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Once one has got a reasonable handle on ‘what’s wrong’ the next step involves putting into place something ‘that feels right’.

Not so easy. But essential of course – and in many respects a natural process of follow-through,  without which, knowing ‘what’s wrong’ gradually fades away. Until there are three sharp knocks on the front door – and then it’s too late.

The way we progress our conscious awareness is by bringing together, or becoming in some way part of, a group of individuals who wish to share together the experience of putting into place a manner of daily existence which fulfils our creative aspirations and practical needs. Both. If we can’t do that we can’t be fully human. And not being fully human means never realizing who we really are.

Now, the first thing which comes up is the question: “How can I find such kindred spirits?” And the answer is: you either know them already or you are able to intuitively recognize those on the same ‘wave length’ as yourself. And don’t forget, intervention from sources of higher support will come to your aid if you purposefully ask them to.

The next question which comes up is: “Can I commit?”

Everyone can commit, but one’s ability to do so is dependent upon the level of emotional need and the degree to which one cannot endure one’s present dysfunctional existence in the Matrix – any longer. It’s the point where you cannot go on compromising your knowledge and awareness of ‘what’s wrong’ by carrying on as though ‘it wasn’t’.

After all, once we do ‘know’ how almost every action we take is supporting the continuation of a way of life which we no longer believe in – and recognize that it’s also contributing to a rapidly escalating planetary ecocide – then is there much choice other than to make the shift?

The third step is perhaps the most difficult. It involves some very practical considerations about the future. It requires a long hard look at just how poisoned life in the Matrix really is.

We all have a tendency to allow ourselves to believe that there are ‘some things’ that are still OK. You know, the fact that one can still afford to buy some certified organic food; take some better quality natural medicines; pick and choose which TV program to watch; take a walk in some green space; mess around with the I-pod; chill out in the bar; chat on the cell phone with some old friends.

If you are financially secure enough to be able to do all these, then you’re probably still holding down some sort of a job, living in an urban area, using a car, maybe have a partner, children, a home. All this is what we call our ‘comfort zone’, and its only when we feel so uncomfortable in our ‘comfort zone’ – and can’t stand it any more – that the need for step number three looms-up in front of us.

To recognize that your present comfort zone stuff cannot and will not last is a key part of making that ‘next step’. Actually, you know it already, yet are not really convinced that you are right, or are thinking that maybe your current compromise is manageable for at least another year or two.

Tough one, that. But outside, the lock-down is moving inexorably forward. The civil liberties are crumbling. Another false flag has upped the anti. A whiff of cordite taints the air. The Police State is at your door.

No action should be based on fear alone. Yet fear has its place in jolting us into action.

The third step is one you must genuinely feel attracted to taking – because it holds a certain promise. It presents a certain challenge. A new horizon. A brush with the unknown. You wish to embrace that challenge, experience that new horizon. Come face to face with the unknown.

Coupling this to your growing awareness that the Matrix is a vicious spider’s web of sophisticated mind control which counts on your slavish support for its continued existence – and you will have all the ammunition you need to get out while you still can.

“But where to”?

You see, the third step places that question right up in front of us like a roadblock. Once again, something, some clue, some intuition may already give you a sense of the answer to this. If not, start the research while the internet is still functioning.

Now comes the big one: if you want to be able to take control of your destiny and not be led by the nose by the vampiric forces that currently run this planet, you are going to have to get very close to the ground. Beneath the radar as it were.

You are going to have to participate (in some way) in the production of your own food, your own power, your own shelter. You are going to need to become humble enough to be willing to learn the simple art of survival. That which has been practised for centuries by small farming families throughout the world.

Their wisdom is your gold. The most crucial resource we have available to us – if we are to be free.  Free and independent enough to stake out our new ground, and to turn around and defend it when the heat comes on. To build together with fellow travellers ‘Arks of Resistance’. That is step number three.

Don’t think about it for too long. Ask yourself, right now, what these words are making you feel. Do they touch a chord somewhere inside you? Does some forgotten part of you long to be intimately in touch with mother earth? Feeling the subtle granules of soil between your fingers? The wind on your face? The smells of nature – both pungent and sweet – almost every day?

If it doesn’t raise a certain little thrill, but only a sense of fear, even disgust perhaps, then you are unlikely to have much chance of being part of the change you know you need. You know is needed.

Intellectually, you can see that the consumptive pattern of life upon which your urban life style depends – is trashing the planet – your physical health – your sanity. You are plugged into mainstreet. The time is already five minutes after midnight.

No amount of psychotherapy, physiotherapy, hypnotherapy, aroma therapy, colour therapy, naturpathy, massage, yoga, meditation or spiritual counselling is going to help you: unless you first help yourself get off your iceberg bound Titanic.

We are not all destined to become farmers and sowers of seeds. We are not all bound to become house builders and artisans. We are not all destined to live a life of simplicity on the land. But we are all in great need of finding our place in and amongst such. Not as parasites and stooges, but as participants, supporters and work mates of those who make it possible for us to eat, drink and be sheltered from one day to the next, for the rest of our lives.

Hard work need hold no fear. Sweat on brow and body is part and parcel of all purposeful action. But shared – the load is lightened, deeper friendships formed, achievements celebrated. Life gains a richer texture. The blood flows more freely. Sleep is deeper.

Do not imagine that some powerful new technology is going to mean it’s all OK after all. Some super nuclear fusion program that will supply all the people of the world with free power. That is the great lie of the Matrix whose socket you will still be plugged into.

Do not believe that a time will soon be at hand when food will be grown from air, in vast nanotech petri-dish laboratories whose transgenic cabbages and reconstituted chicken thighs pour off the production line straight onto your patented plastic plate. You will still be paying your fee into the Illuminati laboratory for your robotic daily dining.

No, you must dump your procrastination and any daydreams of ‘an easy way out’. There is none. Know that our illusions are nothing more than the holographic mind tilts of paid-up, target toughened, thought police. Illusions manufactured to keep us slaves to ‘the system’. The system whose survival is assured just as long as we continue to fuel it with our best energies. Get out now. Take your energy back.

We don’t need to be complicit in aiding our own self-destruction; let us now set out to build the new Arks. Arks launched into a body of water where true empathy and cooperation with fellow sailors becomes a realisable reality.

Here, amongst shared work in the fields, forests, rivers and re-fertilized plains, can also rise again creative arts, crafts, music, dance. But now directed towards and inspired by a higher truth and a deeper awareness; freed from the aggressive, acquisitive commercial trappings that still stand as the tragic grand-totem for a lost and listless human race.

Take up your axe, for that tree is rotten to the core. Don’t let it stand between you and your destiny.

About the Author

Julian Rose is an organic farmer and international activist. He is the author of “Changing Course for Life – Local Solutions to Global Problems” www.changingcourseforlife.info  His next work: “In Defence of Life – Essays for a Radical Reworking of Green Wisdom” is to be published later this summer.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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  • Completely resonated with the article and the passion I felt through your writing. Thank you for such a wonderful article and keep spewing the words of truth to awaken 🙂


  • I love this Julian. Building your “Arc” – and what you feel in your heart that means exactly. A flood of consciousness is already moving in to sweep away all of the out-dated structures upon which humanity and society is founded. It’s already begun.

    It’s now about finding the next evolutionary step for mankind and establishing ‘Arcs’ – safe havens – for people to do that. In my work helping people evolve, more and more are feeling a natural pull to local self sustainable communities, where we’re focusing on spiritual evolution as the way forwards. It has to be more than an intellectual exchange of ideas. We have to live it now.

  • susanne

    Faab article and comments,many people are awakening and leaving the matrix. Anyone new who needs help please see fhu.com. it’s long lost meditation a lifechanger.

  • jaleel shakir

    We don’t want a culture that bypasses our intelligence.

  • Julian

    Rye Rye,

    You should consider renting land and/or joining up with others already involved. Put ‘Land Share’ in your search engine. Home in on ‘Channel 4 Land Share’ to see available land today.

  • john, (wishbone) clark

    true freedom is in your head and heart. the matrix (don’t forget this FEAR is made in Hollywood.) it is only as real as you believe it to be, don’t believe in it.! the “matrix” wants you to believe in it, answer; don’t believe in it. wants you to behave, answer; don’t behave. it wants you to conform, answer; don’t conform. it wants you to consume, answer; don’t consume. it doesn’t want you to MAKE alternative energy, answer; MAKE alternative energy. it wants you to not question, answer; question everything. it wants you to be quiet, answer; make all the noise you can, rock’n’roll. it will threaten you with punishment, answer; give it the finger. it will threaten to kill you, answer; kill it. to “white rabbit” cheer up mate, NWO will only happen if WE let it.

  • Rye Rye

    I would like to quit the matrix as well. I’ve really lost interest in anything anybody I know seems to do anymore. They rely on a control mechanism (the television), and really don’t seem to seek true freedom. Although, I’m not sure this can be sought 100% (true freedom).

    I’d quit it, but I have little little money to go and buy some land somewhere. My only option right now is to work and try to stash money away slowly so I can buy some land. This may take several years still.

    Unless, someone else has an idea? I’m also somewhat a loner because I got sick of all the garbage people say and do around me. So, I certainly would like to meet a like-minded lady to do this with as well.

  • Angel

    Excellent article and wonderful stories of creative courage. But not all of us can make the huge shift in one leap. For many of us there are many mini-leaps off the proverbial cliff or tall building. Learning how to trust there will be a soft landing is all part of the expanding picture. Even though we are still within the web of the matrix there are many things we can do to loosen the hold – like turn off the tv and get informed from the alternative news sites. Respond, petition and support the local economy, farmers’ markets, fair trade and the local community through parish and local councils. If we can all contribute to helping those around us by being kind, thoughtful, loving, compassionate and creative then we are being the change we want to see. Gradually the matrix will dissolve.
    Love to you all.

    • @thedoctor and Angel

      These are two very thoughtful and excellent contributions.
      I agree with both of them.

      The majority are nevertheless up against an urban ‘way of life’ which has us all ‘living beyond our means’ even when we find a green energy supplier, an organic box scheme and local citizens action group.
      This is because the green energy supplier is drawing power from over-sized, unwieldy(and ugly?)wind turbines that do not make a serius contribution to ‘greening the planet’.
      The box scheme is coming from Devon and delivering to London.
      That is not a ‘local’ supply and demand chain. The citizens action group is too compromised by its divergent views and life styles to be able to achieve more than a ‘blocking’ role.

      All these have some valid aims and objectives – but do not shift the game radically enough to revive what Ghandi called “the voluntary reduction of wants.” Mostly, we Westerners are still living beyond our means and need a reminder of a simpler and less stressful possibility that frees the spirit so as to take up the fight again – refreshed.

  • thedoctor

    “You are going to have to participate (in some way) in the production of your own food, your own power, your own shelter. You are going to need to become humble enough to be willing to learn the simple art of survival. That which has been practised for centuries by small farming families throughout the world.”

    Survival – why on EARTH would anyone decide that mere survival is an answer to anything?!! One lost notion in the Matrix Allegories was the idea that Neo, Morpheous and the rest WERE STILL TRAPPED IN THE MATRIX – only another part!

    The idea that all things “matrix” are inherently evil and then all things on this above list are not is so limiting as to be a matrix idea. You live where you live, you do what you do, the key to waking up from the Matrix as it were, is to see it for what it is, not simply run to another corner of it in defiance. It is what it is, the planet is fully controlled, that means everywhere you are it is, the idea that you suddenly escape it by living like the Amazon natives is nuts.

    The Matrix is NOT about where you live, or what you do, it is about PERCEPTION, it is about the reality you live in being altered through altering your perception, not about where you are and what power source you use. Simply understand what it is, what it does, what its purpose is, and your connection to it, then see what happens. If you expect that running off to Mount Wonderville, growing your own maize, spinning the loom, and then voila you’re healed of the matrix you’re beyond misguided. Mystics who see the reality for what it is live in LA, NY, HI, the Amazon and the Outback, they all use their local power company and they all eat what they can, even in restaurants!

    The Matrix system is perception, not a place, not a reality you can dodge by not using its tools, to attempt to get back to survival mode is to buy into another part if the Matrix – people in subsaharn Africa are in survival mode…..

    • The White Rabbit

      NWO operative!

    • Peter Langes

      You said it Doc, it boils down to not what you do, but how you do it.

      • The White Rabbit

        You son of a motherless goat, he is a Matrix operative. And perhaps you are too. I mean, if you eat the food the Matrix has to offer, then it is very difficult to change one’s perception because the Matrix loads it up with all kinds of crap which renders most of your brain ineffective. Plus the Matrix areas are so full of background junk i.e. noise pollution, visual pollution, etc. etc., that it is hard for anyone to think properly about anything so change is extremely difficult. So leaving the Matrix is the only option if you want to leave the Matrix. Perchance you could leave for an extended period and come back. And that perhaps would work too but as far never going anywhere outside the Matrix and wishing to get rid of the hold the NWO has on you, fat chance!

    • BeWilderMint

      What fools are ‘awakened’ who do not yet know the value of objective consideration? Your passion is your loop, white rabbit, and we will see you on the other side, if the Godz of your Universe will it.
      To the doctor,
      It is a symptom of cultural conditioning, as you well know, to wax defensive at those who tug on veils.
      As to the content of your post, I completely dig where you’re coming from, and agree to a large extent. I also know that we wakeful are a key component in the waking of others, which I see as a divine thing, as divine a purpose as exists. To flee to the mountains is wise, to connect to the earth and live unencumbered noble, and anyone capable of rational inquiry will also appreciate the need, or want, to remain behind to wake the sleeping. There are millions upon millions of them. To know this and flee while hurling stones behind you is cowardice, and counterintuitive to the practice of awareness.
      I know instinctively that ‘waking’ from the matrix is but another layer of a deeper, broader scope. This is the first time I’ve experienced simpatico about it. Thank you.

  • Julian

    Really great stories here!

    This sort of response gives me great hope and fully vindicates making the decision to write this article. Good luck and God speed to all who have the courage to make the break.

    • The White Rabbit

      Ah it is no use. The NWO are too powerful and the Antichrist well eventually come for all who do not want to play the consumer producer game.

  • Victor Gagnon

    First of all a great article. So many people simply think that they will always be able to go into a grocery store to buy their food.

    John,(wishbone) clark, I simply wish to acknowledge both of you for your courage. The world is a better place because of you two. I loved your response. You have made my day.

  • Excellent article. I am now semi-retired. About 40 years ago, my young wife and I purchased some land on a small pond about 60 miles from our main residence. We still spend a lot of time there. It is completely self-sufficient including electric power. Much of our food is grown there and we can lots of stuff. And, have a root cellar as well. Many people could do what we did years ago and continue to do today. Property in rural areas in many parts of the U.S. continues to be quite affordable.

  • john, (wishbone) clark

    I walked away from the matrix (London, England) 30 years ago, first I spent 6 months living in a tepee, losing a lot of crap that clogged my spirit, healed myself by living as close to the earth as I could, then I met a fantastic woman who also lived with nature, we came to the west of Ireland, managed to buy 4 acres of unwanted scrubland, we built our “hovel”, and spent the next 28 years planting trees of all kinds, fruit, nut, and many others, now we live in a young forest, we grow a lot of our own food, we have a few chickens, we are both artists which helps us to get by, in this area we are surrounded by people like us and farm folk and we take no shit from no-one, we don’t use banks, we are not fooled by political BS, we touch infinity with our souls, peace, love, and understanding is our way. we are fully aware of the evil Zionist move to “new world order” but in the end these monsters will fail because all that they do, all that they create is against nature, and sweet mother nature is far more powerful than any of them. so, the upshot, if you want to survive, don’t believe a single word that spews from the mouths of governments, politicians, churches, kings or queens and the media. get as close to the ground as you can, heal yourselves (no-one else can do it for you) dedicate yourself to love, peace, and understanding. if you want to change the world, make the world a better place, that’s easy, plant a tree, there you go you’ve changed the world, help that little old lady across the road, you’ll make her day, the lady behind the shop counter who’s just had her hair done, tell her how nice it looks, you’ll cheer up her day. YOU HAVE FAR MORE POWER THAN YOU KNOW.!

  • Wonderful article. Walked away from a big fancy job in a big teaching hospital in an east coast city 13 years ago. And, it WAS scary, very scary. However, my own integrity could no longer allow me to function inside the matrix anymore. I spent at least 3 years after leaping off the proverbial cliff saying, “omg, what have I done?”

    I’ve made a new life. One much smaller. I do not own anything and work just the minimum to pay for utilities and other items. I caretake a friend’s cabin in a remote mountain area. My big fear this year was to pluck up the courage to just expand my friends garden and start planting and growing my own food. And I have. Had already started wild-crafting last summer and making salves and such. I do feel a whole new web of life weaving itself around me – and it is in the plain, simple act of DOING it that that potential can begin to happen.

    So satisfying. So simple. So less expensive a way to be in the world.

    I very much enjoy how you have expressed the journey toward self through nature in your article.

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