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Your blood group type can reveal your personality; Bright and dark aspects of your personality. Let’s have a look that what blood types possess which kind of qualities for any person and which blood type is compatible to another.

Blood Type O

Type O’s are outgoing, and very social. They are initiators, although they don’t always finish what they start. Creative and popular, they love to be the center of attention and appear very self confident.

Blood Type A

While outwardly calm, they have such high standards (perfectionists) that they tend to be balls of nerves on the inside. Type A’s are the most artistic of the blood groups. They can be shy, are conscientious, trustworthy, and sensitive.

Blood Type B

Goal oriented and strong minded, type B’s will start a task and continue it until completed, and completed well. Type B’s are the individualists of the blood group categories and find their own way in life.

Blood Type AB

Type AB’s are the split personalities of the blood groups. They can be both outgoing and shy, confident and timid. While responsible, too much responsibility will cause a problem. They are trustworthy and like to help others.

Compatability by Blood Groups

A is most compatible with A and AB
B is most compatible with B and AB
AB is most compatible with AB, B, A and O
O is most compatible with O, and AB

Blood Type A

Best Traits: Conservative, introverted, reserved, patient and punctual. Perfectionists.
Worst Traits: Obsessive, stubborn, self conscious and uptight.
Famous As: George H. W. Bush, Ayumi Hamasaki, O.J. Simpson, Britney Spears, Alan Alda, Adolf Hitler, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, Jet Li, Maki Nomiya, Rick James

Blood Type B

Best Traits: Creative, passionate, animal loving, optimistic, flexible and individualistic.
Worst Traits: Forgetful, irresponsible, and self-centered.
Famous Bs: Akira Kurosawa, Jack Nicholson, Luciano Pavarotti, Tom Selleck, Mia Farrow, Paul McCartney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Vince Young

Blood Type AB

Best Traits: Cool, controlled, rational, introverted and empathic.
Worst Traits: Aloof, critical, indecisive and unforgiving.
Famous ABs: John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Mick Jagger, Thomas Edison, Bob Sapp, Miyavi, Jackie Chan, Ken Kitamura

Blood Type O

Best Traits: Ambitious, athletic, robust and self-confident. Natural leaders.
Worst Traits: Arrogant, vain, insensitive and ruthless.
Famous Os: Al Capone, Gerald Ford, Mikhail Gorbachev, John Gotti, Crystal Kay, Queen Elizabeth II, John Lennon, Paul Newman, Elvis Presley, Ronald Reagan

Blood Type A – Tend to be cooperative, sensitive, clever, passionate and smart. Often bottling up anxiety in order to get along with others, they may hold in their emotions until they explode. Many are tense, impatient and unable to sleep well. While they are capable of leadership positions, they may not take them because the stress is not good for their tightly wired systems. In Japan many “A”’s are in research. They have roles in discovering more about and refining science, economics, manufacturing, etc. Their research on microflora and other areas of medicine is some of the best and most meticulous in the world. They are perfectionists to say the least. This quality shows up in their perfecting electronics like TV’s and also less expensive more efficient cars that were originally created here in the US.

Blood type A’s tend to have more sensitive constitutions. Too much stress weakens their immunity more quickly than other blood types. Low stomach acid is common among blood type A’s even from birth, so special care should be taken when eating animal proteins. Using digestive enzymes, like Assist Dairy and Protein, along with consuming fermented foods and drinks is really a must for A’s. It is not surprising to me that fermented foods like Miso and Natto play an important role in providing easily digested protein, in the Japanese Diet. They also eat raw fish which is much easier to digest than cooked.

Blood Type B – Blood type B individuals tend to be balanced: thoughtful like A’s and yet ambitious like O’s. They are empathetic, easily understanding others’ points of view, yet often hesitating to challenge or confront. Chameleon-like and flexible, they make good friends.

Blood Type AB – Tend to be very charming and popular. They don’t sweat the small stuff and can be seen as spiritual and even at times a bit “flaky”. Only about 2 – 5% of the population are blood type AB. There is never a dull moment in a AB’s life, so if you find one for a friend, consider yourself lucky! Youll enjoy some exciting times together!

Like blood type A’s, AB’s react to stress poorly. They are stronger and more active than type A’s, but need to pay attention to stress levels so that they don’t compromise their immunity.

Sometimes it is difficult to be an AB. AB’s don’t like to fit in anyone else’s “boxes”. If they feel too confined, they’ll break out of that box and do things their own way. When it comes to food choices and AB must discover when they are more B-like or A-like. For example, dairy foods like milk kefir can be excellent for them or not good at all.

Blood Type O – Tend to be loners or leaders and are intuitive, focused, self-reliant and daring. They handle stress better than other blood types and have strong immune systems, a well developed physique and a physically active nature. Blood type O’s tend to have sluggish blood flow and feel better with vigorous exercise for about an hour each day.

So what’s your blood type? Do you think it’s true?

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  1. Bonnie Camo MD says:

    A lot of this article reflects the findings of Peter D’Adamo, Eat right 4 Your Type. Can you refer me to any other research on this topic? I understand it’s very popular in Japan. I’m a B, and your description fits me pretty well. I’m married to an A, and our 2 sons are O and AB, but your descriptions don’t fit them so well. Thanks for an interesting article.

  2. dimitri says:

    Seems like a roulette wheel sort of selection process.

  3. Jan Yatsko says:

    Ditto Bonnie. I have followed my blood type diet for around 20 years based on the book “Eat Right 4 Your Type”. The book also lists exercises, recipes and complete foods groups that benefit (and NOT!) each blood type. Interesting for me was that through observation of my body I was already practicing most of my blood type diet before I read the book!

  4. Adam Evenson says:

    It seems you nailed the O. Interesting.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not in my case unfortunately. I’m the polar opposite to what was described here. But then I am O Rh Negative. It didn’t list that here. :P

    • Anonymous says:

      I am a person of o-ve blood group whom this blood need tell me at 03066471776

    • I was so interested to read this article and agree in principal that Blood Groups have different nutritional requirements and different tendencies.

      However… to say the author has nailed it is so far out and I was very disappointed to read the sweeping generalisations of personalities

      Blood Group As are supposed to have ‘Best Traits: Conservative, introverted, reserved, patient and punctual. Perfectionists., Worst Traits: Obsessive, stubborn, self conscious and uptight.

      I am Blood Group A and am highly unconventional and challenge everything, I’m a natural extrovert, I’m outgoing, impatient and always late for everything! I am messy, bad at detail, completely unaware of myself since I’m so much more interested in what’s going on around me! You get the idea…

      However, I thrive on the Blood Group A diet and would agree I am a complete natural vegetarian. My experience is that Blood Group As are less aggressive but… is that because we tend not to eat so much meat or because w’re less aggressive?!!! You see it’s so hard to separate personality as a RESULT of diet and inherent tendencies. What about environment, experience, learned behaviours… all of these affect personality.

      The bottom line is that although this article was well intended, I don’t think you can categorise 6 billion people into 4 personality types, when personality is affected by more than just genetics.

  5. Aussie Andrew says:

    Utter nonsense. In the bin along with long range weather forecasting, climate prediction, economics, tea leaf reading, astrology and most other systematised wishful thinking paradigms and their true for all motherhood statements, hiding behind a curtain of pseudoscience.

    Won’t go down well on this site, but it needs to be said. Waiting for the flames now.

    • Trudy says:

      You are an idiot, just because you have a low I.Q. doesn’t mean you understand anything you deride, go back to school and Learn how to think!
      I believe this information will separate smart people from Lemmings. It really shows why people gain weight, are ill, get diabetes, and it is all there in the simple analysis of “You are what you Eat!”
      I am A+, and find all that has been said is very important, a guide for common sense self-care. I know AB’s that are just what is noted, and my Daughter is an O, she is all they say and more.
      Aussie, you are not rowing with both Oars.

      • Misanthrope says:

        I love when the mentally deficient think they are smart and that other people are dumb because they don’t BELIEVE the same things as themselves. Beliefs have nothing to do with cognitive ability.

        Class dismissed, Trudy.

      • Thales says:

        Fox news called–they are filing a suit against you for stealing their tactic of character assasignation.

        Also, thanks for the rigorous and clinically-controlled study of you friends you supplied! Clearly the article is proven to be 100% true!

        Perhaps you are not rowing with both ears?

    • Sin Mils says:

      I agree…nonsense…this article is kind of like reading the horoscopes in one of those cheesy magazines while at the grocery store check-out.

    • Yuu Kanda says:

      I like how you put it with economics & tea leaf reading… Hilarious.

      I, however, find it somewhat true for me (I’m AB), but I disagree with a few parts, such as being labeled “flaky”, and that we handle stress poorly.

      Au contraire! (Sorry if that is so mind boggling wrong, I don’t speak French, but I like how it sounds, so… yeah. Gomenasai, minna-san.)

      I happen to work better under stressful situations, and so do most of my fellow AB friends. As for being flaky, well, to every man (woman) their own, even though my AB buddies are definitely NOT flaky.

      But maybe that’s because I push away anyone who is flaky. *shrugs*

      Whelp, that’s my comment. *mic drop*


  6. Equine Keeper says:

    Complete horseshit.

  7. This is about as stupid and nonsensical as the daily newspaper horoscope.


  8. zy says:

    Medical records are supposed to be protected. So how does this writer know the blood types of all these so-called famous people?

  9. Churchill says:

    Perhaps, as I be a type O Taurus should I not be compelled to conquor the Kindom of Idiom where the Idiots do roam as they have forgotten their true home. Sheer intellect of today is only a reminder of how truly bliss ignorance really is. I find the above article quite amusing with it’s hits and misses and to be a little contradictive with-in it’s self.

  10. HORHEY LOPEZ says:

    PUBF– pure unadulterated bovine feces.

    • abinico warez says:

      It is PUBF – I’m type O and I would say exactly opposite of what the description says I should be.

      • Anonymous says:

        O+ and 0- are different blood types, they need to distinguish that first in order to make an analysis.

  11. steve says:

    This hit my blood type. I’m so introverted I’m perverted

  12. Val Thor says:

    Utter nonsense. While the pseudo-sciences of various astrology systems offer very little real information, they were the earliest systems of star charts, and early psychology models. This new-age blood type personality system just doesn’t offer near the mental meal to chow down on as its ancient predecessors.

  13. Abbey R. says:

    Well this is interesting. It describes the few people I know the blood types of fairly well. It’d be a fun thing to use to get to know someone better, or joke around with my friends.

  14. ABHIRAMI says:


  15. Muksarella says:

    I’m type A… but I’m not shy :D

  16. Luis says:

    I am A+ and honestly, the Blood Type A description matches me at about 80%.

    I’m never been shy when it comes to speaking in public but I used to be terribly shy when it comes to approaching new people, which I am getting over lately.

    I love music and acting and I am normally a perfectionist with the things I am passionate about.

    • monique says:

      Read the book. Eat Right for Your Blood Type. THEN leave your comments. You might be pleasantly surprised. I am B, daughter O.

  17. Rafiq says:

    What a load of horseshit!!!

  18. livia says:

    what about the rest of the blood groups, like A (RH Positive), A (RH Negative)B (RH +ve), B( RH -ve), etc?

  19. livia says:

    and how compatible is blood group A (RH +Ve) with blood group A( RH -ve)?
    what risks are involved incase they two blood groups wished to start a family?

    • Jax says:

      Hi not sure if you ever got your answer about blood type compatibilities. There’s no real concern with risks of people with A+ blood and A- blood starting a family. They can still have children and the risks that are possible (Ex. fetal blood rejection)can be watched for and treated easily throughout and after the pregnancy. The main risk with incompatibilities is when you have negative blood and receive positive blood, that’s an urgent issue. Starting a family isn’t a problem with blood types =)

    • Anon says:

      Blood type doesn’t matter when starting families. My parents are A and O, and, according to this page, those aren’t compatible. Surprise. Blood types only matter when someone needs a transfusion. The wrong blood type will be rejected by the body.

  20. hannah leo says:

    haha guys i am a blood type o and i am totally and always running around a lot..tho i can get bossy at times, natural leaders right??

  21. David Kim says:

    People are saying this is bull but blood type personalities go way more in dept than a few sentences like this page. Of course, not everyone will be exactly 100% accurate towards their blood type personalities. I used to believe this crap was non sense too. I did way more research on Asian site and I realized that these websites had traits that matched my AB blood type 100%. I was pretty damn surprised but still not yet believing in this whole thing until I realized that all of my AB friends act pretty much like me. It was scary I have to admit but this blood type thing is real.

  22. Anonymous says:

    A positive


  23. Anon says:

    First off, I’d like to point out an error. Based on the character traits, adolph hitler was more likely an O, because you describe Os as self-confident, ambitious, ruthless, and natural leaders; while As are described as reserved and introverted. Also, I don’t see any scientific approach here. How many people were interviewed or researched to come to these conclusions, exactly? Where are the charts? The hypotheses?

  24. Elizabeth says:

    This hit my personality dead-on with my blood type (type B, though I don’t handle stress very well..)

  25. ANON says:

    I believe it all depends on how your raised… I’m not sure what my blood type is but I know I act more Like the AB in every article I’ve read.. Uh just don’t attack me for matching up with it>.>

  26. Gaby says:

    I’m A. But I’m not that calm.. I panic easily, and of course I am not the patient type.
    My boyfriend’s O, but those doesn’t sound like him at all.

    So, I don’t think this article is accurate. ._.

    • sophie says:

      I think it meant ‘outwardly’ appearing calm, but inside a bundle of nerves. I’m an A and this describes me pretty accurately.. I also find the blood type diet works very well too.. Interesting stuff. I find I go out of my way to avoid stress more than most people. I get very run down and irritable if overstressed. I find magnesium oil helps a lot.

  27. I find all of these comments hilarious in how much they complain “Oh, its not accurate because blah blah blah”

    If its not to your liking, then why bother commenting?

    {InsertNameHere} is OUT-

    -to prove to the world that Justin Bieber isn’t a girl. She’s a lady.

  28. Interesting and shows validity but it divides up the world population into just a few groups, kinda like a horoscope reading in a magazine. If you are looking for something that goes way deeper take a look inside a book on Amazon, Name Reality by Lyon Zonamyari or look on the website

    From birth, your documented names shape and define your character, your personality, both your mental and physical health, for better or worse. More amazing, letters from each of your names rotate at predetermined years, influencing events and the way you live your life. Incredible, maybe, but true!

    This is not a new hokey pokey theory and this is not numerology. This system was originally used in ancient times by enlightened families to name their children for a prosperous happy and healthy life. It has been documented many times over the last several thousand years and was for the most, kept a secret. When you see for yourself how accurate this system is, you will understand why it has been kept under wraps.

  29. Anon says:

    Why is everyone concentrating on the “common characteristics” b.s.?
    Everyone’s personality is moulded by everything around them. Nobody is the same everyday.
    The best part of the system is the diet information, which totally worked for me. “O+”. I stopped eating bread, and lost weight, and felt better
    I tried a vegan diet and gained several points in cholesterol, plus gained weight. I had severe skin issues, allergies, and was in constant pain, with total body excema for almost a year.
    How does that work? I eliminated the foods that don’t help my type and added the foods that do. I feel good.

  30. Takahiro says:

    I am a Japanese.
    According to a recent study,Majority of Japanese believe the blood type personality.
    On the net,fighting between blood types is going on.
    Attack to the A type is especially terrible.
    A type has a high crime rate, personality is palliative. Suicides of talents are nearly A type only.

  31. Aer says:

    What a crock! I’m type O and the complete opposite of what’s listed at the very start of this tripe!

  32. Jaroslava Švajcrová says:

    My blood type is A; your description of my nature and doing my best is perfect. Amazing, thank you for your nice work.

  33. Firoz says:

    I am “Ove+” your post is very interesting!

  34. ActiveZen says:

    Hi to all,
    Whatever research and tests done in the past may not quite relevant to our new technology world. It also depends on individual education, family background and environment around when they grew up that affect heavily on each person’s achievement.
    Each person have their own unique key to open up, all they need are time and opportunity. Without those stupid one around then no one recognise the smart hopefully not (ass) can do thing quicker and better than others. Those whatever type A’ss'”just have a bit of ability to learn mistake from others rather than commit a few from themselves.
    Keep on research to achieve a better report.

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