Is Free Energy a Hoax?

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According to some, free energy is a hoax, debunked first and foremost by the unbending laws of thermodynamics. If this is taken at face value, then some say we’re all being duped into believing that free energy exists, but, that capitalism is really the only way to save us from the environmental nightmare of extraction-based energy and the funny money economy that maintains the status quo by keeping us submerged in insurmountable debt.

In this view, the hoax of free energy is really only a ploy by the powerful to offer us a carrot of a better future, while keeping us on our current path towards economic and fossil fuel tyranny. Our only ‘out’ would be something like ‘free’ energy that would level the playing field, because who has an extra trillion dollars lying around to pay off student loans, and credit card debts, defaulted bank loans issued during the real estate ‘boom’, 1$ billion dollar budget increases for the FDA, bank bailouts, etc. So, we keep our eyes on a prize that we never receive.

Is free energy a hoax? Are we just sheep being led to slaughter, believing in a big idea that keep us trodding on, like the desperate hoards who voted for Hitler pre-WWII. I don’t want to stick my head, ostrich-like, into the poison soil, but is there another scenario possible? Could it be that free energy is real, but simply cannot make traction in a world dominated by oil giants?

Cavitation, Sublimation, Etherization

Are the new free-energy possibilities a total waste of time? Are they all simply diversionary tactics to keep us from taking up arms and fighting a second American Revolution?

What about wind-power and solar-power? What about advances in vortex mechanics, or zero point energy? What about cavitation, sublimation, etherization, and gyroscope energy? Microbatteries aren’t free, but they are a step in the right direction for various things, including powering electric cars. And since electricity can be generated through sun, wind, and even tidal flow, might we not harness these to overcome a looming energy debt?

The Three Laws of Thermodynamics 

According to Newtonian science, we are bound by the laws of thermodynamics. These namely, are:

  1. Law One of Thermodynamics – called the conservation of energy, tells us that the total amount of energy in the Universe is constant. It also tells us that all energy has to end up somewhere as one form or another. Scientists usually use this law to determine if energy is lost to a system (through heat primariy) as a waste product, and thereby, to determine how efficient an energy system is.
  2. Law Two of Thermodynamics – this law will tell us that disorder is always increasing. Since the universe has a tendency to keep a messy house, it will therefore be increasingly difficult to transform energy into usable forms. For this reason, energy efficiency will always be equal to less than 100%
  3. Law Three of Thermodynamics – will assert that all molecular movement stops at absolute zero (Kelvin). At this temperature even a perfectly organized quartz crystal has no disorder anymore.

W are not stuck in the Newtonian paradigm, though, are we?

“The most beautiful and most profound experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sower of all true science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead. To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their primitive forms – this knowledge, this feeling is at the center of true religiousness.” ~ Albert Einstein – The Merging of Spirit and Science

Might there be a reason that the mainstream discredits over-unity machines? They have done this before. As early as the 1800s we proved the first law of thermodynamics could be broken with the invention of perpetual motion machines, though status quo science said this was impossible. According to some smart folks, “perpetual motion machines can be built — just not designed. If you succeed in building one you’re guaranteed to be unable to explain it using the known laws of [Newtonian] physics.”

“Love, work and knowledge are the wellsprings of our lives, they should also govern it.” – Wilhelm Reich

Real Alternative Theories for Free Energy

Several, no hundreds, of alternate theories about free energy are out there. Here are just a few:

Orgone energy was supported by some pretty interesting people in the past, in fact the Wilhelm Reich institute of Germany claims they measured orgone energy, and proved its existence with over nine years of independent study. He built an Orgone Accumulator in 1940. It was known by many to be a non-toxic rejuvenating energy machine that could even cure many diseases. Orgone energy has these properties, according to Reich himself:

  • It fills space everywhere in the Universe
  • It is the primordial energy
  • It penetrates matter at different speeds
  • It is attracted to water
  • It is accumulated naturally by human beings, through the skin, lungs, and [certain] foods they eat
  • It pulsates and is observable and measurable
  • Orgone energy is negatively entropic

You can deny the etheric energy field exists because it doesn’t fit into our scientific paradigm, but many will argue, from their own hands-on experience, that it does.

No Waste with Ether

Pavlita’s Machine – This alternative energy box was once taken to the science geeks at Hradec Kralove University near Prague to look into its strange workings. It was called a psychotronic generator, which created energy from psychic thought. In an article from a 1920s conference attended by science giants like Sir Oliver Lodge, Lord Rayleigh (follower of James Clerk Maxwell’s work on electromagnetic fields and Nobel Prize winner), J.J. Thomson and William Crookes they pronounced:

“Some of us are beginning to suspect that these psychical entities are able to utilize the properties of the ether, too—that intangible and elusive medium which fills all space—and if that turns out to be so, we know that this vehicle or medium is much more perfect, less obstructive, and more likely to be permanent, than any form of ordinary matter can be. For in such a medium as ether, there is no wearing out, no decay, no waste or dissipation of energy such as is inevitable when work is done by ponderable and molecularly constituted matter-that matter about which chemists and natural philosophers have ascertained so many and such fascinating qualities. Physicists, chemists, and biologists have arrived at a point in the analysis of matter, which opens up a vista of apparently illimitable scope. Our existing scientific knowledge places no ban on supernormal phenomena; rather, it suggests the probability of discoveries in quite novel directions.” – J.J. Thomson and William Crookes

Roses That Bloom in Winter Snow

Vortex energy – these energies are created by an accumulation of spiritual or positive thought energy in places like Sedona, Arizona, USA, the Himalayas, Egypt, Mohenjo-Daro, Zimbabwe, Borneo, Findhorn in Scotland, Buffalo Lake in Canada, Easter Island, Xi’an Pyramids in China, etc. It is possible they form a pattern of perfect geometry in alignment with deep mineral or underground water deposits. These places of energy have been shown to energize water for healing, make wine better, sharpen razors, enhance ESP, and deter maggots. In other positively charged places, you can find 40-pound cabbages and delphiniums and roses that bloom in winter snow.

“For small creatures such as we, the vastness is only bearable through love.” – Carl Sagan

Space Travel and Magnets

Gyroscopic energy – Using equal force presence in a three dimensional mechanism we can harness motion in a way that give rise to technologies that seem downright futuristic. The gyroscope-like device used in the movie Contact, staring Jodi Foster is a great visual example.  This type of technology may even be able to deal with huge gravitational forces that currently make space travel very expensive or impossible. Writers like Carl Sagan explored wormhole exploration and bounded ideas off of relative theorists like Kip Thorn to imagine other possibilities. Gyroscopic energy could be very useful in ways besides space travel, however, including coupling them with powerful magnets for making free energy.

These alternative energy sources are just the tip of the tipping point. If we can create clean energy without atrophy, decay and waste – what kind of world awaits us?

About the Author

Christina Sarich is a musician, yogi, humanitarian and freelance writer who channels many hours of studying Lao Tzu, Paramahansa Yogananda, Rob Brezny, Miles Davis, and Tom Robbins into interesting tidbits to help you Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and See the Big Picture. Her blog is Yoga for the New World. Her latest book is Pharma Sutra: Healing the Body And Mind Through the Art of Yoga.


The Cancer Biopathy by Dr. Wilhelm Reich

Man or Matter by Ernst Lehrs, Rudolf Steiner Press

The Cosmic Pulse of Life by Trevor James Constable, Borderland Sciences

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  • Tidesson

    Here are some helpful links to get a better understanding of what “free energy” is all about.

    It’s an electric universe. 99.999% of all energy is plasma.

    Here is another on the fractality of electromagnetism –

    Here’s Dr. Walter Russell’s work, a prodigy of his time –

    This is not some New Age, woo-woo stuff. This is real, solid, and observable in the laboratory. Do the reading via the links I provided, alongside the appropriate information provided in the various free lectures.

  • Chan


    Your long post might escaped some but I get it

  • Chan

    The elites may withhold technology in order to control but its the job of sheeples to reject freebies…today many ppl want free haul…and if Jesus would appear today he would be promptly arrested…as Dostoevsky had written

    Today the church and govt and all institutions subverted Christ teaching and humanity are enslaved

  • Chan

    Spiritually speaking when Jesus admonished the devil and refused to turn stones into bread to save himself he asserted that man can’t live on bread alone. I understand this to mean that we are always contend with material shortages …all those who ever promised endless resources turned out to be schemers without exceptions

    Most noticeably politicians esp. Newt Gingrich….

    Ron Paul refused to bring home the bacon because he understands the bible

    God promised nothing material …he only promised a place in heaven…an abstract concept which never runs out of room

    So pursuing limitless energy is a one sided quest for material possession…which can only deliver human into the devils arms…Christ was wise to reject it

  • john, (wishbone) clark

    simon, great idea, an inventor of a free (or close to) energy machine goes and puts it on the market, gets it to go viral. the problem with that is; its been tried. example; there was an American guy who designed and built a working “hydrogen direct from water” conversion system for VW beetle engines, he had a small british engineering firm who were going to make it in kit form, so you could fit it to your own VW. he was murdered with poison in a London restaurant, his system vanished. another example; mr J,R,R, Searl designed and built a magnetic generator back in the early 50’s, it worked, it was also rumoured too be an anti-gravity engine, (that he discovered by accident) he was first put in prison for generating his own electricity, (which was illegal in Britain at the time) then he was injured when he was caught in a fire in his workshop, (a deliberate act by someone unknown) after which he was not given medical help for 24 hours. there is intel on his machine, but a very tight lid is kept on it. but having said all that, in this day and age of the internet I’ve often thought it would be a good idea if all the people who have invented and built free-energy or close to free-energy machines should start communicating and organise a gathering somewhere (a supermarket carpark would do)and bring their hydrogen cars and bikes, their magnetic engines, thermal generators, ect, phone all the t,v, stations and newspapers, tell them there is going to be a very interesting event happening and show the world what they have created, when the public see that in their rags and T,V, they will demand the car that runs on water, they will demand magnetic generators, the governments and evil, greedy, profiteering industries would have to capitulate.!

  • Free energy is real. Zero point fields, static fields, or as the 3 detected in his laboratory in 1911, Tesla called them standing waves.

    Think for a moment; though we seem to be standing still, we are actually moving through space with planet earth at 559.4 miles per second. How much energy would we guess is available if we could translate this high speed velocity in to electricity? Is it not Likely that we’ll have unlimited amounts of clean free energy available to us when we translate earth motion through the heavens into electricity? How do we amplify this velocity of earth motion to use for our purposes? How do Velocity amplifiers work?

    While they are a bit complex to understand at first, once understood, they are basic technology of the next higher order.

    The era of Newtonian physics was of a three dimensional model. For every action there was an equal and opposite reaction. Velocity power sources are able to tap into the velocity of our high speed motion through space. For every 1 unit of energy in to a velocity power amplifier, there is a potential 3600 units output energy.

    To tap into velocity power sources, we need to advance into the next level of theory; hyper dimensional physics.

    One technical issue involves “Where is the torque point in our machine? Where do we develop torque from earth motion to drive our motors and heater coils?” The answer is, “Between the 4th and 5th dimension.” Sounds complex at first; once understood, the machines become real build-able.

    Is not the bigger and more important question: “When will we stop the war?” If we continue to let war go on for free, is there any way that we will be able to survive in this world?

    Rather than a technical question of free energy, we know they are real as they have been proven for over a century now. Is the question not “Who has control of the purse?” Is the purse not what we need to stop the war and fix us up and put us on the right track to peace in this world?

    1) Velocity, 2) Dimension, 3) Electro-magnetic spectrum, 4) relativistic time compression.
    The Four Elements of Free Energy”

    Read, “Free Energy Here and Now and Then; Velocity Power Sources”

    When will labor STRIKE THEM OUT, stop the war and take control of the purse?

    With peace in this world the future will be bright. Unlimited amounts of clean free energy will be available to all. That’s a promise. God Bless you.

  • izzy

    If we didn’t charge anything for energy now it would be “free”, but only in the sense that money was not involved. Energy extracted from anywhere, whether it’s matter (M) or time (∆T), is going to have some sort of cost and downstream effect. As cldysw108 above noted, that’s really not the issue. It’s wetiko-driven capitalism and the dark side of human nature that has made a mess of everything. If humanity was operating from a truly moral and ethical framework, none of this would be a problem.

  • Anonymous

    Set some money aside in a bank account strictly for the cost of patents for you to release after a successful demonstration and Ill show you if it’s possible or not.

    Not only is it possible, but it’s not very difficult.

    • you

      and have your Patent Classified, Great advice!

  • Matheo Finley

    FREE ENERGY A HOAX??? Who gives a f…..g S…! I don’t care about that. I own a gas station and very happy with my sales!! Bring the cars baby!!!

    • dimitri

      The gas station owns you.

      • you

        That’s the Trouble Matheo some of us actually DO!
        i often wonder what it would feel like to of Sold my Soul, not that there would be any Price i’d accept for that!!!

  • Simon

    Is “free energy a hoax ?” I don’t think so, but I wish those working on it could put something into the mainstream that was clearly usable and “go viral”. So far there seems to be a lot of talk and even more videos about it all…

    A friend and myself worked with the Bedini type motor for a short while. I think we were a little underwhelmed to be honest -( not withstanding the fact that the Establishment will try and “debunk” intimidate, buy off, kill etc etc anything that will challenge the status quo).

  • chris

    Yes, technically “free energy” is not possible. BUT… we could get very close so as to seem free. Magnetism (neodymium) is where safe, “free energy” will be found – the thermodynamic equilibrium of useful magnetism takes quite a long time with modern, powerful, neodymium magnets. Or recycling nuclear waste which has HUGE amounts of potential energy… Or harnessing the constant, static-electricity discharges (which lightning releases and comes from) from the earth like Tesla was working on before his research and lab were destroyed by the greedy, satanic pig Rockefeller and company.
    Or… just simply move towards HYDROGEN as fuel, which is ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE and ABUNDANT!!

  • Albert Einstein’s E=MC2, is now a reality where matter can be transformed into heat energy at low temperature. Energy Reactors can release the energy bound up in the atom’s nucleus. Italian scientists, using Ni+H in a small reactor can initiate a nuclear reaction that releases large amounts of heat energy! It was called “cold fusion” but it may or may not be fusion – it is a nuclear process that releases heat in a controlled reactor called E-Cat, invented by Andrea Rossi. Read about this in Forbes magazine, NASA videos or learn the details at . Is this the ‘Holy Grail’ of low cost, safe, clean energy” I think it is. jdh

  • keldoone

    First of all, I would rather be happy than right…Second and really the biggy.. Issac Newton did not describe gravity nor did he tell us how it works. What he did do was describe a new math (at the time) called calculus. period. This new math is quite manipulative from within and without… in other words it is complex enough to appear to “prove” itself. To a person who is not a math whiz, calculus is awesome and scarey… way too complex. Consequently the math whiz has the upper hand when in fact the math whiz only has a tool appearing to be able to do things others can’t. Like the Conneticut Yankee in King Authors Court, by Mark Twain. We still do not know what gravity is…what four hundred years? And we still know no more about gravity than Newton???
    There is in the quite near future a nearly free energy device that will be so simple it will make most of us gasp and say something like… “Wow, why didn’t I think of that!” I am certain it is all a matter of changing our minds about it. As long as we think the calculus guy has all the tricks then we right… I’d rather be happy and know that the answer is closer than we appear to accept.
    And by the way, the speed of light @ eighty six thousand miles per second is only correct most of the time… E=MC2 is also correct most of the time… all the other rules of thermodynamics are guidelines… ’cause when the magic is afoot these “rules” do not apply. AND for all you sceptics… stay in religion and academics… we’ll politely leave you there as we go forward…

    • you

      Your right about the speed of light, it is not a CONstant! but the figure of 186,282 miles per second was arrived at through AVERAGES! Because sometimes it travels slower and sometimes Faster!
      Tesla lol d when he was presented with Einsteins wifes Theory.
      We have Freewill, we want our Freedom and our Free Energy back!
      Dumb is what we are to them! DUMBs is what we built for them, and just as the Parasite kills the host, that’s the thanks we will get for giving them everything! including Free Energy!
      Wake Up!

  • cldysw108

    Free energy is neither the point nor the problem. It is what the Control Freak cum Abandoned Nutter does with “Free Energy” that is the real and ony problem – much like whatever this dual-natured entity does when it starts to vacillate between behavioural extremes.

    The problem with humanity is its duality, an inconveneient fact which almost all humans try to hide by posturing singularity of nature. Unfortunately for this creature, singularity also has a dual nature although one is a myth because it fully depends on the absence of the other to spark alive. This is the fortunate bit because this duality is not tethered but mutually exclusive. Yes, we are talking about Benevolence and Malevolence.

    Unlike the duality within humans which are tethered and are therefore/actually co-limiters as well as being co-latencies, the duality of Singularity of Purpose are untethered diametrics. When a human gets tired of vacillating between Pros & Cons, he is then ripe for a real ascend, oka Evolution, or descend, oka Devolution. Evolution being the empowerment of Reality, oka The Absolute Truth, Reality also has the ability to create energy unlike Devolution which, like all humans, is an energy transformer, albeit par excellence. Being an energy creator also means that Reality is also an energy destroyer, only those who are able to truly create are able to truly destroy, a Simplicity which Elude the numpties mesmerised by Devolution into believing that they are able to truly destroy. As any overly developed of Brain will tell you, not even a grain of sand, bwana.

    After all the meanderous yakity-yak above, it is benevolent to realise that should energy be free, humanity’s ultimate destruction would have happened much earlier. This is because when everything is free to a Taker, the latter being the duty of an energy transformer, oka The Conditioned-Conditional, being dual-natured merely means that Freedom is just another word for Abandonment. Afterall, like those being groomed to believe in being “Chosen” when there is no such a thing, the poor sod is actually being devolved without realising the true reality. Can’t see it eh? When you are merely some weakling of a pimpled kid, being groomed to believe that you are superman will result is being beaten to a pulp should one tries to control/mesmerise a 345 lb gorilla of a brute out to exercise his newfound kung-fuey choppy-suey skills. Hands up those who would like to disagree. Well, are you the kiddo or the gorilla. C’mon, eets not that hard, shorely.

    When there is no Morality, Maturity will also be absent – except for the maturity defined as being able to copulate, rationalise and corrupt. When Maturity is then lacking, so too will [real, true-blue] Authority, which usually exist in the form of Taboos, other than facing the authority of some overly-fed gorilla garbed in some pooleece suit. When there is no Morality, Freedom will be replaced by Abandonment. If true, the joke then is that “The Democraticos” are merely exporting/demanding Abandonment. Yes, eet make you ‘fink.

    When a person is abandoned, not only does he lack true freedom, he is actually enslaved by his abandonement which will ultimate end up as the tool for digging his as well as the other’s grave. Hands up those who would like to disagree and would like to have free energy asap. Not when one is unable to handle even a modicum of freedom without turning that opportunity into an abandonment. Just like POTUS putting up his smelly feet to show others his lack of respect for anything as well as imagining that he had hit the jackpot becuz, “Eyes also gottas free holidays too”. Yes mun, you shore haff. Free energy and all that too. Abandonment is also when some “Chinese Dissident” heads straight for a “MacCowpat” after he had landed in the Land of The Free. This goes to show that without Morality, there can be no real authority other than being authorised by Abandonment.

    For those who have yet to mastered counting beyond their toes other than throwing zeroes at their affliction, freedom is not what you were given, freedom is who you really are – the one who is free regardless of the position/predicament if only because that which is given could be taken back directly or indirectly. As such,one’s duality is the real problem and not sump’fing out thar to be vanquished and conquered. One reason why accumulation and deficit are intangible/behavioural problems and not tangible/material problems otherwise the “rich” would not get “richer” whilst the “poor” get “poorer”. Afterall, without Fear/Guilt, Greed/Anger has zero limit. Zero, the “rich’s” favourite number for freedom and free. Like Free Energy which is merely The Genie on the loose.

    Tradition suggests that, “What Goes Around, Comes Around”, in addition to there being, “No Pain, No Gain”. These are wisdoms that have yet to be proven incorrect – unless one is into Gadgetry and other Toothfairy Tales. It is not only wise but benevolent to realise that within the realm of the dual-natured, Trust is merely the irresponsible relinquishment of Consequence whereas Fairness not only is the correct approach, Fairness is merely another word for Conscience. Within the dual-natured realm of Humanity that is. As such, a quickie Rlue of Thumb for humans is that the miscreant who demands Trust is just that, a miscreant, whereas the one who offers Fairness not only is conscionable, but he is an example to all for what all real humans should become-be. Freedom is intangible because it is of imfinity, the latter being the one who lacks materialism/limit whereas those lacking Freedom always try to turn Freedom into something tangible/material, which is an impossibility. When Freddom is turned into something free, that is the way to limit Freedom because material freedom is the way Freedom is debased and becomes Abandonment. The same reason why those from The land of The Free are always trying to get everything for free, starting with the easy targets, the “natives”. Afterall, when one’s history/ancestry is founded upon Genocide, Slavery and Plunder, how could anything other than Abandonment be its Progeny?

    • Blah Blah Blah

      Blah Blah Blah … freak

  • john, (wishbone) clark

    there are many “over unity” devices, that can produce electrical power. there are also many systems that can run cars, trucks, boats, even aircraft from water in the vehicles (hydrogen). plus there is wind power, tidal power, river and stream power, thermal power, solar energy, even devices that can capture static electricity from the air (tesla), “stirlin” generators that can make electricity from the heat from a household solid fuel stove, (wood burners) and many more. but they are kept hidden/secret or kept down, the Zionist oil companies and the Zionist media keep a lid on these concepts and will try to keep it that way until they have sucked every last drop of oil and gas and uranium from the earth. as my dear friend “dave” always say’s, FOLLOW THE MONEY.! these Zionist monsters will lie, steal, infect, and kill for profit.

  • CJ

    The Laws of Thermodynamics only apply to a closed system. If you open the system up, then energy can flow from a lower to a higher potential gradient, the PTB just want you to ignore that little aspect of it. Half of the equations of Heavyside were intentionally thrown out when it was discovered that they reveal the dual relationship of phase conjugation. It’s no wonder science and physics is in such a misguided condition.

  • Elias

    Search Rotoverter its the first step toward free energy , the energy you dont waste is the first energy you get free .

    Free energy is obtained by transformation , and the first samples are solar, aeolic, hydro … existant at this moment down to 98 cents per watt self instalation cost or lower .

    suppressed are :

    100% efficient solar cells, 100% efficient motors (as Rotoverter), thermodynamic reactors, ambient heat RF converters, there are over 120,000 NSA goverment suppressed patents on file, awaiting for a peoples revolution.

    Free energy is nothing more than “transformation” and there are free instructions & experiments to do . (free) no spamming !

    included there is how to built your own “Roto-verter’ motor from off shelf parts ! (free)

  • Stanley Hutchinson

    Those were not laws. They were Theories. The current Petro-Dollar Keynesian paradigm wants you to believe Newtons THEORIES are laws to control the Petro-Dollar Reserve currency and it’s Petro-energy form. Newton did NOT have the information we have not nor the information about Tesla’s ambient energy systems, nor did Newton know about OverUnity or Zero Point energy systems, not other systems such as HHO nor GEET systems. If he did he would not even call those laws. Petroleum itself was not discovered in Pennsylvania until long after Newtons death. Before then it was Whale Blubber oil for heating lamps and light lamps until Petroleum was discovered. So Newtons so-called Laws are really Theories that need to be laid to rest AND no longer taught because they are violated by the new laws of Over Unity and Zero-Point and HHO and GEET. But the Petro-Dollar Big 7 sister oil companies and their partners the Bankers at the Private Federal Reserve want the same Petro-Dollar paradigm and Fake laws of Thermodynamics and Conservation taught so they can control you and brain wash you into supporting and believing the current paradigm.

  • abinico warez

    It shows that you are a musician, yogi, humanitarian and freelance writer who channels many hours of studying Lao Tzu, Paramahansa Yogananda, Rob Brezny, Miles Davis, and Tom Robbins because you don’t know squat about physics.

    • Don

      Well said. I don’t know squat about physics either…but I know enough to say there’s no “ether”! LOL!

      • Nothing in our universe is as simple as it appears. Nothing. So, man’s logic tends to break down where he continually fails to rise to the occasion of being even a remotely relative observer. Magnetics researcher, Howard Johnson, said:

        “I don’t know how the electrons got started spinning, and I don’t know how to stop them, do you?”

        Perpetual motion is everywhere and mankind lacks even a crude understanding of how ‘relative’ that motion is, much less it’s exact origin. Take for example, the flagellar motor. Arguably the most efficient electric motor known, it was discovered to be the inboard motor inside the bodies of certain bacteria. The flagellar motor is complete with sensors, switches, stator, rotor, bushings, drive shaft, universal joint, propeller….etc. Man on his “best” day, with all his collective wisdom, cannot copy this amazing techno wonder, yet gives the credit for this incomparable achievement to…nothingness. Wow. Brilliant.

        Examine the pictures closely….How does one honestly ascribe such an engineering feat as a self replicating electric motor, so small that 8 million of them would fit end to end in the thickness of the root of an average human hair, to blind, dumb, chance? Man is so clumsy in comparison….actually, there is really NO comparison. Which means that if one is of the atheistic stripe, one is left to face the stark “apparent” reality that the very “pinnacle” of evolution, ‘mankind’, is rather infinitely LESS than the sum of his parts!

        Many a sciential geek extraordinaire would jump for joy when he can make a two piece macro object with moving parts in a common 3d printer! (myself included)

        Take the lowly human red blood cell for instance. Do not the ‘hallowed’ halls of higher learning teach that homo erectus was the first to walk upright? Here, the truth teaches us that man’s assumptive nature often makes giant, foolhardy leaps in logic! We see that the inside of our trillions of cells is each like a harmonious city, replete with high tech gadgetry….sky scrapers, rapidly self assembling/dis-assembling highways, timely trash collectors, gears, cogs, levers, ….and BIPEDAL organisms walking upright on those magic highways, hauling giant bags of cargo to and fro. And why do they do the things they do? They operate with “HIGH PURPOSE” and are much more advanced than the small packets of ‘protoplasmic goo’ that the arrogant PHDs had so many believing them to be for decade upon decade.

        No….’evolution’….mindless, blinded, nothingness did not assemble such fine Masterwork.

        That the brain of mankind is ‘wired’ into space time, and capable of seeing future events innately, has been proven statistically in the lab, and categorically in the observations of many among the world’s populations at large.

        Why does the human pineal gland contain photo receptor cells similar to retinal cells, even a rudimentary lens? A ‘third eye’? Why put flouride in water to be ingested, if it’s just for teeth and labelled NOT for ingestion? It is known to ‘calcify’ the pineal gland….our ‘WiFi’ connection to a reality much greater than our own. Who would want to sabotage man’s link to the higher realm?

        Taken on the whole, (sad little pun) our ‘reality’ our ‘universe’ owes it’s existence, it’s combined energy to something much more advanced. Some One. And that Some One, is about to “bring to ruin, those ruining the earth”.

        Which is more important at this, the most critical juncture in human history? Pondering the infinite? or Pondering whether or not we should have a place in it and what is required for ‘perpetuation that matters’?

        Ponder this: It is written that God made Eve by causing Adam to sleep and then taking a rib while he slept. Many a “high mind” has ridiculed this “primitive myth” over the ages. Yet what is occurring today? Do not surgeons remove up to six ribs at a time from some one that ‘they’ cause to fall asleep? And why do they do this? For bone marrow transplants and genetic research! Why ribs? Because they are the only bones in the human body that grow back every time they are carefully removed! The One that invented us knows a thing or two about cloning, I’d say. Do you, dear reader, find it a bit hypocritical to laugh at the story of our Inventor performing surgery to obtain copious DNA material for the purpose of making a mate, when ‘scientists’ of today are playing like infants at doing the same? Again, our view of reality is rather like a child’s view of the delivery room from inside it’s mother’s womb.

        Please consider the following:

        It is revealed at Revelation 13:18 in God’s Word :

        “Here is WISDOM. Let him that hath UNDERSTANDING count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”

        I have capitalized the words, wisdom and understanding, so that the reader may observe that Christ is here revealing a clue to the identity and mark of the ‘beast’. If one looks back to the books of Kings and Chronicles, one finds the man of whom Christ is speaking. What man is recorded in both books to have exacted gold tributes of 666 talents? What man was gifted with wisdom and understanding above every other of his day? What man fell away from worshiping the One True God, following after the false gods of his many wives?

        Surely by now, the reader can discern what man! Solomon! The man that took the ‘star of chemosh’ as his own personal seal, afterward to be known as the ‘seal of solomon! Later, to be referred to, (as a cover up) as the “star of david”. The HEXagram has no historical link to David of the Bible. It IS however, linked with the fallen solomon. And what organizations today USE the six pointed star?

        The ‘free’masons are founded upon the fallen solomon and have revered him highly throughout their organization….and ‘who’ else shares this symbol, steeped in demonic ritual? One cannot now look at C-span without seeing the six pointed star on the national seal, and a HEXagram between each and every member of congress. Soldiers are now asking why it is that each officer sword of all branches of the military have the HEXagram on the hilt of every blade. The HEXagram is a geometric reference to the number 666. The cwhoreporation, Digimarc, for instance, (designer of driver’s licenses and ID’s for various U.S. states) has an interesting logo…. look at the colored spoked wheels inside the circle. Notice (at the link below) the color key on the outside edge? Using those colors, one may find 3 six spoked ‘stars’ superimposed upon one another. 6-6-6…..and on forms of citizen identification no less!

        Take a dollar bill from one’s back pocket and see that the HEXagram mark of the beast is emblazoned above the eagle, which is their way of indicating that ‘they’ rule ‘over’ america. But why believe me? See for yourselves:

        Google – six pointed star mark

        Google – 666 talents of gold

        Google – D.C. Jerusalem masonic shrine

        Google – Shriner lucifer

        Google – lucifer telescope

        Youtube – walmart guard towers. They have made their deal with the devil, so to speak and are considered, “too big to fail”. Their workers already wear the six pointed ‘star’ on the foreheads. (of their hats anyway) Can the reader now see that, after all the smaller retail food outlets have diminished or dried up and blown away, that only the largest retail giant in the land will have food rations? That is why they have the guard towers? And what is their “mark”? The same as the mark of the beast! It’s not hard to see food lines and many minions, having signed their lives away, lining up with their ‘marks’ handy, in order to obtain rations.

        Google – Walmart six pointed logo

        Google – soldiers ask why six pointed star now on all officer swords

        Google – talmud truths

        The hour is late, the harvest is great and the workers are few…. See the signs He has promised us…

        The story “Huge Media Blackout regarding earth and moon orbital changes” used to be hosted at but the story was deleted several times. This information is of vital importance to all who wish to make informed decisions regarding the lives of their loved ones and themselves. Many were warned, yet because of the “HUGE MEDIA BLACKOUT” when the great flooding on the missouri river took place in 2011 as a direct result of the markedly increased solar radiation now hitting the northern latitudes in spring and summer months, not many took heed to the warnings. And who knew beforehand??? I attended the army core of engineers meeting after the disaster and addressed the Truth. The cowards sat silent and guilty, and there is no way they couldn’t have known well before hand as I and many others knew and tried to warn others. Study and see that Luke 21:25-28 is in fulfillment at this time. And see that when God says that the heavenly bodies will shake, and there will be signs in sun, moon and stars, while the nations will be in anguish over the great agitation of the oceans…..He Means It. Isaiah 24:20, He means it. Revelation 16:8, He means it!

        Christ also means it as He reassures us, “When you see the beginning of these things, STAND UP and LIFT UP your heads, for your redemption draws near”. TOO many are instead doing just the opposite, sitting down and hanging their heads! IF ONE IS AFRAID of what is coming upon the world, it is only because, deep down, you believe YOU HAVE IT COMING to you!

        DO YOU? Kneel and repent of sin, live STRONG in HIS WORD, His SON, Jesus Christ, and be forgiven, and you will instead find GREAT REASON to stand and raise your heads, even your voices, to God and to your fellow man.

        He forgave Kirk Martin, He can forgive you too….Try Him. Soon.
        For those who truly seek to know God’s ways, If He exists, where is his signature on Creation….I tell you the time is short, the harvest is great, and the workers are few. See:’s_ark.htm

        God’s Word told the end from the beginning, and SO MANY are missing out on account of ignorance, prejudice, intellectual cowardice, etc…!

        Don’t be among them.

        Blessings friends, in Jesus Christ!

        And remember, the hour is late, and It is HIGH TIME to STAND UP and LIFT UP your heads, for your redemption draws near!!!

    • LocalHero

      Your elitist ignorance is astonishing.

      • And here I thought I was relatively informed as to what the Elitists were up to…but if you are astonished at my ignorance of Elitists, all I can say is….to each his own.

        I will try harder next time to share more evidence of their activities.


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