The Spiritual Eye: How to Decalcify & Activate Your Pineal Gland

Third Eye Pineal GlandChristina Sarich, Contributor
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This article will presume you have a basic knowledge of the pineal gland, an important endocrine gland that is said to be the seat of enlightenment. If you need to back up a little and inform yourself more about what the pineal gland is, you can start here before reading further.

Activating your pineal gland, or spiritual ‘eye’ and detoxing it are two different things. In essence, the detoxification allows you to remove the crystallized deposits, which keep the gland as a caged bird, or a princess jailed in her own ivory tower. Once the pineal gland is decalcified, you can start to practice things which will help to ‘turn it on’ and amp up natural production of your body’s own psychedelic drug DMT. The actor, Jim Carrey, talks about how thought is responsible for almost all of the suffering we experience, and how he realized this through an activation of his pineal gland.

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In his book, and documentary The Spirit Molecule, Rick Strasssman talks about how the chemical DMT allows a deeper understanding of ‘reality’ as we know it. Many shamans and yogis have practiced different means of awakening the pineal gland for centuries. So, without further ado, here is what you need to do to start to detox and awaken this shining gem of an endocrine gland:

  1. Stop the calcification of the gland by reducing halides. These come in the form of fluoride, chlorine, and bromide, all of which come into your body primarily through the water you drink and bathe in. Install a water purification system. Drink only de-chlorinated and de-fluorinated water.
  2. Remove the use of pesticides, fungicides, and mercury (from toxic fish primarily), and other toxins from your diet. Only purchase organic, non-GMO foods. It is no mistake that Monsanto and companies like them have invested so heavily in keeping you ‘unrealized.’ Not only do GMO foods cause cancer, but they inhibit the functioning of the pineal gland.
  3. Stop using sugar, caffeine, and alcohol to numb yourself. While these ‘drugs,’ and yes they are drugs if you consider how they affect your brain chemistry, can give you a temporary fix, they also impede the pineal gland’s functioning and add to its calcification.
  4. Reduce refined starches, they turn to sugar in your body any how, and can impede the functioning of the pineal gland. Instead eat complex starches like brown rice, or spelt flour.
  5. Reduce stress. Cortisol and Adrenaline, as well as other hormones that are created by the adrenal glands when you are stressed can interfere with melatonin and serotonin, the sister hormones to DMT, or the pineal elixir that helps us wake up. Interestingly, we make more melatonin when we are in complete darkness. This is what allows the ‘inner’ light to shine more brightly. While you can sleep for three days straight, this is hard to do without some kind of sleeping pill. The ancient yogis and shamans would sit in caves in meditation in order to induce higher levels of melatonin, and thus awaken their pineal glands.
  6. Stop Smoking. Tobacco smoke is toxic for the body in general, but has extremely detrimental effects on pineal health. This is true of marijuana as well.
  7. Drugs like cocaine, heroine, etc. cause the pineal gland to falter and can awaken portals of spiritual reality prematurely, or cause them to be very distorted. They can also shut down our faculties for ‘higher awareness’ altogether.
  8. Eat raw cacao – or dark chocolate. Chocolate in its pure form can help to decalcify the pineal gland.
  9. Consume neem extractNeem is one of India’s super herbs. It has been used for thousands of years and purifies almost every system of the body.
  10. Reduce meat and dairy.
  11. Reduce acidic beverages like soda, and energy drinks (also due to sugar and caffeine content).

Enhancing the Inner Light

There are many ways to enhance the inner light of the third eye, and to elicit higher concentrations of DMT. Drinking Ayahuasca is one of them, practicing yoga is another. Inversions are particularly helpful because they increase blood flow to the pineal gland when you are upside down. Professor Watts once said this about DMT, “Load Universe Into Cannon. Aim at Brain. Fire.” Our brains actually yearn for DMT.

Inversions are great for other reasons, too. According to David Coulter, Ph.D., who taught anatomy at the University of Minnesota for 18 years, when one inverts, tissue fluids of the lower extremities drain-far more effectively than when one is asleep. Areas of congestion clear. In a 1992 Yoga International article on Headstand and the circulatory system, Coulter wrote: “If you can remain in an inverted posture for just 3 to 5 minutes, the blood will not only drain quickly to the heart, but tissue fluids will flow more efficiently into the veins and lymph channels of the lower extremities and of the abdominal and pelvic organs, facilitating a healthier exchange of nutrients and wastes between cells and capillaries.”

The most profound affect of yogic inversions is on what the gurus in India call the ‘amrit,’ or nectar of Brahma. There are countless yogic practices, which aim at helping this nectar flow. The nectar they are referring to is the very same chemical DMT which helps us awaken to the more expansive Universe.

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Yoga Nidra

There are additional yogic practices that help to awaken the pineal gland. They include yoga nidra, discussed extensively in the book Pharma Sutra, and third eye meditations as practiced by yogi, Amrit Desai.

“Yoga Nidra is the marriage of science and spirit-a transformative technique whose powerful healing qualities transcend all aspects of your being. Modern research has proven the benefits of meditative techniques on lowering stressand promoting overall health:

  • Electroencephalograph studies (EEG) demonstrate the increase of alpha brain waves, which are directly linked with the relaxation of the nervous system
  • Stress hormones are reduced, blood pressure and heart rates decline and the metabolic system slows down
  • Regular practice adds years to your lifespan (5-12 years if practiced daily)
  • Reactivating the pineal gland secretes melatonin, which helps prevent illness, retard premature aging, induce more restful sleep, boost the immune system, and promote healing” (

Khecarī Mudrā

Another yogic technique for stimulating the pineal gland is an advanced yoga mudra involving placing the tongue in the upper palate to make it more flexible, then eventually guiding it into the nasal passages (like I said, usually only advanced yogis can do this).

A Hatha Yoga text, the Khecarīvidyā, states that kechari mudra enables one to raise Kundalini and access various stores of amrita in the head, which subsequently flood the body. Siva, in the same text, gives instructions on how to cut the lingual frenulum as a necessary prerequisite for the kechari mudra practice.

Binaural Beats and Meditation: More Theta Waves

When the pineal gland is awakened, we experience vivid imagery and complete relaxation. We usually only experience a theta brain wave state just between wakefulness and sleep, as we drift off from the ‘edge’ of consciousness. In this state we are extremely receptive to the wisdom of the Universe. We can literally tap into higher intelligence and other dimensions.

In a yogic or shamanic state of consciousness, marked by high theta brain wave activity (an often induced by meditation, drum playing with a steady beat of four and one-half times per second, or with binaural beats meant to entrain the brain waves for theta activity) we can access a ‘trance’ state which is more likely to come from an opened pineal gland and result in feelings of absolute bliss.

Theta waves have been identified as the gateway to learning and memory. Theta meditation increases creativity, enhances learning, reduces stress and awakens intuition as well as other extrasensory perception skills. Theta consciousness allows us to connect with our creative inspirations, spiritual guidance and peak experiences. Through theta wave meditation, we can open our Third Eye and access the delta waves that unite us with Universal Energy and Cosmic Consciousness.” (

The pineal gland truly is our gateway to other worlds. It needs to be cared for and nurtured back to its true health to allow us access to our highest wisdom, peace and joy.

If you know of other ways to awaken the pineal gland and help it to become detoxified, please add your comments below, with corresponding links where appropriate.

There is also a great two-hour lecture on this subject, the pineal gland, courtesy of the Terrence McKenna forum.

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About the Author

Christina Sarich is a musician, yogi, humanitarian and freelance writer who channels many hours of studying Lao Tzu, Paramahansa Yogananda, Rob Brezny, Miles Davis, and Tom Robbins into interesting tidbits to help you Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and See the Big Picture. Her blog is Yoga for the New World. Her latest book is Pharma Sutra: Healing the Body And Mind Through the Art of Yoga.

Additional References:ī Mudrā

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  • Károly Timár

    I had a few experience with this. I participated in kundalini yoga a few years ago, the results was extremly powerfull, i can’t describe everything, but I had “visitors”, thoose tipical grey aliens, in trough lucid dreaming, creatures talked to me who called themself Harhors … memories come backback from previos lifes too, most of them wasnt on the earth. In that time I started to remeber a lot of strange things wahts was happend in my childhood.
    Actually, I think everything is fine with me, and I actually understand a lot of things about myself and why I am here, even got a memory before I born on the earth. I think most of the people who call me crazy, they are just simply blinded, but soon they will going to experince similar things too, I am sure.

    My biggest problem is a cannot avoid every kind of “bad” habbits what is on this list, like coffe, drogs and bad food eating all the time. 🙁 I like meditating and yoga but sometimes I like to go party and enjoy the night with alcohol and else. I am struggling. Any advice ?

  • SleeveEye

    Jesus was not his name, It was Jmmanuel. And as you speak we are all souls of “The Creation”, “The Source”, “The Infinitum” or what us on earth have come to call God. Seeker is right. Take her/his advice. Your have been latched onto by a Incubus it sounds from the Astral realm. Incubus’ are Sexually deviant and vile entities that thrive on Sexual energy, It is stealing your energy it is feeding off of your fear. And Exorcism will not help you, do not seek traditional Catholic exorcisms. This will make it worse. Research Incubus’ and Succubus, these entities date far beyond the inventions of The Talmud, Gospel or Qur’an. Understanding what’s going on is half the battle. As Seeker has said a Good entity will not attack one’s free will, therefore if an entity does do this it is not a good entity, moreover a further understanding of “The Creation” and “Infinity” helps us see “Good & Bad” are attributes applied by individual perspectives. A better concept of good and evil is the distinction of Polarity with good and evil being an applied perspective for an Individual soul still interpreting and learning their lessons.

  • Mark Jahre

    I was searching on pineal gland and came across your article. I want to make people aware that one great way to awaken the pineal gland aka third eye is through the use of a formula I discovered which contains marine phytoplankton, chlorella and spirulina. These three single cell algae contain amazing amounts of purely dense nutrients and are the perfect food for our endocrine system. They will clean heavy metals and pave the way for the glands to function at their highest level.
    What you will notice by regular use of my formula is a high level of energy centered around the brain and head. Your mind will pick up this energy as a rising vortex force and you will actually feel this energy in your crown chakra. It is really quite phenomenal. I recommend daily use of my formula. For months now, I have never failed to maintain this amazing and healing energy throughout my body and into my highest chakras.

  • mediation opened mine it was a great experience

  • Bobo Nase

    i have read the long document and it just follows other long useless articles on opening the 3rd eye, cannabis can help in out of body experience, i dont smoke at all, but when i want to see in the spirit i just take little puffs to calm my nerves and out of nowhere i will be able to see my double, see the past and many others, people who say cannabis is the key are indeed correct, you dont need all the junk written down by someone who just copies and paste, i dont know pineal gland and dont want to know how it works, some of these so called scientific reserches are lies, the third eye is not in the forehead no no at all, but it is the spirit of a person, dreams are actions of the spirit your true double

  • Jefferson N

    I agree with the smoking aspect, to the extent that it is damaging because of the contents of the smoke. Marijuana, if anything, is good for meditation. The plant resonates at a certain frequency that we feel when we get ‘high’. This is literally how our mind interprets the plants natural, frequency. I prefer vaping so I dont have to smoke. when used in moderation, the plant can be a great thing for inducing natural feelings of bliss into your meditation practices.

  • yoga thneed

    Can’t find a citation for “we can literally tap into higher intelligence and other dimensions”, can anyone (ha) enlighten me?

    • I am here. I have done something that will amaze you. Anybody want to see if any thing like awaken Kundlini possible? See me..
      I have not planned on imparting this to others, but I will do so as soon people will start believing..
      Hare Krishna!!

      • cired

        please help me and guide me to the correct ways to open mine

  • FYI: Ajahn Lee “method 1” of meditation is targeted at the central area of the brain. It is a good teaching from a Forest Monk, worth to be listed at the methods for awakening the pineal gland.

    You can check it here:

  • & K2 & Iodine!

    • Steven

      Where can i buy an affordable water purification system?

      • John Lyndon

        home depot

  • Kundalini

    The answer is KUNDALINI Watch Jospeh Cambell Mythos season 2 on KUNDALINI

    3rd eye = MINDS EYE need to balance every chakra and open the third eye

    in order to raise kundalini

    • Anonymous

      In the Garden of Eden, we humans got too arrogant for our own good. We tried to become as Gods, by increasing our knowledge – we tried to open our third eye in effect. The Serpent (Kundalini) said; ““For God doth know…then your eyes shall be opened and ye shall be as Gods…knowing Good and Evil….And the eyes of them both opened.”

      The practice of attempting to unblock, or open our Chakras and ultimately open our third eye is the same thing. It is essentially us committing the same sin that we did in the Garden. Kundalini – the serpent is the devil that tempts us to do so by convincing us “we can be as Gods”.

      I believe this is what the Church thinks is true – they put fluoride in our water to save us – to save us from opening this demonic portal (or to keep us slaves? – who knows).

      Alternatively, this is all a big scam – and we can be as Gods – that is why God fears it so much and makes us all so scared with these stories and fears and how the serpent is the great deceiver. If this is the case Satan is the good guy and God the bad?

      • Anonymous


  • have any of you tried the realm dynamics monatomics? I’ve experimented with herbs, crystals and different alchemy formulations but these are kinda different. subtle but very noticeable. I encourage any of you to try this or any case ingram products. Its not so much cult of personality as it is locating those individuals that have unearthed valuable tools that can lift us to a more refined level.

  • Dalton

    If you have interest in obtaining real monatomics straight from Switzerland check the clickable link in my bio. The laughable “diatomics” being produced in the U.S. are not the same. Contact me if you have any questions of curiosity. Even if you do not even know what a spin-state element does for a human yet.

  • You will speak, you feel it, then maybe spiritual it’s time to commune with God.

    The amount of time management if you don’stop this destructive philosophy.
    Just byy thinking that is being in oneness with the Truth,
    one reverts to the question, perhaps a sscond glance. Phiil 2:12The Esoteric Concept of GodCertain branches of Orthhodox
    Christianity have unusual concepts regarding God–he is regarded by some esotericists that the reincarnating”Ego” has itts own rules.

    Back in the county. Words lie, cheat, steal, and are thought to reality.

    Feel free to vsit my web page: esoteric philosophy

  • Iguessimbryce

    Well since about early 2013 I’ve been experiencing this thing where I try to go to sleep and I get stuck and my mind kind of recreates my surroundings but I cannot move or talk. I have expirimented with it (with caution) and have found that I can move, but what I’m moving isn’t my body I guess because I can still see it. After that I guess I just kind of float around the room and randomly get sent back into my body. A couple of times I’ve actually encountered what I have begun to call demons, who will just bounce around or occasionally drag me across the floor (though that rarely happens) until I kind of come to the realization in my head that they aren’t real or that I’m not afraid of them, and then they just fade away. I have found a couple of methods for escaping this state ( yes I do say escaping because most of the time it Its scary as hell and very unexpected) in which I either breathe in really hard then release, or I try to move all my body parts at once. Anyway, please try to email me your responses as I don’t think I’ll be on this site much.

    • Anonymous

      this is a state where your spirit energy/vibe resonance is low allowing your body to be a host and you will THEREFORE become incubised i urge you pray brother pray cast them away in the name of the lord jesus christ you may fear them but the fear his harmony as they are static

      if you are a joyful peaceful loving person which are of high resonance

      emf garbage fields can cause this as can hate anger depression pop entertainment as they are LOW

  • donne annunci verona

    Ich bin Within Truth dankbar in die Richtung Of Proprietor dieser world breit Web web-Site, Contains freigegeben dieser modern Article bei bei diesem period.

  • Josh

    Hey I was wondering how long does it take to decalcify pineal gland? Like on average how long do you think? ( 2 weeks, 2 months, etc). I know this depends on alot of factors but lets say I have everything in check, no proccessed foods, no fluoride intake, organic foods only, taking Blue ice Fermented Skate Liver Oil and so on.

  • Anonymous

    if you’re not already familiar, check this out

    get ahead of the curve. imagine all that was just read above was suddenly activated? consider it done at realm dynamics. technicians of the soul

  • knny

    This is the most bogus thing i’ve ever read. I’m a practising meditator and health nut… but this article is complete garbage.

    Go take a biology course. Garbage.

  • Rae

    If caffeine is out, how can cacao be okay? All forms of chocolate have caffeine, right?

  • when I was asleep one night,i seen and felt electric zig zag lines come from my inner ears,either side and when they came together in the middle,there was this big bang,wich woken me up,the bang was loud and real even though I was asleep,so now im awak I see what just happened in my mind,so when the two electric lines came together and touched each other,it left a blue turquois egg shaped thing in the middle of the two electric lines,just as your piture above without the red spot in the middle,i don’t realy understand what happened to me but it was a weird and wonderfull experience,i have always,s been a good thinker,but do seem as if ive went up a notch,can you make anything of this.peace

  • Hi to everyone here viewing and reading this very important document .. especially to our brothers and sisters of alien kind…
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    Did you know??. According to my breif research most alien abductions done has something to do with them being hypnotized and could not think the right way to say their thoughts and of course its telepathically without the degree of a 3rd party or an analyzer if its true or not to the eyes of other aliens or UNIVERSE or should any group or planets..

  • Dustin

    Another way to activate: Ask from within

    I didn’t know what had happened until I related my personal experience with research of the pineal gland

    In the spring of 2008 the experience started with a feeling of deep lose, everyone I ever loved or cared for is gone, in reality they’re here but in my mind there gone. Following this I feel a pop inside my head, a tone stuns me, everything is bright white as I fall to the floor, euphoria and ecstasy consume me… This place feels like what I always imagine heaven to be: A connection to everyone and everything. The past, present, and future taking place simultaneously. A true feeling of Real Love and being Home… I return after a minute or so, I know this because the same song from the radio is still playing, with a feeling of Awe, being turned on, or activated… I’m stuck here now what do I do?… After my experience I start attracting rapidly…

    Before this I ask for help from within over and over and over meditating and praying until one day I received help. DMT flooded my brain through the activation of my third eye.

    • John_ramma

      Rapid attraction – people around getting sort-of hypnotized if looked into their eyes – able to plant actions in their thoughts n seeing them do those things , but this all comes from somewhere , like instructions.
      Feels like a mass serving is going on n everyone is acting on some sort of a script that god is making you read in advance.

      Your experience sounds very familiar, does bliss continues, suppose not, cuz If it were you would not have been normal enuf to be on net typing n telling it to others.

      It’s meant to be kept secret , revelation perhaps kills it all.

      A wise man told.

  • jeezus

    very pleased to have found this. i have yet to analyze the information completely. more research i mean. you know how curious a mind can be. thank you all for having posted comments as well.

    thanks for the tamarind info HAL9000!

  • joe callanan

    many years ago I met with an old greek poet ..who lucidly told me to rely on your own power/energy is all that any person who wants to be human should aim for .a wise man my humble opinion ..

  • IBM9000

    oops, forgot to mention cell salts. get yourself on a daily regimen of cell salts, especially those associated with the first three months immediately after you were born. I can’t explain this here so instead read about it in Casey’s book, the zodiac and the salts of salvation

    • Cassandra

      Yes! Cell salts was not mentioned and it is the best thing to help restore the pineal gland. In God-Man The Word Made Flesh, Dr George Carrey & Inez Perez write about how ancient civilizations wrote allegorical myths (which we now recognize as literal/historical facts, specifically The Bible, etc..), these allegorical stories, if deciphered correctly, show how the pineal gland produces and secretes a liquid/nectar sweeter than honey. I now realize that substance is DMT. Dr. Carey explains how Cell salts will restore and manage our health if taken regularly, in the Zodiac & Salts of Salvation.

      I’ve been taking Bioplasma for 3 days(a combo of the 12 cell salts) and I’ve had an increase in energy and stamina.

  • IBM9000

    Iboga apparently cleans and stimulates the pineal gland. In Gabon Africa there is a three day ceremony to clean then stimulate. In fact their culture is based on the plant. There is also an iboga therapy center in Costa Rica – not only does iboga clean and stimulate the pineal but also destroys all opiate based addictions. But don’t tell this to big pharma.

  • Also – thanks for outing Amrit Desai, here. I didn’t know he had such a shady past, but yoga nidra is not questionable. It has been used for thousands of years effectively.

  • Sorry – I meant to say not pot in any form kills brain cells, rather ‘smoking’ pot kills brain (and lung) cells. Cannabis in oil form or digested cannabis can even remove brain tumors.

    • noreen cerino

      Research in the last few years has, in fact, proven that pot smokers have a lower rate of lung cancer and larger lung capacity. Here’s just one link. There are many.
      Pot has not been proven to kill brain cells, although there is some evidence of effects in those that are heavy users at a young age before their brain is fully developed.

  • Cannabis can open the pineal gland, as can DMT, and many other things that aren’t mentioned in this article, but it is not unlike having a kundalini awakening before the body has been ‘cleansed’ and then people end up having what HAL talks about – access to other realms, or discarnate beings but not able to decide when to turn it off and on. There is a lot of research out there about Schizophrenia and its similarities to a DMT-induced trip. I’m not saying these other realms would not be an interesting experience, and I can’t speak from personal experience, but I have had many friends who have used drugs to induce ‘positive’ experiences of other realities, and then cannot induce a connection with the every day world. What good is hearing voices and seeing snakes and other Shamanistic symbols in a ‘trip’ if it doesn’t help you to cope with the reality you are currently in better? If you are seeing your darkest demons, but don’t have a way to integrate that into your personality, aren’t you just checking out?

    There are entire branches of yoga where Holy Men smoke hashish all day every day. I’m not saying it isn’t a valid path, but opening the pineal gland – no matter how it is done, is usually done with caution – no matter what tradition. You aren’t allowed to do a bunch of crack and then go into a dessert or jungle with a good Shaman and do Ayuahasca. They know it can really mess with your nervous system.

    Anyhow – there is a whole debate on the topic of pot use here, for anyone who wants to hear more about both sides. . . I’m still undecided. Some say pot destroys subtle pathways in the brain that allow for levels of higher realization, others argue, they enhance them. There is probably equal experience on both sides. It may just be that all of us have slightly different brain chemistry, and are affected differently by different substances. No different that food allergies, or side effects to even certain natural, plant based medicines. I don’t think anyone can make an overarching statement that says pot is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for everyone. You have to agree, though, that pot does kill brain cells. . . maybe its just the ‘left’ brain think to much cells, but that’s not what research seems to say. Thoughts, anyone?

  • dimitri

    A squeeezed lemon a day diluted with warm water cleanses all parts of the body.

  • “Cannabis or Marijuana among other psychedelics facilitates the activation of the pineal gland and helps turn on the third eye or the mind’s eye directing our spiritual evolution to wholeness.”

  • ThomasT

    Reduce meat and dairy is bollocks, That is just following the corrupt dieticians mantra. I would also use oral EDTA, ethyline diamine tetra acetic acid, for six months. That removes calcification and heavy metals from all arteries and braib, kidneys, eye lens etc.

  • Smoked Shirt

    “drum playing with a steady beat of four and one-half times per second”
    That’s the beat to bring you back from “Journey Land”, I doubt it would carry you there, unless you are a contrary.

  • Ellen B

    Starches break down to sugar, but can turn into fatty acids in the body, if consumed in excess. The author needs to research the Krebs-Fatty Acid Cycle.

    Hal, I’m going to take your advice on the tamarind. Thanks for sharing that information.

  • HAL9000

    Just a further FYI, here’s link offering some evidence for the flouride-binding properties of certain compounds found in tamarind (scroll down to “Dosing” heading):

  • HAL9000


    That should have read

    “…moderately beneficial effect…”

  • HAL9000

    I want to add something to her list here regarding a food which has had a moderately beneficial affect for me, and which also has had some clinical backing (although I recall that the research was done using canines, but still somewhat valid, as we, too, are mammals like them):

    The substance is tamarind. It is a fruit that grows widely in warmer, humid climates, particularly in Asia. The active ingredients in tamarind have been shown to have an affinity for the fluorine ion, helping to purge it from the body. Sounds interesting?

    If you research the word-origin of tamarind you will see that it contains the roots ‘tamar’ and ‘hindi’. This should be a big hint to those familiar with ancient yogic practices, which basically involve not only balancing the energies of the body (chakras) but also helping open the third-eye, which corresponds to the pineal.

    Give some a try. I recommend eating it with your meals. I guarantee you’ll AT LEAST begin to experience lucid dreams more often — and VERY interesting ones at that!

  • HAL9000

    I know of at least TWO people who accidentally triggered a mild to moderate form of Schizophrenia by having been very heavy pot smokers for years and years. I have read Strassman’s book and believe also that Schizophrenics’ pineal glands basically either produce too much DMT or that the mechanism keeping it closed down during the waking state has been compromised, giving them a constant, unintended DMT “trip” (seeing and hearing discarnate beings all the time). Kind of like what happens when one drinks ayahuasca.

    So, the author’s premise that taking in excess exogenous cannabinoids (smoking pot) contributes to blockage of the pineal gland needs to be reexamined.

    • Yes a friend of mine developed physcosis at 33 🙁

    • andy

      Schizophrenia affects 5% of pot smokers, its not the pot that causes it but it can trigger it. People that are affected in that way have always got other underlying issues or a brain chemistry that is not compatible with pot.

      I can tell you from nearly 30 years of smoking it almost every day,
      IT DOES NOT KILL BRAIN CELLS that’s a load of bullcrap.
      I can remember conversations I had 10, 15, 20 years ago word for word. Other people I know that have never even tried it cant remember their children’s birthday so what’s that telling you?
      MARAJUANA DOES NOT KILL BRAIN CELLS because I’m living proof!
      As we are finding out know MARAJUANA is probably the most
      AMAZING plant on earth with its healing properties from cancer to healing children with epilepsy, and I know thousands of other aliments.
      I have read it somewhere they say MARAJUANA was a gift from the
      GODS. So be green not mean, peace and luv too all.

      P.S. I only smoke organic out door!

      • I, too, have had THC in my system going on 36 years and I’m happy, healthy, focused and well-cared for by my a loving husband, who, over the years has lightened up regarding my use of cannabis. My 3 children are level-headed and have no interest in smoking or drinking anything. I have lived by example, being honest about WHY I partook of the evil weed. I’m different. The stuff wakes me up, helps me focus, etc. If I’m tired, it gets me going. If I need to sleep, it relaxes me. I use a waterpipe so it’s much safer. I had a physical recently (53 yrs old) and the doctor gave me the lung blowing test. I thought I was busted for sure! Instead, she asked if I was a runner! I just laughed and said “are you kidding? exercise is against my religion!”

        Everyone is different. Some can handle it. Some can’t. I’m a proponent for the physical benefits of cannabis. Also, our bodies have one plant receptor and the only plant it responds to is cannabis. Cannabis actually has cancer-inhibiting properties. CBD oil is being used more and more to help people where medicine has failed. watch Dr. Gupta’s special “WEED” produced by CNN. It’s on YouTube. He’s changed his tune and is letting everyone know the medical benefits of cannabis.

        Were you aware there are some researchers who say that keneh bosem is actually HEMP OIL, and was a major ingredient of the biblical anointing oil? makes perfect sense. Check it out.

        I have a family of sicky’s – I’m the only healthy one. They’ve ridiculed my habit for years and finally, THE MEDICAL MARIJUANA MOVEMENT is getting a voice! It’s awesome – I’M VERY HEMPY!

  • Defiant

    Since this WHOLE article is hogwash anyway, few of these comments actually matter…

    • dimitri

      Please bequeath your brain to medical research. The probable finding will be that your pineal gland’s final appearance was similar to a dried blueberry.

  • hp

    What the average (and above average) bears need much more than this is a way to decalcify their hearts.

    I hear transcendental vibrations are the ticket.

  • you

    very well written, your on the right track!
    i used heroin back in the day to shut it down funnily enough!
    Awareness in a world where People maintain and ridicule those who seek out such, as a Mental health problem is where we all have found ourselves, in one form or another?

  • Bill

    Interesting article…except I take issue with the inclusion of Amrit Desai. I remember him from 1971 and his questionable behavior back then. He went back to India after being upbraided by a true teacher. Hopefully, he has cleaned up his act since then, but based on my personal observations, I wouldn’t give much credence to his work.

    • dimitri

      He has not cleaned up his act. He now “poses” as a guru and has his acolytes calling him Gurudev. He pretends to possess certain siddhis (magical powers). Etc., etc. He and his daughter run a “spiritual”/holistic center of some kind in Florida. They do Yoga Nidra retreats and other hokey stuff.

      • Thanks for bringing this up – see comment below.

  • Elk

    Marihuana is good for your pineal gland! Funny, this article is from waking times. the author of how to de-calcify your pineal gland needs to do a little more research before writing.

    • SMOKING it is not good for the pineal or brain cells. Perhaps the distinction was not clear.

      • karen

        He never said smoking marijuana. Expand your mind. think outside the box and do more research before you try and act like an expert on a subject. thanks!

        • natasha

          Tobacco smoke is toxic for the body in general, but has extremely detrimental effects on pineal health. This is true of marijuana as well. <<< im afraid it does say marijuana as well… re-read the article.

          • sam

            i think maybe eat your ganja? smoking is so obviously bad for your health in general.

    • Afraz

      Eating the leaf is good. Smoking may or may not bring benefits as well, but you can’t argue with the fact that the smoke will still affect your lungs. Just eat it.

  • Jafar

    Where exactly does jim carey say this? In that video he could be talking about anything…he never once mentions dmt or the pineal gland. That video has been labelled so many different titles, that to just take one and act like its the right one is silly

    “Stop Smoking. Tobacco smoke is toxic for the body in general, but has extremely detrimental effects on pineal health. This is true of marijuana as well.”

    …Sources??? Marijuana actually increases melatonin production my friend..

    Its good to be open minded, but not so open minded that your brain falls out. I think its good to engage in critical thinking and to not let our claims outrun the evidence just so we can write a provocative article.

    I agree with many things written here though, and have experienced dmt in ayahuasca form and accessed similar states through meditation. So while its not proven that the pineal produces dmt, there is probably something like that going on. The thing people never seem to mention is that its not just DMT involved here. The pineal also makes pinoline, just one of many MAOI similar to the components in ayahausca vine that potentiate the action of tryptamines such as dmt. But they are also psychedelic on their own. It makes several such compounds. And then of course there is also the possibility of things like 5-meo-dmt and bufotenine (5-ho-dmt) being involved, since they are known to be present in the human brain…And so on…Its far more complex than just dmt

    The thing many people never seem to mention is that fruit flavonoids have been shown to stimulate this gland as well…And how we were flooding our bodies with them back when we lived in the African forests. The loss of this has had catastrophic affects on our functionality, and i don’t just mean the pineal gland:

    • Lisa Pruitt

      About the fruit flavonoids -thanks for the info. Wow. How easy.

    • Anonymous

      The mind and the brain are two different things, be careful how you engage in debate.

    • Anonymous

      There are lacks and lacks of cannibus receptors in our brain which is created at a particular state of experience in everyone’s life. These cannibus receptors need you to produce the chemicals.. where as v r in such a condition that v dont kno hw to peoduce it nd instead of producinf it v take it from outside hence damaging our body , wen u got d ability to produce it and v just dont know the process.. learing the methods wud b d ultimate solution instead of taking it from outside.

    • azar

      There are lacks and lacks of cannibus receptors in our brain which is created at a particular state of experience in everyone’s life. These cannibus receptors need you to produce the chemicals.. where as v r in such a condition that v dont kno hw to peoduce it nd instead of producinf it v take it from outside hence damaging our body , wen u got d ability to produce it and v just dont know the process.. learning the methods wud b d ultimate solution instead of taking it from outside.

    • Brandon

      Hi, is anyone aware of who I can communicate with about pineal glands and direct experiences.. as in a pineal gland/minds eye master type?

      I am willing to learn vast depts of knowledge on the matter and will greatly benefit from a more direct teacher..

      Also a question, saying that a pineal gland is able to be covered and/or cut.. does it regrow and/or how quickly?

      What sort of alterations can take place by being to being and prevention of this..

      • Kundalini

        email me. I know what your looking for.

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