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Most people don’t believe in nature spirits and to talk about them often invites ridicule. What image we have of them has usually been corrupted by misinformation. For example, we often think of fairies as small, diaphanous, human-like beings, that flit from flower-to-flower on gossamer wings.

That came to us from Victorian artists, and others, while their paintings are very sweet and delicate but they are just a depiction not the real thing. The infamous Cottingley fairy photos were at the center of the Victorian myth. They proved to be fake.

The Native Americans have a more realistic view in that they believe that animals have a spirit and that each offers us a wisdom.

They also credit the land and the water with the same spirituality. Native people see the power of nature, like thunder say, as an outcropping of the Great Spirit––the father-mother principal in all things.

The Celtic folklore and their magic mushroom ceremonies also show a deep respect for nature and the beings that evolve there.

These teachings are more respectful and less arrogant that our Christian way of looking at the earth, in which we see everything as put here to serve our ends. A personal delicatessen spinning through space for us to wallow in as we like.

Recently, we have come to see by watching the Morph, that other dimensions are populated by beings that exhibit extraordinary intelligence and power. Many look like the hierarchies of nature spirits to me.

  • Further, I came to realize that those hierarchies are massively organized and powerful. They are the Gods of Light. They command a technology beyond our comprehension for their world is a holographic, multi-directional, hyper-space that is far beyond us. This is no fairy myth, it’s the wrath of God made manifest in the power of nature.

    The idea of a male, human god, like say, God the Father, presupposes that humans are at the top of the chain of command. It also presumes that the supreme god or gods is/are masculine. Yet all of our perception of those other worlds and the hierarchies of celestial beings, shows us that the spirits in command are feminine. The males are in a subordinate role as far as we can tell. God is the feminine principal made manifest.

    Our human perception is too limited as yet for the femininity of God to become an accepted idea. Anyway, we humans can’t be gods, we are blind. We see reality as flat in only two dimensions. If you look at a chair in the room your brain invents the space behind the chair, as our limited two dimensional vision can’t see it. We talk of the space between things but our eyes can’t actually see a third dimensional depth. That is why 3-D movies are so novel to us.

    They show us what we can’t normally see––objects standing in their own space. In simple words, we can’t see the gap. But what exists in the gap is vast and it stretches eternally at right-angles to us. It is the 90° world I’ve spoken much off. You couldn’t have a two-dimensional god in a multi-dimensional hyperspace, he/she would be helplessly blind and ineffectual.

    If you have ever been to an Ayahuasca temple you will know what an omni-directional world looks like. You will also have seen the celestial beings. Nobody can tell you about the world of nature spirits or what they are, you have to have the courage to go and look for yourself. If you don’t go you will die spiritually impoverished, as a beggar, ignorant of who you are and your place in the vast panorama of inner-space and the eternity that exists all around you.

    In the Morph we watch the hierarchies for many hours every day. Some of the time it is lessons to comprehend like sitting in school. I watch the mirror-world, others watch different worlds, each finds a curriculum they are aligned to. Then every so often we are shown videos in full-color that describe events on earth or various aspects of hyper-space.

    Our destiny is explained to us via the Morph in small, visual bytes. I would loath to commit to a definition of the hierarchies but if I had to speak I’d begin by saying they are soft and gentle as is the feminine principal vested in the glory of the eternal Tao, and I would say they are, in part, the intelligence of nature directing itself.

    There is a beautiful goddess-like being in the Morph that is very special to me, I call her She-She-La-La. She seems to control and drive the Morph, as far as the part that I can see is concerned. She is definitely a noble spirit that belongs to the celestial power of nature. Her people are in a fight with the ghouls at the moment but once that is over they will drive our destiny to the good. They fight to save the planet.

    Once you have seen their world via the Morph or at an Aya’ temple, you will come to the conclusion that humans are placed somewhere close to the bottom of the ladder. In the panorama of a multi-directional, multi-dimensional hyperspace, we stand as a little children, ignorant of the god-like spirits that sustain us, and the soul of nature and the abundance we live in.

    I call the hierarchies the Forces of Light as I can’t think of a better name for them. I don’t understand well enough to give them a proper title. They are gods from an inner-space where a natural symmetry is well protected. It’s a harmony of exquisite beauty, a celestial chord perhaps, then again, it is a trillion other things as well.

    In there, everything is in order and yet spontaneous, set in a time-frame that is turning inside out and outside in. And within that plethora of color and form are the noble spirits of nature, powerful beyond imagination. They can move a mountain because they are the mountain.

    Anyway, I wanted to mention these beings and their dignity as they are just about to walk into our world through a crack in the sky. They are here to save the planet and to rearrange the tumblers of our destiny. Nothing is more powerful than the Gods of Nature, you should try to remember that and treat their world with love and respect. You will find it more gentle and safer that way.

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