The Great “Smart Meters” Hoax – Electromagnetic Fields Are Real And Dangerous To Our Health

Raluca Schachter, Guest Writer
Waking Times

Just when you thought modern technology in the wrong hands of profit driven companies can’t possibly destroy your health, soil, air, food and water any worse than it already does…something even more monstrous is cooking in their “money making oven”! This time it is called SMART METER! The only “smart” thing about it is that the utility providers found a dirty way to measure (and in the future control) your use of gas, electricity and water, by ensuring bigger profits, more control and power for them and a high cost for you.

The reality is that this action caused a large number of people reporting health effects, privacy violations, safety and security dangers, environmental damage and much bigger bills.

Utilities across the country are installing the so-called wireless ‘smart’ meters. Take a look at the shocking short video below to quickly grasp the whole picture:

How Does The Smart Meter Technology Work?

These meters operate in a wireless mesh network with your neighbors’ Smart Meters and transmit intense bursts of non-ionising, microwave radiation, 24 hrs/ day.  This radiation (also known as RF EMF) is the same kind emitted by mobile phone masts. More than 5,000 studies show RF EMF radiation is harmful to humans, plants and animals.

Smart Meters can expose the body to 160 to 800x times as much microwave radiation as mobile phones. Smart Meters can emit intense pulses of radiation more than 14,000 times each day! (as stated by Senior Nuclear Policy Lecturer at UCSC, Daniel Hirsch).

How Do Smart Meters Affect Your Health?

Thousands of people have complained of tinnitus, headaches, nausea, sleeplessness, allergies, heart arrhythmia, and other symptoms after a ‘smart’ meter was installed.  An increasing number of people are developing “electro-sensitivity”.  There are also reports of ‘smart’ meter interference with pacemakers and other implants.

European surveys have shown at least 1 in 20 people are moderately or severely sensitive to RF EMF radiation, experiencing one or more of the symptoms above.  Human, animal and cell culture studies indicate long term systemic health effects from radiation, including hormone disruption, DNA damage, leakage of blood-brain barrier, sperm count reduction and damage, sleep disorders, learning difficulties, ADHD, dementia and cancer. There is concern that pregnant women and children are particularly vulnerable.

In this eye opening video by renowned Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, you can actually see how low level pulsed microwave radiation causes insects to “jump” off the leaves! Imagine what this can do to your own cells, every hour of the day and night! This is a must watch video to fully understand the implications such technologies have, how they can affect your health if you don’t remove yourself from the source and what the safe alternatives are.

What Can You Do To Avoid Smart Meters?

Smart Meters are voluntary! YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SMART METERS.  Although you might encounter some opposition from your utility provider, remember they can not breach your withdrawal of consent. Get educated and active, inform other people in your neighborhood and create a smart meter-free environment.  Write letters to your utility provider and ask for removal of your smart meter.  You can find more useful tips and information by checking out the websites under “resources” below.

Remember, if you can’t actually feel it, see it or smell it, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist and so it can’t possibly affect your health.  Radiation is real!

About the Author

Raluca Schachter is a passionate Nutritionist and Metabolic Typing Advisor®, with a background in both nutrition and communication/PR. She believes in traditional, unaltered food, ancestral wisdom, sustainable farming and living. Raluca was able to naturally reverse chronic health conditions she was struggling with most of her life, and now uses her knowledge to help as many people as possible do the same. Her health programs and diet plans offer a very unique and comprehensive approach to health, where individual nutritional and biochemical requirements are firstly met using specific nutrients and foods that each metabolism thrives on. This approach reveals why and how ‘one diet/herb doesn’t fit all’ and why ‘one man’s food is another one’s poison.’ Raluca currently resides in Garden Grove, CA and offers her services for local and distance clientele. For more information visit her website and blog or join Raluca on Facebook


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  • abinico warez

    We all live in an ocean of EMF – it is EVERYWHERE – you cannot get away from it in modern society. To single out these meters as being somehow especially bad is just plain stupid and ignorant. When these meters came out, I was one of the first to get one installed on my home – living in a rural area it was convenient not to bother with making sure the gate was open on meter reading day. My dog and cats are all still alive and thriving. Like I said – EMF is everywhere; move to a cave if this bothers you.

  • pietje

    I’ve put my cellphone in a microwave called the phone.The phone worked the shielding of the faraday cage, what a microwave actually is, didn’t.

    • Power Unseen

      Pietje, you put the phone in the microwave and it still rang. This is because the narrow gap round the door will allow in other waves but is a trap for the oven frequency. We once had an oven where the cooling slots in the case lined up with some holes in the cooking part and there was leakage from there. They must all leak a bit. The installer told us that he noticed a gap in the door of an oven and closed it up as far as he could. When he returned to the office and told the boss he was told to return at once and adjust it back to exactly where it was. A quarter wave presents a high resistance to the passage of the waves at a precise frequency. Your phone is operating at a much removed frequency so the waves slip through. A true faraday cage would have perfect joints all the way round.

  • Rachel

    I cringe at the thought of these things. I am electromagnetic sensitive and keep my internet box in a faraday cage, don’t use cell phones or cordless because they make me feel icky, and if I talk on a regular corded phone for more than ten minutes I get sick in various ways. I have metal siding on my house so mostly radiation can only creep through the windows. My sensitivity started when they added about 60 computers to my previous workplace (for a total of 90). I thought someone had poisoned me at work, as the sickness was both physical and mental. I would feel better when I spent time at home, but within 30 minutes of getting to work I would get sick again. I quit. Later I moved out to the country, to escape the wifi somewhat.

  • gritzle70

    Non-ionizing Microwave radiation is far more dangerous than one would imagine:

    Just now dangerous is it?

    [quote]”Barrie Trower is a retired British military intelligence scientist. He trained at the Government’s Microwave Warfare establishment in the 60’s, and worked with the underwater bomb disposal unit, which used microwaves. In the 70’s he helped debrief spies trained in microwave warfare. His first degree is in Physics. (specialized in microwaves.) His second degree is a research degree. He also has a teaching diploma in human physiology and also teaches advanced physics and mathematics at South Dartmoor College.”[/quote]

    According to Daniel Hirsch, an expert in nuclear policy, people suffer up to 100 times more cumulative exposure to microwave radiation through their smart meters than they do from their cell phones.

    Daniel Hirsch on CCST’s ‘Fuzzy Math’

    • deanna munson—killing-fields.php “November 14 1996, Omnipoint, New York City’s first digital cellular provider, did open for business, broadcasting from thousands of antennae newly erected on the rooftops of apartment buildings. According to the health authorities, an early flu hit New York City – but not Boston, and not Philadelphia – on about 15 November. The flu was severe and ran a prolonged course, often dragging on for months instead of the usual two weeks.

      At Christmas time, the Cellular Phone Task Force placed a small classified ad in a free weekly newspaper. It read: ‘If you have been ill since 11/15/96 with any of the following: eye pain, insomnia, dry lips, swollen throat, pressure or pain in the chest, headaches, dizziness, nausea, shakiness, other aches and pains, or flu that won’t go away, you may be a victim of a new microwave system blanketing the city. We need to hear from you.’ And we did hear from them. Hundreds called, men, women, whites, blacks, Asians, Latinos, doctors, lawyers, teachers, stockbrokers, airline stewards, computer operators. Most had woken up suddenly in mid-November, thinking they were having a stroke or a heart attack or a nervous breakdown, and were relieved to know they were not alone and not crazy.

      Later, I analysed weekly mortality statistics, which the Centres for Disease Control publish for122 US cities. Each of dozens of cities recorded a 10-25 per cent increase in mortality, lasting two to three months, beginning on the day in 1996 or 1997 on which that city’s first digital cell phone network began commercial service.”

  • rich

    How about building a “Faraday cage” around the meter? The Faraday cage could stop help stop the electromagnetic waves. The power company would get to do what they wanted, which was to install the meter and they would be happy. You would be protected from EMF, and happy. Everybody wins. The metering company may not be able to do their readings remotely, but that’s a small price to pay for convenience.

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