that is meditation.

    The mind cannot understand that which is beyond words; it can understand only that which is linguistically, logically right.

    It can only conceive very limited things.

    It has no intelligence of its own; it is a memory system.

    You feed it certain information, it will keep it on record.

    Whenever you want, it will supply it.

    An intelligent man’s mind is capable of containing all the information that is in all the libraries of the world – it is almost infinite.

    But mind is simply a collection of memories of the past, and – out of those memories – imagination about the future.

    Understanding this whole process, one thing becomes certain: why the mind avoids the present, which is the real, and why it tries to get involved with past and future, which are not real.

    God is a need for the mind, because the mind cannot conceive infinite, eternal things.

    God simply is not there.

    A man of meditation knows there is no God other than life itself.

    God is simply the poverty of human consciousness.

    God exists because you are not aware of yourself.

    The moment you know yourself, there is no God and there is no need of any God.

    When I say there is no God, I am not saying that I disbelieve in God; even for disbelief, God has to be.

    I am simply saying there is no God, has never been – all definitions are inventions.

    When you come to reality there is no negativity, no positivity.

    So there is no question of atheism or theism.

    The whole world of polarities is transcended.

    But the mind cannot conceive how contradictions can meet, how polarities can be one.

    Yet in existence they are meeting, they are one.

    Reality is herenow.



    “I believe in Spinoza’s God who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists, not in a God who concerns himself with fates and actions of human beings.

    The idea of a personal God is an anthropological concept which I am unable to take seriously.

    The most beautiful and most profound religious emotion that we can experience is the sensation of the mystical.

    And this mysticality is the power of all true science.”

    Albert Einstein.

    • Lawrence Carson

      You have shared with us some “Tremendous Thought Transporters” taking us to experiences of awe and joy. Thank you.
      Here are “Your Comment” >> and thus >> My new found experiences

      #1) “God exists because you are not aware of yourself.” LOL … God exists because I have not yet been one with the Zero Point Field.” Paradoxically this is “Right On” because for those who have not been to the Zero Point Field of Singularity this comment is profoundly insightful. For the latter they first sense that they are “The One With All” and thus their “Identity” becomes meaningless, there being merges with the Alpha and Omega totally without time, space and energy of duality. But for those who have been there and then think with all of the Universal Thought Libraries that they can gain access to a brilliant question comes to mind, “If I – during my out of body or near death experience merely merged with the Garden of Singularity, that place from which all energy fundamentally AND perpetually emanates from … Then Who is The Gardner?”

      #2) “The moment you know yourself, there is no God and there is no need of any God.” And again I smile, see #1 above: What if we have identified with “The Garden of Oneness” and failed to ask the whereabouts of “The Gardner?”

      #3) “The whole world of polarities is transcended.” But only when one first “Experientially Identifies” with the Garden. What is hilarious is that we are born to find the questions that give us motive to seek out the questions. Our problem is that once we find “The Answer” we sacrifice the brilliant questions – with lame and single dimensional answers and thus kill the Quest for additional truth trails of Paradox.

      #4) “The most beautiful and most profound religious emotion that we can experience is the sensation of the mystical.” This too is brilliant but again – and in my personal experiential based opinion – this also can be “Embellished” and profoundly enhanced with the following proposed principals of Meta Insights:
      a) Emotions are from belief systems of our ego’s libraries’ whereas “senses” or “feelings” – which display a totally different resonance, different states of frequencies and amplitudes are IEMF inductive sensations coming from the inner Library of the Eternal Soul of infinite knowing. If one were to change the above sentence by using the word feeling or sense instead of emotion I suspect the question will offer up a much more exciting exploration.
      b) If one alters the frequency evoked when reading the word “religious” by looking up what that word epistemologically originally meant, I can guarantee you a totally different trip well worth your effort. (While you are at it … also look up the original Latin and thus real meaning of the word “principle.”

      a point to ponder offered by

  • Lolly

    “there may be something amiss with the current scientific worldview”

    Understatement of the century. That’s because science, like everything else, is tainted by the proclivities and agendas of the ruling elite. He pays the piper calls the tune, and for now our dear leaders would dearly like us to believe we’re vastly alone meat puppets with no greater purpose in this universe than to be afraid and purchase trivialities. Therefore the tune scientists are paid to play is that of radical positivism and materialism.

    It’s hilarious when Steven Hawking states there is no such thing as consciousness, using his consciousness to do so. And there are fools in white coats lining up beside him to do the same, keen to get a pat on the head, since their last fix of establishment approval was probably back at graduation.

    Scientists looking for god are like men on donkey’s going in search of donkeys. Quixotic characters who befuddle their own inner vision, then claim that there’s nothing to see when the vast enormity of eternal consciousness is only hidden from them by their own hubris, biases and petty – rather ridiculous – egos.

    • Lawrence Carson

      I love & LOL at what you said “It’s hilarious when Steven Hawking states there is no such thing as consciousness, using his consciousness to do so.”

      Brilliance while sitting under some candle given to you by some outside source is one thing, but having the ability to create your own lamp of insight the follows you wherever you go is quite another. So the real question re Stephen Hawkins is … “Does he deeply know the difference between thinking about “belief maps of conviction” claiming knowledge of the territory of reality … vs. … exploring, experiencing and thus Understanding … the Fundamental Reality” of the factual territory?” I think not so much. And he evidently either does not have a i) Lamp to light his way in this arena or ii) The Editors Meta mirror.

      For me, the difference that segregates the “belief professors” of this time and place in our world … from the “Experiential Driven Scientific Explorers” is that the latter have built, honed and calibrated their “Reality Compasses” discerning the epistemological processes of creating there ontology charts of truth, whereas the former, Not So Much. (Check out the altered mind states of those great geniuses whose insights from personal explorations hold true even for today’s book of tried truths.

  • dimitri

    Four centuries the erroneous earth-centered conception of the solar system was foisted upon the inhabitants of greater Europe by the unethical and immoral Catholic Church in concert with the monarchies of the day. The rest of the world before and after this gruesome chapter in human history had a much more accurate understanding of the universe and our solar system, and “God.”

    • dimitri

      That’s “Four centuries ago…” or “For centuries…” .

  • Kukulkan

    “..expanding the scientific model to include consciousness in this way does not threaten any of the conclusions of modern science. Mathematics remains the same, as do physics, biology, chemistry, and all our other discoveries about the material world” – actually, this assumption is incorrect. There foundation of the material world IS consciousness, and as such the rules which govern the matter are not external to consciousness, rather they are outward expressions of an inward nature. As such, the rules can be altered by deliberate changes of the expression of consciousness.

    • Lawrence Carson

      So what I hear (and integrate into my “thinking mind field of exploration”) is that a) “Awareness In Singularity” is fundamental “Source” to all that collapses from a singularity field of infinite probabilities (Zero Point Field) and thus manifests itself (our collective Self) within a dimension of Duality and that thus b) “Consciousness in Duality”, although it is an effect of, i.e. born of the infinite ZPF of potential it is At Secondary Cause of all energy manifestations within the cupboards of Time-Space-Energy fluctuations.

      And since the current model of quantum physics mandates that Consciousness is needed to collapse wave forms into physical quanta that would thus corroborate your posed premise, i.e. and I quote you “As such, the rules can be altered by deliberate changes of the expression of consciousness.”

      For one to experience the reality you wrote, mandates that one first needs to climb the rungs of the ladder of paradox in order to gain that elevated perspective of the “bigger picture” … that “Deep Unified Field of Relational Structures” to perceive is confusing simplicity. Beings a “scientist” gains one nothing. And in my experience, it’s the cosmic explorers not tied up or bound to the dock of identity, fear or certainty that get to sail into the cosmic sea of amazing insights. Obviously … “You Get It!”

      I can see that Marco Polo speaks to you as well.

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