Top 5 Ways to Practice Non-Conformity in the Matrix

Banksy Red FlowersSigmund Fraud, Staff Writer
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The human mind is easily programmed, and human behavior is largely autonomous once the sub-conscious has a suggestion of what to do. By default, people seem inclined to conform to the ideas, environment and behaviors around them, at least as a means of survival and of fitting in. Unless an individual takes charge of their own mind and their own behavior, most people are content to follow along with what other people are doing, even if that means doing something self-destructive.

As we grow, we learn how to play and interact with others, and we learn how others react to us. We begin to develop an understanding of which behavior is acceptable and which is not, and if we are paying attention, we realize that there is a subtle system of rewards and punishments involved in social interaction. Adherence to this system is what keeps society together, and depending on what rewards and punishments appeal to us, we choose which ideas and behaviors to conform to and comply with. As a result, different societal roles become open to us.

The new rebel then, the new hero, is someone, anyone, who combats the staleness of a decaying society by looking at the areas in our lives most in need of repair and then, deliberately, does not do what the conformist majority is doing. This is the thoughtful person who applies the knowledge and information we have available today in the pursuit of living in creative ways that defy the herd and defend life and liberty.

In no particular order, here are the top five ways to practice non-conformity in the world that we have created for ourselves – the matrix of self-destruction.

1. Monetary Non-conformity – The human race is enslaved to a corrupt and inflationary monetary system. To act as a balance to this, any opportunity to conduct life without using the dollar and the credit system is a stunning act of non-conformity. By practicing trade, barter and local exchange, and using alternative currencies whenever possible, a practical statement is made in support of an alternative to central bank tyranny and manipulation. Most important, however, is the simple decision to spend less overall and live without consumer debt.

2. Shun the Materialistic and the Entertainment Driven Lifestyle – The consumption of consumer goods in our world has grown to dangerous proportions, and no matter your political bent, you can’t deny the existence of the plastic ocean gaining mass in the Pacific. To be realistic about one’s true needs and to consume less “stuff” makes one stand out as a non-conformist in today’s culture. Much of this consumerism is part of a lifestyle of entertainment that we have developed in recent decades. We seem to value being entertained more than anything else, and we will do anything, and incur any debt, in order to get that which entertains and distracts us. Choosing a non-consumeristic, non-entertainment driven lifestyle is an important act of disobedience to the norm.

3. Health Rebel – The truth about the condition of American health is ugly, and clearly something is wrong with the conformist ideas of diet and health. From horse meat, to high-fructose corn syrup, to GMOs, the conformist diet is deathly harmful to our well-being. To continue on with this unhealthy lifestyle is self-destructive, and to buck this trend simply means to take care of yourself properly, as we all should be doing anyways. Taking care of the body is easy and enjoyable, and each step towards health brings with it a renewed outlook on life. Taking control of diet, finding some enjoyable type of exercise, and being courageous enough to try out alternative, non-pharmaceutical modalities of healing when possible, are, oddly enough, all one has to do in order to stand out as a health non-conformist.

4. Re-Education – The quality of the future can be seen in the quality of our youth, and the current models of building quality people seem to be falling short. Trying out new modalities of education for our children is an inspiring way to work towards a better vision for the future. Green schooling, homeschooling and even un-schooling children offer hope for something different from the next generation. With access to unlimited educational resources via the Internet, almost anyone can educate themselves in almost any field, and so the re-education of the individual is an act of great non-conformity.

5. Experience-Based Spirituality – The nature of personal spirituality itself is evolving in these transformative times as people have access to a vast assortment of ideas, philosophies, wisdom traditions, substances, and dogmas. The non-conformist of today explores practices and ideas that work best to induce direct experience, following intuition to develop a connection to the sacred part of humanity, which is so routinely trampled in our hectic world. Finding inner peace through whichever religion or philosophy you choose is critical to creating a world free from toxic effects of collective fear. There is a war being waged against the conscience and consciousness of the average person, and seeking direct, personal spiritual experience and connection to the great mystery is the way to prevail.

The normal, conformist modality of human behavior seems to be contributing to and exacerbating the problems of this world, rather than helping to eradicate them or working to alleviate suffering. To assist in the collective shift toward a means of living and being that sustains life rather than ensures self-destruction is as easy as practicing non-conformity whenever possible.

About the Author

Sigmund Fraud is a survivor of modern psychiatry and a dedicated mental activist. He is a staff writer for where he pursues the possibility of a massive shift towards a more psychologically aware future for mankind.

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  • Hannibal the Cannibal

    Here’s another way to be non-conformist. Start practicing cannibalism. It solves the problem of global warming by reducing the population of humans who are resource thieves. One less human is one less problem for Mother Earth. Cannibalism was popular in the past, but all the liars and global elites forced us to change to just eating their genetically engineered Frankenfoods. Where you find your sources of human flesh requires some creativity. Living out in the boondocks along lonely highways is good hunting grounds. Be creative like God intended. Didn’t He sacrifice His Son for us to consume in flesh and blood?

  • Balzac

    Great succinct article, Sigmund. Valuable advice. Conformity is necessary for the masses, and for the awakened as well, since it provides contrast. Can’t play chess without pawns…

  • awesome article on many levels. Cheers to all the heroes, whose choose to face each day with the courage to have an open mind and heart.

  • As a childhood, teenage and even a adult rebel I was always searching for the reason(s) as to why I’m different, always searching for the reasons as to why I never fitted in anywhere. But today everything changed for me……..
    I came across a definition that changed my life forever, this made me understand myself for the first time!
    It helped me to understand the reason(s) behind the fact that I never fitted in with my family or peers.

    To all the rebbels, (or better) ‘hero’s’ out there….. there is nothing wrong with us!
    On the contrary, we are the sane ones,  the clever ones, because we take charge of our own minds and our own behavior, we are not content to follow along with what other people are doing, most people follow the herd even if that means doing something self-destructive.

    Thanks to Sigmund Fraud from you changed my life!

    This is his definition : A rebel , ‘the new hero’, is someone, anyone, who combats the staleness of a decaying society by looking at the areas in our lives most in need of repair and then, deliberately, does not do what the conformist majority is doing. This is a thoughtful person who applies the knowledge and information we have available today in the pursuit of living in creative ways that defy the herd and defend life and liberty.

    Thanks again!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Jeanny, and you are welcome!


  • my braincells just swelled out. Allow me a short reprieve to recover. And thanks for the article. Blessings.

  • Couldn’t agree more with this article!

    Personally, I practice all of the above-mentioned, inconvenient as this frequently is. In my whole life of 65 years I have never once had a credit card and have never in debt.

    As a professional aromatherapist I use aromatherapy as an alternative, together with a kind of “stone-age” diet and such practices as sungazing and meditation.

    As for speaking the truth: you hit the nail on the head. Zionism is the greatest threat to the continued existence of our planet. We need to act NOW, all of us. We are nearly out of time.

    One point I need to make. Not all Zionists are Jews and not all Jews are Zionists. There are plenty of Jews who do not support Israel and its vassals around the world, chief amongst them the USA.

    Although I am a Jew myself I do not shy away from speaking the truth about Israel (have a look at my blog!).


  • Maggie

    Embrace your fellow man, regardless of race, religion, gender, age, or economic status. Treat others how you want to be treated.


    Realize there is a coup happening in this country. We are at war. Figure out who the enemy is and stand up. It may already be too late, but it’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees.

    For God’s sake, stop kowtowing to the politically correct, nonsensical, bullshit narrative spouted by the current administration and it’s media lackeys. Wake up. You have a right to your opinion, your voice and self protection. Stop letting them bully you into silence or face annihilation.

  • Sigmund Fraud-A clever, but obvious, play on words. Your hostility towards Psychiatry is showing. Conformity is what makes society function-without it we would have chaos. You never get to the benefits of non-conformity where everybody would have to learn how to live everyday. As you are aware,we make our own reality. Conformity-I see that as shared reality for without it would make life unbearable-not to know what is expected of you every time you step out the door would result in madness. Sharing reality doesn’t mean that you are an anti-hero-it makes you the engine that makes society work-other-wise you wouldn’t be a part of it. If those defining characteristics are not part of your reality,then you are free to change it. Just go and live somewhere by yourself-no big deal. Or you could join Al’s WOAH.

    • Sigmund

      Hi Halderon,

      You’re right, to a degree, I am a bit hostile toward psychiatry, but I also like to have fun with words. From personal experience, though, psychiatry seems too ready to pass up obvious opportunities to heal people with natural means, instead, rushing into long term, expensive commitments to pharmaceuticals. Everyone has an axe to grind. In addition to this one I have a few others.

      For brevity, though, I did omit a section of the article about how conformity holds society together in a gross way, but, the trim tabs in in our world, those steering us away from annihilation, are the one’s who make an effort to opt out, where opting in defies common sense. An idea for another article perhaps.

      Anyhow, thanks for tuning in and have a great day!


      • Dropout2001

        “Thanks for tuning in and have a great day!”? Really, Sig?

        Shouldn’t that be: Have a NORMAL day?

        Your article is about how to opt out from the harmfully complacent norms which are all too readily accepted by sleepwalkers, not a treatise on whether questionable consensus reality allows us to agree on whether to call a chair a chair.

        By all means, Halderon, tell people to get the hell off your cloud if they don’t like it here (I never liked it here, but stayed on it despite such advice because that’s where the questionable food, ridiculous clothing, and overpriced shelter was, till I could afford to take such petulance under advisement).

        I read through all five points, and thoroughly agree them, and with the commenter who offered a sixth: Tell the truth.

        But for heaven’s sake, Halderon, don’t refute Sigmund’s five key thoughts because he hasn’t written an entire blueprint for humanity in one brief article. That would be like faulting a recipe for spinach souffle for not mentioning the health benefits of kale.

        These five would be great places to start improving, for most people.

        You’re too gentle, too kind, Sig. Tell pro-psychiatry trolls to piss off and enjoy their pharmaceuticals and electro-convulsive drug therapy because the conforming norm thinks such treatment may help them better adjust to everyone else’s reality.

        I finally moved to a mountaintop to escape such conformist shill-thinking, yet I still know what a chair is. (I still have one I read and watch TV from.) Discovered I’d no need of a couch, however. I only need to cope with one ass at a time, nowadays.

        • Lori

          I am shocked to learn this is “non conformist”. It’s my way of life, but I have the privilege of living in the country. We have raised our own food for years, don’t have debt.. we do what we love doing, that’s really all it’s about I guess.. I’m probably just reading all this out of a need to see how the heck you city dwellers manage. You are locked in a box is what it looks like to me.

  • abinico warez

    Evil rules the world. Learn about the ‘Bohemian Grove’ meetings for starters.


  • [ Smiles ] This is a lovely article on non conformity; thank you for posting it!

  • ss

    Most people don’t have the courage to be non-conformist.

  • a.

    Yes I agree with all you say. Everyone can start today by saying NO to those plastic grocery store bags. They are an evil easy to resist and one small step towards less fossil fuel consumption and all that represents.

  • Number 6 would be to SPEAK THE TRUTH as often as possible, since the Internet provides this platform, at least for now. So, here goes:

    The banksters (psychotic fake-Jewish Khazarian Zionists)invented water fluoridation to pacify their prisoners in Hitler’s concentration camps, hijacked our governments and currencies, now legally but unlawfully own the “free” world and Us and continue to wage their eternal secret War On All Humanity (WOAH) using every conceivable covert weapon to dumb-down, sicken, deceive, confuse, fraudulently indebt, dispossess, impoverish, divide, conquer, enslave and kill Us off. They’re Humanity’s only real threat and Mankind’s only true enemy. Life without them will be like paradise.

    We must quickly start participating in our own system of real democracy (designed to define and fulfill our true will about everything), democratically decide to apprehend the Zionists and their goons and permanently bar them from free society, confiscate their stolen quadrillions of our wealth and redistribute it to their victims: Humanity. This action will kick start the global economy and set Humanity up to begin our prophesied thousand years of peace, justice and prosperity for Posterity.

    • Sweet

      I too believe that #6 – Speak Truth is of vital and wonderful importance. Thank you for opening up!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know who you are, but I think you need help. Do you really believe the nonsense you write? Have you discussed any of this with normal rational people – assuming you know any?

      Mind you, this whole article seems to be written by some sort of wacko. Just what sort of world do people think you’re living in?

      None of these ideas will kill you, so go right ahead and follow this advice if you like. But please don’t try to make the rest of us as mad as you are. The danger is that, as with all crazy ideas, there’s a grain of truth in there somewhere. But it’s buried among some completly stupid stuff – just think a bit harder, eh?

      • Non-conformist

        Yes you’re right he needs help because those normal rational people have been hurting his concise ever since the day he was born. He’s the guy who’s questions have been never answered and still will remain a mystery because of people like you, you lousy confirmist people who have accepted this illusion as your reality. Your insight is fucked up, guilt is full of shit and are a load on this earth who finds god in the buildings named as church.
        He is very real,unlike you, he has the balls to express his feelings, wisdom and has the authority to ask question who’s above him ruling this world.
        I don’t care what you think, remain in your cocoon, no fucks given on your shallow thinking. Just don’t spread your ignorant views here. If anyone who needs help that’s you my friend .

  • Raven

    This is great. Humanity needs more of these concrete steps toward independence. Every step you take toward any of these suggestions brings a sense of freedom to your soul. I have found being a health rebel and spiritual warrior the easiest and monetary freedom the hardest because I have my own business that does not translate well into a barter-type system. I am going to fix this next! I have totally weaned from entertainment and grow my own food. Every step toward any of these goals is a worthy one. Thanks and shared.

    • Thank you, Raven! – Sigmund

  • I concur that this is a wonderful article & we can all see why world governments want to control the Internet. This article would never have been permitted past the censor board. Thanks to the author.

  • I’d say these suggestions are right on the nail – it’s how we’ll build a new system and a new reality. The old will peel away like a worn out skin.
    Right on!

  • POP Hunt

    1. Monetary: Being out of debt provides allows a level of participation in trade, barter and local exchange, etc. Very many businesses are interested in cash or barter deals. The workaday paradigm is to go to work, put your paycheck in the bank, write checks to pay your bills, borrow money because you don’t have enough at the end of the month, go to work, put your paycheck in the bank, write checks and so on. Being out of debt can put you in a “cash is king” bracket where the seller is willing to dicker for cash, i.e., you are in a position where you can actually make some really good purchases. Another idea is the Hour Exchange found at in a membership organization dedicated to the health of this currency in. In South Texas I use the “cash is king” and “hour exchange” ideas quite a bit.
    2. Materalistic: We drive a nice car, not a brand new latest fad. Same with clothes. We prefer to dine at home where the food is much better for us and much more palatable. Entertainment: well, we have an internet connection and can watch videos if we feel the need. But, we do not have cable TV. We went to a movie last month for the first time in many years. For the most part we enjoy meeting with friends to talk prepping, or just enjoying an introspective evening at home.
    3. Health Rebel: This is perhaps a weak link in our lifestyle, one which we continually work on. This last year has not been good for us diet wise but, we are now back on the right track, getting excursive, growing our own food, staying away from pharmaceutical prescriptions, doing our own holistic wellness program.
    4. Re-Education: What we do to our youth in the Government Schools is appalling. Home schooled kids that I know are the cream of the crop of our youth. We are continually researching, learning about topics of interest and/or of necessity. Old fashioned books are nostalgic and quite relaxing but, learning off the internet is the true way to re-educate yourself.
    5. Experience-Based Spirituality: Yes, there is a war being waged against conscience and consciousness. I think here is where statists of the world win that war. And, it is here that we can turn the tables on the statists. Seeking direct, personal spiritual experience and connection to the great mystery allows us to prevail against the statists.

    Now, Sigmund, where I agree with you that these five points are great ways to practice non-conformity, in seeking to remove ourselves from the rat race or “matrix of self-destruction,” I would order number five as the most important with one through four following in no particular order. You see, in my experience the spiritual connection to the mystery of life makes the other four possible.
    Thank you for your insight,
    POP Hunt

  • Rayna

    I’m right there on the same page with you dude.

  • I would just like to commend the author on the simplicity of this article. I agree that there is some type of war being waged and I choose to believe that in order to simply exist these days you have to be armed with courage and information. So, good job presenting the world with 5 seemingly straight forward ways to fight back and explaining it in language that relates to many levels of understanding. And thanks. Now – can somebody please tell me how to get the hell out of this fire?! xo

    • dimitri

      Establishing a personal meditation practice is a sure fire way of clearing the cobwebs out of your mind. After a period of dedicated meditation your inner healer, a sort of personal logistician will kick in and start guiding you down the path of what is right and good for you. Then all you have to do is keep on maintaining the practice. Paramahansa Yogananda use to preach that one hour of meditation is worth more than 20 hours of reading. There’s a lot of truth to be found when you set special time aside for your own development. And it’s not “selfish”. You will learn how to quietly interact with the herd, and you will spontaneously lead by example. Do it! You have to start somewhere. The journey of 1000 miles starts with one step.

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